Slovak Antivirus Center - directory GRAPH    1st painting album of mine v1.0 - Graphics editor for children    CompuShow 2000! v2.04a    3D Calendar Clock v1.0 - Screen Saver for Win32    3D Chains v1.1 - Screen Saver for Win32    3D Object Converter for DOS v1.25    3D Object Converter for Windows v3.0 by Zoltan Karpati      3DEM80 - 3D terrain scenes and MPEG flyby animations renderer    3Dgrafix v4.2 + Bubler v1.2    3D Hand Clock v3.5 - Screen Saver for Win32     Dancing Hearts v1.1 - 3D Valentine Screen Saver      3D Museum v2.2 - Virtual reality based screen saver for Win32      3dpmModeller v1.0 - Modeller and animator of 3-D objects for
		Win32     3D Object Viewer (16-bit) - Screen Saver      3DVIEW v0.95 beta - Quick 3d object previewer      3D Web Button v1.5 - Web buttons creator for Win32    AAApeg - A JPEG image viewer/slideshow program for Win95/NT    AAAshow - Image presentation and distribution tool for Win95/NT     Access Animation v2.7 - GIF animation image editing tool       Advanced Batch Converter for Win9x/NT/2000 v3.9.x - Graphic
		format converter
abcavi.exe      abcAVI Tag Editor v1.7 - Win32 editor of AVI tags    Abe's Picture Finder v1.3 - Internet util for finding pics     Abracadabra v1.3 for Win95/98/NT - Util for view and edit
		text/graphic files    ACDSee v2.2 for Windows 3.1 - Image Viewer/Maint. Utility
acdseecl.exe    ACDSee Classic for Win9x/NT - Image Viewer (lite version of
		ACDSee v5.0)
acdsee6.exe     ACDSee v6.0.3 for Win95-XP - Image Viewer (trial version)     Aha-soft Art Cursors v4.01 - Cursor Editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Advanced GIF Animator v2.14 for Win32        AVD ImageLine v5.1 - Graphic Editor for Win32         A Dot Mess v2.1 for Win9x - Program to scramble pictures
		in JPG/BMP format       Antechinus Draw Magic v2.2 - Drawing program for Win95-XP    (ASP) Adrift Screen Saver v1.0 for Win3.1    (ASP) Adrift Screen Saver v1.0 for Win95    AdvBitRate v1.95 - Advanced Bitrate Calculator
advertiz.exe    Advertizing Screen Saver v2.1 - Screen Saver for Win95/NT        AVDVideo Processor v6 - AVI to animated GIF convertor    Automata for Art v3.4 - Graphics Creation Software for
		Win3.1/Win95        Active GIF Creator v2.20 for Win95-XP - Animated GIF creation
		tool      Alchemy GIF Animator v2.7 for Win32    Animated GIF Editor v1.6 for Win95    Animated GIF Editor v1.0 for Windows 3.1         Advanced GIF Optimizer v4.0    AutoGraphicsHTML v3.8 for Win9x/NT - Wizard-style program for
		creating WWW graphics         Atrise Golden Section v1.0.1 - Transparent Screen Grid Tool
		for Win2000/XP       Maniac Soft Animated GIF Viewer v1.0     AhaView v2.11 - Image viewer and converter for Win32       Aha-Soft Art Icons v4.05 - Icon Editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Aicbit v3.0.1 - Program that search HD, network drives or
		CD-ROM for the image files    Access Image v4.60 - Graphics editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000       Aha-Soft Art Icons Pro v4.07 - Icon Editor for Win32    AI Picture Util v7.21 - JPEG, PNG,... Viewer for Win9x/NT    AI Picture Explorer v7.21 - Win9x/NT Graphics Explorer     The Amazing Images Screen Saver v2.85 for Win95/NT
aiswpp20.exe    AiS Watermark Pictures Protector v2.2 - Util for adding
		watermark copyright text to any picture         AIX (Animation in text) Viewer    Amazing JPEG Screen Saver v1.53 for Win95    Amazing JPEG Screen Saver v1.50 for Windows3.1    Advanced JPEG Compressor v4.1 for Windows    Master Draw v3.6 (386-VGA-SVGA) - Paint Program    Master Modeler v1.0 (386-VGA) - Paint Program      Album Express v3.2 - Picture albums creator     Image Alchemy v1.10 - Graphic Format Converter         SIARCG!'s Mostly Useless Icon Collection - Freeware icons    ALLnView v3.72 - Picture viewer for Windows     Automatic Fractal Map Generator v1.2 for Win32    Amazing AVI Screen Saver v1.00 for Win95     Amaze! - Image Screen Saver for Win32    Anaglyph Maker v1.00 for Win95/98/2000 - Anaglyph images from
		the stereo photographs maker     Animated GIF file viewer for Win32    ANIFRACT v1.00 - Fractal Animation Program    Animagic GIF v1.21 (32-bits) - GIF Animation Tool    Antechinus Animator (formerly Platypus Animator) v5.5 for Win32
		- AVI files constructor     Antechinus Animator Pro v5.0 for Win32 - AVI files authoring
		tool     ANITEST v1.02 for Win95 - ANI and CUR cursor files previewer     Animated Cursor Viewer      AnmanieSMP v2.4i - Image deformer for Win32    Majestick ANIM8 v1.13    Info and code on the Deluxe Paint Animation .ANM file format      Animate v1.1 - Animator for Windows
ans305ev.exe    Animation Shop v3.05 Evaulation by JASC    ANSIrez v1.0 - Converts GIFs to ANSI code    Aha-Soft Any to Icon v2.12 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Bitmaps to
		Icon Converter    Any Capture Screen v3.09 - Screen Capturing Tool for Win32    Anything's an Icon v1.3 - 256 color icon editor    AnyImage SS v1.02 - ScreenSaver realizing slide show    Any Image v3.3 - Image File Format Batch Converter for Win32      Art-O-Matic v1.4a - 3D graphics effects creator for Win32         Abare Photo Editor - Graphics editor for Win32      Arthaus Paint & Fotoshop v3.01 - Graphics tool for Win32
apl326.exe      A+ Screen Saver Creator v3.26 for Win95/98/NT/2000
arles50.exe     Arles Image Web Page Creator v5.0 - Image collection on the
		web creation util for Win32    Microdaze ArtStudio v1.1 - Graphics Editor for Win32      ArtGem v1.2 - Paint Software for Multimedia Graphics    Artist of Virtuality v5.2 - Icon and Sprite Editor    Art Thief v1.0 - Icons, BMP and JPG images etc. ripper        Anisprite v2.0 - Sprite library for Win16/32 programs     ASCII matrix into a TGA heightfield converter    ASCII Pic v2.0 - Util to convert bitmap pictures to plain
		text files     Animated Screen v6.1 for Win95/98/NT - Screen saver creator       The Allegro Sprite Editor v1.0 beta     A Smaller Image v1.00 - Simple Image Editor        Active Screen Saver Builder v4.2 - Make your own screen saver!    ATI Tuner Editor v2.0 - Sort and organize all channels
		available through ATI TV Card     AT Screen Thief v3.5 - Screen capture tool for Win32    AURORA Screen Saver for Windows v1.1    Autograb v1.1 - Automatic Sprite Grabber     AutoVue v1.0 - Win95/NT graphic viewer/thumbnailer/slideshow    Autumn Leaves for Win9x/NT - Desktop animation / screen saver    Avalon Icon Library Viewer v2.00      AVI4PV v1.15 - External AVI player for PV (DOS graphic viewer)    AVI Assembler v1.2 - AVI creator for Win32    AVIcodec v0.8 - AVI files analyzer    AVI Constructor Pack v6.2 - AVI creator for Win32     AVI Chop - AVI files splitter    AVI Creator v1.5 - Freeware AVI Files Creator for Win32     AVIDiag v1.1 - AVI files tester for Win32
avied338.exe    AVIedit v3.38 - Video Capture Tool for Win95/98    AVIFrame Rate - AVI files frame rate changer    AVI/MPEG Video Screen Saver Maker for Win95/98/NT
avimaker.exe    AVIMaker v1.0.1.1 - Czech AVI file builder from BMP, PCX, TGA
		and GIF pictures for Win32
avimpg.exe      AVI/MPG Screen Saver v3.13 or Win32      Terabits AVI Info - Tool to make statistics about AVI file     AVI Player v1.0     Helge's AVI Player v2.1 for Win95/NT    AVI Saver v2.0 for Win9x/NT/20000 - AVI player in the form
		of screen saver    AVI Splitter v1.22 for Win32    AVI Screen Saver v4.21 - for Windows     BackFlip v1.4 - Wallpaper Changer for Win9x/NT     Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver     Balls Screen Saver for Win32    bbMPEG v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - AVI to MPEG Convertor        AVD Batch Converter v1.4 - Graphic formats converter
bc32.exe        Klick-N-View Business Card v3.2 - Tool for Business Card
		Design and Printing - Win9x/Me version
bcmag.exe       Barcode Magic v3.1 - Barcode labels printer
bcxp32.exe      Klick-N-View Business Card v3.2 - WinXP version    Blacboard CAPTURE v1.4 - Win95/NT Screen Grabber    Multi v1.1 - DOS tool for multiplying a businesss card
		image by ten    BerkDPMS v1.02 - Smart Screen Saver      Bitmap Extractor v1.0 - Util for extraction bitmap resources
		from Win32 executable files
bg.exe          Auscomp 5005 Background Images & Sounds v8.0 (Demo version)     Beautiful Geometry v2.0 - Win32 screen saver       BGS v4.00 - Wallpaper changer with capability to download new
		pictures from BGS/IS server and convert them to BMP format      Bitmap Catalog v2.61 - Utility for convenient store, quick
		view and usage of glyphs     Bink Play Maker v1.0 - Self-play Bink Video Files Creator    BitBlitz Screen Saver for Windows v1.1    Blackout v2.00 - Screen blanker for DOS    System Internal's Blue Screen Saver v2.0 for WinNT/2K    Bitmaper v2.0 - Bitmap extractor       BMP24 Image Processor v1.0 for Win95 - True color image
		processor     bmp2avi - 32bit Windows console program to stitch BMP/TGA
		files into Windows RIFF .avi file     BMP2BAS Converter v1.0 (240x32 B/W BMP to Sharp PC-E500 Basic
		Source Code)     BMP2GIF converter    BMP to truecolor ANSII HTML converter     Bitmap to Icon converter v2.5.10    Bitmap to Icon Converter v1.00    BMP2MAP v0.5 - Convertor of 256 color BMPs into Quake MAPs     BMP2PPM v1.1a - Bitmap to Portable PixMap Converter     BMP2RAW Converter v1.0    Bitmap Cutter v1.01 (freeware)    BMPTOICO v4.0 - BMP to Icons Convertor    Banner Maker Pro v2.01 - Web graphics creation software    Freeware BMP Viewer for Win3/95    BMP Wizard v1.81 - Script driven image filter    (ASP) BitMapZ for Windows v2.40       Bouncer III Screen Saver for Windows - Shows your own pics    Banner Factory v1.0 - Banner Development Tool      BONG v1.00 - FLI,FLC,BMP ... image viewer / screen saver    Borealis - Screen Saver for Win32    Botanica Screen Saver for Windows v1.1    Multi-Sprites Editor v5.5    Blackboard PICVU v5.1 - Win95/NT Picture Viewer    Brewster Kaleidoscopic Screensaver v1.1a for Win95/NT     Animate/x v2.5 - Animation tool    BSPlayer v1.00 - Video Player for Win32
