Slovak Antivirus Center - directory EDUCULT     Judy's Tenkey v4.2 - Windows Calculator     The Legends of the Jews vol.1 by Louis Ginzberg     The New McGuffey First Reader     1st Calculator v1.15 - Win9x customizable calculator     Trinity (Atomic Test) Site by the National Atomic Museum     The Legends of the Jews vol.2 by Louis Ginzberg     Trinity (Atomic Test) Site by White Sands Missile Range
		Public Affairs Office
32bcsx.exe      (ASP) 32bit Convert It v9.69 - Unit converter for Win32         3D Grapher v1.2 - Win9x util for 2D and 3D graphs creation        The Milky Way - A model of the stellar distribution of the
		Galaxy    3D Protein Alignment v1.1 for DOS/Windows - PDB format 3D
		structure of proteins comparator    3PNICREG - 3 Pin IC Regulators Design    3Star v1.1 - View the nearest 300 stars in 3D         555 - Software for 555 based circuit design    555TIMER - 555 IC Timer Oscillator Design      Five In Raw v1.21 - Network play    5-Or-More! v2.0a for Win3.1/95/NT - Logical game      Around World in 80 Days - Freeware Electronic Book in .HLP
		format       Eight Lectures on Yoga      The Mushroom Cloud - JPG picture     Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War by Frederick A.Talbot      AAVoice v1.4.3 - Digital voice processor for amateur radio
		operators        Advanced Biorythms v1.5 for Win32     Chinese Abacus for Win95/98        FAQ on ABBA         ABClassroom - Win9x tool for children to learn alphabet        ABCC v3.1 - A.Blume's Currency converter for Win95     ABC's of Science by Charles Oliver    Abe_PSF2 v3.0 - Win32 program for optical systems design    AbleCal v1.01 Beta - Calculator able to handle great numbers     A-Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki    Abstinence Monitor v2.0 - Monitor of abstinence time from given
		substance     Astronomical Clock and Celestial Tracking Program with
		Navigation Functions v9731 - part 1     Astronomical Clock and ... - part 2        FAQ on AC/DC    Aceana v1.1 - Bonsai database/guide     The pH Table v1.7 - pH Color Chart      A-Converter v1.0 - Unit converter for Win32    Acoustical Terms in WinHelp format    FAQ on Acoustics       FAQ on Douglas Adams     Coeli-Adastra - Freeware planetarium for Win95         AD-Converter - Analog-to-digital converter for digitising
		signal coming to soundboard      Advanced Converter v3.3 - Util for measurement units conversion      AeroDesigner v1.9 - Aircraft Design System for Win95-XP        AD Geometrical Calculator - Mass/Volume Calculator for Win32        Active Earth v1.1 - Atomic Clock and World Time Zones for Win32        Advanced Evaluator v3.5 - Scientific Calculation Center       Aero Engine Lab v2.0 - Simulation tool of thermodynamic
		processes in gas turbine engine and powerplants    AEROFOIL Utility v1.3 - Aerodynamic profile examinator     Aeroplanes by J.S.Zerbe from 1915    AESOP'S FABLES in text format      AESOP'S FABLES in Win Help format     Advanced Gomoku v2.3 for Win95/98/NT/2000/NT - Logical game    Advanced Grapher v2.08 - Mathematical tool for 2D graphs
		plotting for Win32      African Geography Tutor v1.0.0 for Win95/98/NT          FAQ on Artificial Intelligence    AI-WHEEL v1.1 - The Universal Robotic Brain Cell
aida.exe        AIDA diabetes software simulator v4.3a for Win32        FAQ on AIDS    Aimsat v1.1 - Computes satellite dish aiming angles    List of Air Travel Related Internet Info Sources      Air & Exhaust Gas Properties v1.2 for Windows     Air Traveler's Handbook    AISC shapes - Program that provides dimensional data
		for common structural shapes     Artificial Intelligence Tutorial      Algebra Cheat v1.0.0 beta - Tool for evaluating algebraic
		expressions for Win9x/NT/2000      Approximate Blood Alcohol Level Calculator v1.1      (ASP) Alcohol v2.1 Electronic Book about Alcoholism     AlcTest2000 - Blood Alcohol Level Calculator    Professor Weissman's Algebra Tutorials v2.12 for DOS    Algebra One on One - Educational math game for Win95    Alged v3.51 - Math Editor with 3D Graphics       FAQ on Artificial Life     AllCalc v1.1 - Car engine parameter calculator     FAQ on Allergy Medications     Calculates volumes of 2 solutions of different concentrations
		to make final volume...    AllerCalc - Expression calculator for Win95-2000       Almanac v3.5e for Win3.x - Calendar Application       Almanac v3.5e for Win95/NT - Calendar Application       Program for phonetic alphabet teaching     Alpha v2.8 - Program to learn vocabulary and foreing languages      ALPHAB - Alphabet tutorial for children      Astronomy Lab for Win3.1+      Astronomy Lab 2 for Win95/NT    Alan's Math v1.53 - Math application for kids     Amaze v2.1 - An artificial intelligence system for testing
		the solvability of mazes      AMDI v1.2 - Artifically semi-intelligent conversation program    American Roullette Program
amgb2002.exe    Amiglobe 2002 - Digital atlas for Win95/98/NT    ASTRONOMICA v1.51 - Win95/98 Planetarium Program      Alphabet Matching Game for Young Kids    a Musical Generator v2.0 - Generates music from fractals,
		texts, pictures and numbers    ANIMALID - Animal silhouette game for children    FAQ on Animation     ANIMMAP - A beginner's guide to map-reading    Ant Maze Brain Laboratory - Maze generator/solver for Win32     AP Guitar Tuner v1.0 - Audio Phonics Guitar Tuner for
		Win95/98/NT/2000     AP Instrument Tuner v1.0 - Audio Phonics Instrument Tuner for
		Win95/98/NT/2000       A.P.T. v1.0 - Ear skills trainer for Win95     FAQ on Aquaria      AreaCode v5.01 - U.S. Telephone Areacode Finder      Arcadia - Kid's game for learning to spell and recognize words     ARIEL v3.00 - HF Wire Antenna Design    Talking Arithmetic Tutor v1.1 for Win9x/Me/2000      The Ultimate Ballistics v3.01 - Balistics/trajectory generator
		for firearms     Arrow Projectile - Arrow trajectory calculator for Win95/98/NT     The Aeroplane Speaks by Barber - Book about the planes    Art of War - Freeware Electronic Book in .HLP format
artopik.exe     Artopik v1.40 - English version of Slovak Win32 tool for
