Slovak Antivirus Center - directory SOUND       RAW/IFF Converter    1by1 v1.46 - Simple MP3 player for Win32     2MIDI v1.0 for Win9x/NT - MOD to MIDI file converter      2PAT v2.0 - A Wavetable Instrument Converter & Player for Win    3D-Audio v1.2a - 3D Spatial Audio Renderer       Sigma Sound System v2.1 - WAV, XMS, MOD & CD Player for DOS        4mp3 v1.43 - MP3 player/encoder/decoder/file splitter for Win32
4mp3_24.exe     4-MP3 v2.4 - Database manager of MP3 and other sound files     Auto-Level-Control - AWE32 Mixer Adjusting Util    Auto-Trim v1.6 - AWE32 Mixer Adjusting Util    Advanced Audio Corrector v2.0 - Phase distortion Remover      Advanced AC3 Decoder for Win32       Audio Browser v1.1 - DOS Sound File Player      A-B-CD v3.0 - CD player and database for Windows    Abe's MP3 finder v4.0 - Internet util for finding MP3 files     Autoblade v1 - Windows front end for Blade MP3 Encoder      A-B test audio comparison program - Util for comparing two
		sound files (WAV)    Abyss Audio Collection v1.66 - MP3 and WMA files organizer      AbyssAudio Converter v1.1 - MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV batch
		converter    AbbysAudio Pro v2.40 - Digital Music Collection Manager      Audio AC3 Decoder for Win32
ac44.exe        Audio Compositor v4.4 for Win95 - MIDI2WAV file renderer and
		software wavetable synth    Accurate Burn MP3 Audio CD Maker v1.16 - Tool for burning
		Audio CD from MP3 files    Ace of WAV v2.6 - Sound editor and synthesizer for Win32    Ace Walkman v1.0 - Media player, playlist manager and file
		explorer for Win9x/NT/2000     Audio Compression Manager Add-on v1.1 - Audio File Conversion
		Utility    ACM Station v2.1 - Audiodata convertor/compressor
acous225.exe    Acoustica v2.25 - Audio editor for Win95/98/NT     Another CD Player v1.12
acwizard.exe    Audio Conversion Wizard v1.45 - Audio formats convertor for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP    AddAWav v1.3 - WAV files joiner
aed.exe         AudioEdit Deluxe - Audio files editor, player and converter    Advanced Encode Decode Tools - Audio Convertor for Win32     AFM2000 v1.35a - Win32 util for recording from live FM radio
		to WAV files     AnalFreq v1.8 Spectrum Analyzer - Single-channel FFT-based
		Spectrum Analyzer
agfree.exe      Audiograbber v1.83 build 1 - Freeware version of Audio CD
		grabber    Graphic Equalizer Pro v2.1 for Win9x/NT    aEgis MP3 DOS Player v0.5        AudioGalaxy Satellite Preview - MP3 Player for AudioGalaxy
		Satellite Users    AIMazing - WinAmp Plugin for removing the ads from AOL Instant
		Messanger    AIPL Singulator v1.3 - Records singles from album, tape and
		DATs to PC     AirCheck - Audio Logger Software for Windows    AKA's Toys - A Winamp Plugin Library    Master Tracker v2.4    akPlayer v1.6 - Multimedia Player for Win32       Visual Coders .mp3 Album Wizard v1.0    ALC-Record v1.2 - Util for recording CD's from LP's or MC's       Advanced Lyrics Editor for Video Karaoke Player v1.0    Alien DSP v2.0 Plugin for WinAMP v2.x     All2WMA v1.6 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP - Convertor of other
		music formats to WMA      All-In-One v1.2 - ID3 Tag Editor, MP3 Renamer, Playlist Editor    Analogic Syntesizer rel.1.1 by NewStyle    AltoMP3 Maker v3.02 - CD to MP3 Converter and MP3 to WAV
		decoder for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    AMADEUS v2.1 - Program to receive WAV files from a sampler
		over MIDI
amc310.exe      Advanced MP3 Catalog v3.10 for Win32
amcp310.exe     Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro v3.10 for Win32     AM-CD Player 32 v1.15 (previously MyCDplayer32) for Win32        Advanced MP3 Catalog Reader v1.20 - AMC files reader     AMF2MOD v1.0 Converter     AMF2S3M v0.001 Converter    AutoMID II v3.00 for Win95 - 32bit MIDI Player    aMixer v1.6- OS/2 mixer for SB cards       Advanced MP3 Manager v1.5 - MP3 file manager and playlist
		organizer for Win95/98/NT/2000    All My MP3s v1.81 - MP3 organizer for Win32     Adrenalin Module Player v0.30 (for GUS)       Audio MPEG-I Decoder      Advanced Module Player v2.11       A.M.P. v3.0 - Module Player for SB AWE 32/64     Ampapod - Winamp remote control       Ampuh v1.40 - WinAmp based MP3/multimedia player for Win9x/NT      A.M.P. for Windows v2.5 - AWE32/64 Module Player      Amazing Slow Downer for Windows - CD/ROM/WAV/MP3 player with
		possibility to slowdown reproduced music    AMUSIC v1.1 - Adlib Tracker    AnalFreq v1.8 - Spectrum Analyzer    Analyzer - The WinAmp Plugin       Audio Notes Recorder v5.2 - Voice notes application for Win32       Anvil 2002.06.01 - Win9x/NT/2000 multipurpose sound creation
		and processing and utility       a0 for WinAmp v0.60 - WinAmp Plugin     AWEPlay v0.430 by Thor - AWE32 Module Player     AxelPlayer Multimedia Player v2.2 for Win95/98/NT      AutoPlugger v1.1 - Windows front end for Plugger MP3 encoder
apol37zf.exe    Apollo 37zf - MP3 player for Win95/98/NT    ArBPM v102 - Program that calculates the Beats per Minute     Arcadio Music Converter for Win9x       Audio Record Wizard v3.92 - Win32 tool for sound recording
aslid31.exe     Audio Sliders v3.1 - Software Mixer      AST v1.20 - All Sound Tracker for AWE32    ASX Playlist Maker v1.2 (for Windows Media Player)    ATI Player Starter & Volume Holder v2.1.0.2 for Win32    AudioTools v4.80 - Audio CD creation utils for Win32    Atropos-SB v2003 - Speech recording/archiving tool for Win32    ATWinAmp Driver v1.01 for Delphi
audc405.exe     Audio Converter v4.05 for Win32    AudioCV v1.12 - Audio Converter for Win32      Audio Encoder Pro v1.1 for Win32    Audio Companion v1.23 - CD Ripper/Audio Recorder/WAV2MP3 Conv.    Audio Filter v1.2 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Filter audio files
		with user-defined FIR filters     Audio Switch v1.4.4 - Switcher between various audio sources    Audition 2000 v4.1 - Play all of the sound files    AudioSampler v1.1 - WAV player      AudioSliders v1.0 - Software mixer for Win95/98
augal608.exe    Audiogalaxy Satellite - Audiogalaxy music exhchange service
		client for Win32     AudioSphere 2000 v2.57 - Desktop audio functions controller
		for Win9x/NT/2000    Automated Composing System v2.4 for Win95/98 - MIDI creator    Auto MP3 CD v1.0 - It allows Win9x/NT system to
		automatically play MP3 recorded CDs
automp3.exe     Automatic MP3 Renamer and TAG Editor v5.0 Freeware    AVI2WAV v3.1 - AVI Sound 2 WAV Converter        WavPlayer v1.0 for Win32      Awave ACDR v3.3 - Audio CD Reader & Converter for Win32     Awave Audio v9.1 - Audio File Batch Converter for Win32     Awave v9.0 - Audio & Wavetable Instrument File Format
		Converto, Editor & Player for Win32         Advanced WMA Catalog v1.00 for Win9x/NT/2000     Awave Music v6.2 - Song & Instrument Exchange Platform    Dump AWE32's ROM Samples
awecp95.exe     AWE Control panel v2.05 for Windows'95     AWE32 Control Pack v1.0 - Low level coding info pack for AWE32    AWEDumpr v0.91a - Saving of the AWE32 card ROM    AWE32FX WorkShop v1.1     AWEHELP.DLL - Access to load/unload AWE32 Sound Banks    AWE-MIDI Player v0.5b    AWE32 Modplayer v1.51     AWE Patch Caching v1.3 - SB32/AWE32/AWE64 memory caching util     AWEPLAY v1.0 - AWE32 MIDI Player for DOS     AWEToy v1.0 Gamma4    AWETube v1.7 - Realtime Vocoder for SB AWE 32/64
awmaw.exe       Advanced WMA Workshop v2.01 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - WAV and MP3
		to WMA Converter    Real Audio add-on for Awave family of audio tools    Amazing MIDI v1.60 - WAV to MIDI converter      BADDAS v1.0.3 - Audio Sampler        BounceAMP v0.1 - Use WinAmp as a screen saver      BASS v2.0 for Win32 - Audio Library    BASSWMA v2.0 - WMA format extension for BASS Audio Library    Biz-E-Bitz Software's Music Module Player v1.05    Bccvol v1.40 - SB/SB Pro Volume Control Utility       BCTMP - Brialn Caos Tetris Music Player ver.beta 1    BladeBatch - BladeEnc Interface    BladeEnc v0.91 - Blade's MP3 Encoder    BladeEnc MP3 PlugIn for WinDAC v1.3        BLAM! - Sound Effects Creator    Bevasoft's Mixer v4.1 for SB    Beat Master v2.11 - PC MIDI Sequencer      Business Music System v2.04 for business background music and
		announcements playing    BOA BASSDRUM v2.0a - Bassdrum sounds synthesizer for Win32    Bpm Calculator 2004 v0.2.1 - Tool to calculate the lenght,
		cycles-per-second or bpm of audio recordings    BPM Wizard v3.3 - Tool that displays automatically the BPM
		of the signal playing on the soundcard
breath91.exe    ARIES BREATHE Beta 0.91 - MP3 Player for Win95     BTA v1.1 Beta - TAG Maker for MP3's       Boom Tracker v4.0 - Tracker for SB synthesis     BURP v2.21 - Music ripping util     MP3 Butcher - MP3 files cutter for Win32    Canna MP3 Maker v1.2 for Win32 - MP3 compressor      CASETTE - Audio/video library manager      CD-V v1.9 - Audio CD Player      DOS/Win32 command-line tool that scans CD-ROMs, hard-disks etc.
