Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILPROG        IEEE-1284 Parallel Port Device Detection Code       2AskE v2.0 - ASCII code finder        2asm v1.2 - ASM files for use in Watcom C progs generator        MSR Reader by ELiCZ     2OBJ v1.10 - Binary to OBJ file converter    4GWPatch - Program which modifies DOS4GW Runtime/Extender LE
		executables to make them display a text string     Programmer's Processor Power Package     Motorola MC6800 Microprocessor Simulator       ELICZ's Device Driver Development Kit for Win32      A-Code v1.0 - Character/ASCII code converter for Win32    Asm2Gema v1.22 Convertor         A86 macro assembler and D86 debugger v4.05
ac.arj          AC - Add prefix-programs to .EXE and .COM/.BIN files       ACLib - The Anti-Cracking Library for Delphi v1.0    Active Port Pro v1.22 - ActiveX Control allowing to read/write
		data in/out of the hardware ports     Add Pack for Win95/98/NT - Aid for Development in VB5       Anti-Debugger Library v1.0 by DTS      Time/date library for C          Andy's Editor for OS2/Win/DOS        AsmEdit v2.8 - Assembly language programmer's editor     ASM Edit v1.82 - Editor for using with ASM's       A-FLOW v3.0 - Software development and authoring tool for Win32      Alex Ghost Library v1.7 - Common purpose components, classes
		and functions library for Delphi 3,4,5        ApiHooks v5.2 - API Hooking Tool for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP      TArtImg for Delphi - TImage descendant with many effects       Antechinus JavaScript Editor v2.0 for Win32    Assembler Laboratory v1.3b1    Algomath Library v0.93beta - C Library of Math Algorithms      ALIB v4.0 - Assembler Library    Align Easy v1.3 - Control alignment add-in for VB4
alloy.exe       Alloy v3.6.17.2003 - Tool for developers for embedding all
		dependant files into the executable file    ANTIDBUG - Turbo Pascal UNIT for antidebugging tricks     ANTIPDD - Anti ProcDump Full Dump for Win95/NT    aPATCH v0.33b - Tiny patch maker      Antechinus PHP Editor v2.0         SockAPI - Cross platform socket library      API Spy v2.4 - API function's calls examiner     AppliTimer v1.0 - Tool for WinXP (9x/NT) to measure speed
		of application loading    ARRegistry Variable v1.0 - Util for storing any variable type
		at the registry    Artist of Virtuality v5.2 - Game designer     Mihov ASCII Master v1.10 - ASCII value of the pressed key
		identifier    ASCII BOX - Resident ASCII table from Poland    ASCII Codes Table for Win32    ASCIIvalues v1.0.7 - Tool that gives ASCII equivalent of chars     BlackCat ASIDE v1.1 - IDE for Assembler    A DOS based command-line MC68HC11 cross-assembler      Magic Assembler v1.12       ASM 32 v3.4 - Programmer's Toolkit for 32-bit ASM programming
asmed.arj       Assembler Editor v1.42 by Crypton Enterprise    ASP Beautify v1.0 - Beautifies the source code of ASPs          AriTech ASCII Table v1.30 - ASCII table for Win95/98/NT    maxSYS - Real mode assembler coding interface    Truepal - Truecolor emulator in mode 13h     ATADEMO Interactive User's Guide     ATA/ATAPI Low Level Driver C Source Code with Examples       AXE v2.1 - Advanced Hex Editor for Win95/98/NT
b2e.exe         Bind to EXE v1.1 - Delphi/C++ Builder library that enables apps
		to bind/extract files to/from an EXE file at RUNTIME    BAssPasC v2.32 - Mixed programming language based on
		ASM/BASIC/C/PAS and PERL        Base Converter v1.0     Hex, Decimal, Binary and Octal Converter    BaseConv v3.5 - Bin, Hex and Decimal Conversion Util    Basenum v1.1 - Integer number base converter for DOS    BASS WMA v1.6 - WMA format extension to BASS audio library    BasUpd v10.0 - Adds Commands from PDS and Visual Basic to
		QuickBASIC    Instant Base Converter - DEC/BIN/OCT/HEX Converter for Windows      BCPP v1.8 - C/C++/JAVA Code Beautifier    BDE_Inst v1.01 - Borland Database Engine installer/uninstaller    BDIFF/BUPDATE v1.23 - Binary file differencer/updater    BDIFF/BUPDATE v1.28 (dox in Japanese)          Andy's Binary Folding Editor       Beaut by CYGAX for C files - C source beautifier       Beginner Software's Delphi Tools v1.01 - Delphi Source Code
		generator for Message Boxes, Input boxes etc. 
