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Many useful programs can be found on the public servers of the Internet. However, you have to spend too much from your invaluable time if you search for, try out and select them yourself. Sharing our experiences this time consuming task can be done easier, and we can save a considarable amount of time and effort. That's why this page has been created...

First of all I would like to recommend you the session called Selected Applications (separated lists for DOS, Win and Linux). These programs covers the most important fields of the most common applications, and provides you high quality tools - in most cases freely of for a small registration charge.

Besides these selected applicatons, you may find also useful the index pages (on-line guides) to the world famous program collections Simtel and Winsite. The programs listed here can be downloaded by a single mouse click. Since we have insufficient amount of disk capacity, we don't store thes programs here, we only reference them. The referenced programs will be downloaded from a public FTP server ( located in Budapest, Hungary. It may happen that our index pages (refreshed quite infrequently) and the actual content of the above mentioned server will not be in synchron. We beg your pardon for such inconveniences.

At the end of this page you will find refences to further popular sites where you can find more programs and applications.

The programs available on public servers (incudling our one) can be copied freely and can be distributed in the original form, while the usage of these product may be limited in some cases. Please, read carefully the Licence Agreement attached to the programs downloaded by you. Unauthorized usage may be subject of legal acts. Usually programs belonging categories freeware, Public Domain or GNU General Public Licence (GPL) can be used freely (without charge). On the other hand the ussage of shareware and evaluation versions may be limited (for an evaluation period), according to their licence agreement.

Selected Applications :

Slovak Antivirus Center on-line guide

SimTel on-line guide

Winsite (CICA) on-line guide:

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Further useful places: