Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILFILE    1-2-3 Empty v1.00 - Temporary files deletion add-on to
1251u866.rar    Conversion table from Win-1251 to CP-1125 (RUSCII) for FAR    OneDIR Pro v2.01 - Enhanced DIR util     1toX v2.63 - File Splitter for Win32    2ASCII v2.0 - Encodes file into EXECUTABLE 2ASCII text
		format suitable for E-mail    File CRC (32 bit) checking utility    TriDComm v0.8 - 3D file manager for Windows    4DC v0.91 - 4DOS INI Editor    4DiskClean - Win32 recycle bin and temporary files cleaner      4DIZcribe v1.8 - 4DOS dir util    (ASP) 4files v3.30 - Multi-Purpose File Manager    4Sight v5.2 - File Finder and Processor    4DOS Trasher v1.0       REXX program to shorten LFNs to be read by DOS programs    Advanced DOS Seek rel.III - Search util for DOS/Windows    Win95 Batch File for Erasing Floppy Disk from a Shortcut    AAAUUE v4.0 - File decoder for Windows    AAAUUE/MIME v5.0 - File decoder for Win95/NT      ACD v3.05 - NCD-like util       Advanced Checksum Verifier v1.3.0 - MD5/CRC32 Checksum
		Calculator/Validator for Win95-XP
activhlp.rar    Active-Help v2.4 - FAR v1.70 beta4+ plugin for opening Windows
		Help files from inside FAR manager    Active PDF View - Lister Plugin for Total Commander to view
		PDF files
abook215.rar    Address Book Plugin v2.15 for FAR
adafar03.rar    FAR Manager API for Ada v0.3    Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization v1.17 for
		Win9x/NT/2000      Add/Remove Cleaner v1.4 - Win95 Program Uninstaller         ADO Data Sources v1.1 - FS Plugin for Total Commander         Advanced Directory Printer v1.09 - Util to print or export list
		of files/directories       AddReg v1.0 - Excel add-in loader/unloader    Add/Remove Pro v2.04 - Uninstalling assistant for Win95/98    AD Search & Replace v1.00 - Util to search for files on file
		mask and text
adsel170.rar    Advanced file select v1.70 - FAR Plugin    AddTime Addon v1.02 for Total Commander - Time/date of multiple
		files changer
advbinkv.rar    The Advanced Binkd Outbound Viewer Plugin v0.01 for FAR         Active File Compare v1.7 - File Comparison/Synchronization
		tool for Win32      Andy's File Descriptor v1.01 for Win95/98/NT    AnyFolder v1.04 - Win95/NT Shell Extension      Advanced Find and Replace v1.6.0 - AltaVista style local files
		finder      AF Search v8.30 - Local File Search Engine    French translation of Total Commander Help file    ZAP v2.66 - file/directory removal utility    AlbumPack - Total Commander plugin to extract songs from MP3
		files created by AlbumWrap application
alcopy12.rar    AlwaysCopy v1.2 - FAR manager plugin module
all-lpss.rar    LOW POWER2 - Screen Saver for DOS Navigator     ALLnSync v3.5.2 - Directory and file synchronization tool     Alternative Viewer v1.5 - Viewer calling another viewers ...       Actions Monitor v1.02 - Win32 file system activity monitor    Adrenal Manager v1.32 - Graphics File Manager for DOS/Win95       Analyzer v1.36 - Detects file's type     Spell Checker FAR Plugin v0.31
ansivw18.rar    AnsiView v1.8 plugin for FAR Manager for viewing logs/pics
		with ESC sequences     VVV-Antiduplicator - File deduplicator for DOS    Utility for adding an "Any Folder" entry to Win95 "Send To"
		menu    AnySQL v1.1.1 Plugin for FAR Manager    Anywhere v1.0.20 - Util to copy, move or rename a file from
		within the Windows Explorer     Application Mover v2.2 - Tool for relocation of installed
		applications from one path to another one
appblk21.rar    AppendBlock v2.1 - Editor plugin for FAR    AppPaths 2000 v2.7 - Application launcher     FolderCleaner v1.1 - Win32 file/folder cleaner    AquaSeek v1.0 for Win95/98 - Find files and dirs     Add/Remove 4 Good - Windows system cleaner     ARchive Utility v1.04 - List of files, folders and drives
		generator for Win32    Archiver v3.0 - File Collection Manager for Win95/98/NT    ArcMenu v5.1 - File Manager for DOS/Windows       Add/Remove Manager v2.0 - Utility for managing shortcuts to
		uninstall Windows applications    Auto Running v1.0 - Program Launcher for Windows       Associate v1.3 - File utility to set up file associations in
ascii152.rar    ASCII Chart v1.52 - FAR PlugIn Module     ASCII Chart (ext) v2.4 for FAR 1.6x    ASCII Table v1.06 - FAR plugin      Advanced Space Hunter - Disk Deduplicator for Win95    Association Manager v1.3a - Association editor for Win32     Associate v1.7 for Win9x/NT - File association editor    ASTEROID - 8 to 7 bit file encoder/decoder
astrct13.rar    AutoStruct v1.3 - Plug-in for FAR editor     Advanced StartUp Manager v1.41 for Win32    ASVIEW v2.2 - View Manager for NC/VC         Attribute Magic v1.0.3 - Attribute viewer/changer for Win32    Attrib v1.04 - File attribute utility for DOS    AttrEdit - Attribute Editor for Windows     Attribute Manager v1.08 - Tool for file/folder date/time stamp
		manipulation    DOS version of AUMenu for UNIX v1.4.2 - Multi-platform menu
autobrac.rar    AutoBrackets v0.999 - FAR built-in editor plugin
autocmpl.rar    FAR v1.60+ plugin to complete and auto-complete words in editor    AutoCopyFile v2.1 - Win32 util that copies files on timed basis   Auto Cleaner - Temporary files automatic clenaer     AutoDocuFile v1.0 - File organizing system     AutoRun plugin v1.2 for FAR Manager to execute autorun.inf
autosave.rar    AutoSave v0.3 - FAR v1.64+ Editor Plugin
autotext.rar    Autotext v1.02 FAR Plugin - Helps to automate text writing     AVA Commander Millenium Beta 2 - Tiny file manager for Win32    Average File Size v1.04 - Reports the average file size
		of all files on a specified drive      AVIWCX v1.5 - AVI Extension plugin for Total Commander     AVT (ArVid Tapes) Plugin for FAR v0.93b    AVTRdr v0.1b - ARVID tape plugin for FAR manager (in Russian)
avttdr.rar      TDR/AVT Archives add-on to MultArc FAR Plugin         AXE v1.24 - Simple File Splitter      Imaginator v1.4 - IMG format plugin for Total Commander      Back2life v2.1- Total Commander plugin to undelete erased
		files from FAT volumes    (ASP) Backer v2.99a - Synchronizes and updates dirs and files
		- Windows 3.1 version    (ASP) Backer v5.04 for Win32 - Dirs/Files Synchronizer
backup15.rar    Backup Editor files plugin v1.5 for FAR     BAK Killer    Base64/Mime encoder/decoder    BaseView v1.2 - DBF files viewing plugin for Total Commander     BASK v1.31 - Backup/synchronize tool for Win32     HJ-Bazooka v1.1 - File launcher for Win95      Blackboard Directory Size v1.3 for Win95/NT      Blackboard UU Encoder/Decoder v1.2 for Win95/NT    BlackBoard File Wipe v4.3 for Win95/NT      Background Copy v1.2 - FAR plugin to copy/move/delete files
		in background (with Unicode support)     Beyond Compare v1.9e - Dir/File Compare Utility for Win32
bcen2160.exe    Blue Commander v2.1.6 - Polish File Manager for Win32       Background Copy Indicator v1.2 - FAR Manager Plugin    BCOMP v1.01 - Binary File Comparing Utility       Boogie's Decoder v1.05 - B64, C91, UUE and XXE decoder    BerkFind v1.02 - Advanced file finder for DOS    BetaTest v0.4 - On-fly Plugin Loader for FAR Manager         Binary File Compare - DOS util         Better File Rename v3.0 - File renamer      BINHEX v1.001 - Converts BINHEX 4.0 files back into
		their original form     Various useful and free utilities for DOS      MkDos emulator - Plugin module for FAR Manager
block_b4.rar    Block Manipulator v1.0 beta 4 - Editor plugin for FAR    BlockPro v2.11 - Block processor for FAR internal editor       Byte Manager v1.23 - DOS Shell from Hungary     Bobby v1.4 - File Manager     bP Copy v1.06 - File copying program for DOS        Batch Renamer v1.0 - File renamer for Win95        BatchRename v1.5 - File renamer for Win32    Bracket Matching - FAR Plugin
branch14.rar    Branch v1.4 Plugin for FAR v1.60 - Directory tree viewer     Bulk Rename v1.6 for Win95/98/NT - File renamer       Mrs.Broom - Disk cleaning utility (BAK,TMP etc. cleaner)    The Broom! v1.5 - Temporary files cleaner    BRiNDYS CAT v2.71a - File, dir, volume & drive analyzer
bso_view.rar    BlinkStyle Outbound Viewer v1.01.2 - FAR plugin    BSCENCODE/BSCDECODE - Encoding util for sending FAX messages
		through E-mail      BSPLIT v1.10r - Binary file split utility    BR Button Pusher v2.0 for Win95 - Application launcher     BlueVade HotKey v1.0.0 - Assign Application or Document to
		Hot Key      BXP v0.3a - Binary to text converter     Compare2Crack v0.05 - Fast File Comparing Program    Compare2Crack/486 v0.06b - Fast File Comparator    Crack2EXE/4866 v0.02a    InstallShield CAB Plugin v0.1 for Total Commander    Smartalec Cache Killer - Folders with temporary files deleter
calc152.rar     Calculator v1.52 - FAR PlugIn Module     Plugin Calculator v2.65 for FAR Manager
calcpl.rar      Plugin Calculator v3.0 for FAR
calendar.rar    Calendar v1.12 - FAR Manager Plugin    Calypso v2.1 - Win95-style shell for Win3.x      CamCom Plugin for FAR Manager for transfer of pictures from
		digital cameras
canoncam.rar    CanonCam Plugin for FAR manager v0.6 - Plugin that realizes
		access to Canon's digital cameras     CaseRename - Case of filenames changer      CATaloge v0.99 - Enhanced DIR utility          Chernyak Commander - Russian NC/VC Clone       Clean Center v1.32 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Junk files deleter    Controlled Copy v1.08 - File copier/mover for DOS/Win95    CCM Wizard v2.1 - File management commands from right-click
ccomm170.rar    Call Command FAR plugin v1.70    Coig Change Directory v0.83a - DOS based directory navigator    CDDataBase v1.4a - Total Commander plugin for creation of
		removable media contents database     CD2HTML v4.3 - Win9x/Me/NT/2000 tool for creation of HTML
		page from list of dirs/files    CDBFVIEW v1.10 - Total Commander Lister Plugin     CD! v1.3 - Improved CD Command    CDD! v1.3 - Improved CD Command
cddir200.rar    Directory Contents Filelist Creating Utility v2.00 beta 2    CDesc v1.10 - DOS util for BBS-type list of specified files     cdHelps plugin v1.50 for FAR v1.6x - Context-dependent help
		add-on to internal editor    CD Index v0.4.99b5 - CD ROM Collection Contents Database     CleanDisk v2.8 - Unwanted files remover     CdIt v1.50 - Directory changer      CD-Master v2.0 for Win95/NT - Shell Add-on for CD-ROM's folders
		and files     CDL & CDM - Change dir and dir listing utils for DOS    CD Navigator v4.2 - An audio and date disk catalogue
		program for DOS      CDQ v3.10 - Change Directory Quick    CD_Short v2.0 for Win95/NT - Shortcut for CD command       CD up Plugin - FAR Manager Plugin for direct jumping to parent
		directory    CDWise v1.0 - Freeware CD-catalog program
cefar.rar       WinCE Browser v0.97 - FAR Plugin      (ASP) CMFiler v6.06b - DOS File Manager        CMD Here v2.xx - Explorer Shell Extension to access
		DOS prompt in requested folder    CHANGE v9.11 - Processes change commands in files    Change Extension v3.0 for Win95     Character Map v3.1 - FAR v1.70 plugin module    CHCASE - Upper/lower/sentence case file name changer     Change Directory v1.0 - FAR Plugin for fast directory changing    The Directory Checker v2.1 - Tool for comparing disks/dirs    Check Sum Calculator for Windows
cheeper.rar     Cheeper - Plugin for FAR editor      CHANGE v5.00 - Make global changes to any file    Change Case v3.1 for Win9x/NT - File/dir name case changer    Change Extension v3.0 for Win95      Date/Time Stamp Editor for Win32    CHKFILES v1.8 - Files tracker    CheckSum32 v1.3 for Win95/NT - CRC calculator     CHVIew v1.0 - FAR manager viewer for CHM (HTML Help) files      CHOOSE! - Quick File Access Utility for DOS     Chop v1.31 - File splitter for Win32    Chopper v2.2 - File Splitter    CKRename v1.06 - File Renamer for Win95/98
clbcopy.rar     ClipBoard Copy v1.10 - Explorer like copy Plugin for FAR     Clean It v3.00 - Temporary internet and system files remover    Start Menu Cleaner v1.51 for Windows    Clean v1.00 Beta - Trashed file cleaner    PC Garbage Remover v3.56 for Win95/98/NT    CleanPC v1.3 - Clean unnecessary files from HD    CleanUp v1.1 - TMP files etc. cleaner for Win95    Cleanup v2.4 - Unwanted files deletion tool for Win95-XP
cleanv22.exe    Clean v2.2b - Application remover for Windows    ClipperStuff plugin v1.1 beta 2 for FAR v1.70+
clipcopy.rar    Clipboard Copy v1.7 - FAR Manager plugin    ClipName v1.2 - Drag name of the file    Summator Plugin for FAR v2.5    Clean System Directory v1.7 - Removes unused DLL's    (ASP) CleanUp v2.06 - Disk Deduplicator    CleanWin v1.54 - Clean your Windows from temporary files       CLONE v1.0 - Copy program (with LFN and    Clone FAR v0.0.1 - FAR plugin for cloning paths, files etc.      CleanUp v5.00 - File deduplicator    Select-From-Clipboard Plugin for FAR v1.1    Various backup files deleter     Color View v3.20 - DIR replacement      CleanUp for Windows v2.01 - File deduplicator      COMDI v1.0 - HD Navigator for DOS      CONA v2.1 - Navigator for DOS      COPRO v1.0 - Program Manager for DOS     CMDbar v2.30 - Command line util to control Win95/98/NT