		for MP3 files and automatically creates M3U playlist files       CD-)SB v1.0i - Audio CD player for SB16      CD-)WAV v1.0i - Audio CD to WAV copier         CD Access - Small CD Player
cdb202.arj      CDB Database Editor for DOS & Win v2.02       CDBar v1.04 - CDDB-enabled CD player for Win95/98/NT         CD Catalog Expert v7.30 - CD Catalogizer for Win9x/NT/2000    CD-Cool v2.0 - CD-Player for Win95/98/NT
cdcp4950.exe    CDCOPY v4.950 - Write Audio-Tracks from CD to Disk    CDDA32 v1.0 - Audio CD Sample Extractor    CD-DA Extractor v1.19 - DA Extractor from CD/DVD to WAV/RAW/MP3
cddae303.exe    CD-DA Extractor 3 DEMO    CDex v1.51 - Audio CD extraction tool with MP3 compression      CDMASTER v1.71 - CD Player that aids the user in dubbing
		CD's to other media    CDMaster32 v5.0.0.0b - Skinnable CD Player for Win9x/NT/2000       CD-Master v3.5 - Audio CD Player    Quel CdMan-200 - Tiny audio CD player    CDmax v2.03 - Win32 Audio CD Player      CD Player for Win95/98/NT    CD ROM Audio Player v1.0 for DOS     Sobre CD Player v.0.99.26.i for Win32    MP3 CD Organizer v2.94 - MP3 database application         CDP - CD Player Shell for 4DOS     CD Player v2.7 for DOS    Simple CD Player for OS/2 v1.02    CD Player v4.0b - Audio CD Player for Win95/NT    CD Player v3.7 - Audio CD Player for DOS & Win3    CD Player v2.2 for Win32 - Freeware    Easy CD Player on Desktop v1.00 for Win32    CDPLAYER.INI Viewer for Win32    (ASP) Music CD Player for Windows    CD Player for Win95 v1.32    CDPTSR v1.2 - CD Player for DOS     CDREAD2 - Program for reading audio data from CD-ROM    Fast CD Ripper v1.45 - Audio CD ripper and converter to
		WMA 8, OGG and MP3 files
cdsp2001.exe    CD/Spectrum Pro 2001 - CD-Audio player / spectrum analyzer    CD Stripper v3.0 - CD player and CD to WAV/MP3 converter
cdtexm17.exe    CD-Text Manager v1.7 - CD-Text Extraction Tool
cdtexp15.exe    CD-Text Player v1.5 - Audio CD player with CD-Text support    Remote Control Module for Slow Speed CD Transcriber Program     CDTRACK v2.3a - Audio CD tracks grabber     CDVAlet - Win95/NT CD player with CDDB support      CD Wizard v3.12 - CD Audio Player for Windows 3.1      CD Wizard v4.61 - CD Audio Player for Windows 95/NT    CD Worx for Win95 v2.10 - Audio CD tracks processing utility    CD Wave v1.56 - CD-R Mastering Helper for Win32      CD Player for Word 7
ce2kmain.exe    CoolEdit 2000 v1.1 demo for Win32 - Sound files editor
cep21dmo.exe    CoolEdit Pro v2.1 demo for Win32 - Sound files editor    Chronotron Plugin v1.10 for WinAmp - DSP plugin that allows
		change tempo of the music     Claudio v5.0 - Audio Recorder for Win32     Clarion v0.8.6 - MIDI & Audio CD Player for Win95/NT     MP3 Tag Clinic v3.1 - ID3 Tag Renamer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     PCD v1.0 - Simple CD player for DOS w/ MSCDEX with ASM source      Chronos Module Converter v1.01    8bit Atari .CMC to PC .XM Modules Converter v1.4    CapaMod v3.13b - MOD Player for GUS    Chaos Media Player - Win95 program using MCI Windows drivers    CodAxe v1.30 - Windows Audio Codec Shell     CoMa's Visual lib.v1.11 - Plugin for WinAmp MP3 Player      Comment MP3s (ID3) v1.7d - MP3 commenter    Real Time Sound Comparator v5.5 - Real-time scale concurrence
		detection of a sound signal fragments with patterns    AKoff Music Composer v2.0 - Multitrack MIDI sequencer    Convert v1.4B - Audio Format Converter     Cool Edit v1.53 - Sound Editor      Cool Edit 96 for Win9x/NT - Sound Editor      CoolCD Studio v1.3.1 - AudioCD Player for Win32    CoolDecode v1.3 - WMA/MP3 decoder for Win32    CoolPlayer v2.10 - MP3 player for Win32     Cubic Player v2.0 alfa++    CP AWE wavtbl driver v1.7c    CP File Selector Update     CP GUS player driver v1.7b    CP IT loader v1.7e    IT Player for CP 2alpha++    CP GUS PnP wt. driver v1.7 final    CP GUS PnP wt. driver v1.7g    Cinepak Viewer v1.01 - Sega Saturn Cinepak files viewer for
		Win32    Cubic Player 2 appe .MPx Decoder Update    CP WSS player driver v1.7f    CP XM loader v1.7d    CrossAmp v3.0 - Tool to fade between two instances of WinAmp     Crystal Modules Player v2.83         CompactSplit v2.0 - WAV Splitter
cs41.exe        CoolSpeech v4.1 - Text-to-speech player for Win32      Chords, Scales & Arps - Win32 toolkit for musicians     Cthugha v5.3 - SB/GUS Oscilloscope    CT-Play v1.2.4 - MP3 player for Win32 which can add gap
		between songs    CATRaxx v6.10 - Database program for music collection managment     Custamp v3.24 - MP3 player for Win32       ConWave v1.0 - Tiny WAV player      CrusherX-Live v2.40 - Real-time vapor/granular synthesizer    CDDA v1.7 - Audio CD Sample Extractor    Digital Audio Copy v2.3 - Audio CD to HD Copy Utility      DAF v1.0 - Delayed Auditory Feedback for Win95    Da Metronome v1.1 - Compact metronome program for Win95        DAMP v0.96 - MP3 player for DOS     DAT2WAV - DAT tape digital audio to WAV file converter for W32     DataMPX v1.51 - Win32 tool for creation of MP3 catalog       DSP Blaster v2.12 - Real-time DSP filter and spectrum analyzer     DCSound v1.5 - WAV Player for Windows     German Language Support for WinAmp
deli_203.exe    DeliPlayer v2.03 - Music player for Win95-XP     D/Noise v1.01d - A Digital Audio Denoising Tool    Description to ID3 TAG Converter v2.9 (for MP3 files)      Defractor v0.97 beta - Digital Sample Generator Engine
dfx61wp.exe     DFX v6.1 for WinAmp - Sound enhancer for WinAmp users    Diablo Sampler v2.0.0 - Sampler for Win9x/Me    Dictation Buddy v2.1 - Phone and dictation recording system
		for Win32
dictphne.exe    Dictaphone v2.0 - Dictation recording system for Win98-XP and
		MS Word 2000/XP by Miroslav Mrazik    Softuarium Dice VQF Player v1.4       Digital Domain / CD audio grabber for Windows     Diegote MP3 Player v1.0 for Win95/98/2000     DietMP3 v4.03 - MP3 Optimizer    Digi Trakker v3.2
discp404.exe    Disc Play v4.04 - CD Player for Win95/NT
djm225.exe      DJ Master 98 v2.25 - Digital Audio Player for Win95
dmamp10.exe     dmAmp v1.0 - WinAmp input plug-in to play RMI song files     Dirmod v2.00 - MOD/S3M/XM/NST List Creator        DiscMaid v2.9 - Audio CD into RealAudio and WAV files converter      Dual Module Player v1.09 for OS/2      Dual Module Player v4.00 (incl. DMP32)     DMP Companion v2.60    DMP Control Center v1.63     DM-Player v1.1 - Direct Music MIDI Player for Win95/98
dmplay10.rar    Direct Music Player for Endusers - SMF and DM Files player for
		Win32    DMP 4.01 drivers (fix probs with 16bit soundcards)      David's Music Player v1.3 - MIDI/WAV Player for Windows    David's Music Player v2.1 - MIDI/WAV Player for Win32    DogiD3Tag v1.0b - MP3 searching utility    DOS AMP v0.8 - Layer 3 MPEG Audio Player for DOS     DOSBase - MP3 List Creator for Win32    Digital Player Pro v2.20    Daqarta - Data Acquisition and real-time analysis DOS software    Dr.TAG v3.0.1 - ID3 Tag Editor for Win32       Digital Signal Analyser v1.0 - Intput/output waveform monitor      d_struct CD Player v1.7 - DOS CD player
dspst200.exe    DSP Spectrum Tool for Winamp 2.00 - RT spectrum analyzer with
		sonogram support    Digital Studio v1.11 - MIDI sequencer for WIn95/NT
dubit209.exe    DubIt v2.0.9 - Tool for adding audio to movie clips and images    Digital Vision DSP-151 - Real-time software digital sound
		processor    WAV2MP3 Command Line Utility v1.06    EarTest for Windows v1.0 - Ear-training program
