Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILTASK     Boot Manager v3.0 by Skunk    95 Multi Booter v5.0     ABSCHEDULER v1.0a - Task scheduler for Win3.x    ABSCRIPTER v1.2 - Script interpreter for Win3.x    Absurd Terminator v2.9 - Shutdown/restart/logoff Win9x/Me/2000
		and terminator of active tasks    ACCESS v1.0 - Util for visualisation of application specific
		shortcuts    ActiveSaver Screen Saver for Win95/98/NT - Screen Saver
		enabling to logoff, restart and shut down PC    Active Keyboard v2.0b - Macro command manager      Alert signal to BAT file      EZ Macros v1.1 - Keyboard and mouse recorder for Win95/NT    Amn Task Manager v2.0 for Win95/98    AMP WinOFF v3.5 - Windows Shutdown Utility    Anti ShutDown v1.3 - Util that prevents Windows from shutdown       AutoPilot v1.30 - Task manager for Win32    AppLauncher v2.0 for Win95/98     AppSwat v1.0.1.0 - Program terminator for Win32    AppToService v2.4a - Unicode console application that lets run
		regular applications as Windows Services    ArgPrompt - Util for running DOS progs with command arguments         AYE Shutdown v5.86 - Shutdown scheduler for Win32     AYE Shutdown Lite v4.29 - Shutdown scheduler for Win32       Active ShutDown v1.0 - Shutdown/reboot util for Win9x/Me/NT/2K     AsynCron v1.3 - Advanced scheduler for Win95/98       AUTOTASK 2000 v2.51 - Task Scheduler for Win95-XP       Application Timer v3.0    AutoTask v1.3d for DOS/Win      AtBoot v2.08 - At boot execution program for NT    Hands-on-Boot v0.7b - Boot Util by Atomic      Active Task Manager v1.40 - Util for automatic execution of
		various tasks       ATM v2.2 - Another Task Manager for Win9x         AYE Time Switch Pro v5.18 - Task Scheduler for Win32
autodet.arj     AUTODET - Determines in OS/2 AUTOEXEC.BAT which program should
		be launched in this DOS-session    Autoxit v1.0 - Shut down Win95/98/NT at specified time      Autoit v2.01 - Win95/98/NT util that automates task execution     AutoRun rel.10 - CD Autostarter for Win95/98    BAT2EXEC v1.5 - Freeware BAT 2 EXE converter     BATCH95 for Win'95 v1.1     WAIT/RAND - BAT Utils    BATDEBUG v1.4 - BAT Debugger    BatKit v5.7 - Utils for Batch Files     BatLite v1.73 - BAT into COM file compiler    BatMenu v1.2 - Allow batch files to accept imput from user     Bill Reid's Batch Prep v2.0 - Win95/98 Batch File Constructor    Batsh v2.10 - To run Windows commands from a file (Win3.1)    BatSys v1.3 for Win95/98 - Autoexec.bat & Config.sys Editor    BEEP BATCH utils    Batch files utility collection v1.00 beta    BlackBoard Cron v1.2 - Win95/NT task runner at specified time          BatchEditor v4.84.04 by Leprechaun Software        Short Beep Command for BAT file     (ASP) Utility-Belt Collection v1.c - BAT utils
bildschi.arj    BILDSCHI - Boot sector with register display and memory screen      Boot Log Analyser v1.23 - Util for analysing Win95 drivers