bshrink.exe     Bitmap Shrinker v1.02 for Win95 - Graphics shrink/enlarge
		util for web-pages authors     Batch Thumbs v1.4 - Thumbnail generator for Win32    Butterfly v1.2 - Screen Saver for Windows    Bubbloids v1.0 - Bubbloid Screensaver for Win32      Bumper v1.7 - Sequence of images previewer    Conv2JPG - 32-bit command line converter to 24-bit JPEG      CAD-3D v2.3 - 3D Scene Drawing Program    Cage 3D Screen Saver v2.40 for Win95/98/NT - 3D animations     The 2000 Fractal Calendar for Win32 - Fractal images based
		calendar application for year 2000    Camcap Online Image Grabber v1.26 - Util for saving online
		cam images to disk     CamSnap v7.1.1 - Capture still iamges from a video camera     CAMWORK - DOS program to extract pictures from Agfa ePhoto and
		Olympus digital cameras
cannab.exe      Cannabatic ScreenSaver v1.50 for Win95/NT       Capture Express2000 v1.1a - Windows screen capture util for
		Win95/98/NT    Screen Capture v1.0b for Win32    (ASP) Cards + More v2.6 - Labels, cards etc. creator    Cat Cetera Screen Saver v1.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Screen
		Saver for Cat Lovers     ColorCodeCatcher v1.5 - A web page design tool for Win9x    CoolBar Animator v1.0 - Util for creation of a personalized
		animated Win95 startup image    CREABAR v2.0 - Bar codes creator for Win95         Capture by George! v2.42c - Screen capturing tool for Win32     Color Calculator v1.2     ColorCode v4.0 - Color calculator
ccview51.exe    CCViewer v5.1 - Image Viewer for Windows 9x/NT    Ccy Image Viewer v2.02 for Win32    CorelVIEW! v1.07 for DOS (CDR v3,4,5 and CMX v5)    DirectX Shell for Converting DOS Graphics Programs to Win95      Cad Emmy Batch - Wiser v1.2 - BAT processor of AutoCAD drawings    Centerpiece v2.0 - Wallpaper installer for Win32     ColorExpert v3.5 - Color mixer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    CFiles v1.0 - FPX/TIF/BMP to JPG format converter    CGA2BMP v1.00 - 4 color CGA graphics files to Windows BMP files
		converter     Animated Cursor Collection    CHRYSANTHEMUM v3.31 for Win95 - Screen Saver    Cinematograph v2.1 - Movie viewer for Win95/98/NT/2000    VGA Text Mode Screen Reset    CLIPCLAP - Windows Clipboard Capture for DOS    CLIPSHOP v1.1 - Clipart manager     ClockSave v1.1 - Screen Saver for Win95/98 with great LCD
		display like clock    COLORBOX HTML Color Designer v2.0 for Win95/NT
clrman21.exe    Colormania v2.1 - Color mixer for Win32     ColorSet v2.3 - Color Mixer for Win32        CMix - An RGB Color Mixer    Compact Draw v1.0 - Vector/bitmap editing package for Win9x/NT    CompuLog v2.01a - Graphic File Database Program       CHUNK Media Tools v2.0 - Set of PCX Utils
codcvw15.rar    CodecView v1.5 - Viewer of installed versions of Audio and
		Video Codecs    Collidoscope v1.1 - Dynamic abstract hexagonal screen saver
		and wallpaper generator    ColorCop v4.0 - RGB decimal values to hex converter for Win32    COLORDES - Color Mixer    ColorPad v2.3 - Hex Color Manipulator for Win32    Additional Skins for ColorPad v1.7 Program     Color Picker v1.9 - RGB Hex code of the color picker    CoolRuler v1.0 - Screen ruler     Color View - Simple Windows RGB Color Mixer
combimov.exe    CombiMovie ver.2 - Application for joining two MPG files
comprsit.exe    WaveL CompressIt v1.31 - Image Compressor for Win32    Computer Worms Screen Saver for Win32     Concert - Win3 Screen Saver     CONTORT - Graphical manipulation program for merging and
		"contorting" of bitmap pictures      ConvertItNow v1.2 - Graphic format converter for Win9x/NT    Convert 3D v2.0 - Two 2D pictures to one 3D picture converter     Autodesk 3D Studio into X file format converter    ImageConverter Plus v6.2 for Win9x/NT    Collection of free web graphics    Copy-Lite v1.0 - Photocopier for Win32    CopyNook v1.10 - Win32 program designed to work as a document
		copy machine     Spicey Corners v2.00 - Places HOT and COLD corners on desktop    Correct Geometry - Program to correct the scanner distortion
		in HRPT files      Cosmic Worms - Screen Saver for Win32     CD-Cover Editor v1.0 - Freeware
cover71.exe     CoverPro v7.1 - CD Covers and labels creator for Win32
cpic.exe        CompuPic 16-bit Graphics Viewer for Windows 3.x
cexp32.exe      CompuPic Express v6.22 - 32-bit Graphics Manager for Win95/98/Me
cpic32.exe      CompuPic v6.23 - 32-bit Graphics Manager for Win95/98/Me      ChaosPro v2.1 - Fractal generator for Win95/98/NT
cpro32.exe      CompuPic Pro v6.23 - 32-bit Graphics Manager for Win95/98/Me       Clipboard Picture Saver v1.3 for Win95/98 - Screen grabber        Carnage Picture Viewer for Windows    (ASP) CryptaPix v1.1b - Graphics viewer/encryption for Win
cpx32224.exe    (ASP) CryptaPix v2.24 - Graphics viewer/encryption for Win
		(32-bit)     Curve Plots 32-bit v2.00 - 3D Plotter for Win32     CRYSTAL FOREST - Win95/98/NT Screen Saver         Color Selector v3.0 - Powerful Color Mixer for Win32    CompuShow32 Graphic Explorer, Viewer etc. v5.10 for Win95/98/NT     CSamp v2.1 - Util for determining RGB values of the point
		under mouse cursor      Custom Stereograms v1.1 for Windows    CompuShow for DOS v9.04a    CompuShow for Windows v3.20a    CompuShow Producer v1.00 - Win32 Photo Album Creator     CTSaver v1.0 - 32bit Win95 Screen Saver        Subliminal Cube v2.3 - Screen Saver for Win95/98/NT      Cursor Collection    Cursor Maker - Windows cursors/icons editor      Current Palette v1.0 for Win95 - Current Windows palette
		displaying utility     Tumi's 3D Cursors - Collection of animated cursors     Screen Ruler for Win95/NT (Freeware)     Cyclone - Win9x/NT Screen Saver     (ASP) DAUB v2.12 - Calligraphic program for Windows    (ASP) Dazzle v5.2b - Kaleidoscope Image Generator      Watson's Dazzle Screens for Win95    Double Fractal v2.8 - Win9x fractal generator     DC 20 Kodak Digital Camera Picture Download/Transform Utility      (ASP) Draft Choice for DOS v2.15e - CAD Program      Drunken Clock Screensaver v3.05 - Analog clock based screen
		saver for Win32       DVD Cutter Stream Mp3CDWav Converter v1.5 for Win98/Me/NT/2K/XP
		- Audio	and video files player and editor      D-Color - Selected pixel color identifier     (ASP) Draft Choice for Windows v2.00i - CAD Program        Dup Detector v3.0 - Win32 tool for searching image collection
		for duplicate and near duplicate images      DDTitle v1.05 - Util to design images with titles     USGS Digital Elevation Model datafiles to TGA (for POVray)
		Converter    DESKSCAN v1.3 - Freeware for making screenshots and taking data
		from TWAIN compatible devices      Collection of Graphics Effects     Diapo v1.4 - Image viewer for Windows      Digiss - Interactive slide-show screen-saver     Easy Digitizer v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Image digitizer
direcdvd.exe    DirectDVD v5.0 - DVD player for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Disp v1.89 - multiformat graphic viewer - part 1    Disp v1.89 - part 2     Tiny BMP viewer for Win32    Tiny Icon viewer for Win32      Disp v1.90 Beta    DivFix v1.10 - Tool for reparation of uncomplete DivX video
		files    DivX ;-) v3.11 alpha MPEG4 Video Codec
divx51bl.exe    DivX Codec for Windows v5.1.1 with media player
divx51lt.exe    DivX Codec Lite for Windows v5.1.1
divx52pr.exe    DivX Codec Pro for Windows (Adware version) v5.2 with
		media player
divx412c.exe    DivX Codec for Windows v4.12 (only codec)     DivX Cataloger v0.65 for Win32     Dizzy v1.1 - Rotation Merger for use with VRML     DKRuler - Desktop ruler for Win95/98    DL Viewer     Digital Nightmares New Paint - Freeware SVGA Painter    Docuthek Complete Document Imaging System v3.3    The Dog and Cat Computer Corner - Set of animated cursors
dop11.exe       DivX Operational Player v1.1 - Multimedia player for Win32    DOS Screen Saver Collection v2.0       Desktop Plant v1.8.0 for Win95/98/NT - Plant grows on desktop    VESA DPMS Screen Saver v1.3 for DOS    Dream Screen Saver v1.2 for Win32     Object Dropper 3D v1.2 - Screen Saver for Win32      DLR Draw for Win 95/NT - Cross-platform object drawing tool      Digital Skin Creator v1.4 - Util for creating fo skins for
		web counter       DSConvert v1.4 - JPG file name to date containing form
dsd445.exe      DivX Subtitle Displayer v4.45     Datashow Pro v1.4a - Multimedia player for DOS     DCAT Screen Saver v1.32 - Win95/98/NT/2000 screen saver using
		your own images and audio files     (ASP) DeltaCad v2.4 - CAD for Win3.1/95/NT       DTM v1.3 - Digital Terain Mapping Tool for Win32     DVD2AVI v1.74 - MPEG-2 Decoder    DVD4DOS - DVD player for 16-bit DOS systems
dvduck.exe      DVDuck - DVD and AVI Player for Win32
dvdx_2_2.exe    DVDx v2.2 - DVD to VCD/SVCD/AVI Converter for Win32    DVPEG v3.0l - DOS Graphic Viewer - Freeware      DVTool - Collection of video utils for Win32        Digital Waves v1.2 - Screen Saver for Win32     DXF to COSMOS/M Modstar format converter       DXF to Direct3D X format converter     Jetcam DXF Viewer v1.01 - CAD DXF files viewer for Win9x/NT      DyeSpy v1.1 - Tool for identification and capture colors from
		any application    DzSoft SlideShow v1.2 for Win32    Easy Desktop Publisher v1.00 for Windows     Easy DVD Ripper v1.40 for Win32    EasyScan v1.2 - Scanner tool for Win95/98/NT/2000    EasyView - Animation (FLIC,FLI) Player for Win     Ecardiy v5.92 - Greeting cards creation tool    WinECJ Dynamic Link Library v2.0    (ASP) EDGE Flow v6.0 - Flowcharting and diagram drawing
		tool for DOS    (ASP) EDGE Diagrammer v4.19 - Drawing tool for Windows    Animation Effect Box v1.3 - Tool for application of various
		effects to animated pictures      EasyFast Viewer v3.01 - Graphics file viewer for Win32     Easy Graphics File Converter v3.00       Easy Gallery Generator v2.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - HTML
		thumbnail creator from collection of JPG files       EGI v2.2 - FLIC creator/player     Easy Hyber Color v1.0 - Colour hex value calculator    Electric! - Screen Saver for Win9x/NT    BMP 2 ASCII Art Converter    Embedded Viewer Packager v1.0 - BMP self-displaying files
