Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILMISC      007 Password Recovery v2.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000     1MBFORT v1.0 - Fix probs with lack of memory under Win      1st Impression v2.5.0 - Windows startup and shutdown logo
		changer    1st Clockv2.0 - Taskbar Clock Replacement for Win9x     1st QuickRes Light v1.5 - Win95/98/NT Display Properties dialog
		enhancer    1st Alert Credit Card Acct Checker - Credit card checksum
		checker      Visual Day Planner - Customizable network capable calendar
		planner for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP       Double Desktop v1.1 for Win9x/NT - Util that doubles desktop        2KBD v0.1Beta and SaveKBD - KBD input simulator      2MON v2.1 - Dual-display utilities        3D Control Center - Application allowing to use multiple
		Direct 3D accelrator cards in one system    3D Clipboard v1.0.7 - Adds icons of a paperclip to tray area    Nice-looking replacement for Win95 folder icons    486 to 586 convertor :-)     (ASP) 4DOS v7.50 - COMMAND.COM replacement     (ASP) 4DOS Patch utility     (ASP) 4EDIT v2.1 - DESC editor      (ASP) 4DOS/NT v5.0 for Windows NT     (ASP) 4DOS/OS2 v3.04 for OS/2     JP Software ASCII Reference Manual for 4DOS/4OS2/4NT    4U-TUNES for PC Speaker v1.0 by Underwear    Free utils for 4DOS/NDOS    6DOSUTIL - Useful DOS utils to simplify tasks in Win95 API    Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 6310(i)/6510 v1.3.1 for Win32    Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 71**/62** v1.95 for Win32        7-KEY v1.00 - Driver and schematics for a 7-key one handed
		chording keyboard       Switches your display to 80x30 text mode (incl. source code)     Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 8310 v1.3 for Win32    98Lite v4.5 - Install Win98 without MSIE and other modules        A1 DOS utils - series 2 by Eric Rodda          A1 DOS utils v1.0 by Eric Rodda     A-Clock v1.0 for Win9x - Desktop clock with reminder and skins
		support      A-Book v2.55 - Contact Manager for Win32    AboutTime - Time Server for Win95        Advanced Backup Password Recovery for Win9x        AlarmClk v1.3 - WAV playing based alarm util for Win9x/Me     Across 2000 - Year 2000 Problem Solving Utils    AccessDOS - Utils for Extending MS-DOS User Interface    Ace Clock v2.4 - Versatile Desktop Clock for Win9x/NT/2000
acdnp271.exe    ACDNotes Pro v2.71 for Windows
acdxp351.exe    ACDExpress v3.51 - Instant Messaging Software    Ace Utilities v1.63 - Collection of system utilities for Win32      Automachron v4.0 - Network Time Synchronization Machine    ACME Device Drivers - Util to access physical memory under
		WinNT4.0 and Win2K    Accent Composer v1.0 - Tool to simplify entering of accented
		characters to Win9x/NT programs    ActivIcons v3.23 - Tool for changing default Windows icons    Activity Recorder v1.2 for Win95/NT    Action Keys v1.0 - Keyboard Enhancer for Win95/NT       (ASP) Advanced Symantec ACT! Files Password Recovery v1.21      ACTIVESOUND v1.01 - Sound Event Manager for Win32     Acubo v2.0 for Win95/NT - Clipboard Extender       Active Desktop Calendar v4.3 for Win32 - Customizable PIM      AddCom v5.10 - Define COM ports in lower memory segment     ADClock v1.0.3 - Transparent and fully adjustable analog
		desktop clock     ES Adding Machine v1.32 - Util for adding up columns of figures     ADing Power Alarm v1.0 - Laptop battery monitor    ADing SSSS v1.0 - Start Stop Screen Saver by Moving the Mouse
		Cursor      Address Quick: Phone and Address Book    Advanced Registry Cleaner v2.1 for Win9x/NT      Watson's Adressbook for Win32    Custom Address Book v0.7.2 for Win95/98/NT       Active Desktop Wallpaper v1.1 - Wallpaper changer for Win32      Alexf Wait - Delay program for Win32       Russian anti-game TSR utility    Agenta Clock v1.0 - Date/Time Clock With Color Change Option
		and Alarm Reminder    Unshare v1.0      AriTech INI File Editor v1.90a - INI file editor for Win9x/NT    A-Key Calculator v1.0 - Tool for cellular phone industry
		engineers     Alarm for Windows v2.2 (Win95/98/NT)    Alarm++ v3.00 - 32bit Desktop Reminder System for Win95    AlarmClock v2.0 - Multi alarm tool for Win32 able to play
		MP3's and WAV's at selected time     Advanced Launcher v1.33 - Integrated toolbar and tray launcher
		for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Aligner - Places wallpaper anywhere on desktop    AllDay - Calendar Calculator      AlarmClock v5.00 - Multiple alarm clocks and gong/chime util     AltDesk v1.3 - Virtual dektops' manager for Win9x/Me/NT/2000
		with skin support          Self Mouse - Mouse Activity Automation Tool for Win32      Advanced Memory Analyst v2.0 - Free/Unload a Module Locked
		in Memory        Advanced Money Password Recovery v1.11 for Win32    AntiGame Plus v5.0 - Games remover    AniDesk for Win95 - Icon Animation Utility     Annoy! v1.0 - Util for moving button on screen :-)     AntiMosquitoes Software v1.10b from Thailand    Anti-MAL v2.00 - Anti Mosquito software from Thailand
anycalc.exe     EldoS AnyCalc v1.76 - Desktop Calculator for Win32     AnyLogo v1.1 - Win95/98 startup and shutdown screen changer      Anywhere PIM v1.0 - PIM for Win9x          Spinning o's TSR - TSR that animates all the little "o"s on
		DOS screen - joke    Alarm-Clock for Win95/NT v2.1 (in Russian)    APK Windows Memory Compacting Engine v8.0 for Win32    APK BootTweakUI v5.0 - System Performance/Security Tuner    Apple II Oasis for Windows v2.50 - Apple II Emulation Utils         Aye Parental Control v2.50 - Computer time management
		software for Win98-XP
apm_uhr.arj     APM_UHR - Time correction for PC's with power management but
		defective BIOS    (ASP) AppToService v2.1 - WinNT util to create NT services
applwarp.exe    Application Warp - Util that clear unused RAM to speed up games     APPOINT v2.3 - Appointment Calendar for Windows        (ASP) Advanced Microsoft Project Password Recovery v1.01       (ASP) Advanced Quick Books Password Recovery v1.07        (ASP) Advanced Quicken Password Recovery v1.0    Adobe Reader Speed-up v1.11 - Tool to speed-up the starting of
		Adobe Reader        ARGH! - DOS Joke Program    Argus v1.61 - Logs System Activities of DOS into Text File      Active Registry Monitor v1.38 - Windows Registry Changes
		Analyser for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    ArrangeIt v0.91 - Windows Manager Utility      (ASP) Advanced Registry Tracer v1.67 SR-2 - Windows Registry
		Modifications Analyser    ArtAppreciation v1.4 - 32-bit Windows Wallpaper Changer      Artist v1.00 - Wallpaper changer and manipulator for Win9x     Acute Softwares Date Calculator v1.0      Advanced System Agent v2.73 - Multipurpose Desktop Enhancer      AllSub v5.00 - Running program from any directory         Advanced System Optimizer v1.20 for Win95-XP       Aid System Restorer for Win95/98/Me v2.5 - Windows restoration
		system    Aston v1.9.1 - Desktop Manager and Shell Replacement for Win32    AT-SLOW 80286/386/486 Slowdown program v4
atc23.exe       Flexiblesoft Absolute Time Corrector v2.3 - NIST time servers
		client for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     WorldTime Clock v2.4 with NIST time servers client         Asset Tracker for Networks - Manager of software and hardware
		installed on the computers over the network      AriTech NASA NEws v1.21 - Program to get NASA news on your PC     ATnotes v9.2 - Sticky notes application
atomic.exe      Atomic Clock Sync v2.0 - System time synchronization util    Atomic PC Clock v1.0 - System time synhcronization util
atoms203.exe    AtomSync v2.03 - NTP client for PC clock synchronization    Autoclik - Windows utility that eliminates the need for mouse
		clicking        (ASP) Advanced VBA Password Recovery v1.50       (ASP) Advanced VBA Password Recovery PRO v1.50         Accent Windows Manager v1.01 - Windows Customizer      Advanced Windows Manager v1.0 - Tool to manage and control all
		windows with hotkeys        Advanced Windows Password Recovery - Tool to recover forgotten
		logon, screen-saver and other Windows passwords    Some MS-DOS utils by A.Yanovsky    BAC Calendar v1.0.1 - Calendar calculator    Back Soon! v2.20 - The Intelligent Screen Saver for DOS     WinHelp baggage handler v1.00      ADing Bar v1.1 - Additional bar with date and system resources      BarCode Control v1.60.035 - Bar Code Custom Control     BarEyes v1.2 - Win95 eyes that follows the cursor    BaseConv v3.2 - Binary/decimal/hexadecimal numbers converter     Battery Bar v1.08 - Laptop battery life examiner
batmon.exe      Battery Monitor v1.3 for laptop computers      Button Bar v2.7 for Win9x/NT    (ASP) Baby Spooler v3.00      Beautiful Calculator v3.1 - Skinnable calculator for
		Win9x/NT/2000    (ASP) Business Clock Link v3.0 - Network PC Time Clock        Boss Everyware v2.5 - PC Activity Spy for Win9x/Me/NT/2000        BEAT v1.0 - Internet "beat" digital clock       Bryan's Euro Calculator v1.2    BEDEAMON v1.33 - Customizable toolbar for Win95/98/NT     Tiny Beep Util (12-bit long :-)    BEEPDOS - Program that check if program call old DOS     Beep v1.3a - Beeper for DOS/Win9x    BEXIST v1.3 - Determines if Novell Btrieve is loaded     Beyondo v2.0.4 - System date altering util    Collection of MS-DOS Utils by Brian Friesen    Boolean-type Finder v9.11    The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything v2.00    BigClock ver.2 - Screen clock with a timer    BigFoot for Win95 - Foot prints over your screen :-)    BigTime v1.0 - Easy to see countdown timer for Win32    BigWindows v2.01 - Tool to enlarge and customize open and save
		dialog windows
birth151.rar    Birthday v1.51 - Russian date reminder        BriteLine v1.5 - Hi-lit the line the cursor is on       Black List v2.0 - Annoying popup windows killer    Blinker Screen Saver v1.10 - Blink the keyboards LED's
blinkx.arj      BLINKX - Removes blinking foreground colors and gives you
		high-intensity background colors     Bud L Rasmussen't Mini Utils v22 - Collection of DOS Utils     Bud L Rasmussen's Main Utils v55 - Collection of DOS Utils      (ASP) BMP Randomizer v2.4 - Util for random change of Windows
		wallpaper    BookMark v2.2 - Path bookmarking utility     Boost XP v1.1 - Win95-XP System Tweaker    PTS DOS v6.51 - Basic files of MS-DOS compatible OS     BootLog v3.9 - Util that logs the boots and shutdowns of
		Windows and generates various statistics diagrams    BootStatus v1.0.3 - Number of boots a day counter     Boss Screen v1.1 - Screen wiper    BOSSDOS v1.2 - DOS Enhancer     BossKey v2.00 - Virtual desktop program     Brand v1.03 - Allows to brand Windows 3.1 with name and
		company after installation     Break v1.0 - Simple Break Reminder    BREMZE v5.01 - PC's speed decrease utility      Birthday v3.40 - Birthday reminder for Win9x/NT/2000
brutal.exe      Brutality v1.5 - A brute force tool for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    BSOD Properties v1.0a - Text screen colour changer for Win9x     BSTOP v1.3 - Unloads Novell Btrieve from RAM         Behind The Asterisks - Util to see what's typed in password