		from a keyboard      CMDL and CMDLL - Utils that do a command on a set of files     Commander v1.50 for W95 - Run progs with personal "aliases"    BinaryFileCompare 32-bit v2.30 - English version      CMP v5.13 - Show differencies between files      Comparator v2.2 - File folder comparison, copy and update util
		for Win95/98/NT    ComparatorPro v3.03 - File folder comparison, copy and update
		tool for Win95-XP      COMTEXT v1.9 - File Viewer          CONNECT - IBM HandShaker - Russian MS-DOS Shell for Programmers    Collection of helps for CONNECT program
cnav140e.exe    Chedek Navigator v1.40 - File manager for Win9x/NT       CONTROLO v1.0 - File Handler    Context Edit v1.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Code64 - Windows MIME coder/decoder      CODE91 - 7-bit en/de-coding utility v1.1    CODIR v3.82 - Directory color viewer
color30.rar     Colorer v3.0 - Syntax Highlighting Plugin for FAR
color4u.rar     Colorer 4U - Syntax Highlighting Library for FAR
colorer.rar     Colorer - Syntax highlighting library for FAR      Colors FAR Plugin v0.8 - Interface colorizing tool    Autocomplete - Unix-like filename completion plugin for FAR
		Manager    Microsoft File Compression Utility File Format Definition
		for FAR manager (compress.fmt) v1.05     CONNECT! v2.0 - English version of Czech Serial/Parallel Port
		Diret Cable File Transfer Program
cosel103.rar    Color Selector Table v1.03 for FAR manager      Comedy - Context menu extension manipulator     ES Commentator v1.2 - File Commentor and Launch System
		for Windows    COMT v0.10d - COM to 7bit ASCII file converter
consv225.rar    Console Server v2.25 for FAR Manager        File Converter Using Translation Tables
coolscr.rar     CoolScreen for FAR v2.12 - Resident util for DOS Screen Mode
		Parameters Tuning      COP v1.0d - A File Management Program for DOS    Professional auto-copy (scatter) of files v1.11 for DOS32/Win32     COPSINCE v9.11 - File copy utility
copy32dn.rar    LFN Files Copy Add-on for DOS Navigator     CopyAll - Win32 Backup Program    Copyit v2.0a - DOS copy utility    CopyLock v1.06 - Program that allows the replacement of files
		that are currently in use    CopyPath v1.0 - Network copy util
coun11.rar      Counter v1.1 - FAR Editor Plugin for Character Counting     COUNT v1.0 - Dirs/Files/Bytes counter in current directory       Complete Program Deleter v2.4 - Uninstall Program for DOS     Captain Nemo v1.0 - The DOS-Novell Cross Platform File Manager      CpToCp v1.1.2 - Code page conversion plugin for FAR manager    Copy Expert v2.2 - Advanced File Copy Utility for Win32      LowTek CopyFaster v1.0 - Util for speeding-up copying with
		Windows 2000 Explorer    Copygrp v2.2 - Automated group file updater    CopyPath v1.1 - Copy path of selected files to the clipboard    CopyVFD - FAR plugin module for copying files to diskette
		with verifying the record
cr8tm03.rar     Create Template Plugin v0.3 for FAR - Allows to create new file
		using defined template      CRC v5.0 - CRC Calculation Program
crc16.exe       CRC Calculator for Win16 by Alchemy Mindworks
crc32.exe       CRC Calculator for Win32 by Alchemy Mindworks      CRC32 for Win9x/NT v1.30 - 32-bit Checksum Calculator    Cricket v2.00 (CRC-IT) - DOS util that generates and validates
		CCITT CRC-32 checksums
create.rar      File Create 32-bit v2.02 - Test files creator    Crest FAR plugin v1.1 - Optimized version
crestv22.rar    Crest FAR plugin v2.2 - Selected lines/rows colorizer      CRONO v1.1 for Windows - Time stamper    CryoGen - File Repairing Tool     CSAP v4.2.3 - Sort and pack MS-DOS directories (incl. C source)    (ASP) CSDIFF v4.0 - File/DIR/ZIP Differences Shower      CloneSpy v2.0 - Win32 tool to find and delete duplicate files
csvp112.rar     CSVs viewing plugin v1.12 for FAR Manager       ClearTemp v1.00 for Win95/98/NT - Windows Temp Folder Cleaner
ctags092.rar    FAR Manager plugin for using ctags files for source code
		navigation    CT Launcher v2.0 - Win95 Program Launcher    CompTree v1.80 - File comparing util for DOS/Win95 DOS box    CyberTech Renamer v1.1.1 for Win32      ES-Control Icon-less Desktop for Win v1.1      Control3 v3.5 - Fast File Manager for Win32    Control3 - Fast File Manager for DOS
ctrl152.rar     CTRLDISK v1.52 - FAR v1.50 PlugIn Module for Fast Drive Change
ctrlkeys.rar    Change Active Drive Plugin v1.1 for FAR v1.60+
ctrlpanl.rar    Control Panel v1.6.0.0 - FAR Plugin
ctrlstrt.rar    CtrlStart v0.1 for FAR v1.60+ - Enables to start/enter/view
		files/dirs       Cache Users v1.1 - Plugin for FAR manager to cache Lookup
		AccountSid API Calls (for WinNT/2000/XP)     CutFile Plugin v1.1 for FAR v1.6x    Cutter v2.52 - Cut Large Files
cvsplug.rar     CVS Plugin v0.75 for FAR Manager       CWD v3.1 - Shows current dirs for all drives     CopyCat v4.0 - Backup/File Copy Tool for Win32       D v1.07 - DIR replacement    DIR2HTML v1.0.6 - File index generator in HTML format     Directory 2 TDR v1.4 - ARVID tape directory (.TDR file) creator     DIR32 v3.0 - Dirs catalog structure storer      DA v3.10 - Delete All Utility for DOS       Delete All But v1.0 - DEL Util    DATCLEAN - Selects files that are dated before/after given date    DateCoder - Encodes date of a file in its extension    DateEdit v4.0 - Shell extension for date/time file changing
datetime.rar    Date-n-Time v2.03 Plugin for FAR v1.60    Date & Time Property Page v1.40 - Shell extension for Win95     DBFView v1.02 - FAR Manager Plugin Module    FAR PluginRinG - Unofficial database of plugins for FAR manager     DBX2MBX Converter v2.0b - Outlook Express message base to Unix
		mailbox converter    DBX (Outlook Express message base) format definition for FAR    DBX (Outlook Express message base) format definition for FAR     DBX plugin for Total Commander    DBX plugin for Total Commander - Configuration tool       Dupe Checker v1.02 - HD deduplicator     DOS Command Center v5.1e - German DOS File Manager      DateChecker v1.1.3 - Util for manipulation with date of the
		files         Default Directory Changer v1.0 for Win9x     DDEL v1.0b - Inverse DEL command     DDIR v15.3 - Directory lister    DiskDir Extended v1.31 - Total Commander plugin for DiskDir
		compatible file list creation     DeadLNK - Dead .LNK files deleter      Decode/Encode DLL's v1.5 (UUE,Mime64...)      Decode Shell Extension v4.3 for Win9x/NT - UUE,Mime64...
		extension to Windows Explorer     32-bit uudecoder v1.00 by Andy Kurnia     Deductus v1.60 - Disk cataloging tool for Win32      Express Extension Definition v1.05 - Extension description util    DEL0 v1.10 - Zerobyte file del program      Deleter v2.10 - Enhanced DEL utility     Delete'97 v2.0 - Win95/NT File Deleter in DOS Box    DelBak v3.83 - Configurable Cleaning Program by ROSE    DEL! v1.3 - Enhanced DEL and ERASE Commands    DELEN v1.04 - Enhanced DELete utility
delete.rar      Delete to Trashcan - DEL replacement    DeleteOldFiles v4.0 - Old files command-line deleting util
		for Win95/98/NT
delphapi.rar    Simple "Hello World" FAR plugin written using Delphi 4 with src    Deletor v2.7 - Recursively deletes all the files matching
		user-specified pattern for Win95/NT     Listed Files Deleter     DelNull - Deletes files with 0 bytes length    Delelete OLD v2.0 - Util for deleting files older than
		a specified amount of time     DELSPECial - Util that puts every DOS command or executable
		at your disposal    DELTEMPS v1.6 - TMP files delete utility    Deltree v1.01 - Subdir deleter for DOS    Alchemy Description v1.0 - Describe files in Windows Explorer    DescEdit v2.5 beta - Description editor plugin for FAR manager    Description Search & Select - Plugin for FAR    Determine File Format v1.99.0 beta for DOS & OS2
df23.exe        Duplicate File Finder v2.3 for Win32
df95.exe        (ASP) Drag And File v4.5x for Win9x/NT - File Manager      Duplicate Files Finder v1.93 - Command line deduplicator
dff_menu.rar    Duplicate Files Finder Ini v2.0       Directory-File Guardian v1.2 - Changes checker
dfgold.exe      (ASP) Drag And File Gold v4.5x for Win9x/NT - File/Zip Man.     Directory Finder v1.95a - File finder for DOS      (ASP) Duplicate File Locator v3.41 - Nice File Deduplicator      Demake v1.0 - File Joiner
dfqckdl.exe     (ASP) Drag And File v4.x for Win95/NT add-on for URLs download    DiskFree v1.1 for Win - Freeware utility        DOS Here v2.xx for Win95/98 - Explore shell extension to access
		DOS prompt in requested folder
dialview.rar    Dialog Viewer - FAR 1.60+ plugin to preview dialogs created for
		Dialog Generator API
dialvwlt.rar    Dialog Viewer v1.01 lite - FAR plugin to preview dialogs
		created for Dialog Generator API    DA - Directory Access Utility    Add comments about files in a diretory for Win95/98    Dir2HTML v3.00 by ROSE
dir2html.rar    File Names to HTML Converter v1.7 - FAR Plugin    Directory by Date/Time v1.2 - Plugin for FAR Manager    DIRCOMP v9.11 - REPLACE like utility    Directory Compare v1.6 - Dir comparing util for Win32    Dir Compare v1.0 - Directory contents comparing utility
dirdat35.exe    Dir-Date v3.5 - Date/time of the file/directory changer
dirhot10.rar    Directory Hotlist v1.0 - Plugin for FAR manager    DIRMATCH v3.1 - DIR comparer    Directory Printer v3.6 - Directory Listing Printer for Win32    DirPrint v4.0.23 - List of files in a directory printer    DirPrudence v1.6 - Win32 archive verification util
dirsiz42.exe    DirSize v4.2 - DirSize Show    DIRTOTAL v9.11 - DIR utility    DW v1.6 - Fast Dir Lister (incl. ASM source code)    (ASP) DISKBACK v1.1 - HD Backup     File List Creation Plugin for Total Commander     Disktective v4.0 - Disk-space recovery utility for Win95-XP
dkill036.rar    Duplicate Killer v0.36 - FAR Plugin     Desktop Launcher v1.0 - Application launcher    DLL Sweeper v1.0 beta - System DLLs clean-up util     DL Monitor v1.00 - Watches a specified directory for any
		change of size    Deadlink Finder v1.2 - Uninstalling util    Deluxe dir v2.80        Data Manager v1.2 - File management utility        Deresoft Menu v4.4       DataMan v3.12 - Data Manipulation Utility      Directory Maven v1.3 - Change Dir Program for DOS     Directory Maven 95 v1.00 - Change Dir Program for Win95/98/NT    DougMenu Menuing Software v1.77    DocuMill v2.0 - Image Database Management System / Fax Server      DosMaster v4.01 - DOS Shell
dn-352.exe      DizNfo v3.52 - File_id.diz, *.nfo viewer/editor       DOS Navigator v1.51 - Freeware DOS file manager
dn151bam.rar    DN v1.51.BAM - DN based DOS file manager
dn230b.rar      DOS Navigator Open Source v2.3.0 binaries
dn230d.rar      DOS Navigator Open Source v2.3.0 DPMI binaries
dn230h.rar      DOS Navigator Open Source v2.3.0 hungarian resources
dn230p.rar      DOS Navigator Open Source v2.3.0 additional files
dn230s.rar      DOS Navigator Open Source v2.3.0 sources
dnallb05.rar    DN/2 beta 5 - binaries of DN port for OS/2 and Win32
dn2doc.rar      DN/2 beta 5 - documentation
dn2data.rar     DN/2 beta 5 - additional files
dnos2s05.rar    DN/2 beta 5 - sources of DN port for OS/2 and Win32    Do Names v1.2 - Change file names    DOX on DOS Navigator (in Russian)    FAQ on DOS Navigator (in Russian)    Disk Note Librarian v4.21 - Disk Cataloger & DOS Shell     Screen Savers for DOS Navigator    DocMan v2.1 - Win'95 appl. that extends documents folder    docUment v1.00 - File catalogizer and changes monitor      Hide Windows Plugin (DoHide Lite) v1.01 for FAR      (ASP) DOS Menu v2.23 by MicroFox      MS-DOS's COMMAND.COM fix that prevents you from searching
		hidden dirs for a file(s)      DOSLFN - A real-mode driver for LFN missed in DOS with full
		UNICODE and DBCS support    Win'95 Long Filename Backup v2.5    SH - The UNIX-like DOS Shell v0.99    Doug's MS-DOS Shell Extension v1.0.3    DOSview v5.0 - NC like File Manager    DOUBLE v1.4 - File comparing util for DOS       DP2 v1.0 for Win95/NT - German CRC Checksumming Program     DPASHA v1.3 - CRC Checksummer for Win32        DR95 v1.00 - Win95 system checker/restorer     DragBatch - Batch util for group of files processing    (ASP) Drag And File v2.0 for Windows 3.1    Drive Scour - Windows util that shows the contents of drives      DRL v1.00 - Sorted directory lister for DOS    Oddera Drag & Script v1.4 for Win95/NT - List of files creator       Real Uninstall v3.0 for Win95/98/NT    LS v2.1a - UNIX like dir command    Descriptionizer v1.0 - File/Folder Descriptions Creator/Viewer
dt42.exe        Directory Toolkit v4.2 for Win9x/NT - Decoding/Encoding Tool
drassocu.exe    Dr.Associate v0.73 - Extension association editor for Win32    DeskMenu v2.1 - Desktop menu program    DoubleTrouble v1.0 - Duplicate files finder for Win95/NT      Date/Time Changer v3.1 for Windows      Date/Time Changer 95 v4.0 for Win95/NT
dtufp1_4.rar    DOS-866 to Unicode Converter v1.4 - FAR Plugin     DupSearch v2.0 - Disk deduplicator      DVI Manager v2.0 - Tool to managing DVI files     Double Explorer v1.52 - File Manager for Win9x-XP          DZ v1.1 - Util that deletes 0 bytes long files in current dir.
