Slovak Antivirus Center - directory UTILDIAG    Year 2000 Survey v1.0 - Risk from year 2000 checker    2x2mas Battery Meter for Win95/98 - Battery monitor
		for portable computers    3DBench - fixed version of known benchmark for fast machines    16550 UART Utils    NAiS Pentium Flaw Detector v4.00    686FAST v4 - Speeds up Cyrix Processors     Cyrix 6x86 Patcher v1.0 - Processor accelerator    Change/view the Cyrix 6x86 CPU Settings    6x86opt - Cyrix/IBM 6x86 Processor Optimizer    Hamarsoft 86 BUGS list 04 with testing software    Accuracy Glance - Graphical monitor of computer performance       AIDA32 CSV -) HTML Format Report Converter v1.04     ACOM v3.03 - Serial Port Maintenance Utility      Active CPU v1.1 - Graphical Indicator of CPI Activity for
		Win95/98/Me/NT/2000     ActiveXXX HardCore Info - Reports info about registered
		ActiveX controls on system    Advanced PCINfo 2000 v1.0.6 - Sysinfo program for Win98+    agSI v1.2.2 - SysInfo Program
ahe20.exe       Advanced Hardware Editor v2.0 - Remove non-existant devices
		from registry    AIDA v2.12 - System Info Tool for DOS from Hungary    AIDA v2.12 - System Info Tool for DOS (Hungarian Version)    AIDA32 v3.93 - Enterprise System Information for Win32    AIDA32 v3.93 - Network System Information for Win32    AIDA32 v3.93 - Personal System Information for Win32    AIDA32 - Professional Users Guide in English    AIDA32 - Professional Users Guide in Hungarian    AMD K6 bug tester     AMI2000 - Year 2000 Diagnostics Utility by AMI     AMIDECO 2003 - Decompresses AMI-BIOS from 1994/95    AMI BIOS Password Decoder (inc. source code)     AMIDIAG v5.20f - AMI PC Diagnostic Software     CMOS AMI BIOS Password decipherer v2.02    AMI CMOS password display utility    AMI Setup v2.99 - External Setup         APM v1.2 - Power Management Checker     ASMDEMO v1074 - System information & benchmarking tool       ASTRA v4.21 - Advanced Sysinfo Tool for DOS
astra32.exe     ASTRA32 v0.95 Beta - Sysinfo Tool for Win32    ATA/IDE diagnostic and identification program v1.11 - Freeware    ATAINF v1.3 - ATA/ATAPI sysinfo program    AWARDECO 2003 - Decompressor for Award BIOS    AWARD BIOS Password Decoder     AWSETUP - Run AWARD BIOS Setup program from command-line     BADF v3.00 - Disk and CPU monitoring tool for Windows    Blackboard Utils for Win95/NT - Shows Free Disk Space etc.      BRKBOX v5.00 - Displays status of COM and LPT ports    BelAsset v3.0 - PC Installed Software and Hardware Auditing
		Tool for Win32
benchmrk.rar    Chaikin BenchMark - Russian benchmarking util    Justin's Benchmark v1.0 - Processor benchmarking util    BIOS v1.35.1 - BIOS Settings Saver/Restorer/Changer and
		BIOS password finder      BIOS BY-PASS v0.9 - Bios password resetting tool      BIOS ID - Display PC BIOS info      (ASP) BIOS Reporter v1.0     BurnInTest v4.0 - PC hardware tester for Win32     BurnInTest Pro v4.0 - PC hardware tester for Win32    Bill Reid's Drive Space Chek v1.0 - Win95 HD Free Space Checker      2000 check v2.0 - Millennium compliance tester for DOS/Win    Mr.Burns - The Productivity Monitoring System v1.00    CACHECHK v7 - Cache checker    Cache Size Tester v009 - Sysinfo program    Cachemem v2.65 MMX - DOS 32bit x86 CPU/memory benchmark tool    Alphasoft CPU Calculation mark - Benchmarking Util for Win32     Central Brain Identifier v7.2 - AMD processors identifier      Celem Cache Test v2.69 - Cache Diagnostics Util     CD Speed Checker for DOS/Win    (ASP) CHKSYS v1.0 - System Status Utility    ChipHot v1.0 - PCI chipset tweaker     CJ Monitor - Windows resource monitor      Checkisit v2.10 - Russian Sysinfo Program     Cmd Info v2.4 - Command line utility showing info about WinNT
