Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILDISK         0cd - CD-Rom Emulator v7.1
100xcd27.exe    100xCD Cache v2.7 - CD/ROM Speed Booster for WinXP/2000    22Disk v1.44 - CP/M Diskette Formats Driver for DOS by SYDEX        2M v3.0 - High capacity HD floppy disk driver     2M GUI v1.9    Program to repair 2M disks damaged by Win'95    2MFShell v1.2 and 2M GUI Shell v1.0    Disk Analyzer v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Disk usage analyser    35 seconds package v1.41 - Floppy-disk caching program    Windows version of 35 seconds package v1.41     4dcat.btm - Floppy cataloguer    765DEBUG v5.0 - Update of 2M v3.0 utility    800 II v1.80 - Driver for various FD formats      Autorun Action Flash - Graphical Autorun Program      Autorun Action Menu - Graphical Menu Program     ABACK v2.0 - Little backup program         Active Backup Expert v1.30 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Backup util
		which creates backup archives in ZIP format    ACCESO 2M v1.1 - Utility for reading 2M diskettes under Win95      Another Change Directory v2.33 - Quick Directory Changer    AcceleratedCD v1.10 - CD ROM Accelerator for Win95      Advanced Disk Catalog v1.50 - Removable Drive Catalogizer     ADC Plugin for FAR v1.47      A-Disk Duplicator v1.0 - Floppy disk duplicator    AdjustCD - CD ROM Drive Access Filter     ADQ (ATA Drive Query) - Hard disk info utility    AEFDISK v2.1 - Command line driven disk partitioning utility      Advanced EFS Data Recovery v2.10 - Decrypt files from Windows
		NTFS partitions
aforg170.exe    Advanced File Organizer v1.70 - Disk cataloging tool for Win32       Autooption Graphic - Autorun Program       CD Autorun Inf Editor v1.0
alcoh120.exe    Alcohol 120% - CD/DVD Emulator and Burner for Win95-XP
alcohl41.rar    Alcoholer v4.1 - Tool to combine ClonyXXL and Alcohol 120%     Anadisk v2.07 - Something like NDD
anydvd.exe      Any DVD v3.9.4.2 - DVD descrambling driver       Autopage - Animated CD Menu System    ArchivePro 2000 v1.4 for Win9x/NT - Backup Application      Analyzer for Recover Fixed / Floppy Disk v0.1    ASBench v0.7 - ASPI Disk Benchmark    Allocated Space Counter v2.1 - Verbose info on HD space
		allocation    ASPI-ID v1.5 - A SCSCI HD Utility    EduceStart v1.21 - Common backup programs automatic starter    ATAPI CD-ROM Drive Identification Program v2.03     ATA/IDE Ports Detector    ATAprobe v1.0 - Display info on (E)IDE disks, ATAPI CD-ROMs
		and tapes     Auto v3.11 - CD AutoPlay function emulator for Win3.x
autoarch.exe    AutoArchiver v2.0 - Backup util for Win32 from Hungary    Autodisk v2.0 - Automatically run disks by inserting them
		and clicking an icon    AutoEject v1.22 for Win95/NT - ZIP Drive Ejector    Autoption - Autorun Program    Autorun - Creates descriptive README.TXT file that describe CD    AUTORUN v1.2 - OS/2 util that realize CD autorun function    Autoview - An Universal CD Viewer      "Track 0 Bad" diskette formatter by A.Yanovsky      Backup4all v2.2.1 - ZIP format based backup utility    MS Backup for Win95 Update    Bad CD Repair v1.0 - Tool to copy files from corrupted CD
		or HDD    BadCopy99 - Disk data rescue tool for Win95/98/NT    BadCopy Pro v3.70 - Data recovery tool for diskette, CD-ROM
		and digital media    BAKCFG v1.4 - PkZip based back-up application for Win95    BlackBoard Backup v5.9 for Windows    BCD v1.386 - The CD faker      BootCTL v5.00 - Always boot from HD    The Better Disk Formatter v1.0 - FD formatter      BigDisk v1.50 - Disk utility that allows the PC to read
		all it's hard drives        Program to prepare FD to boot a computer and run a program      Bus Hound v2.01 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Low level i/o to be
		viewed from HD, floppy, CD ROM, DVD etc.    Backups-on-the-fly - Backup utility    Backup Wizard - DOS/Win Backup Utility    Boot Changer - Changes the boot sector of the drive to boot
		from drive C    Bootstrap Loader Modifier v1.0beta    BootPart v2.5 - Boot Partition for Windows NT     BOOTSEC - Reads/writes Floppy Boot Sector from/to File    Bootsave, Bootrest and Bootchk v1.9 - Boot backup utils    BootPart v2.14 beta - Boot Partition for Windows NT    Sleep HDD v5.5 - HDD saver for IDE hard drives (DOS)       Bill Reid's DriveSpace Chek v3.0 for Win95    Bill Reid's DriveSpace Chek v1.0 for Windows      System Backup Utils v1.2 for Win95/98
bttb20.exe      Burn To The Brim v2.0 - Util for optimization of CD ROM
		filling     (ASP) Backup Fugue for DOS v1.3 - HD Backup    Blackboard Zip BackUp - Util for Iomega Zip and Jazz drives
		backup    CATFISH v1.9 - Disk catalog browser    Systweak CacheBoost 4 - WinNT/2000/XP cache optimizer    Cacheman v4.1 - GUI based tool to optimize the cache settings
cachm550.exe    Cacheman v5.50 - GUI based tool to optimize the cache settings
cmxp110.exe     CachemanXP v1.10 - GUI based tool to optimize the cache
		settings with RAM recovery function and many others    Calclus v2.0 for Win3/95 - Calculates lost disk space using
		different cluster sizes    CatDisk Back Up v2.50 - Backup of CatDisk Catalogs    DOS Concurrent Disk Cache v1.10 - FD/HD Cache    SkinMaster for CloneCD v3.0       OPEN/CLOSE CD v1.13 - Joke program for Win95/98/NT     Freeware programs for popular CDROM recorders     CD ROM Analyzer v2.2.0 - CD ROM Benchmarking Program       CDAcrobat v1.1 - CD Drive Controller for Win32     CD Autostart Creator v2.0 - Autostart feature equipped
