Slovak Antivirus Center - directory SK_MADE     Gray Mail v00beta - Simple offline internet E-mail
		reader/writer by Gregor Rayman           Screen Saver by Andrej Krutak    101 changes in Windows registry in PDF format - Set of
		recommended registry changes by Peter Weis (in Slovak)    Cyrix/IBM 6x86 Clip v1.0a - Use any clipper program on your
		Cyrix/IBM 6x86 by Igor Hakszer    Address Book v2.0 by Peter Gregus    Absolut Engine v1.70 - 3-layer access content management system
		in PHP/MySQL with WYSIWYG editor by Daniel Duris     Address Book v99.2 - List of fun clubs, musicians, actors
		and sport clubs addresses by Ladislav Vegh    Audio Disk Player v1.03 beta by Michal Ivan     Adresar v3.2 - Adress/phone numbers/E-mail database by DIP
		Software (in Slovak)
adrsar22.exe    Adresar v2.2 - Adress book by Miroslav Brunovsky
afghan.rar      Afghanistan - Joke program by Michal Hrcka
afsplit.exe     AFSplit v1.0.0.0 - File splitter for Win9x/NT by Frantisek
		Augusztin     Amiglobe MID Extractor - Extracts MID files (hymnes) from
		AMIGLOBE file carte.hymnes by Andrej Krutak
aims_ii.exe     AiMS II - Win32 util for automation of document handling
		by Miroslav Mrazik (in Slovak)
akice.exe       Atlantis Klient ICE for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Client for
		communication via Atlantis talker by Martin Milesich
alrmclck.rar    AlarmClock v1.1 - Computer alarm for Win32 by Branislav Berc    Anonymum Calendarium CZ/SK v2.1 Millenium Edition by Tomas
		Abaffy    ANSIPACK v1.0 - Package for work with ANSI screens in text
		mode 80x25 by Stanislav Lukacik    Apache Controller v5.0 - Apache HTTPD Server Administration
		Tool by Marian Trizuliak     API Viewer v3.0 - Plug-in for VB6 by Jan Lucansky
arch26.rar      ARCHIV v2.6 - Diskette catalogue system by Peter Kopca
archiv.exe      Elektronicky archiv v4.85 - Electronic documents archiving
		software by Miroslav Mrazik (in Slovak)
arin211.rar     Archive Install v2.11 - Archives manipulator by Michal Dekanek     Artopik (former Vysivky) v1.51 - Needlework background creator
		(freeware) by Rastislav Korytar     Assembler for Professionals - HTX hints in Slovak by Martin
		Kuzela     AsmEdit v1.0 - IDE for 16 and 32-bit Assembler by jODiK
assademo.exe    Anglicko-slovensky, slovensko-anglicky multimedialny slovnik
		v3.0 demo - Bidirectional Slovak/English dictionary by BASOFT
asctimtb.exe    aSc Timetables ver.2004 - School timetable generator by
		Applied Software Consultants (international version)    Astronomical Exposition Meter v3.0 for Win32 by Ing.Leopold
		Martinka         ATA - Checks info about ATAPI devices by Marian Hubinsky      Atisz URL Book v1.1.1 - Internet addresses manager for
		Win95/98/NT/2000 by Attila Szabo      Autoskola'95 - Slovak Driving License Tests by Romantic Softman     AUTORUN - GNU program that runs file index.html or other by
		Andrej Krutak    Autoupdate 2002 - Automatic back-up tool by R.A.M. Software      Tool for changing XVID video codec to DIVX by Miroslav Jurek      BackUp v1.02 - Slovak backup application based on ZIP format
		by Miroslav Mrazik
balic.exe       Balic v1.08 - SFX ZIP archives creator by Rastislav Lazan     Bratislavsky orloj - PAS source of clock/date program by
		Matus Horvath
bckpro.exe      BCK-Pro - Backup software for Win32 by Miroslav Mrazik         Binary File Manager - NC Clone by Peter Polak    BiGCrypt v1.23 - File encryption program for Win95/98 by Juraj
		Sarinay    BiGCrypt v1.23 - File encryption program for Win95/98 by Juraj
		Sarinay (Slovak edition)         Biorytmy v1.00 - Biorhythm calculator for DOS by Rastislav
		Lazan    Biorythm generator by Andrej Olej
biorytmy.arj    Biorythms program by Marek Kukucka (in Slovak)    Excel document based biorythm calculator by Karol Pasztor         Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator by Peter Hlavacka       BMI v1.0 - Body Mass Index Calculator by Tomas Palenik         Bookmarks Manager v2.1 for MSIE/NS by Robert Vasicek
bombrman.exe    Bomberman Manual translation to Slovak language by Lukas Catman
boom_en.exe     Boom! - Game for Win9x/NT by aSc (English version)
boom_sl.exe     Boom! - Game for Win9x/NT by aSc (Slovak version)    Boot Manager v2.0 by Marek Gresko     BOOTCHK - Checks system against viruses by Marian Hubinsky    TITANIC v97.04 - DBF file fixer by Branislav Stofko    AUTOGIF - Create an AUTOGIF.HTM file containing links to
		all picture files in the current directory    Collection of Batch Utilities for MSDOS by B.Stofko    BROWSER - Database browser by B.Stofko (in Slovak)    DISKUS - Diskette archiv maintenance util by B.Stofko