		loading time etc.      BootLock v5.00 - Lock of CTRL-ALT-DEL ...    Boot Magic v1.0c - Funny boots    O.S. Boot Manager v1.0     Batch Master v1.0      Boot Manager Plus v1.42 (freeware)     BOOT v1.21 pro - Polish boot utility    Bootcelerato v2.0 - Boot time decreasing util for Win32    Booter v0.06 - Rebooting utility    (ASP) BootIt Next Generation Boot Manager v1.64     BOOTMAX - Boot manager    BootMeat v1.0 - Boot timer    (ASP) BOOT'R v2.17 - Config Manager    Bootmanager BootStar v8.27 - MultiOS boot manager    Boost-It v1.4 - Util that spawns/changes priority of processes       BOX v1.3 - Enhanced ECHO Batch Command      BP Macro v2.1 - DOS Macro Utility       Bill Reid's Command Line v2.3 for W32 - Enhanced Program Runner     BSL (Beret's System Loader) v1.21 - Multi OS Booter     Boot Switcher v1.2.0 - Multi booting utility       BOOT v5.00 - Soft boot emulator    BootEasy v1.7 - Multi OS Boot Manager    (ASP) Bootit Direct v1.15 - Multi-Boot Utility    Boot Manager 95 v1.3a for Win'95    Collection of 4DOS BTM utils    BATCHTOOLS v1.19 for MS-DOS from Germany      BatPlus v5.00 - BAT commands enhancer
btrun410.exe    Batchrun v4.10 - Util for creation batch files using GUI    Butler - BAT util for Windows       Buzof v1.42 - Util for automatic answering, closing and
		minizing annoying windows for Win95/NT        Control Agent v3.3 - Scheduler for Win95/NT      CCTask for Win95/NT - CRON-style task manager    CHKDATE v1.00 - Check system date and returns it in errorlevel    BEEP v1.0 - Win32 batch util to play simple sound through PC's
		internal speaker      CFG v2.43 - Dual-mode CONFIG.SYS / Batch Enhancer     CheckDate utility - Returns day of the week as ErrorLevel    Boot Chooser v1.2 - Multiple boot manager for Win2000/NT/9x      Bat files to enhance Windows 95 DOS 7    Christine v1.0 - Utility for automate execution of simple
		tasks under Win95/NT      CLOSEALL v2.0 - Application closer for Win95    Click'n GO v1.52 - Single mouse click program launcher    CLR Script v1.62 - Scripting Software for Win9x/NT    Boot Counter       CP v1.02 - BAT util      Cron the Clock Daemon v1.8 - Windows scheduler     Custom StartUp v3.00 - Start menu editor    CT Shutdown v1.01 - Shutdown for Windows 95-ME    Clay's Utils v1.2 - BAT utils for DOS    ColdBoot/WarmBoot v2.00 by Paradigm Software    Dialog Answer v1.10 - Task automation tool for Windows      DBOX v1.3 - Enhanced ECHO Command     DocsBoot+ v0.40beta - Boot manager     (ASP) DELA v2.21 - Execution of command at specific time    Delayer v1.00 - Program Execution Delayer for Windows
denynone.arj    DenyNone - Multiple access to files for use with multitasking
		or task switchers     DLLView for Win9x - Win32 program that shows which DLLs
		processes have been opened or loaded
dmy.rar         Day, month and year as DOS error level        DO v2.1 - An interactive DOS batch file utility    DOEVERY v1.1 - Program that enables to run apps in intervals     DOSVER v1.02 - Util that returns DOS version in errorlevel     DosVar v2.01 - String-handling for BAT files     DOTM v1.10 - Day of the Month - BAT util      DOZE v1.0 - Win32 batch util to pause a specified period of
		time    DPMSUSER - EnergySaver registration tool for Windows NT    Date Check Pro v1.61 - Daily, monthly... maintenance utility    DownTime v2.32 - Windows shut down at selected time    EdINI v1.3.1 - Windows INI File Editor
efpm220.exe     EF Process Managar v2.20    EFPrcMan v2.60 - Win95/98/NT running processes lister     Enumwin - Win32 parent/child windows listing utility         ESC - Window closer    Escape v2.0 - Program Terminator Terminator v1.3    Event Manager v1.43 - Windows Task/Alarm Scheduler    Exec Clock v1.0 - Program start timer        Exit Windows v1.0 - Fast Windows Reboot     Exits 95/98 - Fast Widows exiting utility     Exits NT - Fast Windows exiting utility    EyeSaver for Win - Add to the StartUp folder     (ASP) EZINI v1.3 - INI Editor     EZEE EXIT 95 v1.15 - Windows'95 Shut Down Utility    Function Keys v1.3 - DOS TSR for using F-keys    FastBoot Utility    Fast Exit v3.0 for Win95/NT    Fast Boot v2.13 by CyberWare    FDATE v9.6a - Batch-file date manipulation utility    FIXINI v2.3 - Util for modifying INI files on workstations
