Slovak Antivirus Center - directory SECURITY    007 Stealth Activity Recorder & Reporter v1.31 for Win9x/NT/2K
		- Tool for child & employee monitoring      123-Delete v4.0 - Sensitive data wiper      (ASP) PrivateEXE v2.2 for Win95/NT - Password protection
		for Win32 execs       4T NOX v2.2 - Data encryption utility      AAAnalyzer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 v1.50 - On-line and off-line
		activity recorder         Advanced Anti-Keylogger v3.2 for WinXP/2000    ABI-CODER v3.02 - Free E-mail and document encryption software       Access Boss v1.1 - Security tool for access restrictions        AB Password Generator v2.33 for Win32    Absolute Protect Pro v4.87 - Computer theft prevention software
		for Win95/98/NT    Absolute Protect v4.87 - Computer theft prevention software
		for Win95/98/NT     Absolute Security Standard 32-bit v3.9 - Security interface    Access Administrator Pro v3.7 - File access restriction tool    Activity Monitor v1.0 - File system activity monitor for Win32     ACrypt for Windows95 v3.8b - Encryption software    1st Security Agent v5.3 - Password Protection for Windows     ADP II - Anti Debugging Protection Component for Delphi    Advanced Security Level v5.1 - Access restriction tool for
		Win32         Akala EXE Lock v3.20 - Executable files passworder         AEP v1.00 - Addition Encode-Protection for executable files      Advanced Encryption Package 2004 PRO v2.29 for Win32       Advanced File Protector v2.2 - File Encryption Tool for Win32    Advanced Folder Protector 2004 - Access restriction tool for
		Win95-XP        AntiKeylogger v5.0 for Win32      ALEC v1.6 by Random - Crypt Software    AUTOLOGIN v2.1 - Allows to login without typing password    AlphaScape RegisterKey - Software Protection for Delphi 32-bit       Activity Monitor v1.01 - Win32 based application to monitor
		activity on a system      PrimaSoft Password Book v5.1 for Windows     AlertMobile v4.0 Pro for WinNT/2000 - Security util that sends
		SMS alert when it's discovered unauthorized computer activity    Anahtar v3 - Copy Protection Program    (ASP) Advanced NT Security Explorer v2.0 - Application for NT
		system security holes exploration      Anti-Debugging Tricks rel.5     Anti-UPC - Security Envelope    Anti-UPC File Protector      Advanced Password Generator v2.82 for Win95/98    APPlug v1.03 - Agent v1.5/PGP 5.x plugin for Win95/NT         Any Password v1.3 - Password manager for Win32     AREF v0.94 - Tool for diskette authorising (dox in Croatian)      ARMOUR II v2.51 - Copy Protection Menu    Arona Encrypter v1.01 (for ASCII text only)    Arona Encrypter v2.00 (for all files)       Advanced Security Control v2.1 - Security Control Util
		for WinNT/2000    ASProtect v1.23 - Security envelope from the authors of ASPack      ANTI-TEU v1.2 - Anti-hack utility for PACAL programs     File System Utilities    Update to File System Utils    HDD Protection    File/Dir Protection    BabyShield v2.1 - Mouse/keyboard disabler for Win95/98/NT    Blackboard Lock v2.3 - Controls who can use computer      Blackboard Internet Privacy 3.1 - Private Data Wiper
		for Netscape/Internet Explorer    Blackboard Encrypt Interface v3.4 for Win95/NT (ZIP/PGP)        Freeware encryption program using strong BlowFish        Blowfish Advanced 7 - File encryption software for DOS    Blowfish Advanced v1.14 - Encryption software for Win95/NT    Blowfish Advanced CS v2.10 - Encryption software for Win32     Blowfish encryption for Java v1.5    BLOWFISH for OS/2 and Win32 v1.63 - Encrypting utility      Bicode v1.5 - Fast, safe and easy to use file encryptor for
		Linux and DOS (Free)    BigBrother v1.0 - IP network activities monitor     Big Crocodille v3.10 for Win9x/NT - Secure password manager     .BJFnt v1.3 - WinNT/9X Crypter    BlueKey v2.10b - PGP Shell for off-line readers
		(BlueWave, Termail and GoldED)       Black Coder v1.0 - Coding program to encrypt messages    Block v1.10 - DOS System Files Protection    Blow-Rapid Application Use v1.0 GA for BlowFish v1.6x    BLOWFISH Encrypting in CBC Mode v1.6e    BlowFish 2000 v2.8 - Encryption tool for Win32    Blackboard Mail Encrypt for Win95/NT    Bojanov Encryptor v1.0 - Win98 File Encryptor    Boot Guard Security Software - Security enhancer for DOS/Win9x      BuryBury v1.8 - File encryption tool for Win32     Buzzsaw v2.1 - Medium level encryption program    Blackboard Wincrypt for Win95/NT - Encryption software    C-Crypt v1.02b1 - EXE/COM Protector      Canary v1.93 - Computer and Internet activities monitor for
		Win9x/Me    ComCrypt'98 v9.12 - COM files encryptor    CryptDefence v1.5 - Encryption tool for Win95-XP    CD Keys v1.0 - CD Keys/Serial Numbers Generator       CDLock v1.4 - CD ROM drive access controller for Win9x/NT       CDROM Security v1.1 - Program that forbid or allow using