		(in Slovak)    DOKTOR - Physician database by B.Stofko (in Slovak)      CLF - CLIPPER souce coder reformater by Branislav Stofko    Create an GIFTAB.HTM file containing links to all .GIF and .JPG
		files in the current directory - by B.Stofko    GLORE - Program for text search performed from filelist by
		B.Stofko       JB - Encryption software for DOS by B.Stofko      JB - Encryption software for Win by B.Stofko    KUKAC - Text file viewer for T602 editor by B.Stofko
		(in Slovak)      LGE - Program for generating .PRG source code from text file
		by B.Stofko    LKW - SK/CZ national coding converter by B.Stofko    MCALC - Spreadsheet program by B.Stofko (in Slovak)    Notes - Universal address book by B.Stofko (in Slovak)     File Description Manager by B.Stofko (Czech version)     File Description Manager by B.Stofko (German version)     File Description Manager by B.Stofko (Hungarian version)     File Description Manager by B.Stofko (Slovak version)      QBF - Quick Basic Source Code Reformatter by B.Stofko    Titanic v98.04 - Program for repairing damaged .DBF
		files by B.Stofko      VBF - Visual Basic Source Code Reformatter by B.Stofko       Bucki AV package by Rado Bakos
burrrn.exe      Burrrn v1.11 - Tool to burn audio CDs with CD-Text from
		compressed audio by Matus Vojtek     Cassegrain v3.0 - Cassegrain telescope design tool by
		Ing.Leopold Martinka (Slovak Edition)     Cassegrain v3.0 - Cassegrain telescope design tool by
		Ing.Leopold Martinka (English Edition)       Cathy v2.20.3 - Media cataloging tool for Win32 by Robert
		Vasicek      CDBase - Database application for cataloging CD disk data
		by Tomas Hustava      CD-TEST v1.3 - Control of correct data storage on CD disk
		by Stanislav Lukacik      CD-Rom Browser for DOS - CD-Rom file manager with archive
		support by Ludovit Fulop    CD-ROM Drivers Stock by Stefan Sopciak     CdSpeed - Command line util to set reading speed of CDROM
		drive under Win95/98/NT by Peter Hercek
cdtabler.exe    CD-Tabler v1.0 - Slovak removable media catalogization
		program by Ivan Dulgerov    CD Zoznam v3.4.5 - Slovak CD catalogizer for Win32 by
		Roman Ploskon      CE Konverter v3.2 - Win1250 code to ASCII/Lat2/Kam converter
		for Win9x by Ludovit Fulop    Characterizer - Freeware tool for converting images to ascii
		files (ASCII art) by Andrej Olej      Chemia - Periodic Table by Pavol Minarovic (in Slovak)     CHI-BMP Converter by Erik Zavodsky (in Slovak)    CHK_VESA - Checks info about VESA VGA card by Marian Hubinsky       CompInfo v2.14 - Sysinfo program for DOS/Win by Michal Dekanek      Cinema Software 2002 Slovakia - Ticket booking system for Win32
		by Peter Hlavacka     Cinema Software 2002 Slovakia - Ticket booking system for Win32
		(Windows like design) by Peter Hlavacka        CRYPTOLAB v2.2 - File crypter by Drobik Pervik     ClipGen - RMK and LNK project files generator for Clipper
		programmers by Rastislav Lazan    Rrr Color Mixer v1.0 by R.Strycek    Country v2.1.0 - Util for MS-DOS Country Identification by
		Henrich Fukna
cobraexp.exe    Cobra Explorer v1.0 - Freeware internet explorer for Win32    Com to Keyboard v1.2 - Tool to give input from serial to
		keyboard buffer by Henrich Fukna    Connection Time v1.10 - Internet time counter by Matus Horvath
convert.exe     LUsoft Turbo Converter v1.0 - Physical measures converter
		by Lukas Catman Uher     CoolSetup v1.0 - Installation packages creator by Andrej
		Krutak       CorelDraw - Short Introduction in Slovak by Richard Hencek    Cosmos v1.1 - Visualization plug-in for WinAmp by Peter Sevcik     Cp852 v2.0 TSR Keyboard Driver for Slovak Language (Latin 2
		fonts) by Henrich Fukna    CPU Speed - Tool for showing the speed of CPU with alert
		function by R.A.M. Software     CPU test v1.2 - CPU speed tester for Win9x/NT by Unlimited
		Evolution    CreaDion v2.12b - Slovak CD Player for Win95/98/NT/2000
		(Freeware) by Lubomir Havran    Crypt v1.10b - Resident File Encryptor for DOS by Martin Papik      Rrr Calculator v1.0 - Freeware desktop calculator by R.Strycek     CalcViewer v2.0 - English edition of calculator for Win32 by
		Miroslav Rosinec    CalcViewer v2.6 - Slovak edition of calculator for Win32 by
		Miroslav Rosinec     D64 Viewer v1.3 beta - Viewer for Commodore .d64 files by Iwik    DATASAVER v1.6 - Personal database by Daniel Duris (in Slovak)    Screen saver showing date and time by Karol Pasztor      DOSamp extender v0.9.5 for DOS by Henrich Fukna        How old you are in days - Util by Ladislav Vegh     DB_Edit v7.10 - Database file editor for DOS by Robert Mesaros