dzfmt10.rar     dz.fmt module for FAR v1.0 for reading DZIP archives
ealgn103.rar    Extended Align Block Plugin v1.03 for FAR Manager    EASYSPLIT v1.1 - File Splitter for Win32
ebcdic.rar      FAR code table to browse EBCDIC files       EDit Crutch FAR Manager v1.70+ Plugin v2.9
ecasea10.rar    EditCase Advanced v1.0 - FAR Manager Plugin     ESC-TSC Minimalistic v1.1 FAR v1.70 plugin for ESC settings
		changing    ESS-Code v7.5 for DOS - UUE/MIME/SHIP/BTOA Decoder    ESS-Code v7.8 for Win'95 - UUE/MIME/SHIP/BTOA Decoder    ESS-Code v7.8 for Windows 3.1 - UUE/MIME/SHIP/BTOA Decoder
ecf106.rar      Expression Calculator v1.06 - FAR Plugin
edcaseex.rar    EditCaseEx - Extended Case Editor Plugin for FAR v1.60
edhst12.rar     Editor History v1.2 - FAR Manager Plugin for creation of
		history of edited files    Call Any Program from within File Managers - 4DOS BTM File    EditByte v1.40 - Symbol Table for FAR
editcase.rar    EditCaseExtended v1.11 - Editor Plugin for FAR v1.60    Case Conversion Plugin for FAR v1.01     EditCompletion Plugin v3.9 release for FAR Manager    EDIT_REGEXP v1.05 FAR Plugin - Fully customizable function
		list plugin    EditSwap Plugin v2.41 for FAR v1.6x - National chars swapper       ExamDiff Pro v3.2c - Win95/98/NT tool to visual file/dir
		compare       Explorer Extensions v2.9 - File Processing Utils for Win9x/NT        EF CheckSum Manager v1.20 - MD5/SFV checksum generator and
		verification tool        EF Commander v3.91 - Win32/OS2 PM File Manager       EF Commander Lite v3.91 - Win32/OS2 PM File Manager       EF Commander v3.85 Free - Win32/OS2 PM File Manager       EF Duplicate Files Manager v2.10 - Files deduplication tool      EF Find v2.80 - Win32 File/Text Finder      E.F.S. v1.21 - Efficient File Saver    Effective File Search v3.3 for Win95-XP       EF StartUp Manager v1.20 for Win95-XP     EXTHELP v1.5 - FAR manager plugin for use context winhelp       EJECT/LOAD CD-ROM Tray Add-on for Total Commander    Explorer LaunchPad v2.1 for Win95/98/NT - Windows Explorer
		Extension      ELS v5.52 - Extended List System - DIR/TREE replacement        Easy Menu v8.1 - Hard Disk Menu
emailenc.rar    Windows-1251/Koi8-r chars to email encoding util for FAR
emenu15.rar     The Windows Explorer Context Menu Plugin v1.5 for FAR     EMPTY v1.3 - Creates empty file    Eliot Music System's Checkfile v1.2 - File Recognizer
enbl_wll.rar    Functional addon to "WL" plugin for FAR manager      ENUU v2.1 - Tiny UU-encoder for DOS    Print in built-in editor v2.0 for FAR v1.60    Equalise v5.0.0 - Win95/98/NT folder synchronizer     E-Racer/2 - Duplicate File Finder for OS/2 v1.4    Error Scan for Windows - System and disk cleaning utility
erte113.rar     ErtEditor Plugin for FAR Manager - .ERT files editing add-on     ExtraSearch for FAR v2.0 beta 28 - FAR Plugin for Extended
		Searching       ESC v2.2 - Editor's settings changer FAR plugin    ES menu v1.4 - Icon-less desktop for Windows 3.1/95    EasySplit v1.0 - File Splitter for Win32     EXTSEARCH v2.0 - Plugin for FAR Manager for expanding search
		functionality     EditSTAT v1.0 - Editor plugin for FAR Manager    Eureka.inf for Win95NT v1.3 - Adds Desktop to the contexmenu
		of a folder
ev102.exe       Eroiica Viewer v1.02 for Servant Salamander v2.5 beta 2 -
		Vector graphic formats viewer         Everyfind v5.2.0 - Search engine for web sites, intranet and
		local media       ex2fs Plugin v1.2 - Linux ext 2 and ReiserFS parttions access
		plugin for Total Commander   Excellence - Total Commander Lister plugin to display contents
		of XLS documents     FAR PE Viewer v2.4 Beta 9 - FAR Manager plugin for viewing
		Win32 executables    ExamDiff v1.6f - Win9x/NT Tool for Visual File Comparison    4DOS .BTM command file for exchanging filenames       EXE v3.4 - EXE File Lister    ExecParm - Shell extension that execute a program with command
		line parameters      Explore From Here for Files v1.0 for Win9x/NT - Access to the
		folder of a file    External Filter Plugin for FAR v1.1
exit_xc.rar     Volkov/Norton Commander Exit Utility    Explorer Manager v1.0 for Win95/NT - File manager with GUI
		of explorer
exppl107.rar    SQL Statement Execution Plan FAR Editor Plugin v1.07
exsql103.rar    SQL Statement Execution FAR Editor Plugin v1.03    ExtChanger - Mass file renamer or extension changer for Win32
extcom16.rar    Plugin for running external programs from FAR editor      EXTMP3 v4.2 Plugin for FAR Manager enabling view/edit ID3 tags      Extension Report v1.00 - Extension Report Creation Utility
extwrap.rar     Extended Autowrap Plugin v1.01 for FAR Manager    EZFIND v1.5 - DIR/File utility
f_add10.rar     FAR Addons v1.0 - Collection of add-ons for FAR manager      File Identifier v2.4 for DOS    MSDN context help plugin v2.0 for FAR manager    F.Open FAR Editor Plugin v2.3 - Open files in editor on
		pressed Ctrl-Enter
fa16.exe        File Analyzer v1.6 for DOS
fa175b1.rar     FARAmp v1.75b1 - Winamp control plugin for FAR     File Analyzer v1.9 - Type of the file identifier     4DOS BAT util for processing selected extensions
famp2pb.rar     FARAmp v2.00pb1 - Plugin for controlling Winamp from FAR      Show Time - FAR Manager Plugin
far_vi.rar      VerInfo FAR Plugin Module v1.2.0.4      Central European Char Tables to FAR File Manager ver.3
far165cz.rar    Czech translation of FAR v1.65 .LNG files
far165.exe      FAR v1.65 for Win9x/NT - File and Archive Manager
far165it.exe    Italian translation of FAR v1.65 for Win9x/NT    Lithuanian translation of FAR v1.70 for Win9x/NT
far170cz.rar    Czech translation of FAR v1.70 beta 5 for Win9x/NT
far1704.exe     FAR v1.70 beta 4 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - File and Archive
far1705.exe     FAR v1.70 beta 5 for Win95-XP - File and Archive Manager
far170a6.rar    FAR v1.70 alpha 6 for Win95-XP - File and Archive Manager
far2dn2.rar     Dos Navigator like color scheme for FAR manager      FAR2WC Plugin for Total Commander allowing to user certain
		FAR plugins with Total Commander
faramp16.rar    FARAMP v1.06a - WinAmp plugin for FAR manager    Belarussian language support for FAR manager
farcol21.rar    FAR ico & palette a-la "color 2" NC 5.0
farcoltv.rar    Far Colors ala TurboVision REG file      Environment Variables Manager v2.01 for FAR Manager
faresp.rar      Spanish translation of the main FAR .LNG file
far163fr.rar    French translation of FAR v1.63 .LNG file
far163it.rar    Italian translation of FAR v1.63 .LNG and .HLF files
far163pl.rar    Polish translation of FAR v1.63 .LNG and .HLF files    Latvian translation of FAR v1.64 .LNG file     FarBurned v1.0 beta - CD-R/RW Buring Software       Czech translation of FAR v1.70 beta 4
fardes40.rar    FarDES v1.44 - Siemens DES Plugin for FAR Manager
farfaq.rar      FAQ on FAR Manager (in Russian)
farftn.rar      FarFtn v1.04 - Quote processor plugin module for FAR    FAR v1.65 language files in German translation     FAR plugin for running context help from editor for various
		extensions (.chm, .hlp or .txt)     Install script to use FAR from any directory    FAR v1.65 Hungarian language files    FAR + IntelliMouse v1.0 Plugin for WinNT     MPIO (MP3 Player) Plugin v1.0 for FAR    FAR Navigator (ProxyFtp) Plugin v1.9r2 - Proxy kit for FAR
		manager     FAR Plugin for transfer of data from/to Sony Ericsson P800     Archiver definitions for FAR
farpass.rar     FAR Manager Password Plugin
farplexp.rar    FAR Plugin Expert v1.0 for Delphi 4.0+
farpt164.rar    Portugues translation of FAR v1.64 .LNG and .HLF files
farplugs.rar    Set of basic FAR Plug-ins     Printing for FAR v2.1 beta - FAR plugin    Registry Browser Plugin v2.19 for FAR manager
farmobil.rar    FarMobile v1.00 beta 4 - FAR Manager Plugin to view and edit
		mobile phone phonebook and send/receive SMS messages     FarPost Plugin for FAR for work with different folder scanners
farquake.rar    Quake Paks Browser Plugin for FAR
farrom.exe      Romanian translation of FAR v1.63 language files    FARSET v1.0 - Environment Variables Editor Plugin for FAR
farshot.rar     FAR Screenshot Maker v1.0
farsk165.rar    Slovak translation of FAR v1.65 .LNG and .HLF files by
		Peter Valach    Windows NT Service Manager for FAR
fartet13.rar    FarTet v1.3 - Tetris Plugin for FAR    FarTrans Plugin for FAR Manager v1.1 - Cyrillic text files
		DOS/Unix transcoder
fartray.rar     Plugin for FAR manager enabling to minimize FAR icon to tray
faruk165.rar    FAR v1.65 language files in Ukrainian language    Nodelist Browser v1.1 - FAR Plugin      Microsoft Visual Source Safe Plugin v1.00 for FAR Manager     Fastell v0.11 beta - Windows 95/98/ME Explorer-like shell    FastFolders v3.2.0 - Util for quick access to folders    FastSearch v1.0 - UNIX-like file name completing shell
		for DOS or Win95/98
fattc242.rar    FAR Manager Attach plugin v2.42    Flashback Devil v2.0 - Program launcher with date swapper    Format Block v1.08 - Plugin for FAR manager that converts
		selected text block into paragraph      FileBox Manager v0.2 - FAR Plugin
fbrowser.rar    FARAPITools unit for FAR Plugins      File Box Extender v1.50 - Windows File Dialog Boxes Extender          File Compare v7.00 - Tool for binary comparing the files     Free Commander v.070 beta 7 - Russian file Commander for
		DOS/Win32     File Commander/2 v2.20 - OS/2 File Manager       FreeDOS File Compare command v3.02        FileChopper-32 X'tra v2.0 - File Splitter for Win95/98     FCAT rel.11A - File and Archive Catalog Package       File Comparer & Browser v4.4 by Vladimir Klebanov       Fclip - Util to remove first X-bytes of a file     Fast Code v2.0 - DOS UU/XX/Mime en/decoder    Fast Code 32 v3.5 - Win95 32-bit UU/XX/Mime.. en/decoder
fcmpl201.rar    File name completion plugin v2.01 for FAR Manager       File Copy v1.02 - Win95/NT file copy util with split capability
fcpex17.rar     Extended Copy Plugin v1.7 for FAR manager        FCPY - Filecopy DOS command line util for optimal filling of
		tartet drive
fcsb21.rar      FCSB v2.1 - C source browser plugin      FCU v1.09 - File compare utility      File Commander/W v2.20 - Win95/NT File Manager     FileCutter v1.0 - Win95 File Splitter    File Date Changer v1.61 for Windows    FDate/FTime v1.10 - Date/time file stamping utility      FAR Doc File Browser Plugin v1.02      File Terminator v1.0 - File/dir deleting utility      File Deleter v1.4 - Advanced File Deleting Utility     FDES v1.7 - File Description Catalog for Windows     FARDIALER v1.7 - RAS-Dialer Plugin for FAR      Folder Info v2.13 - HD explorer/cleaner for Win9x/2000       FDwin v1.31 for Win95 - Folder searching utility
fem157.rar      FEM Lite v1.57 - FAR Plugin for file echo conferencies reading    FileFerret v1.25 - File Finder    DescEdit v2.2 - Description Editor Plug-in for FAR
ff_fat24.rar    FarAttach v2.42 - File Attach Plug-in for FAR    FarUInst v1.0 beta - Uninstall plugin for FAR       FindFile v5.00 - File locator      Power FFAT v1.0 - File Format Analysis Toolbox for Win32    FastFolder v3.2.3 - Tool to quick access pre-selected folders
		from the system tray      Fast File Finder v4.94       (ASP) File Finder Pack v5.2      (ASP) File Finder/Grouper v2.02     File 2.0 - Advanced File Recognizer    Fast Find Package v1.00      FFIT v1.5 - DOS util for files to diskettes copying with
		optimal	usage of disk space        FAR FTP plugin passwords decoder    NTFS File Streams Plugin for FAR v1.00 Beta 2    (ASP) File_Handle v2.12 - File and program manager     File Investigator v1.50 - File type recognizer for Win95/NT       File Info v5.00 - Create library of 40 chars descr.for files    File Control v1.1 - Temporary files/dirs deleter    File Usage Monitor for Windows    Files Manager v3.6 for DOS and Windows    Set the Time/Date of files     FILEC v2.0 - Filename completion util    FileCompare v1.01 - Files comparator for Win32
fileenum.rar    Filenames Enumeration - Plugin for FAR Manager     File end of line (Unix/DOS) converter plugin v1.0b for FAR    FileId v1.1 - File identifier    Context File Information v4.01.0226 - Displas File Information
		in the Context menu while in Explorer    File-It v1.5 - A DOS file manager    FileList v1.01 - Simple PM tool for editing files.bbs and
		converting it to index.html (OS/2)    FileLister - Creates text file containing a list of files
		located in subfolders aof a parent foler     Filemon for WinNT/9x - File system activity monitor
filemove.rar    FileMove v2.1 - FAR Plugin