		installation        CMOS Viewer for Win95 - BIOS setting manager     CMOSBCK v1.3 - CMOS backuping tool    CmosPwd v4.3 - CMOS/BIOS password recovery tool      COMMODE v5.00 - Set the parameters for serial port     Communication port auto-detector    Serial/COM and Parallel/LPT Port Finder v1.1    PC Config v9.33 - Sysinfo program    IBM BIOS Configuration Utility    CPUindex v3.0 - Win32 console CPI performance tester         SeePU v1.1 - CPU usage meter for Win95/98       CPU v1.1 - CPU identification util     CPU Monitor for Windows      CPU/FPU Feature Detection Library v1.17      CPU/FPU Feature Detection Library v2.15    CPUBENCH v4.0.0.6 - Collection of CPU Benchmark Tests     CPU Burn-in v1.0 - CPU stability tester
cpucool9.exe    CPU Cool v7.3.0 - System monitoring program for Win32
cpufsb9.exe     CPU FSB v2.2.14 - German tool to maximize CPU speed    Roadkil's CPU Identification v1.75    CPU ID reader for DOS/98/2000/XP    CPUindex v2.3 - Tool for testing performance of CPU    CPUInfo v2.1.2 - CPU identification tool
cpuload.exe     CPULoad v1.5 - Shows the usage of processor in non-relative way
cpumark2.exe    CPU Mark v2.0 - Tiny CPU benchmarking tool     CPU Monitor v2.02 - CPU and mainboard temperature monitor    CPUSerNo v1.0 - Displays Pentium III CPU Serial Number    CPU Indicator v1.1 for Win95 - Shows CPU usage in WinNT style    DLL Source Code Supplement Pack to package    CPU Speed - Freeware with source       CPU Indicator Screen Saver v2.2 for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 -
		Screen saver which shows the CPU's activity      CPU Monitor v1.3 - Graphical monitor of CPU usage      CPU Monitor v1.3b5 for Win95      CPU ID and Cache Test Utility v1.04     Hnet Info CPU Test v2.11 - Freeware module by authors of
		Hnet Info package to detect information about CPU
cputst12.exe    CPU Test v1.2 - Processor speed identification tool for Win32
cputst60.exe    CPU Stability Test v6.0 - Test stability of CPU for
cpuuss10.exe    CpuUsage System Service v1.0 - Tool that shows CPU usage in
		try icon     Cpu-Z v1.23 - Freeware sysinfo program for Win32         CORSPEED v6.4a - CPU Benchmark Utility    COMPTEST v2.60 - Freeware benchmark program      CTOPRO v1.1 - Pentium Pro CPU Internal Registers Changer       CoreView v1.00 - Shows conventional memory in real time     Cyrix 5x86 CPU Configuration Program    DCTEST v1.1 - The Disk Cache Evaluator    (ASP) Depleter v2.2 - Util for laptops/notebooks battery saving     DeviceInfo v2.0 - Screen/printer device info lister     Diag v4.47 - Diagnostic Program by D.Marks
diagnose.exe    Fresh Diagnose v6.70 - Hardware components tester for Win9x/NT       PC Diagnostics '95 - Hardware diagnostics util for DOS/Windows    Disk-Mem Panel v2.45 - Free disk/mem space examiner    DiskSpeed32 - Program for measuring HD sectors reading speed    DMA Finder v1.0 - DOS tool to list DMA channels    DMA Speed Test Program    DocMemory v1.1 - Extended Memory Diagnostic Software    DOSINFO/BIOSINFO v1.2 - Basic sysinfo program    DOSINFO v1.3 - Info about DOS, disks ...    DOSINFO v2.0 - Small diagnostic tool     Direct Parallel Connection Monitor v2.11beta for Win95/98     Dr.Tech Dr.586 v3.0 - Spanish sysinfo program for DOS/Win9x     Dr.Hardware for DOS v8.0e - Sysinfo util
drh2004e.exe    Dr.Hardware 2004 for Windows - Sysinfo util for Win 2K/NT/XP
		and 95/98/Me
drives.exe      Hnet Info Drives v1.02 - ATA/ATAPI detection tool for Win32    Drivers Report - Driver Lister    DTRate v1.0B - Data Transfer Rate Checker    EF System Monitor v2.60 - Win95/98/NT/2000 util for showing