biew561.arj     BIEW v5.6.1 - Binary file viewer/editor for DOS32
biew561d.arj    BIEW v5.6.1 - Binary file viewer/editor for DOS32 (i386)    BIEW v5.6.1 - Binary file viewer/editor for Win32 (i386)     BIN2ARR and BIN2INC - Binary to include files converters     Converts any file into an ASM file file that can be included       BIN2C v1.0 - Binary code to C source code importer    BIN2PRO v1.c - Spanish Binary to Program Utility (DB,DW...)     BINEDIT v1.2 by Timothy Gordon    BinToHex DLL for Win32 Platforms      BINTPR - Simple Binary Tree Print Routine in Pascal    BitCalc v1.0 - Binary Large Integer Calculator    BitTools - Binary/Text representation of bits/bytes converter     Free Pascal Units by Bartha Istvan    Bluestone 32-bit Compiler v1.0 - Game making programming lang.    Bitmap to Source Converter for C/C++ programmers     Bitmap to Source Converter - Program for DOS game programmers       BNM Statistical and mathematical routines for BP      Bonker's PE fixer v1.0 - PE file's fixing utility    BP7PAT v1.2 - BP7 compiled EXE file patcher         BP 7.x Auto Corrector v3.8    BinPatch v1.04 - Software package to generate and apply
		patches for DOS/Win     REXX v1.3 for DOS/UNIX         BRK v1.10 - A recovery utility for hanged programs    Beginner Software's Delphi Tools v1.02 - Source code generator
		for Delphi    FMH-Bug Rep v0.01 - Tool for sending automated bug reports to
		an applications programmer    BugTrack v1.1 - S/w bug tracker for Win95/NT and VB4    Readme Builder v1.20 for C++, Turbo Pascal and Quick Basic    Binary Update v1.24a     Button Maker v0.01 for Win95/98/NT - JS buttons creator    Binary Work MP3 OCX v2.0.2 (VB6 SP3 version)     Sphinx C-- v1.04a (incl. examples, headers and dox)     COM2EXE & EXE2COM Converter         C2t - COM into executable text file converter        Small Programmers Calculator    Program Calculator for Win32     CallAbsolute v1.01 - DLL for assist in duplicating the
		functionality of the Call Absolute statment    Run any Ring 0 code from a Win32 application on Windows NT    32 Bit C Compiler v2.71 by LadSoft - MSDOS Binaries    32 Bit C Compiler v2.71 by LadSoft - Win32 Binaries    CConvert v1.01 - C/C++ Code to HTML Converter    CDMERGE - DOS util to merge/appen a CDG graphics file into
		BIN file    CodeIndent v1.1 for VB and Win3.x/9x    CDNotification ActiveX Control v1.1     Code Genie v4.02 for Win9x-XP - Text/binary editor for
		programmers    CHASM - Cheap Assembler for IBM PC v4.07    Chief's Installer Pro for Win16/Win32 v4.82    Chief's Installer Lite for Win32 v5.41    Chief's Installer Pro for Win32 v5.41      Create Install 2003.3.5 - Installation programs creator for
		Win95/98/NT/2000/XP     Cinogen's COM2EXE Converter v1.02    Cinogen's Comparer v1.20 - Binary files comparing util    CInstall v1.3 - Win95/98 installation package    ClassVista - Win32 application to view contents of Java Class
		files    CLR Script v1.61 for Win9x/NT - Write script files to control
		and run progs using C language    Complex math library for Borland C/C++    Complex math library for C/C++ v3.0     Complex math library for Borland Pascal 3.0    ASM Library for interpreting command lines      Complex Math's Unit v3.0 for TP/BP 5.5-7.0    CodeFusion Wizard v3.00 - Patch Generator for Win9x/NT
com2t111.rar    COM2TXT v1.11 - COM file to text file converter
com2t12.rar     COM2TXT v1.2a - COM file to text file converter (EXE only)    D1,2,C++ Builder - Comp. library for creating macrolanguages    COMPAS v3.0 - Compiler from Pascal for educational purposes     COM Port Toolkit v2.1 - Serial port monitoring tool     Console v1.1 - Text based console output C library
conv10.rar      Conv v1.0 - DEC/HEX/OCT/BIN Converter    Cool Debugger v1.2 for Win32       Crayzee's Patcher v1.31 for Win32       CPU ID util with src     Cracker Editor v1.16a - DOS HEX-Editor    Create Install v3.41 - Win95/98/NT setup proceedures creator      Video Handling Functions Library for C/C++    C Run-time for Visual Basic Dynamic Link Library v1.00      crx v0.10 - Flexible crx/xck/frk/... apply tool (Open
		source GPL, C++)    Antechinus C# Editor v5.0 for Win9x/NT/2000      CSL - C Scripting Language v4.2.1 - Scripting language with
		C syntax
cvsproxy.exe    CVS SCC proxy plug-in - CVS SCC integration plug-in        COM Tagger v1.3 - Tag a message to a .COM file      CUT v1.12 - Cut & convert files    CONVAT v1.1 for Win95/98/NT - C-source from UNIX to
		Win32 converter    (ASP) CzarInstall v1.02 - Installation Program
d1d2crk.arj     D1D2CRK - Creates .PAT and .CRK files     Reconstructions of images in Delphi 4 (3) solver    DASM v1.53M - 8086/8088 and Z80 Disassembler    DASMx v1.20 - A microprocessor opcode disassembler
dat_log.arj     DAT_LOG - Debugging tool (displays which file is opened)    Roadkil's Databyte v1.02 - Converts a binary file to .h or
		.inc text format     Datafy v1.1 - Data image file creator    DATTOHEX - Binary file to include ready ASCII text converter    (D)AzmIt v1.16 - Disassembler/Assembler    Dbflib - C library of dBase file related functions     DebugView for Win9x/NT - Kernel mode and debug output monitor    AriTech dcl Agent - Tool for Delphi 2.xx to backup and restore
		file cmplib32.dcl    Delphi Cleaner v2.0.0 - Clears files left by Delphi    Delphi Cleaner v1.20 small - Clears files left by Delphi     DCP Decompiler v1.0 - DCP 2 DPK Converter for Delphi users    DDF Editor for Btrieve for Win95/NT        Delphi Desktop Optimizer v5    De3DNow v0.81 - Converts 3DNow instructions in a file to "db"