easycd.exe      EasyCD v2.00 - Audio CD Player for Win9x/Nt/2000 with WinAmp
		Skins and CDDB Support     EasyMod v1.2 - Windows MOD Player     EasyTagger v1.1 - MP3 ID3 tag editor    EasyXMid v1.0 - MID to XM Converter        Express Dictate v2.0 - Computer based dictaphone for Win32      eMusic Tag Editor v2.60 - Tool for editing WMA, MP3, OGG, VQF,
		AAC etc. tag information      Encode/Decode II - Digital Sample Encoder/Decoder       The Eye of God v2.1 - 3dfx WinAMP Plugin     Effects Processor Pro v2.0 - Real-time audio effects processor
		for Win95/98       Effects Processor Pro v2.1 - Program for Win95-XP for real-time
		processing of sound signals    Electronic Sleeping Pill v1.0 for SB     Echo Speech Compression v1.0
evp600.exe      EchoView Pro v6.00 for Windows - Software suite of tools for
		musicians    Expander v1.2 for Win95 - Program which can stretch a WAV file
		in time without changing its pitch    MIDI ExpLab v1.0 - MIDI keyboards input monitor      FastCD v3.57 - Ultimate CD Player     FreeCD v1.91 for Win95 - CD player       MP3 Frame Editor v2.32 - Lossless MP3 Editing Tool for Win32     Adjust-o-Matic - Util for module files renaming     MP3TAG v1.2 - MP3 Tagger    Universal Sound Blaster Mixer v1.0    Virtual CD Player v1.0      Fast Eddy's Wavesplitter v1.2 for Win32     Findmp3 - Util for creating the list of MP3 files at local disk     FineMod v1.0 - Mod Player for Windows    FLAC v1.0.4 - Win32 binaries of lossless audio files compressor    FLI & Module Player v1.2b    Fast Module Extractor v2.1         Faust Music Creator - Tracker for Adlib soundcards     Fast MIDI v1.0 - MIDI Player for Windows      Flazhsoft MP3 v2.1 - MP3 player for Windows        FM-Syntesizer v4    FoxPlay98 - Music Frontend and Playlist Organizer for W95/98/NT    FractMus2000 - Fractal music composition program for Win32
foobar.exe      foobar2000 v0.8.3 - Media player for Win32
foobarl.exe     foobar2000 Lite v0.8.3 - Media player for Win32      Future Player v1.02 - MP3 player for Win32    FreeCDP v2.10 - Free and open source sound player for Win32    Free MP3 for Windows - MP3 Player    FreeRip v2.53 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Extract audio tracks from CD
		to WAV, Ogg Vorbis and MP3 files        Simple Microphone Sound Frequency Analyzer      Freq v5.1 - A spectrum analyzer    Real-Time Frequency Analyzer for Windows    FreeRip MP3 v1.00 - CD Audio Extractor to WAV, Ogg Vorbis and
		MP3 format    FrontBlade v0.7.21 - Front-end for Blade Encoder    Frequency Genie v1.0 - Squarewave frequency generator for PC
		speaker       Fast Tracker v2.08       Fast Tracker v2.09 (unfinished?)    Funk Tracker v1.08d     FunPlay v0.17 - MP3/MID/WAV/MOD Player for Win32          FastWAV - WAV browser for Win95-DirectX5     Guitar FX Box v2.5 - Effect Processor for Win95/98
gac180.exe      Global Audio Control v1.8.0 - Win32 util for adjusting audio
		settings with keyboard shortcuts      Game Audio Player v1.32 - Game resource files extractor/player    PURGE GB-303 Bassline v7 0 Program to render simple bass
geiss424.exe    Geiss v4.24 - Visualization Plugin for WinAmp     NullSoft Joystick Control v1.0b - Winamp plug-in    Bookmark Manager Plug-in v1.19 for WinAmp    PE1PUY Universal Infrared Receiver Plugin for Winamp      GMOD v1.3 - Generic MOD player for DOS    GETMIDI v1.5 - MIDI file info ripper    GUS Windows95 drivers     Gias v1.00 - Visual plug-in for Winamp      GLX v2.12 - MOD Player    GMP - Garth's Module Player v1.00a    GMP3 - A MP3 Player for Win95/NT      Game Music System v1.10 - FM Tracker    GNMIDI v2.36 for Win95/NT - MIDI player/processor    Gnutella v0.56 - Napster clone for Win95/98     GO-Audio-CD Player v1.1 (with track to WAV copying capability)    Gogo MP3 Encoder v2.39b    Gogo Enc MP3 PlugIn v1.2 for WinDAC32      Spectrogram v9.0 - Dual Channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer    The Groove Mechanic v2.4 - Vinyl LP records noise corrector    Grind MOD Shell v1.1 - MOD Player Shell     LyricsShow for Winamp v1.52 - Lyrics plugin    GS MP3 Player v2.2 for Win9x/NT    GUSiNFO v3.02 - GUS sound card checker    GoldWave v3.03 - Sound Editor/Player/Convertor for Win3.1
gwave508.exe    GoldWave v5.08 - Sound Editor/Player/Convertor for Win32
gwv423sk.rar    GoldWave v4.23 - Slovak localization by Julius Kubasak     H2 v0.51 - Media cataloging and launcing application    HarddiskOgg v2.5.0 - Record analog audio directly to Ogg
		Vorbis/MP3/Wave file    Herman v1.0 - Real time tension-sensitive music generator v1.0       HUBI's MIDI Loopback Device v2.5 - Virtual MIDI driver for Win    Hendrix v2.0 - The Guitar Chord Generator       Freeware MP3 Player      Honk v1.3 - Plays one or more of the standard Windows sounds
		from command line       HOTCAKES v1.5 - Music Player for DOS    ModInfo v1.0 - MOD Catalogizer       Hardcore Speech Enhancer v1.3    HTML Generator v1.3 - MP3/VQF HTML list generator       HookVorbis v0.1b - Front-end for Vorbis Tools oggenc/oggdec     Hyper Alarm v2.1 for Win95/98 - It starts external MP3 player     i-Sound v2.01 - WinAmp style MP3 recorder
iamix148.exe    Internet Audio Mix v1.48 - UTil for mixing music and exporting
		it in RealAudio format or wave files       IAP Announcement Player v2.11 for Win95/98/NT    Ice Player v1.0.1 - MP3 player with Nokia 3310 skin,
		Oscilloscope, VU meter and much more!     ID3 Tag Editor v1.0    ID3KILL v1.4 - ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags remover from MP3 files    ID3locator v0.91 - ID3 tag manager and additional info
		searching util for Win32    Quick ID3 Tag Viewer v1.0 for Win32       Indoor Music System v0.5 - Cubic Player's Internal Sound
		System in Source Code     ID3 Master - MP3 Comments Editor    ID3 Remover for Win9x    Inertia Player v1.21    Inertia Player v1.22 (without dox)    Checks your MIDI file against STANDARD MIDI format     Impulse Tracker v2.14 rev.3    IT2XM module converter v1.01      Impulse Tracker Fonts v2.12    Itinfo v0.2 - IT Samples analyzer     Impulse Tracker Pattern Re-arranger v1.02     Impulse Tracker Song Name to File Name Renamer for Win95/NT    The Itty Bitty Media Player - MIDI,AVI,WAV,FLI & Audio CD
		Player       Impulse Tracker Sound Drivers     Impulse Tracker Text Importer v2.02    XSS InterWave EEPROM Toolz v1.2
jad606.exe      Jet Audio 6.0.6 - Integrated multimedia player    Jaleo 0.67h - Super Audio System for DOS    JUDAS v2.06y - Sound file player     Jingle'O'Matic v2.10 - Jingles (WAV) Player    Joystick Remote for Winamp v2.3     Juicy Player v1.7    JukeBox v1.5 - WAV Files Manager    MP3 Jukebox v2.3 - 32bit Shell for WinPlay3     Juke v3.54 - Multi Media Player for Win95    Jukebox WHM v1.7 - Media player with playlist for Win95/98/NT     EasySoft JukeBox - MP3 front-end for MS Media Player v6.4     DOS MP3 Jukebox - MPx, MOD, S3M and XM player for DOS     The Juker v6.0 - Multimedia jukebox for Windows    JAZZ++ v3.2 - Midi Sequencer for Win95    JAZZ++ v3.2 - Midi Sequencer for WinNT    ByHeart Karaoke v0.5 beta - Karaoke software for Win95     MCI Karaoke Driver for Win9x/NT/2000 - Allows to play back
		karaoke (midi) files by the MS Media Player    KB2MIDI2 - Allows your PC act as a MIDI keyboard (Win95)      KCplus - Dynamical adjuster of sound volumes for Win95/98    Kill Winamp v1.0 - Close Winamp or turn off the computer after