		by network administrator     Filter v1.00 - Windows shell for launching DOS programs    FlexRestart v1.0 - Win95/98 Fast Rebooter     Flyer v1.2 - TSR selector upon boot process       Fast Shutdown v1.02 - Util for log off, restart and shutdown    FTaskman v1.24 - Freeware replacement for Win3.1 task manager    Partition protector, batch enhancer     FunBoot for Windows - Joke    GateKeeper v1.0 - Start-up Optimization Util for Win9x/Me/2000       Ground Control v3.00 - Tool for building macros     GetKey v0.02 - Symbolic implementation of DOS CHOICE command    GetSet v2.0 - Windows StartUp Group Setup Utility      Halt v1.0 - The Intelligent Rebooter    HandleEx for WinNT - Opened/loaded DLL processes monitor       Happy-Boot :-)       The Horst Batch Companion vol.02 - Companion file
		to archive     Horst Schaeffer's BATCH/DOS Utils v3.1    IMPEL CYCLE SYSTEM v1.1 - Util for log-off, restart and
		shutdown of Win95/98/NT     IMPEL HIDE TASK v1.2 - Util for task windows hiding      INI Manager v2.80 for Windows    INIPRO v3.0e - INI Editor for Win 3.x, Win95/NT, OS/2    INISpy for Win 3.x - INI file monitor    INISpy for Win95 - INI file monitor    IsWhat v1.03 - BAT Utils    JACKIE v1.1 - DOS Task Automator
jit702.exe      JIT Scheduler v7.02 - Task Scheduler for Win9x/NT     KbMacro - A Global Hotkey Util for Win95/98/NT    Keyboard Manager Deluxe v2.6 - Hotkeys manager      Keelos v1.0 - Win32 util that force shutdown/reboot etc.    KEY-FAKE - BAT file enhancer      (ASP) Keyboard Express v2.7 (Win3.1,95,NT) - Windows Keyboard
		Macro    KeyMan v2.2 - Resident program for handling user-defined
		shortcut key combinations    KillPro - Win9x tool to stop background processes    KillProcess v4.2.0.0 - Selected process terminator for Win32     KeyText 2000 v2.24 - Keyboard macro and Windows automation      Task Killer for Windows 3.1     Killicon v1.0 - Unwanted tasks from the task bar remover    (ASP) WinKiller v1.10 - Program Killer
killwa10.rar    VIT Window's Application Killer v1.0 - Task killer for Win32       LanEDit v1.2 - DOS Configuration Editor      LFNCHECK.BAT - A BAT command to check, if LFN is too long
		to be written onto CD     LINLIKE v1.1 - Set of batch files to emulate Linux/UNIX like
		commands on DOS command prompt      LOADSYS v1.4i - Program to load and unload TSR's and drivers    Legend OS Boot Manager v0.92 - Boot manager for DOS    Lights Out! v1.2 - Shutdown/Restart Utility for Win95/NT    LWED v2.2.9a - Windows INI file editor        Macro - Batch File Enhancer v4.03
macex21b.exe    Macro Express 99 v2.1b for Win95/98/NT - Windows Macro Utility