		local or remote system resources and performance (CPU...)    Everest (previously Aida32) Home Edition v1.10        Fass v0.02b - Speed up some systems with AMD/Cyrix processors       FastCard v1.1.4 - Video hardware settings changer     Pentium Pro & Pentium II FPU Bug Tester     Fix2000 - Year 2000 BIOS problem fixer     Folder Manager v1.2 - Disk analyser     Freemem v1.0 for Windows    Free Meter v1.6.0 - Resource monitor for Win32       GoldMemory v6.64 - PC Memory Tester    MemSpd v1.04 - High precision memory speed tester and CPU's
		frequency-meter for DOS    GpBenchCD v1.0.2 - Win32 CD-ROM benchmarking program    GameSpeed v5.00 - Benchmark program for PC-Games     H2bench v2.1 - German Benchmark Program      Hot CPU Tester - System Stability Tester    HD_Speed v1.4 - HD, CD, DVD and floppy drive speed tester
		for WinNT/2000/XP     HDD BENCHMARK v1.5 - Drive test and comparison for drives with
		FAT 12, 16, 32 & ramdisks
hddtp13.exe     HDD Temperature Pro v1.3 beta - Gives info about HD temperature         HTP v1.10 beta - Real CHS Parameters of HDD Finder    Hard Info Libary Test Program v1.5      HARDiNFO 2003 Pro - Sysinfo & Benchmark Program for Win32       HeavyLoad v2.0 - PC activity simulator for testing purposes    Hmonitor v4.1.4.4 - Hardware parameters (temperature...)
		monitor for Win95/98/NT
holen.arj       HOLEN - Creates images of the system BIOS
hotcpu.exe      Hot CPU Tester Pro v4.2    HWDIAG v1.0 - Hardware Diagnostic Util for Win95 by Microsoft
hw32_144.exe    HWiNFO32 v1.44 - Sysinfo program for WinNT/2000 from
		Slovakia    HWiNFO v4.9.4 - Sysinfo program for DOS from Slovakia
hwi17.exe       Hardware Inspector v1.7.100 - Russian program for inventory
		management of hardware assets cooperating with AIDA32 and ASTRA       HXMON - System monitor for MB's with W83781D integrated circuit      I2C Bus Monitor Program     InfoBar v1.11 - Windows clock / system info utility      System Info v1.3    INFOPLUS v1.58 - Freeware sysinfo program     InfoSys v1.0 - Sysinfo program for Win95/NT
informer.rar    INFORMER v3.31 - Russian Sysinfo Utility     Informer v1.4 - Sysinfo program
inkmonit.exe    Ink Monitor v2.1.2 - Tool to monitoring ink level of your
inside10.rar    Inside v1.0 for Win95/98 - Russian sysinfo program    CTS I/O Info v1.1 - Identifies I/O Addresses        InfoPro v2.0 - Win95 Sysinfo program from Romania    IRQ Finder v1.0 - DOS tool to list hardware IRQs     isA20on v1.6 - Tell you if the A20 address line is enabled     InfoSpy v2.61 - Windows System Utilities     Ivecs v1.0 - Interrupt Vector Viewer    JC-Bench v4.00 - Computer Speed Testing Program      K6-Pro v0.4E - AMD K-6 processor optimizer     Log Info - Tool for quick machine inventory      LPT Interface Control Panel for Win95/98     Lucifer - Burn-in program for DOS and Linux       Memory Analyst v1.01 for Win'95     MBProbe v1.30 - Hardware monitor for Win95/98/NT
mbm5370.exe     MotherBoard Monitor v5.3.7.0 - HW monitor for Windows      MBMLog v1.9.3 - Utility that generates history diagrams
		of the data from MotherBoard Monitor utility     Memory Checker v2.0 for Windows       (ASP) MEG v3.7 - Graphs System Info     Memory Monitor for Windows     Memory Checker v1.50      Memory v1.1 - Command line tool for viewing the amount of
		physical memory    Memory Reporter v4.6 for Windows     MEMSPD - Memory Speed Tester    Collection of Russian Memory Speed Testers     Memory Statistics v1.0 - PC's resources showing util for
		Win95/NT    Memory Stat - Memory & CPU Load Monitor for Win95/NT     Memory Test by Oliver Fromme    MemTest v2.5 - RAM reliability tester     MemViewer v1.98 for Win32     Memory Watcher v1.3 - System's memory monitor    MMComView v1.0 - Tool to see details of all installed