		creation of patterns for cross embroidery    Imperial/metric pop-up converter for Excel'97    Imperial/metric pop-up converter for Excel v5/7    Amazing Secrets v1.0 - E-book about various tricks    Chronology of books by Isaac Asimov    List of Asimov's books    Another Asimov's Book List      FAQ on Isaac Asimov     New default asteroid file for MyStars program      FAQ on Asthma    (ASP) Asthma Assistant v1.2 - Asthma personal monitor    AstroTray System Tray Planetarium v1.00 for Win95    Astro-Clock v2.2 for Windows - Multifunctional astro clock    Astro-Mania v2.0 for Win95 - Educational game covering the
		Universe    AstroMart v6.2 - Astrological Chart Calculator for Win9x/NT/2K      ASTRON - Introduction to astronomy    FAQ on Astronomy        Advanced Tetric v3.6 for Win9x/NT - Tetris game     FAQ on Atheism
atlan20e.exe    Atlantic v2.0 - Structural Engineering tool for static
		analysis and design of steel framed 3D structures    The Bohr Atom - Demonstration of atomic structure     (ASP) Animated Beginning Typing v1.1 - Typing Tutor for Win       FAQ on Audio Equipments    Home Audiometer v1.6 - Hearing Test Software for Win32    Asserware Unit Converter Professional Edition v1.2    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution        FAQ on Autos      FAQ on Electrical Vehicles    Automata - Visualization of hierarchical planar curves for Win      AutoSim v2.7 - NYC Transit automatic Signal Simulator for Win32    FAQ on Auto Sport    Weight Calculator v2.0 demo - Weight/volume calculator for Win    FAQ on Aviation       Advanced Vocable Learner v0.9 - English Pronunciation Learner
		for Win9x/NT/2000    MapDraw Azimuths v2.5 - Land Plotting System
b381en.exe      JBSS Bahn v3.81 - Proram for simulation of railway and
		streetcar networks    FAQ on Babylon 5 TV Series     Baby Recon v1.5 - Safe sex days calculator for Win9x/NT     BACCHUS v1.1 - Guide to Winemaking and Brewing    Bacchus v1.0.6 - Win32 guide on wine making    FAQ on Backgammon    Geert's Backgammon for Windows - Logical game       FAQ on Bahai      BAILEE v2.9 - Basic Artificial Intelligence Learning
		& Educating Experiment    Wight and balance calculator for light aircraft for Windows    Bali's Calc - Simple Scientific Calculator for DOS     Ball32K - PowerBall like game (32KB long :-)     Ball32K - Game source code    Electronic Banish Mosquito for Win95/98 using PC Speaker     British Airships: Past, Present and Future by George Whale       The Complete Bartender's Guide v3.3    The Home-Bartenders Guide for DOS    Pouring Barrels v1.2 - Windows puzzle game      FAQ on Basketball (NBA)     Basic Trigonometry - Geometry tutor for DOS      Batman title list    NiCd Battery FAQ v1.00    An Ampere-Hours and Max. Current Listing for Common Batteries    Berties Bells v1.00 - Win95 calculator of pipe lenghts for
		tube type windchimes    BC-07 v1.00 - Cutting optimizing utility    A Bible Companion v5.1 - Electronic Handbook     BrainCruncher v1.25 - Logic game for memory training        Beam - Graphical beam load calculator      Beam v2.1 - Simple beam analysis     Beamboy v2.0 - Beam analysis tool for Win32    Beam Analysis - Program that will analyze loads and
		deflections of beams     Complete dox on Beatles      Beatles 4ever! v3.15 - Electronic handbook for Win32
beatls11.exe    Beatles v1.1 for Win9x-2000 - Collection of Beatles lyrics     The Complete Beatles Lyrics in Windows HLP format     FAQ on BeeGees        FAQ on Beer     BioTeam v1.4 - Biorythm application    FAQ on Bee Venom     Beginning Visual Basic - VB Tutorial     By Heart v1.68.5 - Program for learning foreign languages     Beverly Hills, 90210 - TV Guide    FAQ on 90210       FAQ on Bible     King James' Bible    FAQ on Bicycles    Lie analysis of differential equations - Version for big eqs    FAQ on Bill Gates      The U.S. Bill of Rights    The Completely Unofficial Bill Gates Emulator :-)    FAQ on Billiard     Billy v2.2 for DOS - Talk to computer with AI :-)    FAQ on Billy Joel      Tutorial on Binary and Associated Number Systems for Computers     Bingo v3.0 - The number dog kids math game         David Aylott's Biorythm Program    BioGraph v1.1 for Win95/98/NT - Measures your physical,
		emotional and mental states    BioPopup v1.2 for Win95/NT - Biorythm analyzer    Bio-Rythm Tracker v3.5 - Biorythm Charter    Regents Tutor for Biology       Bacterial Identification Program v3.0 for DOS       Exact Age Calculator v1.0        Bitmath - Tutorial on Bit Logic    BIVAR v1.1 - A program for generating correlated random numbers      BlackJack Calculator - Card game analyzer    FAQ on Blade Runner Movie
blitz32.exe     Blitzln - Gateway to Internet Chess Club    Watson's BlockGame for Win32 - Tetris-like game      Collection of Jokes on Blondes         Body Mass Index Calculator BMI v1.0 for Win95/NT       Basic Numerology - Tutorial in PDF format       FAQ on Boats    Design Loads - Program that will determine required design
		loads    FAQ on Hardgainer Bodybuilding & Weightlifting    Bondit v2.7 - Practice with structures of molecular compounds
		for Win95      FAQ on Bonsai        BOOL2 - Tool for synthesizing two level Boolean logic circuits     BOOLE v4.2 - Boolean Algebra (truth table)     A Tutorial on the Boolean Logic Gates     Booltut v1.7 - Boolean Math Tutorial     Those Crazy Boolean Tricks! by Steve Walz     BOXES v7.0 - Puzzle game for Windows    Ray Bradbury Biography and Bibliography     Brain v1.2 - Neural Network Simulator      FAQ on Brazil Movie    500 recipes for bread baking      Bridge Style Guide    BrightEyes v1.00 - Field of View Eye Tester for Win32    Basics of Space Flight for Windows - Demo version 10/97    (ASP) Beatles Song Index v1.3 for Windows - Hypertext
		database of Beatles songs       BattleStar for Windows v1.4 - Game similar to Battle Ship     BattleStar 2000 v3.5 - Game similar to Battle Ship for Win32     Brain Tester v1.3 - Pentix game     Blaster TeLetype v1.54e - RTTY modulator/demodulator    Blackboard Typing Tutor v1.3    A compilation of Buddha's teachings    FAQ on Buddhism     BULBS v2.1 - Bulb string voltage calculator