		declarations     DEC2HEX v1.01 - Decimal 2 hexadecimal number converter    Decafe Pro v3.6 - Java Decompiler for Win95/98/NT    Hackers Declipper v1.3 - Clipper code analyser     DeDe v1.06 - Delphi pseudo decompiler and DFM resources dumper     David's Delphi Components v3.02    Animated Gif with Delphi Logo     Delphi 1 Projects for Beginners and More Advanced Learners     Disassembler GEMA v1.01     DevCalc v1.01 - Calculator for Win95 software developers
dewin12.rar     Dewin - Windows Executable Dumper     DFM-Viewer v3.4 - Viewer/editor of Delphi's forms    DeGlucker v0.05 - Debugger for DOS
dgcp_pat.arj    DGCP_PAT - Watcom compiled EXE's bug fixer    GUID generator for Delphi v1.03      TDigits v2.03 - Digital counter VCL component for Delphi/C++    dis86 v2.29 - Interactive 8086 Disassembler    DJ Java Decompiler 3.7.7.x for Win95-XP      Real Matrix Library for C++     A C/C++/Java source code documentation tool      Data & Overlay Gluer v2.12
dog212a.arj     DOG212A - DOS 2.12/K^3 modified + Extractor    MS-DOS to CTXS executables converter    DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender v7.20 Rel.9    DOS32 v3.3 - DOS-extender package    DOS70 v2.0 - TP units to implement MS-DOS 7.x extensions and
		file routines      DPas Pascal Compiler v1.4 alpha    Draw.dll - Fast graphic routines    Win32 program disassembler v0.22       Delphi Speed Tools v1.0 - Development toolkit for Borland
		Delphi which runs under Win95/98/NT      DareWare Trace - ActiveX component for custom control    Defect Tracker v2.0 - Software tester      DTU v1.43 - DTown Utils for Programmers    Drive Type v2.12 for TP6+ - PC drive type detector      DumpLX - Linear Executable (LE) Files Examiner      DumpPE v1.23 - Portable Executable (PE) Files Examiner     EOS v3.05 - DOS Extender for Watcom Tasm & Masm         E2C v1.02 - DOS EXE to COM Converter    EXE2COM Generic Remover         How to recognize EAN8 & EAN13 barcode + PAS src
ebundle.exe     Exe Bundle v2.1 - Win32 EXE joiner    EliCZ's Dumper for DOS executables v1.0 complet     EDumpII - DOS executables dumper      Executable File Dumper v2.23 by Ilfak Guilfanov (IDA author)        (ASP) Easy Install v7.5 - Installation Software     InPack v1.51 - Install Floppy Disk Maker      Embryo Patcher v0.9 - Binary files comparing utility      EMM v1.2e - Easy Modify Machine - Modifying /Patching Tools      EMM586 - Windows util which gives MS-DOS application ability
		to execute some CPL0 instructions      EMM Utility (file comparer)     EMS Library for C v1.0    Set of file encoders/encryptors with PAS sources    Enigma v1.82 - Integrated development environment       (ASP) Emma Setup Professional v3.0 - Win32 installation creator     Roadkil's Error List v1.1 - Gives information about a windows
		error code       Expert System Builder v4.1 - Create apps using natural language    ESBDates v1.82 - Date/time routine collection for Delphi 3,4    ESB Maths v1.2 - Delphi 3,4 math library     ESB Routine Collection v1.2 for Delphi 3,4    Timer v1.21 - Program's Execution Time Finder
euphor24.exe    Euphoria Programming Language v2.4 for Win32         VirTime Everywhere Search v2.3.0 - Search system for www site,
		home page and software help system    EXE2COM v2.00 - EXE/COM Converter    Examine v1.02 - A program examination utility     EXE2DPR - Delphi Project Sources Rescuer v3.1     EXE2END v0.004c - Util for writing EXE into the EXE file    EXECHAIN v3.0 - New-EXE Files Relocation Records Deduplicator     EXECOMB - Combine Windows and DOS EXE files into one main EXE    EXEInfo v1.f - Spanish executable file analizer    Exetool v1.1 - EXE file analyser    eX Lite - Sub-set of eX - Virtual computer interpreter/
		programming language      Delphi 2 Expert Manager for Win95/NT     How to extract packed VBA macros - PAS src     ez86 v1.2 - Editor for programmers in assembly language    (ASP) EZINST v1.3 - Installation program for Windows     Easy SFX v1.5 - Self extracting and installing files creator    Fast Math Parser v2.0 - 32-bit DLL for math expression
		evaluation     FTP Client Engine v2.4 for Win16/32     FTP Client Engine v2.4 for Delphi    FTP Client Engine v2.4 for Visual dBase    FTP Client Engine v2.4 for Visual FoxPro    FTP Client Engine v2.4 for Power Basic    FTP Client Engine v2.2 for Visual Basic    FTP Client Engine v2.4 for Xbase++     FDUMP v1.2 - Hex/ASCII dump file to standard output      FED v1.65 - Binary File Editor    FEDIT v1.92 - File, memory and HD/FD sector HEX editor     File Patching Utility v1.00.1 for DOS         FFT - Discrete Fast Fourier Transforms in C source code      FFT DLL rel.2 - Discrete Fast Fourier Transform DLL for
		VB/C/Delphi        Freeman Installer & Uninstaller v3.0 for Windows      Freeman Installer & Uninstaller v3.0 32-bit for Win95    FileChecker C++ v1.0 - Library tool for C++ program developers        Fire Simulation with C-- source    Win32 File Patcher v2.0 - Patch generator    Font Pak Pro - Fonts, icons, mouse shapes and more for
		programmers    Form Extractor v1.1 - Form and data modules extractor from
