Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILTEXT

16ivw230.exe    I-View v2.30 - Off-Line HTML Browser for Win16    (ASP) PrimaSoft Text v1.00 (16-bit) - Text writing util    Evrsoft 1st Page 2000 - HTML and script authoring tool for
		Win32      (ASP) 2COL v95 - A 2 column compressed print utility for
		matrix printers    2Paste v1.01 - Shows text or a file list that is ready
		to be pasted from the clipboard to an application     Selector of various VGA text modes
32exam.exe      (ASP) Examine32 v4.12 - Text search util for Win95/98/NT
32ivw230.exe    I-View v2.30 - Off-Line HTML Browser for Win32    (ASP) PrimaSoft Text v1.00 (32-bit) - Text writing util     4FS (Four Frame System) v1.1111 - General HTML pages for
		e-book publishing       4HTML Assistant v1.0 - HTML editing tools for Win32      4L - Control program for the HPLJ 4L Printer      (ASP) 4Print/4Book v4.15 - Utility for condensed printing        Accent Access Password Recovery v1.03 for Win95/98/NT      Access97 Password Recovery Utility for Win32    ABBREVV v2.4 - Abbreviation list maintenance util for DOS    ABBREVW v2.4 - Abbreviation list maintenance util for Windows    ABarCode v99 - Bar code add-in for MS Access'97         A Binary God - Util to convert ASCII text to binary form        Ascii-chart - Resident util that helps to paste ASCII chars
		into edited text    AccessPassword v1.10E - Access 95/97 Password Recovery Tool      ACCVER v1.01 - Allow to work with multiple versions of MS
		Access databases    Accent Composer v1.07 - Accented chars entering helper for
		Win95/NT    Auto Correct Plus v1.6 - Keyboard util for Win95/98/NT that
		helps correct typographical errors        (ASP) Advanced Access Password Recovery v2.5 for MS Access95/97     The Acrobat Reader for DOS    Actual Search & Replace v2.5.3 - Text string searching util
		for Win9x/NT      ADITOR PRO v3.02 - Advanced text editor for Win9x/NT    AcidDraw v1.25r - ANSI/ASCII Screen Editor    AdScan32 - Text searching tool for Win32     Advanced Text Storage v1.0 - Windows application to store,
		edit and reuse frequently used texts       AE - Another Editor v1.7    Advanced Excel 2000 Password Recovery v1.11      (ASP) Advanced Excel95 Password Recovery v1.20      (ASP) Advanced Excel97 Password Recovery v1.23       Advanced eBook Explorer v1.1 - eBooks collection manager
aed20.exe       ANSIED v2.0 - ANSI Editor         Advanced Font Catalog v1.20 - Util to catalog all kind of
		font media      Active File Compare v1.4 for Win9x/NT/2000 - ASCII text files
		comparator     Wimpy Automated Font Installer - TTF Font Installer
afv.exe         Advanced Font Viewer v2.21 for Win32      Absolute HTML Compressor v1.13 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000         AlgART HTML Packer for Win32       Advanced HTML Toolkit v1.0 - Offline browser and text editor
		with HTML syntax highlighting    Advanced HTML Coder v3.0 for Win32 - Tool to compress, optimize
		and encrypt HTML files      AutoTyper v4.01 - Automatic document typer      akFontViewer v3.1 - Windows Font Viewer     Web Album Creator v2.0 - Photo albums for web creator     Align v1.1 - Aligns data in columns in an ASCII text files       ALITE v1.20 - Powerful Spreadsheet Program     Allchars for Windows v3.5 - Makes the chars not found on your
		keyboard accessible withing Windows        Advanced Lotus Password Recovery v1.06      Anet AllWrite v1.11 - WYWISIG editor for creating HTML pages      AmiPro v3.0 Conversion Utility to MS Word 7.0 File Format        (ASP) Advanced Money Password Recovery v1.0     Accent Money Password Recovery v1.00 - MS Money files password
		recovering utility     ANS2ASC v0.3 - ANSI 2 ASCII Converter    Anfy 3D v1.2 for Win9x/NT - 3D effects for use in web pages
anfy210e.exe    Anfy v2.1 for Win9x/NT - Special Java applets based effects
		for web pages
anote123.exe    Another Notepad v1.23 - Windows Text Editor
anote95.exe     Another Notepad v1.23.32 - Win32 Text Editor    ANSI 2 ASCII Text Converter v1.20    ANSI Graphics Visualiser v1.1
anvi10.rar      Anvi v1.0 - ANSI Viewer for DOS/OS2/Win32    (ASP) Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery v1.20 Pro    (ASP) Advanced Office 2000 Password Recovery v1.20      (ASP) Advanced Office 95 Password Recovery v1.11      (ASP) Advanced Office 97 Password Recovery v1.33        Advanced Office Password Breaker v1.30     (ASP) Advanced Office XP Password Recovery v2.40 Pro     (ASP) Advanced Office XP Password Recovery v2.40      (ASP) Advanced PDF Password Recovery v1.48     (ASP) Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro v2.20    ANSI PLUS v4.04 - Console driver for MSDOS/Win3/Win'95         Abacre Paperless Office v1.0 - Paperless office file database        ASCII Paint v1.4 - Win32 util for drawing ASCII pictures       (ASP) Advanced Paradox Password Recovery v1.0
ar601enu.exe    Acrobat Reader v6.0.1 for Win32
arach_32.exe    Arachnophilia v5.1 - Web Page Workshop for Windows95    Acrobat Reader Speedup v1.28      A Real Validator - HTML/XHTML Syntax Checker for Win9x/NT/2000       AS-EASY-AS v5.7 - Spreadsheet program for DOS      AS-EASY-AS Help file    AS-EASY-AS v1.6 for Win95 - Spreadsheet program       ASC v1.0 - ASCII Code Finder    ASC TO HTM v4.1 - Text files to HTML converter for Win9x/NT/2K    ASCII Table Resident Viewer v3.50    ASCII Art v1.1 - Creates ASCII Screens    (ASP) ASCII Convert v1.8 - ASCII files processor    ASCII DRAW v3.1    AscToRTF Conversion Tool v2.0    AscToTab v4.0 - Text files to HTML/RTF format conversion tool    Resident ASCII table        AS Keywords Generator v1.07 - Create search keywords for given
		HTML page       AstroHelp v1.11 for WinWord v.6,7 - Add-on for developing
		Windows Help files     AS-U-TYPE v1.2 - Tool for Win32 to increase typing productivity       ACESOFT SUBLIMATE WRITING INTO TEXT for DOS/Win - ASC2
		normaliser/HTML address extractor    Compare v1.8 - ASCII files comparator    HaCKeR style text reader/maker     AT Paster v2.00 - Typing Support & Clipboard Management Util
		for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Advanced Text Storage - Windows application to store, edit
		and restore frequently used texts via clipboard    AUTOHTML v7.2 - Text 2 HTML Convertor    Aurora v3.0c - 286 executable    Aurora v3.0c - Powerful Text Editor for DOS    Autogrep - Menu driven grep-like utility    AutoInsult v3.4 - Insult generator for Win9x/NT    AutoText v1.3 - TXT 2 EXE Converter     ACID View v4.36 - ANSI, RIP & GIF Viewer     ANSI View v2.0 - 32-bit ANSI Viewer      Art Worx v0.65 (Beta) - ANSI Editor    Advanced Word 2000 Password Recovery v1.11      (ASP) Advanced Word95 Password Recovery v1.20      (ASP) Advanced Word97 Password Recovery v1.23       Advanced WP Office Password Recovery v1.21     (ASP) Advanced WordPerfect Password Recovery v1.0      Accent Word Password Recovery v1.0 - Util for recovering
		password to MS Word 6-9 documents       AWS v3.5 - ASCII drawing tool       AXGDC v1.0 - NG compatible compiler/linker     AYPad v1.2 - Notepad replacement      AYPaste v1.1 - Util for pasting text into application incl.