busbar32.exe    Electrical Calculations v2.48 - Electrical busbar, cable
		and powerfactor calculator    Business Plan eGuides v1.0 - The PlanWare eGuides
bwgen31.exe     BrainWave Generator v3.1.4 - Util for relaxation and
		meditation with your PC :-)    Complex Number Calculator with RPN      Calc98 for Windows v5.3 - Scientific/Engineering Calculator    CNC CAD CAM Package v3.2 - CNC G-Code Programming Tool    FAQ on Coffee       Engi_CAL v1.5 - Intelligent programmable calculator for Windows    200 Year Calendar (1901-2099)    Vinny RPN Calculator v1.21 for Win95/98      Calendar v5.00 - Calendar for DOS    CALCULAIT v2.00 - Freeware calculator for Win32
calc.rar        CCalc - 32bit v1.0 - Command line calculator vof Win32      Calculator for Win95/98/NT    CalcDist PRO - Distance and bearing of point objects calculator
		from one or two native MapInfo tables    Calculator for cellular network system designers      Watson's Scientific Calculator for Win32    CALC v1.15 - Arbitrary precision floating point calculator    FAQ on Calendars        Two boys on a camping trip - Math and geography tutorial      The Canadian Constitution    Canada's History Quiz      FAQ on Cancer       CANTV - Software that determine frequency of TV channels    Find any of Canada's main rivers, lakes and bays - Tutorial    FAQ on Car Audio
caroline.exe    Safety for Women v1.0 - Self Defense Tips and Advice for Women     Cassini Plutonium for the technically minded by Jeff Cuzzi    Catechism 96 for Windows        FAQ on Cats     A Paleolithical Embellished Cave (Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France)
		Paintings          FAQ on CB Radio     Coloring Book v2.2 for DOS - Kid's painting program
cboard11.exe    CalcBoard v1.1 - Interval arithmetic calculator     Coloring Book v2.2 for Win - Kid's painting program          Classic Calci v1.0 - Tiny calculator for Windows    Coordinate Calculator v2.01 for Win95/NT - Geographic utility    Christian Companionship Calendar       The Crossword Construction Kit v1.3      Internet Country Codes Recognizer    Cheshiresoft CDAY v1.20 pre 1 - Almanac Calendar for DOS    CDRILL v3.6 - Center drill calculator for machinists    Chord Wizard v1.0 - Guitar chord dictionary for Win32      Common Denominator Wizard v1.00 - Math homework helper       CEAMP - Common Emitter Amplifier Design       Celebrity Addresses 2002 - Database of celebrity addresses    FAQ on Cell Phone Antennas & Health       Preface by M.Nostradamus to his Prophecies    Currency Exchanger v3.3 - Money exchange calculator     CurvFit v3.40 for Win95/98 - Curve Fitting Program         FAQ on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome      CableGUI! v1.02 - Cable making guide for Windows    CableGUI! v1.02 -) v1.03 update    Chaos analyzer CA_1Dpl3fb - Program for plotting a spectral
		diagram of the phase space of a dynamical system     Checkers v1.2 - A game of checkers for DOS     Checker v1.00 - Game of checkers for Win32
checkers.exe    Strategist Checkers - Checkers Player for Windows     Cheetah v2.0 - Easy and fun programming language for everyone        FAQ on Chemistry      ChemAp 2003 - Complex tool for chemistry related calculations    Chemistry Assistant v2.0 - Chemistry calculator for Win32     Chembalancer - Balancing equations tutorial in HTML format    Chem Balance Wizard 16 for Win3.1 - Chemistry assistant    Chem Balance Wizard 32 for Win95/NT - Chemistry assistant     ChemLab v1.0e for Windows - Simulator of chemistry lab
chemlb23.exe    Model ChemLab v2.3 - Win9x/NT Chemistry Assistant    Chemistry Assistant v1.5 for Win95/98/NT    EniG. Chemistry Assistant v2.4 - Molecular weight calculator
chemxa40.exe    Atoms, Symbols and Equations v4.0 - Chemistry tutor for Windows
chemxb20.exe    Atoms, Bonding and Structure v2.0 - Chemistry tutor for Windows    Atoms, Symbols and Equations v2.1 - Chemistry tutor for Windows    Atoms, Symbols and Equations v1.1 - Chemistry tutor for Windows    Chess Clock for Win32       FAQ on Chess    Chess Fugue - Chess playing program for Windows    Help on Chess for Beginners    Tasc Chess Tutor demo    I-Ching Insider v4.0 for Win95-XP - Book of changes     Chips! v1.1 - Chips on wafer calculator for Win95/98/NT    ChemLab v1.0 by Timothy J.Allen     CHEMIX School - Win32 Educational Tool for Learning Chemistry    The Chocolate Book for Win9x/NT - E-Book about Chocolate    FAQ on Chocolate      Choice - Multiple-choice test for your vocabulary    Guitar Chords v1.2 - Guitar Chords Generator    Chempal Plus for Windows v1.5 - Chemistry Assistant    Chord Transposer v1.0 for Win32    Christmas Puzzle v1.0 for Win32        Circulatory System: Heart, veins, arteries - Tutorial     CirCalc v0.8 - Circle/sphere parameters calculator      Circulator for DOS - Circle calculator    Circuit Shop v1.08 - Electronic circuit designer, simulator
		and tutorial for Windows    City Distance Calculator for Win95/NT v1.20    FAQ on Civil War in the USA      Arthur C. Clarke Biography and Bibliography     FAQ on Classic Music (incl. FAQ on Classic Guitar)       The Life and Advantures of Santa Claus by L.Frank Baum -
		E-book in PDF format    Cli-Mate v1.4 - Weather information receiver for Win95    Animated Clock for Windows v1.0 - Clock teaching tool for
		children     CLRCODE - Resistor Color Code Calculator    FAQ about Colour Physics v1.0    CallTTY v1.07 - Tool to communicate with phone TTY/TDD devices     CMAP v6.5.4 - Tool for general numerical computation      COMCAL v1.3 - Program for calendar printing         Complex Number Calculator v1.0 for DOS    CNC Shop - Program for the desktop of CNC programmers     Cinderella and other stories    Internet Country Codes List       Coax Calculator for Windows    (ASP) Coeli v3.86 - Astronomy planetarium for DOS/Win      Coil Inductance Calculator     Coil v2.00 - Coil Inductance Calculator    ColCod v1.0 - R and C Color Code Search For Windows    Color Hunt v2.0 for Win3.1/9x/NT - Logical game     COLORME - Coloring Program for Young Children    The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels    COMMUNI: History of communication - Tutorial    Compatibility Calculator v1.0 - Numerology application for
