Slovak Antivirus Center - directory TEXT      1000 File Formats v3.0 - Hypertext Tutorial (in Czech)    14.4 bps U.S. BBS List    14.4 bps BBS List in .DB format     Some notes on 16-bit I/O on the ISA bus    Seagate Technical Support Disc Drive Specifications     2300+ Shareware Vendors Listing     330 Java Tips v1.33 for JAVA programmers (in PDF format)    386 registers description in .NG format      Description of 3APA3A virus     FAQ on 3D Graphics Accelerators     4DOS User Group News 1/97     4DOS User Group News 1/98     4DOS User Group News 2/97     4DOS User Group News 2/98     4DOS User Group News 3/97     4DOS User Group News 3/98     4DOS User Group News 4/97     4DOS User Group News 4/98     4DOS User Group News 5/97     4DOS User Group News 5/98     4DOS User Group News 6/97     4DOS User Group News 6/98     4DOS User Group News 7/97     4DOS User Group News 8/97     4DOS User Group News 8/98     4DOS User Group News 9/97     4DOS User Group News 9/98     4DOS User Group News 10/97     4DOS User Group News 10/98     4DOS User Group News 11/97     4DOS User Group News 12/97     4DOS User Group News 1996     Collection of Windows tips (in WRI format from 1993)    Look Before You Leap 56K Modem Technology    5 Minute DOS Guide      FAQ about 68hc11 microcontroller    Motorola MC6800 family microprocessor assembler course     7-day Computer Learning Course For DOS    Computer Related Company 800 Phone Numbers        FAQ about 8051 microcontroller      FAQ about 80C166 microcontroller    Intel 8272 Floppy Disk Controller - Full technical description    FAQ on Windows'95 Registry    List of VTC virus database used in AV tests (see vtc???.zip)     Abbreviations-On-Disk - Catalogue of abbreviations     Hungarian translation of "Accessing the Internet by E-mail
		FAQ" v10.1 by Gerald E. Boyd      List of MS-Access PD & Shareware Files      Database of MS-Access PD & Shareware Producers     Netter's Abbrev./Acronym Glossary      FAQ on alt.comp.viruses    FAQ on alt.comp.viruses in hypertext format    alt.comp.virus Mini-FAQ         Ada Glossary in WinHelp format      FAQ on ADA      Plans for Analog-to-Digital Converters for PC     Author-Direct Author Submission Package v6.00    ADLIST v1.4 - List of print newspapers that accept FREE
		classified      Advanced MS-DOS Programming (ASM and C Language Guide)    AITCW v0.0.3 - List of abbreviations used in the computer world     ALIVE Vol I Issue 0 - AV magazine     ALIVE Vol I Issue 1     ALIVE Vol II Issue 1      'How It Works' Series by Hale Landis (dox on ATA, boot
		sectors, partition table etc.)     Specification of FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32      List of Phonetic Alphabets      Assembly Language Tutorial     The AMI BIOS Survival Guide v3.1      Info on AMI BIOS releases        FAQ on Animation    Tutorial on use of ANSI codes     How to put ANSI Codes in your BAT files    List of ANSI codes and how to use    ANSI Standard (x3.64) Control sequences in alphabetic order    ANSI-Mate v1.1 - Learn more about ANSI    DocStyles - AScribe's Guide to Research Writing and Style for
		Win32    BBS list by Allan S.Joffe    Tutor Program To Teach ASCII Values    The ASIC Support Disk v3.33         Assemble Language Tutor in HTML form    Assembler FAQ (in German)        FAQ on x86 Assembly Language in HTM form        FAQ on x86 Assembly Language in TXT form    An Introduction to X86 Assembly      List of PC Assembler PD & Shareware Files      Database of PC Assembler PD & Shareware Producers      MSDOS ASP Shareware Catalog    ASP BBS Membership Listing      ASP Membership Lists in DBF format    ASP Mailing List Program    IBM AT Slots         Info on AT Attachment Interface     The EIDE/Fast ATA FAQ in HTML format     The EIDE/Fast ATA FAQ in plain TXT format    FAQ on IDE/ATA     Possible Virus Attacks Against Integrity Programs... -
		article by Vesselin Bontchev    FAQ on Audio File Formats    List of MS-DOS Shareware Programs Authors    List of Windows Shareware Programs Authors     Automatic and Controlled Virus Code Execution System -
		Article by Marko Helenius     Automatic and Controlled Macro Virus Execution and Automating
                the Windows Environment - Article by Marko Helenius    ASP Author/Publisher Application         AVI Graphics Format Overview    AVID95 Reports - Crossreference database of virus naming    Adding Multimedia to Your Web Page - Tutorial     Swiss Anti-Virus Law     German Anti-Virus Law     AVP vs Dr.Web Conflict     Virus-analysis texts from AVP Computer-Virus Research Lab
		by E.Kaspersky and P.Monti    Guide to the Selection of Anti-Virus Tools and Techniques    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 03/2000 of the University
		of Magdeburg and GEGA S&M    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 7-8/2000 of the
		University of Magdeburg and GEGA S&M    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 3/2001 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 4/2001 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 7/2002 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 9/2001 of the University
