Slovak Antivirus Center - directory PACK

1czip450.exe    1st Choice Zip v4.50 - Windows Explorer-like Zip Archiver Shell      32LiTE v0.02d - Executable packer for 32-bit DOS executables    4ARJFAXT & ARJFACFG - Speeds up ARJ packing under 4DOS    4dizzy v0.96 - File_id.diz extractor for DOS and OS/2      624 v1.1 - COM program packer    777 v0.04 beta 1 - Experimental version of UFA Archiver
7z313.exe       7-ZIP Archiver v3.12 - File archiver for Win32
a3_v500.exe     A3 v5.00 - Archive Shell (in German)        (ASP) Advanced ARJ Password Recovery v2.0         AAX Compression Engine v1.1      ABC v1.3 - Archiver for Win32      ABC v2.4 - Archiver for Win32    ABComp v2.06 - File Compressor    ARJ-Bridge v6.0 - German ARJ Shell        Anti-Crypt v0.30 - Executable files unpacker       Archive Converter v3.11    ACB v2.00c - Russian Packer
acdzip.exe      ACDZip v1.0 - Compression util for Win32 by ACDSee makers         MultiArc support for the ACE archiver for FAR manager
ace204.exe      ACE Archiver v2.04 - Command line version      ACE v1.2b - DOS/Win95 archiver from Germany
ace12b.exe      ACE v1.2b - DOS/Win95 archiver from Germany (in ACE-SFX form)      ACE/2 archiver v2.04 for OS/2       (ASP) Advanced ACE Password Recovery v1.01 for Win32
ackerpck.exe    AckerPack 114 - Tool to compress folder into self-extracting
acr11.exe       Advanced CAB Repair v1.1 - Tool to repair corrupted CAB
		archives      Archive Comparison Table v27    ACT v2 - Archive Comparison Test - May 2002 (in Quattro Pro
		format)    ACT v2 - Archive Comparison Test - May 2002 (in XLS form)    A.C.T. - Archive Comparison Test - September 1998 (in TXT form)    ACT v2 - Archive Comparison Test - March 2000 (in HTML form)    A.C.T. - Testing Files    ACVT v1.30 - Archive Converter for DOS (16-bit)    ACVT v1.30 - Archive Converter for OS/2 (16-bit)    ACVT v1.30 - Archive Converter for OS/2 (32-bit)     ACVT v1.30 - Archive Converter for DOS (32-bit)    ACVT v1.30 - Archive Converter for Win32 (console)    ACVT v1.20 - Archive Converter for Win32 (GUI)    (ASP) ACZAR v2.10 for DOS - Archive Shell
aczar95.exe     (ASP) ACZAR95 beta5 - Archive Shell    (ASP) ACZAR v3.10 for Windows - Archive Shell    ADD2ZIP v1.1 - Adds a specified file to all ZIP/ARJ files
		in the current directory    addZIP Compression Libraries v0.6 - Windows compression libs    Automatic File Archiver v1.33 - Compression / Backup util for
		Win32      AFI v1.2 - Archive File Inspector for BAT's    AHCR v2.00 - EXE Unpacker        Ai Archiver v1.1 - 32bit data compression util for Win9x
ain232.exe      AIN v2.32 - Archiver
ainpswd.rar     AIN archive password finder    AKT v.70 beta 5 - Compressor from Hungary (without dox)       AKT32 v.70 beta 7 - 32-bit version of compressor from Hungary
alex60.exe      Aladdin Expander v6.0 - A file decompression util for Win32      ALLZIP v1.0 - ZIP utility       ArcMaster v11.3      AMGC v2.2 - Packer    AMGC v2.2 - Source code      AMGC v2.3 - Freeware packer modified by D.Paehl       ArcMaster for Windows v1.6     AntiAd v1.44 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal
		utility      ANTI-UNLZEXE - LZEXE packed files protector    aPACK v0.99b - Executable packer      APAK v1.0 - Russian Archive Shell    aPLIB v0.36b - Compression library     Description of ZIP format by PkWare      AR v1.10 - Archiver by H.Okumara modified by T.Melconian       AR v0.02 - Archiver by Haruhiko Okumara       AR7 v1.2 - Archiver with BIN/ASCII conversion    Archive ID v2.0 - File identifier     ARC2ARC v1.2 - RAR/ZIP/ARJ/LZH command-line converter
arc602.exe      ARC v6.02 - Older packer     ARCA v1.29 by V.Buerg    Archive Control Centre for Win3.1    Archive Determinate v1.1 - BAT utility    ArcDiff v1.6 - Win32 tool to compare contents of ZIP, LZH,
		CAB and RAR archives without melting     ARCE v4.1a by V.Buerg        ARCH v2.1 - PkZip based back-up utility     Archive Utility v1.03 - Archive and Directory List Generator
		for Win32     Multics Archive Command for OS/2 v1.0 - Archiver
archivar.exe    PDG ARCHIVARIUS v1.1.5 - Archive manager for Win9x/NT/2000/XP     Archives Manager for Win95 - Archives shell      (ASP) Advanced Archive Password Recovery (ZIP,ARJ,RAR,ACE)
		v2.20 for Win32     Scorpion's Archive Applications for Win32 - Archive Shell
archv58b.exe    Archivers v5.8 - Archivers user interface for Windows 3.1/95    Archiver for Windows v1.03    ArcID v1.04 by QuickSoft - Archive identifier    Archive Identifier v1.25      Archive List and Date Stamp - DOS utility    Archive Lister v2.0beta (RAR,ARJ,ZIP,LZH+SFX)    ARCON v2.K - Automatic Archive Format Converter     Archive Peek v1.2 - File finder inside archives     Archive Peek v2.2 for Win95 - File finder inside archives      ARCSRC v1.02a - Archive file searcher    ARCview v7.1 - Russian Archive Viewer    ARCview v7.2 OS/2 Executable of Russian archive viewer     Archive Viewer v1.00 Beta by Dr.Destiny    Archivist v1.22 for MS Word - Compress utility      Archivist v1.22 for MS Excel - Compress utility      Archive Explorer v3.0 - ZIP/CAB Manipulation Util for Win32         ARG v1.00.001 beta - DOS Archiver (Static Huffman) with source      ARH v3.23 - Archive Viewer (Russian dox)      ARHANGEL v1.40 - New packer by George Lyapko     ARIN v1.16 - Archive unpack/search utility
arj2_278.exe    ARJ for OS/2 v2.78
arj2_310.exe    ARJ32 for OS/2 v3.10
arj2r278.exe    ARJ for OS/2 v2.78 (Russian Edition)    ARJ 2000 - ARJ Shell for MS-DOS
arj282.exe      ARJ v2.82 - File archiver for DOS
arj32v3b.exe    ARJ32 v3.11 - File archiver for Win32    ARJ Doc v1.2 - Help file reference for ARJ v2.50a
arjl365u.exe    ArjFolder v3.65 - Win95/98/NT ARJ shell      ARJ Hdr v1.1 - Tool to add comments to ARJ archives
arjm500.exe     ARJ-Manager v5.00 - German ARJ Shell    ARJ Shell v1.2 - Decompression ARJ Shell for Win95/NT    ARJ Viewer v1.61      ARJX v1.7 - Freeware ARJ unpacker and SFX maker     ARJZ v0.15 alpha - Russian improved ARJ packer      Ark v1.101 - COM archiver and EXE 2 COM converter    ARMENU v1.2 - Archiver's shell for DOS     ARPA v1.2 - ARJ support utility        Advanced RAR Password Recovery v1.50       ARQ Crusher! Archive Utility v3.2         ARS v2.1.1 - SFX file archiver by Stepanyuk Oleg    The Art Of Lossless Data Compression - 26th release of the
		monthly published lossless compressors test    The Art Of Lossless Data Compression - Short version of 26th
		release of the monthly published lossless compressors test      ARX v1.00 - U.S. Packer        Archive Searcher v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Util for
		searching files in a ZIP, RAR, ACE and CAB archives    ASD for Linux - Archiver by Tobias Svensson
asd014.exe      ASD - Archiver v0.1.4 by Tobias Svensson
ash04a.rar      ASH v0.4a - File archiver    Archiver Shell v6.3 for Win95/98/NT    ArjShell v1.3 - 32-bit ARJ shell program      Archivating Service Program v1.00    ASPack v2.12 - Advanced Win32 Executable File Compressor       ARCTOOL v8.30 - Archive manager
atr.exe         Advanced TAR repair v1.1 - Tool for reparation of corrupted
		TAR archives       Archive Utilities v2.02
aup.rar         AUP v1.0 beta - Universal Executable Unpacker    AutoCompress v1.2 - Tool for evaluation of the file(s)
		compressability       Archive directory viewer v9.11    AVPACK v1.22 - EXE/COM Compression Program from Russia    ArchiveXpert v1.1.2.52 - Archive utility for Win95-XP         AXE v2.2 - Program compression utility
axsetup.exe     Archive Explorer v1.5 - Compression util for Win9x/NT/2K         Attachments Zip Compressor v1.2 - Tool for automatic
		e-mail attachments compression
azp32v43.exe    AutoZip98 v4.3 - Tool for extracting zip files directly
		from Netscape/MSIE        Alchemy ZIP v1.0 - ZIP/unZIP utility for Win9x/NT        (ASP) Advanced ZIP Password Recovery v3.54      Active Zipper Pro - Compression/decompression utility      Advanced Zip Repairer v1.60 for Win32    AZTOUCH v2.0 - Comment/redate/test ARJ & ZIP files    BA v1.01 beta rev.5 - Blocksorting Arithmetic Compressor       BCOMP v0.1 - Command-line version of LZW based packer       BDSAP - Small and fast SFX file creator (OS/2)