		specified CDs     CD-DVD Lock v1.10 - CD/DVD drive access restriction tool     Cerberus v4.01 - 32bit Windows Passwording Program    CrypteXeC v1.01 - DOS/WIN EXE protector      CFC v3.00 - Cipher File enCoder/decoder     CFC v3.00w (Win32) - Free command line file encoder/decoder
		program      Security Config Wizard NT v1.5 - RAS Utility    Check-HackStop v1.0     The off-line NT password editor    Un-upc v1.10 - Anti UPC/Intruder by Cinogen    CipherPadII v2.91 - Text editor with security tools for Win32      Cipher-128 v1.0.0 - Text encryption util    Roadkil's CipherText v1.0 - Text messages encryption tool     DiskCleanUp for Win95/NT v2.3 - Data Wiper    Clearpw v1.00 - BIOS password from RAM cleaner    ClipCrypt v1.2 - Clipboard encryption utility    ClickSave Tray Util v5.0 - Secure Screen Saver    CleanDrive v1.2.1 - Secure disk wiper
clndisk.exe     Clean Disk Security v7.32 - Secure file deletion for Win9x/NT    Clear Last Username for Win95/98 v1.1    Restriction Cleaner v2.0 for Win95/98 - Cleans restrictions
		for users from registry      CODEX v1.8 - Device for coding/decoding files    COMPSEC v2.2 - Powerful Data Protection Utils     Codigo Pro v3.02 - File Encryptor for DOS      CodeSafe for Win95/NT v3.1 - EXE/DLL Anti-Cracking Protector
codec321.exe    Codec v3.21 - Data compressor and encryptor     Co/Dec v6.0 - German encryption software    CodeCrypt v0.163 beta for Win9x - PE filex encryptor     Codepad v1.06 - Win9x/NT Encryption Util/Text Editor    CodeTalker v2.1 - Encryption utility    CODEX v7.64 - Fast System tester & Protector for DOS/Windows    COMCrypt - .COM file encryptor     ComProtector v1.0 - COM File Protection Envelope    Convoy++ v3.2 - File Protection Program      WinCph v1.10 - Encryption utility for Win95-XP    CProtect v2.02 - Software Protection/Regitration Tool for Win    CrackStop v1.03 - EXE Protector    Crasher v1.a for DOS - Irreversible file deleter    Crenel v3.45 - Reset trapper for higher protection     Crowd Control v1.3 - Win95 Access Control Utility     Cryptext v3.40 - File Encryption Shell Extension for Win9x/NT       CryptaII v2.00 - Powerful Encryption Program     Crypta 3.0 Jr Rel.3 - File Encryptor      CryEXE v4.00 - EXE/COM Cryptor       Crypto-Platform - Encryption Program      Cryptonite! v2.0 - Text Files Encryptor    CRYPACK v3.0 - Executable Protector    CryptoForge v3.2.5 - Files and e-mail encryption tool for Win32    Portable Encryption Library v2.0 for UNIX/DOS/Win16/Win32
crypt.arj       ComCrypt'98 v9.12 - COM Encryptor       CRYPT v2.1 - Simple DATA files encryptor    Crypt v2.0 - Russian DOS EXE/COM Encryptor    Crypt! v2.1 pro - Encryption Software    Crypt (JS) - Quick File Encryptor    Cryptic Writer v1.1.1 - File Encryptor    Crypt v1.21 - Executables protector (anti-debug)     Crypt v2.0 - Encryption Program    Crypt - Simple file encrypter/decrypter for Windows    Quick@Crypt - Encryption Software for Win    Executable Files Crypter v1.00    Cryptify v1.0 - File encryptor    Crypther DLL - Encryption DLL for Win32 by Dirk Paehl    CRYPTIC v-1 - File Encryption Util     File Encrypter v1.101    Encryption Library      Crypto 2000 v4.2 - Quickly encrypt your sensitive files    Crypto v1.0 - File encryptor for Win95    Crypto32 - File encryption software for Win95/98/NT    Crypt++ -0 A C++ Class Library of Cryptographic Primitives v4.2    CryptPak - Win32 DLL with encryption related functions    Freeware Strong Encryption/Decryption Class for Visual Fox Pro    CSCRYPT Pro v3.30/386 - Executable Files Protector     CounterSign v1.0 - Password Protection Program    CRYPT-O-TEXT v1.24 for Win3.x - Passwording Protection for
		E-mail Messages    CRYPT-O-TEXT v1.24 for Win95/NT    Cycosoft Cycode v4.3 - Text file encryptor    DarkLord v2.0 - Password Program    DATACODE v1.00 - Russian Encrypting System    DataStash v1.1 - Type of file changer for hiding private data        DATACODE v3.1 - Russian Encrypting Utility      Cryptexe v1.04 - EXE protector      Dummy Cryptfile Generator for Blowfish Advanced 97 v1.1b    DataCloak v4.3(r4) - File and Clipboard En/Decryptor for Win32    DCREXE v2.00 - An Encryptor for EXE & COM Files    DIRCRYPT v2.11 - Encryption Program       Data Destroyer v4.10 - Sensitive data wiper    String Encryption Pascal Code Generator v1.1     Defence - Diskette Data Protection Software    DeskSaver - Tool to prevent users from changing desktop layout    Deskman v5.4 Standard for Win9x-XP - Security tool     Deskman v5.4 Professional for Win9x-XP - Security tool        DESX - Win32 console utility to protect business data       Device Lock for WinNT/2000/XP v5.6 - Configurable device lock     Device Lock for Win9x/Me v1.42 - Configurable device lock    DiskHide v1.0 - Russian program for hiding of info on diskette      DMagic v6.0 - File/folder hider    Dontouch v1.04 - Confidental Data Protector      DPA-SFX-Crypther v1.6 by Dirk Paehl    DPCRYPT v2.1 - Win32 encryption tool using Blowfish, DES and