		certain number of minutes or songs
kjof051.exe     K-Jofol - Beta version of MP3/AAC/VQF and CD Player for Win32
kjof2000.exe    K-Jofol 2000 Beta - Audio Player for Win32    KrisCards v3.52 - Musical Christmas Cards Maker       Kubik MP3 manager v3.34 for Win9x/NT
kw160.exe       Kill Winamp v1.60 - Util that shutdown Winamp after selected
		number of songs or time period      KaraWin95 v1.2 - Karaoke Midi Player for Win9x       Karaoke Words Extractor v1.0 - Extracts songs words from
		MIDI Karaoke files
l3v272l.tgz     ISO MPEG Audio Layer 3 Encoder/Decoder for Linux v2.72    ISO MPEG Audio Layer 3 Encoder/Decoder for MSDOS v2.72    LAME v3.96.1 - Win32 version of MP3 Encoder (both EXE and DLL)
lame386d.rar    LAME v3.86 - DOS version of MP3 Encoder    LameBatch - Lame Encoder Interface    Lame Enc MP3 Plugin v1.4 for WinDAC32     Lamer v1.0 - Front-End for Lame MP3 Encoder
lamew32.exe     LAME v3.93 - Installation package for Windows       Little AdLib Player v0.3 - Textmode based .RAD modules player    Lara Croft Skin v1.0 for WinAmp v2.0+     Low Bitrate Packer & Player v1.57 - Sound formats lossy packer
		and player for DOS    Low Bitrate Packer v1.60 beta      Low Bitrate Player for Win32 v1.03 - Player for files packed
		with Low Bitrate Packer    PBP-Player v1.19 - MOD/S3M/XM Player    LeanCD Player v2.3 - Compact CD player for Win32      Letter from Yamaha to K-Jofol author       Level - SB input level indicator       Lady in Black v1.2 - CD Player for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000      Liquid Tracker v1.50    Liquid Player v1.00    MP3 List Maker v1.0       L.M.P. v0.9 - Module Player for SB Live!    LongPlay v1.00 - AU and WAV player
loopr204.exe    Loop Recorder v2.04 - Sound recorder for Win95/98/NT     Loopy v2.4 - Drum Loops Creation Util for Win9x/NT/2000    LousyPlayer v1.12 - FT2 MOD's player     LP Recorder v6.0 - Vinyl LPs to a CD or group of MP3 files
		converter     LP Ripper v6.3 - Vinyl LPs to MP3 files converter       Multiformat MOD Player Shell       LxVox - Tiny WAV player for palmtops    Lyrics Editor v1.22 for Win32    Lyred Pro v1.45 db2 - Lyrics and karaoke editor for Win32    Lyrician II v3.07 - Lyrics displaying companion for WinAmp     Lyrics Plugin for Winamp v1.19    Winamp Lyrics Viewer Plus v1.60    Lyrics Universe v1.22 - WinAmp plugin that displays lyrics
		of MP3 files    Instruments Builder 4 - Java version of off-line synthesizer
		and instruments designer    Instruments Builder 4 - Win32 version of off-line synthesizer
		and instruments designer    M3RIP v2.54 - Fast Ripper    M3U+ Playlist Writer v1.7     M3u Playlist Editor v1.0 for Win32      M3UMIX - M3U Playlist Randomizer    MOD4Win v2.30 - Win95 files    MOD4Win v2.30 Light - MOD Player for Windows (without samples)    MOD4Win v2.30 - MOD Player for Windows     MOD4Win v2.40 Beta
maas.exe        MAAS v2.2 - MIDI Auto-Accompaniment section (MIDI software)
mac_396l.exe    Monkey's Audio v3.96 (without VB6 runtimes) - A fast lossless
		audio compressor for Win32      MPEG Audio Collection v2.92 - Sound files catalogizer      Bloody Bass Box - 3dfx WinAMP Plugin      Musician's Aid MP3 Player v1.0 - Media player for Win32      MIDI ART v3.00 - MIDI Player     Massiva - Freeware MIDI/Audio Sequencer for Win32    Master Volume v1.2 - Audio volume controller    MusiCalc v1.01 - Calculator for musicians      Mercyry Soft TSR CD Player 97 ed.5      MegaCD v1.01 - CD Audio Player     MiniCD Player v2.2 for Windows    MiniCD v1.2 - 32bit CD Player    MakeCakeINS v1.20 for Win95/98 Cakewalk integrator with SB AWE
mdac136.exe     MightyDAC v1.36 - Audio File Format Convertor for Win32    HUBI's MIDI Loop Back Device v2.5 - Virtual MIDI driver for Win     Midi Runner v1.33 - MIDI, MP3, WAV and AudioCD player for Win32    Freeware database for MIDI files    MOD-Eater v3.01 - Adds comments to sound modules       Media Sauce v1.5 for Win95/98/NT - Multimedia player     Medplayer - OctaMED Music Mods Player for Win95/98/NT    MegaMID v1.66 - DOS MIDI Player    MegaMID v0.13 for Win95/98 - MIDI Player      Melody v1.52 - Russian Freeware WAV, MPEG and AudioCD Player    Messer v0.99 - Win32 tool for scheduled sound recording    Metronome program for Win32      (ASP) Musicease for Windows v8.10 - A music score editor      .MID to .ROL music file converter - C source       Music Genie for Win95/NT v2.2.2 - Multimedia player       MicroHof MP3 Player for DOS - Command-line player
mi.rar          MPEG Info v1.01 build3 - Gives info about MP3 files    100 animated icons for Midi Machine v2.xx      Miladin's Mini MIDAS Mod Player v1.0      MIDI to XM Converter v1.00 for DOS    MIDI to XM File Converter v1.4 for Windows    MIDAS Sound System v1.1.1 - 32bit digital music and sound
		system for DOS/Win32     MIDAS Player for Win95/NT v1.0    Midi Jukebox v1.4 - Background music player    MidiFitz v2.1 - Real-time MIDI accompaniment program    MIDGET v3.5 - Music composition program for Win9x/Me/2000     MIDI Converter v1.20 - MIDI format 1 to 0 converter     MIDI2CS - MIDI to CSOUND Score and Orchestra converter v0.93    MIDI File Analyzer v4.5 for Win32    Freeware MIDI Devices Diagnostic Tool for Win32    Freeware MIDI Real-time Clock for Win32    MIDI Editor v1.2 for Windows    MIDI Gate for Win32 by PRS Corp.    MIDI Genie v1.90 - Freeware Win95 MIDI Player    MIDI Gate for Windows by PRS Corp.    BPM Midi Calculator v2.0    MidiLang v1.7 - Live Midi Effects Processor     MidiViaNet v1.0 - Allows 2 PCs to synchronize MIDI
		via a network    MIDI PLUS v2.17 - MIDI Player for Win95      MIDI Piano Player v6.1 - Music sequencer for Windows     MIDI files lister and format converter    MIDI Synthi Player v7.5 - Music sequencer for Windows    AK MIDI Composer v4.08 - Set of MIDI utils for Win32
midivmp.exe     MIDIVAMP - Auto Accompaniment for MIDI Keyboards    MidiX v0.95 - MIDI Karaoke creator/player for Win32    MidiMix v1.1 - MIDI to XM Converter    MIDI Machine v2.01 - Multimedia Player for Windows    MIDIPlay v2.3a - MIDI Player
midpnt.rar      MIDAS Module Player for WinNT v1.02    MidWavi Pro v2.89 - Multimedia Player for Win9x/NT/2000    MikIT v1.00 beta 2 for Win95/NT    MikIT RAR support plugin    MikIT ZIP support plugin     MikMod Sound Libraries v3.0
mikroamp.exe    MikroAmp v2.52 - Small control replacement for Winamp player     Minis v2.3 - Personal MP3 Database    MiniWAV v1.2 16-bit - WAV player for Win3.1x         MIX - DOS TSR mixer for SB      STANDARD MIX v1.32 - Digital Volume Control Tool for Win32    MixOr - Sound Card Controller for Win32     MIX III - Win32 Audio Mixer for Home DJ's      MixMp3 v1.0.7 - Write MP3 files on the fly from soundcard    Resident Mixer v1.12 for SB    MixVibes Pro v3.11 - Play and mix MP3/WAV music for Win32    MojoPG3 v1.00 - MP3 player for Win9x/NT    Raster MIDI keyboard player v1.23.02 - Program for MIDI
		Musicians        Mellosoftron v3.4 - Live sampler / patch editor for Win95/NT      The Unchained Melody v2.20 - MOD/S3M Player
mm32v361.exe    Music Master Works (32-bit) v3.61 - MIDI Music Editor and