		field    Blackboard Timer for Win95/NT       BT Remote 2000 v1.8 - Util for infrared remote control of PC    Butterfly v1.4 - Butterfly flying around the desktop       BWReg32 - Registry Application for Windows95
byalarm.rar     ATX wake-up time setter v1.0.20     BZHider v1.0 - Cursor hider for Win32        Communist Administrator v3.7 - Windows NT Settings Changer
		from Russia    98lite Cache-Cloak v1.0 - IE cookies, history etc. relocator    CAD/Off v1.00 - CTRL-ALT-DEL keys disabler       CAL v3.3 - UNIX like util showing calendar     CAL 96.09 - Scheduler for DOS     CALC 387 - 1K command-line calculator      CalcIt v9.5a - Expression Calculator for Win95/98/NT     Calcman v2.1 - Calculator application for Win32    CalneEzy v1.01 - Virtual Wall Calendar for Win95/NT     Calendar for DOS - Smallest Universal Calendar Utility    Calendar 2000 v4.0 - Monthly Calendar Util for Windows    Simply Calendars v4.0 - Printable Calendars Creator    Tiny calendar application for Win32     Calmira II rel.3.02 - Win95 style shell for Win3.1    (ASP) Perpetual Calendar v2.4 - Calendar program for Windows      CAPSLOCK v1.0 - Command Line Caps Lock Key Toggling Utility    Caps Down - Util for Caps Lock Control     Caption-it! - Password recovery program for Win95     CapTime v1.45 - Win32 tool that changes the title of the
		active Window    CardBase 2000 v3.5 - Adress book and phone dialer for Win32      CAT v5.00 - UNIX like util    Cool and Colorful Cat Screen Saver - Desktop cat for Win9x/NT     Contact Book v1.2 - Address book for Win32     CBRK v1.00 - TSR Utility that disables CTRL-Break interrupt    Calendar Browser for Win9x/NT - Calendar Calculator    Cobasoft Clock v1.0 - Clock and report tool for Windows    Clipboard Switcher - Win32 util for creating additional
		clipboards          CC - Small TSR calculator for Win95/NT
cc95122.exe     (ASP) Calendar Commander v1.22 - Calendar printing util
		for Win95/NT    Credit Card Checker v1.4 for Win95/98/NT/2000       CClip v1.13 for Win9x - Util that save ULs and other clips
		to an HTML file      Win NT/95 Registry Modifier v1.1        AriTech Credit Card Verificator Engine v1.30a for Win95/98/NT
cdclp206.exe    Cood Clip v2.06 - Clipboard functionality expander      CD-Install - Helps you with installing progs from a CD-ROM    CDRoller v5.31 for Win9x-XP - Data and Audio CD Collection
		Manager    Chaos Customizer and Finetuner v1.0 - Win95 settings editor        Code Hacker v2.5 - A password guessing game     Chameleon Clock v3.11 - Digital desktop clock with skin change
chaos32x.exe    Time & Chaos v6.x - 32bit PIM/Diary for Win9x-XP     Time & Chaos v4.8 - PIM/Diary for Windows     CHEAT32 - Win32 Game Hack Utility    Chief's Utils - Set of freeware Windows tools     CheckInstall - AUTORUN functionality extender      CHIMES v5.10 - TSR time monitor     Chimer v1.04 - Win95/NT Clock Program      The Naked Truth Screensaver v1.2 - Screen saver that tells
		you how late you are     CHRONOS CLOCK v2.34 - Desktop clock with calendar functions    Cheater v2.2.1 RTF Support SR/2 from Hungary       Create Icons Now v1.1 - Creates groups and icons with
		1 button      MicroBest Cracklock v3.8 for Win95/NT - Date limitation remover     Clipboard Plus v3.3 - Clipboard Extension for Win32      DOS command line scientific calculator
cld80.rar       Kalendar-dnevnik v8.0 - Tiny Russian reminder    Clear Desktop v4.0 for Win9x/NT - Hide/show desktop icons       Speaking Clock Deluxe v3.06 for Win32    RAM&HDD Cleaner v6.1 - RAM Defragmenter and Unnecessary Files
clengo26.exe    Clean'n'Go v2.6 - Util for disabling mouse or keyboard (and
		cleaning PC without shutting down...)     Command Line 95 v1.1 - Command Line Processor for Win'95     (ASP) CLIPPER v1.01 - Cubbyholes for Windows' Clipboard    Small Pea Clip Editor v3.0 - Windows Clipboard Manager    ClipboardIt! v1.1 - Util that copies files on HD into clipboard    ClipHanger - Win95 clipboard assistant that opens with
		the current clipboard contents    ClipName - Shell extension for Win95/NT allowing to copy the
		name of a file to the clipboard    ClipPlus v3.0 - Win95 Clip Board Enhancer
clipsz24.exe    ClipSize - Displays memory occupied by the clipboard and allows
		it to be cleared easily    ClipTray v1.0 - Win95/98 util that enables to store snippets
		of information for browsing later    Clipboard Viewer X v1.2 - Clipboard Viewer replacement for
		Win95/NT    Clipboard Express v2.3 - Clipboard Extender for Win32    WIDE Clip v1.21 - Clipboard Manager for Win95/98/NT     Clock2000 v1.0 - Win95 task bar clock replacement counting
		the time until year 2000      Curlock v5.00 - TSR that locks the cursor shape    ClockTick v1.1a - Alarm clock for Windows'95    Clip & Talk v2.0 - Util that adds speech abilities to
		Windows applications    Clock v1.0b - The Universal Clock for Windows     Clock v2.1 - Small TSR clock    CLOCKON v2.40h - DOS Clock Software       Control Panel Customizer v1.1 for Win95-XP      (ASP) ClockWise v3.30a - Win95/98/NT/2000 Clock, Time Client,
		Calendar etc.        Change Wallpaper v3.0 - Wallpaper changer for Win9x     Clock v1.32 - Clock in upper right corner (with alarm)      Closer - Desktop management extension for Win95/98/NT/2000    Clipboard Piler v2.4 for Win95/98/NT - Clipboard Extender         CLS v1.1 - A replacement for the DOS command CLS
cpmt6304.exe    ClipMate v6.3.04 - Clipboard util for Windows 9x/NT    Clear Your Clipboard v1.0     Clipboard Magic v3.00 - Windows Clipboard Archiving Tool    CmdUtils v1.4 - Set of Win95/NT command line utils    CMOS v0.93 - CMOS save/restore    CMOSER v1.1 - Util for manipulation with CMOS     CMOS memory save/restore utility - C source     CMOS Disk Save v1.0    CMOSSave, CMOSRest and CMOSChk - CMOS backup utils    CMOSTOOL v1.0 - Util for manipulations with CMOS     ClrMamePro v3.4.0b - ROM Collection Manager    CMPXCHG8B instruction support checker         COol! numpad v1.00 - Tool for controlling computer via keyboard
		with numpad (multimedia keyboard with numpad)    Coffee Break v1.1 - A rest break reminder for Win95/NT     FreeDOS Command Line Interface    (ASP) CommEx v1.26 - Common Dialog Extensions for Windows 3.1    COMPUTER - Simple information retrevial system      COM Register for Win95/98/NT - Register/Unregister command
		adding utility    COMSwap v1.3 - Swaps COM1 and COM2 ports    ComToKey v2.1 - Barcode scanner util to monitor data from
		serial port and inject it into keyboard buffer      K/oS COMix v1.1 for Win95/NT - COM (OLE) objects viewer    COMxL RS232C v2.22 - Link an instrument to MS Excel worksheets
concolor.rar    Windows NT Console Colors    Configure It v2.0 - Network Administrator Tool    CONFIRM v1.0 - Ask user to confirm a dangerous action with Y/N
cons106.exe     Console Utils for Win95 v1.06    CoolAide - Joke application for Win32      CoolClock v1.1 - Digital style desktop clock    Cool Desk v3.86 - Virtual Desktops Manager for Win9x/NT/2000
		with skin support    Cool Mouse 99 v3.4 - Ultimate mouse tool for Win32     Countdown v2.0 - Date countdown    Counter v4.1 - Multi element digital counter and database     Counter v1.0 - Countdown timer for Win32     Control Panel Applet Manager for Win95/98 - Util to disable
		the "Add/Remove Programs" applet from within control panel     CPLScan - CPL files reader
cps11.exe       CPS Plus v1.11 - Tool for collecting data from RS232 devices    CPU Idle v6.0a for Win95-ME - CPU Cooler    CPU Idle Pro v6.0a for WinNT-XP - CPU Cooler    CPU Killer v2.0 - CPU Slowing Down Utility for Win95/NT    CPU Meter v1.0 - CPU usage meter     Crazy Alarm v1.3 - Alarm Clock for Win32    CRASHit v1.0 - Crash your Windows progs with easy and style :-)      Christmas Countdown Program    CRITTER - A TSR replacement Critical Error Handler     CSBAG Practical Joke Application Generator v2.00 - "Slithering
		Button" Application Generator    Cobasoft Clock v1.3 - Clock and report tool for Win98/NT    NFS3 VIV Extractor/Builder v1.1    Util for showing time of PC operation    Customizer 2000 v7.0 - Win95/98/SE registry tweaker    Customizer XP v1.8.5 - WinXP registry tweaker    CS utility v1.3 - DOS utils package      CompuSlave for Windows v3.14 - CompuServe forum msgs
		to database importing software      Anonymous Software's Command SuiteXL v5.1 - Windows tweaker    Cool Timer v1.5 - Countdown time program that plays WAV or MP3
		file for alarm     CT Logo Changer v1.0 for Win32 by CAMTECH     CT OEM Changer v1.0 for Win32 by CAMTECH    Cute Mouse Driver v1.9 - Open source mouse driver for DOS    Cotton Calendar v1.62 - A perpetual desktop calendar       Captain Tray Pro v4.0 - Windows manager    Ctrl2cap - Keyboard Filter for Windows NT     CTRLALT v1.0 - Collection of TSR utils    CtrlPlus v1.10 - Virtual device driver that makes you
		can use cursor diamond commands under Win98    CTSwapper v1.2 - WINSOCK.DLL Swapper    Cube Magic v1.0 - Virtual cube observer      Cursor v5.00 - Control your cursor from the DOS prompt    Cursor Editor v1.0 for DOS    Cursor Hider v1.4.1 for Win32    4DOS Commands _DISK and _CWP    CuteNotes v1.60 - Event, E-mail and Notes Manager
cview10f.rar    Clarion database viewer v1.1 - Clarion 2.1 data files viewer
cwrt.exe        Coding Workshop Ringtone Converter 5.0.0 for converting
		various	formats of ringtone melodies     Cycle Background Wallpaper     CyrClox v3.2 - Cyril's Clox Screen Saver for Windows    Dimension 4 Time - Internet Time Sync Utility for Win9x/NT     D8 v1.02 - System date checker      DataExpress v1.45 - Personal Information Manager for Win32    DateCrack+ v1.02 - Date cracker for time limit demos running    DateCracker v1.0 for Windows - Time Limit Demo Remover    DateDiff v1.0 - Tool to calculate number of days between
		any 2 dates    Date Hack - Program to fake time limited progs    DATES v9.11 - Date reminder      DateShell - Util to make Y2K non-compatible program work     Datools v2.0 - Date calculator for Win95     Days Calculator v2.00 for Win32    Dazed v1.00 for Win95/NT - Working days into hrs/mins converter      Dialog Box Assistant v1.5.1 - Open/Save dialog box extender       DataCollector v5.03 - Personal data manager for Win32     Date Calculator v2.3 for Win32    DDKEY v2.03 - Key redefinition util for DOS      Delete Registry Key & Values    Collection of PD utils by Ed Derzawiec        ADing Desk - Instant access to desktop    Desktop Atomic Clock v1.0 - NIST Atomic Clock Client for Win32    DeskColor v2.02 - Util to set custom colors for desktop
		icon captions    Desktop Keeper v1.5 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Desktop manager    DeskList v1.03 - Icon Lister    DeskLook v3.2 - Tool to display data from Outlook directly
		as a wallpaper     DeskWin v1.2 - Virtual Desktop Manager for Win32    DeskWipe v1.3 for Win95/NT - Current windows minimizer        DF v1.0 - UNIX like utility    d'focus v0.1.4 - Active Windows Focusing for Win9x/NT     Desktop Frames v1.0 - Program for posting images to the desktop    Digit Checker v2.5 - Container serial number checker