dbadg.rar       Database Application Developer's Guide for Beginners by Peter
		Kopca     Dbf2Prn v1.04 - DBF files printer for DOS by Rastislav Lazan     Dbf Konvertor for Win9x - Dbase 3 files code page convertor
		by Ludovit Fulop         DBH Convert v1.0 - Win32 Util for Decimal/Binary/Hex Number
		Conversion by Peo     DDefend v1.0.0 - Desktop lock by Miroslav Jurek         DanielSoft Editor v6.4 for Win9x - Notepad replacement by
		Daniel Novotny
delete.rar      Delete - Advanced command line file/dir deleting util for
		Win9x/NT by Jan Jakub
demosrc1.rar    Some demo sources for beginners in TPascal 6.0+ by Martin Otto
demosrc2.rar    Some demo sources for beginners in 386 ASM by Martin Otto
demosrc3.rar    Some demo sources for beginners in ASM (32-bit PM) and Watcom
		C/C++ by Martin Otto
dh.exe          Domace Hospodarstvo v5.2 - Home financial software for Win32
		by Peter Hlavacka
dh_upd.exe      Upgrade of the program Domace Hospodarstvo from previous
		version to v5.2 without lost of the user data
dh6.exe         Domace Hospodarstvo v6.0 - Home financial software for Win32
		by Peter Hlavacka
dh6_upd.exe     Upgrade of the program Domace Hospodarstvo from previous
		version to v6.0 without lost of the user data
diar.exe        Diar - Electronic diary for Win9x+ by holdysoftware
diar33.exe      SM-Diar v3.3 - Electronic diary for Win32 by Ivan Dulgerov
		(Slovak Edition)      Didakticke pocitacove hry - Collection of logical games for
		children (and their parents :-) by Ladislav Vegh (in Slovak)    Digitalny Fotoalbum 6.0 NG shareware - Graphics manager
		by Tomas Hustava    DIFOTT v1.0 - Digital photography manager by Tomas Hustava
pc_dict.exe     PCDict for MS Word 2000/XP - COM Add-In module for sound
		recording by Miroslav Mrazik (in Slovak)    Rrr Directory Database v2.8 - Tool for creation a database
		of a directory by R.Strycek    Rrr Directory Icon v1.2 - Tool for change icon of any directory
		or hard drive by R.STrycek
disasm84.rar    Disasm84 - Disassembler and simulator for PIC16x84 by Marian
		Ilecko    DISCretE v2.0 - Low Level Disk Manipulation Program by
		Roman Voska    HP DeskJet 690C Cz Letters Corrector by Igor Hakszer      DKrypt v2.3 - Tool for file encyption/decryption by Drakko      DOS Navigator+ based on DN Open Source v1.51.04 by Ondrej Zary         DIP OS for DOS - DOS based user interface by DIP Software    Pentomino solver for DOS (non-interactive version) by
		Robert Vasicek    DOS Viewer - Simple program for viewing NFO and DIZ files by
		Ondrej Zary        Analysis - Slovak tool for harmony analysis of MIDI files by
		Milan Zdimal
dski12xp.exe    DiskInfo v1.2 XP - Tool for getting info about disk devices
		by Martin Sefcik      Desktop Switcher v1.51 - Multiple desktop manager for WinNT
		by Peter Hercek      Diacritics Remover v2.0 for Slovak national chars conversion
		by Iwik
dtbz24.rar      Rrr Databaza v2.4 - Directory contents database creator for
		Win32 by R.Strycek (in Slovak)
editor.exe      LUsoft Universal Editor+ v2.0 Standard - NotePad replacement
		by Lukas Catman Uher
elara.exe       Elara - Educational program for simulation of simple electric
		circuits by Frantisek Galcik    Elara Manual in HTML format (see file elara.exe)     Empathy - Executable files password locker by Michal Strehovsky        EN/Decryption v1.1 - Freeware encryption util for Win32 by
		mrbeeye      ENVIRO - Shows DOS environment and measure execution time
		of program by Marian Hubinsky
epiano2.exe     E-Piano v2.0 - Ericsson mobile phones melody editor for Win32
		by Martin Milesich        EPOS v1.0 - Slovak application for company mail management
		by emelix       EVIEW v0.5 beta - Slovak/Czech Text Viewer (Latin2/Kam) by ?    Fakturacia Micro v1.02 - Slovak application for invoice
		evidence and printing by Jozef Lukacik (in Slovak)     Faktury v2.60 - Slovak application for invoice creation and
		managment by Rastislav Korytar (in Slovak)
farbahex.exe    Prevod farby do Hex v1.0 - Colour hex-code identifier
		by Miroslav Brunovsky    Farbovnik v1.2 - HTML file with table of basic colour codes
		by TMW Hardware Software     FastCom v1.0 - Tool for Win95-XP to setup COMM port using
		PC87309 by WINSOFT
fastcon.exe     Fast Convert Image v1.0 - Tool for conversion of BMP images
		to JPEG format by Fast Development    Favorite v1.4 - MSIE Favorite links hider/restorer
fcopy.exe       FCopy v1.01b4 - Tool for copying and comparison of files and
		their parts by Stanislav Rusinak
fence.exe       Virus.Fence (command line edition) - Antivirus tool for Windows