bee076d.rar     BEE v0.7.6d - Context mixing method based archiver for Win32
bee077s.rar     BEE v0.7.7 archiver with Source code       Belon - Japanese file compressor with GUI for Windows    RAR v2.71 for BeOS - Archiver    BICOM v1.01 - Bijective compressor    BioArc v1.9 - Archive manager optimized for text/office
		documents, executable and MP3 files
bitlin.lzh      Bitmap Liner for Windows v1.00e - LHA.DLL Utility
bitzip40.exe    BitZipper v4.0 for Win9x-XP - Zip/Unzip util    BIX Archiver v1.00 Beta 7 - Command Line File Archiver
		for Win95/98/NT       BLINK - Fast file compressor and packer for DOS together with
		beta of Win32 version    BLKARC v1.0 - Util for use of PkZip to convert sets of files
		into archives    BMF v1.10 - Lossless image compressor
bmf_2_hz.rar    BMF v2.0 - Lossless image compressor      BOA Constrictor Archiver v0.58b      Booz v2.0 - ZOO archives extractor and lister    Boozmenu - Simple GUI for ZOO archiver    BriefLZ v1.00 - Lempel-Ziv algorithm based packer with source
brzip4en.exe    BraZip v4.0.063 - Archiving tool for Win9x/NT/2000         BSA v2.0 (Rel.1.10) - Russian Packer
bsfx19.exe      BSArc v1.9.3 - Older Russian Packer    BigSpeed Zipper v4.0 - Versatile Zip tool for Win32    BigSpeed Zip DLL v3.02 for Win32 - Zipping/unzipping library
bszipocx.exe    BigSpeed Zip OCX v2.1 for Win32 - Zipping/unzipping ActiveX
btspk.arj       BTSPK v2.60b - Crypt/packer program by Big Tree Soft      BTPC v4.1 - Graphics compressor based on Binary Tree
		Predictive Coding    Archive builder v1.01 - Multivolume packer util      BUNZIP.DLL v1.0 - Freeware bz2/gz (GZIP) and CAB archive
bvi170.rar      BVI File Compressor/Decompressor v1.70    BinaryWork ZIP Compress OCX v3.093 - VB5 (SP3) version    BinaryWork ZIP Compress OCX v3.097 - VB6 (SP3) version
bwc099d.tgz     BWC v0.99 - Compressor for Linux      BTWZIP - Command line packer
bzip021.tgz     BZIP v0.21 - File Compressor for Linux     BZIP v0.21 - File Compressor for OS/2    BZIP2 v1.0.1 for OS/2 - A file compressor    BZIP2 v1.0.2 for OS/2 - Binary files (only) of a file
bzip2os2.exe    BZIP2 v1.0.0 for OS/2 v3.0 - A file compressor
bzip2w32.exe    BZIP2 v1.0.2 for Win95/98/2000/NT - A file compressor    BZIP2 Support Plug-in for Total Commander
bztk300s.exe    Batch Zip Toolkit v3.00 - Compression Package for Win32
cabcomp.exe     HeleCABCompresor v1.6.2.2 - CAB compressor for Win9x/NT     CAB-Extractor v1.0     Microlog Cabinet Manager 2003 for Win9x/NT - Compression tool
		for .cab files     BeOS Port of MS CAB Extract Utility    CabPack v1.4 - .CAB files creator    Cabview.inf v1.1 for Win95/NT     Compressed Archive Checker v3.1 - RAR,ARJ&ACE archive checker    CALCZIP v1.0B - Calculates required disk space for ZIP
		archive installation on HD
canman.exe      Can Manager v1.0 - Compressor for Win32      CAR v1.50 archiver
carc101.exe     MS Cabinet Tool v1.01    CAR Comp v1.10 - Compressor     Computer Associates CAZIPXP v1.4 - Compression tool       Complete Compressor v2.5 - Packer shell    CCMPRS - Command-line file compression utility for Win NT
cczip32.exe     CCZip v5.1 - ZIP application for Windows 95/98/NT    CD-List v3.4 for DOS/Win - ZIP as a disk unit emulator
cha1-2.exe      ChArc v1.2 - Older Russian Packer    ChiefLZ LZ77 compression v3.20 for DOS/Win16/Win32    Chilkat Zip ActiveX Control v5.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP    Chief's UNZIP v2.50 - Pascal version of Info-Zip's UNZIP     CHIPARC v1.01 - DeARC v2.10 - Compression utils
chkex117.rar    ChkEXE v1.17 - EXE Packer Identifier    CLEARCOM v2.0 - Removes ZIP comments and resets data of archive
		to that of the newest file within the ZIP file
cm_src.rar      CM - Static context modeling archiver - Source code      COMAR v3.43 - DOS Archive Shell and File Manager      AD Command Zip - Simple zipping utility    Compression Assistant v1.61 - MS compress/expand front-end     Compressed ANSI format packer    Compress/Decompress Utility v1.0 for Windows     Compressor - Archiver for Win95/NT     COMP16 - UNIX compressed files uncompressor for DOS    Unix-Compatible 16 bit compress/uncompress/zcat for DOS    Unix-Compatible 16 bit compress/uncompress/zcat for OS2
comprsia.exe    Compressia v1.0 Beta 1 - GUI Archiver for Win32    NK - BMP/TV format lossless compressor     Archive Converter v1.00 (in German)     Convert It! - File Archive Converter     CONVERTER v1.2 - Archive format converter for Win32
coolzip.exe     CoolZip v1.01 - Compression Tool for Win32     CrossePAC v1.35 for MS-DOS - Data Compression Utility       COMPACK v5.1 - COM/EXE Compactor    CPShrink by Central Point
crark15b.rar    cRARk v1.55b - RAR v1.5x password finder
crark23a.rar    cRARk v2.3a - RAR v2.x password finder      CRACKCOM v0.92 - Generic COM Unpacker      Cruncher v1.0 - File compression program (c) 1989     (ASP) CRUSH v1.8 - File Compression Tool    ZIP Crypto support for Total Commander
csfv140.rar     cSFV v1.40 - Util for CRC32 value calculation and checking       CrackStop Remover v1.2      CompSys v1.5 - The LiveSystems Object-Oriented Toolbox for
		using compressed files (.PAS src)
ct-155.exe      CFAtest v1.55 - Multiple Zip, RAR/MP3 (SFV), Shn/Mpg (MD5)
		tester      Compactic Telescope v1.21 - Fast viewer of archives placed
		to web servers    CTW v0.1 - Context Tree Weighting method based compressor    CTXf v0.69 beta - Compression tool by Nikita Lesnikov    CTXf v0.75 pre-beta - Compression tool        CUNP - ROSE's Generic COM file unpacker
cutezip.exe     CuteZip v2.1 - Compression tool
cuz40.exe       CAM UnZip v4.0 - Zip format compressor for Win32    CauseWay Compressor - Command-line compression tool with source     Adding commentary to all zip archives v1.33b      DAC v1.29 - German Archive Converter       DC Archiver - Experimental BWT-based archiver for Win32    DUMPCOM v3.55 PRO - COM Unpacker
dca101.exe      DCA v1.01 beta - Archiver with GUI    DDJ Compress Contest Contributions - HSTEST,SIXPACK,COMPACT...       DECompress v0.1 - Universal decompressor (ZIP,ARJ,RAR...)    DECAY v0.05 - Generic 386 COM Unpacker
deepf106.exe    DeepFreeze v1.06 - Japanese Win95 archiver with GUI interface    Info on using the PKWARE Data Compression Library for Win    Info on using the PKWARE Data Compression Library for Win32
delta10.exe     Demo version of ICT Delta Coder v1.0    Delphi ZIP v1.2 - ZIP v2.04g compatible VCL's, examples and
		DLLs for Delphi v2 and v3      Batch file for inserting descriptions to zips    SDW386 v1.79 remover    DeSCRE2B v1.0 - SCRNCH decompressor    DeTrap v1.51 - Generic TRAP Envelope Remover     UnPackStop v0.97 Remover    D-Extract v2.0 - The archive-to-directory decompression shell    Do Files v3.1 - Util for creating ZIP using original file name    Diet v1.45f - EXE File Compressor     DirPack - Utility for sub-directory packing    DitPack v1.0 - Freeware packer with src by Disoft    DIUNPACK v3.03 - Diskette Image Unpacker     DizList v1.4 - File List Creator    (ASP) DIZVIEW v2.1 - Catalog all of your ZIP files      Dizzy v1.0 - Scans ZIP files and compiles list of descriptions      DJAR v1.02 Beta - JAR Shell for Win95    DJARD v1.02 Beta - JAR Shell for DOS       DKD32 - LZSS and LZ-CRUNCH decompressor
dlc.exe         DLC - Digilinear Compression based utility         DMC - Dynamic Markov Compression based utility      DMC - Dynamic Markov Compression - Source code    Obsession Exe-file expander v2.5    DOS32 Unpacker v0.01c - Decompressor of DOS32 extender packed
		executables         DoZ test/demo program for UNIX-like compression    QZip & DoZip - ZIP Processors          DP v1.0 - Command line archiver      DPAE & DEP v1.1a - German DOS Packer (in English)     DPACKWIN v1.0b - LHARK Shell for Win95     DPACK v3.21 - German Packer (ZIP,ARJ...) Shell    DPINFO95.DLL v3.4 by D.Paehl - Archive type identifying DLL     Document Press v1.11 - MS Office document compressor    DPSLIT v1.4 - Archive file splitter for Win95/NT     DPZIP32 v1.1a - Freeware PkZip 2.04 compatible packer for Win32    DropStuff v1.0 for Windows - Windows/MAC cross-platform