		Sequencer for Win95/98/NT/2000      Master Mixer v5.11 - SB Mixer     Midi Machine v3.10 (32-bit) - Multimedia player for Win95    MIDMAZE v2.2.3 - Multimedia player for Win95/98    Music Module Compressor v1.34    MiniMEDIA v1.3 32-bit Media Player for Win95/NT    MultiMedia Juke Box v1.0 - Playlist creator     Mini MIDI Player v1.12    Multi Module Music Player v1.00 beta 4 for Win95/NT       MMPlayer v5.0 - Multimedia player for Win9x/NT     MMPlayer Pro v5.0 - Multimedia player for Win9x/NT     Multi Module Player v5.585     MIDI Machine v2.xx Support Pack #1      MMWave MP3 Decoder v1.0 rel.3        MIDInight Express v2.7 - Real time MID to WAV renderer for
		Win9x         MASSOUND Player v9 - Graphical MOD Player    Cthugha-4-Modplug Plugin v1.50 - Visualization plugin    MOD2XM v1.0 - MOD and S3M files to XM files converter      MOD/FLI Player     MOD Master v2.2a - Multiformat Module Player    MODMAN v1.7 - MOD Selector     MODName - MOD file renamer to original module title    MODOBJ v0.06 - Modul for MOD files playing    Modread v1.10 - Utility to view info about music modules    Modulation Synthesizer v1.0 for Win - Software synthesizer    MOD2ZIP v1.2 - MOD,... files packing utility       MooAMP - Winamp v2.0+ Skin Set    Morgul v1.49b - MOD Player    MOZART v7.0.x - Music Processor for Win95-XP       MIDPlay v1.02 - MIDI player     MidiPlus v2.00 Beta 3 - MIDI Player    MP3 File Name Rectifier - MP3 File Name Reformatter     MP3 2 WAV converter v1.14 - MP3-2-WAV Converter for Win32      MP3 Encoder v3.2 for Win95/98/NT      Advanced MP3 Playlist Editor     MP3 Autorun v3.0 - Automatically play MP3 albums with selected
		player       MP3 Album Wizard v1.0 - MP3 Name Manager      MP3 Bar v.2 - MP3 Playing Util for Win32    BTA TAG maer for MP3s v2.0
mp3cd170.exe    MP3 CD Maker v1.70 - AudioCD from collection of MP3's recorder    MP3-CD Player v1.3 - Audio player for Win32     Mpeg batch converter v1.1 - Converts MP3 audio file parameters    MP3 Control v0.7.3 - MP3 catalogizer    MP3 Decoder v1.45 for Win95/98    MP3 Detective v5.5 - MP3 files catalogizer    MP3 Dimension 3 - EQF for 3-dimensional sound    MP3 Direct Cutter v1.36 - Frame editor for MPEG audio    MP3 Doctor v5.10 - Util for reparation of unperfect MP3's      MP3Enc v3.1 - Win95 Demo Version of MP3 Encoder
mp3enc.tgz      Mp3Enc v3.1 - Linux Demo Version of MP3 Encoder    MP3 Exchanger v1.19 for Win95/98/NT    MP3 to EXE v2.6 - Self playing MP3 files creator    MP3Ext v3.0 - MP3 extension for explorer     MP3 Filter v1.44 - MP3 files collection deduplicator    MP3 Factory v1.6b - Audio CD grabber with CDDA and L3ENC
		support     MP3 FE v1.1.0 - Front End GUI for MP3 CD's    MP3 File Editor plus v5.11 - MP3 manager, player and tag
		editor for Win32    MP3 File Editor plus v5.11 - Lite version of MP3 manager,
		player and tag editor for Win32    MP3 File Editor plus v5.11 - Full version of MP3 manager,
		player and tag editor for Win32    MP3 Filename Formatter v5.11    Free MP3 Format ActiveX SDK v1.0     MP3 Hint v2.00 - InfoTip Shell Extension for TAG info exploring
mp3list.rar     MP3LIST v0.00 - MP3 collection filelist maker    MP3 Lister v3.0    MP3 Manager 32 v5.10 - MP3 sound files manager for Win32    MP3 Multiplexer v4.0 - Util for combination of multiple MP3
		files to single one    MP3-Nator v3.0 - Music player for Win32    MP3 Navigator v2.42 - Music Files Manager for Win95/98/NT/2k/Me    A RobFantastic MP3 Networked Encoder v1.3 for Win32    MP3 Name A Tag - MP3 Tag Editor    MP3 Filename Fix - Underscores remover for Win32      VC MP3 Player - Low CPU usage player for Win32    Espinoza's MP3 Player 98 v1.02.072    MP3 PoPup! v0.98 - Util for one-click playing of MP3/VQF files
mp3proap.exe    Thomson MP3Pro Audio Player v1.1.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     MP3Play95 v2.1 for Pentium/Cyrix    MP3Play95 v2.1 for Pentium Pro only    MP3 Reach v1.1 - MP3 file collection manager for Win32    MP3 Renamer v1.0    MP3 Renit v1.70 - Renames files using Winamp play list     MP3-Restore v.05 - Program that corrects corrupt MP3 files by
		downloading them with Netscape    MP3 Renamer v1.33 - Automates renaming MP3 files    MP3 Rename v1.6 by PNB Technology - MP3 renamer for Win32       MP3 Repair Tool v1.0      MP3 Renamer and Tag Editor v1.03    MP3 Shortcuts v1.0b - MP3 Shortcuts Creator    MP3 Splitter for Win32
mp3surg.exe     MP3 Surgeon v2.0 - Visual MP3 Editor for Win32
mp3taged.exe    MP3TagEditor v1.5 - ID3 tag editor and tag/filename converter
		for Win9x-XP
mp3test.exe     MP3 Test v1.5.0 - MP3 file integrity tester     MP3 TAG Maker v3.0    Killer's MP3 Tools v2.61 - MP3 Playlist/ID3 Tag Related Tools    ReMixer MP3 to WAV Converter v1.2.5     MP3Tray v1.0r4 - MP3 play with a single click     MP3 Trim v1.90a - Win95/98/NT util for MP3 files trimming    MP3 Grack Printer v1.0 - Print a list of tracks in jewel case
		format    MP3 Voyeur v1.20 - Local area network MP3 search tool    MP3 Viewer v1.71 - MP3 Player and thumbnail previewer for
		Win9x/NT/2000      MP3 and WAV Converter for Win9x/NT/2000 - Convert WAV files
		to MP3s and vice-versa    MP3 Wave Builder v3.00 - Tool to convert MP3 to WAV and vice
		versa from Windows shell
mp3wv121.exe    MP3 To Wave Converter v1.21 for Win32    Music Publisher 32 - Win95 tool for music printout     MultiPlayer v4.00 - part 1     MultiPlayer v4.00 - part 2     MultiPlayer v4.00 - part 3    MultiPlayer Utilities
mpex105.exe     MP3 Explorer v1.05 - Multimedia player    MP3 Filter v1.52 - MP3 files deduplicator    Audio MPEG Encoder v0.07 for Win95/NT    Mpeg Properties v0.94 - MPEG header viewer for Win95    MPEG Audio Renamer v1.05 for Win95/NT    MPGScript v4.23 - MPEG Audio Report and Catalog Generator        MPID v1.0 beta - MP3 renaming utility     Musicplay v13.0    Magic Player v1.5 - Multimedia Player for Win32 from Russia      ModPlug Player v1.46 for Windows      Modplug Tracker v1.16 for Win9x/NT    Softuarium MP3 Toolz v2.0     Maplay v1.2+ for Win32 v1.A (486 version) - MPEG Player     Maplay v1.2+ for Win32 v1.A (Pentium version) - MPEG Player    MPXPLAY v1.50a - PMODE/W Version of Audio MPEG Player for DOS    MPXPLAY v1.50a - DOS/4GW version of Audio MPEG Player for DOS    MPx File Renamer v1.2       MRB PlayWav v1.0 - File Manager oriented WAV Player     MultiRipper v2.80 - Multi-purpose File Ripper     MIDI Studio v4.2 for Windows    MIDI-SWITCH v1.06 for Win95 - PC game audio customizing util      Source for MT - 8-track sequencer for DOS       Mad Tracker v2.0.9 - Music composer for Win9x/NT     MiniTag v1.1 - MP3 tag editor         Multi Tone Generator v1.2 - Test tone generator    MP3 Turbo Injector v1.00 - Win32 MP3 into another MP3 inserting
mu_ef110.arj    Multi-Effect v1.10beta - Real-time sound processor (in Polish)    Multi-Tag v2.0 - MP3 ID3 Tag Editor for Win32    MuMixer v1.01 - Software mixer with visual representation     Musician's CD Player v1.92 - CD player with slow-down option    Musician's CD Player Plugin v1.04c for importing MP3 files
musea48b.exe    MuseArc v4.8 Beta - MPEG Audio Player for Win95/NT    Music Bar v3.6 - Multimedia Jukebox for Win95/NT     Simple Music Equalizer for SB    MusicEye - Music animator for Win9x       MidiWorks - Midi/Midi-Karaoke files editor/player for Win32    MiniWAV v1.2 32-bit - WAV player for Win95/NT      Cubic Tiny GUS XM Player v1.6     TMT Pascal Unit & Example Player for Cubic Tiny GUS Player
		(incl. PAS source code)     My CD Player v2.60 - Audio CD Player for DOS      Notify CD Player CDDB plug-in for Win95/NT v1.05
na073.exe       NitroAmp v0.73 beta - Russian multimedia player for Win32