		Win32 executables compiled by Delphi or C++    Freelib - The Free Assembly Language Library v3.0    Free Hex Editor for Win32 v1.0.156     Funduc Software Patch for Windows - Patching toolkit       FreeType v2.0.3 - Free TrueType Font Engine      Additional documentation to FreeType v2.0.3 package    FullPack v1.0 - DOS I/O management system for Turbo C/C++       Mini util to zoom a string + PAS src        GD v1.3 - A graphics library for fast GIF creation      GetEQExe v3.48 - Startup code of COM/EXE files comparing util     GetEQExe v3.48 for Windows - Startup code comparing util     GEMA v2.6a - GenPC Elite Macro Assembler    GetEQExe - Program to explore the startup code of exe files    Ghost Shell - Freeware Wizard for Ghost Installer     Ghost Installer v1.62 - Application Setup System for
		Win95/98/NT/2000    Ghost Installer Xpress v0.9 - Add-on for Ghost Installer      g-Mouse Interface v1.54.7 - Graphical mouse pointer in 80x25
		text modes for BP7+    Regular Expressions DLL for Win32 Programs    GpProfile v1.3.3 for Win95/98/NT - Profiler for Delphi    GRDB - Real-mode debugger with Pentium instruction set support     Hackman v8.01 - Multimodule hex editing platform    Hackman Disassembler v8.02        Delphi components to protect software with the help of the
		HASP keys
hdcedit.exe     HexDecEditor v1.02 - Win95 hex-editor for programmers    Hex Editor v1.8 for DOS     HEX2DEC v1.00 - Hexadecimal to decimal number converter    HEdit v2.0 - 32bits Hex Editor for DOS    Util for adding HELP option to existing COM/EXE files     HexConverter v1.0 - Binary/Hexadecimal/Decimal Converter    Extended Hex Editor Control v1.1 - Tool for viewing and editing
		binary data files     Hexer v1.0 - Decimal/Hexadecimal Converter     HEXFIND v1.00 - HEX String Finder    HEX IT v2.0 - Hexadecimal image file of any file creator    HexIt v1.55 - Hex Editor
hexpl230.exe    Hexplorer v2.30 - Hexadecimal file editor     HexTool v5.2a - Binary Editor     Hex Editor for Win95/98      Tiny Hex Editor     HexView v1.1 - Binary File Viewer for Windows    HexView v2.03 - Win32 Hex Editor    HEX write v1.0.5 - Keyboard input into HEX/ASCII converter     Hacker's View v6.11 for DOS & OS/2 (the last freeware version)     Hacker's View v6.86 for DOS, Win32 & OS/2 (shareware version)     HighLight - C/C++ files viewer with syntax highlighting    HJ-Install v3.1 for Win95/NT     HogDisk - will reduce available disk space for testing purposes     WinCGI Builder    HTML2CPP - Converter of HTML files to CPP files suitable for
		CGI output    HTM Raw v1.1 - HTM Raw Retrieval for VB6       HW v0.95 - Tiny hex-viewer/editor     (ASP) Hex Workshop v2.20 for Windows - 16-bit (shareware)
hw32v423.exe    (ASP) Hex Workshop v4.23 for Win32 - HEX Editor    HexEd v1.10 for DOS    HEXpert for Windows v3.0 - Multi-format binary editor        IASM v2.00b - Utility for Watcom C Compiler to insert
		Borland style ASM blocks into C source      IBasic v2.02B - BASIC-like programming language for Win32       Interface Designer v1.15       IDA - Interactive DisAssembler - Freeware Version
idl10.rar       IDL v1.0 - Library for Professional Interface Design    ActiveX (OCX) control that adds IE4 like combo box
igd372.exe      Installer/GD v3.72 - Win3.1+/9x/NT Application Installation
		Tool       Install It! v2.04 - DOS Installation Program    Interactive Install v1.0 - Installation Program    iMake v1.5.0 - Platform indipendant make processor    Colosseum Builders C++ Image Library v4.0    (ASP) First Impression v3.1 - Scriptless Install Kit     INC-Pro III - Binary to source text converter    InfMaker v2 - Inf file creator/editor for Win9x
inftool.exe     INFTOOL Lite v6.3 - INF Installation Script Generator
		for Win9x/NT    INI file manipulation library     INI2REG - Allows migrate application from Win3 to Win95/NT    INI Test - Demonstrates read/write to INI files    Input16 - DLL that enables direct reading and writing to I/O
		ports in 16-bit VB progs     INSIGHT v1.01 - Low Level Debugger     Installer! v1.08 - Custom installation scripts creator     InstDrv - ASM variant of NT kernel-mode driver    Install v1.4 - Tool for floppy disk installs    Install/Setup v1.7 - Windows Installer     Interrupt List -) Windows Help File Converter v1.2     Interrupt List -) .TPH Help File Converter v1.2     A general purpose assembly routine to execute interrupt    Interrupt Exploration Tools     Irie Pascal for DOS v1.1 - Standard Pascal Compiler/Interpreter     Irie Pascal for Windows v2.01 - Pascal Compiler/Interpreter       Installation System v3.00    Jad - The fast Java Decompiler    Jator v3.5 for Win95/98/NT - Creates Java, Java Script and
		GIF animations    JavaC Booster v1.0 - Extension of Java compiler for
		acceleration of compilation process         JCD - Java Class Disassembler    JCreator LE v2.50 - IDE for Java programmers        JDEX - Java Development using Windows Explorer     JEXECreator v1.2 - Tool to create native Win32 EXE files
		for running apps written in Java      JFE v3.22 - Programming editor for C or any other language        JIDE v1.7 - IDE for Sun JDK v1.1.x    JOC-Screen Designer v2.10 - Source Code Generator    Joystick Library for DOS v1.2      Win32 JPG API v1.0c - JPEG API DLL for Win32    J++ Extractor v1.0 - Extractor of class and resources from J++
		compiled files          Java Runner 2 - The java application launcher for Win95      J.R.Ferguson's C Library    J.R.Ferguson's Pascal Library       Javascript Mouse Over Creator v2.0 for Win32      JulSec - DLL file for data/time calculations    Ketman Maximaster v3.5 - Complete ASM Toolkit for DOS        Introduction to Keyboard Handlers - Example files