		Win32    Complex - Command line complex numbers calculator    COMPUTER - Simple information retrieval system    Watson's Concentration Game for Win32     Concrete Calculator v1.1 for Excel 97    Concrete Design v1.2 for Windows    Conduit Schedule Maker - Util to calculate parameters of
		wiring/conduit system     Constellation Star Maps Clip Art v.1    Contours - Program that makes profile of land from contour maps    Measurement Conversions for Win95/NT v1.10     Roadkil's Convert v1.11 - Converts units of measure from one
		to another     Tiny Measures Converter v2.01 for Win95      Conversion v1.0 - Weights and measurement convertor    Quick Converter v1.11 - A new kind of conversion utility     Convert - Program that provides conversion factor multiples    Conversion Tables v8.01 - Convertor of physical measurements     FAQ on Cooking        Correlation and other statistics tutorial    Our Cosmohood v2.4 - 3D view of our cosmic neighborhood       COT v1 - Computerized electrical devices with a simple PC alone
cot11.exe       Chess Opening Trainer v1.1 for Win32     Coulomb's Law - A Tutorial      COUNTM - Money counting tutorial    The Contraction Counter - Expecting mothers aid      Cybernetic Physician v1.00d - Artificial Intelligence Expert
		System       Child's Play IV - 256 Color Children's Paint Program       CPU v2.4 - A Computer Simulator    Lunar Crater Screen Saver for Win32     Lunar Crater Screen Saver for Windows    Circuit v1.0 for Windows - Electrical circuit analyzer    CardCheck v2.2 - Win95/98/NT credit card number verificator
creat.exe       Creatures - Interactive and visual simulation of a three
		layered	food chain     Critias by Plato     Criminal Psychology by Hans Gross     Cross v1.1 - Computerized Wordsearch Program for Windows    (ASP) Crossword Power v8.01 - Crossword Creator    FAQ on Crosswords    CRO TUTOR v.3 - Interactive Cathode-ray oscilloscope Tutorial     FAQ on Cryonics and Immortality      CRYPTO v3.4 - Cryptogram puzzle game for Windows    Crystal - A program for crystal parameters calculation    Cybersky v2.0b - Planetarium for Win3.1    Cybersky v3.31 - Planetarium for Win32    Computer Sounder v2.6 - Computer piano    Plugin "Color Stars" v1.2 for StarCalc v5.0+     CT Calendar v2.2 - Desktop Calendar     A bibliography of Cthulhu mythos tales (H.P.Lovecraft et al.)    Chromatia Tuner v3.0 - Chromatic Multi-Temperament Tuner       Cubic v1.00 - Windows Rubik Cube Solver    Cubik's Rube v1.0 - Rubik's cube-type logical game for Win32    FAQ on Culinary Herbs    Currency Convertor v1.0 for Win32    Length Nesting Software for Win95    Semi-Scientific Calculator for DOS     (ASP) ConvertIt! v3.53 - Unit of measure convertor for Win16     (ASP) ConvertIT! v3.53 - Unit of measure convertor for Win32     CW v2.4 - Morse Training Program      Chemwords - Atomic structure terminology tutorial for Windows    UA90SV CwGet Morse Decoder v1.40 for Win32      CW3 v0.9 beta - Morse Code Practice    The terminal program for CW operators for Win9x/NT/2000    CurveExpert v1.3x - Curve fitting system for Windows    Cyclocke v2.10 - Win3.x/9x/NT cycle clock using the Gregorian
		calendar method
dam227.exe      DAM v2.2.7 - Draughts program for Win9x/NT       FAQ on Dance and Modern Ballet    FAQ on Darkroom    Date Calculator v2.0 for Windows         DBM - Unit converter for students of telecommunications         FAQ on Digital Broadcast Satellites       DC v1.01 - Intro to DC Electronics      DC Challange - Exercises to Help Teach DC Circuit Analysis     (ASP) DC Circuit Analysis v1.4    DCFWT100 - German Program for DCF77 Time Code Decoding      Deburr - Robotic grinding designer    Using and Understanding Decibels    Decision-maker for Win95/98/NT - A program to help the user
		to make the right decision     Deep Pockets v1.0 for Windows - Addictive Windows Game    DetToFar - Celsius to Farenheit converter by Pifi Prod's    Quick Tutorial on De Morgan's Laws     Guidelines for Major Depressive Disorder    FAQ on Depression
deviltst.exe    The Devil Test v1.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Test if given name
		corresponds to 666, the number of the beast    FAQ on Diabetes        Diet Spread v3.0 - Win32 Database tool for dieters     FAQ on Dieting
dig_phys.exe    Digital Physiognomy for Win32 - Personality recognizer from
		the snap of the face :-)      DIGEST: Follows the digestion of food - Tutorial     Digilab - Object Oriented Circuit Simulator for DOS     Digital Challange - Exercises for Learning Digital Concepts      Dimwit's Dictionary v1.0 - Companion to the English Dictionary
		of Concise Writing     The Dinosaurus Encyclopedia v3.0 for Windows    FAQ on Dire Straits    FAQ on Disneyland      FAQ on Disney    FAQ on Disneyworld    FAQ on Distance Education    Calculates distance between two locations with geographic
		coordinates     Digital Logic Analyser for Windows - Hardware logic analyser
dmetro20.exe    DMetro v2.0 - Musical Metronome for Win32      Diabetic Meter Utility v1.2 for Windows      DMORSE v1.02 - Morse Teaching Program for DOS    DNAmend v1.01 - Program for creating virtual DNA constructs    Oligonucleotide design assistant
dnc_4_21.exe    Dance v4.21 - Dance tutorial for Win32        FAQ on Dogs       How Dolby Stereo (aka Dolby Surrounds) works     FAQ on Dolphin      Development of Mental Energy v2.5 - ESP testing program     DomGrid v1.00 - Domino Based Logic Puzzles    Dominoes - The puzzle game     Chenard for DOS - Chess program    DUPLICARE v1.05 - Roman Numeral Calculator for Win32     Dracula - Freeware Electronic Book in .HLP format    Drainage - Program that calculate run off parameters      FAQ on Dreams    The Interpreter of The Dreams (In Russian)    Recipes of some mixed drinks
driving.exe     ClubMom Driving Channel - eBook about safe driving with
		children     DrugInfo/Generic - Info about drugs in WinHelp format     DrugInfo/Tradename - Info about drugs in WinHelp format       DarkSkies v1.14 - Tool to calculate darkness of the sky    Dynamic'Schem v1.0 - Integrated tool for electronic hobbists