		many other algorithms    DPCRYPT v1.03 - Encryption Program for Win32    Dump Preventer v1.0 - Security executable envelope     DPSHA v1.0 - CRC check program for Win95/NT    Dragon Crypt v1.2 - Encryption util for DOS/Win32    Dark Files v3.0 - File access restrictor for Win32        DarkStop v1.0 - EXE/COM file encryptor      DS-COM Crypt v1.30 - COM Protector     DeskLock v2.5 - Desktop protection program for Win95/98/2000       Dial-up Lock Me v1.5 - Internet access protection tool for
		Win9x/Me       DVP v1.4 - German Diskette Encryption Utility    Dynacrypt File Encryptor v1.01 for Win95/98/NT     Dynamical Passwords for generating passwords of any date    Elite Scramble v1.21 - Encryption Utility
e&         E&D v1.08 - File Encryptor/Decryptor     Easy Encipher v1.0a - File encryptor for Win32       Key based encryption for instant messages and e-mail      ECS v1.10 - Simple one file encoding util        Encrypt Easy v3.0 - Encryption toolkit for Win95/98/NT      Evidence Eliminator v5.0x for Win95/98 - Security tool for
		elimination all evidence from your PC      Executable File Protector v1.23    EGuard v1.0 - Access control util for Win9x/NT + IE4      Encrypt-It v2.20 for DOS      Encrypt-It v2.33 for Win 3.1      Encrypt-It v3.23 for Win'95    EldoS Keeper v2.54 - Password keeper for Win9x/NT/2000     Encrypted Magic Folders v00.01    Encode It v1.04 - Encryption utility    Encode/decode v2.0 - Text File Encoder    EncodeIt v1.03 - File security system    ENcryptCOM v3.06 - COM Encryptor      Encpad - Text File Encryption Tool    Encryption program for Win95 v1.50     Encrypt v1.2.0 - Text files scrambler    The Elite Encryption Utility v1.0 - Text file encryptor    Windows Enforcer v6.1 - Security program for Win9x/NT/2000      Enigma - Crypt ver.1 - File Encryptor for Win32    Enigma v2.7 - Secure data ciphering tool    Encrypto! v2.0 - Windows file encryptor     E-Prot 386+ v1.0.4F - Pascal executable file protector utility    Eraser Console v1.1 - Util that overwrites files with
		pseudorandom data    Eraser v5.7 - File Wiper for Win32      Hercules v1.6 - File Encryption Software
es32.exe        EasySafe - Security system for portable computers by Eliashim    ExeCode v1.0 - Executable encryption program    EXEGUARD v1.3 - Executable files protector     EXELOCK 666 v1.05 - EXE protector     EXELocker v1.1 - DOS/Win Executable Protector
exestlth.exe    EXE Stealth v2.41 - Executable files protection envelope      Family Key Logger v1.22        FileCrypt32 - Russian file encryptor       File Coder v4.11      FCODER v2.0 - Encryption utility     Fastcopy v5.1 - A powerful copy & protect program    F-Coder++ v0.9.2.1Beta - Security Envelope    FreeCrypt v1.0 - Win95/NT Encryption Util      Fixed Disk Protector v1.08      FDSOFT COM Protector v0.4a     File2Dust v1.1 - Secure file deletion program
fdwin11a.exe    File2Dust Windows Console v1.1 - Secure file deletion program        FileEncoder v1.8 - Blowfish based encryption tool for Win32        Fast Encrypt v2.0         AriTech File Encryptor and Decryptor v1.30 for Win95/98/NT     File Encryptor 2000 v3.0 for Win95/98      File Encryption Standard v1.0a         File and Folder Protector v1.87 for Win32
fgstd.exe       Folder Guard Standard v5.4a for Win9x/Me - Folder Hider
fgpro.exe       Folder Guard Pro v5.4a for Win9x/Me - Folder Hider      Folder Guard Jr. v2.3 - Folder Hider for Win32    File Code v4.2 - File Encryption Utility    FileCryptor v1.0 - Encryption/decryption util for Win9x/NT/2000    FileKey - Encrypts w/ password any file to the SFX file     FileProtector 2000 v1.15 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - File/folder
		access restrictor    File Protector v1.60b - File/folder protector    Blackboard File Wipe for DOS v2.0    FINDPROT - Detector for files protected by Protect! EXE/COM
finecrpt.exe    FineCrypt v8.1 - SFX Encrypted Files Creator for Win9x/Me/NT/2K    Folder Lock v2.1 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Specific file/folder lock    FlashLock v1.4 - Folder Locking Utility for Win95    File Lock v1.18 - Multiuser file protection for DOS/Win     TEU Unpacker Fooler    Fortress User Authentication v2.4 - Login Security Enhancer      File Protector v1.60b for Win9x
