Slovak Antivirus Center

AVIR           Antivirus stuff - Scanners, cleaners, integrity checkers
AVMUSEUM       Collection of out-of-date AV utils
COMM           Communication software
EDUCULT        Education, hobby  and culture related programs and texts
GRAPH          Graphics software
HANDHELD       Software for handheld devices
PACK           Archivers, exe-compressors, archiver shells and other related utils
SAC            SAC stuff - Antiviruses, articles, SAC CD listings
SECURITY       Security related utils - Passwording, encryption, anti-hacking etc.
SK_MADE        Freeware and shareware programs created by Slovak authors
SOUND          Sound card related utils - Module players, trackers, convertors etc.
TEXT           Various texts on viruses, PC HW&SW, Internet etc.
UTILDIAG       Diagnostic utils, benchmarks, resource monitors
UTILDISK       Floppy disk copy and format utils, caches, RAM disks, backup programs
UTILFILE       File managers, file processing utils, file deduplicators and uninstallers
UTILMISC       Various system utils, personal information managers, joke programs
UTILPROG       Debuggers, assemblers, hex editors, installing software etc.
UTILTASK       Task automators and schedulers, boot managers, BAT related utils
UTILTEXT       Text, ASCII, HTML, DBF editors and viewers, print utils, font managers

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