filemov2.rar    Files Mover Plugin for FAR Manager    FilePeek v2.0 - Text/HEX file viewer    File Processor - File copying/maintenance program    FileQuery v2.23 - Dos/Win enhanced DIR, ATTRIB & SEARCH utils     (ASP) OSOSOFT's Filer v4.0 - File finder/viewer/mgr for Win 3.1    File Recover v2.61 - Deleted files restorer for Win9x/Me    File Renamer v1.95 - Mass-rename file groups renamer    File Scanner - File formats identifier    Series of DOS programs to set/get file attributes    File Shark v4.1 - File Search Tool for Win95/98/NT    File Size Plus v1.1 - Freeware file and disk handling util    Compare, copy, move, delete, rename or view files in a folder     FileSpy v1.5.431 - File Analyzer    FileSync Service v1.1 for WinNT - Replicator of files/dirs
		for Windows NT    FILETEST v1.0 - Tests if a specified file exists (for Win3.x)    FileTrac - Win95 Uninstall Utility    File Examiner v2.02 - Type of file examiner for Win32    (ASP) File-Ex v2.12d - File Dialog Extensions for Win3.1     FILEX v1.6 - File Identification Tool for DOS     FILL v9.11 - Copy utility
filnum21.rar    FileNum v2.1 - File names enumeration plugin for FAR manager        Filo v1.7 - Touch files and folders and modify their attribs
		for Win95/NT    File Revival v1.2 for Win9x-XP - File undeleter with support
		of FAT 12, FAT 16 and FAT 32    File Sniffer Lite v1.4 - Sniff up unused files on your HD    FILLUPDAT v9.11 - REPLACE like utility     FindIt v3.02 - File/text finder for Win95/98/NT    Find-All v1.06 - Extended Search for FAR internal editor
findd006.rar    Find Duplicate v0.06 - FAR Plugin module    FindFile Executable Application v1.00 - File manager      FileInformer v1.2 - Util that shows info about selected file
		formats        Fish.fmt for FAR's MultiArc Plugin     FIX v5.10s - File maintenance utility      Filejet v8.47 - File manager for WinNT/95/DOS/OS2
fkeys_v0.rar    FAR Keys - Plugin for FAR manager to execute key sequencies        AVD FileList v2.1 - List of files creation tool
flashren.exe    Flash Renamer v4.5 - Mass files renamer for Win32 with MP3 ID3
		information extraction capability       File List Creator v1.2.56 - A file and MP3 cataloging utility
		for Win95/98/NT       Filelist Creator v1.0 - A file cataloging util for Win95/98/NT    Folder Mode v1.01 - FAR Manager Plugin    Folder Marker v2.02 - Shell extension that adds file notes    FLIP - UNIX/DOS Text Converter - Freeware
flist200.rar    Flister v2.0 - Fast Russian Filelist Generator
flist23c.rar    Filelist v2.3c - FAR 1.60 PlugIn Module     File Locate v1.29 - Freeware    FLOCATE v2.1 - Locate File(s) through directories     FM_VE v1.2 - File manager extension adding F3/F4 hot keys       File Manager 0.7 #070 - Shell for DOS     FM/2 v3.01 - An Os/2 Warp+ PM 32-bit file/dir/disk/archive
		maintenance package    FM/2 Utilities
fm95220.exe     (ASP) File Maven Pro v2.20 - Win32 File Manager
fmail24.rar     FARMail v2.4 - SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 Plugin for FAR
fmail30b.rar    FARMail v3.0 beta 5 - Mail client plugin for FAR      (ASP) FMAN v1.3 - DOS File Manager     (ASP) FILE_MAN v4.40 - File Manager     File Manager Jr. for Word95 v8.0     File Manager Jr. for Word 2000 v9.1    FileMap by BB - Tool for monitoring changes in the list of
		files in system areas
fme25.exe       File Merge Express v2.5 - A comparison & file merge tool for
		Win32     File Manager Jr. for Word 2002 v10.0     (ASP) File Maven v3.5a - File Manager / Transfer Utility      File Manager Change Tracker v1.0 - Track changes to FM contents    (ASP) File Manager Guard v2.21 for Win3/Win95    File Manager Report Generator v1.0 - Keep track of FM changes    FARMine v0.1 - Minesweeper like game for FAR manager
fmlfns95.exe    FmLfns v1.1 - File Manager Long File Name Support for Win95      FileMan v2.10 for Win95 - File Manager    (ASP) File Manager Step Up v3.51 - FM add-on for WinNT     (ASP) File Manager Step Up v3.51 - FM add-on for Win3/Win95     (ASP) File Manager Toolbar v2.30 - Alternative Windows
		Toolbar for Win3/Win95    Block Formatting Plugin v1.2 for FAR Editor
fmview20.exe    FmView v2.0 - File contents viewer File Manager add-on for Win      File Merge Express v2.41 - File comparison and merge util
		for Win95/98/NT/2000      FmExtMan v1.2 - File Manager Extension Manager for Win3/95
fmydocs1.rar    FAR My Documents Plugin v1.00 - Fast Access to My Documents
		folder    File Navigator for Windows v2.01 - File Manager    File Navigator for Windows v2.01 - File Manager         File Name Changer for Win32       FNchange v1.4 - File rename manager    FindDupl v5.1.0 for Win95/NT - Discover duplicated files
fnote110.exe    FileNote v1.1.0 - Win95/NT Shell extension that adds command
		FileNote to context menu of file object        Folder Open v1.00 - Open one or more folders from commandline    Folder Deleter v1.0 for Win95    NewFolder32 - Win95/98 util to create set of folders     Folder Sizer v1.0    Fowner v1.1 - WinNT command line util to display all files on
		NTFS volume belonging to or not belonging to a specified user    FAR PAGER v1.2 - Plugin for FAR Manager         File Properties Changer v1.0 - Tool to change date, extension
		and attributes of selected files      FP Lock & Unlock v3.0 - Read Only Attribute Manipulation Util
fpman15.exe     FAR Plugins Manager v1.5
fpv.rar         FAR Phone Viewer v1.0 beta - FAR Plugin to connect mobile phone
		via COM port        FFolder Ripper'98 v3.0 - File Listing Program    FAR Resource Browser Plugin v1.00 Beta 5    Free-File - File Manager for DOS     FRename - FAR manager plugin for renaming group of files     FRENUM - File Renamer for DOS
freqf09.rar     Freq Filelist v0.9 plugin for FAR manager
frigate3.exe    Frigate v3.24 Standard - File Manager for Win95-XP          File Split - DOS Util      File Searcher - File/string_in_file search utility
fs10eval.exe    Free Space v1.0 - Util for free disk space recovery      File Splitter v1.2       File Selector v2.51 - File manager for DOS/OS2
fs26.exe        Folder Synchronize v2.6 for Win32       FILESIZE v5.00 - Displays the sizes of files, dirs...      FAR SELECT v1.3 for WinNT - Plugin to switch between several
		FAR instances    File system's performance benchmark program    File Splitter v2.0 for DOS    File Split v1.11 - Win95/NT util to split/join files      Writing file system plugins for Total Commander - Tutorial     File Split Pro v4.0 - File splitter for Win9x/NT/2000    FileSteward v3.1 - File manager for Win3/Win9x/WinNT    Fast Folders v2.61 - Util for fast access to folders/files    FSTAMP v1.07 - DOS time stamper         File Sorting Utility    FSYNC v1.2 - Directories Synchronizer for Win32     Folder Synchronize v2.6 for Win95/98/NT/2000       FILETREE v5.00 - Displays a directory tree structure       (ASP) File Tools v3.00 - File finder and file-management system    FASTTABLE v1.0 - Table inserting editor plugin for FAR    FAR Text Converter Plugin v1.00 Beta4 - Converts various
		Office text formats      FILEATTR v5.00 - Modify attribs of file
funclist.rar    Function List Editor Plugin v1.10 for FAR
fundelete.exe   Fundelete for WinNT v2.02 - Tool to enable the use of Recycle
		Bin option outside of Windows Explorer
fw135.exe       File Wizard v1.35 - Shell program for DOS/Win9x      Folder Watch v3.01 - Automatic file mirroring software for
		Win9x/NT    File Weeder v2.4 - File deduplication tool    FileWrangler v5.30 - File manager for Win95-XP    (ASP) File-Ex v2.12c - File Dialog Extensions for Windows95/NT      File Editor for Windows v1.6 - Binary files viewer/editor    File Editor 2000 v3.7 - Binary files viewer/editor    FxpSites - Tool for converting FTP list files between FlashFtp,
		LeapFtp and Total Commander
gandr14.rar     Greetings and reminders FAR plugin v1.4     GCOPY v1.0 - Global copying utility         GetDataBack for FAT v2.31 - File recovering tool       GetDataBack for NTFS v2.31 - File recovering tool    GDesk v2.2 - Desktop Menu for Win3.1    GDView v0.92 for MS-DOS - Huge Multiformat Viewer/Player...      Goet's File Splitter for Win95/98/NT     Glob v1.23 - File Splitter      GLUE v1.1 - Splitted Files Joiner
glue122b.rar    GLUE File concatenator v1.22b for FAR manager     GODIR v1.0 - Change current directory     GRADE v1.5 - Classifies files by size    GRP (Build engine-based games group file format) Plugin for
		Total Commander     General Search and Replace Utility v1.10    GSCalculator v1.1 - FAR Plugin
gspel105.rar    gSpell v1.05 - Plugin for spell checking in FAR editor
gsplit18.exe    GSplit v1.8.0 - Powerful File Splitter
gtable10.rar    Gum Table Plugin for FAR         G-Lock Temp Cleaner v2.0 - Unwanted files cleaner for Win32          G - Quick alternative to DOS's CD command     Graphic Vision File Manager v1.29 for DOS    Gyula's Windows Navigator v1.28b - File Manager for Win32     CRC/Hash Calculator v1.7 - Plugin for FAR Manager that
		calculates CRCs and Hash message digests of the current file    Tools to compute message digest for binary and text files       HEXDUMP v5.00 - Dump of file in hex/oct/bin    Volkov Commander Plug-In v1.02 with store/bacup files from
		NTFS partition under DOS, creation of file lists and more
helloalt.rar    Hello, world! (alternative) - FAR plugin example
hellomod.rar    Hello World Plugin v0.2 written in Modula-2 for FAR Manager        Context help plugin for FAR Manager    Hexidump v1.5 - Hex/Ascii Dump and Editing Program
hexed.rar       HexEd - Hex Editor FAR Plugin v1.00     HexEdit v2.5 - Hexadecimal File Editor for Win95-XP    The Hex Editor for DOS v6.1     HexEditor FAR Plugin v1.2    HexEditor v1.01 for Win95/98    HexEditor v1.40 - DBCS Hex Editor
hextool.exe     HexToolbox v2.10 - Hex Editor with Fast String Search Ability     HexViewer - Binary file viewer/editor    Hog Hunter v1.1 - Delete program        HIDE/UNHIDE v1.00 - Files/Dirs Hider/Unhider      Hide v1.1 - File Hider    Hide-it! v1.1 for Win'95 - Hide a Windows
highli01.rar    Highlight v0.1 - Syntax highlighting plugin for FAR editor     HJSPLIT v2.2 for Win9x/NT/2000 - File splitter
hlf2html.rar    FAR manager help file (.HLF) to HTML converter
hlp_chm.rar     CHM Help for FAR Manager v1.70 beta 5 (English and Russian)     HOTDIR v0.36 - RCtrl[0-9] function extension    Hot DIR Plus v7.5 - Enhanced DIR utility
hpcmex11.exe    HTML Peeker v1.1 - Context menu extension    HTML Editor v0.524 - FAR plugin    HrishiTech Split Wizard v5.1 - File Splitter    HTTP Smart Browser Plugin v1.1 for Total Commander     Windows Commander v4.0 Help File Translated to Hungarian    HyperView v1.1 r7 - FAR plugin to view HTML files    MSIE Cache Browser v1.05 FAR Plugin    Total Commander MultiArc Config Addon for ICL (icon libraries)     ICLview - Total Commander plugin to show icons in ICL, EXE
		and DLL files
icorrect.rar    I-Correct v1.31 - Ukrainian letter i handler for FAR Manager        Identifier v3.0 - Windows Files Identifier    IDE Classic Keymapping - FAR Editor Plugin    FMH-Identify v0.01 - File type identifier
ifa400.exe      Instant File Access v4.00 - Adds LFN support to Win3.11 progs     Imagine/Animation Lister for Total Commander      IMD v1.11 - DOS Image Directory Utility      Image Disk Explorer - Standalone version and Plugin for FAR
		Manager    IMG plugin for Total Commander v0.9beta - IMG format supporting
		tool    Incremental Search v1.21 FAR Editor Plugin
indent.rar      PLugIn Indent for FAR Manager       Index v1.0 - Rename and index multiple files    Shell InfoTips v1.0 - File/Folder Info Showing Util for using
		with Windows Explorer     InfoView v1.10 - Win95 Folder/File Viewer    INI file location definition tool for Total Commander
instexpl.rar    Install Explorer v0.1 - FAR Manager Plugin for viewing the
		contents of the SFX files      InWatch 95 v1.0 - Uninstall program for Win95
ion2bbs.arj     DESCRIPT.ION to FILES.BBS Converter    IPX Copy v2.4 - Copy files from one PC to another via LAN    ISO (CD-ROM image) plugin for Total Commander       ISO-image viewer v1.3 - FAR manager plugin     ISOX - ISO, BIN and VCD disk image viewer for FAR     IsWin v1.2 - Is the specified file a Windows GUI program?      Jet Commander v3.47 - NC clone for WinNT/95/DOS/OS2    JOC-MENU v2.0 - Pull down menu system          Kobayshi Kill Directory v2.4 for DOS (incl. PAS source code)      KillDir v5.00 - DIR deleter
keyin002.rar    Keyin v.0.02 - FAR plugin for running macros from command line
killalt.rar     KillAlt plugin v1.1 for FAR
kjofctrl.rar    Kjofol Control Plugin v0.1 for FAR v1.60        Kryptel Encryption Program Plugin for Total Commander
kvcom.rar       COM Monitor v1.5 for FAR Manager - Plugin for sending/receiving
		data to/from serial ports
kvmodule.rar    Module creation Plugin v1.0 for FAR Manager to create unit
		consisting of the files ModuleName.c and ModuleName.h    Key Word v1.52 - File finder