		by Michal Dida       Virus.Fence - Antivirus tool for DOS by Michal Dida       Fake Filez Generator v1.1 - Creator of low-density files for
		fast upload to ratio FTP sites by AJO 
fgl174.rar      FastGL Graphics Library v1.74 - C/C++ Graphics Library
		by Marian Krivos
findsame.rar    FindSame v1.0 for Win32 - The same files in a dir finder
		by Vladimir Stepanek    Floppy 2000 - Tool providing access to non-standard formatted
		floppy discs for Win2000/NT4 by WINSOFT       Floyd v2.0 - Graphic editor for Win32 by Ondrej Krsko      FingerMark2002 - Win32 tool for measuring typing speed by
		Michal Strehovsky    FontViewer32 v2.0 - Font previewer for Win32 by Pelikan       8x16 fonts to array convertor for Pascal programmers by Ludovit
		Fulop      Formik v2.14 - Advanced Form Filler for Win32 by Rastislav
		Korytar    FotoAlbum v1.10 - Electronics graphical presentation authoring
		tool by Miro Mrazik (in Slovak)         FSE - Future(soft) Coding Engine by Andrej Krutak     Future Tetris - Simple Tetris Game by Andrej Krutak    Gif Clean v2.0 - GIF Files Optimizer by Stanislav Lukacik    GRIFF Koder v1.1 - Koder by Stefan Fukas      Gomoku game by Andrej Olej
gomoku95.exe    GoMoku++ v2.1 - Strategy game playing program for Win95 by
		Valer Canda    GRAFIKA v1.00 - Graphic functions for VGA/MCGA 320x200x256
		in ASM (with BP/BCPP support) by Peter Skvarenina      Grizly v2,3; 007 - Software for automation of magazine
		publisher's administration by Martin Kasman     Gtext v1.0 - Editor by Stefan Fukas       HCF v3.0 - COM files gluer/passworder by Drobik Pervik     Hard Disk Read Only v2.1 by Henrich Fukna      Hertic TR - Viewer of text files with animated background
		by Peter Polak
heslo.exe       Odkryvac hesiel v1.0 - Password revealing tool by Miroslav
hh_inst.exe     HammerHead Rhythm Station - TR-909-like drum computer program
		by Miro Vesely    High Noon - Western fire-game by Ladislav Vegh      Analogove Hodiny v1.0 - Clock for Windows by DIP Software     Hodiny 2.0 - Digital Clock for Win32 by TMW Hardware Software     HomePad v2.1 - NotePad Replacement by Peter Polak     Hardware Monitor v1.5 - Win95/98 program for monitoring
temperature,    voltages etc. of motherboard by Ondrej Zary    Hardware Monitor v1.6 beta - Win95-2000 program for monitoring
		temperature, voltages etc. of motherboards by Ondrej Zary       iChat - Chat program for DOS using IPX protocol by Iwik    IconCapture - Icon capturing util for Win32 by Michal Koci
iconnect.exe    Network Connect - Internet connection through LAN manager
		by aSc
id3magic.exe    ID3Magic v1.2 - ID3 TAG Editor for Win32 by Tibor Fuzik
		(English edition)
id3magsk.exe    ID3Magic v1.2 - ID3 TAG Editor for Win32 by Tibor Fuzik (Slovak
id3tager.rar    ID3 Tagger v1.1 - Slovak ID3 Tag Editor for Win32 by Michal
ident.exe       Identifile v1.0.1.2 - File type identificator (by it's
		structure) for Win9x/NT by Frantisek Augusztin       iDict - Simple English to Slovak translation tool by Andrej
ikonedit.rar    IkonEdit - Icon Editor by Peter Kopca (in Slovak)       Ikony v6.6 - Tool for creation icons or buttons from selected
		partion of screen by Martin Kasman        Internet Meter 3000 build 4.0 - Internet connection tarificator
		by Andrej Brezovsky     Internet Meter 3000 update to build 4.0     Internet Meter 3000 build 5.0 beta-3     DIP Image 2000 for Win9x/2000 - Graphic viewer with many
		options by DIP Software (in Slovak)      Imager v2.5 + Imager Enhancer v1.4 - Freeware graphics viewer
		and editor for Win32 by Roman Riska (in Slovak)      ImpExp v1.0 - Program for import and export of addresses
		to the database by Martin Kasman     Program Installer v2.0.1 for DOS by Pelikan         IRC v1.0 - List of commands and variables of IRC scripts
		in .NG format by Sharksoft    Introscope v013 Beta - Sysinfo program by Jan Gucik    ISS_Kniznica - Library administration tool for school
		information system by Martin Prihoda    iZIPTAgger v1.3 - Tool to search all zip files in specified
		directory and add selected files into them by Iwik       Japan v1.3 - Program for Solving Japanese crosswords by Martin
		Kasman        J Commander - File Manager by Jan Porubsky      Jokesy v1.0 - Collection of Jokes in .NG format by Sharksoft    JP Casio Painter v2.0 - Tool for creation of graphics for
		Casio calculators by Jano Privara (in Slovak)    JP Casio Painter v2.0 - Tool for creation of graphics for
		Casio calculators by Jano Privara    JPG Cleaner v2.6 - Util for cleaning JPG files from non-picture
		data by Ondrej Zary       JURKO's Process Terminator v1.1 by Juraj Sarinay         DIP Tris 2000 for DOS - Tetris clone by DIP Software    Kalendar v3.04 - Calendar application for Win32 by Rastislav
