Winsite WinNT program directories

ld/access              Microsoft Access Files
ld/audio               Audio Applications
ld/business            Business Applications
ld/desktop             Desktop Applications, Screen Images and MultiMedia
ld/drivers/other       Misc. Drivers
ld/drivers/printer     Printer Drivers
ld/dskutil             Disk utilities
ld/education           Educational Software
ld/excel               Microsoft Excel Files
ld/fonts               Font Files
ld/games               Games
ld/graphics            Graphics Applications
ld/misc                Miscellaneous Files
ld/miscutil            Miscellaneous Utilities
ld/netutil             Networking Applications and Other network Utilities.
ld/pim                 Schedulers, Reminders, Calendars, Financial Aids, Address
ld/programr/vbasic     Vbasic Files
ld/sounds              Sound Files, Utilities, and Drivers
ld/sysutil             System Utilities
ld/txtutil             Text Utilities
ld/util                Miscellaneous Utilities

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