macroman.exe    MacroMania v9.2 for Win95-XP    Magic HotKey v1.2 - Windows HotKey Creator    Make unique filenames for your BAT programs    METZ Scheduler v2.19 for Windows (16-bit)    METZ Scheduler v2.19 for Windows (32-bit)    METZ Stop v1.0 - Exit from Win95      Minder v1.11 - Clock, Alarm and Task Scheduler for Win9x/NT    MIRV 2000 v2.7 - Group of programs launcher for Win95-XP    The Main Menu v1.01 - Boot-up Program List    Master Booter v3.3 - Boot manager and partitioner    Macro Scheduler v7.2 for Win95-XP     MSDOSED v1.10 - Win95 util to edit MSDOS.SYS file    Message Box v0.1Beta - TurboVision like BAT dialogue util     MSTBOOT v4.0 - Multiboot manager    Not Again v1.2 - Program launcher for Win32
nncron.exe      nnCron v1.89 for Win95-XP - Task Scheduler
nncronlt.exe    nnCron LITE v1.15 for Win95-XP - Freeware version of nnCron
		utility    NoLights - Util that check and close RAS/DUN connections     NoQuit - Keep Unauthorized Users from Exiting Windows     TSR to prevent shelling to DOS    Now & Then v1.2 - Run programs at specified intervals        NT Process Viewer - Process viewer for Windows NT     OkPress v2.1 - Win32 app for automatic pressing "O.k." button     OSL2000 Boopt Manager v8.7x - MultiBoot Solution    (ASP) P2Play v3.0 - Playback-only version of the DOS Phantom
		TSR - see also     Partition Manager v2.40.00 - Boot from up to 31 partitions    Partition Manager v2.44 Beta - Boot Manager     Partita 2000 v2.10 - CYNERGI's Boot Manager        Playback v2.4 - Task Automator     Priority Changer for Win95 - Changes priority of a process     PCOff v2.0 - Shutdown utility for Windows
phantm15.exe    (ASP) Phantom for Windows v1.5 - Task automator and scheduler
		for Win95/NT      PidManager v1.0 - Win95/98/NT task manipulator      Perfect Keyboard Lite v4.50 for Win9x/NT - Text/Key Shortcut
		Util      Perfect Keyboard v4.50 for Win9x/NT - Text/Key Shortcut Util
pmagic10.rar    Process Magic v1.0 - Processes & Windows Control Program    PMENUE v2.3 - Batch menu with bar and mouse    WinPowerDown v1.00 - Automatic Shut Downer of Win95/98/NT    POWEROFF v2.0 - Win95/98/NT util to schedule a shutdown/reboot/
		logoff/poweroff at a certan time    POWEROFNT - Windows NT shutdowner     PrcInfo v4.63 - Process viewer for Win32     PrcView v3.7 - Process Viewer for Win95/98/NT    Program Timer v2.00    Printer Task Controller for NT Network     Priority v1.0 - Applications priority changer for Win9x/NT    Process Explorer - Process Viewer for Win95-2003    Program Scheduler v1.2 for Windows    PSIS v6.0 - Provide system information & services for using
		in BAT file      PsList v1.12 for WinNT/2K - Process Information Lister       Process Terminator v1.07 by V.Medeiko      (ASP) DOS Phantom v3.0 - Task automator/scheduler/key recorder    PUADOS v1.2 - Set of batch files    PowrClik Suite v2.5 - set of tools to maintain power saving
		and shutdown functions of the system    (ASP) POWERBATCH v2.3 - BAT compiler     PowerDown v2.0.0 - Advanced Windows Shutdowner    POWERPRO v3.8 for Win95/98/NT - Task launcher    POWEROFF v3.0 - Win95/98/NT/2K shutdown/reboot util      QBoot v1.40 (16-bit) - Win3.x Boot Util      QBoot v2.00 (32-bit) - Win9x/NT Boot Util       QuickExit for Windows 95/98/NT/2000       Quick ShutDown v2.2 for Win32     Quickie - Fast Reboot Utility    Quick Macros v2.1 for Win95/98 - Task automation tool    Quit&Go - Util for closing unwanted application with one click    Quick Exit Win v2.1e - Application Launcher and Exit Util    Rapid Key v1.5 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP - Autotext, macro and