		of Magdeburg and GEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 10/2001 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 11/2001 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 1/2002 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 2/2002 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    Comparison Test of Antivirus Software 3/2002 of the University
		of Magdeburg and CEGA IT-Solutions    FAQ for Sound Blaster AWE32    The Sound Blaster AWE32 low-level programming guide    BABEL: A glossary of computer abbrev. and acronyms (text)    BABEL: A glossary of computer abbrev. and acronyms (html)     Baby-Step To DOS - Tutorial on MS-DOS    The Bangemann Report - Europe and the global information
		society (recommendations to the European Council)    Barcoding Quick Start - E-book about barcoding    List of basic AT commands    FAQ on BAT files     BAT Tips and Tricks    Batch File Tutorial    Batch File Tutorial - part 1    Batch File Tutorial - part 2    Batch File tutor    Batch File Tutor/Teacher     List of Czech and Slovak BBS's    Polish BBS List      List of BBS's in Slovenia     Moscow BBS Database    Computer Related Company Support BBS Numbers    Application package for BBS membership in ASP    BBS Basics v2.2     The BBS Compendium - UK BBS List      List of BBS's in Croatia    Taipan Enigma's BBS Review 11/97    Beep codes of AMI BIOS    Beginning Visual Basic - VB tutorial in MS Word format     Berne Copyright Convention    Timo's subjective choice of best PD & SW MS-DOS progs       The Begginer's Guide to the Internet v2.0     A Brief History of the Internet      BigFun in the Internet with Uncle Bert    BigBoy's World Famous BBSing Primer v96.a    Big Surf vol.1 4/95 - NET List    Funny Poem dedicated to Bill Gates by Luchezar Georgiev     BIOS Technical Reference in NG format     List of BIOS error codes     BIOS Remarks    The Trackers Handbook v0.12a by Cools/Hertz      LANtastic NOS Boot ROM upgrade procedures          Mini-FAQ on Borland Pascal    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.06    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.07    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.08    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.09    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.10    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.11    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.12    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.13    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.14    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.15    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.16    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.17    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.18    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.19    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.20    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.21    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.22    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.23    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.24    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.25    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v2.26    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v3.00    F-Prot Prof. Update Bulletin v3.01     Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access (by E-mail)     A funny Bible-like text about the C and UNIX     C Language by Kernighan & Ritchie in Czech Language    C Language Tutorial    C Language Course       Coronado C Language Tutor - part 1       Coronado C Language Tutor - part 2           FAQ on C-Language          Introduction to C Programming    C Language Tutorial     Good C Tutorial    Tutorial For C Programming    List of directory contents of the Win95 CD-ROM and cab files    List of directory contents of Win95 floppies and cab files      Guide to computer cables      List of AutoCAD PD & Shareware Programs      Database of AutoCAD PD & Shareware Producers     Hi-VGA Advanced VGA Programming Tutorial     CardGuide v2.0 - Info on various IBM compatible I/O cards    CARO Virus Database    CARO Virus Naming        Learn how to write C/C++ functions in ASM v1.0 by Roland Honsch    Shareware Author Catalog Entry Program v2.24       CCITT Draft Recommendation T.4      New C Primer Plus Second Edition by Waite & Prate    Format of Audio CD and CD-ROM      FAQ on CD recorders and CD-R media    Bootable CD-ROM format specification v1.0     Use of CDDB Service in Your Software         Info on CD-I     (ASP) Computer Dictionary v1.4 for Windows      CD-ROM Drive FAQ (in German)       FAQ on CDROM    Info on CD-ROM      Resources available in CESnet         FAQ on CGI     The PC Programmer's Guide To C      Brief summary of copyright laws    Yet Another ASM Tutorial       C Help v1.0 - Resident Help on C Language    Chiplist    C Tutorial in HTML form by Gordon Dodrill    Collection of hints and tips on DOS and Windows    Info on CMOS structure     CMOS Memory Map v1.1    CMYK Color Charts in PDF format       FAQ on COBOL      FAQ on Colors    Info on some common MS-DOS Viruses    Comms Reference Pack v1.00 (in NG format)        Collection of funny messages    Understanding Your Competition - A chapter from "Business