		compression and access tool
drpstf50.exe    DropStuff 5.0 & Aladdin Expander 5.0 - Windows tool
		for creation StuffIt and ZIP archive formats
dshar206.tgz    dshar v2.06 - Command line packer    DeShrink v1.6 - Shrinker envelope unpacker      DST v0.9b - New compression program (for 1 file only)
dummyppm.rar    DummyPPM Coder (Method D) - C Source      Dragon UnPACKer v4.14 - Quake PAK and other game files
durilca.rar     Durilca v0.3 - Command-line compression program
dwc-a510.exe    DWC Rel.A5.10 - Older packer
dz50.exe        (ASP) Drag And Zip v5.0 for Windows 3.1
dz95.exe        (ASP) Drag And Zip v3.0g for Win95/NT      DZIP v2.0 - Packer shell (in German)
dzip29.exe      Dzip v2.9 - GUI version of File Compressor for Win32
dzipcl29.exe    Dzip v2.9 - Command line version of Cile Compressor for Win32
dzip_b1.exe     DeluxeZIP Beta - Compression tool with ZIP/RAR format support      E_WISE 2002 - WISE Setup Unpacker     EASYZIP v1.2 by Dirk Paehl - Win32 packer
easzipse.exe    EASYZIP v1.2 by Dirk Paehl - Win32 packer (SFX file)       E_LC10 - LC10 compressed DOS/G[W] programs unpacker
elfpack.tgz     ELFpack for Linux v1.0     ELI 5750 Demo version - Older Russian Packer       ExeLITE v1.00 beta F - EXE packer    ELITE v1.04 - EXE Wrapper    ELITE v2.0 - EXE & data files compressor      ENC v0.15 - PPMII method based archiver for Win32
entpack.arj     Entpack - German EXE/COM Unpacker    ENTPACK v3.01 - Universal Unpacker from Germany     ENZIP v1.0 - German PkZip Compatible Freeware Unpacker
ep2k.exe        EP2K - Command-line unpacking tool for Win9x/NT/2000     EPACK v1.6 - Executable file compressor       EPM r9 - Compression tool     Easyrar v1.73 - German RAR supporting utility    ERI32 v5.1 free - Multimedia archiver, freeware version         ERP v0.97b - Executable Recovery Program (EXE unpacker)       ES v1.3b - German Unpacking Shell       EXESCAN - packed/protected EXE files recognizer        ES95 v2.63 - Archive Identifier for Win95/98/NT
esp_v192.exe    ESP v1.92 - Extension-Sort Packer from Hungary    EXE32PAK v1.37.0.3 - EXE packer for Win32 by Steelbytes    EXE 2 CAB Converter v3.2 - Converts SFX CAB (EXE) files to
		non-SFX CAB files
exei17xb.rar    EXEINFO v1.7XBeta for DOS - EXE Envelope Identifier by ASL     EXEPack - EXE Manipulation Tools     Executable Optimizer v1.055 - Util for optimizing of headers    ExeHigh v1.01 - Executable file compressor        Experimental (bzip2 compression engine based) archiver v1     ExTAR v1.0 - TAR extractor
extpc102.exe    ExtractorPC v1.02 - Compact Pro Expander      Extractor! v1.0 - VT VMS_SHARE Encoded Files Extractor
extranow.exe    Extract Now v3.56 - Archive extraction tool for Win32      ExtractRAR v1.01 - Freeware add-on for WinRAR
ezip30.exe      eZip Wizard for Windows v3.0 - Compression utility    exwise v0.5 - WISE install executables decompressor       ACE archive unpacking shell         E.Z.R. v1.0 - ACE,ARJ&RAR Decompression Assistant    (ASP) EasyZIP Self-Extractor Pro v1.05 for Win'95/NT
ezzip3.exe      Easy Zip v3.1 - Compression tool     VIPTRADER v1.00 - ZIP Handling Utility     FACT v1.32 - Freeware Archive Conversion Tool     FArc v1.24 - File in archives finder    FArc for Windows v1.24 - File in archives finder     FAST INFLATE v1.8 (ZIP,ARJ,LZH)    FASTPACK.DLL - 16-bit DLL with fast compression algorithm       FileInfo v2.45 - EXE/COM packer/envelope identifier    (ASP) The Finishing Touch v2.6 - Professional software
		installation program    Flash, Fast Library Utility v1.00      FOXSQZ v1.9c DEMO      FreePaK v2.00 - SFX archives creator for Win9x/NT/2000    Freeze! The Windows Compression Utility v1.0    Freeze/Melt Compression Program v2.5
freezip.exe     FreeZip v1.4.9 - Win95/98/NT free ZIP utility          File Scanner - EXE Encryptor/Packer Identifier    Set of additional utils for File Scanner       FV v2.00 - Verbose Archive Directory Lister by Vernon D.Buerg     FVCBM v3.0 - Displays Commodore 64/128 Archive Files Contents     FlexCompress v2.53 - Compression Library for Delphi/C++ Builder
fz2001.exe      FAST Zip 2001 v1.01 - Compression Utility for Win32
fz301.exe       Filzip v3.01 - Compression utility for Win9x-XP     Fast ZIP Cracker v1.05c - ZIP password finder       GAS File Compression/Decompression Utility v2.0
gca_v09k.exe    GCac v0.9k - Japanese compression program       GetTyp v2.50 - EXE/COM packer/encryptor/compiler... detector    GetDiz v3.0 - DIZ viewer    GETDIZ v1.2 - Freeware FILE_ID.DIZ extractor      GETEXE v2.0 - EXE Unpacker       GFE v1.0 - General File Extractor
godzfree.exe    GodeZIP 2000 v7.9 free light version of compress util
godzip79.exe    GodeZIP 2000 v7.9 - Program to compress/decompress and crypt
		files by drag&drop
gsfx11.exe      GSfx Wizard v1.1.1 - Win32 tool for creation SFX archives       GT2000 v0.26 - File format detector for Win32       GetTyp v2.60 - Extended file format detector (archives, EXE's)      GetTyp v2.60 for Windows - File format detector    Grepf v10 - Grep also in ARJ, ZIP ...    GNUtar v1.11.2 for DOS     SCSI Tape Backup for OS/2 v2.58       Gather v1.2 - Archive several files into one and restore them     GTUI - GetTyp user interface for Windows
guipex.exe      GUiPeX v1.4 - A UPX Front-End for Win32       General Unpacking Shell v1.0 for Windows95     General Unpack Shell v1.95     GNU Zip v1.24      HA v0.999 beta - Packer by Harri Hirvola       HA v0.999 beta - NT version of packer by Harri Hirvola     RAR.CFG Decoder v1.0    HAP v3.05 - Packer      HAP v3.06 - Packer    HAP v4.0xTD - Testdrive release         HAView v0.6 - HA viewer    HAVE v6.14 Beta - Older Archive Viewer    HA Archiver Plugin v1.1.0 for Total Commander
hit.arj         HIT v2.10 - MS-DOS based packer from Romania
hjz_pack.exe    HJ-Zip v0.4beta - Freeware unzipper
hki13f.exe      WinHki v1.3f - Compression tool for Win32     EXELocker Remover    HPACK v0.79a0 - Multi-System Archiver (DOS version)    HPACK v0.79 for OS/2 - Multi-System Archiver (OS2 version)     HPA Compressor v1.8      HackStop Remover v1.14     HTML LZW Compression v2.5 for Win9x/NT/2000
htmlzip.exe     HTMLZip v1.06 - SFX compressed HTML pages creator for Win9x/NT
hunp101.rar     HUNP v1.01- Executable unpacker     Hyper - Pack Utility v2.5 (the last English version)     Hyper - Pack Utility v2.6 (German version)    NuLib v3.24 - Archiver        IceUnP v0.3.4 - EXE/COM UnPacker by author of Xpack    I6Comp v1.03b - Install Shield v6.x CAB util
i5comp21.rar    I5comp v2.01 - Install Shield Cabinet Files Maintenance Util    I6Comp v0.20 - Install Shield v6.x CAB util     ICE v1.02c archiver       Install Shield De-Compressor v3.00.061 for MS Windows     Install Shield De-Compressor v3.00.062 for Win95/98/NT
idar215e.exe    IDArc v2.15 - Archive Identifier - English version
idarc215.exe    IDArc v2.15 - Archive Identifier - German version    IDCHECKR - Simple tool to detect type of archive
idpck315.exe    IDPacker v3.15 - TP6+ Unit for Identification of Archive
		Formats     InfoExe v1.31 - EXE packer/protector identifier    InfoExe v1.35 beta         IMP archiver add-on to FAR file manager settings
imp112.exe      IMP v1.12 - Command-line file archiver for Win95/NT     IMP v1.10 - DOS version of file archiver
in-370.exe      Installer v3.70 - Tool for installing single or multi-volume
		archive file sets    UX v0.55 - EXE file unpacker    InstallZIP v1.3 - Makes easy setup of an application stored
		in a ZIP archive    ARCLOG v1.20 - LOG file archiver for DOS/OS2    isDcc v1.22 - Install Shield Decompiler      Util which tell you if ZIP file contains FILE_ID.DIZ or not       BigSpeed InZip Text Search for Win95/98/NT - Find, view and
		extract info from ZIP archives      IUP v0.6.7 - Executable Unpacker
