Directory of ld/txtutil 03/23/04   215K Bi-Directional English - Tagalog Dictionary for Palm OS
BDicty_Ger2EnPhrS. 04/28/04   386K Talking German to English Dictionary Phrasebook for Palm OS
BDicty_Railroad.zi 08/31/04   253K Free Railroad Dictionary for Palm OS
InterType-Demo_Gre 08/19/04    486 Read and Write Greek on Palm OS handheld
LexSpell-En-EnBR.z 03/10/04   364K British English dictionary lexcion for LexSpell for Palm OS
LexSpell-En-EnUS.z 03/10/04   363K American English dictionary lexcion for the LexSpell spelling che
LexSpell-En-Ita.zi 03/11/04   396K Italian dictionary lexcion for the LexSpell spelling checker
chm_ebook_reader_t 08/23/04   354K CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC        12/29/02    20K Small ASCII text viewer with advanced features

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