fp2000.exe      File Protector 2001 v2.05 for WinNT/2000      Freeze - A desktop lock for Win95     FILESAFE v2.1 - File Locker for Win32       Floppy Stegano - Tool for hiding imporant data on floppy disks      Final Fantasy Security Envelope v0.76    FSPro v1.1.4 - File Access Restrictor for Win9x       Guardian Angel v1.0b - COM & EXE Protector    GateWAY v2.01 - Passwording program      Garbage Can for Win95/3.1 - Data Wiper     Password Generator v1.00         Ghost Console v1.0 - Win32 file encryption util    (ASP) Global Security v3.40 - A Data Security Program    Gleam v1.01 - EXE and DLL Password Protector for Win95/NT    GnuPGshell v3.23 - Win9x/2000 GUI for GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard)    GnuPGshell v3.10 - Russian Edition of GUI for GnuPG     GreatCrypt v2.0 - Encryption tool for Win95-XP     Keyboard Guard v1.0 - TSR Keyboard Locker    GUIDESX Encryptor v1.14 - Encryption/wiping util for Win32      GW-Unprotect - BASIC Files Protection    HD95 Protect v1.3 - Win95 files/dirs protector    HackStop v1.20 - EXE/COM Protection by ROSE    Hara-Kiri v2.01 - Confidental data self-destructor (be careful
		when using this tool!)        Hidden Cameras v2.4 - Computer monitoring tool    Hot Crypt v5.00 - E-mail encryption tool for Win32     HDD Protect Daemon v2       HTML Encryptor v1.21 for Win9x/NT/2000        Hide Folders v2.4 - Security tool for Win32        Hide Folders XP v1.6 - Security tool for WinXP    Hidden v7.0 - Win95/98 file/dir hider for FAT16/32 disks    HD v3.02 - Directory-hiding utility for DOS     Hide and Protect any Drives v1.8    Hide and Unhide a complete drive    Hide Files v3.3      Hide Me for Windows - File Encryptor     Hlidaci Pes 2002 v2.04 Home Edition - Czech access restrictor
		for Win95-XP    Hlidaci Pes 2002 v2.04 Network Edition - Czech access
		restrictor for Win95-XP     Home Key Logger v1.04     AntiUPC for Turbo Pascal compiled files         HTML Page Protector v2.0 - Web page encryptor    PC Investigator Hook Protect v2.05 - Util that detects
		programs that infringe privacy of your PC      Hermetic Stego v3.00 - File hider for Win32     HTMLock v1.10.0 - Program for password protect HTML pages       HTML Page Guardian v2.6 - HTML Encryption tool    HtmlCrypt v3.00 - HTML Encrypter    HTML Password v2.5 PRO - Tool to encrypt HTML files    HTML Protector v3.0 - Tool for protecting HTML code from
		disassembling    HideMe! v1.3 - Desktop Icon Hider      Invisible Activity Spy v2.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000         ICE - COM file security program      Tiny IDEA encryptor for DOS    Identity Knight/Credit Card Knight v1.2 - Prevent identity
		data from being stolen from PC       IDPass v1.1 - ID And Password Manager for Win95/98/NT      Invisible Files 2000 for Win95/98 - File/folder hider    Invisible Files 2000 Pro for Win95/98 - File/folder hider        INFO Hider v1.1 - Text in graphics files hider     Iron Key v1.3 - SFX Encrypted Files Creator for Win32    iLUCRYPT v4.019 - 386+ EXE/COM Encryptor     Inbuild COM encryptor v1.0    The Interpreter v1.0 - Sentence encoder/decoder    IntraSpy v2.22 - Monitoring and logging software for Win9x/NT    ISS Complock II - PC boot-up security system         Copy Protection        JBoot v6.1 for Win95 - Security system for Win95      JCrypt - Java written encryption tool     (ASP) Password Keeper v1.0 for Win3/Win95    KEYBLOCK v1.30 - Locks the keyboard for security purposes       (ASP) KeyCount v1.0 - TSR keyboard monitor    Keychain v1.2 - Internet password manager for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      KeyGen v1.0 - Password/passphrase generator program    Key Guard v2.3c - Password manager for Win32    Key Logger v1.1 - Keystrokes/mouse clicks logger for Windows    KeyLock v3.0 - Safe simple password protection program    (ASP) Kidproof v1.0 - Win3.1 Passwording Software       KLOCK v1.0 - Keyboard Lock       KODEK - Text File Encoder      Keep Our Kids Out v1.5 - Windows tuner to restrict access
		to selected applications/folders etc.      KeyPack 2001 - Password keeper for Win9x/NT/2000    KPKFile v7.1 - Suite of encryption tools for Win9x/Me/NT/2000
krem221i.exe    Kremlin v2.21 Int. - Encryption Software Package for Windows     KRYPTEL LITE V1.10 - Freeware encryption software for Win95/98
kryptel.exe     KRYPTEL v5.1 - File encryption software for Win32    Krypton v0.2 - PE Files Encryptor    LameCrypt v1.0 by Lazarus - EXE encryptor     Laura v3.0 - File Encryptor       CyberRax's Lame COM Encryptor v1.2      CyberRax's Lame COM Dumper v1.01      Lock - Tiny PC Locking Program for DOS     Lock n Safe v4.4 - Access restriction tool for Win32    LifeCode v1.00 - File encrypting/decrypting utility      LI'L Password v1.2 - Simple password protection for DOS based