napamp02.exe    NapAmp v0.2 - Napster Plugin for WinAmp     NCPlay - WAV, VOC & RAW Player for NC    NecroEncoder v1.0 - Advanced MP3 and WMA encoder for Win32    Nettplayer - Tiny MIDI-WAV player for Win3.x/95/NT      NMPB16 - Impulse Tracker Module Player for Win32    NoiseNak v2.2.3 - Master volume time dependant controller
		for Win9x/NT    Noiser v0.2 - Sound generator for Windows     midiX Karaoke Plugin v0.94 for Netscape and MS IE    MOD Plugin v1.91 for Win95/NT      Notify CD Player for Win95/NT v1.51    Windows NT patch for Effects Processor Pro v1.5 Player    Windows NT patch for Graphic Equalizer Pro v1.1 Player    Windows NT patch for Parametric Equalizer Pro v2.5 Player
ntrck_sw.exe    n-Track Studio v4.0 - A digital multitrack recorder for
		Win95/98/NT/2000    Nut Chords v1.1 - Chord-finder for DOS    Ogg Vorbis Enc Plugin v1.1 for WinDAC grabber     Omega v0.7 - Sound Blaster AWE 32 module player      OpenCP v2.51 - Evaluation version of module player    The Old School Playlist Maker v2.3 - MP3 Playlist Generator    OmniPlayer v1.00 - Multiformat player for DOS    Optical Player v1.05b - MOD Player for DOS    Orrangator v2.0 - Sounds creator without sampling    Oszi for Windows v0.90 - Oscilloscope and spectrum analyser
		for Windows    MODR - A script to play MODs from RAR archives in Linux     Pakster v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Compress multiple files into
		one MP3 file      PAMP v1.2 - MP3 Audio Player     Parametric Equalizer Pro v2.5 - RT Parametric Equalizer for W95    PartyDJ v1.6 - MP3 files organizer    Passion Audio Player v1.3 - Audio Player for Win32         PCD v1.0 - Free DOS CD Player    PC Drummer v2.4 (for SB)    Mercury Soft CD Player Editions 5 - DOS TSR CD Player    MP3 Lister v1.3 - MP3 Files Listing Utility    MP3 Tager v1.3 - MP3 Comment (TAG) Adder     Protected Crazy Player v2.05 beta
pdsfv12.rar     PDSFV v1.2 - Public domain SFV file format tools    PDSoft Wav Normalizer and Cutter v1.1 for DOS    Peak Limiter v1.53 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Sound reinforcement
		util    Percussion Studio v1.04 for Win9x/NT    PhoneSnd v2.1.0 - 2 channel MP3 Recorder for Win32    Phonotron v1.0 - Voice/vocal editing utility    Phony! v1.0 - CD Player for Windows     Pianito - MicroStudio v2.5 - Piano synthesizer and drum machine
		tracker       Simple Piano Simulator    PokeCreationz MP3 Player for Win32    Peak Limiter v1.5 for Win95/98/NT - High-quality sound
		reinforcement    MOD4WIN v2.30b - Player Engine Update    PlayList Builder for Win32    Playboyster for Win9x/NT/2000 - MP3 Playlist Creator     PlayGen v1.0 - MP3 Playlist Creator    PlayLoud v0.5 - SB Pro Loud Setting Tuner     PLAYMID - MIDI Playing Utility for Windows    Express MIDI Player v1.0 for Windows    Playmod! - Command-line background MOD player     Playsnd v2.54 - Sound file player     PlayWav v1.0 - Command-line WAV player for Win32      Playlist MP3 v1.00 for Excel 97/2000 - Playlist generator     Play List Editor by Alex Vallat     Play IT for Win95 v0.03    Plugger v0.4 - MP3 Encoder    Plugger Shell v1.3 - MP3 Encoder Shell      Prof Midi Blaster v1.23 - Midi player for SB 16 and AWE32     Power MOD for OS/2 v0.35 - MOD music player    PNP MIX v0.2 - GUS PnP DOS Mixer     GUS PnP Driver for WinNT Beta2    Pogho MIDI File Player v1.00 for Windows
polbit30.exe    PolterbitS Sound Recorder and Editor v3.0    Popfix v1.5 - Util that removes pops and clics from wave
		file recordings of vinyl redords       Platinum Play v3.1 - SB MOD/S3M/AMM Player    Prevaricator v1.04 - Voice stress analyzer and WAV player    New Prorave Synthesizer v2.21
pulse096.exe    The Pulse v0.96beta - Win95/98/NT music module player    PutInst v3.00 - The samplename maker       Pocket Voice Recorder v3.4 - Sound recorder for Win32    Patchwork v1.13 - Synthetic instruments creator for GUS       Power PlugIn - Visualization plugin for WinAmp and compatible     PolyAxe Driver - Realtime Wave to MIDI In Driver for Win95       QueuePlay v1.1 - Multimedia util for Windows to playlist
		of media files creation
qrington.exe    QuickRingtone v1.01 - Convert audio to mobile phone ringtone    Quick Sequencer v1.3b       Quick Sound Explorer v1.0 - Multimedia files manager/player
		for Win9x     QUACK Sound Effects Studio v4.1 for Windows    QuickMix - Win95/98/NT util that stores/restores current
		state of Windows audio mixer    QuickTag v1.0 - ID3 Tags Manipulator    QuickPlay v1.0 - WAV files player       QWave v1.5 - Tiny WAV player for Win32          RA G2 Plugin for WinAmp v2.x     RAW PCM to WAVE PCM Converter v1.5      Raci v2.0 - Cdplayer.ini Audio CD Database Displayer    RadC - C radplayer    Radiator v1.8.0.7 for Win2000/Me/NT/9x - Freeware program for
		listening to and recording from popular radio cards    Radio Ripper v2.0 - Radio-ripping software for Win9x/NT       RAM CD - Audio CD player for Windows      RAM Tracker v1 for SB AWE32    RazorLame v1.1.5 - LAME MP3 Encoder Front-End for Win32    Recorder Digits v1.00 - Win95/98/NT program that displays
		fingerings for the recorder       Roy's CD Player - Tiny CD player for Windows        Rramm Drrumm v1.2 - Play drum samples via MIDI output    READ CDA v2 - Audio CD Data Reader     Realtime Audio Effects for Win32 v1.08      RealTech Module Player v1.20    RecAll v2.4 - Sound-activated recorder for Win95/98/NT    Redbook v4.00 - Small Command Line CD Player    Remus v0.04e - Protected mode sound card emulator    Rename3tag v1.0 - MP3 files renamer      Reverb v1.6 - MP3 player for Win32    Record-guide v6.7e - Cassette & CD catalogue and hit-list    Rhythmate v1.1 - Rhythm Generator for Win32    RioFile v1.1 for Win9x - Util that select a random set
		of MP3 files to load into Rio memory      RIOGEO v1.00 - Util allowing to display and manage files on
		your Diamond Rio portable music player      RioMan v1.0 - Program for upload/download files to/from RIO
		PMP 300 Player for Win95/98     RIOPUMP v1.3 - Playlist generator for use with Rio Manager
ripper15.exe    Ripper v1.5 - Util for conversion RealAudio to WAV format    Ripper v5.00        Right Mark Audio Analyzer v2.5 - Audio measurement software
rmca.exe        RMCA Real time MIDI Chord Arranger Pro v4.2 for Win32      Rotation Manager - Winamp add-on to organize audio files
rmt162.rar      RMP3TAG v1.62 - MPEG's tag extractor (DOS32 version)
rmt162-2.rar    RMP3TAG v1.62 - MPEG's tag extractor (OS/2 version)
rmt162-w.rar    RMP3TAG v1.62 - MPEG's tag extractor (Win32 version)    .ROL to .MID music file converter    RDOSPLAY v0.17e - OPL2/OPL3 Music Player    Universal Ringtone Converter - MIDI to various mobile phone
		formats melody converter       Real Tracker v2.23     RUCKUS v1.1 - SB Pro Toolkit for DOS    Sweet Sixteen v3.17 - MIDI Application for Win95/98       Super Audio Converter v5.2 for Win95-XP     SACCARA v0702 - Ambience synthesizer for Win32    SAMPLED v1.2 - Sound Editor for DOS    Sample-Manager v1.0 - Sound file organizer      Simple Automatic MP3 Renamer v2.0 for Win9x       SAT v2.3c - The Signal Analyze Toolkit     SayWhat - Lyrics Displayer for WinAmp     SB16MIX v1.2 - SB16 mixer control    SBPlay v2.58 - Sound Blaster File player utility    SBPMix v1.48 - SB Pro Mixer       SB PnP driver for Windows NT 4.0    SBProMax - Maximize the volume of SB Pro     SB Pro Volume Control v4.01    SB Volume Control v0.92