lameall.rar     FAR Plugin for WAV/MP3 encoding using Lame Encoder Engine    Launcher v0.05 - RUNDLL32 like plugin for FAR Manager       DOS Navigator add-on for copying/moving files with long names     LCAT v1.9 - Listing Catalog for Windows    Low Copy v1.0 Beta-2 - Copy utility     LDcd v3.0 - Powerful UUdecoder      LDIR v4.6 - Extended DIR command        LDOS Utility Package v1.01 - Tool for emulation LFNs under DOS     LFB - Filelist Builder v2.3 for DOS/OS2 (with HTML generator)     Odi's DOS tools for long file names v1.79     LFNIt! v3.6 - Win95/98/NT LFN Restorer    Long File Name Enabler v1.0 - LFN enabler for Win3.x apps      LFNDOS - DOS Windows95 LFN driver    LFNDir v1.02 - DIR program with LFN support    LFNMKDIR - Windows 95 Long File Make Directory       LFN/NT v1.0 beta 3 - Subset of Win95 LFN API for DOS programs
		running in Windows NT DOS Box     LFNsNow v2.1 - Util for Long File Names Support under Win3.1    LFNSORT v1.5 - Win95 Directory Sorter    Long File Name Utils for DOS      File Searching Utility for DOS (also in archives!)      LGHA archive format definition v0.3 for FAR Manager     LGHA archive format definition v0.4 beta for FAR Manager       LI v1.35 - File processing utility for Win (16-bit)    LI v1.35 - File processing utility for Win (32-bit)       LIB16.FMT - Archive support FAR plugin for OMF-Library v1.0
libfmt12.rar    LIB.FMT v1.23 - FMT-module for MultiArc plugin for FAR manager      LIB v1.1 packer plugin for Total Commander to view OMF-51/86
		library files    LinkInfo v1.2 - Standalone program + Total Commander Plugin
		for modifying LNK-files       Link Compiler v1.1 - FAR Manager plugin module to collect links
		to the files    List2000 v1.04 for Win9x/NT - Directory Lister      LISTER - Group of file processor for Volkov Commander    External version of Total Commander's built-in viewer - 32bit     External version of Total Commander's built-in viewer - 16bit
		(German edition)     External version of Total Commander's built-in viewer - 16bit
		(English edition)    Writing Lister Plugins for Total Commander - Help file    Sample Lister Plugin for Total Commander     LITZ v2.00 - Compress/encrypt/uuencode util for Win    ListLauncher v0.8 - Access to most-used programs and files
lmav200.exe     LINK MAVEN v2.00 - Parallel link file transfer tool for Win32     Local2Network v0.4 - Local path to network path conversion
		plugin for FAR Manager
localiz.rar     FAR v1.63 Plugin Module for demonstration of localization
log2bbs.rar     Log2Bbs - Convertor of comments from FlashGet log files to
		Descript.ion (File.bbs) format    LogMan v1.9 - Log files archiver/cutter     LogTail Plugin for Total Commander to view logfiles    LOGTRIM v1.3 - Keep the size of log files within a given range     LONG v3.14 - Long Files Copying Program    Long Copy v4.01     LOOK2 v3.2 - OS/2 Dir/File Viewer    Look@Win v2.0 - Windows change detector     LookDBF v1.07 - FAR plugin for view, change and export Visual
		Fox Pro binary fields support
loread.rar      Loread v0.1 beta - FAR Manager Plugin Module for Low-level
		Disk Sector Reading       Light Panel v1.2.1 - Program launcher for Win32      LPT DOS - Parallel port server for DOS enabling file transfer
		between	WinCMD 4.5+ on Win32 machine and DOS based machine       LS v5.00 - UNIX like util    List To MultiInstance - Add-on for Total Commander     LST2STR v1.19 - Tool for multiinstance calling of TCMD       LS v1.5 - UNIX like dir utility    Little Dir v2.45 - Enhanced DIR util for DOS        LZOP plugin for Total Commander to extract files created
		with LZOP    LZX (Amiga compression format) plugin for Total Commander     LZX (Amiga) format support plugin for FAR manager       Move All But v1.0 - Inverse MOVE command    Macro Browser v2.4 - Plugin for FAR Manager
mailview.rar    MailView v1.0 - Email viewer plugin for FAR manager    MailView v1.0 beta 2 - Email viewer plugin for FAR Manager     Makebat Plugin v1.3 - A plugin to create batch files and mp3
		play lists for Total Commander    MakeDirs v1.0 - Util for creation of multiple numbered
		dirs/folders for Win32      MakeIt v1.32 - FAR Manager plugin for processing compiler
maple.exe       Maple v5.1 - File managing utility for Win32
maplepro.exe    Maple Pro v5.1 - File managing utility for Win32      Multi-App v2.4 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Let you associate
		multiple applications with a file     mbox v1.00 - UNIX mailbox (.MBX) files reading plugin for
		Total Commander    MBOX (Unix mail box) extractor - FAR Plugin       The Macro Copy v4.11 - File Copying Util for Win95/NT     Mark Carter's Drag'n'Drop Utility - Executes user-specified
		commands on files dragged and dropped on it    Mannis-Cleanup v1.3 - Disk Clean-up Utility
mclip112.rar    MultiClip v1.12 - FAR v1.7b4+ plugin for FAR internal editor     Fast XCOPY/COPY replacement     MD5 Digest Plugin v1.30 for FAR Manager     MD! v1.3 - Replacement of DOS MD Command     Mdel v1.10 - Deletes the files received from stdin    MDFolder v1.1 - Folder creator for Win95/NT    MDIR v1.05a - Directory lister for DOS
me-like.rar     Me-Like Plugin for FAR v1.60+    MergeFile v2.20      Messcleaner v2.03 - Files deduplicator and junk files deletor    Menu Facturer v2.01 - Menu creator for software collections      Magic File Renamer v4.21 for Win32
mhxxs10.rar     MorhuhnX XS v1.0 .DAT File Viewer and Extractor - FAR Manager
		plugin module     MIME64 Encoder/Decoder (BIN 2 ASCII)    JeSof Mirror v3.4.2 - Directory Synchronizer for Win32
mkdir130.rar    MkDir Plugin v1.30 for FAR - Multiple dirs creating in one call    Make "dummy" test files       Multi-Launch v2.0 - Win32 util that starts two and more progs
		from one shortcut    MaxLister v2.41 - List of files creator    MultiLanguage Support for FAR Manager internal editor    Monday Backup v1.7 - Windows registry backup software      MoniDIR 97 v2.0 - DIR monitor        Moo v4.0 for Win95/98 - Menuing Program
moreline.rar    More Line - Utility to set FAR to 80x30 text screen mode     More Space v4.0 - Disk deduplicator for Win95/98/NT
mous2002.rar    Mouse2002 Plugin v1.4 beta 1 for FAR v1.7x
mouselct.rar    Mouse Selecting Plugin for FAR v1.60    Mouse Select ++ Plugin v2.06 for FAR Manager      MOVE v5.02 - Copy or move files    MP3TAG v1.02 FAR Plugin - MP3 tag editor & filelist builder
mp3utl20.rar    MP3 Utilities v2.0 (ID3 manager & MP3 Encoder Front-End) for
		FAR manager    Mpack/munpack v1.5 for DOS - MIME encoder/decoder    Multi-panel plug-in module for FAR Manager     MPIO (MP3 player) Plugin for FAR Manager      Multi Program Launcher for Win95/NT v1.01     Mr.App Launch v1.0 for Win9x - Application Launcher    Mr.Ripper v0.19 - Multimedia ripper plugin for FAR Manager
mrv.rar         Molecular Mass Estimator - FAR Manager Plugin
mscab063.rar    MsCab v0.63 - Addon for MultiArc to add/extract files to/from
		Microsoft archives, including SFX ones
msel204.rar     Mouse Select ++ Plugin v2.04 for FAR manager - Enables
		selecting in internal editor using mouse
msgr121.rar     Messenger plugin for FAR (Windows NT) v1.21    MSI plugin v1.2 for Total Commander
msplit15.exe    MaxSplitter v1.52 - File Splitting and Merging Util for Win32     Mouse Wheel v1.4 - FAR Plugin       MT v2.52 - Move To drive/directory - CD replacement
mueller2.rar    Mueller Vocabulary - FAR Plugin    MULSEARC - Network Drive File Searching Utility    MultiPix FAR Plugin v0.5.2 - Makes HTML gallery from file list    Multimedia Viewer Plugin for FAR Manager        MetaBolic Virtual File System v1.0 - Virtual links to files
mview33.rar     MultimediaView v3.3 Plugin for FAR Manager
mxdesc01.rar    MxDesc v0.1 Plugin for FAR - File Description Extractor    MaxDIR v2.28 - DIR command replacement
mxuue066.rar    MxUUE v0.66 - UUE/XXE/MIME en/decoder plugin for FAR    MyView v0.4beta - Additional NC5 File Viewer      NAMEDIR v5.00 - Renames dirs     Rename file(s) to a date (or other) format    NamedFolders v1.4.8 - FAR plugins for fast access to directories     Bill Reid's Name Runner v1.0 - File renamer    NameWiz v3.15 - Advanced file renaming util for Win95/98/NT
navigator.rar   Necromancer's DOS Navigator v2.14 - File manager for DPMI32
navigatrw.rar   Necromancer's DOS Navigator v2.14 - File manager for Win32
nbrows10.rar    Nodelist Browser Plugin for FAR v1.0       Nico's Commander v5.45 for Win95-XP     NC Macro v1.1 - VC add-on util      Norbert Commander v2.3 - Windows file/document manager
ncopy.rar       nCopy v0.01 plugin for FAR - Plugin for creation several
		copies of highlighted files on active panel     NewDIR v2.17 - Color Directory Lister for DOS      Captain Nemo for OS/2 v1.0 - NC-clone    Captain Nemo for Win95-XP v3.31 - File Manager with Novell,
		NTFS and Linux drives support    NeroCmd Shell v0.2.8 for FAR Manager    NETRUN v3.1 - EXE/COM encoding for E-mail transfer (files will
		stay executable after encoding!)    NETSEND v1.00 - Encoding of binary progs for E-mail transfer
netwatch.rar    NetWatch plugin for FAR Manager - LAN shared resources manager    Reports new/missing files/dirs on a HD
newfarwn.rar    New Far Window v1.0 - Plugin to open new FAR window    New Folder for Windows 9.x v1.73 - Explorer add-on    File Group Renamer v1.4 - FAR Plugin    New or Missing v1.6 - Reports all new/mising/changed files
		in directory     New File Order v1.00 - Shows directory contents together with
		the file descriptions     NFO View for Total Commander v1.2    NitroHex v1.3 - Multifunctional Hex editor for Win32    Zero Byte Files Creator
noclone.exe     NoClone v3.1 - Powerful Duplicate Files Remover    NOCRLF v1.00 - Fix binary files which have been corrupted by
		being transfered in ASCII mode     File Duplicate Eraser v2.0
nothng10.rar    Nothing v1.0 - FAR v1.70 PlugIn Module    Notify v1.00 for Win9x/NT - Noticator of any change in selected
		directory    NSWEEP for DOS - File Manipulation Utility      NTMIRROR v0.60 - Util to sychronize the contents of two folders    NT Events v0.5 - FAR Manager plugin to list/backup/clear NT
		Event Logs      NWCopy v6.0 for Win95/98/NT - File distribution and dir sync
		for NetWare networks
nwiz10.rar      Name Wizard Plugin for FAR v1.0 - Group of files renamer       NoZero v0.02 - Zero byte files deleter       Oliver's Commander v2.41 - NC/VC like shell from Germany
odbcview.exe    ODBC-Viewer v4.0.0.1 - Shell extension to browse ODBC databases
odbcvwun.exe    ODBC-Viewer v4.0.0.1 Unicode - Shell extension to browse ODBC
		databases with Unicode support    ODBC Explore Plugin for FAR Manager v1.094b        Orchard House v3.2 - DOS File manager       OLE2X - OLE2 Stream Unpacker    OMF-51 Format Packer/Lister Plugin for Total Commander
onew102.rar     Open in new window plugin v1.02 for FAR    ONLANE v3.0 - Tiny File Finder
oops102.exe     Oops v1.02 - File auto-save tool for Win32      Open v2.0 - Opens objects from the command line    openfx FAR Manager Editor Plugin    Simple Oracle Enterprise Manager v1.0 for FAR    Packmenu - DOS util that creates new User Menu for VC    PAFTDR FAR Plugin v1.4    PAK (archive format) plugin for Total Commander      Pack'n Go v4.0 for Win - File splitter to series of diskettes    PaneKiller v1.42 - Document navigation util for Win95/NT     Paparazzo99 v1.0 - Uninstalling util for Win32    Parserat v2.0 - Parse, convert & reorganize files and databases     Part It v2.02 - File splitting util for Win32    PathCopy v4.0 - Shell extension for path copying to clipboard
pbopack.rar     Operation Flashpoint PBO Format Plugin for Total Commander     The Pinco's Commander v2.2 - NC clone for DOS       PC-Directory v1.6 - File Notes Generator      File Notes v1.6 - Attach "pop-up" notes to files    Linux style file runner v1.00      PC LINK v1.3 - Transfer files/dirs/disks from PC to PC via
		parallel port     PC-Navigator v1.1 - DOS menuing system    FAR Plugin for PCRE Search/Replace v0.24     PDirclean v1.0.0 - Unwanted files deletion tool      PDQ UTils v2.30 - File and dir utils
pedit04.rar     PEditor v0.4 - Executable Files Editor Plugin for FAR    Peeper v1.61 - The File Viewer for Windows        PEsx - Shell extension that shows application/DLL dependancies       Pathfind v5.00 - Search path for file      PhBook Plugin v1.0b10 for FAR v1.60 - Phone Book
pic.rar         FAR Manager plugin for picture viewing directly in program
pic3_0.rar      FAR MAnager Picture Viewer plugin      PICK v1.3 - Pops up a pick list of filenames according a mask    PicView Simple v1.1 - FAR Manager Plugin
pktv063.rar     PKTView plugin v0.63 for FAR    Playlist plugin for Total Commander    PALCODE/2 - OS/2 32-bit uuencoder/uudecoder    Plugin for Total Commander to list or extract files stored
		in progress PL files      PLUGB - Util for filling diskettes to the max.