		single-user systems    Lock & Key v4.00 - Win95 Explorer PGP Interface      Lock My PC v3.0 - Computer locker for Win9x/Me/2000        Access Lock v2.72 - PC Access Control Software for Win9x/Me     The Lock for Win95/98 - Login system protection program      LockIt v2.0 - PC locker for Win9x    Screen Lock v7.0 for Win32     Lock-master v9.0 - Anti-Cracker Utility     Lock-out v2.7 - Security Program    LockPC v1.1 - Util for user managment on a PC    LOCKtite v2.7a - Windows Security Manager    Lockup v1.0 - Lock up your computer with a password    Lockup95 v1.1 - Starts default Windows screen saver to secure
		your PC    Login Checker v3.00 - Verifies Novell users login      Logger - Program for logging workstation activity     Logmaster v2.3 - Log and protection program       Lock and Protect v1.14 - Folder Locker for Win32    Lock and Protect Pro v2.03 - Folder Locker for Win32       Lamer Stop v1.0 beta - Security envelope        Logon Watcher v1.1 for WinNT4/2000 domain    MailPGP v1.42 - Windows PGP Interface      Mask v2.5 - Executable file encryptor      Masker v4.0 - Win9x/Me/NT/2000 util for hiding sensitive data
		inside other files
maxcrypt.exe    MaxCrypt v1.08 - Encryption tool for Win32      UfoCrew98 mCrypt v0.1 for COM files    MD5 Sum of a file or standard input calculator for Win95      MD5 Message Digest file fingerprint comput./checking util     Mess v1.31 - Freeware COM/EXE Scrambler    METZ Lock v4.00 - Password protection for Windows     Magic Folders v99.09.01 - Dir passwording         Makes Files Invisible v96.04 - File hider      Modem Guard House v1.05 - Unauthorise Use of E-mail and
		Internet Prevention Utility    MicroHof v1.0 - Encrypted messages decoder    Microxor - COM file crypter       Mince v1.0.2 - Text encryption tool       MKCrypt v1.4 - File encyption program    MD5 Checksums Calculation    DP Multicrypt v1.2 - Filecrypther with drag&drop support         Maybe Next Time v1.4 - File Encryption Util    My Old Safe v2.1 for Win95/98/NT - Files Protector    Mouse Lock v1.64 for Win95 - Security utility    Mouse Trap v3.0 - Security Tool       MOW v1.5 - Freak Macronopper    Masking Password Generator v2.0.7      Tom Tryptor v1.0beta - COM Protector
mutil233.exe    Mutilate v2.33 - Data wiper for Win95/NT       MyID v2.3.8 - Password keeping tool for Win9/Me/NT/2000     Nautilus v1.5 - Voice telephone conversation encryption prog    Ncrypt v1.02 - 16-bit Encryption/Compression Toolkit    Ncrypt v1.02 - 32-bit Encryption/Compression Toolkit       NetPD - Guardian of your Privace v1.0 for Win95      NewSID - Program that changes a computer's SID under WinNT       NecroFile v0.85 - Data wiper         NFO v1.0 - Simple executable encryptor    NO CLIP v4.1 - DOS Executable Protector    NoGame v1.05 - Utility against running unwanted applications    NOISE.SYS v0.63 - /dev/random driver for DOS     No MSDOS - Security util for Win9x/Me    Notify v1.00 for Win95/98/NT - Directory contents
		modification reporter       Tools to change password of a NT user     Manipulate NTFS/Share/Registry and Auditing Permissions      Pascal Compiled EXEs Patcher Against Intruder & UPC    Password Generator v1.0 for Win32    Password Maker v4.12 for Win32    PASSPATCH - Pascal program defender against EXE crackers     Password Protection v1.00      Password Protection for Win 3.1    PassBook v1.1 - Password manager for Win32    Password Explorer v1.0 - Password manager for Win95/98/NT/2K    Password Generator v1.0 for Win95/NT    Password Generator v1.21 for Win9x/NT     Password Generator for Windows    Random Password Generator v6.0    PassHat v1.7 - Password Manager for Win9x-XP    Password Keeper 2000 v6.6    PassMan v2.3 - Personal password database    (ASP) Password Memorizer v1.0 for Windows 95    Passwords Plus v3.68 for Windows 95-XP - Password Keeper    Passwords Plus v2.5b for Windows 3.1 - Password Keeper     Password Protector v1.2 for Win32    PASSreCall v1.00 - Password manager for win9x/Me/NT/2000    Password Protect v2.04    Password Generator v2.3 for Win32    Password Plus v2 - Security Utility    Password Book v1.0 - German Password Manager for Win32    Password Park v2 - Password Saver         Paz v1.0 - Password Generator      Passwords by Mask v1.43 - Password generator for Windows       Password Creator v2.06         PC-Acme v6.1 - PC Activity Monitor for Win95-XP     Pc-Acme Net v6.1 - PC Activity Monitor for Win95-XP     PC-Acme v6.1 Pro - PC Activity Monitor for Win95-XP    PC-ENCRYPT v4.4 - File encryption utility for Win32     PC Guard v3.20 Pro - Software Protection System for DOS    PC Security Guard v3.1 - Win95/98 Security Monitor     PC Guard for Win16 v1.50d - Software protection system