		multimedia components    FMH-MemInfo v0.03 - Memory Status Viewer     MinInfo - Shows free resources, time & data under Windows     MIPS3 v3.1a - CPU Tester         MMX v1.1 - Checks for MMX (or compatible) subsystem     MMX Tester    MODES - DOS Screen Modes Lister     640x480 Monitor Tester for Win95/98/NT    Monitor v1.0 - Memory Monitor for Windows     Montest! - Video Card & Monitor Tester      MRDECO 2002 - Decompressor for Microid Research BIOS      Microsoft Diagnostics Utility v3.01    Microsoft Diagnostics Utility for Windows'95    MemSnoop32 v1.06 - Memory Snooper for Win95    MemorySpy 32 - 32bit Windows Memory Monitor    MS Windows Error Messages 2000 v2.8 - Database of error codes    Memory Viewer v0.42 for DOS    MyCPU v1.13g - CPU identifier      NEED, SNIFF & AVOID v6.6 - DOS Sysinfo Utils    NetProb - Multiprotocol Ethernet Network Monitoring Utility
		backing up of files to a network server      NfoNak v6.01 - Computer performance graphic analyser for Win32     NSSI v0.58 - System information tool      Frob for WinNT v1.5 - Process quanta changer     The Optimizer v1.0 - HW & OS Benchmark Software       Pentium Performance Monitor for Windows     Performance'95 v2.01 - Win95/98 System Diagnostic Tool      PARmonitor v1.02 - Parallel port(s) monitor     Set of sysinfo utils for Win32     PC Analyser v2.094 - PC hardware diagnostic utility      PCI Detect v1.00a - PCI Vendor Determination Utility     PCI-SPY v1.04    Merlin's PCI Hardware Sniffer v0.49 beta - Technical data
		about PCI devices reporter       PCI v0.7 - Displays/modifies the contents of PCI config     PCI Device Info v1.04     PCI Configuration Monitor for Win95/NT    PCINFO v5.44 - Czech sysinfo tool      PC information v1.40 - Hardware and software components info
		collector for Win9x/NT/2000    PCI Information v2.1 - PCI devices lister     PCI Bus Sniffer v0.65 beta - PCI configuration inspector     Performance Analyzer v1.0 - Excel Macro to help evaluate
		a machine performance    PHOEDECO - Decompressor for Phoenix NuBIOS (1995)     Program Map v2.10 - Shows memory usage, resident progs etc.         PnP v0.14 beta - Plug and Play Resource Lister and Diagnostic
		Tool     PORTS v2.0 - Serial port tester    PowerTweak v1.05 - HW optimization software    Patrick Project PC Information Utility v1.5 - Sysinfo program      Performance Test v3.5 - Benchmarking Program for Win9x/NT/2000     Power Center v1.00 - Laptop Computer Battery Monitor    QuickResource v1.22 - Tiny resource meter for Win32    QConfig v2.21 - Sysinfo by IBM    Qsort32 + Safbench v2.31 - PC Testing Programs for DOS    RawPower v1.1 - CPU Optimizer for Win32    RB-PCI v1.19 - PCI bus device identifier
rosediag.rar    ROSEDIAG - CPU detector    RTCView2 - Win3.x/95 Year 2000 Tester    ReadFile v1.3 - Test copy memory speed and disk transfer
		speed under Win95/NT      Amn Refrigirator v3.2 - Software CPU cooler during idle times
		of Win9x     Resource Alert v1.2 for Windows - Memory limit monitor    RGS-Benchmark v3.0 for Windows      Resource Monitor v1.03 for Win95/NT
rmma34.rar      RightMark Memory Analyzer v3.4 for Windows     Real-Time Performance Monitor - CPU Utilization display util     System Analyzer v5.3c - DOS Sysinfo Program     SiSoft Sandra Standard 2004.10.9.133 - Diagnostic Tool for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP    SiSoft Sandra Standard 2004 - Slovak localization file      System Analyst for Windows v1.10    Serial v2.02 - Serial Port Checker     Showmem v1.1 - Free available memory checker     ShowMHZ for Win95/98/NT - Shows internal CPU clock speed    Sinfo v1.09 - Windows sysinfo program