izarc34.exe     IZArc v3.4.1.6 - Compression tool for Win32    Zip/UnZip Source Shared Files         JAM/UNJAM - Tiny freeware Chinese packer/unpacker      JAM v2.21 - Russian COM/EXE Compressor
jar102x.exe     JAR v1.02 - File Archiver for DOS and Win95/NT from R.Jung
jarcs094.exe    JARCS v0.94 - Compression Program    JarShell v1.11 for Win95/98 - GUI for JAR archiver    JarWin v2.0 beta - JAR graphics interface for Windows 95
javazip.exe     JavaZip v1.0 - Java compression utility      JCALG1 Compression Library by Jeremy Collake      Run Length Encoding Utility v0.3 - Compression program      JPEG-LS Reference Encoder v1.00 by HP      (ASP) JRCHIVE v1.10 - Compression System    JrUnzip v1.0 - Win3.1 Unzip Utility    Just Click v1.1a - Archive extraction add-on    Jen's UnPacker v1.70
jzlib98.exe     Zlib98 - ZIP/TAR/GZIP browser for Win95/98/NT     KBOOM v1.1 - LZW file encoder/decoder    Keep-It v2.0 - Revision control system for Win9x/NT    TAR v2.00 for DOS (dox in Japanese)    TAR v2.01 for DOS (Update)      KTY Archive v1.3 by HyperBeat Software - Japanese archiver
kurkul.rar      FAR Plugin Calculator    KZipper v0.94 - ZIP manager for OS/2    KAZip v0.99e - ZIP manager for OS/2      LaRar v2.0 - Program to aid in using UnRAR
larc333.exe     LARC v3.33    LARCH v3.21 - Archive Manager       LAR & SQPC - Older compressors    LDZIP v2.25 - ZIP with LFN support creator in plain DOS       Large File Backup and Restore v1.0      LGAFIND v2.4 - Recursive File Finder in Archives (Russian dox)
lgasp403.rar    LGASPLIT v4.03 - Archive Splitter for DOS (Russian dox)    LGAVIEW v6.09 - Archive Viewer for DOS/Win by Lyapko George     LGFV v2.10 - MS-DOS Archives Viewer by Lyapko George    LGFV v2.11 for FAR - Archiver Viewer     LGHA v1.1g - DOS Archiver by Lyapko George    LGLHAFIX v1.3 - Damaged LZH/ICE files reconstructor    LGLZ v1.04e - DOS Executables Compressor by Lyapko George
lgpkv110.exe    LOGPAK v1.10 - Log files archiving util (RAR support)       LGZSP - Util for stripping paths from ZIP archives
lh113c.exe      LHArc v1.13c    LH/2 v2.28 for OS/2
lha211_s.exe    LHA v2.11 Source Code
lha255b.exe     LHA v2.55b - Japanese and English version with Japanese dox
lha255e.exe     LHA v2.55 - English version
lha266.exe      LHA v2.66 - Japanese version
lha266e.exe     LHA v2.66 - English patch and document
lha267.exe      LHA 32 v2.67 - Japanese version
lha267e.exe     LHA 32 v2.67 - English patch and document
lha32106.exe    LHA32 v1.06 by Take (in Japanese)
lhadll.exe      LHA.DLL for Windows    LHARK v0.4d - packer by Kerwin F.Medina
lhasa010.exe    Lhasa v0.1 - LHa Extractor for Win95    LHA Viewer v1.61
lhe101.exe      Fast LHA extractor for DOS      LHEX v1.1 - LHA archives extraction add-on      LHSCAN & LHPICK v0.02 - Corrupt LZH file Rescue Program      LIAR v4.0 - Lister of archives     Limit v1.2 - Packer    LITCAB v1.12 - CAB files manipulator for Win95/98    LITCAB32 v1.04 - CAB files manipulator for Win32
lk031.exe       About Look-at-Me v0.31 - 4DOS batch file to display contents
		of text files in ARJ format archive     Long Name Unzip v1.50     LPAC Archiver plug-in v1.00 for Winamp    LPAC Archiver v1.41 (with Codec DLL 3.08 and documentation)    LPAC Full Installation (with Codec DLL 3.09 and command line
		version 1.40)     LPAC Archiver Command Line v1.40 for Win32    LPAC Archiver v1.41 - Codec DLL v3.08 only    LPA and LEPA - Packer Shell (in German)    LSIZE v2.52 - Packed files splitter    LSP SFX Builder v2.0 - Single file SFX creator
lunace20.tgz    UnAce for Linux v2.0a     LxLite v1.3.3 - An OS/2 Executables Packer    LxLite v1.3.3 - Source Code of OS/2 Executables Packer      Chief's LZ Archiver for Win3.1x/Win9x/WinNT     LZALT v0.03 - LZEXE compressed files modifier    LZAP v0.20.0 - Packer      LZDS v2.1 - Command-line packer      LZEALT v1.04 - Fast LZEXE un-extractor      LZEFIX - Shell for LZEXE    LZESHELL v3.00 - Shell for LZEXE compressor    LZEXE v0.91 - EXE File Compressor    LZEXE v1.00 - EXE File Compressor    Requirement for loading an EXE file compressed with LZEXE     LZHE v1.00 - List/Text/Extract LZH compressed files by Sydex      LZHLIB - Compression library by Kerwin F.Medina
lzhm500.exe     LZH-Manager v5.00 - German LZH Shell    A user interface for Fabrice Bellard's LzExe        LCARS-Zip v1.0.24 for Win95 - Zip program with LCARS interface
		from the Star Trek Series :-)
lzo108.tgz      LZO v1.08 - A real-time data compression library
lzop101l.tgz    LZOP v1.01 - A real-time data compression utility (Linux)    LZOP v1.01 - A real-time data compression utility (DOS)    LZOP v1.00 - A real-time data compression utility (OS/2)    LZOP v1.01 - A real-time data compression utility (WIN)      LZSDEMO v3.1 by Stac Electrics        Simple LZSS implementation v1.0 by Jeremy Collake    LZSSUNIT v1.02 for Borland (Turbo) Pascal      Extract ArcMac's files on PC v1.1a    Password guesser to recover PkZipped files when the password
		has been lost    MakeZexe - Free SFX ZIP file creator    MakeZip v1.28 - Create ZIP archives with 95/NT self-extractor       MAR v1.0 - Micrognosis Compression Archiver     MCOPY v1.0 - Backup util (ARJ-based)      MDCD v1.0 - Packer    Megalite v1.20a+ - EXE Compressor       MESS (EXE Envelope) Remover v1.1
mindexp.exe     Mind Expander for Windows - ZIP, SIT, SEA and HQX unpacker
		for Windows    Minunzip - Simple Free Unzip Program for Win95    Makes FILES.BBS list from ARJ and ZIP description files     EXE file compressor for DJGPP V2 v1.07
mlzo104.tgz     Mini version of LZO v1.04 - A real-time data compression
		library        MORR - Universal Password Cracker
mpc3_00.exe     MPC v3.00 - Archiver    MSCIC ed.6.50 - COM/EXE Compressor/Protector Identifier    MS Compress v2.00    Extractor for CAB files by MS     MSFIX v1.3 - Fixes Exepack/some BIOS Conflict    MSXiE v1.40 Pro - High Performance Archiver     Multi File Identifier v1.44 (archives, multimedia files)    multiARC v2.2 - Multiarchive extractor for Win9x      MUP v1.22 - Multiple Unpacker     Make Upgrade v1.00 - Util for making upgrade archives
		of programs and databases     WWPACK Mutator v1.1c - Security WWPACK add-on    MutaWWP Remover v1.00
mydiz055.lzh    MyDiz v0.55 - File_id.diz processor     Multiple-ZIP-licity v1.5 - Multiple ZIP archives unpacker      NARC v2.1 - Older De-Archive Utility
nbz20.exe       Brilliant Zip v2.01 - Compression tool for Win32    The Norton Commander Archive Viewer v4.8 Beta-D      NED v2.30 - NE VB3.0 executable files deshrinker      NeLite 2004 - OS/2 NE format executable packer    NeoLite v2.0 - Windows 32-bit EXE & DLL compressor    NES v1.20 - DOS shell program with archive support
newzipse.exe    NEWZIP - Freeware ZIP archiver for Windows by D.Paehl        Neural Network Text Compression Programs by Matt Mahoney    Some anti-hacking tricks for WWPACK     NOAH Archive Utility Program v1.1    Deletes all files except of ZIP,ARJ...       NaShrinK v5.0 - File Compression Utility from India    (ASP) OCS Self-Extractor Personal v5.0a - Fast SFX packer    Outlook Express Archive Pro v2.52 - Save Outlook Express email
		folder to compressed and password protected archive       OOP v2.3 - Archiving Program    OptimFROG v4.50 alpha - Audio Compressor         OWS v0.95beta - Lossless Fractal Compression Program -
		It's only a joke - please don't delete original files !!!     Pack v2.01 - Executable File Compressor      PACKUJ v1.0 - Util for creation of 1-file archives    Packvxrx - Fix and compression for VX/Rexx executables     PACKWIN v1.0 - DOS and Windows Executable File Compressor
packword.exe    PackWord v1.0 - Microsoft Word's Document to SFX Archive
pacl351.exe     Power Archiver Command Line Support Add-On v3.51      oPAQue (former PAK) v1.0 - Simple but very fast packer for DOS
pak251.exe      PAK v2.51 - Packer by Nogate Consulting      Pack It Up! v4.41 - Archive Shell for Windows'95    PAKEXE v1.0b - Big executables packer    PAKLEO v1.06 & UNPAKLEO v1.05 - Packing utils by ThunderSoft        PAQ1 - File Compressor       PAQ3 - File compressor/archiver