plugbase.rar    PlugBase v4 - Download and converts FAR plugring base in
		XML and CHM
plugin.rar      FAR v1.63 Plugin API for Virtual Pascal v2.0    FAR Plugins Programming Help - Encyclopedia of Developer    PlugRinG Viewer 1.0 rel.9 - Plugin for FAR Manager     (ASP) PATH_MAN v1.16 - File finder      Path Miser Shell v2.08 - DOS/Windows Shell
polish.rar      FAR v1.52 and FAR plugins Polish translation    POP3/SMTP E-mail Plugin v1.2 for Total Commander    PUSHDIR/POPDIR v1.1 - Push and pop current directory    Position Saver plugin for internal editor of FAR Manager    PostMacro plugin for FAR Manager for sending macro to FAR
		when pressing a key
powcln10.exe    Power Cleaner v1.0 - Tool for removing unnecessary files from
		the hard disk    PPMD (compression format) plugin for Total Commander    Print Manager Plugin for FAR Manager v1.7r1    Print Tree (Windows) v3.1 - Print directory tree      Procfs - Plugin for Total Commander to list running processes     Professional Renamer v1.12 - Group of file renamer for Win95-XP    Programmer's Calculator v1.3 for FAR Manager     Program Manager for Win95/NT v1.0 from Hungary    Program Selector Pro v2.2 - Win95/98 start menu replacement    Presser Checker - Character occurance in a file counter     PRUNE v1.0 - Freeware DIR manipulation utility     PRUNE v5.1 - File deletion utility       Windows 95/98 System Files Restorer v1.5    ProxyFTP Plugin module v1.70 for FAR    ProxyKit for FAR manager v1.0 beta 8 - Proxy news plugin    Psion Connectivity Plugin Module for FAR Manager      EServ Purger v1.2 - Old files cleaner    Purger v1.3 - File Wiper     PurgeExtension Util for Win95/NT - Win9x/NT file purger
pv110.exe       PictView v1.10 for Servant Salamander - Graphics Plugin Update    Power Searcher v3.2.x - File finder for Win32    QuickRenamer v1.0 - Disk filename manage tool     QuickCopy v1.4 - Win95 util for text files copy to clipboard       Quick File Find v6.3 - File Finder    Quick Folders v1.0.1 - Recently used folders tracker
qfold11.rar     QFolders v1.1 - Path to frequently used files manipulation
		plugin for FAR manager         Quick File Rename v1.2a - File renaming util for Win32      QFS v3.0.0 - Quick Search in your Favorites folder     Quick Launch v1.0 - Util for one click launching the applic.     QuickMirror v1.27 - File Mirroring Tool for Win32        QuikMenu III v3.1 - Graphical Menu and Desktop for DOS         QuikMenu 4 Windows v4.0 by NeoSoft        QuikMenu 4 Windows v4.2 by NeoSoft - Lite version      QuikMenu 4 Windows v4.3 (32-bit) by NeoSoft      QuickMenu Mailbox - Mail utility to QuikMenu for Windows
qpak162.rar     QuakePAK v1.62 Plugin for FAR v1.60+
quant101.rar    Quantum fmt module v1.01 for FAR v1.60
qwerty.rar      US/Russian Keyboard Convertor - FAR v1.60 Internal Editor
		Plugin    RAR sfx parameters Plugin for FAR Manager
rarview.rar     RAR Viewer - Plugin for Total Commander to view RAR archives
ras4far.rar     RAS 4 FAR - RAS Service Plugin for FAR Manager
rasc103.rar     ASCII chart v1.03 ripped from Dos Navigator v1.51     RAS Port Viewer Plugin v1.0b for FAR v1.60     Interrupt List 2 CONNECT File Manager Help Format Converter       Rbyte - Cuts out part of a file
rcclike.rar     Command and Conquer Like Input Plugin for FAR Manager       Ray's Change Directory v2.4
rspl117.rar     Raven's Speller v1.17 - FAR manager spell checking plugin
readtext.rar    Reading Texts Plugin for FAR v1.60 (auto scroller)    Real Delete v1.05 - Data wiper
realsize.rar    RealSize v1.0 plugin for FAR - Calculates size of files
		with cluster losts    Real Media Files Tester v1.02    ReAnimator2 v1.3 - Backup/restoring utility and file checker      Recase v1.02 - Folder and filename case changer     Recent File Finder - The newest file finder     Recycle Bin PlugIn for FAR v1.7b    Recent Document - Editor Plugin for FAR manager    RecycleNOW v1.0.0 - Tool that immediately empties Recycle Bin      ReDate Addon v1.03 for Total Commander    ReDateIt for Win95/NT - Date/time/attribs manipulation util     Referats Search v1.0 for FAR v1.70 beta 3+ - Search in off-line
		base referats.txt    Referee v2.51 - File association Control and Right Click Menus
		for Win95/98/2000      RegChk - Reports files/dirs that the registry references
		that no longer exists on HD      Reg.fmt - REG files format v1.1 for FAR archive support module       Registry Browser Plugin for Total Commander
regt2far.rar    ReGet Client - Plugin module for FAR Manager    Remove v3.1.1 - Uninstalling application for Win95-XP
remr10b2.rar    Remarques v1.0 beta-2 - FAR MAnager plugin for comment selected
		lines in edited source code      Rename All - File renamer for Win9x    Better File Renamer - Batch file renamer for Windows    RenameIt v2.06 - Advanced file renaming utility     Renamer - File renamer from DOS uppercase to Windows lowercase    ReNamer - Renames a group or all the files in a directory    RenFile v1.00 - Rename almost ANY DOS file
renum11.rar     Renumber Lines Plugin v1.1 for FAR
renwiz17.exe    Rename Wizard v1.7 for Win32       A super reply script v2.2 for FARMail v2.3 plugin for FAR
		File Manager    Resident-Info v2.0 - Shows file description in the last row
		(for NC/VC/DN)    RESIZE v1.3 - Grows or shrinks a file    Resource.fmt for FAR archive support module
resrc416.rar    Regular Expression Search and Replace v4.16 - FAR plugin    Reveal v1.1 - Reveals hidden files
reversi.rar     Far Reversi v1.1 - Game plugin for FAR Manager    Rewrap v1.2 FAR editor plugin       LithTech Resource File format module v1.0 for FAR Manager's
		MultiArc        RADFind96 v1.0 - Fast File Finder for Win95     RFW v2.00 - ROSE's File Weeder     FAR Manager Plug Ring Database Browser (GUI)    RIO PMP 300 Player FAR Plugin        RM v1.0 - UNIX like delete utility     RMBAK32 - Backup files finder/deleter for Win32    ROSE's Multi UUE/MIME Decoded File Splitter    DateTime - Date/time stamp changer     HType - HEX/ASCII file dumper    Rename-it v3.11 - Win95/98/NT batch process renamer      List - File lister     Tolow - LFN to lower case converter
rplugin.rar     FAR v1.70b3 API interface (source in PAS)     RRocket v2.03 - Quick application starter for Win95/98/NT    Run95 - Run dialog box replacement for Win9x/NT    RunFor v1.1 - Utility that run command for particular file/dir    Runglish v0.23 - FAR plugin for cyrillic/latin text conversion       RUNit - Win95/NT Application Launcher
runtime.rar     RunTime Plugin for FAR - Run of Windows Tracker     Ruputer wrist watch-computer Plugin for FAR manager1
ruscii.rar      CP-866/RUSCII (CP-1125) converter for FAR under Win95/98
ruscii2k.rar    Russian code pages converter for FAR under Win2000    Russian translation of Help for Total Commander       ReXtend v1.1 - File Extension Changer for Win95    RZSplit v2.8 - File Splitter for DOS         Super Script.vbs plugin for FAR Manager       SAD v1.2 - Search and delete utility    Safe-Del v1.01 - TSR Safe Delete Utility    (ASP) SAFEGARD v1.3 - Backup and File Manager
sal20upd.exe    Servant Salamander v2.00 - Plugins update
sal25b6.exe     Servant Salamander v2.50 beta-6    Servant Salamander v2.00 - Czech localization
salen200.exe    Servant Salamander v2.00 - Win32 File Manager     Search And Replace v2.3 - FAR Plugin
savead.rar      Save Active Directory Plugin for FAR Manager       Super Browser v1.10 - Text/database/graphic viewer for Win32
sbcv01b.rar     Condenced View v0.1 beta - ME Like Condenced View Mode
		Simulation Plugin for FAR Manager Editor      Steve's File Splitter v1.4 for Win32     System Cleaner 98 v2.0 - Win9x garbage files cleaner     Plugin ScanDir v1.0 beta 7 for FAR manager for execution of
		commands in selected directories    Scalpel v2.1 - File Splitter for Win32        SCAN v1.0 - Util that displays the ASCII portions of disk file     SCAN and RUN v1.5 - The Universal Utility Interface (Free)    Super Copy for DOS v1.00 - Copy/backup software     Schnitt - Copy parts of files    File Scissors v2.0 - Freeware File Splitter for Win32     Stratoware Control Links 97 - Links Creator for Win95    Far Manager v1.70 beta 4+ plugin for remote file manipulation
		through	SSH connection in cooperation with Putty software
scrollit.rar    Borland IDE-like scrolling function for FAR manager editor     Shortcut Explorer v2.2 - Start Menu & Desktop Manager
sd-500.exe      StupenDOS v5.0 - DOS Shell
sd31.exe        Shortcut Doctor v3.1 - Links/Shortcuts Checker     Smart Directory Changer v1.2    SuperDIR 2001 v8.14 - Enhanced DIR utility for Win9x     Smart Delete v1.32         Kobayshi Size of Directory for DOS v1.3 (incl. PAS source code)
selblock.rar    SelBlock Far Editor Plugin v1.0      Select group v0.1 - Plugin for FAR Manager
selmp10.rar     Selection Jump 2 Plugin v1.0 for FAR Manager
seljmp11.rar    Selection Jump v1.1 FAR Plugin - Allows to move through
		the selected files in the active panel
selwiz.rar      Selection Wizard v1.1.2 - File Selection Plugin for FAR
		Manager     Send2Folder v2.0.2 - Copy util within Windows Explorer    "Send File" via e-mail Plugin for FAR     Set File Date v1.2    Set File Date v1.03 for Win95    SetFDate - File time/date setter    SetPosition FAR Plugin    Windows Desktop Install/Uninstall Util for use with QuikMenu 4
		for Windows by NeoSoft    SetSize v1.0 - Creates files of a specified length       Softinabox Favorite Files v1.1 - Util for fast access to
		favorite documents, files and folders from system tray    Secure File Delete - Secure Data Wiper      Super File Find v1.04 - File finder (also in archive files!)       Swap File Overwriter for Win95 - Safe removal tool for Win95
		swap file      Special Folders Plugin for FAR manager v2.5     SecureFTP Plugin for Total Commander     Total Commander Self Extracting Archive    Shadow v1.02 - Backup/Synchronization Utility for Win95/98     SHELL v1.3 - Sample program to demostrate spawning
shlf097.rar     ShellFish v0.97 beta 2 - FAR Manager plugin for fast access
		to most popular dir's
shlnk121.rar    Shell File and Folder Link Support PlugIn for FAR v1.21
shpce2.rar      SHPCE v2.0 - Scripting Host Plugin for FAR Manager    Document Shredder v1.0a - Data Wiper
showdate.rar    ShowDate v1.0 plugin for FAR    (ASP) ShowSize v1.4 - DIR sizing util for DOS    (ASP) ShowSize v3.2 - DIR sizing util for Win95/98/NT    Short Cutter v2.0 for win95
shutdown.rar    Shutdown FAR plugin for Windows NT    (ASP) SINCE v1.42 - List of all files modified since the date    (ASP) Singularity v5.1 - File manager for Win2000/NT    (ASP) Singularity v5.1 - File manager for WinMe/9x    Siren v1.70 - Mass renaming tool for Win32     SIS MultiArc Pack Add-on for FAR Manager     SIS View Plugin v0.91 for Total Commander for viewing PSION
		files    SIT-Archives Support Plugin - FNT-module for MultiArc plugin
		for FAR
sizer01.rar     Sizer v0.1 - FAR plugin for work with console like with normal
		window    Shell Extension that computes the size and number of files
		of a selected directory      SJHb64 v1.20 - Base 64 Extractor for Windows 3.1 and Win'95    SK-SBRF v1.0 - FAR manager plugin for viewing SBRF files    SK-FOX v2.01 - FAR manager plugin for editing FoxPro source
skuue46b.rar    SKUUE v0.46 beta - UU/XX encoder/decoder Plugin for FAR     XFF v2.0 - Extended File Finder      Shortcut Manager v1.6.50 for Win9x    SmartTab Plugin v1.0 for FAR v1.60    SmartCopy v3.0 - Copy util with a big file splitting    Smiler Shell/95 v1.4 for Win'95    Smiler Shell v1.4 for Windows 3.1    SabreMENU v1.10a - Menuing system
smothmov.rar    Smooth Move in FAR editor
smrtidnt.rar    Smart Ident for FAR Manager v2.0 - Clipper Source Code
smsbl10.rar     Beeline SMS Sender v1.0 - FAR Manager Plugin Module    SmartSync v1.6 - Synchronize files in multiple computers       ZX Spectrum Navigator v1.11 - Shell for ZX Spectrum Files     Snapper - Win32 directory tree lister    Active Snap View v1.0 - MS Snapshot format plugin for Total
		Commander      Split & Merge v1.5    Software List v2.33 Demo - Software catalogue program from
		Hungary    Software List v1.5 Freeware - Software catalogue program from
		Hungary    String Sorting Plugin v2.5 for FAR    Spacemaker v2.0 - TMP files deleter      Spaj v1.0 - File Splitter for DOS    Spandisk for Windows - Large files copy util for Windows    Sparta v1.5 - Macintosh-like replacement of File Manager     SPAWN v1.3 - Util for Spawning Child Programs
spckil11.rar    SpaceKiller v1.1 - A FAR Editor Plugin    Space Monger v1.4.0 - Graphic disk utilization monitor    Spell Checker FAR Plugin v0.23    Space Hound v1.78 - Wasted disk space recoverer      Split'n'Join FAR Plugin v1.0    SPLICE v1.2 - Splices bits of files together       SPLIT/UNSPLIT - File Splitting/Unsplitting Utility     SplitJoin v1.00 - Split and join files for DOS    ProSplitter v1.3 - File Splitter for DOS     Split File v1.3 - File Splitting Utility    Splitter v3.1 - File splitter for Win32