dips.rar        DivX Subtitle Displayer v4.45
divx.exe        DivX Autorun v1.3 - Autoplay menus creatorfor DivX/Mpeg/Mov CDs       SoftArts Deskey v1.03 - Window Manager for Windows'95
dllex300.exe    DLL Explorer v3.0 - Win9x/NT util to show list of used DLL's    DLL Master v3.3 - Currently Loaded DLL's Lister for Win3.1    DLL Master v4.23 - Currently Loaded DLL's Lister for Win95/NT     DLL Show 2000 v5.3 - List DLL dependancies for all
		running processes       DOOM Level Manager v1.1 for Win95/NT - Shell for playing DOOM,
		DOOM2 and HERETIC levels      (ASP) DLSuperC (32-bit) - Set of Win32 Utils    (ASP) DLSuperC (16-bit) - Set of Win16 Utils    DLLspy v1.5 - DLL files catalogizer      Delay v5.00 - Delay program      Data Master 2000 - Data acquisition and visualization software
		for Win32    DMaker v2.0 - Redirect output of programs to a file       Dynamic Memory Control v3.5 - Load/unload drivers/TSR's
dntuw.exe       DameWare NT Utilities v4.5 - Solution for remote system
		management and administration of Windows NT Networks    DocFunctins - Used to add proprietary document support to your
		application    DoHide v3.2 for Win95/NT - Window hider    Doodle v1.0 - Util for learning mouse skills    DosLog v2 - DOS Activity Logger    DOS/4G Protected Mode Run-time v2.01a    DosBar v1.43 - Toolbar to DOS Windows     DOS-C v0.90 - MS-DOS Clone    DOS Environment String Viewer for Win95    DOS Idle v2.10 - Processor power saver for DOS     DOS-Joke v1.7    DOSKEY.COM replacement for Win9x/Me    DOSMAX v2.1 - Memory manager    Patch MSDOS to increase environment size    DOSPROGS v1.6 - A Collection of DOS Programs    Doug's MS-DOS Shell Extension v1.0.2 for Win9x/NT    (ASP) 6th Sense DOS6 Utils     DOSVER v2.0 - DOS version recognizer    DOSVER v2.50 - The DOS Version Setting Service    DotMouse v1.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Tool which rotates mouse
		cursor to the direction of movement    DownHoax v1.00 - Email gag     DOS Prompt Designer v2.1    DPGNTAPE 00.09 - Videocasette recording optimiser
dpms.exe        EnergySaver - DPMS Screen Saver v2.21 for Win32, compatible
		AGP/PCI graphics card and EnergyStar-compliant monitor      DPMS Screen Saver for Win95/98/NT v1.4 - Screen saver with
		power-saving modes selector (with full source)    DP-System for Windows95 - System Tool       DROPS - Int1c resident for char falling (joke program)    WinDriver Expert v1.9 - Win95-XP tool for detection and
		backup of hardware device drivers
drvghost.exe    WinDriver Ghost v2.0 - Win95-XP tool for detection, backup and
		restore hardware device drivers      DSClock v1.5 - Customizable Desktop Clock for Win32    DeskCal v2.1 - Calendar based PIM software       Desktop Switcher v1.20 - Manages multiple desktops under WinNT    Desktop Twister v1.50 for Win95/NT - Virtual desktop util    Dos Mouse v1.0 - Mouse util for DOS    Desk Sweeeper v2.0 - Tray util to hide all desktop icons      DOSNIX v2.4c - UNIX style toolkit for MSDOS     DirTel v3.27 - Electronic Address Book with export features    dTask v3.02 beta - TSR remover    Date Corrector v2.0 - Tool for PC's with Y2K problem to
		configure system date    DeskTop Themes v1.80 for Win95/98/NT - Use/Edit Desktop
		Themes Without Plus!     Desktop Manager v.049 - Virtual desktop switcher    D-Tools v3.02 - Misc. utils for MS-DOS      DTOP v1.0 - Return to Win95 Desktop from DOS Window    RBdual VGA - Use 2 color displays on a single PC     DupBlock v1.0 - Text duplication utility for Win32     Due Date Countdown Screen Saver for Windows      DUMP Expanded/Extended Memory     DumpEnv v1.0 - Environment vars dumper       Desktop Variator - Background wallpaper changer v1.11      DVD Profiler - DVD collection catalogizer    Dvorak v1.5 - Keyboard Remapper      DirectX Eradicator v1.08 for Win9x and Win2000      DirectX Uninstaller v1.2 for Win95      Easy Alarm Clock v1.0.0 - Tray Alarm Clock for Win95/98
eascal23.exe    Easy Calendar v2.3 - Desktop calendar for Win9x/NT    EATMEM v1.1 - Limit avail. conv. memory for testing purposes       (ASP) Easy Base v11.4 - Rapid Application Developer for
		data management
ec65.exe        Elegant Clock v6.5 - Clock application for Win32    eContact v1.0 - Phone and address book for Win32      Expression Calculator v1.06 for Win32    Expression Calculator v1.06 console for Win32      eFX v0.3.0 - Windows look and feel manipulator for Win9x/NT       Simple Countdown Timer v1.244    Egg Timer v2.01 for Win32
ehg2.rar        Eddy Hawk's Goodies rel.2 - Set of interesting utils for DOS       E-Icons v4.15 for Win9x/Me/2000 - Icon customization tool       Collection of replacement startup/shutdown screens    EldoS Tray Days v1.1 - Calendar application for Win9x/NT/2000    EMU386 v1.33 - Real-mode 386 Opcode Emulator for 286 PCs     (ASP) ENV_MAN v1.11 - Environment utility
emcalc.exe      EMcalc v2.7 - Advanced calculator for Win32 (in Czech)    Expanded/Upper_Memory Enabler/Disabler for DOS    Energy Saver v1.0 - Tool for turning off the monitor and
		immediate activation of screen saver      EnTray v1.6 - Win95/NT utl to manipulate taskbar contents     Enviro Info v1.01a - Environment Space Checker      EDENV v5.01 - Environment variables editor     TSR Environment Lock by A.Yanovsky    EnviroPro v1.10 - Environment profiles creator    EPROM data coder - swaps address and data lines    Eppie Desktop v2.0 - Customize Windows Button    Equalizer v1.55 - Skinable Scientific Calculator    ErgoMinder - Set up your workstation for best ergonomic
		performance!    Ergonomix v3.5 - Break reminder for Win32    Ericsson SMS PC Suite v1.21 - Tool for SMS, ringing melodies
		and phone dictionary management with Ericsson phones    ERRLVL v1.2g - ERRORLEVEL Processor       SIARCG!'s Drive Error Generator - Joke program    ERROR95 v1.4 - Joke program which makes authentic looking
		customizable Win95 errors      ERROUT - Redirect standard error to standard output    EarthView v2.5 - Dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver
		displaying earth with daylight and night shadows          Environment Space Analyzer      Esheep - A fun little sheep that runs about your screen...        EarthTime v1.1 - World Clock Software for Win32      Eureka! - Adds desktop to the contexmenu of a folder     EVAL v1.1 - Command line calculator for DOS     EVAL v1.00 - Math. expression evaluator for DOS       Eval-O-Matic - Evaluator of string expressions      EVAL v5.00 - Math from command line    ExecTree v1.00 - Walk through directory tree calling a prog    ExecutIt v1.0 for Win95 - Additional utils to Win'95     EXE-Dependancy Scanner (which DLL's are used...)      ExeSpy (16bit) v2.0f - Logs and reports execution of Windows
		applications      ExIcon v1.9b - Icon extractor and viewer for Win95/NT     Expanse v1.1 - Win95/98/NT Virtual Desktop Manager    Extpath v1.00 - DOS PATH variable extender    EyeBreaks v1.0 - Eye care manager for Win32       EyeLoveU v3.5.3 - Tool for Win95-XP to help care the eyes        Eyes - Couple of eyes that follow the mouse pointer movements    Anti-EyeStrain Software v2.0.0 for Win32     EZALARM - The Virtual Guard Dog     Easy Calculator 2001.02 for Win32    EzDesk for Win'95 - ICON Manager    EZE Clock v2.1 - Internet time synchronizer
f4_35_ca.arj    F4_35_CA - Release CPU-time under OS/2    Fakework - Joke for Win32 based on fake working window    (ASP) Family Calendar v2.3 - Wall calendars generator    FamelClock - Customizable digital desktop clock for Win32    (ASP) Farba Utilities v6.0
fastcalc.rar    FASTCALC - Win95/98 console calculator    Fatal Error - Error simulator for Windows        FirstCap v3.0 for Win9x/Me/NT - CapsLock function checker    Find Debug Info in CA-Clipper 5.x .OBJ
fix_oob.rar     Unofficial Fix for the MS-Windows OOB Bug    FIXCLOCK - Clock Rate Adjustment    Fix Windows 95 Annoyances v1.0 - Win95 add-on functions     Flexy v2.1 - Hidden Win9x/Me/NT Settings Customizer    Falsified Formatter - Joke program    FileMap v2.02 - Phantom DLL's finder      FM Control v100 - Win98/2000 program to control FM-tuner cards        Alexf Fmem - Util that can get more free memory under Win9x      FreeMem v1.0 - Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 util that shows free memory
		and pagefile and can free up more memory     FM Tuner v1.00 for Win95/98 - Software to control some
		FM radio tuner cards    Formula v2.0 - Mathematical Expression Evaluating Prog for DOS    FORTUNE v9.11 - A tuner-uppper for the DOS FOR command       Family Picture Calendar v4.5 for Win32        FreeRAM3x v1.0 - RAM free space increasing util for Win3.x    FreeRAM XP pro v1.40 - RAM defragmenter    FreeClock - Tool for Win95-XP to show UTC and local time     FreeDOS Kernel v1.1.17 build 2017     FreeMem Standard v4.1 - Windows Memory Management Controller    FreeMemory v1.6 - Russian memory manager    FreeMem Professional v4.3 - Windows Memory Manager     ADing Free RAM v1.2 - RAM free space increasing util for Win9x    Set of freeware utils by Malcom Drury    FreshIcons v1.0.0 - Util that refresh icons in the desktop     FreeWheel v2.3 - Mouse Wheel Support    FineTune Power Utility v1.50 - System Optimizer    FULLVIEW v5.0 - Memory Viewer    Fun Format Screen Saver for Win95/98/NT - Joke program      CSP FunWin - Windows Joke Programs    Fast Utilities v2.20 - Faster versions of several DOS commands    Fuzzy Icon v1.0 - Icon Searching Utility for Win3.1     Brian's Funny Win95 Error Generator v1.1      FIX2000 - Year 2000 Barrier Solver      Game Accelerator v1.8 - System optimization tool        Gag1 - Joke error program    GammaSutra v1.0 - Gamma correction settings changer for Win32    Gates' Way to Riches Screen Saver for Win95/98/NT        GBRR v1.1 - Game Boy ROM Reader
geb102.rar      Geburstagsdatenbank v1.02 - Reminder (in German)    Program for taking admin rights under WinNT      GetError v1.0 - Returns DOS error levels     GetInfo v1.30 - Simple .nfo viewer for Win95    GigAlarm v1.25 - Alarm application for Win32
girder33.exe    Girder v3.3.1c - Tool for PC remote control via infrared port,
		keyboard, joystick and TCP/IP      GJOY v3.0 - Software Joystick Calibrator       General Knowledge Base v1.0 - Tool for creation knowledge bases      Glitch! - Windows' Joke    GhostMouse v2.0 - Mouse events recorder/player          GO - Collection of software tools    GoScreen v4.1 - Virtual Multi Page Monitor Manager        Game Password Hunter v2.00     GryzClock - Funny clock application for Windows    Gribouille v2.0 - Destress yourself while drawing all over
		your desktop    Great-Tools v1.4 - Set of MSDOS Utils      GSM Organiser v1.56 for Siemens GSM Phones (Czech version)    GSM Organiser v1.56 for Siemens GSM Phones (English version)    GSM Organiser v1.56 for Siemens GSM Phones (Slovak version)     Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia GSM Phones v1.92
gsnotes.exe     GS Notes v2.6 - Notebook for storing textual and graphical
		information in tree-structured form