pcgw32d.exe     PC Guard for Win32 v5.00d - Software protection system        Password Corral v3.4.1 - Password manager for Win32     PC Security for Win v1.2    PC Security Program     PC#Protect - Keyboard Logger for Win95      PCRYPT v3.51 - COM/EXE Protector
pcspy231.exe    PCSpy - PC activity monitor     PE-Protet v0.9 - 32-bit Windows EXE Protector    PE-Crypt32 v1.02 - 32-bit Windows EXE Encryptor     PeSentry - Source code with tutorial on PE encryption    PE-Lock v2.04 - 32-bit Windows EXE/DLL Protector     PEmultiGUI v0.40 - PE Encrypters/Compressors GUI for Win9x/NT     PE password protector for Win95/98/NT    PE-Shield v0.25 - 32-bit Windows EXE Encryptor      Privacy for Pictures - Picture encryption util       PASSGEN v1.06 - Random password generator for Win9x/NT      Password Generator v1.0    PGP v2.6.3(i)a-c - Pretty Good Privacy for DOS/Win32/Linux    PGP For Idiots! v3.0 - PGP Shell    PGP v7.0.3 - Freeware version of PGP for Win9x/NT    PGPCLIP v1.5 - Set of batch files to create interface between
		Windows E-mail applications/text editors and PGP    PGPCrack v0.6b - PGP password finder      PGP Guide in Win HLP Format    PGP v2.6.3i DLL for Win95/NT - Binaries    PGP v2.6.3i DLL for Win95/NT - Sources    PGP v2.6.3i DLL for Win95/NT - Update    PGP-Frontend - Plugin for integration PGP functions into
		Pegasus Mail for Win95/98/NT    PGP Windows'95 Front End    PGP Menu v3.1 for DOS    PGP Shell v3.3      WinPGP v4.1 - PGP Shell for Windows    PHP Processor v1.2 - Tool to protect PHP source files    PHTML Encoder v3.7 - Encoder of PHP Scripts    Picture Messanger v1.0 - Tool to conceal binary or text file
		in Windows BMP image file    (ASP) PiGAS Security v2.02 - Security Util     PINs v4.50 - Password manager for Win32    Password Keeper Expert v1.1 - Password manager for Win32       Program Lock v1.00 - Password protector for Win9x/Me/XP    Ports Lock v1.3 - Firewall to restrict ports access        Personal Passworder v3.7 - Password manager for Win32      Password Park 3 - Password Manager for Win32      Password Protected Lock Up v2.9 for Win9x - Access restricting
		utility    Protect! EXE/COM v6.0 - Encrypts & Compresses EXE/COM Files    Private Pictures - Image files passwording util for Win9x/NT    Paranoid v1.4 - Files/folder access restriction util for Win9x       Protect Exe v0.4 beta - EXE files password protector by Dirk
		Paehl    Protecter! v1.0 - File protecter for Win3     Protection v1.2 - Spanish security program    ProtEXE v3.11 - Executable protector    PROX v1.0 - Disk Protection Manager
prvdisk.exe     The Bat! Private Disk v2.01 - Disk partitions encryption tool
		by authors of The Bat! e-mail client    Private Desktop v1.6 - A password protected seconed desktop
		for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    PrivateInfo v2.2 - Private files/folders protector      Privacy Keyboard v3.5 - Anti Keylogging Tool for Win32       Paper Shredder v1.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Privacy tool for
		deleting Internet cache, history, recent documents etc.     PassKeeper v1.2 - Safe password storage for Win32      Program Selector Pro v2.1 - W95 interface security replacement     Password Protector v1.2 - Password manager for Win32      Password Tracker Deluxe v3.61 for Win95/NT    PTrack v1.0 - Password Tracking Program    (ASP) PUFFER v3.0b - Data file and e-mail encryption util
		for Windows (16-bit)    (ASP) PUFFER v4.01 - Data file and e-mail encryption util
		for windows (32-bit)     ProtUPC v1.0 Gamma7 - AntiUPC EXE envelope
puptime.exe     Puppet's Uptime Monitor v1.0 - PC Usage, reboot etc.tracker      Password Base v1.26 - Password manager for Win32    Tiny Password-Creator v1.0 for Win32    Password Finder for Blowfish Advanced 97 v1.0b      PWDGEN - Command line password generator    Pwd-Gen v1.3 - Password Generator for Win95/98/NT    Password Generator v1.1 for Win9x     (ASP) Password Generation Kit v1.2
pwg32310.exe    Password Guardian v3.10 - Password Database for Win32     Password Assistant v1.0 - Win95/98/NT Password Manager      Password Safe v1.4 - Password manager for Win32      Quick: Crypt v1.0 - File encryptor for Win95/98/NT       QDPGP v2.60 - PGP Plugin for Pegasus Mail 3.0 (PGP6.0&Win9x/NT)        QuickWiper v7.2 - Secure file deletion util for Win32    Random Password Generator    RBFC v1.02 - ROSE BlowFish CBC + RC4 Cryptor       ROSE's COM Crypt - COM file encryptor
rc5descl.exe    Official RC5/DES Win32 Client for the RC5-64 and DES II