		or students    Date Calculator v2.4 for Windows      (ASP) Digital Tradition Folksong Player - Imports and
		process folk tunes from the WWW    Due Date Forcaster v1.1     DUITEST v1.0 - BAC level calculator for beer drinkers        FAQ on Dune    Division Calculator v1.0 - Calculate equal segments         FAQ on DVD     DX Atlas v2.1 - Electronic World Atlas for Radio Amateurs       FAQ on Bob Dylan      Dynamo - Analog simulator for analysis of complex dynamic
		systems      Dynamic Biorhythms v3.1 - Biorhythms Calculator for Win32
earpwr30.exe    EarPower v3.0 - Melody, rhythm and harmony trainer for Win32    EarTest! - Test for hearing ability    EarTest v1.12 - Ear training program for Win9x/NT/2000     MPG of Rotating Earth from Space         EAR - Parts and care of the ear (how we ear)    GIF Pictures of Earth and Moon    Earth Screen Saver for Windows v2.0a - Displays currently
		illuminated part of Earth    (ASP) EarthWatch v3.5 - World clock    EarMaster v2.0 - Ear training program for Windows    Easy Music Composer for Win32      Program for Easter date calculation    Easter Egg Hunt - Customs database for Win95     Calculates the day Easter occurs
easygrph.exe    EasyGraph Pro - A line graphic package for Science students
easynn80.exe    EasyNN v8.0 - Neural Network System for Windows
ennpls50.exe    EasyNN-Plus v5.0 - Neural Netwok System for Windows      Eatman v1.2 - Arcade game for Win9x-XP     (ASP) PC-ECAP v3.02 - AC circuit analysis    Electrochemical Cells Pro Chemistry Software for Windows v2.1    Email Chess v2.0 - Play chess via email        Beginners' Guide to Ecommerce v1.0 in PDF format       EuroConverter v1.0.1 - USD/Euro converter      FAQ on Eczema
edc734.exe      Easy Date Converter v7.34 - Calendar dates converter     The Education of the Child by Ellen Key        EE - Design & Analysis Software for EE students and profession.       Number "e" to 100.000 places      Electronic Engine Control Tutorial
efield11.exe    Electric Field v1.1 - Tutorial for Win32     E.F.U.S v1.21 - Utils for electricians     European Geography for Windows - Tutorial program    Equation Grapher v3.2 with Regression Analyzer     Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank L. Dyer et al.
ei120509.exe    einSTein v12.05.09 - All-purpose programmable calculator for
eigen31c.exe    Eigenvalues and eigenvectors v3.1 - Win95 math application    Collection of calculators for electrical engineers (for Win)     ELCAD v1.0 - Calculator for electronic engineers      Electricity v1.0 - Shareware tutorial about electricity
		(in PDF format)       ELECT - Electricity tutorial    ELECTRC2 v2.0 - Electrical circuits calculator for DOS    ELECTRON v2.0 - Calculator for electronic engineers     Periodic Table for Windows v1.0     ELF v1.04 - Electric filed and potential plotter    FAQ on Queen Elizabeth II    Element Study Aid v4.1.0 - Periodic Table Tutorial    Element Master for Windows - PT program    EMC Filtr v4 - EMC Supression Filter Simulator         ENGINEER v3 - Resonant frequencies, reactance, wavelength etc.
		calculations solver    Bill of Rights (England, 1689)     EniG. Periodic Table of Elements v2.11 for Windows        FAQ on Enya    FAQ on Epilepsy    ENGINEERING POWER TOOLS v1.9 for Windows - Engineering
		software package     (ASP) EqFit for Windows v3.0 - Regression Fitting Tool     Equil v1.5 - Chemical Equilbrium Tutorial for Windows      List of medical equipment and supplies          Easy-Rob v2.3 - Simulate your own robot creations for Win9x      ERCube v1.0 - Rubic Cube Solver for Win9x     ERMster - Napster like tool for electronic recipe exchange
		over Internet    Erred Dictionary v2.61 - English/Russian and back pocket
		electronic dictionary    Ergane v4.2 - Free multi-lingual dictionary for Windows     FAQ on Erotica    Probable Error Calculator v1.5 for Windows      Easy Recipe for Windows v0.1b - Cooking assistant     (ASP) ESBCalc v4.5 - Scientific calculator for Win32    ESBCalc Pro v4.5 - Scientific calculator for Win32    ESBPDF Analysis v2.1 - Statistical analysis software for Win32     (ASP) ESB Unit Conversion Utility v4.5.1 for Win32    ESBUnit Pro Conversion Utility v4.6 for Win32       Expert System Compiler v1.0 - Create expert system decision
		trees    FAQ on Esperanto      Info on Essiac herbal tea     E.T.Counter v0.9 for Win32 - Number of E.T.'s calculator      Instructional Software Program for Formal Ethics      Electro Tools v1.03 - Practice common electronics design for
		Win95/98/NT          FAQ on European Union Basics      Euclidean Reality v3.0 - Geometry software
euk24eng.exe    Euklides v2.4 - Dynamic Geometry Software for Win9x/NT/2000    EULER for Win9x/NT - Numerical math application    EuroHist v1.0 - European History Tutorial for Win95/NT      Euro/DM convertor (in German)
euro11.exe      Eurolator v1.1 - Currency Converter    EuroConverter - European currencies into Euro's and back conv.     FAQ on Euro Disneyland Paris     Euromat v1.8.3 - Office and currency calculator for Win95/98
europr11.exe    Euro Printer v1.10 - Tool for printing Euro money for playing      Europe! v98 for Windows - European Geography Tutorial    Europe! v2.5 for Win95/NT - Map game to learn European
		geography       EVE Text Editor v1.1 - Tool for plagiarized text finding    Short Tutorial Analysis: Electron Volts and Kinetic Energy      Evolution - Biological evolution simulator    Evil Wisdom v1.2 - A Compilation of Eastern Wisdom    ExCalc v2.02 - Math expressions evaluator for Win32     FAQ on Expert System Shells    Explorer Weight/32 v1.0 for Win32 - Weight on other planets
		calculator         EYE: How the eye functions - Tutorial          FAQ on F1    Fairy Tales and Fables v1.1 - Collection of 12 fairy tales     Faces Collection v1.1 for Win95/NT
fact811.exe     Factorizer v8.11 - A factorization and prime number calculation
		program      Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter    FAISYN v2.0 - Filter Synthesis Program    (ASP) The Family Files v1.1 - Family Info Manager     List of recommended fantasy authors    FarSight v2.3 - A compact geographic info package     Fast IQ Test v2.2.3 for Win95/98/NT/2000    The Fast Convert v1.0 - Conversion program with many constants
