Windows Applications
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Besides the programs listed below I would like to recommend you our on/line guides to the sections Win3.1 and Win95 of the world famous SimTel program collection. Using this guide pages one can easily overview this huge collection, and download the selected files. Another nice collection can be found in the Slovak Antivirus Center (SAC), which can be browsed by the help of our guide pages following this link.

Notation:-commercial,-shareware,- GNU GPL (free of charge)

Windows Commander SHARE-- the best file commander for Windows with long filename support for Win95 (Win3.1 and Win95)

Servant Salmander -- a simple freeware file commander (Win95)

WinZipSHARE -- file packer/unpacker (Win95)

GraphX -- picture viewer and converter program (Win95)

IrfanView -- picture viewer and converter program (Win95)

GhostScriptGPL -- convert and print PostScript files

GhostviewGPL -- PostScript viewer and front-end to GhostScript

Tcl/Tk -- high level script language with graphical extensions (Win95)

Visual Tcl -- visual application development and code generator for Tcl/Tk

XLisp -- Lisp interpreter with graphical extension (Win95)

Vista -- statistical package written in XLisp (Win95)

MSW Logo -- LOGO language and IDE with examples (Win3.1)

Isis Draw -- vector graphical drawing program for chemical apps. (Win3.1)

MathViewSHARE -- vector and matrix algebraic laboratory (Win3.1 student version)

GnuPlotGPL -- data plotting program for scientific apps. (Win3.1)

Java Development Kit -- for the development of platform independent OOPs (Win95)

JavaEdit -- a simple programmer editor for Java developments

Netscape Navigator -- WWW browser, News reader, mail client (Win3.1)

Netscape Communicator -- WWW browser, news reader, mail client (Win95)

EudoraSHARE -- mail client (win3.1)

FE-FTP -- FTP client program (Win 95)

WU-FTPDSHARE -- FTP server (Win95)