		Lazan (in Slovak)
kalendar.arj    Calendar program by Marek Kukucka (in Slovak)    Kalendar v2.0 - Calendar application (in Slovak/Czech) for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000 by Michal Koci    KalliGram v2.0 - Keyboard layout editor and driver, character
		ando sound mapper for MS-DOS and Windows by Gabriel Farnbauer
kapr.exe        Kapr v2.5 - Database of Czech and Slovak freeware/shareware
		programs     Karaoke (.KAR) to text file converter by Ladislav Vegh
karol.exe       Robot Karol v1.0 - Programming language for young children
		by Ondrej Krsko (in Slovak)    Robot Karol - Description of program by Ondrej Krsko (in
		Slovak)      Kerner - Program for communication in IPX nets by Tomas
		Blazicek    Kniha Jazd - Speedy v3.1 - Program for making the evidence of
		company vehicle usage by Martin Surina    KoolMoves advertisment remover from Flash animation files
		by Michal Strehovsky
knowall.exe     Know-all v1.6 - Measures converter and periodic table of
		elements by LUsoft         Kom v1.0 - Program for editing addresses, programs and
		web pages for Win32 by Martin Kasman      Konferencia v4.2 - Conference messages viewer for Win32
		by Martin Kasman     Konvert v1.00b - Slovak char sets converter by Peter Simkovic
krt_inst.exe    KRT v1.30 - Double Dash like Logic Game by Mr.Vigo     Kukisoft Hearts v1.0 - UNIX port 4 player card game by
		Martin Kuzela     Kto je to? v2.1 - Who is it? - Tool for creation of picture
		guessing quiz by Martin Kasman      KVADRO - Quadratic Equations Solver by Andrej Krutak       Hladaj svoju lasku - Slovak software for testing partners
		compatibility by Sibilas Black     LATCH v3.1 - Tool for emulation of COM and LPT devices by
		Henrich Fukna    Lentilky - Logical game for DOS by Martin Otto
leon.arj        Leon v1.0 - Database to Java Script file converter by Robert
		Vindis         LPT LED EFFECT v0.9.beta - Tool for programming flashing of
		LED diodes via LPT port by Miroslav Jurek       Logic v2.1 - DOS based logic games by Robert Mesaros      Tool for programming LED diodes flashing via LPT port by
		Miroslav Jurek
lupanel.exe     LUsoft LUpanel v1.0 - Desktop watch, alarm and calendar
		application by Lukas Catman Uher     MailBox v1.7 - Tool for sending of e-mails to group of users
		(in Slovak) by Martin Kasman
matematk.exe    Matematika - Elementary mathematics trainer for Win9x+ by
		holdysoftware     Mathics v1.01 - Command-line calculator with modulo function
		by Rastislav Lazan      Matice v2.1 - Matrix operation calculator for Win32 by
		Martin Kasman      M-Check v0.99b - PC System Info Program by Brano Kovar     MEDIK60 v1.1 - Program for Biology/Chemistry Entrance
		Examination Drilling (in Slovak)
meniny.exe      Slovak and Czech Namedays Reminder for Win32 by aSc
meniny.rar      Meniny - Namedays reminder by Michal Hrcka      Meniny v2.0 - Namedays reminder by DIP Software     mergeIt! - Tool for file joining by Michal Strehovsky     Messier v2.0 - Electronic Messier objects catalogue by
		Ing.Leopold Martinka (Slovak Edition)     Messier v2.0 - Electronic Messier objects catalogue by
		Ing.Leopold Martinka (English Edition)     MiniPad - Freeware TXT/RTF Editor by Karol Pasztor      One minute relaxation utility by Andrej Olej
mk_1.exe        MCatalog v1.0 - CD/DVD-ROM media catalogizer written in Java
		by Svatoslav Hamaliar          Mouse Meter v1.0 - Mouse odometer for W32 by Stanislav Lukacik     A Win95 programmers keyboard supporting Slovak, Czech,
		Hungarian and German chars by Robert Vasicek
mit215.exe      Mouse Information & Test v2.1.5 - Program which returns infos
		about mouse - by Henrich Fukna
mmaker2.exe     MenuMaker v2.0.0.1 - DHTML menu creator for Win9x/NT by
		Frantisek Augusztin   Mobilator - Tool to convert mobile telephone numbers to text
		and vice-versa by Andrej Olej
monitel.exe     MONITEL v2.83 - Slovak tool for ISDN line call monitoring
		by IPN data
monitele.exe    MONITEL v2.70 - English edition of tool for ISDN line call
		monitoring by IPN data    Monitor v1.2 - Files/dirs operations monitor by Sharksoft    Movie Info v1.2.0 - Movie information database by Miroslav
		Jurek     MP3 Renamer v1.0 for Win32 - MP3 names reformatter by Pelikan     MP3 CD Autorunner - Win9x autorunner for MP3 CD's by Ludovit
		Fulop    MP3 Catalog v1.3 - CDROM with MP3 files catalogizer by Sharky    Mp3HTML v3.0 - MP3 catalog in HTML format generator by Michal
mp3idb22.exe    MP3 Info Database with many options for Win32 by Silent    MP3 Loader - Tool for manipulating with MP3 files by R.A.M.