		favorite folders access utility    The Run Batch Run Book - collection of BAT's      Reboot Programs by Quarterdeck    REBOOT 95/NT v1.6 - The program reboot    Reboot v3.5 - Simulates Ctrl-Alt-Del     RegDel v4 - Delete Registry Entries from Batch Files     Resident Killer v1.06     RESET v1.1 pro - Reset utility       Restart in Peace v1.0 - Rebooting utils for Windows     RESTART v1.0 - Windows Exit and Restart Program          RunServices v1.01 - Util that shows and allows to manage tasks
		which are launched when Windows starts       Remote Shutdown for Windows NT    RSHUT Pro v2.66 - Advanced Computer Power Management Tool for
		Win32     Rshut v1.0 - Remote Shutdowner for WinNT    Restart v1.2 for Win95/NT - Perform local shutdown, restart
		or log-off      RunAll - Lets you launch "Open" from Explorer several selected
		docs or progs at once      Runner v2.11 - Tiny task scheduler
runserv.rar     Runs any application as a service under Win95/98    SAY! v1.5 - ECHO like util with all 256 chars       StartUp Cleaner v1.3.0 for Win32    Dtech Screen Launcher v1.50 - Screen Saver and Application
		Launcher for Win95/98    Shut Down in Time with GUI      SHUTDOWNKINGS v4.05 - Win95/98/NT shut downing utility    ShutDown v1.67 for Win9x/NT      ShutDown Timer v2.0.1 - ShutDown Manager for Win95/98/Me/NT    Send v1.22 - Sends keystrokes and windows messages to apps      SETENV v1.10 - CONFIG.SYS pre-environment hiding utility     ShutDown NOW! v4.51 - Win9x/NT Shutdown Utility    Shortcuts Map v2.0 - Shortcuts manager for Win32    PsychoSoft Shutdown Wizard v1.0 for Win95/98    Shutdown Countdown v2.0 - Auto Shutdown for Win32     Shut_d v0.2 - Tiny Windows Shutdowner      Shutdown v1.0 for Windows 95/98    Bardon Shut Down v1.0 - Win95 tray-icon computer shutdown
		program    Shutdown Timer for Win32     ShutOff2000 v2.11 - Win2000 Shutting Down Utility     SHUTZ99 - Shutdown/Reboot util with just 1 touch    Driver Silencer v1.1 - Driver that disables initialization
		sequence messages in a MS-DOS boot-up    Simple Shutdown v1.0 for Win95/98/NT        Command Line Shutdown Controller v1.11    SLEEP v4.7 - DOS, OS/2 and Windows Program Scheduler      Sleepy v1.0 - Win95/98 util that shuts down Windows after
		period of inactivity       Suchmeister - Task switcher and launcher
sm15.exe        Script Magic v1.5 - Task automation tool      Startup Magic v1.0.400 - Startup Developer/Interpreter    SMBoot v2.0 - Tool to reboot Win95-Me into safe mode    SendKey v1.1 - Help for system admins when creating batch
		files under Win9x/NT    Sparkle v4.2 - Batch file enhancer     ScreenSaver Blocker v1.3.0     Screensaver Exits - Fake screensaver for exiting Win95/98     Shutdown Stopper v2.0 - Shutdown preventing utility for Win    (ASP) STEENBURGH's STUFF Batch Utilities    Start Defrag v1.2 - HD Defragmentation Scheduler for Win2000     STILETTO v1.0v - Freeware Windows task launcher and switcher       (ASP) Super Task Man v4.1 - Desktop management util for Win    STOPPRG v3.3 - Exit to DOS from any program    Strings v2.0 - BAT file enhancer    StartApp v1.1 - Starts Windows applications in various modes      Stratoware Setup v1.10 for Win'95       SUD/SU v1.06 for WinNT - SU daemon/client    StartUp Organizer v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000          Schedule Wizard 2003 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Tool for
		automating programs and messages