keyid10.rar     KeyID v1.0 - Key value identifier    K-Install for CD v2.8 - CD catalogue and installation system    K-Install for DOS v2.8 - Installation system    K-Install for Windows v2.8 - Installation system    Kojak's VESA Library 2.9 - Freeware ASM32 graphic library    Lastlook v1.02 - Takes one last look at TP progs before
		they ship
lb400win.exe    Liberty BASIC v4.0 for Windows - Programming language
lccman.exe      lcc-win32 - C compiler manual
lccwin32.exe    lcc-win32 - C compiler for Win32         Lozovsky Code Interrogator v1.01 demo - Debugger       LED ActiveX Control v1.2 for VB5      LFNAME - LFN Support TP7 Unit     LGPATCH v1.0 - File patching utility     LGSHRED v1.0 - File hacking utility    LGUIDES v2.15 - Function library documentation viewer for
		DOS/Win    LibView v1.2 - LIB & OBJ Viewer for DOS (NC-like)     Library Viewer        The Shareware License Key Manager for Shareware Authors      ListNE v1.01 - Identify NE/LE/LX/PE executables      Look RS232 - RS232 connection debugger       LADO's Tracer v1.0 - Tracer, debugger & unpacker    LZ Install Kit v2.1 for Windows - Install / uninstall program       M6502 - 6502 Macro Assembler       M8040 - 8040 Macro Assembler       M8051 - 8051 Macro Assembler       M8085 - 8085 Macro Assembler    C++ Matrix Template Class v1.0       Magic Button v3.21 - Java Button-Maker for Win95-XP     Miracle C Compiler v3.2 for Win9x/NT/2000        Masterful Disassembler v3.20     Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for C/C++ v2.1     Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for Delphi v2.1    Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for Visual dBase v2.1    Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for Visual FoxPro v2.1    Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for PowerBASIC v2.1    Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for VB v2.1    Marshall Soft DUN Dialer for Xbase++      MDIFF-MPATCH v1.60 - Software Patcher for DOS/OS2/Win95/WinNT     Memory Dumper Pro v1.08 SR-1 - Access and edit the virtual
		address space of running process for Win95/98/Me    Russian tiny disasm and memory dumper - use Alt-F10 for English     Memory Editor v1.00 - Debugging tool for Win95/98
meph2317.exe    Mephistoteles II - Advanced Debugger    International Message Dialogs for Delphi 2/3    MFC Clean v1.3 - Temporary build files deleting util for
		Visual C++ programmers    Masterbyte File Patcher MFP v1.20     Microprocessor Simulator 8085 v3.0 for Windows    Miracle C Compiler v2.2    Binary to .OBJ Converter v1.01    BinPatch v3.0 - Code patcher for DOS/Win3    BinPatch v3.0 - Code patcher for Win9x/NT    BinPatch v3.0 - Code patcher for OS/2     MakePE v1.30 - PE Structure Rebuilder      Mega Debugger v1.00    Memory Library Programming Toolkit v2.05 for C/C++    MMX Macroes for TASM    ModifyPE v0.81 - Header of PE-executables manipulation tool    Source code for switching video modes without using BIOS v3.0      Multi Patch Compiler/Processor v1.10    MPEG Audio Tools Delphi Unit v1.8    Mr.Setup v2.11 - Compression/Installer Utility for Windows    Message Box Builder v1.1 for Win95/NT    MS Trace v2.0 - DOS Snooper    (ASP) Mocha W32 Source v1.1 - Obfuscator and precompiler for
		Java Source    MyLight v2.3 for Win95/98/NT - Text editor with syntax
		highlighting for any programming languages     MZ-Tools v3.0 - Collection of VB 6.0 Add-ins    Component Name Property Editor for Borland Delphi/C++ Builder    NASM v0.98 - x86 Assembler (Documentation)    NASM v0.98 - x86 Assembler (DOS32 executable)    NASM v0.98 - x86 Assembler (DOS16 executable)    NASM v0.98 - x86 Assembler (Win32 executable)      Native Check v1.00 for Win - Util which checks platform of
		EXE file       NBasm v00.25.75 - Freeware X86 assembler         NBL v00.16.10 - Freeware linker for NBASM assembler    NEWVIEW v1.1 - New-EXE Files (EXE/DLL) Viewer     nhSource View 98 - Util for quick view Pascal and Delphi
		source code with syntax highlight     NICE-Install v2.05 - Installation program      Nice C ver.4 - C Source Formatter      NmKit3 - Application serializing kit for VB5
nsis20.exe      SuperPIMP Install System v2.0 final by NullSoft
nsis3gui.exe    MIHOV NSIS Helper v3.0 - GUI for NSIS Installer    NTPort Library v2.2 - Real-time access to PC I/O ports for
		Win9x and WinNT/2000    Numbers v2.2 - Number Base Converter for Windows    A Java Bytecode Obfuscator v8.00    Obj2Src v3.1 - Binary File 2 Source Converter    ObjTool v3.1 - Check/view/repair/alter .OBJ files          Apus Offset Converter - File offset calculator       OLEDep v1.00 - Show all COM servers requested by
		the specified application     OllyDbg v1.06 - 32-bit code level debugger for MS Windows      Offset Calculator v1.0     Xteq PackX v2.0 for VB 5/6 - Collection of free components    Paintlib v2.4 - Portable C++ class library for image loading,
		saving and manipulation    The P-Array v1.0.0 - Java/C/C++ programming assistant    Pass32 v2.5 - 32bit Assembler    PASCREF v2.3 - Pascal cross-reference generator    PASDOC for Win32 - Command-line application to create
		documentation of Pascal units    PASDOC for DOS - Command-line application to create