		creator       Firehand Ember v6.3.1 - Graphics editor/viewer for Win32    Merry Christmas e-card maker for Win3.1/95/98/NT       E-Mage Processor v1.1 - Tool for image batch processing    ELECARD MPEG2 Player/Decoder v2.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP    Empty Picture - Change GIF to one-color rectangle         BMP to EPA Converter     Ephemera v1.2 - IFS Fractal Screen Saver     Easy Screen Capture v1.23 for Win32     Easyscreen v3.6 - Screen capture util for Win32    Fabien Coulon's Easy Tracer v1.3 - Ray-tracing application
		for Win9x/Me/NT    Euphoria - Screen Saver for Win32      EVE (Embedded Vector Editor) v3.56 - Tiny vector drawing
		program for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     Self-Playing Macromedia Flash Animation EXE files to original
		SWF format converter    EXE to SWF converter/unprotector v3.0    EXIFRead - Util that extracts image info from EXIF/JPG files    Explogon v3.0 - Simple Screen Saver with passwording option     EyeBrowser v2.5 - Graphic files manager and editor for Win32     EyeDropper v2.0 - Screen Zoomer with RGB Identificator        Make-A-Show v1.4 - Desktop presentation without using script    EZ Palette v1.01 - Palette Editor     EZSaver v1.5 - Screen Savers for Windows   EZ-Viewer16 v2.0 - 16bit Graphic Viewer for Windows    EZ-Viewer32 v2.0 - 32bit Graphic Viewer for Windows    EZ-Pix v7.00 - Image browser for Win32      Easy Thumbnails v2.6 - Thumbnails generator for Win32     FaFdB v1.12 - Image processing tool to sharpen pictures
		made fuzzy by camera motions (anti-motion filter)    FakeFraktal v1.0 - Creates fraktal-like effects using random
		numbers     Fantasy Storm Screen Saver v1.0 for Win95/98/Me    FastLite v3.00 - FLI/FLC Player    FastView v2.04 - Win9x Text/Picture Files Viewer with an Auto
		Timer    FastView v1.11 - Image Viewer for Win9x    FastView32 v2.0b2 for Win95/98/NT - Graphic viewer     Fractal Dreams v1.0 - Win95 fractal image generator    FineViewer v0.67 - Graphic Viewer/Converter for Win32    FlexiView v1.2 - Graphic Viewer for Win32     FLI to EXE Converter v1.1beta         Fullscreen MOV Player v0.8.31 for Win32 - Quicktime movies
fmp144.exe      Fast Movie Processor v1.44 - Convert video sequences to/from
		AVI, FLI, FLC, BMP, TGA and PCX files    FastVid v1.10 - VGA Tester    (ASP) FreeBrush v1.1 - Windows true color paint program     Fizzy Fractals - Screen Saver for Win32      Fast FPU Fractal Fun v2.0 - Tiny Fractal Generator     Fire Flower Screen Saver v1.50 for Win32    Filter Formula v1.0 - Adobe-compatible meta-plugin filter    Formula Graphics Multimedia System v5.7 for Win3.1/95    Formula Graphics Multimedia System v5.7 for Win95/NT    FieldLines - Win9x/NT Screen Saver    Image Eye - Fractal Image File Support Add-on     Fractal Viewer for Win v1.0 Beta      Flame Effect Generator v1.0      Fire Effect /51 - Ultra small demo-effect    Fireworks Saver v1.1 - Screen saver with background music
		in MIDI and MP3 format support     Fix Image v2.5 - GIF & JPG image fixer     FixPal v2.8a - Bitmap Common Palette Creator    Flag 3D Screen Saver v1.2 for Win32 - Animated flags     FLIC v1.02 - Simple FLI Player      Flocks - Win9x/NT Screen Saver        Flux - Win9x/NT Screen Saver     Flying Calculators - Screen Saver for Win32     TheFlyDS v1.6.1 - Software for watching and recording video
		and audio from LifeView FlyVide TV-tuner      (ASP) Flowers For You v1.0 - Screen Saver for Win32          Fractal Magic - Fractal Drawing Package for Windows     Full Motion v2.0 - Screen Saver for Windows       FMV-Extractor v0.9 for Win32 - Extract video clips from files    FindPics v1.1 - Image files finder       F.O. v0.61 - Graphix viewer for DOS    Font2Gif v1.1 - Font to GIF images conversion tool for Win32    FotoFix v1.5 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP - Photo album for website
		creation utility
fotooff2.exe    Foto Office 2 - Professional graphics browser for cataloging,
		editing, archiving and viewing digital photos
fp16_104.exe    FlickerFree Player v1.04 for Win16 (MCI,FPI)
fp32_104.exe    FlickerFree Player v1.04 for Win32 (MCI,FPI)    Fontman + Palman - Character font & color palette editor    FotoPrep v1.2 - Image processor for Win32    FracSaver v1.2b - Real time fractal image generator in the
		role of screensaver
frac403.exe     Fractalus v4.03 - Win32 fractal generator    Fractal 3D v3.1 - Fractal and landscape generator for Win32    FracTrip v2.3 - Mandelbrot fractal generator for Windows    Fractal Generator for Windows    FracXtra v6 - Fractint Extras Collection    Fractint 20.0 - DOS-Based Fractal Generator      A program to view multi-frame JPG files as "mini-movies"     Fractal Screen Saver for Win95/98      FreeCard v2.01 - Multimedia greeting card creator    FractMovie v1.62 - Real-time 3-d IFS Fractal Movie Generator    Fractal Explorer v2.01 - Fractal generator for Win32     FreeDVD v2.0.0 - DVD Player for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Circle Frenzy Screen Saver v1.3 for Windows    Fast Scanner v1.2 - Win32 Twain compatible scanner software      Flash ScreenSaver Builder v4.5    Full Page Image v1.51 - Win32 generator of html "wrapper"
		around an image so it can be displayed full size      Fungus v1.00 - Screen Saver    FastView v1.47 - Graphic Viewer     FX Movie Player Plugin for NS/IE     FX Saver v1.4a - Multimedia screensaver creator for Win32     FixPic v2.1 - JPG files manipulator      GFX2ASC v1.41 - Tool for creating ascii-art images    Galaxies v4.1 - Win32 Screen Saver with 3D Galaxy Effects    Mihov Gallery Creator v0.9 - Image gallery creation utility    AutoSiteGallery v1.6 - Picture gallery maker for Win32     GARC v1.0 - Graphic Viewer/Converter     Garc v3.01 - Win95/NT Graphic and AVI Viewer     Graffiti Artist v1.2.2 - DOS Paint Program        123 Graphic Converter v1.5 for Win32
gc26inst.exe    GifClean32 v2.6c - Redundant info in GIF files remover
gc95p300.exe    Gamma CAD PRO for Windows 95 v3.00
gcadp300.exe    Gamma CAD PRO for Windows 3.1 v3.00    (ASP) Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger v5.1 for Win3.1/95    GCDraw ver.1 - Object and background editor
gcsp20.exe      GIF Construction Set Professional v2.0a     Generator Hex - Hexadecimal code for colors finder
gifcon.exe      GIF Construction Set v1.0q - 16bit
gifcon32.exe    GIF Construction Set v1.0q - 32bit      GrafCat for Windows v1.0k by Alchemy      GrafCat for Win32 v1.0k by Alchemy
gdvx1996.exe    Global DiVX Player v1.9.9.6 - Video/movie player for Win32      Collection of Kinemorphic Screen Saver Settings       Coollection of Psychedellic Screen Saver Settings     GraphDraw v3.0 - Function Plotting Program      GDS: Graphic Display System v3.1g     GODDESS v1.00 - FLI,BMP,RLE&DIB image file player/screensaver       Geiss v4.24 - Win95/98 screen saver    (ASP) The Geometry Screen Savers v1.0 for Windows    GetColor - Color of selected pixel on screen retriever    GetPixel v2.0B - Color code of selected pixel retriever     GoldFli v1.20 - FLI Player for DOS    GFView v1.10 - Graphics file viewer for use with LIST util    GRAFX v2.00 Beta - Bitmap paint program    GFXCheck v1.24 - Graphics file checking utility      GifGifGif v1.21 for Win95 - GIF Animator       Graphic Info v1.15 - Graphic Files Identifier     GIF 2 AVI Animations Convertor    GIF 2 PNG Convertor     Gif2swf v2.1 - Static GIF to SWF (shockwave format) converter    GIF Bump v2.1 - Screen Saver    GIFCom v3.00 - Image Viewer and Comment Editor    GifCvt v1.5 - Win32 command-line GIF file converter    GIF 2 Self-displaying EXE convertor     GiFFY v2.3 - BMP to GIF and back convertor for Win95/98/NT    GIF Gate v2.1 - GIF Tester    GIFLITE v2.10 - GIF Compressor      Absolute GIF Optimizer v1.01 for Win9x/NT/2000    Trout's GIF Optimizer v2.3 for Win32    GIFSEE v2.0f - Freeware GIF Viewer       GIF SHOP PRO v1.1 - Animated GIF files creator for Win32     GIF Saver for Windows (16-bit) v1.0c by Alchemy     GIF Saver for Windows (32-bit) v1.0c by Alchemy    GIFSIZE v1.5 - GIF Resizer    Microangelo GIFted v1.0 - Set of drawing and editing tools
		for GIF animations    (ASP) GifWeb v3.1 - Transparent GIF's Creator for Windows    (ASP) GifWeb v4.2 - Transparent GIF's Creator for Win95
gld101.exe      Scitech GLDirect - Allows any OpenGL application to run on
		videocards without OpenGL 1.2 driver    Glyp Preview v1.2 - Bitmaps/icons previewer     GIF Movie Gear v3.0.2 - GIF Animator
gmviewer.exe    Gfx's Multi Viewer for Win95        Tumi's 3D Gold v1.0 - Animated cursors collection         GPF - General Protection Fault - 16bit Windows Screen Saver
gphi0_91.exe    Grapher v0.91 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Tool for creation and
		displaying graphs in 2D, 3D and other spatial dimension    ePlum GetPictures! v2.0 - Tool to convert vector format files,
		PDF, Office document, HTML document into bitmap pictures    The Graphics Factory v2.1     (ASP) Grafer for Win v4.01 - ANSI look-alike graphs maker    GrafSaver for Windows (16 bit) v1.0d by Alchemy    GrafSaver for Windows (32 bit) v1.0d by Alchemy    Graffix v5.60 - DOS & Windows Screen Capture
grapcon5.exe    Graphics Converter Pro v5.4 - Tool for graphic file formats
		conversion      Graph Wizard v1.0 - Creator of 2D and 3D images
graph540.exe    Graph Paper Printer v5.40 - Software for graphic paper printing
		for Win95/98/NT    Able Graphic Manager v2.4 - DXF and other formats viewer    Graphic Pro v1.0 for Windows - Fast Image Processor     Gravity - Windows Screen Saver        Grey Matter v1.1c - Screen Saver for Win95/98    Graphic Workshop for DOS v7.0f        Collection of Graphics Effects    AVD Graphic Studio - Graphics/Video Editor for Win32     Graphic Rulers v1.0 by Gulf Coastal Software    Graphics Viewer v2.20 for Windows
