Slovak Antivirus Center - directory HANDHELD    Benchmark tests for Palm systems     ClearHack for Palm systems - Removes dotted underlines
		in MemoPad and other applications    Commander - Versatile util for PalmOS 1.0-3.0    Encrypt-it! v3.0 for EPOC    Opera for EPOC v1.04 (for the Series 5 classic and Geofox
		machines)    Opera for EPOC v1.04 (for all other machines)    Utopiasoft Hum v1.62 - MP3 player for WinCE 2.00-2.10    Utopiasoft Hum v1.62 - MP3 player for WinCE v2.11+
icq_0972.exe    Mirabilis ICQ for Windows CE v0.97.02    Util for Palm systems for shifting most scroll-bars
		ofer to the left-hand side of the screen     LightHack - Palm system util for reversing backlight to
		light you in the dark :-)    PalmSafe for PalmPilot v1.02 - Password manager     PalmZip (!pZip) v1.2 - Packer for Palm computers    PassPhrase - Password generator for Palm systems    Password Wallet v1.1 for PalmOS - Confidental data manager      Pentix - Tetris-like game for Palm computers    Quartus Forth - Forth language development environment and
		compiler for Palm machines     Deskfree Recycle v1.0 - The memory defragger for PalmPilot    RPN Calculator v2.45 for Windows CE 2.0+    SecretAgent - Password hider for Palm machines     SCX calculator - High precision calculator for Palm machines    ShiftHack - Shifting control util for Palm machines    StreakHack - Util for removing "streaks" on your Palm machine
		screen    Swatch internet Time for Palm machines    TickHack - Palm util for adding audible feedback of your input    VBattery v1.0 - Palms battery status showing util (reqs.
		HandScape)    Virus Guard for Palm computers

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