mp3man24.exe    MP3 Manazer v2.4 - MP3 management tool for Win32 by
		TMW Hardware Software      MP3 Tagger - 2nd for Win9x - ID3 editor by Ludovit Fulop
mp3tools.rar    MP3TOOLS - MP3 files renamer, playlist creator and gaps
		at the end of the file cutter by Marian Ilecko    Mr.Question Man v0.5 - MP3 Codec Identifier by Matus Vojtek         My Tetris 2000 v2.1 - Tetris clone for DOS by DIP Software
multi.exe       Multimedia Tutorial on Windows98 and MS Word98 (demo in Slovak
		language) by Marian Salkovsky      Screen saver showing Murphy's laws in Slovak by Karol Pasztor    musiCutter v0.6 - MP3/OGG files splitter without need to
		decode and reencode them by Macik
mymenu.exe      FreeSmile myMenu v1.01 - Alternative start menu for Win95-XP
		by FreeSmile    MySQL Controller v2.0 - SQL Server Administration Tool by
		Marian Trizuliak    MySQL Controller v2.0 - SQL Server Administration Tool (source
		code) by Marian Trizuliak
nclip.exe       Network Clipboard - LAN version of clipboard handling utility
		by aSc
netetris.exe    NetTetris v1.0 - Lan version Tetris game by aSc     Newton v3.0 - Newton telescope design tool by Ing.Leopold
		Martinka (Slovak Edition)     Newton v3.0 - Newton telescope design tool by Ing.Leopold
		Martinka (English Edition)        NEXT! - Utility for simplified browsing internet pages
		containing ID string in the address by Iwik    Kapralius Nice XCalc - Beta version of scientific calculator
		for Win32 by Ondrej Kapral    NimdaVon v1.11 - Tool for reparation of HTML and ASP files
		modified by Nimda Virus. Written in Slovak by Marian Denes     NokPlayer - Nokia and RTTTL format ring melody editor/player
		by Miroslav Rosinec      NokPlayer - English edition of Nokia and RTTTL format ring
		melody editor/player by Miroslav Rosinec     NotePad Clone by DIP Software
numis.exe       NUMIS - Coin collection manager for Win32 by Miroslav Mrazik    nViPER.@bOX rel.87 - File manager for Win32 by NEXT 17 team      Listove Obalky - Tool for envelope printing by Tomas Hustava    Odpor LED - Resistor in series with LED diode calculator by
		Elektronika Nemecek     Odstranenie - Slovak util for removing recently visited
		addresses from MSIE by Marian Denes    Odstranenie Diakritiky - Slovak util for removing slovak
		national chars from file/dir names by Mifko     Optimik v2.33A - Slovak program for optimizing cutting
		from plates of material (wood, glass) by Rastislav Korytar       Osciloscope for DOS by Pelikan        Ou! v1.8 - Internet dial-up connection bill calculator by
		Ivan Zatka       Piskvorky 1.2 for Windows by Martin Kuzela    PackInfo - Pascal Unit for identification of archive type by
		Ludovit Fulop       DIP Pad 2000 for Win9x/NT - Text editor by DIP Software (in
		Slovak)       DIP Paint 2000 for DOS - Graphic editor by DIP Softeware (in
		Slovak)     DIP Paint 2000 for Win95/98 - Graphic editor by DIP Software
		(in Slovak)     Papacik - Slovak Game by Michal Kubis
pcpexeso.arj    PC PEXESO - Pexeso Game for DOS by Martin Otto    Pentomino solver for DOS - Solution of the Pentomino
		triplication problem by Robert Vasicek    PeoPaint - Drawing program for DOS by Peter Polak    People Info v1.0.5d - Personal database by Miroslav Jurek      Periodicka tabulka chemickych prvkov v1.1.1 - Periodic table
		for Win32 by Stefan Vantroba (in Slovak)
photoman.exe    Photomania Deluxe - Slovak Image Manager and Editor by
		Frantisek Hliva      PngFnd v1.02 - PGN chess database format finder for DOS by
		Rastislav Lazan      PgnSea v1.01 - PGN chess database format finder for DOS by
		Rastislav Lazan      PgnTxt - PGN chess database format extractor for DOS by
		Rastislav Lazan    PingTime v1.20 - Util for watching accesibility of servers
		by Miroslav Mrazik (in Slovak)     Viewers for GIF, FLI/FLIC and PCX written in ASM by
		Viliam Mateicka    Polynomy v1.2 - Polynomial roots calculator for Win95-XP by
		Stanislav Rusinak    Print Man XP3 - Print manager with other functions by
		Ladislav Sevcik    7th Sphere PortScan v1.1 - Communication ports scanner by Iwik    Poukazky v1.0 - Slovak Form Filler by Dusan Barilla     Precislovanie v2.0 - Freeware Slovak New Telphone Prefix
		Converter for Win32 by Freeland s.r.o.
pred2001.exe    Predvolby 2001 - Freeware Slovak Telephone Prefix Converter by
		Martin Zachar
prepcasu.exe    Prepocet Casu - Tool for conversion of time from the hours and
		minutes to hours by Jozef Lukacik     Prevody v1.0.1 - Physical measures convertor for Win32 by
		Karol Pasztor    PrintLib v1.50 - Object oriented C++ DLL library for MS Visual
		MFC document-view architecture by Kyberos    Private Floppy v1.0 - Tool to hide sensitive data on 3.5''
		floppy disk by Michal Strehovsky
prosp100.exe    Prospector v1.00a - CDROM cataloging application based on SQL
		language by Roman Heinrich    PrevCOMP v2.1 - Slovak tool for evidence of PC usage and
		consumption of energy by Matus Holos and Michal Reiter    PreTel v1.07b - Util for finding renumbered telephone numbers
		in Bratislava (Slovakian capital) by Michal Dekanek    Printer Tools v1.1 - Control Your Printer! by Stanislav Lukacik    PrintPRN - Program for printing .PRN files by Jan Florovic    Print Screen v2.1 - TSR Text Screen Grabber by Henrich Fukna     BP 7.0 crt unit bug handler for Intel CPUs over 200 MHz
		by Martin Papik         PSC v1.0.1 - Freeware Slovak ZIP Codes Database by KROS s.r.o.