		CD creator for Win32       CD Autorun Creator v2.1.2 - Tool to build CD/DVD autorun
		programs      CDB v1.07 - Benchmark Analizer for CD-ROM Drives         Util for opening/closing CD tray       CDC v1.1 - Hard Disk and CD comparator      CD Catalog Expert v7.60 - CD media catalogizer for Win95-XP
cdcheck.exe     CD Check v3.0.1.43 for Win9x/NT - CD-ROM integrity checker    CD Checker v1.15 - Win32 tool to check the presence of media
		in CD drive before shutdown     CD-ROM Cheating Tools v1.1 - Contains also CD-ROM Cheater     CD Control32 v1.612 - CD-ROM drive door controller     CD Drive Tool v2.3 - Tool to control CD-ROM drive    CD-ROM Explorer v1.11     CD-Eject v2.58 - Management of CD-ROM drive for Win32    CDEject v1.6 - Util for opening/closing CD doors by mouse
		clicking    CD Eject v2.3 - CD Drive Ejector      CDFE v2.1 - CD ROM Front End - Autoruns when CD is inserted    CDGPLAY v1.0 - Displays graphics on CD+G Audio CD's    CD-Helper v1.0 - CD-ROM Organizer     CiC - CD Image Converter v1.10 for Win32    CD-ROM Image Converter v1.1 - Convert CD-ROM track images
		between any format     CD Indexer v1.0 for Win95/NT - Disk index maker     CDROMINF v1.2 - CD Tester    CD Madness v2.4.1 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Util for control of
		CD drives and CDs       CD'n'Go v2.0 - MP3 suite incl. Digital Audio Extractor, Audio
		Compressor and File Tagger       CD Open Close Tray v1.00 - DOS/Win95 util for opening/closing
		CD tray     CD Open Close Tray 2001 - Util to open/close CD tray for
		Win9x/NT/2000/Me    CD Protection Scout v2.1.0.2 - Utility to detect what kind
		of CD protection is being used on certain CD     CD Portal v3.24 - CD-ROM Autorun Maker    (ASP) CD-Quick Cache for Win'95 v3.21    (ASP) CD-Quick Cache v1.30 - CD-ROM Cache
cdr39g-e.exe    CDRWIN v3.9G - CD-ROM Recording Tools for Win95/98    Cdrdao v1.1.7 for Win32 - Tool to write audio/data CD-Rs
		in disk-at-once mode
cdvddiag.exe    CD/DVD Diagnostic v2.1.x - CD/DVD data inspector/recovery tool    CD-Recovery v1.0 - CDROM Recovery Utility    CDR Identifier v1.63 - Util for identification of CDROM
		manufacturer    CD-ROM Commands v1.1 - Command line CDROM tools    CD-ROM Watcher v1.0 - CD-ROM drive usage controller     (ASP) Disk Catalog System / CATDISK v9.20 (DOS)    (ASP) Disk Catalog System / CATDISK for Win 3.10+ & 95 v1.11    CDSPEED v1.1 for DOS - CD-ROM drive spindle speed and
		inactivity time controller    CDSPEED v1.1 for Win - CD-ROM drive spindle speed and
		inactivity time controller      CD Spin v1.01 - CDROM drive spin-up time remover      CD-TOOLS v1.15 - A Utility for ROM and Audio CD's      A collection of test progs for various CD drives    Fast CD-Test v3.02a - CD Tester
cdtxtman.exe    CD-Text Manager v1.6 - CD-Text info extraction tool
cduke.exe       CDuke - CD burning application for Win32    CD utilities v1.0e beta by Falk Huth     Image compilation CD's front-end     CDXcess - Util for ejecting/closing CDROM drive's tray     Win'95 Configuration Backup    SeaGREEN Power Management Utility for Seagate ATA (IDE) HD's    Change Disk v1.0 - Program that waits until the disk in drive
		A: is changed     CheckCD - Win9x checker of CDROM media for physical errors    BOOTID & CHECKOUT - Diskette Identifier and Checker    CheckCD - CD ROM drive tester for Windows    CheckHD v0.99 beta - HD Checker    North Beach Labs Disk Duplicator Classic v1.2 Freeware    CleanFree - Win95/98/2000 util that writes binary zeros
		to the remaining free space on a selected drive     Disk Clean Up 2000 v4.6 - Clean up deleted files    CleanDrive v1.2 - Disk wiping util      CleanFL v5.00 - FD cleaning utility       Cheesy Little Formatter v3.0 - Win95 diskette formatting util       Configuration LifeGuard v4.4 - Win9x-XP backup utility
clonecd.exe     CloneCD v4.3.3.1 - CD Cloning Utility by SlySoft
clonedvd.exe    CloneDVD v2.4.3.1 - DVD Cloning Utility by Elaborate Bytes    Clony XXL v2.01.5 - CD Scanner for checking type of copy
		protection       Clone Master v2.19 - Duplicate Files Finder    (ASP) CMFLOPPY v1.7 - Floppy diskette util    COMBI-Disk v1.18 - RAM disk & disk cache      Contig v1.41 - Windows NT Disk Defragmenter     CopyAll - Win32 program for making backups/installing of HD's    CopyQM v3.24 - Powerful FD Copier by Sydex     COREtest - Disk Performance Test Program v3.03    CPDISK v1.95 - Disk utility      Copy Protected Diskette Track Formatter    CORE Fixed Disk Test and Exerciser Program v3.51    CRUISER v1.40 - 32-bit Disk Browser Utility for Win'95     CSPACE v1.32 - Show Free Space (HD & Network drives)    CT Disk Copy v1.3 - Program for creating duplicate disks for
		Windows    CVT - FAT16 to FAT32 Converter    Cyldir v3.9 - Lists dirs found in FAT      D2D/98 - Free program to copy floppy disks        DiskArella v3.3 - Disk Space Recovery Util for Win9x    Freeware programs for popular CDROM recorders v3.9G (DOS16)    Freeware programs for popular CDROM recorders v3.9G (DOS32)    TIRAMISU v4.03 - Sophisticated Data Recovery Software      Davory v1.9 - Data recovery tool supporting FAT12, FAT 16,
		FAT 21 and NTFS     DiskBase v5.11 Manual in DOC format    DiskBase v5.11 for Win3.1x - Disk Cataloging Program