		of Shareware"    FAQ on Compilers       FAQ on Compression    "Computer Songs And Poems" and some computer related humor     Computer Viruses: Infection Rates on the Increase - article      How to setup CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT    FAQ on Copyright Myths        FAQ on COP8 microcontroller        How To Copyright Software      Programmers' Guide To Copyrighting Software    Descriptions of math coprocessors    European Community Council Directive on the legal protection
		of computer program    Basic Documents on Copyright Law    FAQ on Copyright Law      Anti-Virus in the Corporate Arena - article    Corporate Antivirus Disciplines - article         FAQ on CP/M         FAQ on C++     Coronado C++ Tutor - part 1     Coronado C++ Tutor - part 2    FAQ on Printers     C++ Programming - Tutorial in DOC format    Helps You Learn C++     Hypertext Based Tutorial on C++      List of C++ PD & Shareware Files      Database of C++ PD & Shareware Producers         Description of CRC computing    HTML Rules - Tutorial by ChalkSoft Team    MS Publisher - Tutorial by ChalkSoft Team      Cryptology Glossary in WinHelp format    FAQ on Cryptography     Turbo C Tutorial         The Web Design Group's CSS Reference in Windows HLP format     The Web Design Group's CSS Reference in HTML format      The Web Design Group's CSS Reference in OS/2 INF format       Paperless C Programming Tutor        List of C/C++ PD & Shareware Files        Database of C/C++ PD & Shareware Producers    Excel Tutorial By ChalkSoft Team    Word 7 Tutorial by ChalkSoft Team    Drives & Controllers for Info v2.10    Yamaha DB50XG daughterboard synth programming info       DBF file format specifications         DBF file format description     DBF File Structure Description    dBASE III Database File Structure    Tutorial on DOS's Debug      How to read Outlook Express Files - Description of DBX format     Deva's CIA - List of computer industry acronyms and terms    Debug Tutorial from Borland    Tutorial on the Use of Debug     'Deflate' Compressed Data Format Specification      List of Delphi PD & Shareware Files      Database of Delphi PD & Shareware Producers    How to implement DES algorithm     Tutorial on DOS Device Drivers    Beginner's Guide to DHTML    Trouble shooting for your PC     PC error diagnosis        Computer Slang Dictionary v.1588      Description of DIR2 virus     Description of DIR-2 virus family    Database of 775 different HD's     Diskette Tutorial v1.00 in Winhelp format     How to program the DMA by Night Stalker         Description of Word Macro/DMV virus    Results of Antivirus Scanner Analysis 1996    Results of Antivirus Scanner Analysis 1997     DOS Tutorial    Reference Manual on DOS    DOS Help v2.0    The DOS Learning System    Microsoft MS-DOS Programmer's Reference v4.0    DOS Practice - Learn DOS The Easy Way     DOS Protectors Review    Programmer's Technical Reference v3.3    DOS Summary v2.0    DOS Tutorial     DPMI Specification v1.00     DPMI Specification v0.9    Tukanis Drawing Guide - A Complete Guide to Drawing in Windows
		WordPad Format    Undocumented CONFIG.SYS parameters         FAQ on Digital Signal Processing      FAQ on DVD       Legal Issues Affecting Computer Info Syst.         Interfacing the Extended Capabilities Parallel Port - ECP
		(in PDF format)    ECPA - Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986        FAQ on EIDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2     Computer Related Company E-Mail Addresses    Using HTML v1.0 - Hypertext Manual on HTML    FAQ on International E-mail accessiblity    Internet Access via E-mail - Slovak translation    Frequently Used Acronyms and Emoticons (Smileys)      EMS v4.0 Specification    FAQ on Emulators    Epidemiology and Computer Viruses - article         Interfacing the Enhanced Parallel Port - EPP (in PDF format)    List of EPROM memories    POST and Diagnostics Error Codes      Article on ethics and viruses ...    ExCSK v2.00 - BBS-CSK Listing Processor    Excellent Virus Course - article    Web Site and EnZine Promotion for Idiots - Tutorial by D.Dupon    Tutorial on e-zines     FanTemp - A CPU temperature sensor description by B.Fishbein    FAQ on 32bit File Access      FAQ on Windows Programming (in hlp format)      FAQ on Windows (in hlp format)      Hints and FAQ on using FAR File Manager       The Complete FAT32 and Harddisk Guide - Tutorial         FAQ on FAX        FAQ about sending FAX over Internet    FAQ on FDISK    File Extension DataBase - Collection of filename extensions