paq6v2.exe      PAQ 6v2 - File Compressor     PAQ Menu - Simple GUI for PAQ Archiver
par149b.exe     PAR v1.49b - Compression program for Win32
par200a.exe     PAR v2.00 beta - Compression program for Win32     PAX v2 for DOS - Archiving utility     PAX v2.0 for OS/2 - Archiving utility      PC/3270 v2.00 - Compression program    PCArc v1.10f - Archiving program     PCDE ZIP v1.00 - Packer    AinView v1.74 - Archive File Viewer    FID v2.15 - File_id.diz Extractor
pkrar330.exe    RAR v3.30 for Pocket PC - English Edition
prar330d.exe    RAR v3.30 for Pocket PC - German Edition
prar34b5.exe    RAR v3.40 Beta-5 for Pocket PC - English Edition    ProcDump32 v1.6 Final - PE files unpacker/dumper      PDZ v1.01 - Experimental PDF compressor        PECompact 2.40 - Win32 Executables Packer    PECompact v1.84 - Win9x/NT4/W2k Executables Packer         PEDiminisher v0.1 - Simple PE packer    PE-Pack v1.00 - Win32 Executables Packer    Phrozen Crew PE Shrinker v0.71     PC TAR v1.1 - Freeware     PEmultiGUI v0.55 - Win32 EXE packers GUI    pe-scan v3.31 - PE files envelope identifier    Petite v2.2 for Win95/NT - Win32 Executable Compressor    PGMPAK v0.14 - Program Compress Utility    PGMPAK v0.15 - Program Compress Utility (without dox)     PGNPACK v1.0 - Pack/unpack PGN files        PI v2.9 - German Packer Identifier      PibARV - Win95/98/NT console program to list the contents of PC
		compressed files      PibARX - Win95/98/NT console program to extract the contents
		of PC compressed files
piczip30.exe    PicoZip v3.0 - Compression tool for Win32
pika.exe        Rabbit LZH file decompression tool
pk250c32.exe    (ASP) PkZip v2.50 Command Line for Win95/NT
pk250dos.exe    (ASP) PkZip v2.50 for DOS
pk263w16.exe    (ASP) PkZip for Windows v2.60.03 - 16bit
pk361.exe       PkPak v3.61    MAINZEL Backup - PkZip Based Backup Program
pkl3211.exe     (ASP) PkLite32 v1.1 (Win32 exe compressor)
pklin251.exe    PkZip for Linux v2.51
pklin600.sfx    PkZip for Linux v6.00
pklts201.exe    (ASP) PkLite v2.01 (exe/com compressor)
pkos2250.exe    (ASP) PkZip for OS/2 v2.50
pksmart.rar     PkSmart v1.0b - Executable file compressor from Russia    TinyProg packed files modifier
pkx35a35.exe    PkArc v3.5    The PkZip Caller v2.01 - German PkZip utility    PKZCHECK - PkZip Password Checker
pkzf15.exe      (ASP) PkZFIND v1.50 & PkZOOM v1.50 - ZIP utils by PKWARE
pkzc400s.exe    PKZIP v4.0 Command Line for Win9x/NT/2000
pkze110s.exe    PKZIP Explorer v1.1 for Win9x/NT/2000
pkzip80.exe     PkZip v8.0 for Win32
pm16.exe        Pack Master v1.6 - EXE Packer
pmext4pc.arj    PMext v2.2 - .PMA files extractor for DOS    PMWUNLIT.EXE v1.20 - Decompressor for PMODE/W compressed
		executables    PM Zipper - OS/2 InfoZip Shell and CD-ROM Manager     PNGCRUSH v1.5.8 - PNG files packer (executable)     PNGCRUSH v1.5.8 - PNG files packer (source code)    PNUNPACK R3.00 from OpenDOS v7.01
pwarc901.exe    Power Archiver 2004 v9.01 - Multiformat archive file manager
pwrc88sk.exe    Power Archiver 2003 v8.80 - Slovak edition of multiformat
		archive file manager       Pro-Pack v2.19 - Executable Packer    PowerPacker depacker for DOS    PowerPacker depacker for Windows
ppmdi1.rar      PPMD var.I rev.1 - Fast PPM Compressor for textual data w/src
ppmnb1.rar      PPMN v1.00b1+ - PPM Compressor
ppmstar.rar     PPM-star compression algorithm - Source code
ppmy_3c.rar     PPMY v2.00c - Context Mixing-based Data Compressor    PPMZ - PPM Based Compressor - DOS version    PPMZ - PPM Based Compressor - Win95/NT version
ppmz91.rar      PPMZ - PPM Based Compressor - Win32 version       PPMZ2 v0.8 - File compressor    PPMZ2 - Source code of compressor
prar206p.exe    RAR for OS/2 v2.06 - Polish edition       PRSYS - EXE2BIN Relocation Packer for DOS Driver Files
ps2_202e.exe    PalmScan v2.02 for OS/2 - The Ultimate Archive Convert Utility     PSA v0.91 - Pretty Simple Archiver
psa1_43.exe     Secura Archiver v1.43 - Archiving software    PSA v0.91 - Pretty Simple Archiver (Win32 compilation)     PalmSaver v1.80 for Win95/98 - Backup shell over ARJ/RAR/ZIP
		packers    PalmScan v2.02 -) 2.02a Patch
pscn202e.exe    PalmScan v2.02 for DOS - The Ultimate Archive Conv. Utility     PSPEED v1.22 - Packer performance checker (dox in German)    PTEST v1.07 - Packer performance tester    Pu-Crunch - A Hybrid LZ77 and RLE based packer    PULL v3.2 - A Cross Platform Tool for File Easy Extracting
		and Compact Packaging - DOS version    PULL v3.3 - A Cross Platform Tool for File Easy Extracting
		and Compact Packaging - OS/2 version    Pocket UnZip v1.10 GUI app. (Intel)     PURSIKKA v96.3 - ARJ, ZIP and LHA archives unpacker      (ASP) PUT, GET & INSTALL v3.47 by MicroFox      The Powerful UnZipper v1.1 - ZIP utility       PV v1.05 - Archive File Viewer for OS/2      PV v1.05 - Archive File Viewer for DOS       PvAdt - Command line archiver v0.1 of ADT format
plzip700.exe    Planet Zip v7.00 (formerly Wallaby'95) - Archive file shell
		for Win95/98/NT
pzip702.exe     PowerZip v7.02 - Freeware Win32 ZIP Manager        QuickArchive v1.1 - An easy archive wizard for DOS     QAZ v3.61 - Archive Dir Viewer (many formats...)    Quick Decompress v0.5beta for DOS    QEZ v1.2 - Quick and Easy Software Installation     Quick File Collection v2.02c - TAR-like file storing utility
qlfc6_6w.rar    QLFC 6.6w - Archiver based on Quantized Local Frequency Coding      QPed v2.10 - Program to create new and editing existing .pak
		files for id software's Quake
qsfv221.exe     Quick SFV v2.21 - SFV Checker for Win32    QSichern v1.4s - PkZip based Backup program from Germany    Quantum v0.97 - release candidate - Packer    Quark v1.00beta - Russian Packer
qzip306.exe     QuickZip v3.06.1 - Archiver for Win32
qzl145.exe      QuickZip Lite v1.45 - Archive shell for Win32
r2sfx.exe       Rar2SFX - Tool to convert RAR archive files to executables
raco04.rar      raVen's Archive Converter v0.4 for DOS/OS2/Win32
rar_amy.lha     UnRAR for Amiga     FAQ on RAR
rar-use.exe     RAR-USE v1.1 - FAQ on how to configure various comm. programs
		for using RAR
rar250.exe      RAR v2.50 (DOS)
rar250d.exe     RAR v2.50 (DOS) - German edition
rar250p.exe     RAR v2.50 (OS/2)
rar250pl.exe    RAR v2.50 (DOS) - Polish edition
rar205pd.exe    RAR v2.05 (OS/2) - German edition
rar250ru.exe    RAR v2.50 (DOS) - Russian edition
rar200sa.exe    RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak edition (ACII)
rar200se.exe    RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak translation of dox to English edition
rar200sk.exe    RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak edition (Kamenicky)
rar200sl.exe    RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak edition (Latin2)
rar202s2.exe    RAR v2.02 (OS/2) - Spanish edition
rar202sp.exe    RAR v2.02 (DOS) - Spanish edition
rarbs330.tgz    RAR v3.30 for FREE-BSD Unix - Archiver
rarb34b5.tgz    RAR v3.40 Beta-5 for FreeBSD - Archiver
rarbatch.exe    Other formats 2 RAR conversion BAT's (ZIP,ARJ,LZH...)     RARBREAK II - Password Cruncher for RAR v2.xx Archives       RAR Multi-Volume File Extract Utility
rarfaq14.exe    FAQ on RAR v1.4 (in German)
rarhp.sfx       RAR v2.02 for UNIX (HP)    Rarissimo v1.0c - Companion tool for WinRAR that preserve
		NTFS alternate streams
rarkeyd.exe     RAR Key v6.1 demo - Password Recovery Tool for RAR Archivers
rarlng.rar      RAR Language files for WinRAR translators
rarlx330.tgz    RAR v3.30 for Linux - Archiver
rarl34b5.tgz    RAR v3.40 Beta-5 for Linux - Archiver
rarmc330.tgz    RAR v3.30 for MacOS X - Archiver
rarm34b5.tgz    RAR v3.40 Beta-5 for MacOS X - Archiver
rarm500.exe     RAR Manager v5.00 - German RAR Shell    RAR Sequence Checker v1.6 - Checks a series of RAR files
		to see if files are missing
rarsco.sfx      RAR v2.01 for UNIX (SCO)
rarshlex.rar    RAR Shell Extension v1.0 for Win95/NT
rarsparc.sfx    RAR v2.01 for UNIX (SunOS-Sparc)
rarx330.exe     RAR v3.30 for DOS32 and OS/2 - Archiver (console version)
rarx34b5.exe    RAR v3.40 Beta-5 for DOS32 and OS/2 - Archiver (console ver.)