		WWW browsers     Barcode generator for PCL*-based printers    BATCHCNV - Utility to VIEW program    Batch & Print Pro v1.36 - Tool for batch printing of defined
		documents    BATCON v1.0 - A collection of batch files for text format
		conversions (ASCII,HTML,NG,HLP,RTF,DOC...)      Binary ANSI Viewer v1.21    Blackboard Grep 32 for Win95/NT - Text string search utility
bdbfs126.rar    BDBFS v1.26 - DBF Editor for xBase Professionals (in Russian)    BDBFS v1.26 - DBF Editor for xBase Professionals    BCC-DIZ v1.3 DIZ Files Displayer for Win32    Barcode Magic v2.0 - Util for the creation of barcodes      BES v2.00 - Binary External Sort for DOS/OS2 by SEN    CANsi Tools v0.01 alfa - Crunched ANSI Tools    bg_ascii v1.32 - Interactive ASCII Graphic Tool      Bhaum v1.19 - TXT/HTML editor and RTF Viewer for Win32     Philip Stone's Bibliography Pro 2000 for Win95 - Biblio writer      BIGECHO v5.00 - Displays large chars on screen    Big5View v1.5 - BIG5 Chinese text reader for Windows    BigText v3.3 - Electronic Books Creator     BinText v2.04 - A file text scanner    BookMark Keeper v1.1 - Documents bookmarks creator       Blank Line Fix v1.0 - Blank lines from text files remover
		for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     Browser Master v2.5 - Win32 tool for Web page developers      Banner 5.00 - Create large banner using ASCII printer    (ASP) BOXER/DOS v7.5a - Text Editor for DOS
boxer100.exe    (ASP) BOXER fow Windows v10.0 - Text Editor for Win95-XP      Browser Sizer v1.5 - Web developers helper        Brief Extension Macro Package (BX) v6.0    (ASP) BOXER/OS2 v7.5c - Text Editor for OS/2    Breeze v5.6 - Word processor and text editor    Screen Bright v0.91beta - B&W Monitor brightness control    Breeze for Windows v1.5 - Complete Text System for Windows      Bunch's String Search Utility v1.50     Banana Type v2.0 - ANSI Viewer     Russian Font Driver    BURTI - Latvian keyboard and EGA/VGA screen driver for DOS    ByteBoy'99 - Source File to MS-Excel Sheet Converter    CALVIN v2.3 - Clone of UNIX vi screen editor    Case Toggler v6.0 - Command line text converter
ccc.rar         CCC v1.00 - Czech special codes convertor for DOS        Convert comma-delimited data to columnar data      CCGrep for Windows 95/NT     ClipClear v3.1.1 - Windows clipboard clear utility     Color Commander v1.1A plus - VGA color palette utils      Change Code Page - Win9x/NT util for Croatian char conversion    CDBF v2.23 - DBF Viewer & Editor (the last 16-bit version)    CDBF v2.99.02 for DOS/32 - DBF Viewer & Editor    CDBF v2.99.02 for Win32 - DBF Viewer & Editor
cdbf_lnx.tgz    CDBF v2.99.02 for Linux - DBF Viewer & Editor     CDBFAPI.DLL v1.15 - Set of functions for work with the files
		of DBF format    CDBFinfo v1.00 - Add-on to Windows Explorer    CDBF Lite v1.03 for FreeBSD - DBF Viewer    CDBF Lite v1.14 for Linux (shared) - DBF Viewer    CDBF Lite v1.14 for Linux (static) - DBF Viewer    CDBF Lite v1.15 for DOS/32 - DBF Viewer    CDBF Lite v1.14 for OS/2 - DBF Viewer    CDBF Lite v1.14 for OS/2 (DLL for REXX) - DBF Viewer    CDBF Lite v1.15 for Win32 - DBF Viewer    CDBFShell v1.01 - Add-on to Windows Explorer       CDBF for Windows v1.30 (without installation) - DBF Viewer
		& Editor    CDBF for Windows v1.30 (with installation) - DBF Viewer &
		Editor      Cd-Book - CD-ROM booklet creator    CD Box Labeler Pro for Win95/98/NT - Laberer program for CD
		Jewel Case & CD, Floppy & ZIP Labels       (ASP) CMEditor v3.63 - Text Editor     Central European Starter Kit v2.0 - Everything you need to use
		CE langs in Office, Web browsers and E-mail progs under Windows     CFIND v2.2 - Text Search Util    CharWatch v1.10 - Printer & Screen Character Manipulator    Shareware Windows programs for Chinese language support
chkdbf.rar      DBF-file checker v1.4 for DOS    CheckWeb v1.1 - HTML links analyser    chm2web v9.1 - HTML Help Conversion Utility       Charmaper v3.0 - Utility for font character map viewing
chmdecmp.exe    CHM Decompiler v1.50 - CHM files decompilation tool      CHM2PDF Pilot v1.30 - CHM to PDF conversion tool     Character Map Pro v1.81 for Win32    CHRFRQ v2.3 - Count Character Frequencies in Text File    Character Workshop v2.2 for Windows    Chyfo v1.7.1 - ODBC-accessible database to text file converter
		for Win9x/NT/2000    Cinogen's Cool Text Convertor v1.13
ckd!     Cyrillic Keyboard Driver v1.06    Cleaner v1.02 - Unwanted chars cleaner in a text pasted
		to clipboard      101 Clippings - Allows to save text clippings for future use     ClipWatcher v2.40 - Clip trapper    CLIP2TXT v1.0a - Copy the Windows Clipboard to a File    ClipCase - Text formatter in the system clipboard    ClipEditor v2.5 - Windows clipboard manager     ClipTxt - Win95/98 program that stores texts and call them
		back via clipboard    Blackboard Clipvu for Win95/NT - View/print/save the text in
		your clipboard    Cliptext v2.0 - Access commonly used texts fast!     HTML Colorizer v1.0        CM32 v2.6.0.9 - Resident Foreign Characters Map for Win9x/NT      Count v5.00 - Char, word and line counter in txt file     Count Characters - Character Counter by Funduc     Convert It v1.1 - Croatian national char set converter    CNVTXTWP v1.1 - ASCII text file into a WP 5.1 converter      Codepage Translator v1.5 - Russian chars converter      Code39 TrueType Barcode Font v1.00    Code Digger v2.0 - Text searcher for Win95/NT      Cyrillic Recoder for Win95    Mihov Code Viewer - Text files / source code browser         COL v1.2 - A command to set colour and text screen size    Print a text file in 2, 3 or 4 columns using compressed mode       The Color Machine - HTML Color Picker v1.1     Utility to select HTML color codes in Hex    COLTYP v1.1 - Hi-Color Text Typer      Column-Row Guides v1.2 - Tool to adjustment of column or row
		data    COLUMNS v2.3 - Text Column Layout And Page/Line Number Filter     COMBINE - Add on batchjob utility for Ralf Brown's Interrupt
		List     CompView - Text files viewer using compressed characters      Converter v1.1 - Text file conversion program for Windows     Convert - Russian codepage converter for Windows NT    Convert - Tool for converting UNIX text files (TXT,HTML) to
		Windows format    HTML Converter Macro v1.1 - HTML 2 Winword doc macro conv.    CONVERT v9.11 - Converts between data formats (DBF,ASCII...)    Convert v2.3 - Convert text formats (HTML,RTF,TXT) for Win    CoolHTML v1.5.1 - Web pages generator for Win95/98/Me    CopyText v2.0 - Text copy to clipboard and Windows manipulator     COUNTRY - Util to get/set DOS country settings    David Aylott's Country Database for MS Access    Couch Reader v1.3 - Big Letter Displaying ASCII Texts       Cut and paste v5.00 - capture part of screen to file    Cut and Paste in text mode      CodePrint for C/C++ v2.02 - Source code reformatter/printer     Code Page Identifier v0.5
cpg27.exe       Cool Page v2.7 - HTML Editor for Win32      CPI v3.03 - Analyzer and extractor for DOS codepage files       ConvPL v2.00 - Convertor of Polish national characters    CRD format to text converter v1.0 (in German)    Read v2.17 - A Text Browser    CharMap Viewer v1.0 for Win32      CrossFont v3.7 - Win32 Util for moving PostScript Type 1
		and TT fonts between MAC and PC    CodeRip v1.0 - HTML source code ripper      Cyberprinter v1.5 - Printing processes logging tool    Crunchie v1.4.2 - HTML Compressor     CRovert v2.5 - Croatian national char set converter    (ASP) CSDiff v3.0 - Text file difference analyser for Win95/NT
cse6.exe        CSE HTML Validator Professional v6.00 - Tool to check validity
		of HTML syntax       CSROM v1.21 - Shadow RAM Latin II / Kamenicky driver        CT rel.4 - Character Toggler for Text Files         Connective Text Clipboard v1.1 - Util to store and reuse
		frequently used snippets of text      CUT v5.00 - Cut extracts sections of text by columns from file    CutWidth - Trims the width of text    (ASP) CVIEW v3.00 - Fast file viewer for DOS     Cyrillic Keyboard v3.0 - Cyrillic Keyboard Layouts for Windows    Cyrillic Starter Kit v4.0 - Cyrillic Fonts/Keyboard
		for Win95/NT/3.1      DBF2HTML v1.01 - DBF to HTML Converter    Daily Edit v2.1 - Text editor for Windows    DATAVIEW v0.37 - ODBC viewer and dBase III View/Edit for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000     DaVince Tools v2.0 - Group of applications for Win9x/NT/2000
		to create PDF files    DBF2HTML Pro v1.0 - DBF 2 HTML Converter     Db2Html v4.1b for Win32 - DBF to HTML Converter    DB3SCN v1.4 - dBase III Screen Program or Format Generator    dBed Pro v1.93 beta4 - Russian DBF Viewer/Editor (NC-like)      TSE macro to edit dBase databases
dbf_conv.arj    DBF File Converter from Kamenicky to Windows character set    DBVIEW v0.21 - DBASE III files viewer/editor for Win9x/NT     DBF2DAT v1.1 - DBASE files to TXT converter    DBF2DAT - DBF to text files convertor     DBF2TXT Converter v6.1    DBF Structure Fixer v3.15
dbfpck11.exe    DBF View and DBF Creator for Win95 (in Croatian)    DBFVIEW v2.33 - Database viewer and editor for DOS     DBFViewer 2000 v1.95 for Win95-XP    DbfView v1.04 for Win95/98    Multi DBF Viewer for Windows v5.0    DB to HTML Express v1.3 for Win95/98/NT - Template based