splittur.exe    Splittur v1.5 - File Splitter      Visual Coders SplitX v1.0 - File Splitter for Win95/NT    (ASP) Splitty v3.0 - Split and merge large files for Win9x/NT    File Splitter for Win32 v1.0    Util that splits/combines large files for Win95    SplitWin v1.07 for Win3.1    SplitWin v3.13 for Win95/NT - File Splitting Utility    SplitWinCL v1.1 - File Splitter for Win95/98    Spread v1.4 - Great file filler util    S&R Plugins Programming Description in CHF and HTML format     System Scan Tools v1.12b - Win3/95/NT system cleaner from
		duplicates and unused files    StarGate v1.3 - Util to transfer data via serial link between
		MAC and PC or two PC's    StartUp Manager Plugin for FAR Manager v1.1a    Date Time File Stamp v4.50 - File stamper    Stamp It v4.04 - Date & Time Changer     StarLFN - LFN emulator for DOS       HTML Autorunner v1.01 - View HTML documents from a CDROM using
		Windows AutoPlay    Startup Guard - Plugin for Total Commander     Star UUEncoder - DOS util     StartEd v4.1 - Startup Manager & Trojan Horse Detector for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000     Something v1.0.2 - Add-on for FAR Manager    Setup Killer v1.22 - Uninstall utility    TimeStmp v1.1 for Win32 - File time/date stamper
stopw10a.rar    StopWatch v1.0a - FAR plugin to estimate command execution time       STRIP v1.1 - Program that strips the file date and the
		file size    (ASP) SuperDIR v1.11    SuperDelete v1.0 - Util to delete unneeded files    Super Explorer v1.4 - File Manager for Win32    SWAPNAME - Name of 2 files swapper     SwapSee v1.2 for Win95/NT - Swapfile size displaying util
swiz112.rar     Selection Wizard v1.1.2 - FAR Manager Plugin     StopYell v3.0.0 - Capital letter written filenames converter    SyncDir v.31 - Dir Synchronization Util for DOS    Sync v1.02 - Synchronization/Backup Program for Win32    Syntax Colorizer - Total Commander Lister Extension
syspr175.rar    System Parameters Editor v1.75 - FAR manager plugin
targ120.exe     Targets v1.2.0 - Predefined folders to copy/move files to    Target v1.5 - File manipulator by McAfee     TBB2MBX v1.3 beta 3 - The Bat message base to Unix mailbox
		converter for FAR manager    The Bat Message base definition for FAR manager (FMT file)
tbbfm11b.rar    The Bat Message base definition for FAR manager (FMT file)     True BSO v1.00b9 - BSO Browser for FAR Manager    Total Commander Color Toolkit v1.0     Total Commander Commands List Tool     History Cleaner for Total Commander     Total Commander .ICL Toolkit    Total Commander (previously Windows Commander!!!) v6.03
		for Win3.1 (16-bit)       Total Commander Directories Changer      TC Here v1.0 - Total Commander plugin to run it with special
tcmd603a.exe    Total Commander (previously Windows Commander!!!) v6.03a
		for Win95-XP    Total Commander Menu Editor v1.05      TOUCH v5.00 - Change date and time of files to current ones   Total Commander Interface Pack Expansion v6.03    TempClean v3.0 - Win9x/NT util for deleting temporary files
		and directories    TCMenu v1.9 - Extension to the Buttonbar of Total Commander     TConsole v2.1 - FS plugin for Total Commander to run console
		in the builtin console window    TC PARAMAKE - Little MS-Access database with TC search
		parameters    Installer for Total Commander Plugins    TC-Patch v1.2 - Patch for file managers to make copying faster    Serial/USB port plugin for Total Commander    TC Toolbar v1.3 - Extension of the Buttonbar of Total Commander
tcwince.exe     Total Commander v1.2 for Windows CE 2.x/Handheld
tcpocket.exe    Total Commander v1.2 for Pocket PC         TeleDisk file format definition for FAR manager     T-Del v2.68 - DEL replacement     TreeDiff v1.5 for Win9x/NT - Visual comparison/synchronization
		of directories and archive contents      TIDY v5.00 - Clean .BAK and zero length files    TechView v1.20 - Universal file viewer for Win95/NT     TempClean - Windows/Temp folder cleaner for Win32      TEMPER v1.1 - Temporary and back-up files remover for Win95    TempFree v1.2 - Util for removing unwanted files from temp dir.
		for Win95/NT
testos.rar      TestOS - Batch OS recognizer for running DOS/W32 file manager    TestPath - Directory contents comparator    TEXTINFO v1.0 - Counts number of words, sentences etc. and
		displays comparison of the words, characters and more     The File Splitter v1.21 for Win95/98/NT        Trash-It v2.1 - Anti-Delete Utility    TIFF Select - Plugin for FAR select *.tif    TimeChanger v1.50 - File time changer for Windows
timer104.rar    Timer Plugin v1.04 for FAR Manager    Time Stamp v1.1 - Set files' Time     Translit v1.2 - Plugin allowing to rename files and folders
		according to special coding tables      Temporary Manager - Temporary folders cleaner      TIMBER v5.00 - Chop off the top of a text or binary file    TempCleaner v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Temporary files cleaner    TMPKILLER for Win95/98 - Temporary files deleter
tn146.exe       Turbo Navigator v1.46 - NC Clone for Win32
tntwin95.exe    (ASP) TheNexTool for Win95 v1.01 - Archive, Disk and
		File Manager      Desktop Toilet v1.0 for Windows     RecycleBin to Toilet Modifying Utility    Tracker v1.5 for Win95/NT - File Find Utility       FAR Manager S_and_R plugin subplugin allowing to transliterate
		file names     TrayBar2000 - Program launcher for Win95/98/2000/NT    Tray Command Line v4.6 - Command line util for Win9x/Me    TREBAC v2.08 - Directory tree backup util for DOS    TreeCopy Plugin v1.3 for Total Commander    TrID v1.00.1 - Tool to identify file types from their binary
		signatures     Tracker v3.20 - Advanced File System Explorer for
trashit.exe     Trash it v1.80 - Uninstall util for Win95-XP    TrueTemplate v1.19 - Plugin for FAR     True Break v1.03 - Split to floppy Plugin for FAR Manager
truecolr.rar    True Color Plugin for FAR that shows standard Color Dialog
		and insert RGB value of selected color in a current file
trucr104.rar    Trucer v1.04 - Space Truncater Plugin for FAR editor
truecpp1.rar    True-CPP.DLL - C++ support plugin for FAR editor     True Template plugin for FAR offering Multi-Edit like functions
trmac104.rar    True Macro v1.04 - FAR Editor Macro Processor
trntxt14.rar    TruncateTXT v1.4 - Plugin for FAR Editor        Triple Shell v5.4 - MSDOS Shell      Tray Shortcuts v3.0 for Win95 - Short Cutter    TTCODE v1.02 - UUENCODE replacement       Time To Leave v2.1.11 - Disk cleanup manager    TwinTracker v2.1 for DOS/Win - File Deduplicator      Total Uninstall v2.34 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Tutordo v2.3 - DOS Shell    SHELL v1.71 - Command Interpreter    Twin Folders v2.1 - Directories synchronization tool for Win32    Tweak Total Commander v5.6.0 - TCMD Internal Settings Tweaker    TypeParser v1.1 - Drive usage statistic creator    DiskRover v1.2 - Basic Computing Shell by Underwear    UltraCopy v1.46    Ucopy v2.2 - Copy for Windows     UDEC v1.1 - Universal decoding program (UUE,XXE,...)    UDL - Unix Dir Lister v1.01 beta2 for Win32       UFC v1.0 - Ultra File Compare     Universal File Information v1.09a
ufo964e.exe     (ASP) UFO v96.4e - Universal File Operator for DOS/Win95     FAR UInst v1.3 beta - Uninstall plugin for FAR Manager    Unlink/Link v1.3 - Splits ASCII/Binary Files       User manager v0.2 - FAR Manager plugin for WinNT/2000/XP to
		change user settings       Uninstall Manager v4.10 for Win95/98/Me    File Unerasing Tool for DOS    The Generic DOS Uninstall Util v1.1    Unicode Wizard v1.1 - FAR v1.7x Plug-in Module    UnixShell - Simple Unix shell which runs on top of DOS    UnMime v1.2 - Mime decoder for DOS
unpaq_2.rar     Quantum PAQ 0.90x fmt module for FAR Manager    Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier v1.7 - Recovers file from
		physically or logically damaged disk media    (ASP) UPCOPY Directory Synchronizer v6.1
upx.rar         UPX plugin module v1.1 for FAR MultiArc
usrmnuex.rar    Another Macro Parser - Beta version of FAR Plugin    Ultra TC (Total Commander) Main Menu Editor v1.0        UU v3.3 - UUDecoder - Freeware version       UU v4.1 - Smart UUDecoder    UUAppend v1.0 - UUE files appender     Clean Crap Out of UUEncoded Files v1.70    Spherical UUDecode v1.02 - Console UUE and BASE64 Decoder    UUDEVIEW v0.97h for OS/2 - UUE/XXE/MIME utility    UUDEVIEW for DOS - UUE/XXE/MIME utility    UUDEVIEW for Windows - UUE/XXE/MIME utility     UUDEVIEW for Windows v1.1a - UUE/XXE/MIME utility    UUDWin v1.29 - Mime/UUE/XXE interface for Win95/NT         UUENCODE/UUDECODE Utility for Win32      The UUE Encoder/Decoder v1.10 for DOS/OS2/Win32
uuepro20.rar    UUE Manager Pro v2.00 - Russian UUE Decoder    UUEncode/UUDecode 97 (v58) for DOS      UUFILL - UUE Files Handler     UnWanted v2.50 beta7 - File deleter      Unicode Wizard v1.5 - Plugin for FAR Manager         V v7.1 - The File Viewer for Win32
v71.exe         V v7.1 - The File Viewer for Win32 (install version)    Volkov Commander v4.00 - Hungarian docs     Volkov Commander v4.05 - Czech docs files translation    Volkov Commander v4.05 - German help file     Volkov Commander v4.05 - Polish docs and help file    Volkov Commander v4.05 - Russian docs and help file     Volkov Commander v4.05 - Slovak docs and help file translation
		by Vladimir Bencat     Volkov Commander v4.05 Shareware    Volkov Commander v4.99.08 alfa - Testing version of VC with
		full LFN and archive support    Visual Control Center v2.6 - DOS Shell     Volkov Commander Enhancer v4.05 SW     Redirect utils for Volkov Commander v3.2     Collection of Volkov Commander Icons      Volkov Commander Inactive Panel Preprocessor
vcmenu12.arj    Program menu (NC/VC like) v1.2 for DOS
vcsfl221.rar    The Volkov Commander Selected Files Lister v2.21       Volkov Commander Selected File Processor       VCVAR - Util that examine and change veriables of Volkov
		Commander     VData v2.3 - Files/Dirs/Disks comparator for Win32    Instant Version Info v1.3 - Explorer shell extension      VERSION INFO Plugin for FAR Manager    File Version Info Plugin v1.30 for FAR v1.6x    Versions Plugin for Total Commander - Tool to check new
		versions of downloadable programs       VF v1.3 - Fast Access to directories       VF v5.12 - File Manager from Bulgaria         VFC v1.00 - Visual File Compare Util for DOS32/Windows/OS2    VF_WIN 1.2 - Fast Access to dirs for Win95/NT    VGA-Shell v1.02 - DOS Shell    Vice Versa v1.0 - File/directory comparison and synchronization
		utility for Win9x     ViewDBF v3.8 Plugin for FAR v1.70     ViewerInx v1.0 - Plugin for FAR manager to select current file
		in viewer in panel      VisEOL - FAR Manager Plugin for visualization EOL       Vykey Launcher v1.11 - Program Launcher for Win9x/NT         VeryLongCopy v2.00.1a - Russian util for long file copy to FD    VMerge v4.3 - Windows File Diff/Merge Utility    VPread v1.2 - Volition Pack Reader/Extractor for FAR Manager    Visual File Renamer v1.4 for Win95    VerInfoTip.dll v1.0.0.0 for Win95/98/NT - Version and file
		format information extension for Windows Explorer    Version Check v1.1a - EXE/DLL file version checker     Volkov Small v4.05 - VC v4.05 UMB loader      vSubst v1.6 - Virtual drive for any folder creator
wac131.rar      WAC v1.31 - WinAmp Control Plugin for FAR    WinAmp 3.0 launcher on selected files in Total Commander     Warning - DOS util to warn against unnecessary deletes
wassic34,zuo    WAssociate v3.4 - File extension associations manager for Win32    WASTREE v1.20 - Disk/dir/tree/waste/space reporter     Waste Whacker v4.10 - Disk Space Recovering Utility for Win32    Watcher v1.20 - WinNT util to see changes to file system    Windows Break-Up v1.1 - Large file copying utility    Debian Linux .DEB packages unpacking plugin for Total Commander    Wincode v2.7.3a - Windows (16-bit) encoder/decoder (UUE,MIME)
wc32v550.txt    Windows Commander v5.50 for Win95-XP is available, but it was
		renamed to Total Commander v5.50 - see tcmd550.exe for download    wcd v3.1.4 - Chdir for DOS and Unix
wcexop10.exe    Windows Commander Expert Options v1.0 - WCMD Internal Settings
		Editor     Windows (Total) Commander ICL Changer    Icon Library for Total Commander      WCL v8.10 - A Command Processor for Windows    Albanian Language Support for Total Commander    Belarusian Language Support for Total Commander    Bulgarian Language Support for Total Commander    Chinese Language Support for Total Commander     Esperanto Language Support for Total Commander    Estonian Language Support for Total Commander    Finish Language Support for Total Commander    Greek Language Support for Total Commander    Hebrew Language Support for Total Commander     Croatian Language Support for Total Commander    Indonesian Language Support for Total Commander    Japanese Language Support for Total Commander    Korean Language Support for Total Commander    Latvian Language Support for Total Commander    Lithuanian Language Support for Total Commander     Macedonian Language Support for Total Commander    Portuguese Language Support for Total Commander    Portuguese Language Support for Total Commander    Romanian Language Support for Total Commander    Russian Language Support for Total Commander    Serbian (Latin) Language Support for Total Commander    Thai Language Support for Total Commander    Turkish Language Support for Total Commander     Chinese (Taiwanese) BIG-5 Language Support fot Total Commander    Ukrainian Language Support for Total Commander    Uzbek Language Support for Total Commander    Vietnamese Language Support for Total Commander    Which-Compiler v2.01 - The Ultimate File Analyzer       WCOPY v1.33 - Advanced file copy tool for DOS & Win32      Complete Program Deleter for Windows v4.0     WCTitle v0.9 - Total Commander instances counter