rav250.rar      Remote Archive Viewer v2.5 for RA v2.0/2.5     RAX v1.02 - compression program from Romania       RCF v3.8 - Archive Viewer
rcvtw32.rar     The RAR Conversion Utility v1.03 for Win32    RDMC v0.06b - DMC algorithm based packer (English version)    RDMC v0.06b - DMC algorithm based packer (Spanish version)
reace016.exe    REACE.BAT v0.16 - * -) ACE Converter     Rearc v1.1 - Rearchives all zip files to max. compression and
		set the date/time of zip file to that of the latest file in it    RECOMP v0.1 - Recompress nested ZIP archives       Reduq v1.2 - File compressor      RenGen - ZIP packing of dir with LFN files      RENZIP v1.0 - Rename files in a ZIP file
rep10d.exe      Repack v1.00 - Archive Repacker (German version)
rep10e.exe      Repack v1.00 - Archive Repacker      REPACKER v1.0 - ZIP/ARJ/RAR... command line repacker    VSh Archive Repacker v1.01
rerar1b2.exe    Re-RAR v1.2 beta-2 - Other formats 2 RAR conversion program
rerp.rar        RERP - ROSE's EXE Relocation Packer v0.02
rip-167.exe     RipIt v1.67 - Multi-volume archives creation tool    Ripper v1.3 - Multiple File Unzip Utility    RJCRUSH v1.10a beta - DOS executable compressor (without dox)    RJCRUSH v1.10 - DOS Executable Compressor
rk104a1d.exe    RK File Archiver v1.04.1 alpha for DOS
rk104a1w.exe    RK File Archiver v1.04.1 alpha for Win32     RKAU v1.07 - Audio codec for WAV compression
rkc102w.exe     RKC compression test-bed v1.02
rkgrp106.rar    RKGraph - Compressor-profiling utility v1.06     RKIM v1.06 - Image codec for TGA/RAS compression     RKUC v1.04 - Universal compression codec     RKIVE v1.4 - File archiver    RKIVE v1.92 beta 1 - File archiver    Run Length Encoding Program - 16 bit header version     Run Length Encoding Program - 8 bit header version       RLE96 - Compression program with PAS source code    Rosetiny - Generates unpackable TINYPROG packed files
roshal.jpg      Eugene Roshal (author of RAR archiver) picture in JPG format      RAR Password Cracker v4.12 for Win32    Red Hat rpm for OS/2 v3.06
rpmv12.lzh      RPMVIEW v1.2 - DOS viewer for Linux RPM files      RAR Password Search v1.02 (in German)     RSUNZIP v2.04b - Freeware DOS Unzipper    Rose Patch v2.4 - TinyProt/Rosetiny Unpacker      GORUR's Easy Doc's on Using the ARJ Compression Program      GORUR's Easy Doc's on Using PkUnzip Program      GORUR's Easy Doc's on Using PkZip Program       RV - Rview v2.51 - Archive lister      RVS - RView Shell v1.13 - Shell for viewing and extracting
		contents of archives
rz-212.exe      RipZip v2.12 - Rar/Ace multi-volume Zipper    SAL - Salamanders compression/archive utility        Streamline Archival Utility v1.00
sarj121.exe     SARJ v1.21 - General Unpack Shell (ARJ support)
sav100.exe      SAV v1.00 - Simple Archive Viewer (German version)
sav100e.exe     SAV v1.00 - Simple Archive Viewer (English version)    SAWZip v2.0 - DLL for reading, creating and extracting from
		from ZIP files    SBC v0.970 beta for DOS - Secure archiver with built-in
		encryption options    SBC v0.970 beta for Win32 - Secure archiver with built-in
		encryption options       SBX v1.4 - Compression program and SFX maker for Win95    ScanZip v1.0 - Zip archives lister
script22.exe    Scripts v2.2 - German util for RAR SFX scripts creation      SCRNCH v1.02 - A Data Compressor     Super Diz v5.10 - File_id.diz to Files.bbs importing utility     The SDNet/works Verification and Extraction Util v1.00      Self-Extractor Archive Recovery v2.0
seau113.exe     SEAU v11.3 - Self-Extracting Archive Utility    SE Maker v1.00 - Win32 ZIP SFX archive compiler    SEMONE v0.6b0 - Compression util by V.Semenjuk    sfArk v2.15 - SF2 and SBK soundbank files compressor for Win32    SFV Checker v1.12 - Multi-volume file archives integrity
sfx.exe         SFX EXE Creator - Lempel-Ziv Algorithm Based SFX Archive Maker
sfx252.exe      Power Archiver SFX Maker v2.5 SR-2 for Win32
sfxcmp13.exe    SFX Compiler v1.3 for Win95-XP - Tool to add multiple files
		into one self-extracting file
sfxedit.exe     SfxEdit - SFX creation package for Delphi
sfxfct26.exe    SFX-Factory v2.6 - SFX files creation with internal ACE and ZIP
		compression    SFXinstall v3.00 - Archive files extractor    ARJ,BH,LHA and ZIP SFX add-on to SfxEdit Package      Ultrasoft Self-Extract Wizard v2.6 - ZIP and RAR SFX maker for
		Win32    SH Archive Identifier v2.70    SHARC v8.60 - Older Shell for ARC's     (ASP) SHEZ v10.9    ShezShow v1.9c - Set of sample BAT files for SHEZ    Shorten v2.3a - Waveform files compressor for Win16    Shorten v2.3b - Waveform files compressor for Win32
shrinker.exe    Shrinker v3.4 Demo - Win32 EXE packer
si-105.exe      SFVit v1.05 - Tool to create Sfv's for MP3 (album/CD) and Rar
		(ISO) file sets
sitex10.exe     SITEX v1.0 - Multiformat Unpacker/Decoder for Windows    (ASP) Slim v1.10a - File Compression System
skc40g3.rar     SkullCheck v4.00 Gamma 3 - Upload and filebase processor      Sky Compressor v1.15 - File Compressor    Sky LZ Library v1.00 for Watcom C 32-bits    Slim! build 12 - File Compressor    Slim v0.021a - File Compressor
smpzipse.exe    Simplyzip v1.1b46 - ZIP packer for Win32 by Dirk Paehl     SnapShot Prof. v3.0 - EXE Unpacker    FILE_ID.DIZ inside ZIP/ARJ/LZH viewer     SONARC v2.1i - Digital Audio Compression Program    RESOF v2.0/DESOF v2.0 - Archiving util    ARJ password solver     SuperPack v2.0 - Freeware packer (in German)      Splint v2.1 beta - Data compression program    SPLITTEN 95 v1.1 - Data/Archive File Splitter for Win95/NT      Squash v1.21 - Packing program for DOS      Squeez - Win32 Archive Shell     Squeeze - Drag and drop file compressor used with Windows
		File Manager    Squeezer v1.03 - Exe-Compressor for Win9x/NT/2000    Squish v1.0 - Compress Program     (ASP) SQWEZ v2.3 - Packer
sqz1083e.exe    SQZ v1.08.3 - Packer
sqz1084.exe     SQZ v1.08.4 alpha without dox    SeaRCHZIPRar v1.4 - Util for looking for files inside ZIP
		and RAR archives     The S Series - Sound File Compressor     DOS executables for an order 4 blocksort program    StarDotZip v1.0 - Archive Management Tool for Win95/98/NT        STIX - Decompressor for Stirling InstallShield     Stone's PE EXE Encryptor v1.13 Remover    StripReloc v1.01
stuff85e.exe    StuffIt v8.5 for Win32 - File compression util handling
		Windows ZIP, Macintosh Stuffit/SIT and Unix tar/gzip formats      UnRAR for Sun_Os 5.6, Unix system V rel.4    SYSODECO - Decompressor for SystemSoft BIOS flash images     Syspack - Compression util for device driver files    SmokCHEK v1.1 - Check Archive Files for Errors and Viruses    SmokCONV v1.1 - Convert Archive Formats    SmokDESC v1.1 - Find File Descriptions within Archives    SZIP/SUNZIP v1.11 - Compression program    SZIP/SUNZIP v1.12a for Win32 - Compression program     Super Zip for Win3.x v1.8 - Zip compatible packing utility    SmokVIEW v1.1 - View List of Files within Archive       Space Shifter v3.0 - Archive converter
t-xc-200.exe    Terminate Multi-Unpacker Command Line Tool     Program for salvaging info from damaged TAR files    Portable TAR v3.21 delta - executables for DOS and SRC      The Compression Maximizer v1.00 - ZIP archives optimizer    T-Pack public beta v0.5 - COM file compressor        Turbo Compressor v0.1    UnRAR Delphi component - Delphi component wrapper for
		UnRAR.dll       TERSE v2.1d (OS/2, 16-bit) - Compression utility     TestZip v1.13 - Mass tests zip and other archives (for OS/2
		and UNIX)
teu182.lzh      TEU v1.82 - Executable Unpacker         TAR GUI for Windows v1.00    TGZ2EXE - tar.gz to exe converter    THD Pro-Scan v13.0 for DOS - File/Upload Tester/Converter    THD Pro-Scan v13.0 for OS/2 - File/Upload Tester/Converter      True Date Conversion Utility for Archive Files rev.1.14
tinlha.exe      Windows LHA file compression/extraction utility     TINYPROG v3.9 (com/exe compressor)      TOEXPAND v2.00 - Utility to expand multiple ??_ archive files        Top4 v1.03 - Small compress/decompress util    TinyProt v1.0e - TinyProg compressed files protector     PasZip - Access ZIPs with Pascal sources    Huffman Compression Engine w/TP Interface v0.31 - IBM version      TinyProg's Password Finder v1.2        Updated TPU files (TPUs) for (RJCRUSH utility)    TqBanner - Multiformat banner adding utility    TRAP v1.13b EXE Envelope Remover     Tron Professional v1.30 - EXE file unpacker      The Stirling Compressor v1.3.21
tsfx312b.exe    TurboSFX v3.12 - SFX compressed files creator for Win32     TSUP v1.60 - Russian COM/EXE Unpacker      File compression/decompression utility by SWFTE Int.     Typ for DOS386 - File type identification program     Typ for DOS286 - File type identification program     Typ for Linux - File type identification program     Typ for OS/2 - File type identification program     Typ for Win32 - File type identification program        TASKZIP v2.10 - ZIP format based back-up util for Win9x/NT/2000
tzipent5.exe    TurboZIP for Win32 v5.0 - Compression program
tzxent20.exe    TurboZIP Express v2.5 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Compression program    Archive Checker and Repacker v2.1
uc237b.exe      UltraCompressor II - v2.37 Beta
uc2pro.exe      UltraCompressor II - rev.3 PRO
uc2r3.exe       UltraCompressor II - rev.3 (subset of UC2PRO.EXE - only
		archiver)    Generic Tracer v1.Df/Dt - COM/EXE Unpacker    CUP386 v3.4 - EXE unpacker    UCF G-UPX v1.0 alpha - GUI for UPX packer    Stone's PE-Exe Encryptor v1.13    Scan EXE/COM v2.0 - Security Envelopes Identifier    Crackstop v1.0b Unpacker    UX v0.55 - Executable File Expander incl. src code
ucl101.tgz      UCL v1.01 - Portable Lossless Data Compression Library written
		in ANSI C      UCPACK v1.1 - German UC2 Shell for Win95    UCPD v1.01b - UC2 Shell for DOS    UCView v1.11 - UC2 viewer          UltraExpander II - Free Expander for .UC2 files       UES v0.3 - German unpacking shell      UFA v0.00 - DOS Archiver by Igor Pavlov    UFA 32 v0.04 Beta 1 - Win95/NT Archiver by Igor Pavlov     UHARC v0.4 - Multimedia archiver    UHarc archives addon for FAR Manager
uharcgui.exe    UharcGui Beta v0.4 - English version of UHARC GUI for Win32      UHBC v1.0 - New blocksorting file compressor by Uwe Herklotz      UHIC v2.0 - High-performance 24-bit image compressor