db22.exe        Drive Bar v2.2 - Additional bar with list of available drives    DiskBase v5.15 for Win9x/NT - Disk Cataloging Program    DiskBase v5.15 for Win9x/NT - Disk Cataloging Program (Czech
		Edition)       DCF v5.3 - Disk Copy Fast     DCFR v0.0.4 - DCF disk image files manipulator       DCOPY v0.99 - A Basic Hard Disk Copier     DiskCopy v4.2 - 32-bit disk duplicator      DDCDes v1.1.1.0 - Open/close CDROM drive      DiskDupe Conversion Utility v1.0 R4    DiskDupe DLL Interface v8.01    dd(1) for DOS - UNIX-like util for read/write data by blocks      DiskDupe Image Shell v2.40     DDI images to HDD directories converter v0.07    DISKdata v3.4.1 - Win95/98/NT/2000 disk space utilization
		analyzer     DiskDupe Trial v5.1 for DOS - Diskette duplicator      DiskDupe Util by MSD    DiskDupe Trial for Windows v5.1 - Diskette duplicator       DE v3.0 - Disk Editor for DOS     Disk-Ease v0.9.2 - Floppy disk indexer      Defrag - Program for demonstration the use of NT 4.0 FAT and
		NTFS cluster movement File System Control functions    Defrag_to_shutdown v0.9 for Win9x - Util for disk defragmenting     Deleted File Analysis Utility v1.0.67
dep360cz.exe    DiskExplorer Professional v3.60 - Czech removable media
		catalogizer for Win32 (Czech Edition)    DiskExplorer Professional v3.60 - Czech removable media
		catalogizer for Win32 (Czech Edition)
dep360en.exe    DiskExplorer Professional v3.60 - Czech removable media
		catalogizer for Win32 (English Edition)    DiskExplorer Professional v3.60 - Czech removable media
		catalogizer for Win32 (English Edition)    DiskExplorer for FAT v2.31 - Disk Editor for Win95-XP
dln360sk.exe    Slovak Language Module for DiskExplorer Pro v3.60    IDE/ATAPI CD Writer Software Collection for DOS (Beta-2)    IDE/ATAPI CD Writer Software Collection for DOS (Beta-3)
dp11.exe        Defragmenter Pro v1.1 - Efficient ScanDisk and disk defrat
		utility    CD-DVD Drives Master v1.2 - CD/DVD drives manipulation tool    Disk Checker v3.0 beta-3 - Disk checking/repairing tool    Floppy Disk Fix ver2.0    DVD Identifier v3.4 for Win32    DVD Shrink v2.0 - DVD backup tool
dvw360cz.exe    DiskExplorer Pro Viewer v3.60 - Free viewer of file database
		created by DiskExplorer Pro for Win32 (Czech Edition)    DiskExplorer Pro Viewer v3.60 - Free viewer of file database
		created by DiskExplorer Pro for Win32 (Czech Edition)
dvw360en.exe    DiskExplorer Pro Viewer v3.60 - Free viewer of file database
		created by DiskExplorer Pro for Win32 (English Edition)    DiskExplorer Pro Viewer v3.60 - Free viewer of file database
		created by DiskExplorer Pro for Win32 (English Edition)
dvw360sk.exe    DiskExplorer Pro Viewer v3.60 - Free viewer of file database
		created by DiskExplorer Pro for Win32 (Slovak Edition)    DiskExplorer Pro Viewer v3.60 - Free Viewer of file database
		created by DiskExplorer Pro for Win32 (Slovak Edition)     Disk Factory 32 v2.10 - Disk Copy Program for Win95    DiskFree v1.2 for Windows - Util for free disk space info
dfree1_1.rar    DFREE v1.1 - Free disk space showing utility    DiskFree v1.31 for Win95/98/NT - Free disk space informer    FREE v3.6a - Free disk space displaying utility    Display File System v6.09 - File system analysis util for
		DOS16, WinNT and OS/2    DISKHACK v1.02 - Disk Editor          Drive Info v1.1.02 - Disk usage explorer      DiskImage for DOS v1.00 beta - Russian disk image creator    DiskImage v2.30 - Disk utilization info utility      Direct Floppy v2.5 - Tool for floppy image creation    DISKCAT v1.2 - Floppy Disk Catalogue Util for Win3.1    DISKCAT v4.4 - Floppy Disk Catalogue Util for Win95    Disk Factory v1.11 for Windows 3.1 - Disk Copy Program    Active@ Disk Image - DOS-based backup tool    Disk Monitor for Windows      DISK-INFO v1.3 - German Boot-Sector Analyser    (ASP) Diskback v1.2 - HD Backup Program     DiskCat v2.0 - Removable media catalogizer    DiskDB v2.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Catalog for removable
		media    DISKED v2.9.1 - Low-level Disk Editor    Mihov DiskFree v2.2 - Free disk space display    DiskFree v1.31 for Win95/NT - Free Disk Space Monitor     Roadkil's Disk Image v1.01 - Copies an image of a disk to/from
		a file     Disk Space Monitor v1.0b4 for Win95/NT    (ASP) Diskers v1.53 - Disk/File Duplicator for Win95    Diskette Restorer v2.2 - Russian util for damaged floppies
		treatment    FAT and BOOTSAVE v2.3 Maint.Rel.     DiskUsage99 v2.01 for Win9x/NT - Free space monitor    DiskUtil Disk Editor v1.00 for Win95    DiskWriter v0.9 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Util to write disk image
		files to a floppy disk         DIU - Diskette Image Unpacker       Directory Killer v0.02    DiskCare v4.0 - HD maintenance program shell      DKI v1.91 - Disk Analyser    DKOPIE v3.0 - Discopy program with 2M and FDformat disks
		support    Graham System Disk Sqeezer Utils - HD Tracks Compressor for DOS      Disk Label System v3.30 - DOS labeling program (CATDISK util)        Joba's Disk Max v4.0 - German high capacity diskette formatter     (ASP) DRIV_MAN v1.33 - Single Screen Disk Drive Data Display     DriveMeter v2.0 - Graphically display capacity/free space of
		HD drives     DefragMentor Lite CL v4.0 for WinNT/2K - Command line util for
		defragmenting files on FAT and NTFS volumes    DefragMentor Lite v1.0 for WinNT/2K - GUI util for defragm.
