Directory of ld/misc   11/13/02   274K FREE lexicon for BDicty Dictionary Reader for Palm OS
BDicty_En2SpaMed.z 08/29/03   220K Compact reference for medical field workers at places with predom
BDicty_EnFreSail.z 12/17/02   196K FREE Dictionary for Sailors
BDicty_FolkInstr.z 06/24/04   233K Free Folk Instruments glossary for Palm OS
BDicty_German_PCod 09/16/03   246K German Postal Codes Reference
BDicty_Ita2GerPhrS 03/05/04   447K Talking Italian-German dictionary phrasebook for international tr
BDicty_NameMeaning 12/13/02   213K FREE Dictionary
BDicty_NamesEtymo. 06/03/03   556K Free Dictionary Lexicon with over 11, 000 names
BDicty_PPC_MediAcr 03/07/03   422K Medical Abbreviations Dictionary for Pocket PC
BDicty_PPC_Medical 03/19/03   848K Compact medical dictionary with over 38,000 terms  08/09/02   201K Compact Tagalog/English dictionary lexicon for BDicty
BDicty_UKFinancial 03/25/03   266K FREE Financial Terms Dictionary Lexicon for Palm OS       10/03/02   104K Let your kiddo have fun without taking risks!
PenReaderDemoEngli 05/28/03  2.38M Natural handwriting recognition system for 28 European languages.
PocketGuideToMedic 04/09/04   382K A drug guide to the most popular US medications     10/25/02   138K Ovulation calendar and natural family planning tool for Palm OS
WomanPalmWin.exe  10/29/02  1.95M Ovulation calendar and natural family planning tool for Palm OS 12/25/02  5.07M Astrology application for Pocket PCs      03/11/03    52K estimate premiums for Term Insurance, Life Insurance, and Pension     09/11/03    36K Jot, sketch or grafitti a quick note.
passkey.exe       07/28/00    36K Simple palm app to store passwords and ID's

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