		Challenge     RCL Security v1.20 - File Security Util      32 ReverseCrypt v2.0 for Win95-XP - Encryption tool    Real Delete v1.04 - Secure File Wiper    REC/Small v1.05b - World's shortest EXE file cryptor by ROSE     (ASP) RedHand Security Monitor v3.02 for Win95     (ASP) RedHand Security Monitor v2.25 for Windows     Registry Protector v1.00 - Registry modification monitor       RESTrick Control Panel v1.1 - System protection improving util    RIP coder v1.5f - Free file encryption tool        RASLock Me v1.0 - Client/server tool for user-level security
		control for RAS connections       ROTATE 13 - Simple alphabet encryption (with PAS source)    ROT-13 - Simple file name scrambler for Win95/NT       Random Password Generator v1.0 for Win32       Reed-Solomon (255,140) coding-decoding util v1.00         (ASP) RSA v2.00 - RSA Cipher Utility       Public Key Data Encryption (RSA) Library for Delphi       RTRegCtl - Library unit for software protection
rue13.rar       RUE v1.32 - Unextractable EXE file generator by ROSE    Secure Encrypted Partitions (s-e-p) v1.1 - HD partitions
		encryptor    SafeDIR v0.94 Beta - DIR Protector        Safe v1.02 - Encrypting Utility    SAFEEXEC - COM/EXE Protector from Croatia     SafeGuard v1.4 for Win9x/NT - Internet connection monitor    SafeMail for AOL - Public Key E-mail Encryption Client    SafePC v4.1 - Access control software for DOS/Win95/WinNT    Kill v1.2/UnKill v2.0 - Hide your data on floppies     SAFESYS v1.0 - PC protector     Sane Password v1.22 - Encryption Utility for Win32      Spytech SpyAgent v3.20 - PC activities logger for Win32        SpyBlocker v4.7 for Windows - Privace protector from spyware
		enabled programs      Scheck v2.0 - EXE protector    School-Lock v2.00 - Security and recovery program for schools     SCHUTZD unit - Anti-hack util    SecretInfo v1.21 - Encrypted text editor for Win95/98      Scorch v1.01 - Secure File Wiper    Scorpion - Copy Protection    Java Script Scrambler v1.11 for Win95/NT    Scrambler v1.0 - File security package fro Win95/98/NT    Scranble/UnScramble files v1.4    Free Text Scramble/Descramble Utility      Strong Crypt - Security tool written in Java    Safe Cryptor v1.5 - Text Encryption Tool for Win32     Scrypt v1.2 - DOS executable protector    Scytale v1.5 for Win32 - PGP Windows Shell    Scytale v1.5 for Win - PGP Windows Shell       Secure DIR v2 - DIR hiding program       (ASP) STEGANOS Decryptor v1.0 for Win95/NT4     Sure Delete v5.0.8 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - File Wiper     Secure Delete for WinNT/9x - File wiper    Scram Disk v2.02g - Hard drive encryptor for Win95/98    SDW - Shadow Com Crypter v1.80    Securit32 v3.73 - File locker/hider    Security Administrator v10.0 for Windows - Access restrictor    Security Department v1.9 - Resident File Protector for Win9x    Secure Drive v1.4a - Disk Ciphering Program     SecLock v3.0 for Win9x - Mouse-cursor trapper     Security Manager v1.76 for WinNT 4.0 - Viewer/changer of
		security information (ACL)    Security Plus! v4.34 - File encryption tool for Win32    SECURE v2.1b - COM/EXE Security Envelope    Stealth Encryption 2000 - Encryption program
sentr204.exe    SeNTry v2.04 - Real-time disk encryption for Windows NT
sentr211.exe    Sentry95 v2.11 - Win95 Access Control Utility    Sentry v6.1 - Security Program for DOS/Windows
sepp.exe        SEPP (Special EXE Password Protector) v1.01 by Anticracking
		Team    Stealth Email SMTP Auto Sender Module v1.02a - Remote File
		Supervisor     Sentry v6.3 - Security Program for Windows      SFS v1.20 - Secure File System        Screen Guard v2.0 - Privacy protection tool for Win9x/Me       Security Guard v3.7a - Password protector       Shield.386 - Copy Protector     Shade Disk Encryptor v1.0 for WinNT     Shield v1.70 - Copy Protector    SSAH File Shredder - File wiper for Win95    Windows File Shredder v2.0 - File Wiper for Win32    Shred-X v3.0.1 - File Shredder for Win32    File Shredder v3.02 for Win95/NT    File Shredder 2000 v3.9 - Sensitive file/folder wiper    Shredder v1.0 - File wiper for Win32    Shred-X v2.0 - Security file shredder for Win32    Simple Crypt v1.0 - Freeware encryption util for Win32     Silver Key v2.01 - Program for creating SFX encrypted files       SL2 - Password protection
sl95els.exe     StopLight ELS (Entry Level Security) for Win95, Win3 and DOS
sl95pc.exe      StopLight PC for Win95 - Security System
sl95pro.exe     StopLight for Win95 - Security System     EGTSOFT System Locker v3.00 for Win9x-XP - Computer Access
		Control Tool    SMART SECURITY v2.0 for Windows NT/2000 - Security Utility     SnoopStop v1.15 - COM file encryptor/protector    Security Officer Pro v2.0 - Security tool for Win32    ScreenPass - Windows screensaver and security tool        Screen PC Lock v1.1 - Screen Locking Tool for Win9x/Me     SuperLok for Win95 - File encryption utility    Spytech Shadow v1.00 - Spytool based on visual screen
