Directory of ld/miscutil 07/12/01  3.40M Astrology and Numerology software collection for Windos CE    08/11/04   357K Photos, data on military aircraft
AirPower_PPC_Setup 08/11/04   857K Military aircraft photos, descriptions, etc.       01/26/03   117K Palm application for navigation, information and outdoors 03/22/04   466K A classic law dictionary for students and professionals
BDicty_Lat2EnSayin 07/09/03   235K FREE Phrasebook of Latin sayings translated in English
BDicty_MedicalAbbr 09/29/03   195K FREE Medical Dictionary for Palm OS   12/11/03   225K Free Dictionary for Palm OS containing Area Codes of NANP
BDicty_PPC_CommonM 08/22/03   664K A drug guide to the most popular US medications
BDicty_PPC_CommonM 08/25/03   664K A drug guide to the most popular US medications
BDicty_ZipCodes.zi 04/16/04   545K Cross-lookup ZIP codes and area names in United States    11/14/02    51K A new simple way to generate, manage, and recover your password 08/13/04   710K Fibromyalgia syndrome impact questionnaire.
HandyFinanceLite.z 04/03/04   542K Money management
Heybaby_PALM_WAG.z 08/07/04   459K Baby on the way? Track your preganancy.
Heybaby_PPC_WAG.zi 08/07/04   896K Baby on the way?
HideItProCE106.exe 01/10/02   964K Military-class encryption system based on a deriviation of RSA      08/20/04   357K Data on jet plans, plus your itinerary, more.
JetDat_PPC_Setup.e 08/20/04  1.06M Data on jet plans, plus your itinerary, more. 08/21/04  1.52M Track card numbers, PINS, passwords, etc.
PocketPlanterPPCse 08/21/04  1.77M Hundreds of annual, perennial flowers, shrubs
UCSetup.EXE       08/05/02  8.87M A car maintenance log/record keeping application for Palm OS

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