		development tool for database to HTML conversion    DOUBLE v1.2 - Text File Comparator     DBM v1.13c - Database Manager for DOS      dTAB v1.11 - Makes ASCII report from DBF file      DBVIEW v1.21 - DBF viewer for Total Commander file manager    DBViewer - Database Viewer / Editor for Windows    DBView SM v1.5 - Russian DBF Viewer    Universal Russian Codepage DeCoder v0.54c for DOS    Universal Russian Codepage DeCoder v0.54c for Win9x/NT    DataFile Converter v2.0 - DBF/Access/Datafile format converter     Diacrit v2.0 - Win95 util for access to accented characters     D-HTML - HTML 2 Text Converter for DOS      Cyrilics char-set converter     DEDUP v1.1 - Duplicate lines remover    Removes Duplicate Lines Anywhere      DeJAVA - Byte code files disassembler    CS Desktop Notes for Win95/98/NT    De-tagger v1.0 - HTML to text convertor         DOS Fine Colors - Palette Editor
dfprn.exe       DefPrin v1.71 - Tool for checking the default printer        Data-Grep rel.52 - UNIX-like extended GREP utility    DHE v1.8 - The Web Code Editor for Win32      American English Dictionary for UltraEdit      British English Dictionary for UltraEdit      German Dictionary for UltraEdit     DiDa v1.72 - HTML Editor     DiDaPro v2.50 - HTML Editor for Win32     DiDaPro v2.50a - HTML Editor for Win16    Displays info about DBF files     Dirhtml v4.57 - Crates index.html file from a directory list       DIZ v1.0 - File_id.diz Viewer      DizMaker v1.00 - FILE_ID.DIZ Editor     DIZ2EXE for Win95/98/NT v1.0 - Screen page text file to EXE
		converter    DIZDIR v3.0b - Creates file listings from DIZ in archives    DIZEDIT v5.0c - DIZ file editor    DizRevue for DOS v1.50 - Vendinfo.Diz file viewer       Double Lister v1.03 - File Viewer for DOS      Duplicate (tag)line stripper v0.17     Dana Text Editor v1.13 for Win32      NotGNU v1.9 - Text editor    DOC 2 HTML Converter (VB macro written)     Slice MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents     Doc Compiler v2.1 - Gathers picture files into a html document    DocEmpty - Clears documents folder in Win95 start menu      Document 2 PDF Pilot v1.2 - TXT/RTF/HTML/DOC/... to PDF format
		converter    Document Retrieval for Win9x/NT - Text in indexed files finder     (ASP) DocView v3.1 - Document Viewer for Windows      (ASP) DocView v5.2 - Document Viewer for Win95    DosFont v2.0 - Custom Font Driver    Enhanced DOS application fonts for Windows    DOS Clip - Clipboard for DOS exp/imp to Win    DOS prompt color changer    DOS Converter v2.7 - DOS/UNIX text file converter      DOSFON - New DOS Fonts for Windows    DOSFONT v2.20 - DOS font changer    DOSPrint v2.7 - Epson matrix printer emulator under Windows
dosprn.exe      DOSPRN v1.76 - Program enabling to print from DOS apps under
		Windows      Russian Font Driver / Recoder for DOS    Double v1.7 - Text File Comparing Utility     DOX v2.00 - RTF/TXT/HTML Converter for DOS    (ASP) Drag And View Gold v1.00 for Windows 3.1    (ASP) Dr.Form v3.21 - Form Creator/Editor/Printer    DragText v2.0 - Drag and drop text utility       DROPS - Int1c Resident for Character Falling Effect with src     DRUME v2.1 - Data recovery util for MS Excel files     Collection of DOS fonts    Deskjet v1.0 - Lets you find which ink nozzles are congested       Duplicate String Remover v1.0 - UTil that removes duplicate
		strings (lines) in a long list of strings    Data Master v3.3 - dBase files Editor     Data File v2.02 - Software to create form & database apps      DETAB v5.00 - Converts tabs to spaces     dtNotes v3.0 - Virtual post-it notes     DupBlock v1.0 - Text duplication tool for Win32       Dupli Find v1.1 - Duplicate lines in text files searching util
dv95.exe        (ASP) Drag And View v4.x for Win'95/NT
dw1212.exe      (ASP) Demo Workshop v1.2b12 - Demo/Tutorial Maker    DarekWare HTML Author v2.0 - HTML Editor       (ASP) DesignExpress for Labels v1.14 - 16bit version    (ASP) DesignExpress for Labels v1.14 - 32bit version    DIZ2CSV v1.50 - VENDINFO-to-database Converter
dzperl56.exe    DzSoft Perl Editor v5.6 - Perl CGI scripts editor for Win32
dzphp20.exe     DzSoft PHP Editor v2.01 - PHP language editor for Win32     EuroFonts 2001 - Collection of Multilingual Unicode True Type
		fonts for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP		
e_fonty.exe     EuroFonty 2000 for Win95/98/NT - Collection of Multilingual
		Unicode TrueType fonts    EasyBook v2.6 - The Electronic Book Creator    Easy CSS Scroller for Win32    Easy Home Page v1.3 - HTML editor for Windows    Easy As HTML for Win95 - HTML editor
easypdf.exe     Easy PDF - WYSIWYG PDF editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    EasyType v1.3 - Windows util that automatically complete words
		when writing texts in any text editor    EasyWrite v3.0 - Simple freeware word processor for Win32    Electronic Bookmark - Tool to trace the page number of an
		electronic book
ep34.exe        EasyPad v3.4 - Czech shareware HTML Editor for Win95/NT         Extended Character Map v1.41 - Char map software for Win9x/NT    (ASP) Ecopad Text Editor v2.60 - Windows editor enabling
		condensed text printing - 16bit version    (ASP) Ecopad Text Editor v4.11 - 32bit version      (ASP) Editeur v2.5 - Text editor for Windows 3.1      Edit! v1.2 - Text editor for DOS    (ASP) Editeur v5.3.2 - Text editor for Windows 9x-XP    EDA v3.51 - Large ASCII Files Editor      Swift Programmers Editor v4.4 for NC/VC     EDITD v2.5 - Text file editor for Windows      Fancy Editor v1.0 - Fast text editor for Win95    EditPro v1.57 - Win9x/Me/NT/2000 Text Editor for Professionals     EditPad v3.x - Windows NotePad Replacement    EDITV v4.1 - Text file editor with Borland Turbo Vision      DOS Text Editor v4.01 from Croatia    Edithtml.inf for Win95 v1.2 - Adds Edit function to the
		right click menu of an HTML file    EDTECH Editor for Technical Graphics v3.2 for Win95/98/NT    Easy Fonts v1.2 for DOS - Any to CHR font format converter    Easy Fonts v2.0 for Win - TrueType Fonts to CHR font converter
ehtml.exe       Enhanced HTML v4.4.70 - Full featured WYSIWYG web pages editor
		with built-in FTP client for Win98-XP
ehtmlavi.exe    Enhanced HTML v4.4.40 - AVIR edition of WYSISYG web pages
		editor with built-in FTP client for Win98-XP     EJECT v1.3 - Sends Form Feed Char to LPT1 Printer     Easy Label Printer v1.0 - Envelope labels printing tool     E-Mage for Web v1.2 - Image galleries generator     Empathy ANSI Editor v0.79 pre     Enhanced Font Driver v5.7- Russian, Ukr. etc. font drivers     Enhanced Notepad v1.1      Envelopes Plus v4.16 - Envelopes and labels printing program    Envelope Printer v6.0 for Win9x/NT/2000    Envelope Wizard - Util for envelopes printing      Envelope Printer for Win      EoEdit v0.98 - Windows Text Editor         Change End-Of-Line marks (DOS/UNIX text converter)
epp212.exe      EditPlus Text Editor v2.12 for HTML, ASP, Perl, C/C++ and Java     EPSON printer codes from an input file to PS converter    EPSTOOL v3.05 - Create or extract preview bitmaps in EPS files        Edwin's Power Tools for Excel 2002/2000/97 v3.5 - MS Excel
		Enhancements Package     EqnPreview v1.0 - TeX Equation Previewer     Erudite v1.5 - Spellchecker wordlist ripper     ESPAN v2.2 - Spanish keyboard driver    (ASP) EasyText v3.0.2 - Plain and Rich Text Editor for W9x/NT    The Electronic Text Publishing System v4.10    ETextViewer v2.00 - Freeware electronic text viewer for Win9x        Euro-Symbol for MS Word (TTF)    EuroChecker - Tool for checking Windows for Euro symbol support     EVAfont v3.05 - Font keeper         Extreme Viewer and Editor - Color text file editor/viewer     8x19 fonts for FAR file manager       (ASP) Easy Word v10.4 - Word Processor     eWriter - Duplex E-mail typing machine    (ASP) Examine32 v3.20 - Text search utility for Win9x/NT    (ASP) Examine v2.00 - Text search utility for Win3.1
excrak3.exe     Excrak3 Password Recovery for Excel     EXTEDIT v1.5 - Vernon Buerg's List related utility    Ext-HTML v1.0 - HTML Code Generator for Win9x/NT    (ASP) ExamineZip v2.00 - Text within ZIP's search util for Win    EZEDIT v2.0 - 4K line-oriented full-screen text editor for DOS    EZ-HTML Edit v2.0 - HTML editor     Easy Personal Labels v2.5 - Label print utility for Win95/98      Easy Help/Web v3.0c - Hypertext Authoring System for
		Word 6/7/97      f2h v1.00 - FILES.BBS to HTML Converter    FAQ Genie v1.30 - Website FAQ manager    FAQ Writer v1.0 - FAQ documents creation utility     FAR HTML Help v3.2 - HTML Help creation util for Win9x/NT/2K    FastEdit v2.0 - Simple text editor for Win95/98/NT    FastText v1.3.1 - Texts strings pasting utility         HTML Font and Body Tag Wizard v1.0       File Convert v1.0 - ASCII/ANSI,EBCDIC Converter    FCODER v5.04 - Russian text file recoder
fcp3.exe        Font Creator v3.1.2 for Win32     F-DCRYPT v1.05 - Word 6.0-7.0a Document Password Recovery Util      FigDOS-GUI - Interface for FIGlet program     FDUMP v1.1 - Hex/ASCII dump file to standard output    FDUPLINS v1.00 - Text File Duplicate Line Deleter          Font Editor v1.00 from Russia      (ASP) Forms Editor and Printer v1.17 by MicroFox      FED v2.15 - Folding Text Editor for DOS/Linux     The Font Editor v1.2      Fast Font Set v1.0 - Font Selector for Win32    Fast Grep v1.84    FIGlet v2.2 - Large characters creator    Fileid v2.1 - File description lister    Fileid v4.0 - Freeware FILEID util    Text File Viewer v1.0 - Freeware    Filter for text files v1.0 (DOS)    FILTER v4.0 - Multi-purpose text filter    FIN-CALC - MS Excel Financial Calculator    FINDER v3.7 - Text string searching utility    Find in Context v1.0 - TXT/HTML Smart Text Finder       Search any type of files for text patterns    FIXTEXT v9.11 - Text Converter      Util to filter text documents and provide an ASCII compliant
		output     (ASP) FONTKAT v1.1 - Builds font catalogs for WP 6.1 & 6.0/DOS     (ASP) FONTKAT/WIN v2.1 - Builds font catalogs in WP/WIN 8,7