		in Windows HTML Help file      File Format's Encyclopedia rel.2.0     GUS PnP Interwave FFF/DAT Format Description    File Formats rel.02 - File Formats Encyclopedia    Music Format Description Library v2.0    List of Finnish BBS's    FIDO History and Operation    FILE_ID.DIZ Description    FILEIDHOF v1.0 - How to write FILE_ID.DIZ    FAQ on Firewalls      Info on Structure of FAT etc.      FAQ on Animation Files        Windows 3 Font File Description     Description of basic sound file formats       HTML Forms Tutor in HTML form       FAQ on FORTH     FAQ on FORTRAN      Politically Incorrect Virus Descriptions      List of FoxPro PD and Shareware Files      Database of FoxPro PD and Shareware Vendors     FAQ on Fractal Images      HTML Frames Tutor in HTML form    Freeware News Database v3 - List of Freeware Programs (in HTML
		format)    Freeware News Database v4 - List of Freeware Programs (in TXT
		format)     List of best freeware programs    The FreeWare Book No.20 - E-book about freeware resources    FAQ on freely available software for language tools     Tutorial on Free Direction Rendering    List of Freeware Programs in TXT format    Frisk Software International Technical Notes         FAQ on FSP protocol    FAQ on FTP and FTP-List    FTP-List in Windows HLP format    Fidonet Technical Standards Committee Docs     Nintendo Game Boy FAQ    General Antivirus Test 6/94        Coronado Enterprises C Tutor in HTML form     Generic Methods of Anti-Virus Technology by Zvi Netiv      List of Genres (Winamp v1.92-SP1)    Description of GL format       The Java glossary defined Java related terms     Are "Good" Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea? - Article    FAQ on Graphics Algorithms    FAQ on Graphics File Formats    Picture File Formats    FAQ on Graphics    FAQ on Graphics Utilities     Green Book         10 Minute Guide to Practical UNIX/Linux 10 for Win9x/NT    Guide to Efficient USe of Directory HotList for TCMD    The Hack Report 2/94 - List of trojans, hacks etc.    The Alarm Net Hacklist 9/95 No.21    Handling Computer Virus Emergencies - article by A.Fedeli    List of HD data    The Hardware Guide in CHM format    Description of Hare virus family    Hungarian BBS List        Motorola 68HC11 Reference Manual in HLP format     Hackers, Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy    Windows 95 HW Compatibility List     Technician's Guide to PC Hard Disk Subsystem    List of hard drives      FAQ on HD Drives (in German)    Helpeasy v1.2 - Win95/98 help file covering common probs
		with PC    Windows Help File Developers Helper    HelpPC v2.1 - PC Programmers Reference     Help Guide to Buying a Computer v2.0     Bill's Simplified Guide to HTML v3.1    An MS-DOS FTP mainter's Timo Salmi's lookback at 1991-1997     A brief history of PC viruses by Alan Solomon    Mini FAQ on HOAX    Net Hormones - Infection Control Assuming Cooperation Among
		Computers - article by David Stodolsky     The How to create help files document    How to configure Netscape Communicator v4.01a - Tutorial       Help Per Tutti - Help files which explain how to create your
		own help files    Listing of Croatian BBS's    Hypertext Guide v2.0    HTML v3.0 Specifications      HTML Ucebnice v1.3 - Czech HTML tutorial (in HTML format)       HTML tutor: Beginners Course v4.0 for Win32     HTML v4.0 Specifications in HTML form     HTML v4.0 Specifications in TXT form    HTML 4.0 Reference in HLP format    HTML 4.0 Reference in HTML format    HTML 4.0 Reference in OS/2 INF format    Using HTMLHELP in PB5 VB5 D2K - Tutorial    A Beginner's Guide to HTML (in PDF format)    HTML 4 Beginners Tutorial    The WilRose HTML Tutorial for Win95    HTML Tutorial by Tim Robertson     A Beginner's Guide to HTML (in TXT and HTML format)    HTML Tutorial v2.0    HTML Tutorial v3.0 for Win95/NT    Hypertext Tutorial on PC & DOS       Examples of "Hello World" programs written by people at
		different stages of their careers    What does it mean :-) ...    The Hardware Book v1.3 in HTML format - HW Guide    The Hardware Book v1.3 in PDF format - HW Guide    The Hardware Book Win Help v1.3 for Win95/NT - HW Guide    The Hardware Book Win Help v1.3 for Win3.1 - HW Guide    FAQ on Hypertext    Int2Txi v1.1.0 - Interrupt List to TeXinfo format converter    The BBS Corner Telnet BBS Guide         What does it mean IBM ? :-)     Listing of IBM error codes    Intel i8255 PIO Programming Tutorial     Snopek's Registry Hacks & System Tweaks for Win95 in HLP format    Help on IDE    IDE, Hardware Reference & Information Document    FAQ on IDE    How to Identify Computer Viruses    An Idiot's Guide to Computer Viruses by Greg Miskely    Internet Lexicon 1995 Freeware    Implementing AV Programs - Article       Computer Virus Catalog Index    The BBS Corner Telnet BBS Guide 11/97 - List of telnet
		accessible BBS's    The Infection of PC Compatible Computers - article by S.Kiel    Virus Infections in Commercial/Government - Article       Description of NTFS Disc Fragmentation    CPU/FPU Instruction Set - x86,x87,Pentium in HTML&TXT formats     Interrupt List to RTF format conveter    Interrupt List to Win Help Converter v1.22       Intel 80x86 Family Instruction Set    MSDOS Interrupt List rel.61 by Ralph Brown - part 1    -- || -- - part 2    -- || -- - part 3    -- || -- - part 4    -- || -- - part 5    -- || -- - part 6    MSDOS Interrupt List rel.57 - HC?? phrases    Interrupt Helper v1.0 - Interrupt List Viewer    Using Interrupts (IRQ's) - Document in PDF format    Interactive HTML Tutorial For Beginners in HTML format      Introduction to Administration of an Internet-based Local