gsreader.exe    GoldenSection Reader v2.6 - Freeware application for viewing
		and printing .gso documents created in WinOrganizer/GS Notes     Guardian Angel v2.0 - Win3.1 Crash Prevention Utility     HACK v1.20 - Hack up files!     Win32 program that play sounds when you press keys on keyboard    Handler v1.5 - Tool for spying out Windows internals    Happy Fred v1.00 - Desktop Buddy for Win32     Happy v2.3 - Birthday reminder       Handy Collection v5.03 - Collection of fun games and utilities    Hamsin Clipboard v1.10 - Clipboard extension utility    HeadAche v1.00 for Win95/98 - Program that will give you
		a headache...       Win95 joke program which simulates file deletion    Hex-Media Clickit! v2.0 - Util to change and view mouse cursors
		and settings      Scan_DLL v1.10 - Checks differences in Win environment
		after new module loading      HHMM v1.3 - Modified TIME Command    Hi_World - Program that you can send by e-mail without coding    HiClock Pro v3.12 for Win9x-XP - PC system time updater     HiClock v2.1 for Win95/98/NT - PC system time updater per
		Internet     Hide v1.27 for Win95/NT - Window Hider    HideApp v1.1 - Starts application hidden    (ASP) HiMOVE v2.20 - Upper Memory Manager    (ASP) HiVideo v2.03 - if you have shortage of main memory...      Watson's Housekeeping Book for Win32    HLP - Protects programs from DOS APPEND command    Half-Life Content Control Password Remover     NookMe - Win32 tool for windows manipulating
hnetinfo.exe    Hnet Info v1.44 - Complex Win32 package for working with
		intranet/internet containing almost 30 various tools      Hot Corners v2.0 - Makes your screen borders and corners more
		useful        Returns the hour of the day as error level    HPComm v2.1 - PC to HP48 Transfer Program for Win95/NT
hr-32.exe       Hotfix Reporter v3.2 for WinNT/2000/XP      HUSH v5.00 - PC speaker switch-off
hw20.exe        HomeWatcher v2.0 - Motion Sensitive WebCam Software for Win32        Windows Modifier v2.00 - Window manipulation program       Hyena v6.0d - Windows NT/XP/2000 System Management      I2C bus monitor program     IBPTime v1.50 - Tool to synchronize computer clocks via the
		Internet        Ivani Currency Conversion Machine v1.20    ICL v0.2.1 - Icon Library Tool    (ASP) ICL Builder v2.0 - Icon Library Builder Icon Manager    IconEdit v2.20 - Icon display/edit program     Impel Class Info v1.2 - A diagnostic tool to obtain info
		about Window's objects and windows    IconClock v4.0 for Win95 - Tray Alarm Clock    IconClock v4.0 for Windows - Tray Alarm Clock    Icon Assistant v1.1 - Win32 Icon Extractor    ICNCT v5.20 - Icon Manager    Icon Mover v5.1 - Transfer Windows icons from one
		library/application to another    IconSuite v3.60 - Icon display / edit program     Icon Thief v2.1     ICOEDIT v1.0 - Windows Icon Editor    Icon Juice v1.6 - Icon extractor    (ASP) Icon Collector v2.10 - Icon creation/management util    Aareus Icon Commander - Icon manager for Win32     Simple Icon Creator    IconHider for Win32    ICON JACK v1.0 - Icon manager - Freeware    Icon Master v3.60 - Icon display / edit program     Iconoid v3.4.0 - Icons hider for Win32       IconS v1.9 - Icon Search Utility for Win95    Win2000 High-Color Icons v7.0 - Set of free icons for Windows    IconSaver v1.1 - Util that saves and restores icons on desktop    IconShop v1.13 - Icon Manager for Win95/NT    Icontake v2.0 - Icon scanner for Windows       Icon Extractor for Windows v1.3 - View and extract icons     Icon Extractor 2000 v3.8 - View and extract icons    Icon Explorer v3.1 - Icon extractor for Win95    ICORAMA v1.9 - Displays all icons on HD    IconExtractor v1.1 for Windows    BoySoft ICQ Rescue v3.5 - Util for creation and backup of
		ICQ contact list      Icon Extract v3.20    IDate for Win94/NT v4.35a - Date reminder     (ASP) Infodex for DOS v2.21 - Dynamic Database Manager    (ASP) Infodex for Windows v2.10 - Dynamic Database Manager     98lite IE-Remove v1.4 - IE4 uninstaller        Icon Forge v3.5 - Windows Icon and Cursor Maker    Icon Forge v6.32 - Icon and Cursor Maker for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Icon Fun Express v2.21 - Icon Locator    Ivani Love Box v1.00 - Program to get information such as
		Rate Your Romance etc.    INCDOS rel.2.0 - Extended DOS commands package    Mihov Info Saver - Clipboard Enhancer     InfoPad v1.3 - PIM application for Win95-XP
ini101.rar      INI v1.01 - Util to provide access to INI-files from the
		command line     IniEdit for Win95/NT      IniTyme v2.58 - Windows .INI file manipulator    INIWorks v2.5 - Windows INI file editor for DOS/Win32
ink153.exe      INKUTILS v1.53 - Essential DOS/Win95 Utils    Insult v3.4 - Insulting messages generator for Windows
int6.arj        INT6 - Invalid-opcode-trap for URAM program    Invisible! Pro v3.0 - Util that hides icons      Invisible! - Free util that hides icons    InfoPal v6.1 - Simple database / PIM program for DOS/Windows
ipro403.exe     InfodexPro v4.03 - Design your own database (32-bit)!    IRAssistant v3.40b1 - Win32 tool for controlling your PC
		remotely      IRPC v3.0 - Infrared PC Remote Controlling Utility     ISAdmin - Reports if NT user has administrative privileges    iSuck v2.0.1 - Icon Extractor for Win95        Iconic Tray v1.1 - Keep your taskbar clean for frequently
		used applications      Omniquad Active Interface v1.x - User interface tuner     iTime v4.1 - Freeware Internet Time Synchronization Utility       Just A Reminder v2.2 - Tiny reminder for Windows    Justin Clock v1.5 for Win95 - Change System Time and Date    Countdown v1.0 - Util for date countdowning     JGAppbar v2.0 for Win95/NT - Icon bar util      JoyMouse v1.3 - Joystick replacement of mouse functions
		for Win32     Joystick to keyboard converter util     Joystick Control Centre v2.3 for Win95 - Joystick replaces
		buttons    Joystick Check - Joystick(s) Testing Utility    Joystick's Friend - Util to replace joystick by keyboard    JoyKeys v2.00 - Joystick replaces keyboard    JPDATE49 - German DOS Country Settings Patching Utility
jv16pt.exe      jv16 Power Tools v1.4.1 - Set of system tools for Win32     Set of free utils by Jan Verhoeven
kbdact10.exe    Keyboard Activity Logger    VIT MS Windows Keyboard Layout Loader v1.0     KBRESET v1.1 - Reset keyboard shift status    KBShift - Enlarges kbd buffer up to 256 chars - by ROSE
kcc.arj         Keyboard Control Center v0.92b     Kclick - Program that creates a click sound each time
		a key is pressed       Insert date file into other program via keyboard     KeyMaster - Num/Caps/Scroll Lock keys controller for Win9x/NT
keytest.exe     PassMark Keyboard Test v2.2 for Win32       Keyboard Remapper v0.89 for Win95/98/NT from Hungary    Keyboarding v1.0 - Keyboard Shortcuts Creator for Win32    Kyebuf 2.10 - 256 byte keyb. buffer    Keycache v2.1 - Input Accelerator    Key Click for Win95 v1.1 - Audible click producing util    KeyControl v1.11 - PC Keyboard Customizer     KeyFlush v1.3 - Flushes the keystroke type ahead buffer      KeyKey 2000 v1.25 - Key strokes recorder/logger utility    Key Logger v1.1 - Logs keystrokes in Win95/98    DGS Software Key Logger v1 for Win32    Key Mouse Genie v2.1 - Tool to control mouse via keyboard    Key Rate v2.666 - Fast kbd setting util    KeyRate v1.3 - Changes the speed of AT keyboard repeating      Keyboard Registrator - Keyboard Activity Logger      KeySpy v1.0    Visual Keyboard and Smart Punktuator - Keyboard Utils    Kiddy Guard v1.2 - Util to keep your dog peacefully quiet
		while you're away..     Kill IPX Net Games v1.0 (dox in russian)    Killer - TSR that intercepts all attempts to execute an illegal
		instruction        MacroHard Klok - Desktop Clock Application     Set of various utils by Christophe Grenier     Keyboard Layout Manager Lite - Win32 util for modification of
		Microsoft keyboard layout files    Keyboard Layout Manager Medium - Win32 util for modification
		of Microsoft keyboard layout files     KrTime - System Clock Correction Utility    Kitchen Sink v2.20 - Calendar, Editor, Scheduler ... for Win       KSnow v1.0 - Snow on your screen :-)        KeepTime v1.0 - Windows program to correct PC clock      (ASP) LAN Menu v2.07 by MicroFox     Lastrun v1.0 - Util which detect how many days has been since
		it was last executed    LatinKey v1.01 - Keyboard util for users typing Latin-based
		languages on US keybaord in all versions of Win95/98/NT    Launcher 1.04 - User specified program or WAV file periodical
		launcher (joke program)    LCD-Clock v1.0 - Clock for your desktop        Leaf WinKeeper - Window Displacer for Win9x     Lemon v1.0 - DOS Prompt Enhancer        Lens v2.03 for Win95/NT - Screen loupe     Lens - Drag&Mag v1.1 - Tool to magnify a portion of the screen      LG Programstudio - Set of Hungarian freeware utils    (ASP) LEGROOM v3.0 - TSR util for DOS shelling     LIGHTON v1.0 - Palmtop serial port LED switcher to illuminate
		the screen    LILOpwd v1.1 - LILO Password Identifier     Lisa The Box 10.5 - PC speed-up utility      XPlite/2000lite Pro v1.2 - Trial tool to remove unwanted
		embedded MS Windows XP/2000 applications
lm12.exe        Logo Manager v1.2.9 for Nokia GSM phones      LMOD v1.0 - Extracts data from STDIN and merges with given
		string      Let me See v1.11 - Util that enlarge and set options of Win95
		common file dialog boxes    Long Timer v1.0.2 - Timer control for Win9x/NT     Windows Logo Changer for DOS by Thunder Software    LockCheck v1.2 - Checks if a file is in use by another program    LOCKS OFF v1.3 - Turns off Scroll-Lock, CapsLock and NumLock      Lodger v2.0.6 - Windows reminder         Log v1.00 - Win95 Automatic Log Book       LOG21 - Log filling monitor for DOS INT 21 functions calls    Log-A-Dude v1.0 - Logs date and time of execution to a file      LogExe v1.0 - Console Output Viewer for Win95/98/Me    LogIt v1.02 - It logs a messages with time/date to a textfile    Log Monitor v1.4.2 - Files and dirs monitoring tool for Win32     WinLOGO for Win3.1/95 - Start-up logo changer    LogoChanger v1.00 - Win95 Logo Changer    Logo/Wallpaper Randomizer v1.2 for Win95/98
longtime.rar    LongTime v2.4 - Program for setting system date to any date    Look Away v1.2 - Break Reminder for Win32       Screen Loupe for Windows v2.1 - Magnify your desktop     Screen Loupe 2000 v5.6 - Magnify your desktop      (ASP) LOVEDOS v1.5 - Joke program      LPT Inteface Control Panel for Win95    LPTSwap v1.3 - Swaps LPT1 and LPT2 Ports
ltw201d.exe     LOGTIME v2.01d for Win3.1/95 - Time logging utility    LiveSpy v1.80 - Updates the desktop wallpaper with web cam
		images       LxPro v2.1 - TSR system monitor for HP Palmtops       Screen Saver "Murphy's Laws" v2.0    Mouse2Key - Cursor keys emulator    Money Spider v2.21 - Real-time cash counter    MacFaker - Joke for Win95/NT     Super Rabbit Magic Set v2.98 - Win98 Tweaking Software    Magic Clipboard - Calculator built into the clipboard    MAIDEN v4.2 - Collection of PC utils    MultiAlert v4.2.5 - Alert util for Win32      The multipurpose manager of kbd, timer...