psc_cz.exe      Plugin module for SM-Diar containing Czech towns ZIP database
psc_sk.exe      Plugin module for SM-Diar containing Slovak towns ZIP database      PSC v1.10 - Slovak ZIP Codes Finder for Win32 by McPower     Postove smerovacie cisla 2002 - Slovak/Czech ZIP codes database
		by Professor software     Pixel32 v0.99.6 - Graphic editor for DOS (Slovak Edition)
		by Pavel Kanzelsberger     Pixel32 v0.99.7 - Graphic editor for Win95/98/NT/2000
		(Slovak Edition) by Pavel Kanzelsberger       Queen v2.12 - DOS program for learning foreign languages by
		Robert Mesaros    Database files for learning English with program Queen by
		Robert Mesaros
radlgh4a.exe    RadLight 4.0 Alpha 7 - Multimedia viewer by Rad Scorpion    Basic Masters Updated RAR file list by Vladimir Stepanek      Rating v1.09 for DOS - Chess rating calculator by Rastislav
		Lazan    Rating v1.04 for Windows - Chess rating calculator by Rastislav
		Lazan         Resistor Color Code Reader v1.2.0 by Miroslav Jurek
reader.exe      LUsoft Reader v1.0 - On-0line Help reader for LUsoft programs
		by Lukas Catman Uher
recept21.exe    Recepty v2.1 - Recipes database by Ivan Dulgerov (in Slovak)    Reformat v2.0 - HTML/TXT converter by Daniel Duris     Kapralius RegBack - System registry backup tool by Ondrej
		Kapral      Regino v4.3 - Tweaker of Win95-XP settings by Tomas Palenik     File Renamer v1.0 for Win32 by Pelikan      Basic Masters Repack - Archive manipulating batch file for 4DOS
		by Vladimir Stepanek         Rgb v1.1.0 - Color mixer by Miroslav Jurek     RadLight Player v3.03 - Video viewer by Rad Scorpion with
		additional utils
radlght3.exe    RadLight v3.03 - Video viewer by Rad Scorpion     RamDisk v2.3 for Win2000/XP by WINSOFT      ROTATE - Simple Gouraud shaded viewer for GEOM files by Peter
rozne.rar       Some notes for programmers by Peter Kopca    Rrr Calendar v1.4 - Simple calendar + reminder by R.Strycek
rrrcdm14.rar    Rrr CD Menu v1.4 - Simple CD Menu by R.Strycek    Rrr Desktop v2.64 - Versatile Desktop Util for Win32 by
runtime2.exe    Runtime libraries necessary for installing programs by LUsoft
rwp185xp.exe    Random Wallpapers v1.85.1 XP - Wallpapers changer by Martin
rwp20xp.exe     Random Wallpapers v2.0 - Wallpapers changer by Martin Sefcik    S-Port Sk v1.19 - I/O Ports Control Utility by Peter Jakubech      Sound Analyser v0.450 alfa by Peter Jakubech
sa331u.arj      System Analyser v3.31 by Martin Otto    Program to solve "chess mat in 2 moves" problem for Win95/98
		(in Slovak and Hungarian) by Ladislav Vegh       Super Commander v1.00 - NC-like Shell for MSDOS by Peter
		Hanuliak    Serial Chat v1.00 - Chat program for 2 PC's connected by serial
		link by Michal Dekanek
sci-fi.arj      SCI-FI - Text game by Marek Kukucka (in Slovak)      SCIFI - Great Sci-fi Authors Database by Roman Voska    Scan-Mail FaxCopy v1.02 - Scanner operation enhancer for Win32
		by Miroslav Mrazik    SearchIT v1.09 - Text search on HTML files by Robert Vasicek     Simple Secure Notepad for storing encrypted plain text files
		by Andrej Olej      Sender - Universal TCP/IP client/server by Iwik
shaper.rar      Shaper - Utility for creating non-polygonal forms under Win32
		C++ by Marian Ilecko     Ships v2.0 - Logical game for DOS by Ludovit Fulop    ShowTime - Tool for calculation of time difference by
		Rastislav Lazan
skeleton.rar    Skeleton 3D - Simple 3D wireframe modeller by Marian Ilecko
skfont.rar      Slovak Font Unit for BP by Peter Kopca      Skladacka for DOS v0.9 - Slovak game by DIP Software    Skladacka v2.1.1 - Slovak game by DIP Software     Slnko v3.1 - Software for calculation of Sun Rising and Setting
		times for Slovak territory by Karol Pasztor    Slovo v1.9.2 - Slovak notepad/wordpad replacement by David
		Gavala      SMSPad v1.0 - Tool for creating and sending SMS messages
		by Miroslav Rosinec       Snake v3.2 - DOS Game for kids by DIP Software        Sokoban for Windows by Robert Vasicek     Treeumph utils - Set of MSDOS utils by Marian Hubinsky    Sova Stroboskop - Stroboscope software (together with patch
		for 300 MHz+ processors) by Vladimir Sovic
spindle.arj     Spindle v2.20 - Calculation of cutting conditions for machining
		by Lubomir Soos       SoundScope v2.31 - SB Sound Analyser by Peter Jakubech
ss2r2.exe       Subtitle Studio 2 by Rad Scorpion    SoundScope Pro v3.00.349 alpha by Peter Jakubech
statist.exe     Statistika - Sport records database (in Slovak) by Robert Huran     ST Precislovanie 1.7.2001 - Slovak phone prefix renumbering
		database by Lubos Chobor    StdErr to file v1.0 for DOS - TSR for redirection of error
		messages to file by Henrich Fukna
strojpis.exe    Strojopis Demo (800x600) - Slovak application for learning
		the typewriting for Win32 by Ondrej Pavlik
strojps2.exe    Strojopis Demo (1024x768) - Slovak application for learning
		the typewriting for Win32 by Ondrej Pavlik      SUMA Summarum v1.0 - Program for splitting sum of money to