		and SI prefixes    Fast Food v2.1 - Food Analyser    FasType v5.4 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Increase your typing speed
		and accuracy     FAQ on Fat-Free Diet    Fatalyzer v1.1 - Bodyfat percentage calculator for Win95/98    Fraction calculator & Cheat v1.0.1 for Win32     Faraday As A Discoverer by Tyndall    Femta v1.20 - Win32 Woman's calendar for natural family
		planning     FERRITE v1.0 - Winding Calculator for DOS
ffish21.exe     Fred the Fish and Starting a Frishwater Aquarium - Tutorial    Fibonacci's Numbers Generator    1997 FIDE Laws of Chess in Win Help format         Foot Inch Fraction Calculator    FAQ on Figure Skating    List of inside jokes in films    FAQ on Filmmakers      Filter - A Windows program to design digital filters    FILTRY v1.20 - Aids in design of active and passive filters     The Official Nirvana Song Book rel.3.0         Four in Row - Logic Game for Win9x    Fish in Time v1.1 - Fishing time calculator      The Fitness Tests v4.01 - Physical fitness body fat evaluator      Fitness ABCs - International Fitness Association Training
		Manual v2.2     FAQ on Fitness & Aerobic
fl3230h.exe     Filter Wiz LE v3.0 - Active filters designer for Win9x/NT/2000
fp3230h.exe     Filter Wiz Pro v3.0 - Active filters designer for Win9x/NT/2000    The Nautical Flags Tutor     FLASH v1.1 - Basic Math Tutor    FLiCK v2.0 - Flight Conversion Kit (air speed, fuel
		consumption, distance etc.)    Problem Solving Flowchart :-)       Fluid Flow Calculations v2.0     Pilot flying hours logbook for Windows      List of Slovak FM Transmitters     FNA v1.30 - Scientific Calculator with Unit Convertor    FND3PREG - 3 Pin IC Regulator Data        FAQ on Food Science and Technology    FAQ on Food Preserving    Footings - Design and analysis of footings    Formula1 - Computer Math Tutor for DOS     (ASP) Fortune Teller v4.4c - Funny fortune telling & astrology     Fortune for DOS - Display random quotes or messages at bootup
fp.exe          Fplot - Function exploration, plotting and modelling tool       BreakTru Fractions n Decimals v5.3 - Fraction/Decimal
		Calculator    Fractions v2.61 - Decimal to Fractions and Back Convertor     FAQ on Fractals     Forecaster Ranker - Data analyzer for Win32      FractionCalc v1.1 - Fraction Calculator for Windows     FAQ on Friends TV Series    Fret Specs v1.1 - Fret Spacing Calculator    (ASP) FishTime v3.5 - Program for best fishing time calculation
ftetrix.exe     Free Tetrix v1.00 for Win9x/NT - Tetris clone        Fuel for 2-stroke modelairplanes calculator    Functions v1.00 - Studies functions of one variable to find
		roots, extrema, integral etc    FAQ on Fuzzy Logic    Gabber v2.0 - Conversation program for Win98/NT/2000/XP      Gala Reinforcement v3.3 - Software for design and analysis
		of reinforced concrete elements    GalactiCalc - Possiblity of intelligent life in our Galaxy
		calculator on the base of Drake equation for Win9x    GALBLAST - A hobbyist grade GAL programmer for Windows      Desert Galore! - Desert Recipes    FAQ on Gambling (blackjack, poker etc.)    The Games Resource Pack v1.50 in PDF format    GAO (U.S. General Accounting Office) Reports on Computer
		Security, HDTV etc.     Gassim v3.04 - Gas molecule simulator    Gaslaw v1.0 - Gas Laws Tutorial for Windows    FAQ on Automotive Gasoline     Akoff Guitar Assistant v1.01 - Guitar tuner      GAW v1.10 - Genetic Algorithm Workbench for DOS       Guitar Blaster for Win95/NT - Guitar Tuner    GeoClock v8.2 - Sunlight Clock for Windows      Global Clock v1.1.0 - World clock for Win32     Geargen - Software gear generator for engineers    Gears Simulator v2.0.1 for Win32 - Gear mechanisms simulator     Genetik v2.0 - Genetik algorithm to solve optimization problems     GeoClock Data Files Update    Geographic to Grid - Map Coordinates Calculator
geo3e.exe       Geography Trainer v3.0 - World geography tutorial for Win32    GeoClock v8.2 - Sunlight Clock for DOS      Dox for GeoClock    GeoClock utility      GeoClock utility    Area/Perimeter/Volume of various shapes calculator     Geometry PRO - Geometry Problems Solver    Geometry v2.4.2 for Windows - Volume/surface calculator     Geostacionary Satellite Log - List of geostacionary satellites    Extra files for GeoClock Sunlight Clock      FAQ on Germany    BASIC LAW of the Federal Republic of Germany       FAQ on Ghost Stories    Gauss-Jordan matrix elimination v1.0 for Windows    Gauss-Jordan matrix elimination v1.3    Cutting Glass Optimizer for Windows    Globex v2.80 - Access World Time, Exchange Rates and Info On
		Different Countries    GlobeTime v1.21 - A pop-up world time zone application
		for Win95/NT    (ASP) GLUCO*HEALTH v1.00 - A database program for people with
		diabetes      Glucomtr v1.4.2 for Win9x/NT - Diabetes charts maker     GMT Converter v1.12          FAQ on Go Game       TurboGo for Win95 v4.01 - Go game player       G.O.D v0.8 - Gravitational Orbits Designer fo DOS     Oldies Music Database        FAQ on Golf      Gomoku v2.8 - Tiny gomoku game for Windows      FAQ on White House     GPSSYNC - GPS Synchronization and Test Program      Grades v2.0 - Grades Tracker for DOS
grafeq32.exe    GrafEq v2.10 for Win32 - Math tool     Grafer for Windows v5.0 - Util for making ANSI look-a-like
		graphs for using in scientific reports    GrandTour v3.1 - Simulator of Voyager and Giotto space missions       Graph v1.1 - Math graphs drawing tool for Win32    GraphCalc v2.1 - Calculator for Win95/98/NT     Grapher ver.1 - Graph plotting util for Win9x/NT/2000    (ASP) GraphMaT v2.2 - Scientific graph macros for Lotus,
		QuattroPro and Excel    GraphSigth v2.0 - Win98/Me/NT/2000 tool to plot and explore
		2D math functions    Grades v1.01 - Grades Tracker for Windows    Grid Analyser v3.3 - Free collection of utilities for