gs330.exe       GraFX Saver Pro v3.3 - Util for creating your own screen saver      Glide Shoot-it - 3D programs screen capture      GSPEED v2.73 - Graphics Card Performance Tester
gspot221.rar    GSpot v2.21 - AVI Codec Identification Tool
gspt251b.rar    GSpot v2.51 beta - AVI Codec Identification Tool      GraphTablet v3.00 - Blank graph paper printer for Win9x/NT    (ASP) GTI JPEG Saver v1.20 - JPG Screen Saver    (ASP) GTI Media Saver v1.20 - AVI,JPG,MPEG Screen Saver    Logo Saver v2.1 - BMP Screen Saver for Win95/NT       GIF (also animated ones) viewer for Win32    GVSW Graphics Viewer Short & Sweet v1.1a by TCW
gwsp20.exe      Graphic Workshop Professional v2.0a
gwsw95.exe      Graphic Workshop for Windows 95 v1.1y
gwswin11.exe    Graphic Workshop for Windows 3.1 v1.1y       Happy - Desktop Theme :-)    HappyIcon v2.84 - Icon and cursor creation tool for Win32    HarmWave v1.3 - Seamless tiles wallpaper creator
hc2.exe         HyperCAM v2.10.00 - Video Capture Tool for Win32     Hyperionics Video Capture Driver for WinNT v1.0    HardCopy Pro v2.22 - Screen capture util for Win95/98/NT    Hearts in Love Screen Saver v1.0 - Valentine's Day Screen Saver
		for Win95/98    HellFire-2000 v2.0 - Screen Saver for Win95/98/NT      Hex(RBB) - Top/Botton Colour Mixer for Win32       HGC! v1.4 - Hercules Video Mode Utility Replacement       Honoi Tower Problem Solver as Screen Saver    HOTSCREEN v1.0 - Screen/windows capturing tool for Win32    HotScreen v2.0 - Screen capture tool     HotSpot v1.6 - Screen Saver Activator for Win32    HotSpot v2.2 - Screen Saving Utility    HPGL to AutoCAD Script File Conversion Program     HPGL files fixing tool      Smart Grabber v2.51 - MSIE plugin for saving pictures and
		movies from web pages    HTML Colors v1.5 - Util for Win9x/NT that converts 16-bit color
		into HTML hex code    HTML Color Palette v1.0 - HTML Color Support Add-on    HTMLGVIEW v1.3 - Util for using Internet browser to review
		graphic files from local disk    HTML Picture Painter v2.0    HTML Paint Brush v1.1     Huffyuv v1.23 - Lossless Win32 Video Codec (in DLL form)    HyperCam v1.72 - Captures action from Win9x/NT screen to
		AVI file      Hyper MPEG Player for Win'95    Hypnodisk Screensaver v1.4 for Win32
hs5.exe         (ASP) HyperSnap-DX v5.60 - Screen Grabber for Win9x-XP    Hypnodisk v1.3 - Semi-psychedelic Screensaver for Win32
hypno15.exe     Hypnogenic Screen Saver 2000 for Win95/NT    HzTool v1.4 - Tool for Win95/98 that lets you set the
		refreshrate for all resolutions      IconBank v4.0 - Windows Icon Database        (ASP) JASC Image Commander v1.0     Icon, cursor and animated cursor editor v0.3    iConDraw v2.0 - Graphics Editor Program     ICO2BMP - Icon to Bitmap Converter     ICO2GIF - Icon to GIF Converter v1.0 for DOS        IconMania v5.0 - Icon Collection for Win95/NT    ICON Library v4B - Icon collection for Windows     Icon-- v1.5.1 - Icon Viewer    Icons2000 v6 - 442 High Color Icons for Windows    Aha-soft Icon to Any v2.04 - Graphic converter for Win32    Icon2Bmp v1.02 - Icon to BMP Converter
iconart.exe     IconArt v1.4 - Icon Editor    IconEdit2 - Windows Icon Editing Tool    Icon Editor for Win32 (16 colours)    IconLove v2.0 - Icon extractor and manager for Win32     IconSee - Icon Browser for Windows     VB Icon PAK v2.0 - VB and ActiveX icons collection    IconToy v3.1 for Win95 - Icon handling utility    IconViewer v3.0 for Windows
iconvw.exe      IconView Pro v3.2 for Win32    IconView v2.60 - Win95/98 Icon Extractor and Viewer      Aha-Soft IconXP v2.03 - Icon editor for WinXP     IconViewer - Freeware    IconView - Tiny Icon Viewer    InstaCropper v2.1 - Image processing util for cropping unneeded
		parts of images     IMPEL COLOR SELECT v1.1 - A color selection tool for Win9x/NT       ICU JPEG Enhancer v1.0    The Image Extractor Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat - Tool for
		extraction of iamges from within PDF files      ImageEye v7.0 - Graphic viewer for Win9x-XP       IFS v1.5 - IFS Fractal Generator      IFSView for Win9x/NT/2000 v1.1 - Fractal image compressor and
		decompressor for grayscale images    IFS-Win v1.2 - IFS Fractal Generator       Interactive JPEG Optimizer v5.02 for Win9x/NT/2000     Ikebana v1.4 - Screen Saver
ilm45e.exe      (ASP) Illuminatus v4.5 Evaluation - Multimedia Publisher      Imager v1.1 - Tiny image composer for Win32    Image Viewer v1.40 - Image and Movie Viewer for Windows    Image Viewer v4.4.0 - Tiny Win95/NT graphic viewer    Full Image Info v1.1 - Tool for retrieving info about image
		files    ImagePlus v1.2 for Win9x/Me - Processor for image arithmetics,
		color theory and remote sensing      IMD v1.02 - DOS Image Directory Utility
imf_f345.exe    Image Forge Basic v3.45 - Image Editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2K
imf_p345.exe    Image Forge PRO v3.45 - Image Editor for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Imagine v1.3 - A Luxury Image Viewer/Manager for Win95/98/NT      Image Gallery v2.0 - Image viewer/browser for Windows     Image Arithmetic v2.1c - Windows utility for image arithmetic    Image Cutter v2.0 for Win32    Image Dupeless v1.5.4 - Graphic collection deduplication tool    HTML Image Splitter v2.3 for Win32 - Bitmap pictures splitter    IMGCTL v2.35 - Image/doc. management system for Win 3.1/95    KVT Image Cutter v1.2 - Image Splitter for Win95/98/NT/2000    Image Filer - Picture Files Previewer
imgfx121.exe    Image Fox v1.21 - Thumbnail previewer for Win95/98/NT      Image Size Tester for Windows    Image Librarian v2.0 for Windows     Imagery v1.0 - Image manipulation library and demo apps for Win      ImageSizer - Bitmap Resizer    ImgSize - Graphic File Scaler     Image Size - Explorer add-on which display image file
		parameters    ImageSlider v3.20 - Automatic Screen Wallpaper Slider for Win9x    ImageTab v1.1 - HTML with the list of picture files creator    imgThumb v1.5.2 - Image Thumbnail Creation Tool     HTML Image Viewer v1.26 - German graphic viewer    DIMIN Image Viewer 2 v2.0.1 - Free Graphic Viewer for Win32      Davetech Image Viewer v2.0 - Image browser    (ASP) Image Master Plus (CR) v4.97 - Create a personal
		screen saver and image viewer     Index Photo Printer for Win9x/NT      Instant! pro v2.7 - Multi Format Viewer for Windows    Interference Saver v1.10 - Screen Saver for Win32    i-palette Builder v1.2 - Custom palette creation tool       Image Page Wizard v2.0 - Util that display all the images
		contained in a folder on a HTML page
ir08.exe        Mihov Image Resizer v0.8 - Tool for batch resizing of images
irfanex.exe     IrfanView Shell Extension v1.02 - DLL that adds the ability
		to call some IrfanView functions from within Windows Explorer       Image Styles v4.5 Pack - Picture generator for Win32       Icons & Sprites Designer v3.1       Image Styles Library v2.5 - Image processing library for Win32        Internet ScreenSaver Builder v5.0 - Screen Saver using defined
		multimedia files from defined URL    IT JPEG-Tester v1.2 for Win32    Iterations v2.9 - Fractal Generator for Win9x/NT     (ASP) ImgViewer/16 v1.34 - Graphic viewer     (ASP) ImgViewer/32 v2.44 - Graphic viewer for Win32
iview392.exe    IrfanView v3.92 - Graphic viewer for Win9x-XP    IrfanView Slovak Language Module
ivwplugs.exe    Set of additional plugin modules for IrfanView v3.92    IVE Mandelbrot Set Fractal Generator for DOS       (ASP) JASC Batch Master v1.0 for Win95/NT - Util for batch
		processing/format conversion of image files      (ASP) AMF Multimedia Jukebox v2.0 for Win          JPEG Cleaner v2.0 - Russian JPEG comment remover      JPEG Disk Optimizer v3.37 - Win9x/NT program for optimizing
		multiple JPEG/TIF images in a disk or file server    JPEG File Explorer v1.5 - Image file viewer/manager for Win32       JPEG Imager v2.2.2 - Interactive Image Compressor       (ASP) JASC Image Commander v2.0 (32-bit)
jir121ev.exe    (ASP) JASC Image Robot v1.21 - Batch Image Processor/Converter         Jony's JPEG Viewer v1.51    JM's Mandelbrot set interactive explorer v1.21 for Windows         Jony's Media Player - Companion for Jony's JPEG viewer
jmvsorbt.exe    JMV Sorbet - Image-browsing tool for Windows      John's Object Editor v1.4    Johann's Filters v1.0 - Photoshop Filter Plugins     Easy JPEG Printer v1.6 - Digital Image Print Util for Win95/98     BMP to JPEG Converter v1.23 for Win32      MS-DOS execs of JPEG v6b software    32-bit version of MS-DOS execs of JPEG v6b software
jpegar25.exe    Mihov JPEGar v2.5 - Image file viewer for Win32    Jpegcrop Application - JPEG files cropping util    JPEG DUMP - Tool to dump contents of JPEG markers within
		a JFIF file     JPegger v4.0x - Freeware image viewer for Win32    Jpegjoin Application - JPEG files lossless joiner    JPEG Package for VC++    JPEG v6b software - Source codes    JPEGView v2.4 - Win95 JPEG Viewer    JPG2PDF - PERL 5 tool for converting collection of JPEG images
		into a unique PDF    JPGAvi v1.05 - AVI from bitmap files creation tool    Jpeg Quality Explorer v1.0 - JPEG manipulation util    JPG info/preview remover/optimizer v1.1    JPEG Optimizer v3.07 for Windows    JJPEGPacker v1.1 - Tool for packing set of JPG files to
		single file or executable annd create slideshows    JPGVideo v1.04.0.0 - Video from bitmap files creation tool    JPEG Wizard v1.4 - JPEG image size squasher for Win32      JR Screen Ruler for Win32 - Desktop ruler       Jpg Strip v2.3 - Unnecessary info from JPEG files remover    Joe Snow Paint v4.0 - ANSI Drawing Program    Julia Saver v1.0 - Win95 fractal based screen saver    KABcam v2.2 - Web Camera Software    Kaleidoscope v3.1 for Windows    Kaleidoscope v95.1 - Screen Saver    Watson's Kaleidoscope for Win32    KDC2JPG - KDC (Kodak's DC120) to JPG/BMP Converter for OS/2    KwikDraw v3.01 - Drawing program for Windows    INSANE VIEW v2.01 - Scene Viewer
kine45.exe      The Kinemorphic Screen Saver 2000 for Win95/NT - 3D scr.saver       ADing Display Saver v1.0 - Revives normal screen saver during
		Power Point screen shows