		Network and Introduction to Internet Protocols    Intro To Encryption Algorithms in PDF format    "Vircing" the InVircible - "Famous" article by V.Bontchev    I/O Ports Help in NG format         Dox on IPX Protocol         FAQ on IRC    Info on IRQ         ISA - I/O Slot Pin Assignment        FAQ on ISDN     FAQ on ISDN (in German)
itsoyus.arj     Improving the Security of Your UNIX System by David A.Curry       ITW-GER v1.0 - List of viruses which are in wild in Germany     The Jargon File v4.0.0     Jargon Buster - Acronym helper    Java Programmers FAQ    Java Script Course    Join the ASP as an author member!       Text from virus Joker      ASCII Reference Manual for 4DOS        FAQ on JPEG Image Files    Java Script Tutor v1.02     JavaScript Multimedia Tutorial    Keyboard Interrupts
kurs-dos.rar    DOS Tutorial (in Russian)       Kompjuternyje virusy: evolucja... - Article by E.Kaspersky
		(in Russian)    C Tutorial       FAQ about MPEG Audio Layer-3     Help file for laptops & notebooks      Help file for laptops & notebooks (in plain text)      Description of LAROUX - Excel macro virus      Representation of ISO8859-1 chars with 7-bit ASCII      L-Basic v1.23 - Visual Basic Programming Tutorial         The Concise LCD Data Sheet (in PDF format)      Good Way To Learn C Language     Windows95 and Long File Names ... A Myth    FAQ on Linear Programming    FAQ on LINUX        FAQ on LISP     ListTool v2.0 for DOS - FTP-List Manipulation Utility    L-nix v1.20a - Interactive UNIX tutorial        List of Danish BBS's     Description of the Windows'9x logotype (in Russian)     I2C Printer Port Adapter Schematic    Learning The Internet    Latvian BBS List      Motorola M68000 Family FAQ     Motorola 32-bit microprocessor (M68K family) FAQ in TXT form    Motorola 32-bit microprocessor (M68K family) FAQ in HTML form      FAQ on Word 6.x Macro Viruses v2.0 (from alt.comp.virus)     The Underground MS Word 6.x Macro Viruses FAQ v1.0       Macro Virus Info Database    Macro Virus List from VTC    FTP uploading via E-mail manual    FTP uploading via E-mail manual (Hungarian translation)      A Method of Detecting and Eradicating Known and Unknown
		Viruses - article by D.Mostovoy    Compilation of memory devices/chips lists      Info on PC Memory    Michaelangelo Report - Article by D.Porter    Michaelangelo fiasco: A historical timeline - Article    Primer and general FAQ about embedded processors and
		microcontrollers    MIDI Specs and Soft/Hardware Issues    Maxtor MiniScribe Drive Parameters     Mike's list 10/96 - Internet Guide      Modems - Text on using modems under Win95/98/NT     List of MSDOS FTP-sites     FAQ on Modula-2    Modem Workshop v2.0 - Modem Tutorial    Description of the Morse code (in Russian)    Big Boy's World List of BBS Motherboards    Collection of MS-DOS Tips and Tricks (in German)         File structure of audio MPEG file        FAQ on MPEG Format    FAQ on MPEG, Patents and Audio Coding     MPEG Audio Frame Header Specificatin by gzeus      Microsoft OBJ Format Specification    Article on MSAV    FAQ on MSDOS Programming    Database of MSDOS Viruses    Modem Share Common Problems on LANtastic network       M.U.F. List - MicroSoft's Undocumented Features Vol.1 No.7    Some texts on the multimedia copyright laws     Murphy's Law for Computing     MView - A hypertext viewer for moder.lst (see MODERXX.ZIP)    Computer Virus Myths 10th Edition      CARO Virus Naming    Navas FAQ on 28800 Modems     Tutorial on creating NeoBook for Windows Plug-ins       FAQ on Norton Commander    EFF's Guide to the Internet in Text Format     EFF's Guide to the Internet in WinHelp Format     Jenny Griffiths' Internet Guide Help File      New copyright legislation for shareware     ASCII table in NG format    Computer viruses and related threats - article    FAQ on Nonlinear Programming     Dox on NLM    What's NOT a Virus - Article from McAfee     Viruses on Windows NT - article by Ian Whalley       FAQ on Novell    Novell FAQ (in German)    The Myth of 28.8 kbps - article       FAQ on NetWare Security       List of NetWare PD & Shareware Files       Database of NetWare PD & Shareware Producers    The Online world resources handbook v3.4       Turbo Pascal OOP Tutor    Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++    Intel Opcodes and Mnemonics in Windows Help Format       Optimizations for Intel's 32-bit Processors    Info how to optimize code on 386/486/pentium    Orange Book    OSAX 2000/01 - Off-line browser for SAX (The Shareware