		32-bit    Filelist.txt to CSV file converter    Filter for text files v1.0 (Win95)    Pack of Text Filters for TextPipe Utility    FlexText v1.1 - Print Utility for Windows'95     FlexText v1.1 - Print Utility for Windows 3.1       ADing Font Manager v1.36    Font Man v2.30 - Font manager for Windows     FMORE v1.3 - Fast MORE.COM replacement        TrueType Font Namer v2.3 for Windows    Font Editor III for DOS    Font Finder 32 v5.95 - Font browser for Win9x/NT/2000
fntlst12.exe    FontList v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Font Printer v2.4 - Windows Font Previewer    FontShow95 - Font Preview for Win95        Font Collection by Stefan Peichl      FontPro v1.0a - Font Lister    Font-browser v1.1 for Win32       FontC v1.2 - Util that displays screen fonts    FontChart v2.1 - Symbol-fonts browser for Win95/NT    FontEzy v1.01 - Nifty font special effect generator for W95/NT    (ASP) FontEdit v1.5 - Text Graphic Font Editor    (ASP) OSOSOFT's Fonter v7.0 - Font viewing/management for Win    FontExpert v5.0 for Win95-XP - TrueType, OpenType, Adobe Type
		1 and raster fonts manager    Font Finder v5.95 for Win95/98/NT - Font manager    FONT FILE v1.1b - View and print a sorted list of fonts    FONTLIST v4.0 - Win95/NT lister of fonts used in document    FontLook v3.7 - Win95/98/NT font manager    FontMagic v1.0 - Font Manager for Win95/98/NT    Collection of free fonts by Fontomania    FontPage v2.0.3 - Font examining and comparing util    Font-o-Rama v2.0 - Word97 template to generate a sample of all
		the fonts on your computer    Font Sorter v1.04    FontShow 2000 v3.5 - TrueType font viewer     FONTTAB - Windows font viewer and installer from Poland     Alpha SF Software Font Viewer v1.0 for Win32    AMP Font Viewer v3.60 for Win32    FontViewer for Win32 - Freeware
fontview.rar    FontView v1.00 - .SFT & .BFT file viewer    Watson's Font Viewer for Win32    Font Builder Program
forchr50.exe    Foreign Characters v5.0 - Util for writing various non-English
		characters to edited documents
formik.exe      Formik v2.13 - Intl. version of Slovak form filler for Win32    Form Filler Pilot v1.94 for Win9x-XP - Form filler    FinePrint Help file in PDF format
fnprnt95.exe    FinePrint 2000 for Win9x/Me Build 83 - Enhanced Printing
fnprnten.exe    FinePrint 2000 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 Build 83 Enterprise
		Version for Network users - Enhanced Printing Utility
fnprntnt.exe    FinePrint 2000 for WinNT/2000 Build 83 - Enhanced Printing
		Utility    FinePrint 2000 for Win9x/Me Build 83 Slovak Edition -
		Enhanced Printing Utility    FinePrint 2000 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 Build 83 Enterprise
		Version Slovak Edition - Enhanced Printing Utility    FinePrint 2000 for WinNT/2000 Build 83 Slovak Edition -
		Enhanced Printing Utility
fp528.exe       FinePrint v5.28 for Win95-XP
fpe528.exe      FinePrint v5.28 for Network (Enterprise edition)
fp528sk.exe     FinePrint v5.28 for Win95-XP (Slovak edition)
fpe528sk.exe    FinePrint v5.28 for Network (Slovak edition)
fpp228.exe      pdf Factory v2.28 for Win95-XP
fppe228.exe     pdf Factory v2.28 for Network (Enterprise edition)
fppp228.exe     pdf Factory Pro v2.28 for Win95-XP
fpppe228.exe    pdf Factory Pro v2.28 for Network (Enterprise edition)
fpdk400.exe     FinePrint Developer's Kit    FPLOT v2.10 - Plot ASCII on PostScript printers (for DOS)         Form Pilot Office v1.94 - Electronic forms filling out utility     ALEX's Font Previewer v1.1 - TT fonts previewer for Windows    Fontprint v2.00 - VGA fonts printer    Fontprint - prints VGA fonts      Find++ v3.0 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Search, replace and edit util    (ASP) FrameTool v2.2 - HTML Frame Maker    Fran v1.0 - Number of entry of all words in a text file counter    Form Post Edit v1.6 - Web Form Text Editor     Font Star v1.00 - Text Font Editor for DOS        Font Selector v1.3 - Simple Font Viewer for Win95/98/NT       Font Spec Pro v7.2 - Font mgr for Win3.1/Win95    FT Print v3.44 - Text mode printer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Fontex v2.0 - File viewer capable of reading and printing large
		files in any font type    FTE Kit v0.46 beta 5 - Text Mode Editor for Win95/NT with
		several programming languages color syntax highlighting     FTPEdit v1.7 - Windows Editor with FTP Send/Receive Function      FTPrint v2.12 - Win95/98 util for printing in text mode
ftw13e.exe      (ASP) Font Twister v1.3 for Win95/98/NT - Text effects creator    FutuRead v0.1 - Futuristic computers like text reader        The BBS File Viewer v5.0 - Database system for BBS file lists    Font Manager for Windows v1.00    Smile FX Reader v1.5 - Text file viewer      GFX2ASCI v1.41 - Ascii-art images editor      GCNV v2.0 - Converter of greek texts to greekish and vice versa    GDSpell - English spelling checker for ASCII files    Gedcom to HTML v1.0 Translator    GetDiz v2.6 - DIZ and NFO text viewer    Getex v0.50 - Textfile searching util for DOS/OS2    GBHZ Converter Plugin v1.01 for Wudora 3.0/4.0      Golden HTML Editor 4.83 for Win32 from Czech Republic        Good Numbers! v1.2 - Program for numbers drawing     Graph Pack 1 by TWT       Text mode mouse cut and paste driver v1.00 by V.Volkov    Grafula3 v1.13 - Digitazing (numbering) of any plot in BMP
		format as an data input into Excel    Grep v7.2 - Find regular expressions in files     GREP for Windows v4.2     GRSoftware Keyword Density Analyzer for Win95/98/NT v2.0
		for WEB pages developers    Aladdin Ghostscript v5.10 - MS-DOS 32-bit EXE    Aladdin Ghostscript v8.13 - OS/2 version
gs814w32.exe    Aladdin Ghostscript v8.14 - Windows 9x/NT version    GS-Base v6.0 - Flat file database for Win95-XP    GS-Calc v6.0 - Spreadsheet software for Win95-XP
gsml100.exe     GetSmile v1.00 - Smilies manager for Win32    GridinSoft Notepad v2.4 - Text editor with syntax highlighting     GSR v1.84 - Global Search Replace util for DOS       GSR v2.0 - Search and replace util in specified files    GSVIEW v4.6 - OS/2 executable of Viewer for Ghostscript    GSVIEW v2.7 - Win16 executable of Viewer for Ghostscript
gsv46w32.exe    GSVIEW v4.6 - Win32 executable of Viewer for Ghostscript     HTML2TEXT v1.51 - HTML to Text Converter    HTML2TXT v1.02 - Freeware HTML to TXT converter by TWT       H4XOR - The Funny Text Converter    HandyHTML v1.52 - HTML Editor for Win9x/NT/2000       HTML Batch Editor v2.2 - Batch processor of HTML and text files    HotSpot Builder v1.21 - Editor of segmented hyper graphic
		files       HTML Compress v4.1.1 for Win9x/NT/2000      Generate HTML out of easy to make script files      HTML Color Picker v1.0 - HTML Color Settings Manager         HTML File Comment Stripper & Optimizer       32-bit Help Compiler Engine    hCrypt v3.0 - HTML code encryption tool    (ASP) HELLLP! v2.7 - Windows Help File Author Aid for Word 6/7    (ASP) HELLLP! v3.1b - Windows Help File Author Aid for Word 8    Windows Help to Windows Word Doc Converter    HELPDECO v2.1 - Utility to dissect Windows help files    (ASP) Help Hikes Pro v3.1 - Windows Help files authoring tool     HelpMe - Tool for creating RTF files to be used with the
		MS Windows Help Compiler     Help Development Studio v1.71 - MS Win and HTML help authoring
		tool for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     HiBase2000 Personal Edition - Database Management Program
hlpscr73.exe    Help Scribble v7.3.1 - Program to create Windows Help files     Helpy v1.1 for MS Word 97 - Windows Help Designer    Homepage Explorer v1.0 - Homepage Designer for Win95    Hieroglyph v2.6 - Intelligent transliterated text converter,
		cyrillic encodings etc.    High Viewer v1.2.6 - Advanced DOS-Mode Text Viewer    (ASP) HILITEXT v1.1 - Win95/98/NT/2000 util for highlighting
		selected words/phrases in web pages, E-mails etc.    High Viewer v1.0b - Advanced DOS-mode text viewer    HLIST - HTML File Listing Program     Windows Help File to Winword Document File Converter     Win3.1/Win95 Help 2 RTF Converter    (ASP) HelpGen v1.31 - Windows Help File Generator    HelpNow! for Windows v1.0 - Windows Help Generator    HLP/ASCII Convertor        Hyper Maker HTML v3.3 for Win9x/NT - HTML Compiler & Off-line
		Browser    HyperMake v4.00 - HTML,IBM IPF and WinHelp builder for DOS/Win3    HyperMake v4.2 - HTML,IBM IPF and WinHelp builder for OS/2    HyperMake v4.2 - HTML,IBM IPF and WinHelp builder for
		Win95/98/NT/2000    Handy Notes v1.4 - Tiny notes for Win32
homesite.exe    HomeSite v5.5 trial - HTML editor for Win32       HPG v1.3 - DOS based HTML viewer      HP-Load v1.1 - Printer loader for Win95    HandyPrint98 v3.79 - Advanced printer control for Win9x/Me    HPTINY v2.0 - Prints text files with line width up to 255 chars    HrConvert v1.02 - Croatian char converter for MS Word       HyperRead v6.0 - Hypertext Generator
htm2chm.exe     HTM to CHM Format Convertor     HST (historical file of Netscape) to TXT converter    HTM 2 TXT Converter    HTMASC v2.1 32-bit - HTML 2 TXT Converter    HTMASC v2.1 - HTML 2 TXT Converter    CRAM HTML Compressor    HTML-Index v2.0 for Win - HTML files in a dir index creator    ALX-DHTML Converter v9.2 Beta 2    HTML_Coder - Russian converter of HTML documents from Windows
		to MS-DOS/UNIX formats    HTMLL Obfuscator/Compressor for DOS/Win    HTMLtoRTF Converter v2.0       HTML Analyzer Toolkit v1.0 - HTML/URL/value analyzer    HTML Buster v1.1 - HTML/ASCII Convertor    HTML Helpy v1.1 - Help authoring tool for Win32      HTML Search and Replace v1.0 - Util for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 that
		search and replace within multiple HTML documents    HTML Builder v1.00 - Simple program that makes HTML files    Herodes HTML View v1.0c - NC-like HTML viewer    HTMLCAL v2.0 - Creates HTML Calendars    HTML Active Calendar v1.05 - Calendar creator    HTMLCONV v2.00 - Util that creates HTML documents that