		fileson FAT and NTFS volumes      DISKINFO v5.00 - Displays info about disks      (ASP) Disk OrGanizer v3.16 - Disk defragmenter       DOLLY v1.00 - Hard Drive Cloning And Imaging Utility    DOSLink v1.0 - Symbolic linker in DOS      QCLab v1.1 - Diskette testing utility    Drive v3.01 - Pop-up drive browser and virtual drive creator    CCCs Software Drive Info v1.0 - Displays low-level drive info    Drives v0.01 - BAT util for drives identification    Drive Imager DriveStar v2.38 - Partition manipulator for DOS
		and Win32    Drive Type Recognizer for Windows    DRSP - Drive Speed v3.10 - Write/Read Drive Speed Identifier    Drive Alarm v4.0 - Free disk space monitor    Visual Basic 5 source to get statistics on HDD's    Drive Man v1.4 - 32-bit Win'95 application for accesing storage
		devices    DriveSlack v1.00 - Show how much HD space is wasted because of
		large clusters     (ASP) Disk Spool II v5.04    Drivespace 3 Disaster Recovery Kit
ds95500.exe     (ASP) Directory Snoop v5.00 - View raw dir entries     Hack Systems Data Safe v1.7 - Backup and replication program
		for Win32    DiskChecker v2.1 by RS Software Lab for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP -
		Disk surface scanner    DiskCopy v2.0 - Duplicate disks creator for Win32    Disk Imager v1.0 - HD Imager for DOS    Disk Imager v1.0 - Floppy image manipulation util    Disk Investigator v1.3 - Raw disk sectors reader for Win95-XP
		with NTFS support     DSKCASE v1.03 - Menu-driven disk manager    DiskLock for Win95 v1.0 - Removable media locker    Disk Piecharter for Win95/NT v2.3 - Graphical Disk Explorer    Roadkil's DiskSpeed v1.0 - Tests the speed of disk drives    Disk Saver v1.0 for Win95/98 - Data from trashed disk
		recovering utility     DiskTester for Win95/98/NT - Tests CDs, Floppies and Hard Disks    DSKWASTE v2.2 - Disk Waste Evaluator for DOS    SMEM v6.6a and DSPACE v6.6 - Free memory / HD space displayer     DSpace v1 - Free Disk Space Checker      D-Speed - Speed of a disk transfer checker    Tandy Colour Computer Disk-To-Tape Transfer Utility v1.1    DiskState v2.85 for Win32 - Program that reports current
		state of disk (free space, swap space etc.)    Disk Tools v0.1 - Disk Sector Manipulation Utility     Disktest PRO v1.2 - Win32 floppy disk analyzing/repairing tool       Drive Test for Windows v1.0    DUG-IDE - Low-level info of the IDE hard disk checker    Dupcheck Upload Processor v1.30    Dupe Nukem v2.8 - Duplicate file remover     Duplication Factory v1.51 - Diskette Duplicator for Win95/NT      DUW v1.21 - Disk Usage Indicator for Win95/NT     DVD Copy v1.0b - DVD Video/AC3 Audio Extractor for Winx9/NT/2K
dvdgn410.exe    DVD Genie v4.10 - DVD Region Code Changer
dvdidle.exe     DVD Idle v5.x - DVD-ROM drive life extender for Win32
dvdidpr.exe     DVD Idle v3.6.x Pro - DVD-ROM drive life extender for Win32
dvdregfr.exe    DVD Region Free v5.x - Tool for setting DVD region       DiskWaste v1.10 - DOS util for showing disk space wasted by
		small files       DWARE - Disk based archival software for DOS      Disk Express v2.34 - Diskette Images Creator         E0X 2002 - Emulation of floppy drive    Easy Backup v1.10 - Backup tool for Win32    Easy Burning v1.68 - CD Writing Tool for Win32    EASY BACKUP v1.0 for Win32 by Dirk Paehl     EASY ISO(CD) Creator for Win32 by Dirk Paehl      Easy Backup v7.3 - Backup Software      (ASP) Eddy ver.8h - File/Disk/Directory Editor    EIDETEST v2.4 - Flawed EIDE Controller Detection Utility     Editpart v2.8 - Partition contents editor    ERD Commander v1.0 (Read-only) - Allows to boot Windows NT
		system from floppy disk drive        ERS - Emergency Recovery System v1.23 for Win'95    Extra Terrestrial Floppy Magic v1.00 - Special 40k area on
		1.44M diskette creator     ETIQ v3.0 - Diskette Serial Number Numerator    (ASP) Disk images extractor for Windows    EyeDrives v3.5 - Tool for visualization free disk space      Easy Backup v1.3 for DOS    EZCat v2.61 - Removable media catalogizer    EZ-DiskCopy PRO v3.30c - Diskette duplicator    Simulates CD-ROM drive with a directory of HD    Fakedisk v0.99beta - Disk image file emulator    FAT16 and FAT32 hard disk information graphic interpreter
fat32.exe       FAT32 for WniNT v1.01 Read - FAT32 disks reading enabling
		tool for Windows NT    Fat32Free - Program for showing size and free space of FAT32
		drives under Win95(OSR1) or Win98    TIRAMISU for FAT32 v3.03 - Sophisticated Data Recovery    FATMon v3.1.01a - FAT monitor for Win95/98/NT     FBIOS v1.3 - Floppy Disk Tester      Floppy Drive Brake by A.Yanovsky      FindBSD v1.0 - Searches for BSD disklabels       File Collection v1.02 - Removable media catalogizer for Win32