		Author Index)     The Complete Overclocking Guide - Tutorial    Six Bytes for Virus Detection - article by Padgett Peterson    Interfacing the Standard Parallel Port - SPP (in PDF format)     Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Printer Port v0.96     Coronado Turbo Pascal Tutorial - part 1     Coronado Turbo Pascal Tutorial - part 2     Talk On How To Program In Pascal     Tutorial on Turbo Pascal 6.0    FAQ on Passwording      List of Pascal PD and Shareware Files      Database of Pascal PD and Shareware Producers     Titles to 2700 Software Patents       FAQ on PC Hardware      Listing of IBM PC diag. error codes       PCHelp v2.0 - Memory Resident DOS Consultant      PC-Learn Beginners Computer Tutorial v6.0 - part 1      PC-Learn Beginners Computer Tutorial v6.0 - part 2     Basic PC Tutorial (in Czech)    Timing on the PC under DOS    Interactive DOS Tutor      FAQ on PCX Format     PCX format technical reference manual      List of Paradox PD & Shareware Files      Database of Paradox PD & Shareware Producers          PE (Portable Executable) Format Description
pe-info.rar     Portable Executable Format Description     Dox on PENTIUM Processor    Description on Pentium features    The Complete Pentium Instruction Set Table     How to optimize for the Pentium processor    How to program non-CMOS EPROM memories         FAQ on PGP    Guide for Windows users of PGP (in PDF format)    Guide for Installing PGP (in PDF format)    PAGETUTOR v4.8 - Web page authoring tutorial for Win32    Telephone directory computer related companies     PhotoCD Information Bulletin        Description of PC Pins Layout         Programming the Intel 8253 Programmable Internal Timer       Pitch virus description    PC Lexicon 1995 Freeware         FAQ on PL/I       C Language Tutor - part 1       C Language Tutor - part 2       C Language Tutor - part 3        PMBS virus description    Protected Mode Tutorial v0.02    PNG - New Graphic Format Specs (replacement of GIF)    PNG Special-Purpose Public Chunks    Pocitacove viry - konstrukce a obrana - AV oriented student
		work by R.Sedivy (in Czech, T602 format)    Simple Polygon Rendering - Tutorial    List of polymorphic viruses 3/94    List of polymorphic viruses by E.Kaspersky (in Russian)    Definitions of polymorphism by I.Daniloff    Polymorphic Viruses: Implementation... - article by T.Yetiser    Listing of PC I/O Ports       Power Promote! - Tips Every Webmaster Should Know     FAQ on PowerPC    Prepress Postscript Errors Explanation     Intro to Copy Protection          FAQ on PostScript         Database of Slovak and Czech ZIP Codes        Slovak and Czech ZIP Codes Searcher    Paint Shop Pro File Format v3.0 Specification    Paint Shop Pro File Format v4.0 Specification    A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C v0.1      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 001      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 002      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 003      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 004      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 005      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 006      Programming Tips & Tricks Issue 007    Public-Key Cryptography    The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 1    The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 2    The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 3     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 1     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 2     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 3     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 4     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 5     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 6     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 7     The Peroxide Programming Tips - part 8      QBASIC Tutorial         Info on 'legacy' documents        QUOX virus description      ROSE's Anti-Debugger FAQ v1.11      FAQ on RAM's (in German)    FAQ on Ray Tracing    (ASP) Really Basic BASIC v1.1 - Step by step instruction
		for programming in BASIC      Really Basic BASIC v1.1 - Step by step programming tutorial    RBIL Viewer v2.1a - Win95/98 viewer for Ralph Brown's
		Interrupt List     FAQ on RELCOM.COMP.VIRUS (in Russian)     Red Book    Windows Registry Guide v3.0 for Win9x/NT      Info on RELCOM - USENET Mail Gateway    The RIMC Hot List - Malware list       (ASP) RS-232 Serial Communications - User Manual v1.1     A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing    RS-232 Serial Communication Notes    RS-232 Serial Communication Guide     FAQ on RSA     Tutor for comm., serial interface         RTF format specification       Ring tones text transfer language (RTTTL) specification      GORUR's Easy Doc's Guide to PC Cable Connection      GORUR's Easy Doc's CD Format Guide v1.0    GORUR's Easy Doc's Glossary of PC Terminology      GORUR's Easy Doc's File-Type Extension Listing v1.0      GORUR's Easy Doc's Guide to the Internet     GORUR's Easy Doc's File-Type Listing v2.0    ROSE's Viren Description rel.3 (in German)    FAQ on 56 kbps modem technology by Rockwell       List of Slovak Internet Sites      Shareware author's resource guide for DOS (8th release)      Shareware author's resource guide for Win32 v4.0      Shareware Author & User Case Study v1     Guide to Select BBS's on Internet    Sound Blaster Programming Information v0.90      Listing of Science/Engineering PD & Shareware Files      Database of Science/Engineering PD & Shareware Producers        FAQ on SCSI      Tutor on Secrets of Batch Files      Data Security Tutorial in Winhelp format      Info on Serial Port     Interfacing the Serial / RS232 Port (in PDF format)      FAQ on Shareware (in German)    FAQ on Shareware     Serville Info Journal vol.1 - Journal for programmers     Serville Info Journal vol.2 - Journal for programmers     Serville Info Journal vol.3 - Journal for programmers      Introduction to Computer Security for Lawyers     Virus Simulator Test       List of ICARO supporting FTP-sites and BBS's    Site-Sell! E-Zine Archive - Free E-Book for Win95/98/NT      Czech Translation of "Guide to Network Resource Tools"    IBM Smalltalk Tutorial in HTML form    Article about standard MIDI files     Various variants of smileys...     