ulha3130.exe    UNLHA32.DLL v1.30 (in Japanese)
ulhad083.exe    UNLHA.DLL v0.83 (in Japanese)
ulhae061.exe    UNLHA.DLL v0.61 (in English)    Upload Processor/2 for OS/2 v2.26     Upload Processor v2.27          UN v1.03 - Unarchiver Shell
un-pack.arj     UN-PACK v1.0 - COM Unpacker      TMZ files extractor        UN - Unpack Util v2.1    Un2pack v2.0 - Anti-Pklite-Packer
unaceami.lha    UNACE for Amiga    UNACE DLL v1.2b - UnACE library    UNACE Source v1.2b - UnACE Source Code
unarj265.exe    UnARJ v2.65    UnASPack v1.0.8.3 - ASPack unpacker    ASPack Unpacker v1.0     UNARJZ v0.15 - Unpacker to ARJZ
uncom-k.rar     UNCOM - Universal COM unpacker    UnCOM v1.23 - Generic COM unpacker by ROSE     UnCompress for MultiArc Total Commander Plugin v1.0 ME    UnDeflate v1.00 Beta 1 - Deflate data decompressor
unesp.tgz       UnESP for UNIX v0.1 beta       UNEXE v1.0 - COM/EXE Unpacker       WinHki Archive Format Unpacker      HackStop Unpacker v1.1    ILUCRYPT Envelope Unpacker    UNIMP v1.13 (source code) - IMP format unpacking routine
unimpdll.exe    Unimp32.dll v0.07 by HyperBeat Software      Unlocx 5 - Softlocx 5 Unwrapper       UnLZX for MultiArc Total Commander plugin v2.12     UNMACIT - Unsit & Unhqx for Windows
unmess.arj      MESS v1.07 Unpacker    Mess v1.29 Unpacker      UNP v4.11 (universal unpacker of files packed by Pklite...)     UNP v4.12 beta without dox    Unpacker v0.9 Beta by VSF&K from Russia    UN-PACK v2.2 freeware - EXE files analyzer/unpacker    Unpacker v1.02 - Win32 GUI Unpacker for ZIP/RAR/ACE/CAB/BZ2/GZ
		archives    UnPacker v2.5.2 - PAK, GOB, ZFS, ZWP & WDT files unpacker      Generic COM Unpacker/UnEncryptor     UnPES v2.4 - PeShield Unpacker    UNPE-Shield v0.14 - PE Shield unpacker
unpsfx.rar      Unpacked SFX modules for those who wish to modify their
unrar-st.lzh    UnRAR for ATARI ST/STE/TT/Falcon    UnRAR v2.50 for x86 platform    UnRAR v3.23 for OS/2
unraraix.tgz    UnRAR for AIX
unrardec.rar    UnRAR for Linux DEC Alpha platform
unrardll.exe    UnRAR.DLL for Win32    UnRAR Library for C++ Builder - Unrar GUI library for Borland
		C++ Builder 5.0   UnRAR Installation Script for BeOS
unrarocx.rar    UnRAR.OCX - UnRAR Control for VB6
unrarsol.rar    UnRAR for Solaris 7 x86 platform
unrarsrc.rar    UnRAR Source Code
unrarsrc.tgz    UnRAR Source Code
unrarw32.exe    UnRAR (executable) for Win32      UnROSE v0.32 - 386 EXE Unpacker    UnSBC v0.970 beta for DOS - SBC Unpacker    UnSBC v0.970 beta for Win32 - SBC Unpacker    SDW Encryptor Remover     UNSIT - StuffIt Archive File Extractor for DOS
unsitins.exe    UNSTUFF v.11 for DOS compatible computers    UNSPIS-SPIS LZH de-archiver by Luchezar Georgiev       UNSQZ - The Batch Unsqueezer    UnTAR v1.14 for DOS    UnTGZ Decompression Utility v0.95
untiny.rar      UnTiny rel.23 - Unpacker Package by ROSE     UNTPACK v1.00 - T-Pack unpacker
unxlink.arj     UNXLINK - Decompressor for XLINK v2.02 by Jinx!/TC     UnXorer v0.1 - Xorer Unpacker     Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.32 - Win3.x DLL    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - OS/2 32-bit DLL and header    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - Win95/NT (Intel) DLL
unz550x.exe     Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - DOS executables     Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - Linux executables    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.42 - Linux executables
unz551x1.exe    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - OS/2 16-bit execs
unz551x2.exe    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - OS/2 32-bit execs
unz551x3.exe    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - DOS execs for 386
unz551xn.exe    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - Win95/NT (Intel) execs    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.40 - Novell NLM    UNZIPDLL.DLL v2.06 - UnZip DLL library for Windows    Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 - Generic C sources
unzip311.exe    UnZip Wizard v3.11 - UnZip Util for Windows     UNZIP2D - ZIP to directory unpacking utility
unzip95s.exe    Flash Point Windows UnZIP95 rel.    Softuarium UnZipper v2.0 demo - ActiveX Control    UnZipper for Windows beta - Unzipping Utility    Info-ZIP's history          UP - Universal Compressed Executable Files Decompressor    UPACK v1.0b - ARJ,ZIP,RAR,UC&JAR Unpacker      UPC v1.11 - Executables Unpacker
upx-it.exe      UPX-iT v1.3.2 - Win32 GUI for UPX packer     UPX v1.01 with GUI - Executable packer     UPX v1.25 - Executable packer (DOS version)     UPX v1.91 Beta - Executable packer (DOS version)
upx125l.tgz     UPX v1.25 - Executable packer (Linux version)
upx191l.tgz     UPX v1.91 Beta - Executable packer (Linux version)     UPX v1.25 - Executable packer (Windows version)     UPX v1.91 Beta - Executable packer (Windows version)        UPX Graphical v1.28 - GUI for UPX v1.24 by Dirk Paehl    UPX GUI v0.7b    UPXPR - UPX v1.01 compressed files patcher to prevent unpacking    UPX Shell v3.0.7
ur2_100b.exe    UnRAR for OS/2    UnRAR v3.1.3 for DOS32
urarshel.exe    UNRAR Shell - Freeware GUI with mouse support    USEARJ v5.0 - ARJ Shell for DOS
uu215e.exe      Universal Unpacker v2.15 - English version
uu215.exe       Universal Unpacker v2.15 - German version       Universal Undo v1.0 - Universal Unpacker       UUP v1.4 - Universal exe-file UnPacker     Ultimate ZIP Cracker v63.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - ZIP Archive
		Password restorer     Ultra Zip Password Cracker v3.60 - Zip password recovery tool
uzs551x2.exe    InfoZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 for OS/2 with unShrink support    InfoZip's portable UnZip v5.50 for OS/2 with unShring support
		- Source code      Vacuum v0.01c - COM compressor
vbdlh02.exe     File compress/extract util using UNLHA.DLL
vblha1.lzh      VB LHA.DLL programming sample source code    Unprotect Hackstop v1.32    VIBEPACK v1.03 beta - Arj/PkZip/Rar Win3 Shell     Vice v1.40 - JAR archiver graphical interface    VOCPACK v1.0 - Lossless 8-bit sound compr/decompression util
vuzip16.exe     vuZIP v1.6 - Russian archiver for Win32 using ZIV-algorithm      View Zip v1.2 - Tiny ZIP Viewer     VisualZIP Pro32       Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor v4.71    Win32Intro v0.71 - Universal Win32 Executable Unpacker/Dumper     WarpZip v3.5 - OS/2 file unarchiver
wace25.exe      WinAce Archiver v2.59 for Win95-XP
wace25d.exe     WinAce Archiver v2.5 for Win95-XP - German Edition
wace26i1.exe    WinAce Archiver v2.6 Beta-1 for Win95-XP
winace15.exe    WinAce Archiver v1.5 Freeware Edition for Win95/98/NT    Waveform Archiver v1.1     WAVPACK Lossless 16-bit Wavefile Compressor v3.2      BCOMP v0.1 for Windows - LZW based packer with GUI     Wild Card Zip v1.0 - PkZip Add-on      WinDIZ v1.07 - File_id.diz extractor for Win95/NT     Bill Reid's WinExpand 16-bit - Microsoft's LZW Compression
		Scheme Decompressor      Utility to identify the archive type of a file     WHATZIP - ZIP archive version identifier      Wavelet Intelligent Compressor v0.6b -
		It's only a joke - please don't delete original files !!!    Winarj98 by LA Soft - ARJ shell    WinArchi v2.0 - Compress tool from Poland    WinArj v8.00 - Archive Shell for Win32      WinCAB v1.5.1 - Windows util to create CAB files    WinDIZ v1.2 - File_id.diz extractor    WinExpand v1.0 - Windows Interface to MS DOS Expand Compressor     Windows GZip - GZIP/GUNZIP utility for Win95/98/NT/2000
wnimp121.exe    WinIMP v1.21 - File archiver for Win9x/NT    WinJar v2.23 - GUI for Jar32 compressor    (ASP) Winlite v1 - Windows executable files packer
winrarse.exe    Swedish Language Pack for WinRAR compressor
winrk106.exe    WinRK v1.0.6 - Multi-format file archiver and backup tool
winuha20.exe    WinUHA v2.0 alpha - Compression tool for Win95-XP
winzip31.exe    (ASP) WinZip v6.3 (SR-1) for Windows 3.1 & Workgroups
winzip81.exe    (ASP) WinZip v8.1 SR-2 for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000
winzip90.exe    WinZip v9.0 SR-1 for Win95-XP
wiz401x.exe     WizUnZip 16-bit UnZip v4.01 DLL + docs      WizUnZip 32-bit UnZip v5.02 src + DLL
wiz502xn.exe    WizUnZip 32-bit UnZip v5.02 DLL + docs      WizUnZip v4.01 source code     LH7/Windows 95/98/NT Compression Tools v0.21    WavPack v3.7b (32-bit beta) - Sound compressor    WinPack 32-bit - Archival Utility for Win95      WinPack v0.96beta - Archival Utility for Windows 3.1
wrar330.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - English Edition
wrar34b6.exe    RAR v3.40 Beta-6 for Windows (32-bit) - English Edition
wrar29al.exe    RAR v2.90 for Windows (32-bit) - Albanian Edition
wrar330a.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Arabic Edition
wr330br.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Brazilian Portuguese Edition
wr330bg.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Bulgarian Edition
wr320by.exe     RAR v3.20 for Windows (32-bit) - Belarussian Edition
wr330ba.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Bosnian Edition
wr330ca.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Catalan Edition
wr330cz.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Czech Edition
wr330dk.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Danish Edition
wr330hr.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Croatian Edition
wr311es.exe     RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Estonian Edition
wr320fi.exe     RAR v3.20 for Windows (32-bit) - Finnish Edition
wr330fr.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - French Edition
wr330gl.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Galician Edition
wrar330d.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - German Edition
wr330el.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Greek Edition
wr311hb.exe     RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Hebrew Edition
wr330hu.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Hungarian Edition
wrar330i.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Italian Edition