fda61.rar       Floppy Disk Analyzer v6.1 (dox in Russian)     FDF v3.5 - Shell for FDFORMAT Utilities    FDFORMAT v1.8 - FD Format Utils     Disk-Organize v1.2 - Useful Screen-Saver for Windows :-)      Finddir v1.4 - Util for searching subdirs on a disk    FDISK v1.2.1 - HD Partition management util     Floppy Disk Reanimator v2.30     FDSF v1.10 - Floppy Drive Shift Factor Utility     FDShell v1.66 - German Floppy Disk Format Shell
ferio167.exe    Feurio v1.67 - CD Writer for Win32    (ASP) FreeForm v2.31a - FD formatter    FFormat v2.98B      FDS - Easy Change Floppy Drive Parameters     FindFAT v1.22 - Util for searching FATs on a disk      Filler v1.00 - Russian util for optimalised filling up of
		diskette when copying files from HD    FileWiz v1.10 - Disk Cataloguer    Final Data Enterprise v1.0 - Deleted files recovering tool for
		Win9x/Me    Find Sector v1.0 - Sector level data viewer      FIPS v2.0 - First Nondestructive Interactive Partition
		Splitting Program        FIRM - DOS Floppy image reader/maker     FixFlop - Flppy utility by MSD    Floppy Master v3.5 - Diskette utils    FLOIMA v13.0 - 1.4M floppy image creator/manipulator     FlopyImg v2.01 - Freeware Floppy Image Maker/Recoverer     Floppy on/off util      Floppy v2.2 - Util for floppy media wiping    Disk Tools v1.0 - Batch file for copying/deleting all diskette      Floppy v1.1 - Backup on floppy disks    Floppycat v2.2 - Floppy Cataloger for Windows    FlopImager v2.0 - Floppy Disk Image File Creation Tool    Floppy Image Creator v2.2.5 for Win32    Floppy Kit v1.1 - Set of FD utils       Fastmenu - Simple menu program        Format Master v5.6       FMT v1.4 - Floppy format program for DOS/Win3/Win95/WinNT       Format Master for Windows v1.3    ForAge v2.00 - Backup Program    Format v0.91 - Util that prepares a disk with a file system    Format QM v2.01 - FD Formatter    Findpart v3.91 - Util for searching the lost partitions      FR v1.00 - Formats "Track 0 Bad" Floppies    FreeE-Space v5.0 - Shows Free Disk Space        HSI Free Space v1.7 - Disk Space Analyzer     (ASP) FSAVE v1.1 - Back-up program     FSDEXT2 v0.16 - Linux 2nd Extended File System for Win95      Free Space v1.31 - DOS Multiple HD Space Utilization Util    EMS/XMS RAMDISK v1.9i    Full Disk v5.2 - HD Tree Viewer for Win9x/NT/2000     Findword v1.2 - Word (4 KB blocks) finder on disk       Ghost - Disk Formatting/Copying Utility      Noise reducer for IDE drives for Windows    GR Back Pro v5.4 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Back Up Utility    GR Disk Utility for Win9x/Me v4.1 - Floppy Disk Utils     Getsect v1.5 - Write sector contents to file     GUS Drive II - DOS-compatible RAM-disc using GUS' DRAM    GUS Drive II Patch    Hyper v1.0 - User interface for HyperDisk program
hb45.exe        Handy Backup v4.5 - Backup program for Win9x-XP
hbpro11.exe     Handy Backup Pro v1.1 - Backup program for Win9x-XP       High-Capacity FD Formatter    HD98COPY v4.1 - HD partitions backup program    The HardDisk Accomplice v1.70 - HD utility     HD Checker - Win32 tool to monitor right functionality of HD    HD Clone v2.0 - Disk cloning utility      Hard Disk Copy v3.1 - Hard disk sector copy/backup utility    HD-Copy v2.0a    Abacus HDD Acoustic Manager v1.2 - Allows to manipulate hard
		disk drive noise    HDDCHECK v2.00 - HD Structure Checker     HDD Perf v0.53 - HD Usage Monitor for Win2000/XP    HDD Speed v2.1 - HDD Benchmarking Program from Russia     HDDSTAT - Util that display the free disk space in Win95/NT
hddtemp.exe     HDD Temperature 1.4 - Tool for measuring temperature of hard
hddtscsi.exe    HDD Temperature SCSI Edition v1.0 - Tool for measuring
		temperature of SCSI hard diskss
hddtherm.exe    HDD Thermometer v1.0 - Tool to measure temperature of HD
hddut23r.exe    HDD UTILity v2.3 - Russian HDD utils (freeware)     Hard Drive ID v1.02 - Test the info of your HD     HardDisk LED v1.1 - HDD LED Simulator      (ASP) Hard Disk Menu v5.06 by MicroFox    Hard Disk Sleeper for Win'95 v1.55    HDSniff v2.6 - Displays current low level formatting params
hdtach30.exe    HD Tach 3.0.x - Low level benchmark for storage devices
hdtune.exe      HD Tune v2.10 - Hard disk tester     Head Parker v1.1
hfs.rar         HFS v1.96 - Disk analyser for loses in clusters (in Russian)    HP 150 Diskette Driver by Sydex    HPFS 4 DOS - Util for HPFS partitions access from DOS    HyperWin - Windows Interface for Hyperdisk Utility      IMPEL ACE v1.0 - CD drive opener by mouse for Win32    ICACHE v1.21 - XMS disk and CD-ROM caching system      Instant Drive Access v1.46 for Win95/NT    IDE HDD Basic Utils    IDE-ATA Drive Identification Program v2.60     IDE Drives Info v1.00beta    iHPFS v1.29 - An HPFS Driver for DOS
ihpfsiom.arj    IHPFSIOM - Access to Iomega ZIP-100 with HPFS formatted media