		banknotes values for Win32 by JACKS Software (in Slovak)
survey.exe      Survey XP - Tabbed Internet Browser based on MSIE by Anton
		Pitak     BP7 interface for files svga256.bgi, vesa16.bgi and vga256.bgi
		by Matus Horvath    Swindler v1.0 beta - Path or file changer for DOS by Stanislav
		Lukacik    SysTuner v3.2 - Slovak edition of Win9x-XP settings tuner
		(shareware) by Michal Strehovsky    SysTuner v1.0 - Win9x settings tuner (postcardware) by Michal
		Strehovsky    SysTuner Light - Tiny Win95-XP tweaker by Michal Strehovsky    TAG Manager v1.02 - TAG handling util by Michal Ivan    ZX-Spectrum TAP format utils v1.04 by Slavo Labsky
tc277.rar       Text Chilli - Collection of texts by Michal Dekanek (in Slovak)       TCOPY - Copy/pack files/dirs with attribs by Marian Hubinsky    TCP/IP Chat server/client by Miroslav Jurek    Tel_Book v1.2.0 - Phone Book for Win32 by Attila Szabo       TELEPHONE v1.2 - Old/New Telephone Numbers in Bratislava
		Converter for Win32 by McPower     Clear TEMP - Script for cleaning TEMP directory for Windows
		by Robert Mesaros
test160.rar     Test160 - PC Trivia by Slavomir Slizik       Times v1.00 for Windows - Tool for making working time evidence
		by Rastislav Lazan    Tip KENO 10 v1.0 - Slovak tool for Lotto system administration
		by Ladislav Sevcik    Tangram backup - Freeware ZIP format based backup tool
		by Tangram Software      Time to year 2000 count down for Win95/98 by Ladislav Vegh        Trap v4.16 - Backup tool with WinRAR archiver support for Win32
		by Martin Kasman
tu119a.rar      ToolUtils v1.19a - Set of freeware utils by Michal Dekanek
tvopravy.rar    Correction of mistakes in Turbo Vision 2.0 - BP7 by Peter Kopca
txcnv241.exe    DOS-Win/UNIX/MAC Text Files Convertor v2.41 by Henrich Fukna     TXT2TABL - Convert text file to HTML table by Marian Hubinsky    UCTOVNIK v3.1 - Personal finance manager by Dusan Barilla       UniFlash v1.35 - Util to write a new BIOS on Flash ROM chip
ufnt125d.rar    UFONT v1.25d - Font Editor by Michal Dekanek         UIM 4.5 - Artificial intelligence functions equipped
		calculator by Martin Kasman        Unik v1.0 - Metric/imperial length measures convertor
		by Rastislav Korytar
univiewi.exe    UniView v2.0 - Viewer, editor and convertor of multimedi
		and text files by Andrej Krutak    UniView v2.0 - Viewer, editor and convertor of multimedia
		and text files by Andrej Krutak      Flash Unprotect - Flash animation files protection remover by
		Michal Strehovsky
urirar.exe      URI - Database application by Juraj Petrik & Marek Jurak
		(in Slovak language)       VerExPPg - Windows Explorer Property Page Extension for Win9x
		and WinNT by Peter Hercek
vesmir.exe      "Strateni vo vesmire" - Slovak written educational program
		for learning children computer basics by Marian Salkovsky
viewer.exe      LUsoft Multimedia Viewer v3.1 - Image, text and multimedia
		viewer for Win32 by Lukas Catman Uher     Vypocet Mzdy v1.1 - Salary calculator by Martin Mucha       Virtual Commander v1.1 - HD/FD catalogizer by Jozef Srpon    Vypinanie PC v2.1 - Util for scheduled PC switch off by
		DIP Software     W_TOOLS - Set of Win16 utils by Marian Hubinsky       Winamp Commander v1.0 - Tool for fast Winamp control by Tomas
wamprc22.rar    "Remote" Controller for Winamp v2.2 by R.Strycek      WinBackground v1.00.032 beta - Win3.x support for auto
		changing background by Peter Jakubech    Windows Commander FTP Passwords Ripper v1.3 by Iwik    Windows Closing Tool by Iwik    WinFortunes - Quotes displayer by Michal Strehovsky    WinLogic v1.5 - Logic game for Windows by Robert Mesaros    WinLogic v1.5 - English edition of logic game by Robert Mesaros    Windows95 Logos Changer by Stefan Sopciak
winsoko.exe     Sokoban for Windows 95/98/NT by Robert Vasicek
wintime.exe     Windows TIME - Tool for measuring time from Windows start-up
		by Fast Development
wrm217c.rar     Wurmeler v2.17c - Wurmi-like game by Michal Dekanek    Wtools32 for Win9x/Me - Set of utils by Marian Hubinsky    Wtools32 for Win2000/XP - Set of utils by Marian Hubinsky
xtreme.exe      X-treme'2001 - Win9x/ME and WinNT/2000 tweaking and optimizing
		utility by Anton Pitak - SOFTPAE (in Slovak)    Yet Another Autogif v1.1 - INDEX.HTM creator with links
		to graphic files by Stanislav Lukacik    Year2000 - Y2K compatibility tester by tomXX
zaloz110.exe    Zalozna Boyard v1.10 - Pawnshop database manager for Win32
		by Rastislav Lazan (in Slovak)         Zem - Source codes for rotation of spherical textured
		body for GNU C++, DJGPP 2.0 by Peter Skvarenina      Ziacik v2.5 - Slovak Win32 tool for examining children from
		mathematics, grammar and many others by Tomas Palenik
znaky.exe       Znaky - ASCII Table for Windows by Jozef Lukacik     Zobacik v1.5 - Tool to make e-mail indentation and remove
		national chars from text files by Robert Vasicek     ZX-Screen Viewer v1.04 by Slavo Labsky

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