		containt links/images/files lists    HTML 2 ASCII Convertor v2.0     HTML Color v1.2 - HTML Color Picker for Win32    HTMLcolor v2.0.1 - HTML Color Picker
htmlcomp.exe    HTML (Un)Compress v6.0 - HTML Compressing Utility    HTML Compressor v2.5    Smart HTML Constructor v2.2 for Win95    HTML with links to local files creator    HtmlDiff v1.3 - File-difference analysis tool for Win32    HTML Editor v1.6 for Win    HTML-Analyzer v2.0 - HTML database creator    HTML 2 IPF Converter    HTML Killer v1.03 - HTML to plain text converter    HTML Notepad v2.2 - WWW Page Text Editor for Win3.1    HTML Notepad v2.2 - WWW Page Text Editor for Win95    HTMLo v3.2 - HTML Optimizer for Windows     Advanced HTML Optimizer v3.0 for Win9x/NT     Bill Reid's HTML Pix v1.3 for Win95 - HTML index of
		images generator    HTML Compressor v1.1 from Russia    HTML to TEXT Converter v1.0 for Win9x/NT    HTML 2 TXT Converter    HTML-View v1.63 - Win95/NT WWW formats viewer      HTML-Viewer v0.69a - Tiny Hypertext Viewer    HTMSTRIP v9.11 - HTML 2 TXT converter    Bill Reid's HTML Stripper v1.0 - HTML codes stripper      Lorenz Graf's HTMLtool v3.5 - Set of Win9x/NT HTML tools     hTune v3.0 - Web pages optimizer     hWard v3.0 - HTML code protector     ICEView v0.66 - ANSI Viewer    Info Courier v1.38 - HTML Compiler       FILE_ID.DIZ Generator v1.0     (ASP) File_id.diz maker v1.1     iTPDraw v0.10 Beta - ANSI drawing utility         INDEX Analyzer v1.56 - Garbo, Simtel & SAC server file index
		processor and FTP script editor from Poland       IE v1.02 - Extended DOS (32-bit) Text Editor    Incomprehensible (text) File Converter v1.9      IHP 2 NG File Converter v1.1       IL2ME v1.03 - Interrupt List to Multi-Edit Help Converter        IM_H - HTML's out of Images for Win98    imPRESSion v1.01 - DTP and drawing package for Windows    Imprint v2.0 - Printing util for Win95/NT    DeskJet Survival Kit v3.3 - HP Inkjet Utils    Insult Writer 2000 - Sentence with insults generator :-)    The Inventor v1.0 - Words generator    Mihov index.html Maker v1.41 - Program that creates HTML file
		containg links to all the files in a given directory    ISO9241-3-compliant DOS CPI    Greppe Text Tools rel.2.4 - Set of text related utils    Penta Text Tools rel.2.4 - Set of text related utils    Tri Text Tools rel.2.2 - Set of text related utils       IXF v1.3 - Index formatter    Java Editor v2.07b    Java Mill v0.98 - Java Editor     Java Station v1.0 - IDE for JAVA    (ASP) JETCOL v95 - A 2 column compressed print utility for
		laser printers    Jethro v1.01 - Hillbilly text filter      JIVE - Grammar text filter    JOC-CALC v2.0 - Spreadsheet program    JOC-PRINT COMMANDER v2.4 for HP Lasers and Deskjets      Jorj - English Language Dictionary for MS-DOS      Bill Reid's JQuote for Win95 v2.0 - Javascript based "random
		quotes" inserting util into your web     Creates HTML index of MP3s or other files    JSPELL v2.11 - ASCII file spelling checker    JUSTIFY v1.15 - A text justification program to reformat ASCII
		text files    JiVEview v2.0 - Intense ANSI viewer      KAMENLX v2.4 - Slovak Keyboard and Font Driver
		(Kamen,Latin2) + Conversion utility       KBD v1.0 - Croatian Keyboard Drivers for Win95    Kbplus v1.0 for Win9x - Line editor with integrated virtual
		keyboard       KDWin v2.07 - Russian Keyboard Driver for Win95/NT    Keyboard TrueType Font
killdocs.exe    KillDocs v2.0 - Documents Folder Cleaner      Kindex v1.2 - Book indexing utility for DOS      KISSFP v1.1 - HTML compression tool
klepto25.exe    Kleptomania v2.5 - OCR util for capture and process text from
		other applications    Knotes HTML Browser v2.0         Alexf Recoder v1.1 - Russian chars converter      Kon v1.15 - Powerful OS/2 text-editor     Pol Konwert v1.1 - Polish National Char.Set Conversion Util     KewlText v1.00 - "Cool" Texts Creator        KTXT - Slovak National Character Converter by Tatrasoft      KeyWords Seeker v1.00 for Win95/98/NT      Keyword Search v1.44    LanExpert v1.2 - Util to support Chinese, Japanese and Korean
		chars under Win3.x/95    Lextek Language Identifier v2.0 - Tool for Win32 to identify
		language that a piece of text is written in    FNT and LJ fonts to HVF Laser fonts converter      Layout Fix v1.3.3 - Util for fixing mistakes caused by false
		layout switching          LC v1.2 - ASCII file line counter     LCAT v1.3 - Listing catalog for Windows    READ v1.4.4 - Quick Info Files Viewer      LGEDIT - Tiny MS-DOS based text editor       LIKSE v3.30 for Win16 - View, print, search HTML files offline     LIKSE v5.00 for Win32 - View, print, search HTML files offline      LimitEdit - Editor of edit boxes parameters    Lines Arranger v1.2 - Document lines rearranger    Line Reader v1.0 for ANSI/ASCII files     List v9.6t - Universal lister    LISTCLIP v1.2 - MS Word macro to produce a list of graphics
		files    ListFont v1.1 - Fonts enumerator for Win95/NT    LISTFONT v3.2 - MS Word macro to produce a list of fonts    LISTHTML v1.2 - HTML file lister    Literal v1.0 - The simple web math editor
ljconf11.exe    LJConfig v1.1 - HP Laser Jet Printers fast configuration tool    Label Laboratory v2.0 - Windows program for creating and
		printing of labels for envelopes, disks etc.      Text File Reformater    (ASP) Little Lists v3.3a - Simple database program    LLSTAT v1.1 - Line Length Statistics of a Text File       LM v2.06 - File or stream line manipulator    (ASP) LASR_MAN v7.11 - Laser/ink jet printer utility    Locksmith v1.20 - Freeware Czech lock remover for Excel 5/97        Logfile Cutting Tool + HTML Server Log Files Viewer for Win32
logmerge.exe    LogMerger v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Log files joiner         LPD-Win - Line Printer Daemon Application for Win9x/Me         LPR-Win - Line Printer Application for Win9x/Me    Lpt2file - LPT1 capture utility for DOS    LSTCATV v1.6 - Listing catalog for DOS    LSTCATW v1.6 - Listing catalog for Windows v2.2 - MS Word Macro to List Fonts      Laser v5.00 - Laser Printer Setting Utility    LaserComp v1.3 - ASCII Comparator    Listpics v1.4 - Creates HTML file showing graphics     The MultiFonts v1.5 - Collection of 40 multilingual Unicode
		True Type fonts for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP      Multi-Edit v9.10 - Professional Programmer's Text Editor
		for Win95-XP    Madura Page v1.0 - Web pages creator based on applet     MAGUS Vocabulary - Vocabulary program for Windows    MakeTXT v1.0 - Convert any file to plain ASCII    MapEdit v2.94 - Image Map Editing Software for Win9x/Me/NT    Map Designer v2.1 Pro - Util for creation of images having
		clickable areas for HTML files    Map of Chars v2.9 for Win32 - Charmap replacement    Margarine v3.2 - Text file formatting utility    MARVOSYM.TTF - Freeware Windows True Type Symbol Font for
		School and Office    Master View v2.0a - Document linking package for MS Word    MaxDrop v4.1 - Text Editor for Win95       Multi Block Storage v3.3 - Clipboard Enhancer for Win32       Metafile Companion v1.10 for Win95/NT - WMF, EMF and CLP
mcbsx.exe       Multi Clipboard v9.69 - Form filling tool       Macro-Clip v2.000.2.3 - Multi-clipboard util for Win9x/NT/2000    Multiple Text Clipboard v2.32    Multiple Clipboards v2.2 - Win95/98/NT util that expands
		clipboard up to ten      Memo Converter v1.02 - Converter of memo-fields for DBF files    MDINotepad v2.1 - Text Editor for Win32        Movie Editor Kit (ANSI)    MEdit v1.51 - Text editor for DOS    (ASP) Mega Edit v2.14 - Text Editor for Windows    Medit v2.40 - Multiple Document Editor for Windows     Memorizer eXP - Clipboard manager for Win32     MERGE v1.4 - Merge ordered ASCII text files ascending/descend.     Metapad v1.3 - 32-bit Notepad Replacement
metty131.exe    Metty v1.31 - Tool to include META tags into HTML documents        MyFonts v4.3 - Windows Font Manager    Characteristica v2.2 - Freeware Replacement of Charmap Util    Mikesoft TeW!n v1.0 for Win3.x/95 - TXT 2 EXE converter    MakeTXT v1.03 - ASCII filter        Mocha W32 LPD v1.61 - 32-bit Print Server for Win9x/NT    MultiKey - Keyboard utility incl. Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic...    (ASP) Mocha W32 LPD v1.3 - LPD server for Win95/98     Mermaid v4.0 - DBF viewing and manipulation utility    MultiCV v1.01 - ASCII Files Amiga/MAC/PC Converter    Morsecode Font v1.01 - TT font of morse code symbols        Multi-Print v4.1 - Printing more pages on A4 format paper     Mprinter v1.0 - Util to imprint text or graphic on another
		graphic    Multiple Recursive Search and Replace v2.00 for Win32    MSOFPASS v2.0.1.4 - Lost password for MS-Office doc's recoverer    Master Sort for DOS v1.15    Message Split v1.01 - Splits concatenated ASCII text messages
		into separate text files     MSS HTML Editor v1.20 - Text based HTML editor    (ASP) MULTIVU v3.0 - Win util for viewing files up to 2GB    MUSIQWIK TrueType Fonts for writing music     MView Pro v4.0 - Multi Lingual Viewer System for Windows      Mocha W32 TN3812 v1.1 - 32-bit Print Application for
		Win9x/NT/2000     MyWebToolbox v2.22 - Web pages designer for Win9x/NT    MyNotepad v0.5 - Simple text editor for Win32       NAB v2.1 - Grab text screens, sent to file or printer     NANSI.SYS v3.3 - Enhanced MS-DOS Console Driver     NavRoad Off-line HTML viewer v3.10         Notes by George! v2.01 - Notes organizer for Win32     NetColorz v1.0 for Win16 - Util for color chosing/testing
		in HTML page     NetColorz v1.0 for Win32 - Util for color chosing/testing