swoff23.exe     Switch Off v2.3 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Windows Shutdowner    (ASP) Silver Wolf Task Manager v1.0b    System Monitor - Monitor of operating systems    TaskBar Activate v2.3 for Win9x/NT - Taskbar manager     TaskManager for Win9x      TurboBAT Batch File Compiler v5.00 (BAT2COM conv.)      TBU v3.3.1 - The Batch Utility    TechScheduler Standard for Win95-XP v5.50 - System Scheduler    TechScheduler Advanced for Win95-XP v5.50 - System Scheduler     Tempo v1b - Configurable Program Killer        Absurd Terminator v2.5 - Shutdown Win9x/Me/2000 and terminates
		tasks    TimeBoot Cold and Warm v1.01 - Reboot at selected time     TrayKeys 2002 - Hot keys & Macros Launcher for Win32          OrionSoftLab Active Task Manager v1.41 rel.2 - Task autiomation
		tool for Win95-XP    Tiny Scheduler v1.02 for Win95/98/NT
tskinf50.exe    TaskInfo v5.0 for Win95/98 - Shows info about running
		processes    TurboCheck - Small BAT utility    Underwear BATCH TUNES for PC Speaker v1.4     Underwear Batch Com Batch v1.5 - BAT Toolkit     Underwear BOXes v1.2 - Batch boxes     Underwear Multiple Command Executor v1.4     (ASP) MENU_MAN v2.11 - Util to display user selection or check
		box style menus from within batch files      UNBOOT - Boot A: preventing utility      UNHANG v5.00 - Helps break out of locked progs      Update Pack - Program for modifying startup and shutdown
veb_475.rar     VEB v1.00.475 - Visual Events Builder for Control Agent program
		(dox in Russian)       VPart - Graphical OS-selector with boot virus protection and
		password protection    Win32 Shutdown v1.10    W95BOOT v1.1 - Dual-Boot Capability for Win95    WatchHog v1.40 - Auto Rebooter     WattsOS - The first release of new, easy to use OS     WBAT v2.23 - Dialog boxes for DOS batch files    WinCron v1.34 - Task Scheduler and Controller
wcron10.rar     WinCRON v1.0 - Unix Cron-like scheduler for Win95/98     WHATNOW v1.0 - Program to display a message, analyse 1 char
		response and terminate with appropriate ERRORLEVEL    Whats Running? for Win95/NT - Startup Configuration Util     WinCron v1.91 - Windows implementation of UNIX Cron program     WinInfo - Util showing info about the window under cursor for
		Win95/98/NT    ALEX's Winkey v1.0 for Win3.1 - Key macro util     WinKill v1.0 - Window closer for Win95/98/NT    WinOff v2.5 - Mini Shut Down Utils for Win9x/NT/2000/XP     WinPS v1.0 - Console based process viewer for Win32    Ultimate Startup Manager v1.1 for Win32    WinSafe98 v2.7 - A fail-safe util for Windows restarting    Winstart v1.00 - Windows util for restoring Windows without
		having to reboot PC     WinStop v1.02 - Stop Windows from loading from autoexec     Winkiller98 v1.1 - System shutdowner for Win95/98/98SE      WakeMeUp v1.2 - CD/MP3 player based alarm      AMP WinOFF v2.2 - Util to shut down Win9x/NT/2000 systems      Windows Quick Boot v2.64 (16-bit)      Windows Quick Boot v2.65 (32-bit)     Exits Windows, runs specified applicaton and then restars Win     WinShut v1.4 - Tool for quick shutdown and reboot       Windows Startup Manager v2.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000       XBOOT v2.0 Multi-OS Booter     XOSL v1.1.5 - Extended Operating System Loader        XRun v2.01 - List, search, launch and kill processes in W95/NT     XSET v5.49 - BAT files enhancer    zBoot Manager v2.12c

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