sbw95up.exe     Sound Blaster 16 / AWE 32 Driver Updates for Win95    Scala v1.7 - Editor, librarian and analysis tool for musical
		tunings      Sound Card Analyzer v2.0 - Sound card performance tester for
		Win9x/2000    Sound Club - Music Editor    CSND/DSND rev.8 for DOS/Win95/OS2 - Sound file compressor (in
		Croatian)       SCMPX v1.5.1 - MPEG Audio Layer I, II, III Stream Player    ScanCD v1.03 - CD ROM Checker for DOS       Scope v1.1 - Oscilloscope applet showing the waveform files    Scope 4D for Win95/87 - Sound real-time animator      Sound Control Plus v2.05 - Sound Mixer for Win9x/NT/2000    Scream Tracker v3.21    SpchComp v2.22 - Human speech in PCM WAV format compression     SeeIt! v1.0 - CD player with visualization effects      Seq-303 v2.0.1.7 - Analog sequencer emulator for Win95/NT    SetSound v0.11 - Sound file browser / Windows events
		association utility    SFXMaster v1.3 - Real Time Sound Effects Program for Win32    Sample Grabber Pro v2.981     SpiroGenic Win95 Sound File Changer    MP3 Shell Extension v1.10    Shrink Fast Tracker XM Modules Optimizer v1.1
shrpeye1.exe    SharpEye1 v1.26 - Music OCR software for Win32
shrpeye2.exe    SharpEye2 v2.58 - Music OCR software for Win32      (ASP) Sidi v1.1 - CD Player for Win32    Silicium Module Player v3.57 for DOS & Win95    Simul v1.00 - Simultaneous A/D & D/A Converter on SB16     SingIT Lyrics Displayer - Lyrics of a song played by
		MP3/CD/WAV Sing IT compatible player displayer      SKINNERTOO v2.1 - Skin maker for WinAmp
sky_cd25.rar    Ramsete CD Player v2.5 - Audio CD Player    Sound Limit v2.51 - Excellent MP3 encoder for Win95/98/NT
		that encodes directly (!) from AudioCD without grabbing    Slow Speed CD Transcriber v1.44 - CD Player for Musicians    SmallEncoder for Win95/98/NT - MP3 Encoder Shell    Slow Me Down v1.01 - Winamp DSP Plugin    SMoRPhi v3.0 - The software synthesizer    Simple MP3 Player, Encoder and Decoder v3.2 for Win95/98       Super MP3 Recroder v3.0 - MP3/WAV recorder for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    SmartCD v3.0 - Multi-featured CD Player    SCMPX v1.51 - MPEG Audio Layer I,II,III stream player/converter    SonicSequence v1.0 - SB compatible FM Synthesizer & Composer    SoundInfo v0.8 - Sound File Analyser    SND2MIDI v2.0 - SND to MIDI Converter    SoundMix v1.3 - Sound mixing and editing tool for Windows 95    SoundScape v1.1 - Sound Event Randomizer for Windows95    SndVol33 v1.03 - Alternative volume control    SNG Player     A sound util which does not require a sound card
sonar.exe       Sonar v1.4.2004 - Freeware MP3 Player
sondaut.exe     SWF Sound Automation - Program for automating the SWF creation
		process of any sound file
soniq196.exe    Sonique v1.96 - Media Playback System for Win9x/NT
soniq2b.exe     Sonique v2.0 Beta - Multimedia Player for Win32
soritong.exe    Soritong Player v1.0 - MP3 Player for Win95/98/NT     Sound Association v3.01 - Sound events creation utility
soundchk.exe    SoundCheck v2.0 - Tool to check functionality of sound card,
		speakers and microphone    Soundcard Detector v2.0e for Win9x    Soundpad v1.0 - Program for textual transcription of everthing
		played by WinAmp      Soundz v2.02 - System sound enhancer for Win95/98/NT    SoX (Sound Exchange) - Universal Sound Sample Translator for
		Win32    DJ2000 MP3 Space Maker v1.2     Spacer - M3u Playlist Spacer (reqs VCL30.DPL)     Spanform v1.01 for Win9x/NT/2000/Me - Spectral Analyser    Specgram - Spectrogram display program for DOS    Specter v1.0 - Spectrum Analyzer for Win9x/Me/2000    Spion v1.00 - Intelligent Sound Grabber for Win9x/NT/2000    SpkQQ v3.33e - Device driver to play .WAV files in Windows    Cool MP3 Splitter v1.0 - MP3 Splitting util for
		Win9x/Me/2000/NT/XP         VIMAS Speech Master v3.0 - Tool for speech and sound processing
		and compression
srip126.exe     Streamripper v1.2.6 - Streaming MP3 Recorder     SpinStation BPM Checker - Beats per minute in a MIDI song
		checker for Win95/98/NT       SuperSonic v5.0 - Multimedia Audio Rack for Win32     SonicFox v2.0 - SB Sound Effect Creator       SendSysEx 32-bit v1.01 - Test/try sys-ex with your synths
		or other MIDI devices    Star Player v2.25 - S3M/MTM/MOD Player for SB/GUS    StegoWAV v1.01 - Hides a message in WAV file    SNDSTATE v3.01 - Save/restore/modify states of sound cards         SysTrayPlay - Simple freeware MP3 player
strmr119.exe    Streamer v1.19 - P2P Internet Radio for Win32
strrip24.exe    StreamRipper32 v2.4 - Tool to save MP3 stream to a disk
sripr131.exe    Streamripper v1.31 for Winamp Plugin - Plugin to save MP3
		stream to a file     Stream Viewer v1.0 - MP3 Player for Win32    SuperCD Player v1.10 for Win 95/NT    Sweet Little Piano v1.82 for Windows    Sweet Little Piano v1.81 for Win95     Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator v2.0 - Virtual arpeggiator program    Sweet MIDI Harmonizer v1.18 - Intelligent MIDI harmonizer      Sweet MIDI Player v1.27 for Windows - MIDI playback utility     Sound Wizards Module Player v1.41    SweepGen v2.3.0 - Audio oscillator and sweep generator     TagEdit v1.0 - Simple MP3 tag editor for Win32    Tag Editor Pro v2.0.8 for Win32      TagPro ver.2 - ID tag maker for MP3 files     Tag Scanner v4.8 - Win32 MP3 Manager
tr315.exe       Tag&Rename v3.15 - MP3 & VQF tag manipulator    The Cassette Tape Producer - MP3/WAV/MIDI collection to
		cassette recorder     TDS Pugin for Digital Audio Copy v1.0    Teeny DJ MP3 v1.4 - MP3 player for Win32    Thinking Music - MIDI File Player    TiMidity - MIDI to WAVE converter and player for Win95    TiMidity++ - MIDI to WAVE converter and player     Tiny MP3 v1.0.0 - Tiny MP3 Player for Win95/98/NT/2000     General Purpose Plugin for Nullsoft Winamp v2.x      The Music Art v1.0 - Multimedia player for Win95/98/NT     MP3 Tag Master v1.00 - ID3 Tagging program for Win32    MP v1.1 - MOD Player for GUS/SB     ToAmiga v1.04 - 8bit .STM to Amiga .MOD music module
		converter - C source    Tomb Rider Skin v1.03 for WinAmp v2.0+
tonebk11.exe    The Bank manager/editor for Roland JV/XP synthesizers,
		workstations and sound modules     TORNADO v3.8 - MIDI music creation software
totrec40.exe    Total Recorder v4.0 Pro - Sound Recording Tool for Win32
tr43se.exe      Total Recorder v4.3 Standard - Sound Recording Tool for Win32
tr43pe.exe      Total Recorder v4.3 Pro - Sound Recording Tool for Win32    Chime Tray Play - Tiny Audio Player for Win9x/NT    Orangator v1.1 for Win95 - Analogue Synthesizer      The Sound Interface v2.20     TSR_CD - Program to handle a CD player
tsuv12.exe      Tom's Sound Utilities v1.2 - Sound Recorder, Player and
		Synthesizer for DOS/Win         Test Tone Generator v3.85 - Win32 sound signal generator    MODUTILS v3.6 - MOD utils     Tune It v1.1 - Bass and Guitar Tuner     TuneKeys v1.0 - MIDI keyboard keys softness adjuster for Win9x    TWAVE v1.23 - WAV player, recorder, DA extracter, MPEG and
		CD player for OS/2          TZ WAV & TZ JIM - Audio utils for WAV collectors    USM Module Player v1.1 beta    Universal Module Player 3 v0.39a - DOS module player    MP3 Auto Player v1.0 - MP3 player launcher     SAMPLECALC v1.41 - Win95 calculator for audio samples     WAVEBROWSER v1.12 - Explorer like WAV file browser     Ultimate Encoder 2001 v3.0 - CD Grabber/MPx Encoder/MPx