		documentation of Pascal units        PASM v2.01 - Util to allow to insert strings into ASM source    PASS v3.0 NC alpha 0.7 - 32 bit assembler for i386    PastaHTML - PAS source into HTML converter    PASTOC v1.3 - Convert Pascal to C (raw conversion)       Make Patch and File Patch - DOS utils     Patcher v1.3 - File Patching Utility for Windows    Patching v0.11 - Patch Utility      PBASTM - Collection of PAS source codes and BTM files      Peer's BinTools v2.20 - Programmable binary file lister/patcher
		w/EXE-compiler    PC Bin Hex v1.3 - BIN/HEX Convertor    Explanation how to write C/C++ DLL/s under Win32      PCL v2.0b - Password Cracking Library for Turbo/Borland C/C++     PCL v2.0b - Password Cracking Library for gcc      PCL v2.0b - Password Cracking Library for Watcom C/C++     (ASP) Personal Communications Library for C/C++ v6.2     (ASP) Personal Communications Library for Pascal v6.2    (ASP) Personal Communications Library for Power BASIC v6.2    (ASP) Personal Communications Library for VBDOS v6.2    Ptasiek's Crack Maker v1.32 - Binary Files Comparator    PCXTODAT - PCX file to include ready ASCII text file converter    PDCOMM v2.00 - Set of public domain comms routines     Pearl: Programmer's Editor v3.1         PE Bundle v3.20 - Tool to combine an application and resources      PE Corrector v1.79 - Tool for correcting Windows PE executable
		files      PEDasm v0.31 - Win32 executable file disassembler      PEEdit v1.0 - Win32 PE Header viewer/editor with source code     PE iDentifier v0.91 - PE header analyzer        Peks - Checksim verification and modification tool for PE
		executables    PEmultiGUI v0.1 - A Win9x/NT GUI for PE Lock and other security
		envelopes     The Complete Pentium Instruction Set Table     PE Rebuild v0.96b - PE size minimizing util      PESum v0.02 - Updates the checksum of a PE file     PEUtils v1.0 - Utils for manipulating PE-format executables
pew110.rar      PEWizard - Win32 executables' manipulating tool     PE Workshop v1.2 final - Editor for PE executables     PE Explorer v1.80 - PE executable files viewer for Win32        Patch Factory v2.1 - Tool for creation patch installations     PatchFX Generator v1.10    Pixel Graphic Library v1.0 beta 5 - Delphi2/3 graphic
		components for Win95    PHP Processor v1.3 - Tool for analyzing and protection PHP
		files    Pro-Install Custom Install v1.02 for MS-DOS    Pretty Kool Patch Maker v0.94    Draw playfield graphics with Excel-sheets or text editor and
		convert it to date statements for use with dasm assembler      Programming Language Creator v1.51        Patch Maker v1.1 - Update file creator        Programmer's IDE for Windows v1.7      Programmer's IDE 2000 v3.1    PMLIB v1.10 - Protected Mode Library v1.10         Process Memory Manipulator v0.2 - Win32 application which
		allows to map the memory of specified running process    PMODE v2.51 Assembly Protected Mode Header      PMODE/W v1.33 DOS Extender      Patch On Fly v0.75 - Universal Win32 run-time memory patcher     P-Pack12 - ActiveX / OCX Controls for Visual Basic    Process Patcher v3.60 - Command line tool for patching Win32
		application during runtime execution        Program to Format and Print Visual Basic Source Code     Personal Protocol Library for C/C++ v1.1     Personal Protocol Library for Pascal v1.0    Personal Protocol Library for Power Basic v1.0    Personal Protocol Library for Visual Basic v2.0      PREP v2.2 - Source language preprocessor       P++ Printer v1.0a - C/C++ Source Code Printer    Print Direct DLL for Win32    Visual Basic 5.0 Project Files Analyzer     Pro32 Debugger v1.8 - 32-bit DPMI applications debugger    Pro32 DOS Extender v1.7      ProDelphi v7.0b - The Profiler for Delphi 2-5    Programmers Calculator v1.00     Project Log - Project Tracking Utility    Prompts v1.00 - Library of Enter Prompts    ProsPAD v1.2 - Programmers PAD for Win95/98/NT      Prometeus TrueColor v6.1 - Portable Graphics System        ProView v1.2 - File/Memory/Disk dumper by McAfee     PowerView IDE - DOS IDE for Watcom C/C++ programmers v5.00    Program Viewer v4.32 by Doctor Stein's Labs       QBIND v1.00b - Add/Remove/Extract DOS extenders from LE images      QBUILD v1.00 - Build project numbering utility    QDASM v1.00 - 16/32-bit disassembler    QDebug v1.12 - 32-bit debugger       Qdump v1.0 - Memory dumper     (ASP) The Quick Fix System v2.01 - Patch file creator    QuickInstall Lite - Installation software    QLib v2.11b - C LIB Replacement
qv28005.rar     QuickView v2.80.05 - Update of TXT/HEX/ASM file/mem/HD/FD
qview269.rar    QView v2.69.03 - TXT/HEX/ASM file/memory/HD/FD viewer     R200FIX - Fix for Runtime error 200 at... in TP/BP progs (CRT)     RADIX v1.1 - Radix Number Convertor        Raga v1.1 - ActiveX Control for generating and recording
		audio signals    RAM Alloc for Win95/98/NT - Memory wasting util for testing
		purposes     RAW32 rel.3 - Protected Mode Extender / PM Header       REXXCC v3.21 - A tiny REXX compiler for OS/2 REXX programs         Raw Editor v1.0    Registration Key System for C/C++, Delphi and VB (Win32)
reet.rar        REET - ROSE's EXE Examination Tools - Rel.1    RegExpr for VB5 - Regular Expression Engine       Registers - Utils to display startup regs in any DOS version    Regist10.DLL - Register/unregister OLE DLL/OCX    Relocation Handler v1.00 by Piotr Warezak     RepView - Delphi Quick Report Viewer (freeware)
resgrabr.exe    Resource Grabber v2.68c - Win95/98/NT bitmaps/icons/...