matrix.rar      Matrix - ASM written tiny game       Emergency mouse driver and trackpoint replacement for Windows         MyCompCleaner v1.1 - Unused icons from "My Computer" deleter    MouseClip v1.10 - TSR util for adding copy/paste functions
		for DOS text mode    Multiple Clipboards v2.2 - Clipboard extender for Windows    MCLK v0.93b - A performance-enhancement util which can boost
		thruput of certain SVGA cards      Mousedos v1.0 - Allows you to control DOS by mouse     Memorizer v2.5 - Clipboard Manager for Win32     MemMax v4.00 - Memory Utility     Memory Cleaner for Windows v2.4.02     Memory Dumper v1.01     Memory Doctor - Cheat program for DOS/Win3.1/Win95     MemFree v2.3.2.7 for Win95/98/NT - Gain additional RAM space!     MemInfo v1.61 - Tool to display current memory usage      MemMax v1.0.2.3 - Freeware Memory Monitor/Optimizer
		for Win9x/NT/2000        Memo v1.852 - Notebook/postit/pager/notepad/alarm utility      MemoIt v1.2 - Scotch post-it all over your screen    MemCheck Pro v3.0 - Memory Monitor and Resources Optimizer    MemoKit v2.2 - Win95/98/NT/2000 system's performance booster    Memory 4.3 - RAM Explorer    MemScan v1.0 - Memory dumper     Mem Viewer v1.98 - Memory viewer       Memory Viewer v0.42 - Tiny Mem Viewer for DOS    Memory Watcher - Simple Memory Monitor      Memory Zipper Plus v7.11 - Free memory booster and CPU Cooler
		for Win32    The Message Box Generator v1.00    Bill Reid's Mesgbox v1.0 - Command line util that echoes
		a string of text you give into a Windows message     Message v1.1 - Message box displayer for Win32    Metronome Timer v1.2       MFC42.DLL Installer      MusicFind Pro v2.61 - Music collection database for Win32          eMagnifier v1.3 - Image loupe for Win32     Magic Tweak v2.70 - Tweaking tool to optimize Win9x/Me        MI33 - TSR that positions the mouse cursor to the upper-left
		corner after mouse reset
mike559b.exe    Microangelo for Win32 v5.59b - Icon editor    Millenium Clock for Win32       (ASP) MILLCARE v1.20 for DOS/Win9x/WinNT - Y2K compatibility
		tester    Minder v2.1 - Daily reminder program    MINI Calculator - Simple desktop calculator for Win32    Mini Resource Monitor v1.2 - System's resource monitor for Win    Aareus Min Master - Util to minimize all windows
minmax.rar      MinMax v1.03 for Win32 - Win95 key enhancer    MinUpTime - Util that displays the time elapsed time since
		current Windows session started       Murphy's Laws Screen Saver for Win32    MLHotKey - Hotkeys assigner         Make My Day v1.0 - Create multimedia/text document and send
		it to your friends!      Mouse Meter v1.101 for Win95/98 - Shows run of the mouse    MinMax Extender v1.0.1.0 - Window handling tool for Win32     Mouse Motion v0.2b - Let mouse moves itself :-)         Minutes of Meeting Recorder v4.2 - Text/audio notes recorder    Modometer v1.05 - Program that records the distance of mouse
		movement       Mouse-O-Meter v2.0 for Win95/NT - Mouse Cursor Odometer      MONITOR v5.00 - Displays screen designed for monitor adjusting    Money Counter - Program to count money by the different forms
		of currency    The Monolith Utilities - Collection of DOS utils     Mouse Emulator v1.3 for Win9x/NT for mouse functions emulation     MouseStar v3.20 - Mouse enhancement utility for Win98/Me/2K/XP
movie_db.exe    Movie DB v3.00 - DivX, DVD, VCD and VHS movies catalogizer    Moyen-XP v1.0 - Desktop Facility Management    More Properties v2.03 for Win95/NT    MOPY HACK - Accumulated MOPY points setting utility      More Control - Windows Settings Editor    MOREMEM v4.0 - Fixes insuff. memory probs under Win 3.1    More Path (16-bit) - Windows path extender    (ASP) Morton Utilities 4/94    MORUTIL v37 - Set of DOS Utilities    Mosquito Repel v1.0 - The Mosquitoes Expeler for Win32    (ASP) MOUSEKEY v1.01 - Mouse buttons macro assigning util    Mouskeys v3.05 - Keys replacing by mouse     Ivani Movie Look v1.31 - Movies chart viewer       Maktos Personal Icon Maker v1.23     Mr.Mem v1.2 - Windows Memory Util          Mouse Shifter - Util that transports the mouse pointer to the
		opposite side of the screen when reaching screen border    Mouse Count v1.2 - Util for mouse click counting      MessageMaker - Win95 Fake Error Message Maker    MultiSUBST v1.2 - TSR on-the-fly SUBST util        Move-Time v1.5 - Continues clock-watch on all DOS text display    MultiTabs16 v1.11 - Tab control for Win3.1     MouseTool v3.1 - Automatic mouse clicker       Millenium Tray - Y2K countdown utility      Magic Utilities 10/97 for DOS    MultiClipboard v1.1 - Clipboard Extension Util for Win95/98
multires.exe    MultiRes v1.42 - 32-bit alternative to QuickRes for changing
		refresh rate of graphics    MultiTimer v1.24 - Ten timers in one program     Mute v1.10 - TSR util for PC Speaker monitoring        MWBI (Boot Intruder) v1.0 - MS boot logo remover    MWTask v1.3 - Windows Task Manager Replacement    Calendar v1.1 - Util for adding a note for the day     EE - Environment Editor v1.00 by MicroZen    NagBlast v2.01 - Window Closing Util    A utility to change computer name when your on a network    NameEdit v1.2 for Win95/98 - Editor of user/company name that
		Win95/98 is registered to       NoteBook for Windows v2.1 - Store notes and to-do lists     NoteBook 2000 v5.3 - Store notes and to-do lists        Petor Norten Commander v5.2 - Parody on Norton Commander -
		Joke Program    Index v2.0.4.6 - Notes, phone numbers and addresses organizer
		for Win32
neko98_4.exe    Neko for Win98 - Little cat for your desktop :-)    NETUPD v1.2 - Front-end to drive the RAL UPDATE command for
		backing up of files to a network server     NetAdmPw v1.2 - Gets/sets the password for Windows Remote
		Administration    Newbat.inf for Win95/NT - Adds MS-DOS batch-file to the "New"
		menu      NEWCAL - Win16 footprint calendar program     NewYear v1.01 - A desktop tray New Year Countdown for Win95/NT        NeoSoft's Icon Editor v1.1 for Win3.1/Win95    Ivani Nice Words v1.20 - Random quote generator    Ninja Switcher v2.56 - Util to contro multiple PCs by pair of
		a mouse and a keyboard     Noisy Keyboard v3.0 for Win9x/NT - Util for hearing keyboard
		actions        Naughty Mouse v1.2 - Tool for advanced usage of the mouse       New Menu Manager v2.0 - New menu items manager for Win32    Noisy Mouse v2.0 for Win9x/NT - Util for hearing mouse actions      NMSS v0.9 - Norton Secret Stuff v1.0 Cracker    Windows Network Neighborhood Password Cracker v2.1       NO v5.00 - DOS Command Inverter      NoBell - Utility for muting the system's bell    Nokia Ringtone Converter v2.2 - Util for Nokia ringtone
		creation       NoKey - A TSR to disable any desired keys    No-Keys v1.6 for DOS - Virtual Keyboard    No-Keys v2.0 for Win3.1 - Virtual Keyboard
nokeys.exe      No-Keys v5.0 for Win95-XP - Virtual Keyboard       Utility that presses OK button under Win     NookNak v2.1.3 - Mouse tool for Win9x/NT enabling to activate
		screen saver, mute PC etc.     NoSound v1.00 - Utility for reseting the speaker    No Screen Saver v1.0 - Screen Saver Disabler       Secure Notes Organizer v2.4.0 - Secure PIM for Win32      Mr.Notes v3.0 for Win9x - Note application    NouKomar v1.0 - Util for elimination of mosquitos :-)     NovSync v2.1 - Clock synchronizer with Netware server clock        NTPC v3.0 - Network Time Protocol Client for Win32       Tools to change password of a NT user and to access NTFS file     Key Technology's Suite of Windows NT Event Log Utility
		Applications     Program to find all lettered combination of a numbers
		(phone numbers, PINs etc)     NUMLOCK v1.0 - TSR for HP Palmtops enabling to user NumPad
		as cursor keyblock         OCX RegTool v1.0 - Register/unregister OCX and DLL files in
		system registry      OXReg v0.0001 - OCX Registration Tool    ODOMETER v1.9058 for Win95 - How far do you move your mouse?    OEM InfoWriter v1.01 - OEM Information Editor for Win9x/NT/2000     OEM Logo Changer v1.3b for Win95     OEM Logo Master v1.2 - OEM Logo Changer        OEM Writer v1.00 - Win95 Vendor/Manufacturer/OEM Rewriting Util    OJoy v1.0 - Joystick configuration program      The Old Days v1.0 - Toolbar for new users of Win'95    OleClean v1.3 - Ole registry cleaner       Windows ON Timer v1.0 - Time since Windows start counter         Outta Sight v2.68 - Application hider for Win95/NT      OPC v1.1 - Calendar printer for Windows    Openas.inf v1.2 for Win95/NT - Adds "Open As" function to the
		right-click menu    OpenPass! v1.1 - Shows passwords replaced by *     Freeware tool that opens the Registry Editor at the Key you
		want        Oxygen Phone Manager II v2.4.1 for Win32     Oxygen Phone Manager II v2.0 additional languages     Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian OS phones v2.2.1    OptiRAM! 1.0 - Freeware RAM and performance optimizer      Oracle Session Manager v1.70 for Win32
outxpunl.exe    Outlook XP Unlocker v1.0 - Unlock Outlock XP's file attachment
		restrictions    OZ-Pack Utilities v1.3 - Collection of PC utils        The Prank Pack v1.0 - Play some funny pranks on your friends    PakExplorer v1.2 - A Quake .pak browser for Win95/NT      PANIC2 - Joke program    Panorama32 v1.31 - Freeware Wallpaper Manager for Win95/NT    Sticky Paper v5.0 - Post-It for monitor simulator for Win95/NT    PARSeFILE v1.0 - Util to pass a list of parameters to a command
		of your choice on at a time    PassProt - Annoy someone while protecting your computer     Paste-It v1.7 - Electronic PostIt Stickers for Win32    INT12 patcher to report all the memory
patchvpt.arj    PATCHVPT - Util to increase video refresh rate for better
		monitors and suitable vga-cards
pbsw180.exe     PowerBar v1.80 for Win95/NT - Toolbar with many features    CAL v2.0 - Calendar/Diary/PIM for DOS     Binary Clock v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Binary display of the time          PC Utilites v0.00 - ASCII Map and PC Speaker Tester
pcboost.exe     PC Booster v3.x - System optimizer/tweaker for Win9x-XP       PC Break v1.2 - Regular breaks reminder for Win9x/NT/2000    (ASP) PCCLOCK v4.60 - PC Clock Setter Through Internet Atomic
		Time Servers      PCCOFF - Power Off PCMCIA/Cardbus Cards    (ASP) PCLOCK v2.0 - Clock/Calendar for DOS    PC-LOG v2.10 for Win95/NT - PC start/stop times logging util     PCLoupe v1.0.2 - Image loupe for Windows
pcmedik.exe     PCMEdik v6.x - PC performance optimizer for Win9x-XP    PC Tweak Professional v2.3 - Windows parameters optimizer    PC Screens Tools v1.00 - Desktop utils    Power Control Screen Saver v1.02 for Win95/98/NT    PC Surgeon 3.20 - Diagnostics, monitoring and repair of Windows    The PC Timer v3.0 - Countdown timer and alarm clocks for Win32    PC Tuner for Win9x/Me/NT v1.7 - Win9x/Me/NT configurator     PC Tweak 2001 - Windows Optimizer        Property Editor v3.5 - Desktop customizer for Win32     Peichl's Utility Collection - Set of various utils        PEsx v1.5.2 - Shell Extension for watching DLL's     PFCLEAN v2.0 - AOL Personal File Cabinet (PFC) Restoration
		and Cleanup Util      Display list of currently opened files (by Serge Pachovsky)       Profiler v1.0 - Simple database application    ALEX's Phone Book v1.0 - Phone numbers storing util for Win      PhoneBook v2.1 LTX - Electronical Phone Book for DOS     Pin It! v2.2 - Notes or images on screen handler    (ASP) Someplace v1.01 - Personal Information Manager    Plaise BasCal v1.00 - Multi-base calculator     PLUG-IN for Windows v2.60    Pluser v0.52b - Simple calculator for Windows      Perfect Menu v1.51 for Win95/98/NT - Context menu extender      (ASP) POCKETD PLUS v5.3 - DOS Utils     System Policy Editor for Win95     Post-O-Matic - AutoCAD drawing list into generic G code
		converter for Win9x/Me/NT    PopOpen v2.0 - Window opening animator for Win95/NT      Poster v0.3 - Notes writer    Power Notes v1.0 for Win95/NT - Notes application
powertoy.exe    Power Toys - UI enhancements for advanced Win95 users       Parallel Port Customizer v2.0 - Util for Controlling Single
		Parallel Port Pins
pplus165.exe    Properties Plus for Win95/NT v1.65 - Windows Explorer enhancer    Process v1.2 - Task & Modules Examiner
proficad.exe    ProfiCAD v3.0 - Czech software for electronic scheme diagrams
		drawing     Sound Changer - Sound events editor    Pro-Keys v1.8 - Command Line Environment     PROTECT - Activation of screen saver through mouse position
protmenu.arj    PROTMENU - Simple menu program for choice of CMD.EXE, PM Shell
		or PM Shell with desktop    PrintScreen 95 v2.5    PrtScOff v1.8 - Turns off PrtSc     PrtScOn v1.8 - Re-enables PrtSc turned off by PrtScOff util       Program which restores Windows 95/98 v3.5.126     PS2 Rate Plus - PS/2 Mouse Port Rate Changer for Win32    PS/2 Mouse Port Rate Adjuster or Win2000     PS/2 Mouse Sampling Rate Changer fo Win9x      Perfect Screens v3.40d for Win95/NT - Virtual Screens Manager    PS for DOS v1.4 - DOS Tools     Smart Phone Telephone Reference and Database v1.0     PsTools v2.05 - Set of system utils for Win NT-2003
pstrip.exe      Power Strip v3.53 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - A display control