wrar330j.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Japanese Edition
wrar330k.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Korean Edition
wr330lv.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Latvian Edition
wr330lt.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Lithuanian Edition
wr330mk.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Macedonian Edition
wr330nl.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Dutch Edition
wr320no.exe     RAR v3.20 for Windows (32-bit) - Norwegian Edition
wr330pl.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Polish Edition
wr330pt.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Portuguese Edition
wrar330r.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Russian Edition
wr330ro.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Romanian Edition
wr330sc.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Simplified Chinese Edition
wr330srl.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Serbian Edition (Latin)
wr330src.exe    RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Serbian Edition (Cyrillic)
wr330sk.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Slovak Edition
wr34b6sk.exe    RAR v3.40 Beta-6 for Windows (32-bit) - Slovak Edition
wr330sl.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Slovenian Edition
wr330es.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Spanish Edition
wr330sw.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Swedish Edition
wr330tc.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Traditional Chinese Edition
wr330th.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Thai Edition
wr330tr.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Turkish Edition
wr330uk.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Ukrainian Edition
wr330uz.exe     RAR v3.30 for Windows (32-bit) - Uzbek Edition     WinRip95 v1.07 - ZIP/ARJ/RAR packing/unpacking shell    WinShell v2.5 - ZIP, UUE & PGP Shell for Win     WinTAR v1.5 - TAR for Windows (16-bit version)    WinTAR v2.06 - TAR for Windows (32-bit version)    WinTAR-SCSI v2.21 - TAR for Windows (evaluation copy)     WWPACK Mutation Engine v1.00     WWPACK v3.04a - Superb Polish executable files packing software
		with its own shell    WWPACK v3.04a - German version    WWPACK v3.05 beta5    WWPACK32 v1.20 demo - Win95/NT Executable File Compressor
wz81fr.exe      WinZip v8.1 - French version
wz90gev.exe     WinZip v9.0 - German version
wzclean.rar     WinZip SelfExtract File Recover Util (for recovering damaged
		SFX files for instance after infecting/cleaning of CIH virus)
wzcline.exe     WinZip Command Line Support Add-on v1.1 SR-1     WinZip Improved Icons    WinZipit v2.30 - PkZip based backup utility
wzipse22.exe    (ASP) WinZip Self Extractor v2.2    Warez Lister v1.24 - Files.bbs creator    X1 v0.95a for DOS/Win95 - Packer
x1lig95a.tgz    X1 v0.95a for Linux (libc6) - Packer
x1lin95a.tgz    X1 v0.95a for Linux (libc5) - Packer    X1 v0.94j Manuals     X1 v0.95a for NT - Packer    X1 v0.95a for OS2 - Packer         X55 v1.3 - X-tractor from Protect! EXE/COM v5.5
x86arc02.rar    x86arc v0.2 - Util for ARC v2.0 archives manipulation
xaceplus.exe    XAcePlus v1.8 - Freeware ACE/ZIP/RAR/ARJ... unpacker        XAIN v0.48 - AIN archives shell
xceedabs.exe    Xceed Absolute Packager v1.1 - Archive file creation tool    Xceed Zip Compression Library v4.0          Xpack for Executable v1.4.5 - COM/EXE packer        xFSE - Final Fantasy Security Envelope Remover for Win95/VCPI       X-Mess - Unpacker for Mess v1.31      X-Open v3.30 - Exec File Unpacker         XPA v1.4.3 demo by Jau Ming Tseng - Packer       XPA32 file archiver demo v1.0.2     XPACK v1.67m - COM,EXE,SYS, diskette image compressor for DOS     XPACK v1.67r - Compressor for DOS (without dox)      Xpa v0.93b - Archiver for Win32    XPAND v1.01 - Front-end for EXPAND.EXE
xplus36.exe     Xtractor Plus v3.6 - Archive extraction utility for Win95/98    X-TRACT v1.51 - EXE files unpacker by Pablo Carboni    XTREME v1.06 - Data Compression Tool      EXTRICATE 3 - Multi-format archive extractor for DOS    X-View v1.91 - Online File & Archive Viewer (RA support)    XZZXIP v0.11b - ZXZIP Extractor
yaac10.arj      YACC v1.0 - ARJ password finder      YAC v1.02 - Yet Another Compressor from Russia    YBS v0.03f for DOS - BWT-compressor based on distance coding
		by Vadim Yoockin    YBS v0.03f for Win - BWT-compressor based on distance coding
		by Vadim Yoockin        ZIP Backup v1.2    ZIP Brand FAST! v1.22 Beta 2     ZBit zip-unzip component lite v1.2 - Component for zipping and
		unzipping files    ZBackup v1.31 - PkZip Based Backup Program      ZIP Chunker Pro v3.01 - Archive Splitter     ZIP v2.3 - Win32 DLL (with encryption)      ZIP v2.3 - DOS execs (with encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 16-bit execs (with encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 32-bit execs (with encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - Win95/NT (Intel) execs (with encryption)    Info-ZIP's ZCrypt v2.9 - C source
ze163.exe       ZipExplorer v1.63 - Archive files manager for Delphi developers      ZET v0.10b - Russian Packer      ZEXPL II - ZIP Password Finder     ZEXPL II (L ver) - ZIP Password Finder      ZipForge v2.53 - Fast Zip compression library for Delphi         ZFA - Zip File Attacher to Other Files     ZIP File System v2.1b - Free Pascal library allowing access
		to compressed files in ZIP format      Ziew v2.0 - Zip File Viewer for DOS
zilite.exe      Z/Install Lite v1.0 - Compression program    ZIP-Archive v2.6 - Compression program (in German)    ZIP & GO v5.2 - Run from ZIP Files       ZIP v2.3 - C sources      ZIP v2.4h Beta - C sources      ZIP v2.2 - Win3 (16-bit) DLL Header Files (no encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - Win9x/NT (32-bit) DLL Header Files (no encryption)    Help on using ZIP v2.3     ZIP v2.3 - Linux execs (no encryption)      ZIP v2.3 - DOS execs (no encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 16-bit execs (no encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 32-bit execs (no encryption)     ZIP v2.3 - Win95/NT (Intel) execs (no encryption)     ZIP2DIR v1.00 - Uncompress ZIP files and make dir for each
		of them     ZIPAD v1.0 - Adds a specified file into all zip files    ZIPITALL v2.0 - Zip and unzip to and from floppy    ZipALot v2.2 - Unzipping utility    ZIP Assistant v4.6 for Win95-XP - ZIP manipulation util
zipbuild.exe    ZipBuilder v1.61 - Advanced ZIP compression software    ZipClean v1.1 - Util for removing unpacked files from ZIP
		archives    Zip Clean! v1.1 - Removes unwanted files from ZIP's      Executable ZIP Creator v4.1 for Win9x/Me/NT    PkZip encrypted archives password finder    (ASP) RPF ZIP Control for OS/2 v2.7.4    ZIP Converter v2.9 (ZIP ) max.compr.ZIP)    ZipDecrypter v1.0    ZIPDEL v1.0 - Deletes a specified file from all zip files     Zip'em v1.3 - Compressing Tool
zipenabl.exe    ZipEnable - Tool for deplying and configuring IIS 6.0 built-in
		compression    ZIP Explorer v5.0 - Archive shell    Zip Fixer for Windows    Zipfo v2.01 - Zipped file information util    ZIP-HARD v2.22 - Windows PkZip Shell    (ASP) ZIP file info custom control (VBX)
zipm500.exe     ZIP-Manager v5.00 - German ZIP Shell      Chief's ZIP Manager      ZIPMAX v0.50 - Archive size optimizer     ZiPMe v1.3 - 32-bit OS/2 Shell for INFO-Zip's Zip and UnZip     Zip Manager v1.0 - DLL for handling ZIP compressed files    Zipper v1.0 - PkZip compatible compressing utility     Zippi v2.00 - Compression util for sending files via ICQ pager
		or E-mail       ZIPPY - Backup CMD file for INFO-ZIP utils     ZipScan v2.1 - File inside the ZIP archives searching util    Zip-n-Send - Util that zip group of files and send the archive
		via E-mail message
zipsh_11.exe    Simple Zip Shell for Win95    Simple Zip Shell for OS/2    Zip Solution v1.1 - Corrupted parts of ZIP archives downloader    Zip Strip v1.5 - Adds/Removes ZIP Comments    ZipTouch v1.0 - Date/time of files inside ZIP archives modifier    ZipViewer v1.61      ZipWhacker - UnZip for Win'95    ZipWave v1.3 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000 - Archive Manager
zipwrk26.exe    (ASP) ZipWorks v2.6 - 32bit ZIP File Utils    ZIP Explorer v6.0 - Disk catalog, offline browser and file
		restore program for Win95/98/NT
zipzag.exe      ZipZag v1.62 - Advanced compression tool for Win95-XP by
		Gabriel	Cristescu      PowerTill ZipZap - Zip file manager for Win32     Zlib v1.2.1 - General purpose compression library    Zlib v1.1.3 - General purpose compression library (Win32 DLL)        ZIPMASTER v1.3 - PkZip/PkUnzip front-end interface     ZipMagic v1.0 - File Compression Utility for Windows 3.1        ZipMaster v3.7 - PkZIP Shell        Zip Manager v5.1 - Windows ZIP Shell     ZipMagic v1.0 - File Compression Utility for Windows 95
zm98eval.exe    ZipMagic98 v1.00 Evaluation - File Compression Util for Win98       Zip Management Suite from Noble Ox Software       ZipMaster v1.1 for Windows'95
znav203.exe     FlashPoint Windows ZIP Navigator rel.2.03
zoo210.exe      ZOO v2.10 - Packer    ZIPADISK v2.1 - ZIP File Manager     Zip Peeker v1.0 for Win9x/NT - ZIP management utility         Zip Password Finder v1 for Win9x/NT     (ASP) ZIP'R Pro For DOS v2.27    (ASP) ZIP'R Pro For Windows v2.25      ZRBACKUP - Backup program using PkZip      ZSFX v1.3 - TGZ-SFX File Creator for DOS/Win32      ZipSplitter v1.51 - Util for splitting large archive file
		into smaller self-restoring parts       Zip Tool v2.83 (splitting, joining...)
ztv4ud4.exe     ZipTV Compression Suite v4.6.0 for Delphi 4
ztv4ud5.exe     ZipTV Compression Suite v4.6.8 for Delphi 5
ztv4ud6.exe     ZipTV Compression Suite v4.6.8 for Delphi 6
zxzip.rar       ZX-ZIP/UNZIP v1.02 - Russian compression util for TR-DOS
zxzip01.rar     ZX-ZIP v0.1 - Russian compression util      ZX-ZIP v1.0a - Russian compression util       ZipZap for OS/2 v1.25 - ZIP integrated utility (32-bit)    ZZIP v0.36c - A block sorting compression tool for Win9x/NT    ZZLIB v0.36c - Library based on ZZIP compressor

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