		extractor from DLL's and EXE's    Resize - 32bit ActiveX Control (OCX file) for screen resolution
		control    Regina ReXX Interpreter v3.1 for Win95-XP    Resource Hacker v3.4.0 - Util to view/decompile/modify/compile
		resources in Win32 executables
rht.rar         ROSE's Hack Tools         RISC's Process Patcher v1.5      RISC's Process Patcher User Interface     Roboprint v5.3 - Adds print and preview functions to VB5
		applications      Resource Standard Metrics - Tool for C/C++ projects     RSX v5.21 - GCC programs runner    RSXIDE v1.2 - Win32 IDE for GNU-C/C++    RSXWIN - Environment for 32-bit EMX programs under Windows    RSync v1.00 - C++ tool for preprocessor directives writing      RealTech VESA v2.00 - Programming Development Kit    Revelation's VBE functions v2.1 for C/ASM coders       Read/Write Memory at Physical Address in Win98 Environment    Delphi VCL Extensions (RX) Lib v2.75 - Components Library
		for Delphi         Roll Your Own Desktop v1.0 - A smart little graphical menu
		designer    Motorola S-record encoder/decoder - C source         System 64 v1.210 - DOS PM Extender     TWAVSampler - Delphi component that records and play back
		WAV audio using the MMSystem unit    Saucerer v1.0 - Utility that adds basic SAUCE tag to a file      Shareware Centrum v1.0 - Plugin developer guide     SCANBIN - Windows 16 and 32 bits binary files analyser    Scancode v1.0 - Key scan codes finder     SCANDEP v1.00 - C/C++ util to generate dependency lists     Scanint v1.0 - Interrupts Viewer      SCC v1.16 - HTML Source Code Colorizer     Scour v1.4 - Removes nulls from source code    Screwdriver - Debugger for device drivers and TSR programs    ANTHILL Java Scripter v1.1 - Java script editor         Source Code Statistics Maker     SMTP E-mail Engine for C/C++ - Win16 & Win32 DLL's     SMTP E-mail Engine for Delphi    SMTP E-mail Engine for Visual dBase    SMTP E-mail Engine for Visual FoxPro    SMTP E-mail Engine for Power Basic    SMTP E-mail Engine for Visual Basic    SMTP E-mail Engine for Xbase++     SEN's Calculator       Smart Editor Pro 2004 - IDE for using 25+ programming languages    Setup Generator v2000.2.4 for Win95/98/NT/2000       Setup Generator Pro v2.000.2.2 for Win95/98/NT/2000    ShowBMP v1.0 - 256 Color BMP Files Viewer With C++ Source     SHX2SHP v2.01 - SHX to SHP Converter    Small - 32-bit extension language with C-like syntax    Small - Description of programming language Small      SMARTC - C compiler add-on    Source Code Merging Util v1.0      SGEdit v1.04 - Save Game Editor    The Shareware Installer v2.1 for DOS and Windows    ShootDCL v1.2 for Win95 - Removes loaded DLL's from Windows
		memory after crashes of the Delphi IDE    Showtext v1.9 - Programming Language for Writing DOS games,
		demos etc.      SIC v7.2a - Symbolic Instruction Code Interpreter    Small C Utils for Learning C (in source code)     Snip v1.12 - Cuts & Converts Binary Files to Include Format    SNIPPETS collection - Archive of C/C++ source code    SoftWrapper for Win95/NT - Time limit envelope for your demo    Sonic/C++ translator for Win32       Standard Parallel Port (SPP) Debug Tool     Advanced SQL Code Collection v1.0.5 - Authoring tool    SrcPrint - Utility for printing VB5 or VB4 source code       Servile Software Decoder v6.0 - Code Analyser     SSETUP v1.80 - Small Setup/Uninstall Utility for Win3.1x/Win95    SSETUP32 v3.35 - Setup/Uninstall Utility for Win95/98/NT        ST v1.0 - IDE for programmers       Star Simulation with C-- source      StructLook v4.30 - Structured Files Viewer by SEN     STL Error Message Decryptor for Visual C++    StrucLookMemory v1.01 by SEN     String Extractor v1.2 - Batch Tool to Extract String Resources
		from Win32 Executable Modules    String Checker 9000 - C identifier and Pascal real literal
		validity checker    STRIPPCX v1.0 - PCX Header and Palette Stripping Utility    STX Install Launcher v1.5 - Generic installation program
		launcher      Sums Management v1.0 - CRC Computing C++ Library    W9x Debugging Tool     SVGA driver - BGI driver for SVGA cards using 256 colors    SVGACC.LIB v2.5 - Graphics library for C/C++      SVINSTAL v4.0 - Install Utility for Win95    SVKiller v0.22s beta - HEX editor to change SAVE GAMES       SVL v3.0 - Video Library for PC C Compilers       (ASP) Simple Windows v1.4b - Text Graphic I/O Engine    T68K - 68000 Cross Development Tool    TA2AS Package v0.8 - TASM to AT&T syntax converter    TMA macro assembler      TASM v3.1 - Telemark Assembler     Turbo Chainer v1.03 - EXE Linker     TCL Editor v1.0.0    TDHack v1.42 - Debugger interrupt generator      Techniques Class Library v1.0 - C++ Class Library    The Printer v2.6 - Programmer's database of printer codes    TTicking Clock v1.1.2 - VCL component for Delphi/C++ that
		displays analog clock    Timer v1.22 - Program execution timer     Tiny Pascal Compiler v0.01    TinyPort v2.0 - Universal Windows NT device driver    Crayzee's Tinystub v1.10 - Util for replacing the PE file's