		and desktop enhancement util    Password Reveal v1.0 - Tool for revealing forgotten passwords    Password Reveal Pro v1.0 - Tool for revealing forgotten
		passwords    Punchcard - PC turn on/off time logger     A DT105S paper tape punch machine controller - C source     PushPin v1.00 - Win95/98/NT util that keeps any windows
		on top of all other windows      Put String into the keyboard buffer - DOS util    Power Center v2.0 - Win95/98/NT Battery Status Monitor      Windows NT Password Dump Utility
pwl_h410.rar    PWL's Hacker v4.10 - PWL's trainer/viewer for Windows    PowerSaver for Win9x v2.0 for VESA DPMS Standard Devices    PW Seer - Win9x/NT program to reveal the forgotten password    PxRecorder v1.0 - Mouse/Keyboard Activity Recorder/Player     Q87 v4.13 - Demo Version of Coprocessor Emulator      QuickColor for Win95/NT - Display control and desktop
		enhancement     QDEX for Windows v1.22 - Freeform database      Counts absolute seconds from an event to now         Quick Hide Window v1.8 for Win32      Quick Icon Grabber v2.20 for Win32
qm27f.exe       QuickMoto v2.7 full - Czech program for making statistics of
		fuel consumption and costs connected with car service      Q-Monitor v1.2 - Prevent OUT OF MEMORY Errors    Quick Open for Win95 v1.0    QotSoft Exact Time - Freeare time synchronization tool      QRes v1.1 - Screen resolution settings command-line control        Qstart v3.0 - Menu / Button Bar for Windows      Quiet SQL v2.0 - SQL AnyWhere Runtime ISQL Replacement          QuickTools - Set of WinNT utils by Oleg Chensky    Quit2DOS v1.2 - Enhanced Quit to DOS function for Win95     Quick Exchange v1.0 - A pop-up currency conversion calculator
		for Win95/NT    Quick Organiser v1.0 - A pop-up desktop tray organizer for
		Win95/NT    Quick Run v1.0 - Quick access to Win95 application    QuikPack32 v3.0 Beta1 - Windows'95 utils    QuikSize v1.0 - Windows resizer    KRSQUIK v2.1 - Quiz Program Creator     Message quote v1.0 for DOS    Quick Utils v3.2 - Set of DOS utils     Qwiksys v1.1 - System Editor for Win95
r-util.exe      (ASP) The Rosenthal Utils - Set of system utils for DOS/Win
rac.exe         Hnet Info RAC Server - Freeware module from HnetInfo package
		for working with intranet/internet (see hnetinfo.exe)      Rain v1.0 - CPU cooler for Win95/98
ramactiv.exe    RAM Active v2.3b - RAM Defragmenter    RAM Chjeat v1.21 - Games cheat finder
ramidl9x.exe    RAM IDle Standard v4.8.2 for Win9x/Me - Memory manager
ramidl36.exe    RAM Idle Professional v3.6 for Win9x/Me/2000/XP -
		Memory manager    RamBooster v1.10 for Win95/98 - RAM Allocator
ramcln35.exe    RamCleaner v3.5.x - RAM defragmenter     RAMeter - Memory Info Utility    ADing RAMFIX v1.2 - Increase your system performance by
		improving memory management!    RAMpage - Windows util to display amount of available RAM    RAM Saver Pro v3.6 - RAM defragmenting and optimizing tool    RAMeSize v1.04 - Memory monitoring, defragmenting and
		deallocating program for Win32    Random Wallpaper Changer v1.02 by R.J.L. Software    RandomWord - Quotes, scriptures and tips display utility       RAS v1.0 - WinNT Console Tool for Access RAS       RasLog v2.1 - Util to log connection duration of the remote
		access (dialup) network      RAS Logger v1.00 for Win95/NT    Raspberg Up Time v1.0 - Util that display system running time      (ASP) RAVITZ Utilities for DOS - Set of useful utils       Red Button v1.0 - Util for fast exit, restart etc.    RoboMouse - Automatic Mouse Moving Util
rbo42.exe       (ASP) Red Box Organizer v4.2 for Win95/98/NT - PIM application      RBTray v1.7 - Minimizes selected window to tray       RomCenter v2.50 - Tool for audition of roms for any game system    RamCheck v1.2 - Free RAM Memory Tracker for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Resource Hunter v1.24 - Resource Explorer for Windows
		Executable Files    Recent Documents 97 for Win95/NT - Documents option enhancer
reb_menu.arj    REB_MENU - Prevents system reboot if URAM is overwritten or
		TASKMGR is loaded    RECHO v1.01 - Util that echoes as many blank lines as you
		specify to the STDOUT device    Redecorator Wallpaper Manager v1.1 - Wallpaper changer    Refresher v2.1 - Refresh your screen automatically
regcln43.exe    RegCleaner v4.3.x - Registry entries remover
regcln41.exe    Regclean v4.1a - Win95 Registry Cleaner by Microsoft      Regdat v1.2 - Manipulates the contents of the Win9x/Me registry
regdatxp        RegdatXP - Manipulates the contents of WinNT/2000/XP registry    RegEditor v1.2 - Registry Editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Registry Editor Extensions v1.1a for Win95/NT      Registry Engineer for Win9x - Info in registry seeker      RegFix v0.95 - Util to analyse changes made to Windows Registry    Russian Multi Timer     Reglo v3.5 - On screen ruler to measure things on your desktop
		for Win9x/NT    RegMinus v1.101 - Reg files cleaner for Win95/NT      Regmon for Windows NT/9x - Registry Activity Monitor       Reg Organizer v2.1 - Registry and Configuration Files
		Manager	for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP     RegView - Read-only registry viewer for Win95/98/NT    RegRepair 2000 v3.9.08 - System tool to repair IOS errors    Registry Saver v1.2 - Registry Restoring Utility    Registry Search & Replace v1.00 for Win32     RegSnap - Registry analyzing tool      RegSpy v1.7 - Registry modifications monitor for Win9x/NT    Registry Tools v2.0a - Registry backup utility    Registoy v1.3 - Win95 registry backup/restore utility     RegisTray v2.0 for Win95 - Windows customizing utility    RegTune v1.4 - Program for setting-up Win9x/NT registry        Registry Viewer v3.81 & Registry Export v2.3 for Win95-XP
regvacz.exe     RegVac - Six Tools to Clean your Windows Registry     RegView v1.0 - Registry viewer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    RegView for Win95/98 v2.21a - Registry manipulation toolkit      Reminder for Windows v1.7 - Creates reminder messages    Mini-notebook with a multi-functional alarm clock for Win32    RemindMe! for Windows - Reminder    Reminder v1.1 - Birthday reminder    Reminder 2000 v4.0 - Creates reminder messages    Remind! v5.45 - Event notificator and task scheduler for Win32     RemoteKeys v8.7 - Tool for replacing key combinations and
		text modules    Remote - Network util for WinNT    Remove v1.2 - Tool for removing applications from Add/Remove
		Programs from the Control panel    Rescue v1.2 - Rescue diskette creator      RESINT v1.0 - Restores debugging interrupt vectors    Restore v6.2 - DOS Restore Replacement    Resident Programs Checker       Registry First Aid v3.2 - Registry Cleaner for Win32     RIGHTIME - System clock corrector    Registry Run Guard v2.6       Registry Healer v4.2.0 - Windows Registry Analyser/Corrector     Registry Key Backup v1.2.2 for Win95/98 - Registry keys backup     Resource Meter v1.5 for Win32 - Util that display free Windows
		resources    RM Logo Changer v5.78 - Logo, wallpaper, sound, theme and
		screen saver changer for Win9x    Reminder v3.0.1.7 - Reminder for Win32
rmtvw136.exe    Remote View v1.36 - Software to connect Watcher software    RandGen v2.0 - A program for generating random numbers       RemindMe! for DOS - Reminder
rpbonany.exe    RoboNanny v1.0 - Home security monitoring tool (via microphone)
rosedemo.rar    ROSEDEMO - Collection of intros by ROSE    RPG Dice Roller v1.0 - Random dice roller    Universal Ringtone Converter v1.1 - MIDI/ringtone text
		converter in any mobile phone format    RSI Break v1.5 for Win - Break reminder        Registry Tuner v1.6 - Win9x/NT/2000 tweaker
rt35.exe        Registry Toolkit v3.5 - Registry manipulation utility       Real Time Clock v5.05 - Clock with Cyrillic drivers loader     RTVD v1.7 - Radio & TV Reminder     RunTime v1.1 - Computer running time displayer for Win95/NT    GORUR's Novice Starter Pack - Easy Doc's Progs, Amateur Radio
		and DOS Utils        RegWorks v1.3 - Complete registry management solution       StayAlive v2.0d - Keep application running after they crash      Salat Times v2.6 - Win95/98/NT/2000 Islamic Prayer Time
		Calculator    OOS Alarm v1.3 - OOS treating util for Win32    SuperAlarm - Alarm clock for Windows that plays WAV sounds
		or MP3 songs through existing MP3 player         Bill Reid's Situational Aggregate Pay v1.0 for Win95 - Util
		that help yourself feel better about your earning potential...    SAPCHECK v1.2 - DOS util to check connection to network    SAPPRINT v1.2 - DOS util to identify Novell print servers    SaveMinder v1.1 - Util for reminding you to save your work    Skin Bar 2000 Beta - Util to add background to the tool bars
		of explorer windows    Showcalc v5.0 - Calculator application with scrolling tape       ShowDep v2.50 - DLL dependancies analyzer    Smart Dates v1.0 Calendar Program from Hungary      Safety Scan for Win'95 - Win95 Error Prevention Software       Sassi v1.2 - Sight and Sound Simple Interface - Image Bright
		ans Sound Volume Controller
sauber.arj      SAUBER - Erases unused memory    SAVEABLE! v1.36 - A program providing hot spot corners to
		de/activate current screen saver    Saver Now! v1.4 - Screen Saver Launcher for Win32    Week Scheduler v1.1 for Win95/98/NT      Sclock Plus v1.62 - Speaking Clock for Win95/98/NT/2000    SCANCODE v5.00 - Type keystrokes automatically     (ASP) ScanCode v2.2 - Reports ASCII codes / kbd BIOS values
		for keystrokes       SCRAP for Windows - Place Text Scraps on Desktop as Icons      Screen Calendar v5.0 - PIM application    Scroll Clock v2.0 - System tray clock for Win32    Screen Saver A Day - Screen Saver Changer    Scroll Ball v2.5 - Mouse Wheel Emulator    SCRNMODE for Windows v1.0 - Command-line program for changing
		screen mode     ScrSavPw v1.2 - Gets/sets the password for the Windows
		screen saver on keypress
scrsav10.rar    ScrSave v1.0 - Tiny DOS Screen Saver    ScrUtil - Screen blanker for DOS and Windows       Database Delight - Customer database for shareware authors       SED v1.5 - The stream editor (Dox and Source code)      SED v1.5 - The stream editor (Executables)    Maritime SITOR selcall translator v1.5      SELETA - Num-Scroll-Caps Lock Keys State Controller     SEN_Utils - Package of interesting MS-DOS utils by SEN    Send To Back v3.1 - Send windows to the back
sensiva.exe     Sensiva v3.0.3 - Util for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 that invokes
		defined commands by drawing defined symbol by mouse     Sentinel v3.3 - PC start-up logging utility    SETVERM v1.0 - SETVER replacement    98lite Shell Swap v1.1 - Win95 Explorer to Win98 installer    The Shareware Evaluator v1.1       ShortKeys99 v1.7 - Win32 Text Replacement Utility    ShortKeys v1.5a - Windows Text Replacement Utility    SHRIEK v1.6 - Pitch and Duration of the Beep Changer    Shell Room Utility v2.6a - Swaps memory to disk when
		shelling to DOS    ShellRun v1.02 - Win9x/NT program to open a document       Softinabox Icon Explorer v2.3 - Icon extractor, grabber and
		convertor to other formats    Simple Alarm program for Windows       Show Internet Time (SIT) v1.00    SITI@Home v1.0 - Joke program (parody to SETI@Home client)     SILENCE v1.50 - Utility for silencing the speaker      Silv v1.1 - System Image List Viewer for Win95    Special Keys Disabler v1.10 for Windows    Skedezy v1.62 - Easy scheduler for Windows     Service Keeper v1.0.3 - WinNT services scheduler/monitor    Stealth Keyboard Interceptor for WinNT/2000/XP v6.0 - Keyboard
		and mouse activity monitoring tool    Stealth Keyboard Interceptor v2.01     Stealth Keyboard Interceptor Pro v4.00     SLEEPON v3.0 - TSR for Light Sleep enabling for HP Palmtops
		under Win3.0      Nursery Slimes v2.0 - Slime some rhymes with words!    Slow Down v2.00 - Util to slow down fast computer (DOS)      Slow your Pro v2.0 - CPU slowing down for Win95     SLOW v3.00 - Slow down PC      Super Magnify v1.3 for Win9x/NT - Magnifies portions of screen       Small Functions Pro Ed.3 - Win32 internal settings editor    SMALLREG v4.0 - Compressing the Win95 Registry files    Smart Caps v2.3g - CapsLock problem solver for Windows    SimCat v0.10 - Win95/98/Me Simtel Catalog Database Program
		to View the Contents of Simtel Index File    Smart Calculator v3.3 - Expression-based calculator with skin
		support        Start Menu Changer'97 v2.60 - Win95 tool to change start menu     Smart Clock v1.3 - Transparent digital/analog desktop clock
		for Win32    Collection of DOS utils    Smart Address for Win95/NT v3.6 - Windows address manager     SmartBoard2000 v2.50 - A Windows Clipboard Extender    SmartCaps v4.0 - Solution for Caps Lock & Num Lock Problems
		for Win95/98/2000/NT     Oxygen SMS Gate v1.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - SMS and E-mail
		client for users of Nokia GSM Phones    Smart'n Sticky v2 - Free labelling for Windows    SmartSum Calculator v2.0 - Win32 talking/printing calculator      SmartWheel v1.01 - Intellimouse Enhancer
sn.rar          ZX Spectrum Navigator v1.00 Beta (in Russian)        Snap v1.0.3 - Utility that adds a magnet effect to a program
		windows and to the screen     Batch file for making snapshot of registry    Windows Snoop Stopper v2.0 - Internet history, cookies etc.