sinfo200.exe    Sinfo v2.00 - Win95 sysinfo program      SysMeter v1.03 - Resource Monitor for Win32    SMARTUDM v2.00 - HDD S.M.A.R.T. Viewer    (ASP) Snooper v3.44 - sysinfo program     SPciIrq 2004 - Tool to change IRQ for PCI cards    Speed Meter v1.0 - CPU Speed Checker    Memory Speed & Video Speed v3.10 - Benchmark Programs    Speed'ocd - CD-ROM Speed Checker    Speed Test Benchmark Program v1.14 by ARA
spfan415.exe    SpeedFan v4.15 - Fan speed / temperature monitor for Win32    SerialSniffer v1.30 - Tool for displaying data on serial ports      System Speed Test v4.75 - Graphic Testing Program    StatBox v1.12 - Memory and disk space monitor for Win95    Stats v1.3.0 - Windows resource graphical monitor       (ASP) SizeWise v1.02 - Disk/resource monitor for Win95     SwapMon v1.0 - Win95 Swapfile Size Monitor     SWAPSEE v1.20 - Windows Swapfile Size Monitor for Win95/98/NT      SwapMon v1.52 - Swap File Monitor    SwapSize v1.0 beta - Swap File Size Monitor    System Checker for Windows v0.4    (ASP) SYSCHK v2.45 - System Info Checker       SysId v1.9a - CPU identifier for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     Sysinfo v1.0 - Win95 System Info Utility    System Monitor 32 v3.0 for Win'95/NT    SYSODECO - Decompressor for SystemSoft BIOS flash images    Systest v3.8.039 - Sysinfo program from Hungaria    TECHFACTS v1.30 - Windows sysinfo utility    TechFacts95 v1.41 - Sysinfo program    TechFacts98 v2.33 - Sysinfo program    TechFactsNT v1.10 - Sysinfo program    TechFactsXP v2.20 - Sysinfo program    TEST386+ v1.1 - CPU and video benchmark    Monitor Tester v1.0.5 - Monitor parameters setting tool     Testmem v0.11 beta - Extended memory tester for plain DOS     Test v5.6 - DOS-Based CPI/Video/HHD Benchmark Program
topinfo.rar     Get info about your system resources         Upgrade-O-Meter - PC performance evaluation utility for Win95    APC Smart - UPS Monitoring Software      V-Test v1.00 - CPU/OS Identification Tool     VooDoo3 Overlocker v1.4 for Win9x    VGA/SVGA Speed v1.0 beta
videoben.exe    JV16's VideoBench'99 - Video benchmarking util for Win95/98/NT     Hamarsoft View PCI v2.16 - PCI device checker     Video Memory Performance Test v1.00        Volt v1.21 - Battery Monitor and Shutdown Controller      WinAnalyst for Win95/98 v1.0 - Diagnostic utility     WinBIOS v1.2 - Displays info about BIOS and BIOS password    WinCool v1.02 - Software CPU cooler for Win95/98
wcpu310.exe     WCPUID v3.1 - CPU / motherboard identifier for Win32      WHAT! v2.0 - Laptop battery monitor, clock and suspend    Whetstone Benchmarking Tool         Windows Hardware Repair - Win32 hardware reinstaller       Who I am? v0.1 - System Snooper      WILLIT v1.9 - Test to determine how your PC handle the year
		2000 rollover    Win Info v2.4 - GUI utility showing information about Win NT
		installation     WinInfo - Application to retrieve data about computer system    SinSystem98 v3.4.1 - Win95/98/NT sysinfo application     Wintune 98 v1.0.43 - Test and Tune Up Kit for Win9x/NT/2000       WinMem - Displays various memory related infos      WMI v3.01 - CPU/Memory monitor and optimizer for Win'9x    WinParallela v0.11 - Parallel Port State Checker       WT Comparison Test v2.76 - Sysinfo and comparison program     WTbench v1.1 - Benchmarking toolkit from Hungary     WTemp2 - Processor temperature measurement program    WT Professional v1.37 beta - Sysinfo and comparison program    X-ATA v1.4.3 - ATA/ATAPI info checker    X-VESA v1.0.1 - VESA display adapter info checker for DOS    XMS Block Move Speed Benchmark v1.00b for DOS/Win      Y2K - Year 2000 Compliance Tester

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