		MapInfo's native grid format (*.mig)    Graphmatica v2.00c for Win32 - Equation plotter    Graphmatica v1.60e for Windows - Equation plotter    Graphmatica v3.60e for DOS - Equation plotter    (ASP) Grammar Slammer v3.0 - Grammar Helper        Guitar Synth v2.0 - Guitar Synthesizer for Win32         GalaSimu - Galaxies interaction simulator    GENSPEAK! v1.0 - Configurable random phrase generator    Guitar Teacher v1.72 for DOS      Guitar Man v1.1 - Guitar Teacher    Antarex Guitar Tuner v2.0 for Win9x    Guitar Teacher v3.2 for Win95    Guitar Teacher v2.03 for Windows    Guernica Picture by Pablo Picasso (JPG)       Guess v1.2.7 - A number guessing game for Windows     Try to guess the random number    GUITARE Method Vol.I v1.1 - Guitar Teacher    GUITARE Method Vol.II v1.0 - Guitar Teacher    Play Guitar v1.1 - Guitar teacher for Win32    The Ultimate Guitar Lesson - Guitar tutor for Windows    Guitar Chords Crash Course v1.0 for Win9x/NT/2000    Guitarist's Friend v2.0 - Guitar Learning Tool    FAQ on Guns'n'Roses      FAQ on Hydrogen       Engi_H2O v1.5 - Water/steam properties calculator     A History of Aeronautics by E.Charles Vivian    Halloween Trick or Treat - Customs database for Win95         FAQ on Amateur Radio    Ham Radio Tutor v1.6 for Technician License
hamuniv.exe     HAM University v2.000 - Windows program for people who are
		serious about passing their FCC exams    Hangman v7.3 - Children's Hangman Game       Hanoi Puzzle Solver     Hanoi Towers for Win16 v1.0     Hanoi Towers for Win32 v1.0    Towers of Hanoi v1.3 for DOS    Towers of Hanoi v1.5 for Windows    Intuitive Happiness - E-book by George Chun Fat    The history of the Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
harmonic.exe    Jack's Harmonica Lessons v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Learn to play
		the harmonica         HAMCALC v3.b.2 - Electronics / Amateur Radio Calculator     Andersen's Fairy Tales    The Human Calculator v2.16 - Calculator for Win32     Conflict Between Religion and Science by John Draper    Health, Recipes & You v1.0 - Informative e-book for Win32    HEAT - Home/Office Heating System Designer    FAQ on Robert Heinlein      Helper - Various physical constants database for Win32     Herbology Helper v4.00b     HerbPower v3.2 - Guide to power of herbs      FAQ on Herpes      Higraph v1.0.34 - Draw state, flow and data models     Historic Girls by E.S.Brooks    Ham Helper v2.02 - Ham radio usage helper for Win9x/NT/2000     The High History of the Holy Graal     HiDigit v1.1 - Scientific calculator for Win32     Hieroglyph Library v0.4 for Win9x/NT/2000    FAQ on Highlander TV/Movie     Math game for examining basic math operation     The History and Practice of the Art of Photography    Historica v1.06 - A Brief History of the World    Hitchcock information file     The Story of Mankind by Hendrik van Loon    HomeCalc v2.0 - Calculator with sound and total/subtotal
		function for Win95    Home Cookin v3.7 - Recipe and meal manager       How-2 Meet Women v5.0 - Shy Man's Guide to Relationships    Hendrix v2.00 - The Guitar Chords Generator      FAQ on Hockey      Holmes Book List    FAQ on Holocaust       Horas v3.11 - Keep track of the time around the world (W95/NT)    The Mechanics of Human Conversation - A guide for AI and NLP
		programmers     How to draw for Kids - Sample e-Book in PDF format
hp8light.exe    HairPro v8.01 - Hairstyles designer for Win32     (ASP) HomePlan Pro v4.3 - CAD program for architects and
		engineers     HRCalc v2.2 - Stellar radii calculator for astronomers    HS Converter v2.31 for Win95/98 - Metric/US measurement
		system converter     Heroes of the Telegraph by J.Munro    Universal Declaration of Human Rights    High Blood Pressure      Image Calendar v1.2 - Calendar Program for Windows       International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights      International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights     Increasing Human Efficiency Business by Walter Dill Scott    Illuminate v1.2 - Logical Game for Win32    International Morse Code Processor v3.13 - Morse code tutor for
		Win3.1/95    IMPEDANCE - Impedance Calculator     Industrial Biography by Samuel Smiles    inerSTAT-a v1.3 - Simple statistics tool for Excel    Interrogation v1.02 for Windows - Mnemonic driller     Integral v1.45 - Integral calculator
invader.exe     Invader! v1.0 - Classical space invader game for Win32       IQ Test v1.05       FAQ on Islam    ISLAM v4.50 - Islam learning tool software for Win9x/NT     Isolines v1.11 for Windows - Isoline diagrams and section
		diagrams creator    Isoptikon v2.0.0 - Util to precise drawing of figures
		of Euclidean geometry    Declaration of Israel's Independance     FAQ on Italy    List of James Bond Titles       FAQ on Japan     The Constitution of Japan       Jekyll and Hyde - Freeware Electronic Book in .HLP format     Joconde (Mona Lisa) Picture by Leonardo Da Vinci (JPG)    Familiaris Consortio and other messages from pope John Paul II     The Jokebook No_2 by David Pye    The Jokebook by David Pye    Braser Soft's Joke Man - Joke Program for Win95     JPCLOCK - NASA/JPL Multimission Computer Control Center Clock    (ASP) Jr-EQF v3.53 - Logging Program for Amateur Radio    JupSat 95 v1.14 - Galilean satellites tracker for Win95/98/NT     FAQ on Judaism    Jovian Satellites Simulator v4.0       Kabel++ rel.4.1 - A Win95/98/NT program to calculate the cable
		and transformer sizes of an electric installation      KAIROS - General Calendar Conversion Program v2.3 for Win9x/NT    KartData 2000 v2.9 - Kart chassis settings calculator    FAQ on Kate Bush
kchel36.exe     K-Chess Elite v3.6 - Chess for Win16 & Win32    K-Chess for DOS v2.2 - An instructional chess program    K-Chess for Windows v2.2 - An instructional chess program    KeepTime Plus v2.0 - Metronome software for Win32    KetoKids v1.1.2 - Ketogenic Diet Menu Planner for Win32     Kagayaki III - Navigation edition of star atlas software for
		Win9x/NT     Kagayaki III - Standard edition of star atlas software for