		wiper    Snoopdos v1.1 - Traces much DOS-functions    SnooperPro - Tool to audit and monitor user keyboard activity    SnapShot v1.2 - Windows System Directory Changes Monitor    Simple Network Time Protocol Client for Netware    Softool - TSR tool (calculator, memory viewer...)    Sonyx Ivanix v1.30 - Online library source finder       Open Sound for Win32 - Add Windows sound when opening program    Sortmenu v2.2.0 for Win98 - Start menu items rearranger       Sound Pilot v1.4 - Keyboard touch sound simulation tool
sp3_02r.rar     ZX Spectrum Emulator + TR-DOS v3.02 (dox in Russian)      Multilingual Speaking Clock v2.0 for Win32      SPPED v1.01 - KBD utils       Beep tone independant of processor speed      SPEC - Smart Personal Event Calendar for Excel    SPEEDATA - Old style data entry machines simulator    SpeedWork2000 v1.2 - Windows Functionality Enhancer     Speeder XP v1.01 - Win95-XP operation adjuster    SpeedKey v1.02 - Hot key creation util      SpeedRAM v5.00 - Computer performance enhancer     SPSDS Shell - Command buttons setup util         Spy & Capture v2.70 - Spying tool for Win9x/NT    SPYDOS v1.2 - Software Interrupt Analyzer Program for DOS/Win    Simple Registry Backup/Restore Utility    MS Office 97 Service Release Install Helper v2.0      (ASP) SpeedRAM for Windows v1.01    System Safe - Win95 System Recovery Program     ScreenSaver Disabled! v1.3 - ScreenSaver deactivation tool      Screen Saver Enhancer v2.60 for Win'95     SS-Start II: A Screen Saver Starter for Win95/98    ScrnSaveSwitch/Plus v4.00 - Screen Saver Control Utility
		for Win95/NT    Starnite - Screen saver showing the starry night of NC     Start for Win3.1x - Win95-like start menu-button for Win3.1x    Startmenu v2.1 - Utility that lets you access all of your
		program manager icons and currently running tasks    StatBox v1.12 - Win95 tool to memorry/disk monitoring     StConfig - Hardware Profiler for Win95    CT Stickies v1.0 - Sticky note application for Win32    STDERRF - A STDERR Redirection Utility v1.10    StickyHot v1.0 - Companion hot-key app for StickyNote program    Stickies v1.6 - Util for posting little pieces of virtual paper
		all over computer screen    StickyNote v6.0 - Sticky note program for Win95/98/NT    Stealth2000 Diagnostic v3.0 - Y2K compliance tester       Send To Notepad & Command Prompt Here v1.0 - Util for W95/NT    Utility for setting of envir. variables under MSDOS/Win
stop_lh.arj     STOP_LH - Prevents loading of program parts in upper memmory    RPM StopWatch v1.2 - Timer for Win32    ArkoSoft Stopwatch v1.0 for Win95    StopWatch v1.0 for Win95/NT    IT-HE Software Strange Utils Pack Vol.1 - Set of DOS/Win utils    Super Tweak Util v1.0 - Win32 hidden settings tuner    (ASP) StopWatch v1.7    Smart Work Time Tracker Standard v1.0.0.131 - The advanced
		time tracker for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     (ASP) Step Up '98 v4.08c - Set of Win95/NT Utils       Small Utils for DOS v1.0    Sunglass++ v1.2 - Win9x/Me tool to make e-cards     Super Alarm for Windows v1.0 - Alarm utility    SuperAlarm - Alarm Clock program that starts WAV/MP3 player     Super Cursors v1.0 - Cursor Collection    SuperDOS v1.01 - Memory Saving Utility by Jan Patera
superram.exe    SuperRam v5.x - RAM Memory Manager for Win9x-XP    The Small Utilities v2.0 for Win'95
suw.exe         StartUp Worker v1.6 - Program runner and recycle bin manager      Service Manager NT v1.43 - Windows NT services admin util     Service+ v3.1.037 - Windows NT/2000 Services Administration
		Utility    SViewer v1.0 - Schema viewer for OLE DB    Switch95 v1.1 - Win95 user/company changer    SWL - Entries from tasklist remover + WAIT - Startup delayer      SWAPLC v1.0 - Swap-file location changer for Win3.11 (Free)    Memory View v1.11 for Windows 3.1     SW Mouse v1.1 - Mouse util for Windows    Swap File Reporter - Swap file size checker     Shareware Registration Database v1.0    SYNC-IT WITH ATOM v2.2 - System time syncronization util for
		Win9x/NT    System Editor Beta v1.2.1 - Windows Setting Utility     System ICon Cleaner v2.0 - Redundant icons from System's Image
		List remover      SYSLOG - Program to record DOS activity    Syslog v1.0 - Util to track down PC power-on    System Resources v1.1 - Windows resources viewer for Win95/98    SysTuner v3.1 - Tool to optimize, manage and customize MS
		Windows 95-XP        T - Date and time calculator      Tail v1.0 - Unix-like util for monitoring log files    Talisman v2.71 - Custom-made interface creation util    Taskbar Date - Add current date to your taskbar        Toolbar 2000 v2.11 for Win3.1/95/NT        Toolbar for Windows v2.0 - Program Launcher      Toolbar 2000 v6.4 - Program Launcher         Title Bar Clock for Win95-XP - Tool to showing time/date/free
		memory in the title bar of any main window        Talking Box v1.4 - Text in any window reader       Total Control v2.3 - Windows tweaker
tc32500.exe     (ASP) Take Command/32 v5.0 - Command processor for Win95      TCAP console I/O capture utility v3.1     TClock v2.2.8 - Taskbar Clock Customizer for Win95/98/NT    TClockEx v1.4.2 - Win95/98/NT Taskbar Clock Enhancer     (ASP) Take Command v5.00 - Command processor for Win 3.1    (ASP) Take Command/OS2 v2.03 - Command processor for OS2    JP Software ASCII Reference Manual for Take Command    Timer Utility for Excel by T.C.Solutions       Telbook v1.0 - Tiny contact book utility for Win32    TeleEASE v1.2 - Telephone & Adress Book    Test-Run - Win95/98 util for experimenting with trial software    Test2000 v2.36a - Y2K Compliance Checker    The Bck! v1.03 - CMOS backup & restore program      Hot Key Management Util for Win95/NT       Theme Installer v1.04 for Win95    PowerStrip v3.0 - Additional utils for Windows    (ASP) PC-Time Clock v2.2 - Win95/NT util to track computer
		usage by project/category    Time Calculator v1.0 - Calculator working in hrs/min/sec format    Internet Time Converter    Screen saver showing 3D digital watch    TIMELEVL - Generates error level proportional to tenths
		of an hour       Timer v4.1 for Win95 from Croatia     MultiTimer v1.4 - Countdown Timer
timer-15.exe    Timer v1.5 with CuckooBird for Windows      Timer - Chronometer for Windows     Timer v2.0 - Time countdown utility for Windows
timer.rar       Another Timer v1.0.0.47 for Win95/NT     TimeMER v2.5 - Time Counting Util (in Russian)      TimeRC v2.0 - Time Central for Win32 (with time synchro)    TimeServer v1.80 - Network Time Server for Win95/98/NT/2000    TimeSync - An NT service for keeping clocks in sync    TimeTrak - Timer for recording time of application run    Timerecorder v4.3.x - Win98/Me/2000/XP reminder and memo tool    Time Sheet Calculator v3.43 for Win32    Tiny Alarm v2.0 for Win95/98/NT     Three Win32 programs - INF editor, joke with CD and "unhider"
		of hidden text boxes    Tiny Timer v1.3 for Win95/NT - Pop-up timer    TIPPY for Win95 v1.34 - Introduces ListTips to Win95       TimeKeeper v1.2 - Simple stopwatch program for Wi3n2     Touch Screen Keyboard v1.40 - A Virtual Keyboard for Win    Toolbar v1.2b - Customized floating toolbar for Win9x/NT    Toolbar v2.32 - Button-bar program launcher          TM v1.0 - Timer for DOS         The Media Library for MS Access'97     Too Much PC v3.0 - Win32 program to limit time of PC using by
		children     To736KB v3.00 - Conv. RAM Extender by Jan Patera    Toggler v1.0 - CapsLock, NumLock and Insert keys controller for
		Win32    WinToilet95 - Joke Rated Program for Win95    Tools Package v7.6.1 - Set of free utilities for Win32     SnadBoys Top Desk for Win95/NT - Views Desktop Contents        ToolPro v1.75 - Set of desktop enhancements for Win95/98/NT    Transparent Clock v1.6 for Win32 - Digital Clock     Transparent v4.2 - Util that turn Win95/NT desktop icon text
		backgrounds transparent    Trapper rev.1 - File operations tracker    Registry Trash Keys Finder v3.00 beta-2 for Win32
traycalc.rar    Calculator for Win32     TrayClock v2.3 - Win95/98/NT freeware talking clock      Trayer v3.00 - Application runner from system tray area     Tray Explore for Win95 - Windows Tray Explorer    TrayDay v6.21 for Win9x/NT - Date, time and counter tray util      TrayIcon for Win'95 - One click access to applications      TrayIt! - Saves precious taskbar space for minimized windows    TrayTools 2000 v2.5 - Set of desktop utils for Win32     HJ-TreePad v2.7 - Info Manager     Tray Menu v1.3.3 - Win9x taskbar util    El Trucador v1.0 for Win9x/NT - Personal database under Excel    TimeSheet Calculator v2.0 - Win32 time calculator      Thought Speed - Personal Storage Manager for Win32    TSR(s) Remover (and Mark) v1.0    TSR utils v3.5 - Memory utils     Collection of TSR utils by Timo Salmi       Thunder Tools for Win95 v1.40 - Win95 Shell Extensions    TitleTime v2.05 for Win32 - Adds current date/time to the
		caption of currently active application window    TimeTools v1.02 - Alarm,timer,stopwatch&metronome for Win95     Time Trakker v1.3 - Time evaluator of Windows applications      ThumbTrack v1.2 - Win95/98/NT util which hold the scroll bar
		control     TvText Teletext Viewer v1.01 for Windows        Travel Ware v1.4c - Traveller's PIM for DOS     Towards-2000 v1.11 - A desktop tray Year 2000 Countdown for
		Win95/NT         The Worked Calculator v2.0 - Job time calculator       Collection of interesting Windows settings tweaks     Tweaker v6.0 - Win9x/NT util to tweak Windows settings    TweakEzy v1.02 - System time correcting utility for Windows'95    TweakAll v2.0 - Win95/98 hidden options changer    Twilight Sentinel - Small screen saver    TweakJr99 v2.60 - Windows 95/98/NT settings tuner      Tool Works for Win95/98/2000/NT - Automation software toolbox    Text-To-Logo Converter for Win95    Typewriter Sound Imitator for Windows (Joke Program)    Underwear Time & Date Utilities v1.0    Underwear Walking Clock v1.2    User Blaster v1.00 - NT server administrator helper    Ultimate Clock v1.2 - Clock and timer for Windows     UICE v2.10 - Universal Infrared Control Engine for Windows         UMA v3.0 - UMA Driver for Shadow Ram Equipped PC's    UMB_DRVR.SYS Device Driver for DOS 5.0     Device driver for providing UMBs for the NEC Information Systems