FAQ on PC Soundcards      The Computer Music Files Formats Collection     Scanner AV-Newsletter Premier Issue     Scanner AV-Newsletter Vol.1 Issue 1     Scanner AV-Newsletter Vol.1 Issue 2     Scanner AV-Newsletter Vol.1 Issue 3     Scanner AV-Newsletter Vol.3 Issue 1     Common Virus Info by Dr.Solomon     FAQ on Sonador Automated Usenet Service    FAQ on sound file formats      Sovety ver.27 - Useful hints for work with PC (in Russian)    SPAM Linx - AntiSpam Link Collection    FAQ on ZX Spectrum       The Spire Project - April 2001 Edition of Search Engines
		Tutorials and FAQs    FAQ on Spreadsheets      Introduction to Squeak in HTML form    Guide to HTML       List of Spreadsheet PD & Shareware Programs       Database of Spreadsheet PD & Shareware Producers    Tutorial program to help people make HTML documents    Starship virus description by I.Muttik
stdr0106.exe    Seagate Technical Support Desk Reference 6/2001 in Windows Help     Set of AV oriented texts by Stiller Research     FAQ on computer mass storage devices    TechSupport List 12/1995      Results of AV survey by Marko Helenius     SVGA/VESA programmer's notes     Slovak Telecard Reading Description    So You Want to Buy a CDROM     List of FTP Mail Servers    Use a buffering FIFO queue to output your GFX rev.1.1    (S)VGA Tricks rev.1.1      HTML Table Tutor in HTML form     FAQ on CPU's (in German)      Turbo ASM Tutor    An Introduction to TCP/IP Programming (in PDF format)       Introduction to the Internet Protocols    Doc on TCP/IP        A Vacuum Tube Cross Reference    115 Internet Marketing Techniques v1.0 - Tutorial for Win95/98     What you need to know about electronics telecards    Telnet FAQ v1.5 - How to setup telnet bbs under Win95    Ten Commandments for C Programmers    Results of AV tests by VTC 2/97    Results of AV tests by VTC 7/97    Results of AV tests by VTC 2/98    AV test reports 1995 (reduced version)    AV test reports 1995    AV test reports 1996    AV test reports 1997    AV test reports 1999    Useful information about products tested by the ICARO    MS Win95 tested software list in WinHelp format    Results of various AV tests by VTC     Educational Testing Tutorial v1.0 in Windows Help Format        FAQ on computer written text    Set of PC related hints and infos    FAQ on Terminate (comm.program)      FAQ on TGA format    Drive and Controller Guide v4.3      How to start DOSSTART.BAT when... by Rostislav Krasny    How Effective Are Anti-Virus Toolkits    "They're here" - Computer Virus Tutorial        TIFF specification      TIFF format description        Tips for Win95/98/NT programmers    Tip and Tricks for Win95/NT Users    TJ Software VGA-Tutor       Norton Guide for Turbo Assembler    Top Sites v2.0 - Off-line version of the Top Sites web site          Info on TP (Yankee Doodle) virus family      Description of virus TREMOR     Info on TREMOR virus    Windows 98 Tips and Tricks    Windows NT 4.0 Tips and Tricks     What to do when track 0 is bad ...         Transistor Substitute Database     Tip & Tricks for Windows 95 v4.7 Build 23       TTS Help file v6.3 - Software development tips and tricks      True Type 1.0 Font File Specification v1.65    Al's WinSock Tuning FAQ in Win3 HLP format    Turbo C Tutor      Turbo C Tutorial    Turbo Pascal Tutorial     Turbo C Tutorial    Computer Tutorial System    Jack Crenshaw's Compiler Tutorial (PAS src)      The basics of C++ - Tutorial          Usenet Access - How to access Usenet services      UK BBS List    Unicode Character Encoding Description in Word8 format        FAQ on UNIX    Psychotic's Unix Bible    PC User's Guide To Unix     Basic UNIX Tutorial    Unix (Linux) Tutorial in HTML format         FAQ on UPS         Ultimate Power Tips - Shareware Tutorial    Uruguay virus family description      U.S. Law in Connection with Computers    List of U.S. BBS's     American Author's Law from 1976    Tutorial: Use ANSI Systems     Short Tutorial on Using the ANSI.SYS     Viruses in the USSR - article by Eldar A.Musaev         Description of V34 Modem Protocol     Article on V34+ Modem Protocol     The 1995 Scanner Top Ten - Review from Virus Bulletin    Visual Basic for Applications Tutorial - part 1 of 2    Visual Basic for Applications Tutorial - part 2 of 2       VESA BIOS EXTENSION (VBE) Core Functions v2.0    VESA BIOS Extension/Accelerator Functions (VBE/AF)    Tutorial on VB programming    Visual Basic Programmer's Journal Author Guidelines       List of Visual Basic PD & Shareware Files       Database of Visual Basic PD & Shareware Producers        VB Workshop - Tips, tricks and samples for VB 4, 5 and 6       FAQ on VCOMM        VCPI - Virtual Control Program Interface Specs    File Protectors Tutorial I by Vandals         Virtual DMA Services - specs    Computer Vendor List    FAQ on VIRUS.GER in EXE form (in German)     Info on VGA Pins    VGADOC4B - Collection of Programming Infos on SVGA chipsets    Dox on VGA Ports    FAQ on realtime shadow algorithms    Virus naming comparative listing (Sweep,Toolkit,F-Prot...)     