kmov445.exe     Kool Moves v4.4.5 - Flash movies creation util for Win9x/NT     Koala Film Player v2.6 - Windows player for playing movie files
		with displaying high quality subtitles from Poland    Konvertor v3.41 - Graphic and video formats convertor for Win32    KVEC v3.10 for Win9x-XP - Raster to vector graphics converter        Light Alloy v1.D - Multimedia Player for Win32        Gold Lace Screen Saver v1.1 for Win9x/NT     LaFonta v1.1 - 3D text based screen saver for Win95/98       Landy - Tiny screensaver for Win32     Logo Art Beta2.0 - Graphics Logo Creation Utility     Lattice Screen Saver v1.1 - OpenGL based Screen Saver for Win32    LauraDocument - ACDSee plugin for compression and archiving
		scanned colored documents
lbmag21.exe     Label Magic v2.1 - Label creator/printer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    LC Copier for Win98/Me/2000 v1.23 - Virtual copy machine       LCE-CAD v1.2 - Simple CAD program for Win32      LCL v2.23 - Loss-Less Codec for Video for Windows     Lens - DragMag v1.1 - Screen Loupe for Win95-XP    Lil'Picasso v1.30 - Coloring Book for Children     Lines Screen Saver v1.4 for Windows     Liquid / 200 - Ultra small demo-effect       Lissa v1.0 - Util that draws Lissajoux figures for Win9x/NT    (ASP) LocoView v1.04 - Graphics viewer and slideshow for Win95     6 pictures to inner surface of cube projector     Libpng v1.2.5 - PNG Library     Lankford Screen Copy Utility v2.2 - Screen capture for Win      LSIC v2.5 - Lightning Strike Image Compressor    Lightspeed v6.2 - Screensaver for Win9x/Me/NT    LView Pro 2004 - Image File Processor for Win95-XP    LView Pro v1.B - Image File Editor for Win3.1 - Freeware       LWHIZ v1.32 - Color Image Viewer for DOS and Win95       LxMap - Viewer for maps created by LxPic       LxPic - DOS picture viewer for HP Palmtops    LZA Desk v0.91 - Animation compressor
ma365w32.exe    MainActor v3.65 - Animation Package for Win95/98/NT      MACICO v1.0 - Mac icons to Windows icons converter       MAG v0.2 - GIF Compressor     Magic Converter v2.8 - Image converter and enhancer for Win32    MagicMap v1.12 - Tool to extract color information from
		raster graphic files    MagicPen - Laser point - like effect for making demo progs    PICTOPS v4.10 - PIC 2 PS Converter     MakeGIF v1.2 - Animated GIF-file command-line creation tool      MAND v1.3 - Fractal generator      Mandel v6.0 - Fractal generator    MANDALA v1.3 - Windows Screen Saver (16-bit)    MANDALA v3.3 - Win'95 Screen Saver (32-bit)      MANDEL v1.00 - MAndelbrot set generator (incl. source code)    Mandelbrot Explorer v1.2 - Scren Saver for Win32    Paul's Fractal Generator v2.7 for Win32    Map Draw Deed Plotting System v2.50    MarkXY - Graphics to ASCII extraction/conversion util      Simple Screen Saver for Win32      MAZAIKA v2.10 - Mosaic image creator for Win32    Optimal Mandelbrot v2.43 for Win95/98/NT - Fractal generator    MB-Ruler v1.22 - Tool for measuring distances and angles on
		the screen      MicroChart 2000 for Win95-2000 - Drawing tool       Mosaic Creator v2.82 for Win32      MicroCAD - Drawing Program
mcl232.exe      MCL v2.32 - Multimedia Conversion Library     MegaClip v4.0 - Screen clipping utility for DOS
mcp300ev.exe    (ASP) Jasc Media Center Plus v3.0 - Multimedia manager for
		Win95/98/2000/NT     Nearest Colour v1.1 - Nearest colours to those defined in
		Photoshop swatch file finder
mdvdp12.exe     MicroDVD v1.2 - Video Player for Win9x/NT/2000     Antechinus Media Editor v4.0b - Win32 AVI and MPEG animations
		authoring tool    MediPlay v1.2 for Win95/NT - Multimedia Player     MEEJA v1.2 - Multimedia File Manager
megav707.exe    MegaView v7.07 for Win32 - Multimedia viewer    METALLIX Screen Saver for Windows v1.2       MINOS for Windows v2.2 - 3D Solid CAD System     (ASP) MegaCAD v1.0 - CAD Program for Win
mgl405.exe      Scitech MGL v4.05 Multiplatform Graphics Library (net install)    MICROPCX - Tiny PCX Viewer    Microscope v2.0 for Win32 - Pixel Arrangements Details Viewer    MIPMAPPER v1.0 - MipMaps Generator for Win32
mishmash.exe    Photo Mishmash Screen Saver for Win95-XP - Selected JPEG
		picture deformation based screen saver    MixScreen v1.022b - JPEG/calendar screen saver for Win95/98    RealTime MainConcept Motion-JPEG Codec for Win32 v1    Multi JPEG Crop v1.0 - Fast JPEG Batch Crop Tool for Win9x
		from Hungary     MkAlbum v2.8 - Util for creation of SFX archive of thumbnails
		in JPG format      MkExpl - Explosion bitmaps generator     Index file creator for QPV    mkMOVIE v2.3a - Full screen Movie Player powered by Direct
		Draw for Win95/98/2000    MagicLenses - Shareware Plugins for Adobe Premiere 4.2/5.0
		for Win95/NT      Movie Maker v1.0 - Built Animation from Still Images (BMP/AVI)        MagicMap - Tool to extract color information from images
		for geoinformation systems     Multimedia Builder MP3 v4.7 for Win95/98/NT - Multimedia
		authoring system     Multimedia Builder Tutorial in .PDF format    Makin' Magic Fractals v2.1 - 2D/3D fractal images generator    Multimedia Factory Multimedia Processor v2.30 - Graphics,
		audio and video processor for Win9x    3D Monster v1.51 - Program for creating depth masks for
		single image stereograms with 3D animation support       Mocha v3.991 - Win32 math expression based image processor
		(package contains both standalone version and WinAmp plugin)    Monoskop - TV-like Testing Pattern
montest.exe     Monitor Test v2.1 - Tool to check functionality of the monitor      Motion Perfect v4.3.1 - AVI Video Enhancement Tool    Mopyfish Images Editor    Morphing Magic v1.0 - Simple morphing package    Morpher (32-bit) v3.1 for Win9x/NT - Image morpher    Free123 Movie Director - GIF/TGA into AVI/FLIC movie builder     Moyager v1.3.4 - Multimedia player with HAV format support      Mozaik Screensaver v1.0b for Win9x/NT/2000    MP3 Player Screen Saver v2.03 - Slide-show with MP3 player    MP3 Slide Show v1.0 - Shows slides and plays music    MagniPaint v4.1
mpav120.exe     MPEG 2 AVI Converter v1.20 for Win32    MpegSoft Video Converter v1.6 - Tool to convert AVI/WMV/ASF
		files to MPEG files and DivX    MPEG Scissors v1.2 - MPEG Editor for Win32    MPEG Files Joiner for Win32    MPEG Player v1.39 for Win16 - MPEG, VCD and Movie Player    MPEG Player v3.36 for Win32 - MPEG, VCD and Movie Player    MpgToJpg v1.2.0 - JPEG pictures etractor from MPEG and AVI
		video files    Mr.Captor v3.01 - Screen capturing tool    Mr.Image v2.0 - Tiny Graphics Viewer     MSC Image Viewer v5.5 - Freeware Graphic Viewer for Win9x     Metamorf Screen Saver v2.1 - 3D Objects Rotation    Multiscope v2.03 - Kaleidoscope program    MultiMedia Viewer v1.62 for DOS/Win
multq250.exe    Multiquence v2.50 - Audio/Video Editor for Win32    MuralPix Wallpaper Changer and Screensaver for Win32    Murals v2.00 for Win95/98/NT - Wallpaper changer supporting
		BMP, GIF, JPG and other graphic formats    Musical Album v1.0 - Multimedia Screensaver      Magic Viewer v1.2 for Win95/NT - Image Editing Tool     MVIEW v1.00 - Image File Browser for Win32      MVP Paint v2.4 - VGA Graphics Workshop
mxplo209.exe    Multimedia Xplorer v2.09 - Multimedia file manager
mxtool25.exe    MxTool v2.5 - Image & Video Viewer for Win32    MyMovies v1.20 - AVI and MOV player for Windows      Mystic v1.0 - Screen Saver for DOS Construction Tool       NeoBook v2.1i - Authoring system for electronic publications      NeoBook PRO v2.1i - Authoring tool for interactive
nbw41.exe       NeoBook v4.1.1 for Win9x/NT - Multimedia authoring tool    nCopy v1.5 - Copy program for TWAIN scanner/printer        NeoDraw v2.1 - Vector based drawing application for Win3.x/95    NEOGEO v1.4 - Fractal Landscapes Generator      Neopal - NeoPaint palette optimizer    Neoripper - Extract files from NEOBOOK compiled progs      Nessie Screen Saver v1.0 for Win95/98 - Nessie on your screen    Nico's Viewer v1.0 - Win32 graphic files viewer    NoSignal Screen Saver - TV snowing effect based screen saver     NovaMatic v1.0 - Win32 graphic effect creator      NeoPaint v3.2d - Paint and image editing application for DOS    NeoPaint - Freeware fonts
npw45.exe       (ASP) NeoPaint for Windows v4.5a - Win32 paint/image editor    Net Color v2.2 - Custom color designer for Win32    NETPIC v4.2 - GIF/JPEG to 7-bit ASCII sfx code converter
ngchar42.exe    (ASP) Chartist v4.2 - Flow and org charting package for Win32     NoSleep! v2 - Screen saver deactivator
nplayer.exe     n.player v1.2.0.5 - Multimedia player for Win32       NeoShow v2.6f - Basic presentation utility      NeoShow PRO v2.6f - Assembles multimedia presentations    NTToolsSaver v1.00 - Win9x/NT screen saver    NOMSSI Viewer v1.5b     New Year Cursors Collection     Ocean Cruise v2.1 - Panoramatic Screen Saver for Win32      Octo v1.2 - Screensaver for Win32      Visual OLE Movie Player v1.0 beta 1 - AVI movie player    Ombra v7.22 - Image viewer/editor    Optimal Mandelbrot v2.43 - Win95/98/NT Fractal Generator        OPal v1.9 - Manipulate and capture the system color palette
		for Win95/NT    Orbit v2.00 - Windows screen saver with a twist       Ornamatica Intro v1.00 - Border clip art maker for Win3/95         OTF! v1.03 - Fast .fli player    OxygenBag - Tool for Automatic Photo Colour Correction and
		Frames Creation      Personal AVI Editor v1.57     EL's Painter v1.0c    Paintball Screensaver v2.0 for Win32    PaintPro - ANSI Painting Program         Pal! v1.0 - Pallette Creator    PaperCAD v1.00 - Paper modeling CAD program      Paster v0.8 - Icon Creator for Win32    WaveL Pic2Pic Pro v2.21 - Image converter     (ASP) ProtoCAD 3D v2.00d - 3D CAD program      PolyCAD v1.0 - 3D object editor/viewer for Windows       (ASP) JASC Professional Capture System v2.0        PC Screen Tools v1.00 - Util to zoom part of screen     PCX 2 COM Converter v1.0     PCX to EXE Converter v1.0beta     PCX to SNES Picture Converter v1.00     PCX 2 Text Converter v1.0    PCX 2 TXT Converter v0.91beta       PCX56 - 56 byte long PCX Viewer    PCX 32 ANS v1.5 - PCX to ANSI Converter    PCX Dump v9.3 - Capture program for Windows    Pcx2Icn v3.0 - PCX to RIP Icon (ICN) Format Converter      PCX Reducer v1.0 - PCX Palette Reducer    Pcx2Rip v3.0 - PCX/BMP/ICO to Rip format Converter    Set of simple PCX Utils with src    PowerDivX v3.12 - Video Media Player for Win32       PEdit v0.8 - Palette editor for ADOBE Photoshop and JASC