		in HTML page      NE v3.00b - Freeware text editor    Net2Web v2.1 - FIDO nodelist to HTML table convertor    NextWord v1.0 - AI based text generator      NFOBUILDER v1.1 - Tool for making intros with soft text scroll    NFO PRO v1.0 - .nfo and .diz file viewer for Win32      Norton Guides Printer v3.20    Noah v0.065g - PostScript Type 1 (PFB) Font Editor    NoIndent v1.0 - Program for leading indent spaces elimination    NOPRINT v1.3 - TSR to disables attempts to print    Notebook v2.5 - Large File Text Editor for Windows    Notebook v5.2 - Large File Text Editor for Win95    NoteMaid v1.55 - Simple Windows Text Editor     Util for replacing Notepad with UltraEdit-32 editor
notepro.exe     NotePro v3.1 - Rich-text editor and word processor    (ASP) Noteware v4.0a - TSR Notepad       NavRoad Offline HTML Viewer v6.00    Ntedhtml.inf for WinNT - It adds Edit function to the right-
		click menu of HTML file      (ASP) NoteTab Light v4.95 - Text and HTML editor for Win32      (ASP) NoteTab Pro v4.95 - Text and HTML editor for
		Win9x/NT/2000    INTRADOS v1.4 - INTRANET HTML Text Browser for DOS    Numberator v1.0 - Tool to convert numbers and currency
		into words with multilingual support        NeoSoft's Viewer v1.1 for Win3.1/Win'95       ODBC Viewer v2.0 - Shows the contents and the structure of
		databases like folders and files    ODBC Viewer v2.0 - Unicode version of database viewer
offsit10.exe    OFFSITE EXPLORER v1.03 - HTML Viewer/Editor for Windows    HTML Optimizer v1.0 for Win32    Optimo v2.0.0 - HTML files compactor      Otto v1.6 - Automates programs, tasks that use text screens    Print2Disk v2.1 - Print utility     Pablo Draw v0.971 beta (16-bit) - Text drawing program    Pablo Draw v0.971 beta (32-bit) - Text drawing program      Pad v3.02 - TXT/RTF/HTML Editor and Image Viewer for Win32    PADGen v1.01 - Portable Application Description (PAD) Generator       Pages v1.0 - Plane to multicolumnt text converter    PAGINATE v9.11 - Text file reformatter    PackANSI v0.32 - Redundant ANSI codes remover    Palette Viewer v1.0 for Windows    ADing ParkFont v1.2 - Fonts manager for Win32     Parse v2.5 - Util that counts letters, words and sentences       Power Browze v2.32 - DBF editor      Power Browze v2.32 - DBF editor (386 version)      PasteBoard v1.6 - Auto text-pasting util for Internet surfers        Print Censor v3.2 - Tool for management of statistics of
		printed jobs on the printers    PCFONT v3.0 - DOS Font Editor     PCL View and Export to WMF for Win95/NT    PC Mouse v1.2 - Cut & paste in text mode     PCNotes v2.0 - Reminder for Windows     PCPS v8.40 - Print ASCII to PostScript 2up etc.    PCSORT v1.1 - Text Sorter for DOS      Print Direct DLL v1.27 - DLL enabling to bypass the printer
pd16.exe        Print Direct utility v1.6 - Tool for printing the file
		on the default printer
pd20.exe        PrintDirect Anywhere v2.0 - Tool to print a document on
		remote printer via internet     PDF 2 TXT Converter v2.6    PDF Converter v1.4 - MS Word, Excel, Word Perfect, RTF and
		plain text to PDF format converter     PDF Converter v3.5 - TXT to PDF conversion tool    pdfcrypt - 40/128 bit encryption tool of pdf files for Windows
pdfedit!.exe    PDF Editor v2.1 for Wi95-XP
pdffactr.exe    FinePrint pdf Factory v1.65 for Win95-XP - PDF files creator
pdffacen.exe    FinePrint pdf Factory v1.65 for Win95-XP Enterprise Version
		for Network users - PDF files creator    FinePrint pdf Factory v1.65 for Win95-XP Slovak Edition -
		PDF files creator    FinePrint pdf Factory v1.65 for Win95-XP Enterprise Version
		Slovak Edition - PDF files creator
pfactrpr.exe    FinePrint pdf Factory Pro v1.65 for Win95-XP - Advanced PDF
		files creator
pfacpren.exe    FinePrint pdf Factory Pro v1.65 for Win95-XP Enterprise
		Version for Network users - Advanced PDF files creator    FinePrint pdf Factory Pro v1.65 for Win95-XP Slovak Edition -
		Advanced PDF files creator    FinePrint pdf Factory Pro v1.65 for Win95-XP Enterprise
		Version Slovak Edition - Advanced PDF files creator    PDF Magic - PDF to TXT/HTML convertor
pdfsu.exe       PDF SpeedUp v1.32 - Adobe Reader Start Speeding-up Tool      PDF Summary Maker v1.06 - Tool to change the summary info
		in PDF files      PDF U Append Batch - Tool to append multiple files into one
		PDF document    PDF U Append Desktop Edition v1.06 - Tool to append multiple
		PDF files into one PDF document   PDF U Split Desktop Edition v1.11 - Tool to split multiple
		PDF files into page segments     PDT v3.2c - Great file editor    PE32 v1.3.04 - ASCII file editor for Win95/98/NT    PED4DOS v1.40 - Programmable Editor for DOS    Power Editor v1.0 - Tiny HTML Editor for Win32     Power Edit v2.1 - Text editor for Win95-XP    Program Editor v4.00
pf228sk.exe     pdf Factory v2.28 for Win95-XP (Slovak Edition)
pfe228sk.exe    pdf Factory v2.28 for Network (Slovak Edition)
pfp228sk.exe    pdf Factory PRO v2.28 for Win95-XP (Slovak Edition)
pfpe228s.exe    pdf Factory PRO v2.28 for Network (Slovak Edition)      Programmer's File Editor - Text Editor for Windows (16-bit)     Programmer's File Editor - Text Editor for Windows (32-bit)     PFONT v4.1 - View and print a sorted list of fonts       PaGer v1.11 - A text file viewer    PGN2FIG v2.1 - Word 6.0,95 or 97 macro for PGN file conversion      Pretty HTML v3.7 - Win32 HTML code styling and compression tool    Phonetic Keyboard v2.1 - Type Russian letters instead of
		English ones     Phontz v2.0 - Font Viewer for Win32      PKB v1.10 - Compact DataBase Application for Win32
plagfind.exe    Plagiarism Finder v1.0.9 for Documents Analysis       PLC v5.3 - Polish Chars Converter    Numbers to Words Converter v1.03c (in Polish)    Set of Polish utils (national screen and keyboard support)    PROLIX Text Editor v2.1 for Win3.x    PROLIX Text Editor v2.1 for Win95/NT    Paste & Save 2000 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Util for Web texts
		pasting to clipboard     POLSKIE - Polish screen and keyboard drivers     PopFont v3.00 - Win9x font selection utility    Populist - Clipboard util to provide quick access to your
		favourite text entries    Poster v1.21 - ANSI Converter    PowerPad v1.2.0 - Notepad replacement      Print File v2.15 - File Printing Utility (TXT,PS,EPS...)      PRINT! v1.00 - Allows you to print text files under Win95/98
		in the printer's text mode    PRINTIL rel.2.1 - ASCII Text Files Printer for Win32    (ASP) Print Commander v3.1 - TSR print util     Print From File v2.0 - Printing util    PrintKey v2.0 - Print Screen Utility for Win95/NT    .PRN files printing utility    Printer's Apprentice v7.5 - Font manager for Win95-XP     Printer output to file redirection utility    PrnPrompter - Printer driver that prints output into a window
		and you can save this output into a bitmap    O&K Print Watch v2.41 - Win2000/XP program for management
		of statistics of printed jobs on the network printer      !PROMPT - Color prompt generator    ParseRat v1.0n - Parses, converts & reorganizes text files      Printer Changer v4.00 - Swap default printers from tray    Print Out v1.00 - Print Util for Windows    Print Screen 95 v4.0 for Win'95    Printer Select v1.0 for Windows    PS2TEXT v1.7 - PostScript text extractor     CVTFREP v1.10 - Convert WWW form replies to readable text     P-Screen v5.5 - ANSI screen-design and library system     LF2CRLF v1.20 - UNIX/DOS text converter      PSPRINT v5.00 - Print raw text file on PS printer    Parse-O-Matic v3.97C - File converter/modifier/fixer
pspad431.exe    PSPad v4.3.1 - Text editor for Win32     CVT2MIXC v1.00 - Change uppercase text file to mixed case       Perfect Text Tools v1.0 - Text format converter    HTML Publisher Pro v3.50 - HTML publisher for Win9x/NT
q-test10.exe    Q-Test v1.03 beta - Question and Answer Creation Program     QuickTextPad v1.01.08 - Fast Text Viewer    FontPeeper 32 v1.0 - Freeware 32-bit PS and TT fonts previewer    Quick Editor v2.2c - Win32 text editor      EldoS QPaste v1.0 - Text macro utility for Win32      QuickPrint v1.0 - Util which let you add printing capabilities
		to VB applications    QReader v3.3a - On-line text reader for publications etc.    (ASP) QREAD v2.1 - Text file viewer for Win'95    QuickSpot v3.1 - Text files comparator for Windows    QView v1.1 - QuatroPro Files NC-like viewer (English edition)    QUEBEC v1.5 - French Canadian Keyboard Driver     QView v1.1 - QuatroPro Files NC-like viewer (Czech edition)      QyckVu v1.9 - 32-bit ASCII viewer      RTF to HTML for Win95 - Text format converter     RTF to HTML for Win3.1 - Text format converter    RadPad v2.0a - Text editor for Win95    Rapid PDF Count v1.05 - Tool to show how many pages are in
		many PDF files and generate reports about this       (ASP) RAVITZ EDITOR v1.12 - An ASCII text editor    Raven v1.58 - Text Management System         Rainbow v4.00 - Util for production of transient/spectral
		colored text using FONT-tag for HTML-documents      (ASP) Read v3.9 - Read/Edit ASCII text file     Read v9.11 - File Browsing Utils    Read Assistant v3.0 - E-book reader for Win32    Text Reader v1.0 (Text to Speech) written in Java    Recastor v1.1 - PDF to HTML Convertor      ReCo32 v0.3b - Repair and Compact Access Databases      Recode - Russian National Chars Convertor    RedMon v1.5 for Win95/NT - Printer port redirection util    REFONT v1.4 - MAC TrueType and PS Type 1 fonts to PC format
		converter    REMOVE v3.0 - Text reformatter    HTML Rename! v2.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - URL links and file
		names correction utility    Rephtmed.inf for Win95 - Adds Edit function to the right-