		Player for Win95/98/NT/2000    UFO Module Player v2.3p2 for DOS    UltiMOD v1.20 - GUS MOD Player for OS/2    Ultrasound's PatchDir Variable Setter    Ultra Tag Editor v1.45 - MP3 Tag Editor for Win32     Ultimate MP3 Jukebox v2.0 - MP3 player for Win95-XP     Universal Module Player v5.99d    Uniscope v2.0 - Acoustic signals analysis tool       Unreal Player MAX v3.10 - The ultimate music player for Win32      Virtual Audio Cable Driver v3.06 for Win9x-2000 - Utility
		for connecting Windows sound devices     Vaffwave - WAV size estimator    VB-AMP Pro v1.06 - MPEG Audio Player using Active Movie MCI     VB-Amp Pro Skin Support Files - WinAmp Skin Viewer and
		Converter to VB-Amp format    VBSYX - SYSEX Decoder for Roland/Yamaha      Visual CD v1.0b - Audio CD Player for MS-DOS    Vector Scope - Win32 program to show the dirrection of arrival
		of an audio signal      VinAMP v1.52 - Free MP3 Player    WinAmp Firework Plugin v2.21     WinAmp Ledswitcher Plugin v1.0     MIyuri Spectrum Analyzer Overlay - WinAmp Plugin     Vis_Mux v1.24 - WinAmp Plugin    Cthugha-4-Winamp v1.50 - Full Screen Visualization Plug-in
		for WinAmp v1.6+
vkara251.exe    vanBasco's Karaoke Player v2.51 for Win95/98/NT      Video Karaoke Player II v1.2 for Win32        Visual MP3 v4.2 - MP3 Organizer for Win32    VolumeTray v1.5 - Volume control by mouse buttons for Win9x/NT       Alexf's Volum - Mixer control for Windows      Voluma! - Win9x/NT/2000 audiomixer replacement    VOX 2 WAV converter     VQFList v2.0 - Play list generator for VQF players      VQF Tagger v0.04       VRS v2.0 - Voice Recording System for Win32      WinVSA v1.0beta - Voice Stress Analyzer for Win95/98/NT    VSCOPE v1.00 - Waveform analyzer & video test pattern generator    VSG v1.0 - View sounds in graphics (sound controlled screen
		effects)         VSI v1.0c - Visual Sound Instrument for Win95/98     WinAmp Database v1.11 - MP3 Manager         WinAmp Autoplay Extender v0.2
wamplrcs.exe    Winamp Lyrics v2.08 - Lyrics showing plugin for Winamp player
washdemo.exe    WASH! - Winamp plugin that automatically switches between
		shade and windowed mode    vbWav v0.5.0.4 - Tiny WAV, MPx, Midi and AVI player for Win32      WAV v2.65 - Tiny WAV & MIDI Player    WAV_2_XI v1.2 - WAV to XI Converter    WAV Browser v2.1b for Windows    WAV Browser v2.2 for Win95/NT    WAV Clean v1.5.x - Eliminate unwanted noise on your recordings      Wave Enhancer for Win95 v2.0    WaveFlow v5.1 - Audio editor for Win32     Wavelet Analyzer - FFT Analyzing Tool     WAV Join v1.0 - WAV files joiner for Win32    Seeking WavPack Player Plugin for Winamp v1.1    WavPack SFX Lossless Archive Creator v3.8b2    Waver v2.93 - WAV/MP3 Converter     WAV Surfer v3.1 - WAV file collection manager    Claudiosoft Wave Splitter v1.00 - WAV file sample extractor     WaveTag 1.0 - Util for tagging wave files     Wave to Note v1.1 - Win32 program to determine pitch of a given
		WAV file    (ASP) WaveGen v2.1c - PCM Wave Generator for Windows    WAVINAVI - W95 utility for adding sound tracks to video files      WAV to MIDI Converter v1.1      WAV to MIDI Converter    WavMix - Line 44 kHz Stereo WAV File Mixer    Wave Mixer v2.0 - WAV Processor     WAVPACK v3.97 - Losless wavefile compressor    WAVPACK v3.2 - Losless 16-bit wavefile compressor     WAV Play by Genetrix - WAV player with source code    Wave Player v1.1    WAV Reverberator v1.5     Simple WAV sound file scanner/player    WaveSong v1.4 - Sound Generator for Win3.1    WaveSong v2.4 - Sound Generator for Win95/NT    WAVSQUIQ v0.90c - WAV Compressor     WAV Player & Self Playing EXE's Maker     WavTrim v2.12 - Win95/98/NT WAV files trimming utility     WinCDG v0.60 - MP3/CDG Player for Win95/NT    Wcopy v1.01 - WAV joiner for Win9x/NT
wcor231.exe     Wave Corrector v2.31 - Vinyl Recordings Processor for Win32     Digital Audio Copy v1.54 for Win32 - Audio CD to HD Copy Util
we15a7.rar      Wave Explorer v1.5 for Win95/NT - Multimedia File Explorer    WExplorer v1.3 - Wave sounds manager/player     WHAM v1.33 - Digitised sound manipulation utility       WinampMate v1.0 - Manipulate files in Winamp and control Winamp
		with hotkeys (for Win9x/NT/2000)
wamp291f.exe    WinAMP v2.91 Full - Audio Player for Win9x/NT
wamp291s.exe    WinAMP v2.91 Standard - Audio Player for Win9x/NT
wamp291l.exe    WinAMP v2.91 Lite - Audio Player for Win9x/NT
wamp505f.exe    WinAMP v5.05 Full - Multimedia Player
wamp505l.exe    WinAMP v5.05 Lite - Multimedia Player
winamp3f.exe    Winamp3 v3.0 - Multimedia Player for Win32    WAmpDJ v1.0 - Simple MP3 mixer using WinAmp player    Sander's WinAmp DSP Plugin v2.3         Winamp Talking v1.4 - Winamp add-on that reads title of songs
wavepad.exe     WavePad v1.05 - Freeware sound editor
wavmak37.exe    WAVmaker v3.7 0 Turn MIDI files into CD-quality WAV files    Winamp Clock v1.02 - WinAmp add-on    Wave Clone v1.03 - Tool enabling share wave (MME) ports among
whist150.exe    Whisset Media Player v1.50 - Multimedia player for Win32       Winamp Hotkey v1.00 - Hotkeys for Winamp player      WinAac v0.5 - Win9x/NT frontend for Aac Encoder
winampcr.exe    Winamp Playlist Creator v2.0    WinLink MP3 Player v1.3.100 - Media player for Win32      OGG Encoder/Decoder for Win32 v1.27a by XFileZ Inc.     WinSpec32 - Audio frequency spectrum analyser for Win95    WinTHX v1.0 for Win9x/NT - THX-songs player        WinX - A Winamp RF Remote Control Program    WinAMP Skin Wizard v1.0    WaveKnife v1.12 - Win32 tool to cut WAV files      WAV maker v1.0 for DOS - Digital Audio System - part 1      WAV maker v1.0 for DOS - part 2      WMA Encoder by X-Filez Inc.     WMAinfo v1.75 - WMA tag information editor     Windows Media 8 Encoder GUI v1.3 for Win32        WAV maker v3.6 for Win9x/NT - MIDI 2 WAV Renderer    Windows Multi Player v3.0 - 32-bit CD-Media Player    WinMusic v3.0 - Jukebox player for Win95/98/2000      WAV maker v2.5 for Windows 3.1 - Digital Audio System - part 1      WAV maker v2.5 for Windows 3.1 - part 2    Winamp plug-in for AIM chat rooms     WinOKE v2.0 - Karaoke creation/presentation tool for Win32
wp200.exe       WinPlay3 v2.0 - MPEG Audio Layer-3 Software Decoder for Win    WPlay v1.70 - MP3 Player for Win95     WavePlayer v2.3 - Win95/98 Sound Player    Wrapster v1.0 - Program for sharing files over Napster
wsp18.arj       World Spy Music Player v1.80 - SB/GUS MOD/S3M Player    MP3 List Creator v1.0 by Excalibur    X-Crew Module Player v2.42b - Music Module Player for SB Cards       XCD v0.4 - Audio CD Player    XM-EXE v1.6 for Win95/NT - XM to self playing EXE convertor      XM2MID Module Convertor    XM-2 -) WAV v1.08 converter         The XM Commenter for DOS & Windows    XM-Lite v1.0 - XM modules size reducer     Extended MikMod v2.0 - DOS MOD Player         The Extended Module (.XM) Optimizer v1.01    XMPlay v3.1.x for Win9x/NT - Module player      XMS Player v2.2     XMS-Object File     XMS-Tracker v1.0b    X-Master v2.01 - Interface menu for MOD-players    XM Write v2.0 - Instrument name modifyer for FT2 modules    xPlay v1.0.7 - Simple Audio Player for Win32
xrat121.exe     XRat v1.21 - MPx Player for Win32      X-Ripper v5.0 - Back-buffered audio ripping software    XTC-Player v0.97c - MOD player      Yamp v3.3 - The music player for Win32     Yamp Tools - Additional Yamp utilities    Yamaha TX16W Wave File to IFF Converter v1.2     ZVolume Pro v3.44 for Win95/98/NT - Volume and hotkeys
		controlling utility

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