		Paintshop Pro      Peek v1.0 - Camera orientation calculator    PeepHole v2.2 - Video/still image capture util with FTP
		transfer ability for Win95       PEP v1.7 - Picture Editing Package    (ASP) Palette Express v1.5 - Color table optimizer    Returns a sum of all pages in TIFF files    PostScript capable drawing program for Windows 3.1
pgv403.exe      Paul's Graphic Viewer v4.03 for Win32
phantast.exe    Phantastic Screensaver for Win95/NT v2.0b     Phantom Desktop Screen Saver v2.4     PlayHAV v0.98c - HAV files player
phofiltr.exe    PhotoFiltrev 6.0.1 - Freeware Image Editor    JPG Photo Album Creator    Photo v1.52 - Realistic Icons Creator       Personal Harmonograph Simulator v1.6      PhotoSlider v2.1 - Graphic presentation program for Win95/98    PicViewer v0.1.0.5 - Tiny Graphic Viewer for Win32       PIC Editor v1.4     WaveL Pic2Pic v1.2 - Batch image conversion util for Win9x/NT      PictureView v3.10 - Windows Pictures Viewer     Pica-Pic v1.6.4 - Pictures sorter for Win32     Picture Browser for Win95/NT v1.7    (ASP) PictureClock v2.5 - Windows Graphics Viewer & Alarm Clock      Color Picker v1.3    PICLAB v1.93 - DOS-based Image Processing Program    Picmaster v1.25 - Complex Grahics Tool for Win32    Picture Pump v1.4 - Automated pictures retrieving robot for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000    PICPREVU - Picture Preview v1.0 for Win95/NT    PicSaver 3.0 - Slide-show based screen saver for Win95/98/NT    PicShell v1.95 0 Password protected image viewer and screen
		saver generator for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     PIC Station v1.22 - Picture Browser for Windows     PicSwitcher v2.0 - Graphic convertor and thumbnail printer    PictView v1.94 - Fast Multi Format Graphic Viewer/Converter
		by Jan Patera (English Edition)    PictView v1.94 - Fast Multi Format Graphic Viewer/Converter
		by Jan Patera (Czech Edition)     PictView v1.94 - Fast Multi Format Graphic Viewer/Converter
		by Jan Patera (French Edition)
picview.exe     UPV v1.4 - Ultimate Picture Viewer for Win32     AD Picture Viewer for Win9x/NT    PicViewer v2.74 - Win95/98/NT Graphic Viewer     (ASP) Picture Xchange v1.21 - Bitmap Converter for Win3/Win95     PhotoImpact GIF Optimizer v1.0    Pilot of Color v2.70 - Windows Program for Color Correction    Pilot of Color v4.62 - Win32 Program for Color Correction       PCX 2 PIX converter
pix31je.exe     PIXIA v3.1j - Painting tool for Win9x-XP     (ASP) PixSee Multimedia Browser v1.00     Pixel Calculator - Centimeters/pixels converter for Win32       PIXEL PORT v1.1 - Magnifier, color picker and desktop ruler     Pixel v1.0 - Simple Screen Saver     Pixel Screen Saver v2.1 - Kaleidoscope-like screen saver      PIXELZ v1.0 - Tiny DOS Screen Saver       Pixie v3.0 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Colour spy and mouse tracking
		tool    PixPrint v3.03 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Graphic files printer    PIXresizer v1.0.7 - Image resizing tool for Win32    PixShow v7.88 for Win95/98/NT - Graphic catalogizer for Win32      PixView v2.3 - Freeware DOS based graphic viewer    PixWizard v1.24 for Win95/NT - Image viewer with image
		processing and conversion capabilities    PK GIF Optimizer for Windows      Placer v2.03 - Program to convert and compose vector/bitmap
		graphic files    Planestate v1.52 - 3D Screen Saver for Win9x/NT      Plasma - Win9x/NT Screen Saver     PlayFLC v2.98 - FLI/FLC Player by Jan Patera    The Photoshop Plugin Manager v1.0b    Professional 32bit image processing and painting software
		for Win95/NT    HPGL to Compact Binary Converter     (ASP) PLOTTER v8.1 - A data plotting and analysis program
		for DOS      Web JPEG Plug-In v3.0 - JPEG Compressor     Jony's JPEG Viewer Plugins - TWAIN, Internet and Supa loupe     Picture Man v1.55 - Powerful Russian Graphic Tool for Windows    PMJPEG v2.03 - OS/2 Picture Viewer
pmvw305.exe     PMView Pro v3.05 - Graphic Viewer for Win32
pngp20.exe      PNG/MNG Construction Set Professional v2.0 for Win32    Print'n Stitch - Image into a cross-stitch pattern converter      POCKET WATCH v2.01 - Image viewer for Win95/98/NT
polyi262.exe    PolyImage Library v2.62 - ActiveX image processing library
polyv400.exe    PolyView v4.00 - Graphic Viewer for Win9x/NT    Benoit's Heritage Pomme - Fractal Images Renderer for Windows
poster7.exe     (ASP) Poster v7.9m - Posters and banners creator for Win32    Posterama v2.5 - Print large posters from Windows BMP files       Print Pilot v1.24 - Graphic files printer for Win32      The Personal Screen Saver v1.0 - Design your own screen saver!    Predator v1.6 - The Colour Graphics File Verification Util    Print! v1.60 - Screenshots printer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     (ASP) PRINTGF v1.32 - Picture printer for DOS/Windows     (ASP) PRINTGL v1.62 - A pen plotter emulator package for
		DOS/Windows     Present! v3.0 - Multimedia presentation creator for Win3/95     PrintIt v2.2 - JPG files printer for Win32
pryme126.exe    Pryme v1.2.6 - Webcam pictures capturing tool       Phantom Screen v1.3b - Screen saver utility        (ASP) Paint Shop v3.0     (ASP) PhotoShow 3D v2.11 - 3D Windows Screen Saver    PSD (Photoshop file) Ripper     PSHOW v3.0 - Graphic Viewer for DOS
psnr10.rar      PSNR v1.0 - Program to count PSNR between two images
psp311.exe      (ASP) Paint Shop Pro v3.11 for Windows 3.1 by JASC
psp810ev.exe    (ASP) Paint Shop Pro v8.10 Evaluation for Win9x-XP by JASC     PIC Station 32 v1.6 - Picture Browser for Win32
psych45.exe     Psychedellic Screen Saver 2000 for Win95/NT    Psychedelic / 196 - Ultra small demo-effect      PhotoThumb v3.12 for Windows - Create photo thumbnails and
		HTL documents    BR's Photo Archiver v4.0.8 - Image Files Organizer for Win32      Pictures To Exe v4.30 - Graphic files to EXE converter
ptvec198.exe    Algolab Photo Vector v1.98 - Graphic editor for Win32      PV v2.77 - Picture Viewer for DOS (German version)      PV v2.77 - Picture Viewer for DOS (English version)      (ASP) PhotoVision Pro v1.5 for Windows image viewer/convertor/
		compressor/...     PicaView for Windows 3.1 - Image viewer add-on for File Manager
pvu32132.exe    PicaView for Windows 95 - Image viewer add-on for File Manager     PicaView for Windows NT - Image viewer add-on for File Manager    PictView for Windows v1.14 - Fast command-line image converter
		by Jan Patera    Power FLIC v2.52 - 32bit FLC/FLI Player for Win95     Pixel32 v0.99.6 for DOS - Graphic Editor     Pixel32 v0.99.8 for Win95/98/2000/NT - Graphic Editor      Anet Pygmalion 3D for Win95/NT - 3-D Editor        Pyrotechnic (16-bit) - Screen Saver      Pyrotechnic (32-bit) - Screen Saver    Quick Time for Windows - Movie Player       Quick Editor for Windows v1.7 - QuickTime Video Editor    QuickGraph v1.0 - Fast Multi-Purpose Graphing Utility     QuikGrid v4.4 - Win95/98/NT program that countour or display
		a grid generated from scattered x,y,z data points       Quick Icon Grabber v2.5 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Quick Image v1.5.2 - Image, icon and cursor previewer for Win32     QuickPaint v1.50 - Simple paint program for Win95/NT     QPV/386 v1.7e - Freeware PNG-only version      QPV/386 v1.7e - Multiformat viewer for 386+ (QPEG previously)
qres1090.exe    QRes v1.09 - Individual resolution setter for selected
		applications    Quirix v13.1.2 - Video and TV viewer software for Win32     QuoteSaver v1.3 - Screen Saver for Win3/Win95        QuickTime Movie Player for Windows 3.1 v2.1.1        QuickTime Movie Player for Windows 95 v2.1.1    Quick Time Movie Player for Windows v1.2     Quant v2.0 - Graphics manipulation program for Windows    QuickSaver - Media player and screen saver for Win32      QuickView v1.03b - DOS Multimedia Viewer        QV v2.5 - Image Viewer/Converter for Win95/NT
qvp700ev.exe    Jasc Quick View Plus - Graphics files viewer and printer for
		Win32    QuickView Protected Mode v2.53 - DOS Multimedia Viewer    Random Balls - Screen Saver for Win32     RainyNight Screen Saver v2.0 for Windows    Rainy Screen Saver v1.75 for Win32    Random Saver v1.0.2 - Screen saver random selector    Rapid TIFF Page Count v1.0 - Tool to show how many pages are
		in many TIFF files and generate reports about this     RAS2VEC v1.1 - Raster to vector converter         Ruler by George! v1.31 - Measuring Tool for Windows       RDM v1.4 - Stereogram images creator for Win32
rdraw31.exe     Real-DRAW PRO v3.1 - Picture editor for Win32     RGB Background Color Generator v1.0.12 - Background generator
		for Win32     RasterVect v8.8 Trial - Raster drawings into a vector format
		converter      Rave! v1.1 - Kaleidoscope for DOS     RAW files to standard Windows BMP Converter    (ASP) OSOSOFT's ROCKFORD! v4.0 - Business Card Maker for Win3    RealTime - Video Player      Red Eye Pilot v1.10 - Red eyes remover from photos    Redplayer v2.1 - Simple Video Player for Win32    Reduce v2.0 - PCX palette reducer    Reminder Screen Saver v1.2 - A screen saver with reminding
		ability    Repligator v8 - Graphics effects program for Win95       Render Gold v1.04 - 3D graphic editor for Win9x/NT         RGB Editor for Windows v1.4       RGB Editor 2000 v3.9 - Color mixer        RGBC Color Setup    RGB Easy Mix v1.1 for Win95/NT - RGB Color Editor    RGB Hexadecimal Color Calculator v1.0    Watson's RGB-Mixer v1.6 for Win32      Rename v2.5a - JPG Files Renamer for Win32       Reference Game Launcher v2.0 - Util for running games with