		Powermate 386sx Plus Computer under MS DOS 5.0+    UMB PCI v3.05 - MS-DOS/Windows UMB driver      UseMOUSE v5.00 - Mouse util for DOS      UNIKEY 2000 - Unicode keyboard utility for Win2000     UNITS v5.2 - Units Convertor    UnixCorn v2.0 - Adds Windows commands to DOS programs      Ultra Precision Command Timer v1.6 - Util for time measuring     Update Toolkit v2.2 - A command-line tool for moving/copying
		files, changing windows shortcuts and search/replace of texts    Upside-Down - Win9x Screen Rotator (joke)    Uptimer v4.10 - System Time Correction Utility      Uptime v2.0 - Util that shows how long Windows has been running    Uptim v1.08 - Win95/98/NT util showing PC running time    UPTIME v2.00 - Win95/98/NT util that displays how long
		the computer has been running     Uptimer - The System Timer Update Service        URAM - Memory management util (use shadow-ram for upper memory)     Ultimate Registry v1.22 - Windows Registry Hacker      UltraTag v1.04 - Tagline management system         Multi-function Command-line Utility v1.01     Free-DOS Alpha 5 utils     Time&Chaos PIM/Diary Utilities Disk      UTLOS2 - Unix like utils for OS/2         UUR - Simple program for time registration       Unix-Like Utils for MS-DOS by George Gesslein II     Vinny Address Phone Book v1.07 - Personal address and phone
		list manager for Win95/98      Varset - Environment variable setter    Visual Basic Runtime v4.00 (16-bit)    Visual Basic Runtime v4.00 (32-bit)      Visual Basic Runtime v5.00    Visual Basic Runtime v1.00    Visual Basic Runtime v2.00    Visual Basic Runtime v3.00     Visual Basic Runtime v6.00    VB Switch v1.0 - Check progs for need of VB and Borland DLL's       Borland's Run-time Library VCL30.DPL       Borland's Run-time Library VCL40.BPL       VCRadio v1.2a - FM PC Radio Cards Controller    Version Info v1.0 for Win3 - Check version of DLL,OCX... files     Vern v3.22 - Virtual Environment Resource Navigator for Win32        DOS Version Setter by TIGRA    Version Assistant v1.0.6 - Version resources of a file viewer    Versions v1.10 - DLL file version tracker
vesamax.arj     VESAMAX - Reduces max. available screen resolution for older
		monitors      FoxPro Runtime DLL's    VGA Watch - VGA modes dumper    VIASPEED v2 - VIA mainboards VGA accelerator     Video Catalog v1.1 - Catalog for video casettes       Vixenish Virus v1.0 - Run a fake virus on your friends     VisToolBo9x v3.0 - Collection of Win9x/Me/NT/2000 utils       VIMODE v5.00 - Set the videomode     Vinny Calendar Reminder v2.00 - Appointments reminder for Win9x       VR-Quote v4.1 - Random Quote Generator      VxDMon v1.0 - Tool allowing profiling of Win95 VxD performance    WINUTILS v3.0 - A collection of Win95 utils       WinAPI Suite v2.2.1 for Win9x/NT - Set of utils to call
		MS Windows API from command line    Software Check - Software auditing tool     WinActiv v1.0 - Util to activate any window from command line     Wallpaper Manager v3.30 - Wallpaper changer for Windows    Wallpaper Changer v1.90 for Win9x/NT    DigitalBomb Wallpaper Changer for Win32    Wallpaper Changer v1.4.0 for Win32    Wapplaper Changer v2.2.3 for Win9x/NT Freeware    Wall Random v3.0 - Win95/98 Wallpaper Changer      Wallpaper Randomizer v1.2 for Win95/98    Bill Reid's Wallswapper v2.0 - Windows Wallpaper Selector     WallWizard v1.2 - Wallpaper manager for Win95     WATCH v2.0 - Programs activity logger    WavAlarm v1.0 - WAV player at selected time
wboost48.exe    WinBoost v4.8x - Windows Optimizer       Window Control v1.45 for Win3.1/95     WatchCat v2.0 - Application windows hider     WCLIP v2.1 - Win Clipboard Util for DOS Box    WDLLFnd v1.32 - Active DLL Identificator     WebTime 2000 v3.6 - System time synchronizer    DLL Finder v1.2 - DLL reference finder       Winerghia for Win95/98 - Windows settings tuner    WageTimer v1.0 - Displays hours work and earned money
wh95v203.exe    WinHacker95 Shareware v2.03 - Set of Win95/NT Utils    (ASP) WhizNotes v3.00 - Hypertext Organizer & Help Generator      Windows Hide Master v1.67 - Tool to hide windows and programs      Windows Hider Pro v1.51 - Group of Windows hiding tool     Wieldy v2.1 - Program for manipulation of Win applications    WinAlarm v1.20    WinTaskBar v3.00 - Extended memory functions for drag&drop     WinCtrl v1.41 - Powerful Window Manager for Win95    Greatis WinDowse v1.1 - Windows analyser    A fake Windows explorer error for Win32     WinShow - Util that displays characteristics of window     WinHack v1.4 - Program for editing internal Windows settings    WinHack v1.4 - Program for editing internal Windows settings
		(package without DLL's)    Win2cache v1.0 - Win95/98 speeding-up util      WinHP - Win95/NT editor of HP-48G/GX calculator related files      WinKey v1.3 for Win95/98 - Win95 key enhancer    WinManager v2.50 - Additional utils for Windows    WinMapper v1.06 - Keyboard shortcuts creator for Win32      WinObj - WinNT object manager namespace browser    WinShaper v1.0 - Window shaping util for Win95     WinPassword v1.00 - Util for recovering Win95 screensaver
		password    WinPwds v1.00 - Gets the Windows logon password on keypress    WinReg95 v1.0 - Program to change Win95 owner     Win-Res-Q v1.0 - The lost windows rescue tool    WinTime v1.0 - Win95/NT Windows On Time Watcher Pro v4.7 - Suite of tools for Win32 to increase
		system performance Classic v4.7 - Suite of tools for Win32 to
		increase system performance    WIRC v1.61 - Windows Infra Red Control Utility    Wizard of Time v1.50 - Year 2000 probs solver    WinDuh v1.0 - System Customization Util for Win95    WinChimes v1.3 for Win95/98/NT - Chimes Clock      Windows Cycler XP - Desktop wallpaper & screen savers
		randomizer for Win Me/2000/XP    WinGhost v1.10 - Mouse/keyboard events replayer at specified
		time for Win32
winorg.exe      WinOrganizer v2.6 - Versatile personal information manager
		for Win98-XP    WINX32 v5.0 - Run several progs from one icon    Win_Wrap - Win 3.1 program launcher that prevents insufficient
		memory problems    WinTimer - Windows Timing Utility     WinTool v1.1 - Visible aplication windows/windows groups
		manager      WinTop - Tool that can make any window of program be always
		on the top     Windows Uptime v1.5 - Displays how long time your system has
		been up since boot    Windows95 Utility Suite v1.2    WireKeys v2.3 - Set of additional tools for Win32    Wizard of Time v1.5 - Y2K problem solver    WinKey Killer v1.6 - Windows key and context menu key disabler     LinkCheck v5.8 for Win3.1 - EXE/DLL links verifier     LinkCheck v5.8 for Win95 - EXE/DLL links verifier     LinkCheck v5.8 for WinNT - EXE/DLL links verifier     Wall Paper Designer v1.0 for Win32    WinLog for Win98 v4.0 - Util to log when PC is booted      Windows ME Realdos - Util that adds Real-DOS mode for WinME
wmpro40a.exe    Wallmaster Pro v4.0a - Wallpaper manager for Win32     Wall Navigator v1.20 - Wallpaper manager for Win3.1/95
wncmdr64.rar    winCMDR v6 - Set of various tools for Windows      WinMon - Displays time, date, free memory...    David Aylott's Utils for Win16 v4.0 - Set of useful utils    David Aylott's Utils for Win32 v4.2 - Set of useful utils     Watson's World Time Clock v2.31 for Win32       Wallpaper Control Panel v1.0 for Win98/Me      WPC v1.2b - Wall Paper Changer for Win'95    WallPaper Changer v1.0 for Win95/NT       WPChg! Wallpaper Changer for Win95-XP      WinPos v1.0 - Util to position any window from the command-line    WRDGRB v1.4 - Grabber of words from screen to command line    World Clocks v2.4 - World clock for Win32      WinRamTurbo v2.2 for Win95/98/NT - Memory Optimizer        WinSnow98 - Snow for your desktop :-)
wshow20.rar     WSHOW v2.0 - Wallpaper Changer
wsize.rar       The WSIZE v0.19b - Console Window Sizer for Win95/98      Windows Sizer - Util for moving/sizing windows     WallSmart v2.0 - Wallpaper Changer for Win32     WinSpeech v3.0n - Text to speach reader for Win95/NT
wt.rar          Program Work Time v1.01
wtchr203.exe    Watcher v2.03 - Video Surveillance Software using Webcam      Watson's Timer for Win32    WEBTIMESYNC v5.6 - NIST time client    (ASP) Win-expose-Registry v1.00 - Registry Tracer/Debugger/
		Monitor for Win95           X - A TSR BossKey program for DOS :-)       Xaman - Util for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 that shows clock, CPU
		usage, memory load etc.      XEQ v1.60 - COM File Library and Command Executor     CNC programs downloader for DOS/WinNT     XGUI v1.00 - X Graphical User Interface for MS-DOS       X-Icon Changer - Icon manager for Win32      Xit v1.2 - One button zapper for Win16/Win32    Christmas Animated Cursors v1.0 for Win95/98/NT     Xmas v1.01 - A desktop tray Xmas Countdown for Win95/NT     XMS Control Center v1.5 - Setup of XMM     XNote Stopwatch v1.39 for Win32       eXPerience Pack - Software that adds XP style to Win9x/NT/2000    XP Icons v3.0 - Win9x/Me/2000 icons to XP style changer         XRS v1.00 - Extended Registry Search
xqxset63.exe    X-Setup v6.3 for Wi95-XP - Windows Hacker    X Reminder Pro v3.7.3 - Term reminder for Win32    X-Shooter v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Gag program that punchs holes
		in the windows      XTKB 1.3 - Allows new 101 - style keyboard to work with XT    Xteq COM Register Extension for Win95/98/NT - Context menu
		extender    HolmesFx v1.1 - Year 2000 problem solver for DOS     Y2K - Year 2000 Countdown    The Yankee Clipper - Win95/NT Clipboard Memory/Stacker    Year 2000 - Fixes probs with year 2000 on PC's      Year 2000 Countdown Program    YYMMDD v1.3 - Modified DATE Command     ZX Spectrum 48/128 Emulator for DOS & Windows      ZENO v4.0 - Screen write accelerator      ZMover v3.01 - Keep applications on top of others and at
		a given location for Win95/NT    Zoomer v2.0 - Zoom of area around cursor for Win95/NT    Zoom Wizard v2.3 - Sizable/movable windows zoomer for Win95/NT
zorro.exe       Zorro v1.31 - Blank the screen except of an user selected area     ZULU v1.50 - Time in another time zone calculator    Collection of tiny MS-DOS utils

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