		in DOS with IHPFS       Image v1.1 - Diskette image creator    Image v1.73 - DOS based disk partition backup/restore tool     Image - Floppy disk image maker      Image for Windows Backup and Restore v1.42 - Disk image
		creation tool
img.arj         IMG - Copy program from/to drives and disk image files     IMG v2.00e - Diskette images manipulator    IMGREP v1.4 & IMGCHECK v1.4a - Tols for Automating the Imaging
		of Hard Disks
incd4303.exe    InCD - UDF Packet writing solution for Win32     IOPATCH v1.2 - IO.SYS patch for Win95 OSR2 and Win98 bootable
		floppy for use as a boot image on bootable CD-ROM     IsDBL v1.3 - Is the specified drive a virtual DBLSPACE vol.?    IsoBuster v1.6 - CD ROM's File System Explorer for Win32    IsStac v1.3 - Is the specified drive a virtual STACKER vol.?    Jam v1.25 - Ukrainian Stacker/DoubleSpace... like program     JCFG v1.0 - Assigns dummy drive letters - swaps drive letters    Jet Storage UDF v1.52 - UDF implementation for Win32      Utility for A-drive hiding    Active @ KILLDISK for DOS - Utility for unrecoverable data
		destruction     K-Tools v1.4 - A set of disk and file utils     Launder v3.0 - Fast diskette eraser     Lock Floppy v0.91beta - Floppy drive locker        LGDH v1.10 - Disketes catalogizer (in Russian)    Link v1.1 - Link to exe and com files creator    LLFCLR v1.3 - Clears HD of earlier LLF attempts    LOFMT v2.22 - Diskette formatter using Int13    FAT16 Losses Calculator for Win95      LowFmt v2.4 - A low level formatter    LTOOLS (formerly LREAD) v6.8 - Program to read LINUX Ext.2
		Filesystems on PCs from withing DOS/Win/UNIX      LSD v1.00 - Lucifer's Speed Deleter - Floppy disk deleter    MacSEE v5.0 - Read/Write Mac Disks On PC (for DOS)    ManRun v1.0 - AutoRun a CD whenever you want to      (ASP) MAXIForm v1.9 - Floppy Disk Expander     MBRINFO v2.11 by ROSE - Displays the contents of the partition
		table     MBRSCAN v1.11 - Partition table analyzer for DOS    MBRWiz v1.5 - Tool to modify MBR data    Media Checker v2.02 - Disk media checker for Win32         Michael's Disk Benchmark v1.11 for Win95     (ASP) MAXIDisk v4.20 - Floppy Disk Expander for Windows         Monir's Data Retriever v1.06 - FAT16 disk recovery util     Mediachecker v2.01 - Search for corrupted files on any media     mosQito v1.0 - Disk Cataloger System    MSOFT17F - Microsoft 1.7M Floppy Formater
mud5-0.exe      Maxtor Utilities Disk v5.0 - Set of HD maintenance utils
mxformat.exe    Alkonsoft MaxFormat v3.50 - Diskette formatting util     NetDrive for OS/2 v1.0 - Util to mount FTP site, local
		directory or a network resource as a drive letter
ner63120.exe    Nero Burning ROM v6.3.1.20 - Win95-XP CD/DVD Burning Tool
nr551056.exe    Nero Burning ROM v5.5.10.56 - Win95-XP util for writing data
		and CD Audio to CD-R and CD-RW discs    Nero Drive Speed - CD ROM drive speed identifier    Nero DVD Speed - DVD drive speed identifier    Nero Info Tool v1.00 - Drive configuration analyser        (ASP) Noise Killer Disk Utility v1.3
nrx14022.exe    NeroMIX - Multimedia CD Creation tool for Win32
nnbackup.exe    nnBackup v2.27 - Backup utility for Win95-XP    NoRemove - Removable to hard drives convertor for Win95/NT
norm_fat.arj    NORM_FAT - Repairs corrupted entries in FAT filesystems     TIRAMISU for Novell v3.03 - Sophisticated Data Recovery      Nonstop Backup v2.0b - Backup to secondary HD      TIRAMISU for NTFS v2.03 - Sophisticated Data Recovery    FAT32 driver for WinNT4      NTCopy v1.1 - Utility for copying NTFS volumes      Disk Explorer for NTFS v2.31 - Disk Editor for Win95-XP        NTFS - Tol to change password of NT user and to access NT file    NTFS-OS2 v0.03 - NTFS driver for OS/2     NTFS File System Driver for DOS/Windows v3.02R+ (read-only)
ntfs98ro.exe    NTFS Driver for Win95/98 v2.0 Read Only     NTFS Floppy v1.0 - Enable NTFS on a floppy    NTFSInfo v1.0 - Tool to show info about installed NTFS disks
ntfspror.exe    NTFSDOS Professional v4.01 Read Only - Tool enabling to read
		NTFS disks from plain DOS
oodefrag.exe    O&O Defrag 2000 for WinNT/2000 free v3.5 - Disk defragmenter      OS/2 Distributive Disks Extractor    FAT32 IFS driver v0.91 for OS/2    PageDefrag for WinNT/2000 - Defragmenter of files opened for
		exclusive access    Parity Backup v1.0.0 - Free Backup Tool        PARK v1.1.0 - HD heads parking utility      PARK v1.3 - Safe HD Parker    PARTAID v1.0 - Simple DOS partition copy tool    PartInfo v1.01 - Util to show all partitions of the hard disk    Display Partition Table    Partit - The Partition Cluster Analyzer     PARTIT - Program to delete partition table entries, restore IPL