		different driver settings for Win9x/2000     ReelCap v3.0 - AVI video capture program for Win95/98     Raster Master v5.0 - Sprite/Icon Editor       Random Screensaver v2.01 for Win32 - Screensaver changer       Random Screen Saver - 32 v2.2 for Win95        Raster Utilities 5.0 - Tools for Graphic Format Conversion       Screen Ruler for Win95/NT v1.1     RandWall v1.5 for Win95 - Wallpaper random generator    S3 Speed Up v3.11    S3 VBE / Core 2.0 v3.18     SA! v1.5 - Screen Attributes Changer    SAINTPCX - Small PCX viewer       Screen Saver for Win32 based on random text lines with
		different effects    Util that indicates if/when screen saver will activate      SaverSwitch - Screen saver switcher       SAX v2.5 - Fractal images in BMP format generator        Screen Bite v2.0 - Image capture program for Win32    SBJV v3.8 - JPEG Viewer for Win32        Saver Changer v2.0 - Screen Saver Runner for Win32    ScanEasy for HP v1.1 - Adobe Acquire Format Plug-in for HP
		ScanJets     SmartCapture v1.50 - Screen Capture Tool for Win32     SCAT v1.60 - Powerful cutting utility to make sprites     Scatter Screen Saver v1.0b2 for Win95    SVGA Driver v2.03     sClip v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Tiny screen capture tool    SuperClip v5.20 - Screen Capture for Windows       Screen Capture Master v2.9 - Screen Capture Tool       Super Color Picker v1.2 for Win32     SCR2GIF v1.0 - ZX Spectrum Screen Image to GIF Format converter     SCRAVI v5 - AVI/MOV/CD player/screen saver    Easy Screen v2.0 - JPEG Screen Capture/Print Util for Win95    Screen Album v2.1 - Multimedia slideshow/screen saver tool for
		Win32    Screen Grab v1.0 - Screen Capture Util for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Screen Hunter - Screen Capture Utility for Win32    Screen Manager - Screen Saver Manager for Win95/98    Screenpix v2.0 - Screen Saver for Win3/Win95    Screen Paver v4.2 - Slide-show based screen saver for Win9x/NT    Screen Printer v3.2 - Contents of the screen printer for Win32    PhotoAlbum ScreenSaver - Slideshow as screen saver     Screenshot Utility v1.0 - Screen Capturing Tool for Win32     SCRVIEW v1.5 - ZX Spectrum Screen File Viewer for DOS/Win32
scsp20.exe      Screen Saver Construction Set v2.0 by Alchemy Mindworks
sdraw65.exe     SmartDraw v6.5x trial - Draw & Flowchart for Win32    SmartDraw for Win32 - Electronic Manual in PDF format     SD Capture v4.6 - Win95/98 screen/window capture utility
sdd653.exe      SciTech Display Doctor v6.53 (all platforms)
sdd653-d.exe    SciTech Display Doctor v6.53 (DOS version only)     The Dicom Java Viewer v1.3.0 - Graphic Viewer for Dicom Images     SHUTDOWNKINGS Sreen Saver v3.00 - Windows screen saver    SmartDraw v3.24 - Draw & Flowchart for Win3.1       SEA v1.3 - Graphic Viewer/Converter for DOS     Seq2Pic98 - Bitmap sequence into a single bitmap converter
sera32.exe      Seraline Screen Saver - Abstract Art Screensaver for Win32
sf31.exe        Seamless Factory v3.1 - Texture maker for Win32    (ASP) StarFlic v1.2C - FLI Compiler/Player         Sinclair Spectrum Graphics Editor - SNA files editor    ScreenGrab v2.10 - Screen Grabber for Windows      Serpik Graphs v1.3 - Plotting program for Win95    ShadowMaker v1.0 - Shadow Effects Generator for Win32      Shape X v1.2 - Screen Saver for Win32     Shooltz Saver v2.3 - 3D Customizable Screen Saver    Shockwave and Flash Player for Win32      Datashow v7.0 - Multimedia Program    SlideShow98 v1.0 - Slide-show based screen saver for Win95/98     ShowBMP - BMP viewer for DOS     ShowICO - ICO viewer for DOS     ShowJPG v2.81 - Fast JPEG viewer by Jan Patera    ShowMaker v2.9.3 - Slide show and photo albums maker for Win32     Super Slideshow Screensaver v1.7 for Win95/98    Shortcut Screen Saver v1.0 for Win95/98/00/NT - 3D graphics
		based screen saver    Sifter (16-bit version) - Image sorting application     Sifter (32-bit version) - Image sorting application       Signs v1.0 - Screen Saver for Win32    SKI's ICON Editing System v1.2 - 256 colour icons from
		pictures creator/editor          Screen Logger v1.01 - Screen logging util for Win32    David's Slide Show v1.3.2 - Slide show program for Win32    SlideShow v5.1 for Win3.1/95 - Screensaver      SlowMotion v1.0.5 - AVI Video Motion Interpolation Tool    SlowView v1.0 RC2 - Freeware Image Viewer for Win32    PCX 2 RAW Converter    SlidesShower v3.17 - Multimedia slideshow screensaver for Win    Smacker Tools v3.1g - Compressor for video, animation and
		sound data for DOS/Win95/WinNT
smag10.exe      SuperMagnify v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Screen magnifier    A Smaller GIF - Program for compressing GIF(1) animations      Smiley :-) Screen Saver v1.0 for Win95/98/NT    Smiley Screen Saver for Win9x     SmackPlay v1.93r - Smacker animation player      Screen Shot Maker v2.0 - Screen capture tool     SmartView v1.0 - Freeware Windows Image Viewer
snagit71.exe    SnagIt v7.1 - Windows Screen Capture Util    Snowflake 3D Screen Saver v1.0 for Win32     SendPic v2.1 - Self viewing (series of) JPEG files creator     SNIPITZ v1.0 - Windows Media Player Add-on for "Shows" Creation      Snowflakes & Stars v3.0 - Tool for drawing snowflakes and stars    Solar Winds - Win9x/NT Screen Saver    Solar System Simulator Screen Saver for Win32    Solar Winds - Screen Saver for Win32     (ASP) S.O.S. Professional v2.0 - Windows Screen Saver
		for Win3.x/95/98/NT    Soundpix v1.2 - Screen Saver for Win3/Win95    Sprite Artist v2.30 - Sprite Editor      Screen Print Gold v3.02 - Print Screen Key Enhancer for Win32    Spheroid Screen Saver v1.7 for Windows    Spicon v1.5 - Image browsing utility     Spin Palette BMP v1.2 - Animating Color BMP creator    Spirals v1.8 - Screen Saver for Win32    Spirograph v1.0 for Win3.x - Drawing tool    Spirograph v4.9.6 for Win9x - Drawing tool     Smart Pix Manager v7.01 - Image and Multimedia Manager/Viewer
		for Win32     SPARKLE v1.00 - Win16 Screen Saver Creator    Splatter Shapes v1.2 - Screen Saver for Win32      Splitz! v1.43 - Image splitter    ADing Spliting v1.3 - Image Splitter    SPLOT v2.32 for Windows (16-bit) - Pen Plotter Simulator    SPLOT v4.10 for Windows (32-bit) - Pen Plotter Simulator     Sprite Compiler v2.4    SpriteGet v1.1 - Sprite Extractor    Spriter v1.03 - Drawing tool    SiDXF v4.01 - DXF, EMF, JPEG and TIF viewer for Win32    SpecViewSE v2.1.5 - ZX Spectrum Screenshot Viewer
spx44.exe       SPX Instant Screen Capture v4.4 - Handy screen capturing tool    SQUASH utils v1.0 - Image size reducer for DOS/Win
srtpic23.exe    SortPics v2.3 - Image Sorter and Duplicate Finder for Win32       Slideshow Java Applet for web pages        Screen Sucker v2.0 - Tool to get value of color      (ASP) Green Screen Saver v1.1 - Tiny DOS Screen Saver      Screen Saver Builder v3.9 - Screen Saver Creator for Win32         Screen Saver Changer for Win95       Screen Saver Control v1.2 - Screen saver controller     Stereogram Screensaver - Screensaver for Win32 based on
		Stereogram Explorer rendering engine (see      Multimedia Show Maker for Win3.1x/95/NT - Interactive
		Multimedia Maker    SlideShow Screen Saver v2.0 for Win3.1         ScreenShot Maker v1.7 - Screen capture utility for Win32     Shayd Sprite v3 - A sprite editor     SlideShow Screen Saver v1.15 for Win32    SST v2.0 for Win95/98/NT - Slide show screen saver with
		password support creation utility       Screen Thief v1.58 - Screen Capture for DOS      Screen Thief v2.01 freeware - Screen Capture for DOS      ST2IFF - Atari ST format converter        Simple Thumbs v4.1a - Web page image gallery generator    Screen Thief v1.03 for Windows 95/98 - Screen Capture Util    ScreenTaker v4.10 for Win95/98/NT - Screen Grabber    Stars! v1.12 - Win95 Screen Saver      SteadyHand v2.2.1 - AVI Video Stabilization Tool     Stereogram Creator - Tool for creation of Single Image Random
		Dot Stereograms or Single Image Stereograms     Stereogram Explorer v2.2 - Design software for hidden 3D
		graphics      STIX v2.0 - Children's Sticker Art System and Drawing Program     StormView - Tiny Image Viewer for Win9x     The Stary's Screen Saver v1.2 for DOS     ST Thumbnails Explorer v1.1 - Thumbnail browser for Win32    Screen Thief v1.01 for Windows 3.1     DIVX Subtitle Editor v1.3 by Gyory Gabor, Hungary    SUBmax v6.1 - Versatile Subtitle Editor    Sub Studio SAMI v1.1 for Win9x/Me/2000 - SAMI format subtitles
		creation utility    SuperJPG v4.5 - Image file browser, viewer and sorting util
		for Win95/98/2000/NT      SuperView v3.0 - Picture Viewer for Windows    SciTech SuperVGA KIT rel.6.2    SVGA Test v3.50    SVGA Test Utils
svgview.exe     Adobe SVG format viewer v3.0    SOView v2.00 - Graphic Files Viewer for Win32         SVR v1.10 - Extremely small screen saver       Swarm Screen Saver for Win32      SWBCapture v2.3 - Window Image Capture Utility     SWF to AVI format converter v0.3    SWF Compressor v1.0 - Tool for compressing flash 2/3/4/5/mx
		SWF files      Sothink SWF Decompiler v2002 - Tool to export resources from
		flash movies      SineWave Surfer v0.75 - Util to create continuos and
		psychedelic images to use as background    Synchroz Screen Saver v1 for Windows       TEXT2PCX v1.6 - Text 2 PCX Converter    Take Color v3.1 - Freeware colour mixing tool    Tanguy v1.00 - Photo-realistic images creator using
		pre-rendered bitmaps
tbc_dll.exe     TBarCode DLL v5.0 - Library for integration of bar code
		processing functions into own applications
tbc_ocx.exe     TBarCode ActiveX v5.0 - Universal bar code component to be used
		in Excel, Access, Word, VB, .NET and web based applications      Tipsy Clock Screen Saver v1.0 - Skinnable digital clock for
		Win32         TED - 256-color bitmap cutter    Teechart-Office - Charting and plotting tool for Win32    Tentacle Screensaver v2.0 for Win32
textize.exe     Textize v1.0 - Image to text conversion tool    TexView v3.0 - Fast texture browser
tformer.exe     TFORMer v4.1 - Printing solution for creation of reports,
		labels, serial letters, business forms etc.     TechGraf v2.0 - Win32 Plotting Program    Theme Maker v5.0 - Windows cursor icons and desktop wallpaper