wcx111.rar      WCX connector v1.11 - FAR Manager Plugin allowing to use WCX
		plugin written for Total Commander     AES encryptor plugin v0.6.2 for Total Commander    AmigaDX Plugin for Total Commander     Atari 8-bit disk image file format plugin for Total Commander    Catalog Maker plugin v2.2 for Total Commander    MD5/SHA1 Checksum generator/checker Plugin for Total Commander     CHMDir Plugin for Total Commander and CHMView utility    Cryptonite Plugin v1.01 for Total Commander     C64 Disk images extract/view plugin for Total Commander     Disk Explorer Pro plugin v1.3 for Total Commander
wcx_dskm.rar    Disc Maker v1.1 - Plugin for Total Commander for creating list
		of files     DSP format Plugin for Total Commander
wcx_gpak.rar    GPAK Format Plugin for Total Commander     GRP format Plugin for Total Commander     H4R (format of archives from Heros of Might & Magic 4 game)
		Plugin for Total Commander    ICL Read Plugin v1.0.1.0 for Total Commander     MDB files viewing plugin for Total Commander     MPQ Plugin v1.03a for Total Commander    MPQ Archive File Format Plugin for Total Commander     MSI Pack/Unpack Plugin for Total Commander    PACK format Plugin for Total Commander     How to Write WCX packer plugins for Total Commander     PE32 files resource viewer/editor - Plugin for Total Commander    REsource Extractor - Plugin for Total Commander     REdHat Package Manager (RPM) plugin for Total Commander     SCL file format plugin for Total Commander     TOW file format plugin for Total Commander     TRD file format plugin for Total Commander     WAD file format plugin for Total Commander    MD5/SHA1 Checksum Generator/Checker - Plugin for Total
		Commander    DirCopy Plugin v1.03 for Total Commander    MultiArc Archiver plugin v1.1.2 for Total Commander    SFF (Structured Fax Format) Plugin for Total Commander    UnImz v1.0b - WCX Packer Plugin Module    (ASP) WDiff v1.50 - Windows File/DIR/ZIP Differences Shower    WDIFF v2.0a - Win95 dir structure comparing utility     Wersting Dir v1.26 - Powerful DIR Replacement     WEB Editor v1.002 - HTML editor plugin for FAR manager      Weldur v1.5a - Utility to join back files splitted to smaller
		parts by Splittur utility    WinExec - Windows applications DOS launcher     WakeEye v2.55 - Directory contents changes monitor for Win9x    WinFilex v1.21 - File manager enhancer    WhatFormat v2.1 - Type of file analyser for Win95/98/NT     Calendar Plugin v1.0.2 for Total Commander     Canon Camera Plugin v1.4 for Total Commander     Control Panel Plugin for Total Commander    DialPwd v1.0 - Cached Dial-up Password Viewer Plugin for TCMD    FTP Monitor Plugin v1.1b2 for Total Commander    HTTP Browser Plugin v1.0.4 for Total Commander    HPLX - TCMD plugin to open file system on HP100/200LX systems
wlx_arcv.rar    ArcView v1.2.0.28 - Lister Plugin for Total Commander to
		preview the archive files    Winamp Playlist Lister Plugin for Total Commander    DWView v1.2 - Multimedia player plugin for Total Commander     InterBase/FireBird (.gdb) format plugin for Total Commander     Viewer and Editor with syntax highlighting support
		of different programming languages for Total Commander    IE Web Lister Plugin for Total Commander    Image Lister Plugin v1.0 for Total Commander
wfx_ipod.rar    Apple iPod connection plugin for Total Commander     JccView v2.5.1.1 beta1 - Total Commander Lister Plugin for
		viewing Japanese crosswords    MPIO MP3 Player Plugin for Total Commander    Shared Files Listing Plugin for Total Commander
wfx_netw.rar    NetworkAlt - MS Windows Network Browser plugin for Total
		Commander    POP3 Email Plugin v1.20 for Total Commander    Current User Privileges Plugin for Total Commander (Win2K/XP)    Registry Editor Plugin v2.4 for Total Commander
wfx_serv.rar    Services Plugin v2.4 for Total Commander (WinNT/2000/XP only)    SIFS (Siemens Flex-Filesystem) Plgin for Total Commander    Siemens DES Plug-in for Total Commander     SSPlugin for Total Commander to work with projects from
		Source Save 6.0    Startup Guard Plugin for Total Commander to view files
		executed during Startup     TipTop Plugin for Total Commander (for manipulation with
		application windows)    Temporary Drive Plugin for Total Commander    Temporary Panel Plugin for Total Commander     TTF Viewer - Plugin for Total Commander    Turbo Winamp Plugin for Total Commander    Uninstall Plugin for Total Commander   UnInstaller v1.63 - FS-Plugin for Total Commander
wfx_vdsk.rar    Virtual Disk v1.1 - Total Commander plugin enabling to mount
		disk images as additional virtual drives     Visual Source Safe file system plugin v0.4 beta for Total
		Commander     Plugin module for FAR enabling using FS-Plugins written
		for Total Commander    CD-Ripper v1.6.1 - Plugin for Total Commander    Events NT/2000/XP Plugin v1.9 for Total Commander    MS SQL Servers v1.3 - FS Plugin for Total Commander    Plugin Manager v1.2 beta for Total Commander    FileSystem Plugin for Total Commander to copy through physical
		RAM to prolong hard disk life    TC Services v0.9 Alfa - Total Commander plugin for controlling
		services under Win 2000/XP/2003    Windows CE and Pocet PC devices access (via ActiveSync) Plugin
		for Total Commander    New/missing files/dirs reporter     WhatFormat v1.4a - File format recognizer for Windows      WHATIS? - File identifier    WHexEd95 v1.4 - Windows 95 Hexadecimal Editor
where103.rar    WHERE-32bit v1.03 - Display full path of file       WHERE v1.0 - Executable file searching utility    Whereis v2.82 - File finding utility    Whereis v1.9a - File/directory search tool    Windows Hexadecimal Editor v1.1 for Windows    WhatFormat v1.4a - 32-bit file format recognizer for Windows     Wincmd Directory Menu Customizer v1.1 - Widows Commander
		Customizing Tool    WildRen v1.8 - Multiple file rename util for Win9x/NT/2000       WILD/WILD2 - File utils that allow you to wildcard programs
		that have no provision for any wildcarding    WinAlter v2.1 - Alter Date, Time & Attribs for Win     Win CE v1.1 - Access pocketPC and other Windows CD devices via
		ActiveSync directly in Total Commander!    Windows Cleaner v1.1 - Unused DLL Remover    WinCRC16 - CRC16 appending utility for Win32    WINCRC32 v1.43 - Fast CRC32 tester for Win32    AXAR Team WinMap v3.0 - Win32 directory monitor/uninstaller       Synchronize It! v2.78 - Directory synchronization tool for
		Win32    Wipe v2.12 - Data wiping utility      WIPE v3.0 - File Wiper      Wipe-It - Secure file erasing from HD    Wipeout/Del Utility v2.0       WIZ v3.7 - File Finder     Winlight v1.8 - Win3x & Win95 Uninstaller
wll_v101.rar    Windows Lists v1.01 - Plugin for FAR Manager    AnyTag Plugin for Total Commander to view metadata of audio
wlx_base.rar    BaseView v1.2 Plugin for Total Commander to view DBF files    C/C++ Syntax Colorizer - Extension for Total Commander Lister     CSV files viewer pluigin for Total Commander
wlx_dbf.rar     DBF File Viewer Plugin v0.9 for Total Commander     Word File Viewer Plugin v1.2 for Total Commander    Font.wlx v0.08 - Font Lister Plugin for Total Commander     MP3 Player and ID3V1 Tag Viewer v1.1 for Total Commander    MSIE-based File Viewer Plugin for Total Commander    INIView - INI File Viewer Plugin for Total Commander     Total Commander to play M3U files     Model Viewer - .MDL format lister plugin for Total Commander    Multimedia Player and Id3v1 Tag Viewer v2.44 - Plugin for
		Total Commander     Lister plugin for Total Commander to view .msg/.eml files got
		from tbb2mbx utility or from The Bat! e-mail client     MXP Plugin for Total Commander     MS Office File (MS Word, Excel, Write and other formats) Viewer
		Plugin for Total Commander
wlx_pevw.rar    PE Viewer - Plugin for Total Commander    SGViewer Plugin v1.7 for Total Commander     SymbolView v2.1.2 - Total Commander Lister extension to
		view structure of LIB, OCX and PE EXE files    SystemInfo v3.0 - System information extension for Total
		Commander Lister    Lister plugin for Total Commander to write plugins using
		JS/VBS languages    Version Information Plugin v2.04 for Total Commander     XLS documents viewer Plugin for Total Commander
wlxflash.rar    FlashView v1.4 - Total Commander plugin to view
		Flash (.swf) files     WLX Flic - Autodesk Flic Animation (FLC/FLI) Lister Plugin for
		Total Commander    Multimedia Factory Plugin for Total Commander v0.8    MP3 Tag Lister Plugin v0.98 for Total Commander    SMViewer - Total Commander Lister Plugin for Viewing Media
		Files    pdf/ps/eps Viewer Plugin v1.05 for Total Commander (req's
		GhostScript installation!)
wlxsynpl.rar    SynPlus v2.4 Lister Plugin for Total Commander    SynUs v1.6 Lister Plugin for Total Commander    Lister plugin for Total Commander to view contents of DBF files    WMD2FN v1.02 - Date 2 File Name Utility      WMI Plugin v0.6.1 for FAR Manager       WinNavigator v1.96 - Win95/98/NT file manager with built-in
		CD/MP3/... player and JPG/GIF/... viewer and many others    WINALYSIS v2.80 - Tool to monitor changes in Win98/Me/NT/2000
		file system, registry etc. when installing new applications
wnctl977.rar    WinAmp Remote Control FAR plugin v0.97.7    WinSCP Plugin for FAR Manager    WinTidy v5.0.0 - Identify and Remove Unwanted Files (for Win32)      WPR v0.27 - Recursive directory deleter    Workspace v0.1 - Tool for saving current state of FAR manager    WinSplit v1.3 - File Splitter for Windows    (ASP) Wssindex cataloger v6.01 - Build database of directory
		info - part 1    (ASP) Wssindex cataloger v6.01 - part 2      Wtouch v1.0 - File date/time stamper for Win32      Who Using File (for Netware) v1.05 - Plugin for FAR Manager
wwheel11.rar    WARPed Mouse Wheel Plugin v1.1 for FAR manager      XBIN v2.3 Mac BinHex file decoder for PC      XCACLS v0.1beta - Command-line file/folder ACL editor for
		Windows NT/2000         Xcd - FAR Manager plugin enabling access to various Special
		folders with hotkeys     xClip v0.2 - The extended buffer of an exchange for FAR manager    XCommander v1.04 - FILES.BBS Manager
xcopy004.rar    XCopy v0.04 alpha - FAR manager plugin to extend copying
		capabilities    XXCOPY rel.2.85.8 - XCOPY replacement     xCreate v0.22b - FAR plugin for TR-DOS disk image creation       XD v3.0M - Extended DIR util
xdir140.rar     xDIR v1.40 - Alternative DIR Viewer        XDO - Powerful Directory Processor    XErase v1.00 - Erase ANY file    (ASP) XFERPRO v1.1.2 - Mime,UU,XX... encoder/decoder for Win       X-Find for Win95/98/NT - File finder    (ASP) XFERPRO32 v2.0.0 - 32bit Mime,UU,XX... encoder/decoder
		for Win95
xhrip01.rar     HRiP eXtractor v0.1b for FAR manager      iS-dos Disk eXplorer v0.1b for FAR manager    XML Browser Plugin for FAR Manager v1.35    XML HRC Pack - Set of HRC files for FAR Manager for coloring
		XML and XSL Syntax      Directory Deletor with LFN and 4DOS Support      SCL Explorer v0.1b - FAR manager plugin
xsel.rar        Extended Select Plugin for FAR Manager v1.0      TR-DOS Disk Explorer v0.9 - FAR plugin    XUM32 v1.04 for Win9x/NT/2000 - File validate util       XVI32 v2.21 - Hex Editor for Win9x/NT     XView v4.0b - File manager with mouse and CD support    XVIEW - .INF Files Viewer for Windows      XX34 v0.2 - Binary to ASCII encoder       Access v4.54 - Menu program for DOS     XXBUG v3.00 - 7 bit encoder & script generator    XXDEBUG v1.10 - 7 bit decoder      ZXZIP Extractor v0.11b - Plugin for FAR Manager     Yet Another Cataloger Plugin v1.2 for FAR Manager
yapsync4.rar    Yap (-) Far Synchrnize v0.4 for FAR Manager     Touch - UNIX like util for changing date/time/attr. of files    The YoRunner - Game plugin for FAR Manager       ZAB v1.2 - Util for delete all files/dirs but specified ones       ZAP v1.3 - Fills a file with nulls    ZapIt v5.13 - Hex file/disk editor for DOS     ZCOPY v3.5 - XCOPY Replacement for DOS     ZDiff v2.3 - Visually compares dirs, archives and lists         ZDU rel.2 - Util for cleaning HD
zeroin32.exe    ZeroIn v3.2 - "CD" Command Replacement    ZipAdvisor v1.0 - Drive space utility for Win95     CHECK v1.00 - CRC generation/validation utility
znscm10.rar     Zed's NetSonic Cache Mgr v1.0 for FAR     Z Archiver plugin v0.2 for Total Commander    Zed's FAR Plugins Manager v1.04 for FAR v1.70+
ztw1492.exe     ZTreeWin v1.49.2 - Win32 File Manager     ZXView v1.01 - External viewer for Total Commander for
		viewing pictures (SCR, SNA, Z80 and $C) and Basic texts ($B)

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