		of erase MBR on HD    Partition Star v2.01 - Harddisk Partitioner for Win32    High Capacity Disk Patch Program for Win98/98SE/ME     Floppy Disk Protector v1.1 alpha - Russian FD util       PHCD v3.0 - Phantom CD Finder        Hard Disk Transfer from PC to PC via Parallel Ports    CD-Bench v2.1 - Benchmark for CD-ROM drives    Partition Resizer v1.34 - Nondestructive Partition Manipulator       PartIt v2.03 - Util to partition large files across multiple
		diskettes    PseudoCD Package - CD ROM Emulator    PU_1700 Beta v5.0 - Set of powerful Russian floppy utils
		(high density drivers,copy,format...)     Putsect v1.3 - Write file to sector     (ASP) Path Walker v4.00 - Windows File Lister      QBench v1.3 - HD Benchmark by Quantum      QCopy v5.1 - Floppy disk duplication and format util     QDI - HD Benchmark      Quickdrive v1.2 - Tool for quick access to drives        Quick Format v0.1        RAID Reconstructor v2.30 - Tool to help to recover data from
		broken RAID Level 0/5 Array    RainDOS v1.21 - DEC's Rainbow DOS diskette driver by Sydex    RamboDisk v2.07 by MSD     Ramdisk v1.3 for Win95/98/Me/2000    RAMDRIVE v2.10 by NVA     RamDisk Saver v1.1 - Copy RAM Disk to HD when rebooting    RAREAD v0.2 - Program for writing images that can be written
		back to a floppy disk with RAWRITE    RAWDISK.SYS v1.4 - For accessing parts of disk like a file
rawnt10.rar     Raw Write for WinNT v1.0      RDD Monitor v3.05 - Real Disk Drive Monitoring System    RamDisk'NT v1.5 - Windows NT RAM Disk Software    RamDisk'XP v1.7 - Windows XP RAM Disk Software    RamDisk'9x/Me v1.5 - Windows 9x/Me RAM Disk Software    RAMDFIND v2.2 - RAM Disk Locator      Recover Fixed/Floppy Disk v1.2a - Sector Level Data Recovery
		from Hard Disk Drives and Floppy Disks     Reclaim It! v3.0.1 - Disk Deduplicator    REMI v1.14 - Command Eject/Open/Close of removable media      Removable v0.02 - Removable media presence checker      (ASP) Replicator for DOS v1.28 - Disk Image Catalog Utility     RepoMan v1.01 - Hard Disk Real-Time Analyzer     (ASP) Replicator for Windows v2.03 - Disk Image Catalog Util
rescue64.exe    WinRescue95 v10.x - Backs up, cleans up and restores Win95
rescue81.exe    WinRescue98 v5.x - Backs up, cleans up and restores Win98
rest2514.exe    Restoration - File Undelete/Wiping Tool for Win95-XP    Recover98 v3.1 - Undelete and disk/file repair program for W9x    RecoverNT v3.1 - Undelete and disk/file repair program for
		Win95/98/NT      Revive v1.0 - A floppy disk recovery util       Recover Fixed/Floppy Disk v1.4 for DOS/Win      RMAP v2.0 - DLL for mapping Netware drives      RAMDRIVE v5.00 - Ramdisk program    Repair Utility for Rockwell Software Master Disks v1.0    (ASP) SAB Diskette Utility v2.92 for Windows    SafeKeeper Backup v1.1 (32-bit) - Backup utility for Win95    (ASP) SAFEPACK v2.1 - Disk Defragmenter    Partition Saving v2.70 - Save and restore HD partitions        Super Copy v2.0 - Backup Tool for Win98-XP      Second Copy 2000 v6.2.0.37 - Backup tool for Win9x/NT    ScanCD v2.03 - CD-ROM disk tester for Win32      SCAT v2.7 - Fixes Damaged Diskettes      Scanner v2.3 - HD usage visualization util    ScanCD v1.02+ - CD Tester     SCRUB v1.6 - Diskette driver heads cleaning util    SCSI TOOL - Util to test common SCSI devices for DOS/Win95      Safety Disk v3.01 - Back up program by Hyperware       ScanDisk Manager v1.1 for Win95    Sector Access v1.7 - Copy/save, replace or view any disk sector    Roadkil's Sector Editor v1.21 - Allows to edit/search/copy disk
		sectors    Sector v1.0 - Disk sector viewer
secttest.exe    Sector Tester v1.1 - Media tester for Win32    SeeDee v1.3 - CD disk tester      SizeExplorer Lite v3.27 - Disk space manager      SizeExplorer Pro v3.27 - Disk space manager    Serino - Floppy/HD Serial Number Changer      SFORMAT v2.0 - Diskette formater    Safety Net v3.6 - Backup Utility for Windows    Seagate Format Drive Utility v4.0    Shadow v2.01 - Win95/98 Backup/Synchronization Utility    SHOWFAT v2.51 - FAT Analyser    ShowMan v5.1.2 - Win95/NT program to help recover disk space     SiBejon v1.20 - Floppy disk cleaner for Win95/98/NT    SIDED v1.02 - Small IDE Diagnostics      S.M.A.R.T. IDE Guardian Lite v1.4 - HD health monitor
sig16.exe       S.M.A.R.T. IDE Guardian v1.6 - Hard disk health monitor      HyperDisk SpeedKit v4.75 from HyperWare    SLACK v4.1 - Wasted disk space calculator for DOS/Win95    SLACK v5.0beta - Wasted disk space calculator for Win95     CLEAN SLATE v1.0 - Resets HD to un-partioned form     Sleep v1.2 - HD Sleeper    SPACE v2.67 - DiskSpace Checker for Win32 by ROSE    SpaceManager v3.60 - Disk deduplicator    SMARTMEM v1.0 - SmartDrive 4.0-5.0 cache memory resizer    SMARTUDM v2.00 - HDD S.M.A.R.T. Viewer       (ASP) SMAX v4.0b - Driver for MAXI Style Disks