		creator for Win9x/NT    Thorns 3D v1.2 - Screen Saver for Win32    Thoughts v1.5 - Screen Saver Creator for Win9x/NT/2000    ThnImage Libraries - ISAPI DLLs     Smaller Animals Thumb Nailer ver.7 - Image thumbnails creator     Thumber v2.6 - A thumbnail extraction and image manipulation
		utility      EldoS Thumbnailer v4.35 - Thumbnail generator for Win9x    ThumbsUp v3.9 - JPEG files visual browser for Win32    (ASP) Infothek TIFF Kit v3.2 - Set of TIFF Utils    Tifftags v1.1 - TIFF files info displayer    TIFFTOOL v1.1 - TIFF files parameters identification util    Tiffworks v1.2 - TIFF driver for Windows    Tiffworks/32 v5.4 - TIFF driver for Win32    Tiffy Pro v6.05 - German DOS based graphic viewer     The Image Tiler v3.0 - Win95/98 Image Previewer    TINRA v0.03 - RealVideo to AVI decoder for Win9x    TINRA GUI v1.3 - GUI for TINRA decoder     (ASP) Tek Illustrator v3.16e for Windows - disk 1     (ASP) Tek Illustrator v3.16e for Windows - disk 2       Tumi's 3D Tools - Collection of animated cursors      Cartoon v3.0 - Draw & Animate Musical Movies     (ASP) TOP DRAW v3.10 for Windows 3.x/95/NT        Texture Processor v1.3 - Textures creator For Win9x/NT/2000       Tas Photo v2.01 - Photo-CD Viewer    TechnoPack v2.0 Lite - Set of utils for standard DXF & NC
		files manipulation     Tiny PCX Viewer v1.13 (320x200x256)       PCX-View - Tiny PCX Viewer    Color Translator v1.0 for DOS - Decimal/Hexadecimal Converter    TriView - Win32 util for Viewing/Converting 3D Triangle Meshes      TrueView v1.83 - Win32 image viewer    True Mandel v1.5 - Fractal generator for Win3.1/Win95        TileStudio v2.1 - Tiles and sprites creator for tile-based
		games      (ASP) CAD/DRAW v3.22 for Windows 3.1    Watson's Test Screens v2.5 for Win32 - Testing patterns     (ASP) Text Shot v4.0 - Saves Character Mode Screens to PCX/TXT    Toolsico Icons Set v1.01 - Freeware Icon Collection    Utility to set VGA Colors v1.0       TrueType to Gem font (NeoPaint/NeoBook) converter     TTM v0.95 - TeraLogic Texture Maker    TTM32 v2.0 final - TeraLogic Texture Maker for Win32       TIFF Tag Viewer (TTV) v1.0b         TV v1.00 - TV-screen VGA driver     TruView v1.8 - Win32 Image Viewer    Twister v1.0 - Image Rotation Converter for Win32     TV Mixer v1.2 - AVI & MOV Mixer      TV Test Charts ver.2    TVTool v9.6.4 - Control center for the TV output of nVidia
		graphics cards    TwinIFF v1.03 - Amiga IFF-ILBM file viewer    Twist v1.0 - Win95 Screen Saver     TextPaint v1.8 - Text Based Paint Program     TXT 2 PCX Converter       Tyler v3.2 - The tile mosaic images librarian    Tyuio Viewer v1.01 - Bitmap & icon viewer and many others     SMK v1.2 - Screen Manipulation Kit    Time & Speed Controlled Images v1.3 - Screen saver       Batch Converter v2.1 - Graphic formats automatic converter        Unique Filter v1.4 - Image files deduplicator       UltraFractal v2.04 - Fractal Generator for Win32    UFO Saver v2.3.2 - Screen Saver for Win95       Ultimate FX v1.3 - Paint program for Win32     Unflash - Exctract Flash Movie out of Flash Projector (.exe)
		files     UnFREEz v2.0 - Freeware GIF Animator      UNIPAL v1.1 - Optimal Palette Generator     Ultimate Paint v2.86 - Painting program for Win32       Ultimate Paint Component Pack I v1.90      Ultimate Paint Components SDK v1.72     URL2BMP v1.03 - URL thumbnails creator for Win32     UNIVBE v5.1a - Universal VESA BIOS Driver    V2F v1.0 - Various video formats to SWF converter
varyview.exe    VaryView v1.4 - Viewer of raster and vector graphic formats    VBEHz v2.22 - Util for increasing refresh rate on video boards
		supporting VBE 3.0     VCDCUT v4.03 - MPEG, VCD and Movie Player for Win95      VCDCUT v1.00 - Part of .DAT video file grabber     VCMTest - Video compression codecs tester for Win95/98/2000    VooDooMovie v2.0 - Microsoft Direct Show Video Renderer
		Replacement     VirtualDub v1.6.0 - Video capturing and editing util    VECEDIT v3.00 - 3D Vector Editor    VerImage v1.6a - Image Viewer, Slide Projector and Screen
		Saver for Win32    Vertigo / 834 - Ultra small demo-effect    Collection of VESA Drivers    VESAVIEW v6.6 - View/Catalog/Print images       Video Framer v1.04 - Non-linear digital video editing program       Video for DOS v1.7 - Motion Video Cross-Compiler    VESA fix pixels per scan line - Resolution matcher    VFwGrabX - ActiveX panel for view/grab video by VFW: AviCap
		functions      Drivers for VGA Card to Work in TV Standard Mode    VGA Enhancer v3.3 - TSR setup refresh rate in TEXT mode    VGA_Grid v1.01 - CRT testing utility    Video Box Slide Show Player v2.0 for Win95/98/NT - Movie player      Video Capture Software for use with QuickCam digital camera    Video Stabilizer v2.1 for Win9x/NT - Video stream stabilizer     Video Timecode Calculator v1.65 for Win32    VIDFUN v3.6 - Graphic Viewer for Windows 3.1/Windows'95      VidRes v1.1 - Windows Display Resolution Switcher     TZ-Video Master v1.0 - Digital virtual video-cutting program    View v1.10 - Command line driven picture/animation viewer     Img_View v2.0.4 - Image viewer for Win32    ViewCompanion2000 v1.5 - HPGL files viewer/printer      The Viewer Pro! v4.2 for Win3.1/95 - Graphic Viewer    VistaVue v3.0a - Multi-Media Viewer for Win    Wall Paper Designer v3.4 for Win32       VideoLaunch Pad v3.0 - MOV/AVI Player for Windows    VideoMach v2.5.3 - Audio/video builder and comverter
vmax256.rar     VMAX256 v1.11 - SVGA tester       Universal Video Mode Switching Utility     VMODE! v1.6 - Sets/displays video modes     VMPEG v1.7 Lite - MPEG Viewer for Windows      Vector Objects Utils - Vector/Bit formats converter     Voice v2.0 - Voice vector overlay tool for Win98+    AD Video Processor - AVI to GIF/BMP convertor for Win9x/NT
vpix.rar        Vpix v1.0 - Russian image viewer for DOS    VariPlayer v0.9 - Video file player based on MS DirectShow    VSPEED v1.30 - SVGA video card tester     Video Thief v0.07 - Screen Grabber (BMP)     Videotrope v1.0 - Program for video and animation effects
		for Win95/NT    VueIcons v6.0 - Free Add-on to Win95/NT Explorer to display
		images as icons
vuepri70.exe    VuePrint v7.0 (16-bit Edition) - JPEG/GIF/... Viewer for Win
vuepro80.exe    VuePrint v8.0 PRO (32-bit Edition)
vuesca80.exe    VueScan v8.0.x - Scanner companion for Win32
vueslide.exe    VueSlide - Floppy disk slide show util    (ASP) VuGrafix v1.9 - Image Viewer for Windows    (ASP) VuGrafix v4.2 - Image Viewer for Win95/NT     VuPic v3.2 - JPG files viewer for Win32    ViewPict v2.1 - Win3.1/95 Picture Viewer (BMP,ICO,WMF)    WapDraw v1.31 - Program for drawing WBMP and OTA images    Easy Watermark Creator v1.0 - Tool to add watermarks to your
		pictures    WaveL View Pic 1.4 - Image Viewer/Converter for Win32    David's Web Cam v1.0.6 - Web-enable a PC Video Camera     WBMP File Generator v1.34 - Various graphic files to WBMP
		format converter      WebCamCC v6.0 - Web Cam Control Center      Window Chopper - Screen Grab Program for Win95/98/NT    What Color v3.21e - RGB values of color identifier    Web Color v1.0 - Web graphics manipulation tool for Win32    Bill Reid's WebColor v1.0 for Win95 - Color scheme designer    Web Scrub Filter - Image measels protector      Web Screen Saver v4.0 - Util that display selected web pages
		like screen saver      WinECJ v2.0 - Fast JPEG Decoding for Windows      Web Graphics 3000 - 3.000 Web Graphics Examples    What Pic v2.0 - Grafx format identifier     (ASP) WinCIG Chaos Image Generator v1.11 for Win95/98/NT    (ASP) WinCopy v3.1 - Screen Capture for Win
windvd6.exe     WinDVD Platinum v6.0.x - DVD & Multimedia Player       (ASP) WinGL v1.56 - Windows 3.1/95 shell for PRINTGL program    WinJPEG v3.01 - GIF/JPEG/TIFF/BMP... viewer for Win     WinMeasure - Graphics Measuring Tool for Win32      Winamp Screen Saver v1.2 - Screen saver with MP3 player support     Windows Size v1.0 - Window resizer     Wildshare JPEG tester      (ASP) WizFlow Flowcharter v4.19 - Flowcharts creator for Win32     WinLab Image Laboratory v3.0       Elecard Wavelet based image compression util v2.0    WinMorph v2.01 - Morphing/warping software for Win9x/NT    (ASP) OSOSOFT'S Winclip v4.0 - Win3.x Clip Art Catalog Program    Wobble! v1.34 - Win95 Screen Saver    WWW Gif Animator v1.1 for Win32     Xaos v2.2 - Fractal Zoomer for DOS      JPEG Disk Optimizer v2.53 - Win95/98/NT program for optimizing
		multiple JPEGs on a disk or file server    Xcavator v1.1 - Multimedia files extractor    (ASP) X-Craft Screen Saver v1.0 for Win3.1/95    XFader v4.04 - Seamless bitmap textures creator for Win9x/NT/2K     Christmas Cursors Collection    EksaMedia v1.1 - Multimedia Player for Windows
xnvwin32.exe    XNVIEW v1.70.4 - Multiformat graphic tool for Win32 (Standard
xnvw32fl.exe    XNVIEW v1.70.4 - Multiformat graphic tool for Win32 (Full
xnvw32sm.exe    XNVIEW v1.70.4 - Multiformat graphic tool for Win32 (Small
		version)    XPlayer v2.2.9 - Multimedia player for Win32        Screen Power - Win95/98/NT screen savers controller     XSHOP v2.0 - Old/New PrintShop Formats Converter    Xspred v2.02 - Sprite Editor
xvid101.exe     XviD MPEG-4 Video Codec for Win32     Yin/Yang Cursors Collection           The switcher of video modes v2.14 - VGA utility     Zip-A-Pic - E-mail and Disc Mailer for Pictures and Documents    ZOOM v3.0 - Portion of screen magnifier for Win95-XP    ZoomPlus v1.4 - Zoom with screen grab ability    ZoomTools v2.1 - Util for magnifying, measuring and
		manipulating graphics for Windows
zorro.exe       Zorro v1.0 - Utility to blank the screen except for a
		rectangular area selected by the user    ZPaint v1.4 - Rectangular 3D shapes creator for Win32
zp403std.exe    ZoomPlayer v4.03 Standard - Media Player for Win32
zp403pro.exe    ZoomPlayer v4.03 Professional - Media Player for Win32      ZUK v1.08 - Mandelbrot fractal viewer         PC/ZX-Spectrum Graphic Files Converter        ZX Screen Viewer v1.0 for Win95/98/NT

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