		DOS stub    TTipOfTheDay - Tip of the day Delphi component    VB5 Time Counter Add-In v1.0      Text Mode Windows Interface v1.0 - C++ Library    Toruskit - Simple 3D engine    TOxygen SMS Component for Win32 with support of Borland Delphi
		v3-6 and BC++ Builder 5    TP7/P5+ fix v1.01 - Turbo/Borland Pascal run time error 200
		fixing util       Bugfree Turbo Pascal Units       Pascal EXE - Driver Unit for DOS/Windows      The Patching Machine v1.00 - Win32 patchmaker     TPPATCH - Turbo Pascal fast processor bug patch    Pascal Multi Process Package for TP 6/7    TPW32 v2.00 - Units to add 32-bit functions to BP for Windows
		and Delphi 16-bit programs       The Super Tracer v2.52 - Code Tracer    Tracer v1.0 - Mini Debugger      Libraries with random number functions for C/C++     TRANS v1.10 - The Source Code Translator      Trapit for Windows - Visual Basic Trapping Utility
trocea19.rar    TROCEA v1.9 - Ripping tool      Tracer for Win95 - Test version of code tracer    TRW 2000 v1.22 - System-level debugger for Win9x    A programmers tools base - Number base convertor/calculator    TSR Programs Creation Toolkit       Tuhex v2.11 - Powerful BIN/HEX files editor for Win95-XP    TVICHW32 v5.0 - Win32 VCL/DLL/OCX allowing reading/writing to
		I/O ports, physical memory access and HW interrupts handling     Tiny XMS Driver v1.00    Type Browser.NET v1.0 for Framwork Class Library (FCL) browsing    PEXTOR v2.0 - PE Object Extractor     UdpLib v1.111 - Code for sending UDP packets over the Internet      USEMEM v5.00 - Defines reduction of avail. memory space
		(own software testing...)       Universal Programmer Analyser v2.2 - Program for reading and
		writing information from/to EEPROM's and microcontrollers      Update Files Utility v1.0    TURLLabel v1.00 - VCL component for Delphi    USER Library v1.2 - Collection of console functions for C/C++    Universal Signal Processing DLL Library v1.30        VB Crash Shield - Error handling code generator for VB5     VBdocman v2.0 - Automatic VB Documentation Generator      VB Error Catcher v2.0 with VB Control Rename Wizard     VB 32-bit Win95 GUI Menu Source Code     VB-Helper DLL v2.02 - Helper DLL for 32-bit VB      I/O support DLL for VB    VB Msg Box Maker v1.1     VB Speed Tools 98 for Win95 - VB Developers Toolkit          VE 32-bit Executable Tools v1.21    VECTOR - 8086 interrupt vector displaying utility      VIT File Binary Comparison Utility for DOS v1.01     (ASP) VGA Edit v1.3 - VGA color editor manager for TC/TC++      Checksum Video BIOS Corrector v1.1    Virogen's PE Realigner v0.41 - PE rebuilder      VHEX v1.8 - Freeware Hex Viewer    VidMgr v1.3 - Set of text-mode screen routines    Aivosto Visustin v1.21 - Source code visualizer in the form
		of flow charts         Virtual Memory Library v1.3 for C/C++      VNBASM v00.15.00 - NBASM IDE    VerInfo v1.0 - Version info strings displaying utility     Virtual Sampler SDK v1.5 - Programmable Win9x/NT sound engine
		for C/C++, Delphi and VB developers     VB5 add-in that removes unused variables in a code window    VUBar.OCX - ActiveX control for reading sound volume level
		of SB compatible sound card    VxD Writer v1.50 - Tool for developing Win9x VxDs in C/C++     Win32 File Patcher v2.0    WDOSX v0.95 SR-1 - 32bit DOS Extender      HexType v2.52 - Hexa Extended Type         WIH Install - DOS installation util     (ASP) Winsock Interface Library for C/C++ v3.1    Microsoft Cryptography API header file for Delphi (4)      WinHex v11.7 - German Hex-Editor for Windows      Roadkil's Window Msg v1.0 - Gives details about the windows
		the cursor is placed over    Crayzee's wipe.reloc - PE files aligner    WMTRX32.DLL v1.1 - DLL for matrix operations    Weird Assembler - Tiny COM Microassembler         WS3 - Program for memory dumping and system info viewing     WinZilla Library v1.0 - Programming library for the
		development of Windows applications        XDEV v2.5 - Cross Developer      X-DeXORer - DeXORing tool       XDK v1.11 - Expert Development Kit for Delphi 3     XDump - File Dump Utility    Xi Development Systems - RAW/XMS/DPMI 32-bit PM DOS Extender     XLink v2.0.2 - EXE & DATA Linker     XLOADER - Converts DOS EXE to COM files    XMSBCP v1.1 - XMS Interface for BC/BCPP/BP    XMS Library for Borland C v1.0     XOVL v1.00 - Ultra Overlay System for ASIC-Basic      Xprinter OCX v1.0 - Print functions 32-bit OCX for Win95/98/NT      Cross reference program v3.3 for C programmers       XXREF - MASM multifile cross-reference utility     XYZ v1.0.1 - Simple programming language     YAHE Hex Editor for DOS v2.06    YGrep Search Engine v6.03 - 32-bit search text library    Z80ASM v1.02 - Russian macroassembler for ZX-Spectrum    ZBASIC v1.0 - BASIC Interpreter     Zurenava DOS extender v0.49 - DOS4GW compatible dos extender
		with source codes    ZSVGA v1.01 - 256-color 32 bit PM graphics library for Watcom
		and Wymantec C/C++ compilers    ZEN TIMER v2.3 - Timing Library     ZX POKER v2.0 - Tool for .POK files

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