smsync.exe      SmartSync v1.6 - Folders synchronization util for Win32    SmartCat Plus v1.9 - Windows Disk Cataloger     Safety Net Pro v6.4 - Backup Utility for Win32    SPACEMAN99 v3.1 - Disk space manager for Win95-XP    SPINDOWN v1.2 - IDE disk sleeper      SPINUP v1.0 - SCSI CDROM "stay-awake" utility    SPINDOWN v1.2 - CDROM drives spindown / timeout values setter    SpyDir v3.0 - Disk Statistics Program    ReSizable RAMDisk v2.08    Stacker Password Decipherer v1.02    Startest v1.0 - MBR/Boot tracker     STBFP v2.0 - Save the BOOT, FAT and PARTITION      Syncer! v1.0 - Win95 Directories Synchronization Utility       TBNCD v1.7 - A CD-ROM Simulator for HDD    TurboCopy v2.03c     TestDisk v1.0 - Bad Sector HD Tester      TURBODSK v2.2 - Freeware Resizable RAM Disk    TeleDisk v2.12 - FD copier and FD image archiver     TestDir - CD-ROM disk tester for Win95/NT     TransMac v3.3 (16-bit) - Windows util for accessing MAC disk
		drives     TransMac v6.1 (32-bit) - Win32 util for accessing MAC disks     TMAP v1.02 - Disk Fragmentation Map      Track0 v3.0 - TSR for using track-0-defective floppies    Track 0 Rectifier Floppy Diskette Util v5.0    Transfer v2.03 - Hard disk subsystem benchmark    Transfer95 - Win95 Backup Utility    TreeSize v1.64 - UNIX like "du" utility for Win95    TestDisk v5.2 - Partition/boot sector checker     TWEAK v1.6 - Diskette Drives Accelerator      UATA66 v2.5 - Utility to enable/disable Ultra ATA/66 support
		by Seagate         UNIMAGE v2.0 - HD-Copy & DiskDupe image files manipulator
uiso7_me.exe    UltraISO v7.22 ME - Tool for CD/DVD image file creation     Urthman's Maintenance Tool v1.00 - Run Scandisk and Defrag
		in Controlled Sequence    Unpack DiskDupe DDI and other disk images for DOS/Linux/OS2
		(incl. source code)     Undisker v1.2 - Powerful disk image creator/manager for Win32    Active @ UNERASER for DOS v2.0 - NTFS/FAT partition restorer     MNT/UNMOUNT - Windows NT utils for drives removing from system    Unjam a Colorado Tape after a Crash    Unformat v0.8 - Unformats quick-formatted hard disks    (ASP) Update v2.07 - Workstation HD Mirroring Software for W95      Hard Drive Upgrader - HD duplicator with FAT16/FAT32 conversion       Virtual CD Manager v1.4 - Virtual Disk Driver/GUI      Virtual CDROM Extension v3.8 - Virtual CD-ROM file handler
		for Win95-XP    VCP-to-DISK v2.0 - VGA-Copy support utility         Virtual Drive Creator v2.0.1 - DOS SUBST command like util for
		Win32      VEC v1.30 - Disk/diskette volume label edit and copy util    VerDisk v1.1 - Win3.1 Floppy Checker    VFAT-OS2.IFS - File system driver    VGA-Copy/386 v6.25 - Floppy Disk Duplication Software (now
		freeware!)    VGA-Dupe v2.02 - HD Copying Utility (in German)    Virtual Drive - Allow to set an unused drive letter to specific
		directory     VirtualCD - 32-bit SUBST v1.4 - Virtual drive for any
		folder creation util    VobSplitter v1.1 - DOS program to extract a part of .vob file
		from DVD disc      VOLLABEL v5.00 - Improved LABEL command
volman.arj      VolMan v1.03 - Volume Label and Serial Number Disk Manager    VRAMDIR v1.10 - 32bit virtual RAM file system driver for Win95    W0BYTE v1.0 - Util to create CD-rips        WasteOfSpace - Identifies wasted space on HD    WASTED v2.0 - Utility for checking cluster size    Wasted v2.0 - Cluster size checker       WinDupe v2.22 - Windows Diskette Duplicator    WD HD Cleaner    Where Is It? v3.62 - Win32 Media Catalogizer    (ASP) Winimage v3.00 - 16bit Windows disk imager    Blackboard Backup Interface for WinNT v1.3    (ASP) Winimage v6.10 SDK - 32bit Windows disk imager    (ASP) Winimage v6.10 - 32bit Windows disk imager
winiso53.exe    WinISO v5.3 - Util to convert CD/ROM image file format(s) and
		extract/edit image files directly     WinSafe98 v2.0 - Win95/98 Bootup Files Backup      WIPE v1.2 pro - Polish FD Wiper
wnrsq2kz.exe    WinRescue 2000 v2.x - Backs up, cleans up and restores Win 2000
wnrsqmez.exe    WinRescue ME v1.x - Backs up, cleans up and restores Win ME
wnrsqntz.exe    WinRescue NT v2.x - Backs up, cleans up and restores Win NT    X2File v0.15 - DDI and DCF files extraction utility    XPRESSBACKUP v1.9.0.0 - Backup and restore util for Win32    XCLONE v1.3 - Disk/dir copy tool          .DDI and .DCF images extraction utility     XDDI v1.81 - DDI Shell Utility (in Russian)     FORMAT v0.6 Pre 2 - Prepares a disk with a file system     XMS Mass Production v1.00 - Diskcopy replacement      XPBURN for WinXP and EASY ISO CREATOR for Win95-XP v1.1      Zero Assumption Recovery v6.1.0 - Extract data from damaged
		drive to another medium      Zdu v2.2.1 - Disk usage/info utility     TIRAMISU for ZIP drives v1.01 - Sophisticated Data Recovery     ZipProjects v1.00 - Backup program     Zip Backup to CD v1.0 - Backup Utility for Win32     ZPart v1.11 - Utility to compress/decompress entire disk
		partitions (DOS 32-bit)

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