		click menu of an HTML file        RingHTML v2.0 - Tool to create web pages    RICHVIEW v3.02 - RTF Data Viewer for Win9x/NT     RIFFADD - Util for adding text info or bitmap to RIFF file     RIP Files Viewer v1.0
rkm272.arj      RKM v2.72 - Russian Driver for EGA/VGA     Lower - ASCII char converter       RNPAD v1.9 - Notepad for Win32        Rooi - Compact Database Calculator for Win32    RoPS - Roger's Post Script Interpreter for Win16     RoPS v5.2d - Roger's Post Script Interpreter for Win32    RPSORT v1.02 - Fast Sort Util
rpv200e.exe     Rpv v2.00 - Windows based application for transformation
		of text based reports from DOS programs to Windows like reports       ReadText v1.01 - Text strings in program or data files reader    RTF2HTML v1.0 - RTF to HTML Converter       Replace Tool - Util to search and batch replace of strings
		in text and HTML files    RusLat95 v2.27 - Russian Keyboard Driver       S&M v1.0 - Util for gathering first title line of all marked
		files and making HTML table     Sansi Converter v2.0 - Converts from ANSI to Sansi and
		vice-versa    The Paper Saver v3.10 - HP LJ/DJ Print Utility      SCROLLBK v5.00 - Capture text screen info that has rolled off
		the top of the screen    Snowblind MORF - Replaces text or code across many files    (ASP) Scan&Fill v1.72 - Typewriter replacement    ScanText v1.06 - String Finder    Slick Case v2.0.5 - Lower/Uppercase Converter
sciwrite.exe    SciWriter v1.9 - Word Processor    Scorea v4.0 - Music score sheet printing program      ScrnAttr v5.00 - Screen attribs editor    Scramble TrueType Font    Scratchy - Text file reformatter to reduce it's size    Scribbler 2000 v1.9.3 - Java Script, VB Script and DHTML
		editor for Win9x/NT    Textmode Screen Save/Load v1.1    Scroll v3.1 - DIZ Editor    ScreenPaint v2.1 - ANSI Editor + ANSI 2 COM conv. from Poland    ScriptMaker v1.7 for Win32 - Util for writing and formatting
		screenplays       Simple Document Assembly v1.4 - Templates based document
		assembler for Win32      SuperEditor v5.00 - Text editor       SEE v1.1 - Text file displayer      SEE v3.22 - File display/print/extract utility      (ASP) SEE v5.13 - File Viewer and Printer by MicroFox      Selida v2.1 - HTML editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    SemiGraf v1.00 - Drawing in text mode
sf177_2.rar     Russian shadow font loader v1.77 rev.2       Shorthand for Win3.11 v3.0       Shorthand for Windows v5.41    SHMANSI v1.80 - ANSI Editor       SHTML - Basic HTML Editor for Win32    ShrinkHTML v0.50 - HTML/ASP documents compressor         Secret in File - Hide secret in a text file    Signature Generator 2D - email signatures generator    SimFuz v0.30a - Fuzzy-Search engine in txt,html,... files    SIMLIS v1.1 - Similarity sort of text file lines for DOS    Simple-PDF v2.02 - PDF Generator     Single Source - Tool for creating paper, Windows help and
		HTML documentation from a single source      SLED & SLHED - Tiny text editors       SLICK - A Global text changer          Story Master v1.2 - Command line tool for specified
		text reformatting
smalprnt.exe    SmallPrint v2.53 - Tool to print whole multi-page documents
		onto one page      SimpleMap v1.0 - Generator of HTML codes for image maps    SHASHTML v1.0 - HTML Compressor      (ASP) Smooth Editor v2.1 for DOS      Small Text Editor v1.140    Smaug ANSI 2 EXECUTABLE Converter v1.00    Smooth Scroller - TSR utility    SmashHTML v1.3 - HTML Compressor    Smart Board 32 v1.27 - Windows Clipboard Extender    Smart Doc v3.0 Free - Prints or extracts text from Windows Help
		Files    Smart Font v1.3 - Windows Font Previewer    Sheet Music Designer v2.1 - Prints musical staff sheets    SNIPPER v2.6 - Text screen grabber      Synnote v1.0.1.1 - Syntax-coloring text editor for Win32     Snow - Program for concealing messages in text files    ALEX's Spool-It! v1.2 - Raw printer data downloader    SORTTX rel.03 - Text file sorting utility     Sortx v2.0 - Enhanced sort utility    SortXL v3.1 - Large ASCII files sorting utility      SuperPad v1.3 - Notepad replacement for large files    Spelling Checker for Windows 3.1     SPELL v3.0 - Stand-alone spell checker for any size texts file    Spell Test v1.0 - English TXT/HTML spell checker    SPELLXMS v3.1 - Stand-alone spell checker     Spinnaker Tools v1.05 - Excel add-ins for analyzing lists
		and databases in Excel
sr45.exe        Search and Replace for Windows v4.5      Source Editor v2.1.3 - Win32 text editor for programmers      Search String Engine for DOS v1.5       SSH! v1.0 - HTML to text converter     SSORT v1.0 - File Sort Filter    Standard input text viewer      (ASP) STF v1.62 - Show Two Files (ASCII files comparison util)     String Replace v1.1 - Remove/replace strings from text files    STRP HTML v1.02 - DOS util that strips HTML tags from
		a document    STZPREED v3.07 - Smooth Text Reader    SupaEdit v0.9.1b - Tiny text editor for Win32    SuperEdit v3.30 - Multiple Document Editor for Windows    Super Tools v1.0 - Excel related utils       SourceView v3.3e - Programming editor for DOS       SwapKeys98 v1.0 - Keyboard Remapper and Hot Key utility for
		Win95/98/NT    Switch It v2.1 - Multi language keyboard layout switcher     ScriptWorx v4.1 - HTML editor allowing als editing of other
		Internet file formats       Symbol Selector - Windows util for selecting/copying symbols
		from True Type Fonts      Syn v1.50 - Win32 text editor for programmers    Text2HTML v1.30 Converter for Win32    Text-to-Web v2.0.0 - Win32 tool to convert text files to HTML    Utils for T602 2 ASCII format conversion     T602 Text Format to RTF Converter    T602 Text Format Viewer for Norton/Volkov Commander    T602vw v1.9.6 - Win32 file viewer for docs created by Czech
		text editor T602     TABIN v5.1 - Spaces to Tabs Converter    TABOUT v2.4 - Tabs to Spaces Converter    Tabs To Spaces v1.11 - Tab chars in a texts file to space conv.      HTML Tag Generator for Win    Tagger v4.0 macro for MS Word 6/7 - Macro for numbering and
		cross-referencing    TagStrip v1.0 - Program to cleanup large text files containing
		Taglines     Tail for Windows v1.0 - Last specified number of lines of a
		text document lister    Table2HTML v1.2 - Table to HTML converter         TDB - Small and fast database program for Win95       TDE v5.0 - Text and HEX editor - freeware          Turbo Editor v2.0 - Editor for programmers      TextEdit W95 - Multi-Document Editor for Java/Perl/HTML/Text        TE v1.7 - Tiny Screen Editor for DOS    Turbo-Edit97 Text Editor v1.40 for Win95      TED v1.05 - Windows editor for programmers and web developers        Tedy v1.0 - Simple Text Editor for DOS        Tiny Editor for small text files      TekDoc v1.0 - Util to extract text from files to generate HTML
		documentation    TEKNOW v4.2 - Word Processor    Ten Clipboards v1.11 for Win95/NT    TexRep v1.1 - Text replacing util    Text Files Modifier v3.0 - Automatic Text Modifying Utility    Text2Clp v1.0a - Copy the Windows clipboard contents to a file    TextTally v1.2 - Windows Text Counting Utility     TextArt Crater v1.0 for Win32 - ASCII art generator    (ASP) TextCon v1.73 - Reformats ASCII files for import to a WP    Text File Converter v3.0 - Util that converts most WP or DTP
		files into a standard ASCII file    DOS based WP, DTP and ASCII file reformatter    Infothek Text Finder v2.10 - Text searching util for Win9x/NT
textmonk.exe    TextMonkey v1.0.x - Text processing tool    TXT 2 HTM ver.2 - TXT/HTML converter
textrein.arj    Textrein - Removes control chars and converts tabs and line
		breaks in texts files     TOFRODOS v1.7 - DOS/Unix text reformatter       TT Fonts to Arachne WWW Browser Fonts Converter    TheGun v2.5 - Drag & Drop Enabled Notepad Application    Thinner v3.0 - Converts HTML & E-mails to plain text      TH Reader v1.00 - Util that displays VENDINFO.DIZ files    The Thinking Man's Thesaurus v1.3 - Thesaurus and Word Prompter    Thumb Track v1.1 - Scroll box holder        Text Information v1.2 - Display info about text files        HTML Tidy - HTML Clean Up Util for Win95/98/NT/2000      Tiny Editor v2.00 for DOS/OS2    TIPKA v1.34 - Croatian printer and VGA screen fonts
tite.exe        The Infinitive Text Editor for Win95/98/NT         TLF v1.0 - Win32 DOS/UNIX style text converter       Text Mode v1.40 - VESA Text modes switcher    English text to oriental style converter v1.0    English text to cockney dialect converter v1.0    TODDY v6.15 - DOS command line editor     TOFIXED v1.5 - Converts variable length CrLf files to fixed
		length records     TRep v1.12 - Text search/replace utility      The Translator v1.0 - Text files translator       Trans-ASCII - Program for conversion of various CZ/SK character
trlit233.arj    TrLit v2.33 - Russian keyboard driver with possibility to write
		Russian words by English alphabet      TrayNotes v2.0 - Virtual sticky notes tool for Win32       TXTSRCH v5.00 - Text string finder     (ASP) TSE/2 JR v4 - OS/2 Text Editor      (ASP) TSE JR v4 (formerly QEdit) - DOS Text Editor    (ASP) The SemWare Editor Pro v4.2 for Win95-XP    Text file filters by Timo Salmi      TSP v2.21 - Text search util    Smiley (Face) TSR Database       TextTools rel.6 for DOS - Collection of text processing utils      TrueType Info v1.00 beta - TT Fonts Structure Checker      TEXTools for Win32 - Set of text filters     TextToMS for Win9x/NT/2000 - Tool to edit data stored in
		MetaStock and CompuTrack data format    TTRANS v1.7 - Clipboard Utility for Win95/98/NT     Turbo Editor v3.0 - Multi-lingual text editor    TVIEW v2.666c - Polish Text File Viewer    TWOFONTS v1.0 beta - Utility to use two text mode fonts in DOS    The Slang Converter v1.10 by TWT    Change fore/background color in text screen      TxEdit 2000 v5.3 - Text Editor for Win32