FAQ and Description on Video CD    FAQ on PC Video Cards    Virus Glossary    Collection of Virus Related Jokes    Common Virus Info Database    Virus Construction Kits rev.2.0 by Oliver Staudler    Kompjuternaja Virusologia by N.N.Bezrukov - Virus Guide
		(in Russian)    Infection Countdown 7/95 - AV test by David Smith     VIRINFO May 95 - Info on the most common viruses by IBM's
		antivirus lab      How to weed your virus collection     List of viruses on CD     Virus Presentation - AV tutorial    Computer Viruses and False Authority Syndrome - Article by
		Rob Rosenberger     Virus test report from 5th April 1994 by Marko Helenius     Emmanuel Tips on Viruses by Power Software Inc.       How to avoid a virus/trojan and what to do if you're not
		successful - Article by Charles R.Hague      Coping with computer viruses and related threats by IBM    Virus detection alternatives - article    FAQ on VIRUS.GER in TXT form (in German)    Computer Virus - Facts & Fantasies by Joe Newman    List of AV bibliography    Virus Detection and Elimination - Quarterdeck Technical Note    ViruVers - List of Freeware/Shareware AV Programs (in German)    Virus verification and Removal - article by David M.Chess    Vendor List - Hardware/Software Vendor Address Book    FAQ on Virus-L/comp.virus rel.2.00 (10/95)    FAQ on Virus-L/comp.virus - old version (11/92)    VirusScanList v1.23 - List of various hacks, infiltrations...      FAQ on VBE Bus      ASP Vendor Membership Application Kit    VENDINFO File-Format and Tools Standard v1.00       Volga virus family description       VT100 and VT52 Compatable Modes Escape Codes Chart    Escape Codes for VT102 Termnal    Antivirus Test Results 10/98 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 3/99 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 10/99 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 4/2000 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 8/2000 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 4/2001 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 10/2001 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 3/2002 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 12/2002 from VTC Hamburg    Antivirus Test Results 4/2003 from VTC Hamburg    NATAS Virus Test    SMEG Virus Test    Newer SMEG Virus Test      AV Tutorial (in German)      FAQ on Videotext in PC (in German)         VVM virus description         FAQ on VXD     The Virus Researcher's Handbook - 3rd Edition      Windows 3.1x and MS-DOS 6.xx Tips and Tricks ver.10      Windows 95 and MS-DOS 7.00 Tips and Tricks ver.10
warning!.zip    A funny note about machine's behaviour in critical situations    The WATCOM C/C++ Programmer's FAQ      Western Digital Technical Support FAQ Sheets    Parameters of some Western Digital HDD    Web Design Insights Express v1.2 - Web designer guide    Tutorial on Web pages design using HTML       Powerpoint Intro - Tutorial by ChalkSoft Team    WebTutor v3.8 - HTML Authoring Tutorials     Who are they? - About ICARO organization    List of Viruses in the Wild 7/2003    Results of AV scanner analysis by Marko Helenius    Computer Virus Detection and Repair - Anti-Virus Study by
		Paul Williams     FAQ on Windows    FAQ on Windows     FAQ on Windows 95 (in Czech language)    FAQ on Windows 95    Windows 95 Tips, Tricks and Secrets v1.61 (in HLP format)    Windows 98 Post Setup Tips (in TXT format)    Windows Elements Lab Learning - Software to train in work
		with Windows    FAQ on Win95 - Tips and Tricks (in German)    Windows 2000 FAQ in HLP format (in German)       FAQ on Windows NT      Mystery Behind Windows Registry - Tutorial     FAQ on Winsock     Simple Windows Animation - Tutorial     Simple Windows Bitmaps - Tutorial    wiseformats v0.5 - Info on WISE compiled script files format        A Tour of the Internet Worm    Who Is Who in Shareware    WWW4Mail Server List (in Hungarian)      FAQ on WWW (in HTML form)      Guide to WWW       Info on WinWord.Concept macro virus    "What You Need To Know About Computer Viruses" - AV Tutorial      Tutorial on Usage of FDISK      Roland GS & Yamaha XG Synthesizer Series Tips      Excel Macro Virus Report      XMS v2.0 Specification      XMS v3.0 Specification      Yanoff's List of Internet Resources     Z80 CPU Instruction Set     ZHENGXI virus description    U.S. ZIP Codes in .DBF format    FAQ on Iomega ZIP drive       FAQ on ZyXEL modems

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