		monitoring       Spy v4.0 - Security Log System    SpyCapture v1.4.3 - Computer activity monitor/logger    Spytech Eradicator v1.00 - Secure deletion program      Suckstop v1.11r - EXE protector
steg.exe        (ASP) STEGANOS for Win95/98/NT v1.5 - File Hider/Encryptor      Stealth v1.5 - Virtual password protected drive creator       Stone's Com File Encryptor      Stone's Exe Crypter    Stone' PE Encryptor v2.0 - PE Executable Security Envelope        Str8 for Win98 - Windows functions/applications hider    STRENC v1.03 - MSDOS Encryption Application       Start Up Pass v2.20 - Access control tool for Win9x/Me
svkp.exe        SVK - Protector v1.11 demo - Tool for securing of apps against
		hackers by Anticracking Team    StarValley LockUp - Computer Lock for Win32    System Lock v1.0 - PC Locker    Turtle Identd v2.11 - 32-bit console application for
		identification and authorization service    T-Secure v1.04 - Encryption Program    TbFence v4.0 - Security program by Thunderbyte    tElock v0.98 - PE Compressor/Encryptor    The Coder v1.5 - File coder     TINYAES v3.11 - Free AES Encryptor in CFB Mode    Tiny Crypt v1.1 - File Encryptor    TinyBlowfish Encryption Protram for DOS    TOPSECRET v2.0 - File Encryptor    Total-Pwd Protection v1.01 - PC password protector     TRUEPASS v1.9 - Truepass Code Protection Security Program    Tracer v2.1 - Protection util for MS-DOS users       Track - Text string encryptor and EXE file attacher     Trap v1.26 - Fast EXE/COM Protector    Tray Scren Saver v1.0 - Screen saver to guard privacy
		of your documents    Turbocrypt Encrypter/Decryptor    TypeSafe v1.04 - Win98-XP tool to monitor PC activity
ucfuncup.rar    Nine anti-cup 386/7 mode tricks       UET 2 - Turbo/Borland Pascal unit against TEU unpacker     UNCRYPT v1.01 - Uncrypts files processed with CRYPT v1.21     Unique Password Pro - Password Generator     Ultraprotect v1.02 - Windows executable files protection tool      UnPackStop v0.97 - EXE/COM Protector     Username v3.00 - DOS Program Passwording Utility     USERLOG v1.0 - PC usage log file creator for Win9x     Valentine v2.2 - Encryption Program for Win95/98/NT     VG Crypt PE Encryptor v0.75 beta      Very Good Privacy v1.22 - Security Program for Win9x/NT    VGP v3.01 - Windows Encryption System    The Vigenere's Cipher Program v6.0 for Win32     Winlock v4.11 - PC Access Control by Shellfish Software        Winlock Professional v4.11 - PC Access Control Tool     TinyXor v0.1 - Simple EXE file encryptor    XoReR v2.1 - EXE file encryptor       Password Manager for Win95    Win-CoDec v1.1 - German Encryption Software     WinCrypt95 v2.0 - IDEA Encryptor for Win95      WinDefender v2.1.9.1 for Win9x/NT - On the fly encryption
		software      Windows Encryption Toolkit v2.03          Webpage Guard - HTML, VB and JS code encryption tool    Wincrypt95 - Win95 File Encryption Utility     WinHook - Security util to prevent start selected progs    WinLock v4.01 - Windows 3.1 Protection Program     WinPGP v5.0 - 32-bit Shell for PGP     WinProtect v2.0      (ASP) WinU v4.3 - Win95 menu system with timeout and
		security access features    Wipe v3.04 - Data wiper    WipeDisk - Disk wiper for DOS and Win95/98    WipeFree for DOS/Win32 - File Wiping Utility     WIPEM v0.1 - Private data protector    Wipe v2.01 - File/dir wiper for DOS       Windows LockUp v2.0 - Lock Access for Win95-XP    WinCrypto'97 v0.5b - Encryption tool for Win95/NT        Web Protector v2.0 - Web page encryption tool      WP - Disk Protector v2.25a    WipeFree v1.00 for Win32 - Console file wiping application      1st Privacy Tool v4.1 - Access restrictor     WinLock Remote Administrator v1.0 beta-1 - Tool for remote
		administration of WinLock application settings     Dr.Salman's Windows Security Toolkit v1.50 - Security tool
		for Win98/2000    (ASP) Win-Secure-It v2.00 for Windows'95     Watchman v6.01 - Security application for Win9x/NT/2000     WinXFiles v5.1 - Encryption software for Win9x    Windows Security Officer v6.5 - Resource Restrictor for
		Win95/98/Me     XCode32 v1.00 - File Encoder for Win32    X-Message v1.0.0 - Encrypted message sender       XOdeR v0.85.2 - Simple XOR file encryptor for Win95/98    XORcrypt v1.3 - File encryptor for Win32         YAXOREP for DOS v1.00.03 - XOR encryptor        Yoda's Crypter v1.2 - PE Crypter       Z*Crypt v0.31 - Random File Encryption    Zencry v1.d - DOS/Win95 Encryption Software    ZIP/JPEG Mask v1.1 - Private data hider in ZIP/JPEG files
zufpass.arj     ZUFPASS - Password generator with human random

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