txpen473.exe    (ASP) TEXTPAD v4.7.3 - 32-bit text editor for Windows    Super Text Search v2.6 - Text string searcher     Self viewing text files creator    TXT file 2 self displaying COM file compiler    TXT2HTML v1.2 - ASCII 2 HTML Converter for OS/2 from Russia
txt2pdf.exe     TXT2PDF v7.4 - PERL5 based text to PDF format converter      TurboTXT Text File Compiler v5.00 (TXT2EXE conv.)    TXTABLE v9.11 - Text tables generator    TEXTools v1.0 - Collection of DOS text filters    TextMorph v2.1 - ASCII text formatter    TextPipe Pro v6.7 - Automate search and replace & text file
		or clipboard processing for Win32    TxtPrint v1.0 - Text files printing util for Windows      TxtPro v3.51- Text/code/HTML Editor for Win32
txtrz192.exe    Texturizer v1.92 - Text editor for Win32    Collection of Text Utilities v3.0    TextView v4.0 - Text viewer for Win95/98/NT      TextViewer v2.5 - Fast Text Editor for Win32    Type Spec v1.0 - Font catalog for Win95-XP    Type-It - Converts printer into typewriter
typo40e.exe     (ASP) Typograf v4.8f for Win95/98/NT - Font Manager for TT,
		PS Type 1 and Printer Fonts
typotor.arj     TYPOTOR - Typographic Editor for DOS     U-ABC v1.1 - Huge Letters Sets    U-FONT v1.4 - Screen Font Changer by Underwear    Underwear Huge Letter Generator v1.1     Underwear Palette Changer v1.5    Smooth v1.8 Underwear File Scroller    String Finder by Extension v1.2      Fast Unix 2 DOS Converter v0.3       UNIX2DOS v1.1 - UNIX/DOS Text Filter          UltraCompare v1.10 - File comparison tool by author of
		UltraEdit application        UCAI - Unit Conversion Add-in for MS-Excel v1.0        UNIX2DOS/DOS2UNIX Text Converter for Win32      Ultra Excel 97 Password Cracker v1.00     UltraEdit-32 v10.20c - 32-bit Text/Hex Editor for Windows      UltraEdit add-on for programmers to creating programs and
		libraries    UltraEdit Manual in .PDF format    Collection of Text Filters     Ugrep v1.0 - Grep for Windows    (ASP) UHS (Universal Hint System) Reader for MS-DOS v4.01     UKEYS for Word v1.4 - A customizable Unicode keyboard for Win32    UltraEdit v6.0x - 16-bit Text/Hex Editor for Windows    UnANSI v1.0 - ANSI codes remover    Duplicate ticker symbols remover from text files    Spaces to Tabs Text Conversion Utility - C source    UnicEdit v2.1 - WinNT text editor (able to handle unicode)    Mikeys Text/RTF Editor with FTP/Client functions for Win95    UNIX 2 DOS Text Converter    URL Grab v1.57 - URL from ASCII files grabber      (ASP) Utils with File Viewer and Printer Support Progs     UNIX to DOS Converter v3.00      Ultra Word 97 Password Cracker v1.00 MMX     VB2HTML v1.0 - Visual Basic code to HTML converter    VB AHA! - Windows Help Editing Tool      (ASP) Visual Business Cards v3.3a - Win32 Business Cards Maker      VBX - Manfred's Little Box Painter v3.03 - Box drawing editor       Visual Compare v1.54 - Excellent File Compare Utility     VDE v1.93D - DOS text editor     VMC v1.8 - The VDE Macro Compiler     VFPView v3.2 - Freeware DBF/MEM Viewer/Repairer for Visual
		FoxPro with support for long file names      Tiny TSR Cyrillic Driver    VGAPAL v4.0 - VGA palette customizer    ViewHEAD v1.0.2 - HTTP headers viewer for Win32
vhtml12.rar     VHTML v1.2 - HTML Viewer for DOS    VIAPRINT for Windows v3.0 - All purpose printing program    Text-mode video sequences player      VIEW v5.00 - File viewer (also in archives)        VIEW v1.0 - Viewer for text files     View v17.2 - Word,WinWord,WinWrite,AmiPro... Viewer for DOS    Viewfind v3.0 - Text string finder - Utility to View program    View HTML v2.5 - HTML Viewer/Converter    ViewS v2.00 - Smooth scrolling text file viewer    ViewSeek v2.1 - Text string finter - Utility to View program    View THIS! v1.0 - Freeware File Viewer    VILE v9.4 for DOS - VI-like text editor    VILE v9.4 for Win32 - VI-like text editor    VI Editor for DOS (16-bit) v6.3    VI Editor for DOS (32-bit) v6.3    VI Editor for Win32 v6.3     (ASP) VIEW_MAN v1.13 - View/Edit/Print ASCII/HEX files    (ASP) VENDINFO Extractor v1.50    (ASP) VENDINFO Toolkit v1.50    (ASP) VENDINFO Utils v1.50    (ASP) VENDINFO Viewer v1.30    (ASP) VENDINFO Viewer for Windows v1.00        VESA Player v1.0 - Movie Editor creations player      Virtual Print Pilot v1.22 - Virtual printer driver for
		exporting print outputs to BMP and other graphic formats       Visual Text v1.0 32-bit - Windows Notepad replacement    (ASP) Visual Text Publisher v1.01 - Online books maker        (ASP) W - The Note Writer v4.0 - Word Processor for DOS     Word Clean - Removes EOL hyphens and concatenates that word    Web2Text v1.2 for Win16 - HTML to ASCII Convertor    Web2Text v1.6 for Win32 - HTML to ASCII Convertor      WSKA HTML WWWrite v1.1c - HTML Editor       WEB Address Extractor v1.2 - Extract HTTP addresses both from
		ASCII and Binary Files    WanyWord Text Searcher v2.00 - Boolean, near & proximity text
		string searcher     WARP v2.31 - A fast ANSI.SYS replacement for DOS    Larger Screen Fonts for Windows DOS boxes in SVGA modes    (ASP) Web-It!32 v1.7 - 32-bit HTML Editor    Word Booster 2000 - Collection of MS Word 97/2000 macros
wbquiz02.exe    SmartLite WebQuiz 2002 - Tool for creation HTML Web-based
		quizzes    (ASP) WebExpress v2.03 for Windows 3.1 - HTML Design Tool    (ASP) WebExpress v2.03 for Windows 95 - HTML Design Tool          Word Count - Chars, words and lines counter in text files       WC v1.1 - UNIX like Word Count utility       Word Counter v1.0 beta utility        WC v2.4 - Word Counter        Web Compiler 2000 v1.32 - A 32-bit HTML Compiler     Word Count v1.20 - Text statistics maker    Luckman't WebEdit PRO v2.0 - HTML Editor for Win95        (ASP) WordExpress v2.02 for Windows 3.1 - Word Processor        (ASP) WordExpress v2.02 for Windows 95 - Word Processor    HTML Dictionary for Text Based Spell Checkers     (ASP) Web-It! v1.7 - HTML Editor    Web-O-Rama v7.92 - Freeware HTML Editor    Web Palette v1.0 - A small pop-up HTML colour picker for
		Win95/NT    (ASP) WebParse v2.00 - WWW E-mail survey form data parser    (ASP) WebPen v2.8 - HTML Editor    (ASP) WebPen PRO v3.4 - HTML and WWW Editor      WebWiz v1.0 - HTML Generator for Win95/98      WED v2.1 - Text editor for Windows          Wodfiles and Macros collection for use with UltraEdit      WhizFolder Viewer v1.2 - WhizFolder Hypertext Viewer    WH_wEdit v1.22 - Windows Help File Editor       Windows Help Maker v1.0 for Windows       Windows Help Maker II - Help file maker for Windows 95      WideOpen v1.6 - Win'95 LFN Support for Word 6      File Converter v1.3e - ASCII/EBCDIC Converter     WinBrowse v4.4 - Text file viewer for Win95/98/NT    WinCmp (Compare It!) v3.53 - Win32 text file comparator    WinEnt v2.2 - Util for replacing high chars in flat text files
		with their HTML entity names    LaunchWinPmail - Pegasus Mail Launching Macro for Word7    WINPROOF v5.0 - Windows grammar and spelling checker    WinTabs v1.01 - Active documents in Word/Excel switching tool     WinVi v2.94 - Vi-like editor for Win32      Proton Barcode Wizard v3.9 - Barcode Label Creation Tool    Winword Macro Decryptor v1.4    WinMerge v1.1 - Text files merger for Windows
word2tex.exe    Chikrii SoftLab Word2TeX v2.4 - MS Word to LaTeX Document
		Converter for Win32    Word'97 Document Password Finder    (ASP) Workbase v4.31a - Database utilities     WPCRACK v1.0 - Word Perfect v5.x Password Finder     (ASP) Win95 Wordpad Plus v4.1 - Wordpad Enhancement - Spell
		Checker    Nerdpad: Fix for MS Wordpad      Writer v2.20 - The Textual Intro Maker       Wordster - Fast (character mode) file editor for Win9x/Me/XP
wsae.arj        World Spy ANSI Editor v1.1     Windows Smooth Text Viewer v1.5.1 for Win32    Determines TTF fonts used in WW6    WWPRT v1.5b - WinWord Password Recovery Tool for Win95/NT     Keys+ v4.1 - Keyboard remapper for Windows     (ASP) XASCII v3.0 - Win Help File with Windows ASCII Set    XBIN Developers Kit v1.0 - Guide to textmode graphics     XBinCap TSR v1.0 - Text Screen Capture Program      XCOLS - Data Columns Extractor     XDIZ v2.5e - FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI extractor and processor     XDOC v1.27 - Text to executable converter    X-Filer v1.01 - TXT/EXE Converter    XGrep v1.03 - DOS Grep Utility      XLAT v1.1 - Byte-to-byte translation of files sent to a printer    XlsNames v1.0 for Excel5/7 - Util for worksheet name definition     XML Editor for JAVA programmers    XML Editor for Win32    XML Shell v1.2 - XML Editor for Win32    XML Writer v2.5 - XML Editor for Win32    xPC-Mouse v1.3 - Copy/paste util in DOS Text Mode     Xpdf v3.00 - Open source PDF viewer for Win32    Xpdf v3.00 - Open source PDF viewer for DOS    Expeditor v1.00 - Editor for form filling out    XPrint v1.01 - ASCII files printer (in German)      XPRT v6.3 - Laser Printer Utility     ExportChart v1.1 - Add-in for Excel97 for exporting charts
		to GIF files     XRAY v1.05 - Filter program that displays text strings
		in a binary files    XSORT v3.01 - Program to quickly sort and merge ASCII/
		Extended ASCII/ANSI files        XT v1.5 - Enhanced TYPE Command    XTABS v2.20 - ASCII Toolkit    Extractor v1.9 - Extracts part from a text file
xtype10.rar     XType v1.0 - ASCII Reader
xv10.rar        XView v1.0 - Text Viewer      Yugie HTML Editor v4.1.0.13 for Win32     ZANSI v1.2 - ANSI Driver    Zeus Programmers Editor for Win32 v3.93      ZED Text Editor for programmers     ZEOF v1.2 - EOF marker manipulator     ZipSearch - Search text string inside ZIP files      Z_me Editor v1.02 - Russian text editor
			 *****   End of file   *****