		Win9x/NT       Kiddo v1.01 - Win95/98/NT drawing program for kids        FAQ on Kids     Some Suggestions for the Story Teller by Sara Bryant     How To Tell Stories To Children and Some Stories by Sara Bryant    Kid's Typing Skills v1.0 for Windows - Keyboard practice     Kinetics v1.0 - Molecular Kinetics Tutorial for Windows        Kid Label - 256 Color Label Creating Program for Kids
kmap12.exe      Karnaugh Map v1.2 for Win9x/NT - Interactive Boolean Algebra
		program       KeyNote Music Drills 32-bit v1.77 for Win95-XP     Knights of the Art by Amy Steedman (stories of the Italian
		painters)    The N-Knights Problem Solver v1.0    FAQ on Kombucha    KP Typing Tutor v6.6 for Win9x-XP      KS-Calculator v1.02 for Win9x/NT    Kids Tables and Time v1.0 - Arithmetic Tutorial for Win95    KwikTest - Joke intelligence tester for Windows    KwikTrig v3.0.2 - Triangle solver for Windows     Labirint v2.0 - Robot programming practice         Linear Algebra 2 - Performs computations associated with
		matrices    The Laminator for Win95/98/NT - Classical Analysis of
		Composite Laminates    Motion Pictures of the Apollo11 Landing     Languge Companion v2.0 - Basics of European Languages    Langgen v1.3 - Language Generator    Lap Timer 2000 v4.7 - Tool for counting and timing laps
		on any scale slot car track     LASALLE - The story of Sieur de La Salle and his adventures
		in the New World      Letter Chase Typing Tutor for Windows v2.1      Letter Chase Typing Tutor for Win32 v2.1      LCD Module Technical Reference (FAQ)    Info on using of lead-acid batteries    Leap Year Rules for Centuries    FAQ on Led Zeppelin     LEDCALC - LED Circuit Calculator       FAQ for Left-Handed Population      FAQ on the film LEGEND        FAQ on LEGO      FAQ on Optical Lenses      Energy-LET-Range Calculator v1.10 for Win32    Larry's Flash Cards - Test creator        (ASP) Logic Circuit Analysis v1.1
lg1105.exe      Lunar Globe v1.105 - Lunar surface surveyor       Lie analysis of differential equations, exact solutions        Tiny Artificial Life Simulator    Life v3.3 - Artificial Life Simulator for Win32      Life Screen Saver for Windows - "Game of Life" as screen saver    LIGHTCOL: Light as a form of energy - Tutorial    LinCalc v1.2 for Win95/NT - Object-oriented linear albebra
		calculator       Lines Mania for Windows - Logical Game     Lines - Logical game for Win95     Larry's Keys - When a child press keys, fun things happen    Larry's Keys for Netscape      Love Match v1.00 - Love Match Calculator for Win95/98/NT
lmim210.exe     Legyunk Mi Is Milliomosok! v2.10 - Hungarian quiz game    (ASP) Log-EQF v8.67 - Logging and Station Control for
		Amateur Radio     LOGIC v1.0 - 4CH Logic Analyzer    Problems in Logic - Tutorial    Logisym - Digital logic simulator     LoKon v2.4 - Construction and simulation of digital circuits    LotkaVolt v1.0b - Two-species competition simulator for Win95     V4Software LOTR Map for Windows'95 v0.83       FAQ on Lotus Cars        "I Love You" in various languages    Love Calculator for Win95/98/NT/2000    Love Calculator v1.0 for Windows    (ASP) Rev. Lowell's Treasury of Humor v1.4     Lunar Phase v2.50 - Displays current moon phase and rise/set
		times       LP v2.61 - Linear Programming Optimizer     LP-Solve v1.5 - DOS32 linear programming solver    Line Plot for Win95/NT v0.95 - X-Y data graphing program     Le Paint Petite - 32-bit Painting and Coloring Book Program     LP-Solve v1.4 - DOS linar programming solver    Learn Visual Basic 5.0 - VB Tutorial    Learn Visual Basic 6.0 - VB Tutorial    Lunar Eclipse v2.0 - Lunar and solar eclipse analyzer     Sansur's Love Calculator for Win32    LoveBase v2.1 - 340 Great Love Poems      FAQ on Lyrics     The Treaty of the European Union from Maastrict    MASSCALC v1.0 - Highly Interfacible Calculator    Machine Intelligence List (SF)
machcalc.exe    Machinist's Calculator v5.0.26     Machine - Cutting force and power estimator for machinist     Machinist Mate v2.0 - Calculator for Machinist & Tool Makers     FAQ on Madonna    Magic Made Easy - Electronic magic book     MAGNETS - An introduction to magnetism    Mail PGN Games Extractor for Windows    MAKEWORD - Word game for children     MAMMALS: Habitat, food, enemies and defence - Tutorial     ManuPap - Tool to print various papers for guitar players
		(tab, chord diagram, staff etc.)     FAQ on Mariah Carey    FAQ on Marillion        FAQ on M*A*S*H     Mat-X v4.1 - Vectors, Linear Algebra and More    Matrix Calculator v1.3    MatCalc v3.2 - Win95/98/NT Matrix Calculator     Match32 Game v2.3 for Win95/98/NT - Concentration type of game    Matego v1.20 - Numeric game for Win32        Math related humor    Math Addict 2000 v2.12 - Learn multiplication tables using
		flash cards     Math Function Calculator for Win95/NT v2.34    MATH BASICS v5.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Math for children     Simple Math Examinator for Kids    Mathematical Expressions Calculator v2.4    MatheHP v1.83 - Calculator, equations and primer numbers    Mathplot v2.0 - Mathematic functions 2D and 3D graph plotter    (ASP) Mathplot v3.7 - Math function plotting program    Competitive testing on Addition/Subtraction    Math Tools v1.0.0 - Pythagorean Theorem and Quadratic Equation
		Solver for Win95      FAQ on Matlab
matrx127.exe    Matrix Calculator 1.27 for Win95/98/NT     Math Tutor 1 - Counting, add, sub and compare     Math Tutor 2 - Add, sub, mult, divide and bar chart     Math Tutor 3 - Introduction to fractions     Math Tutor 4 - More tutorials on fractions     MaxFlow - Maximal Flow Solver        Maze Generator v1.0 for Windows    Maze Creator v2.5 for Win32    Maze Generator v1.05 - Square or hexagonal maze generator    Maze Generator with export to BMP for Windows    Maze Escape v2.2 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Find exit of mazes        Myers-Briggs Testing Software - Temperament Sorter    Metric Converter for Windows     (ASP) MicroCook v2.1 - Recipe Management Program for DOS
mddb1.exe       Metal Detector Database v1.0 for Win32     MECHMOD v2.0 - Kinematic calculations of plane lever
		mechanisms helper    FAQ on Medicinal Herbs    Illustrated Medical Herbal Encyclopedia v1.8    FAQ on Meditation    Medical Terminology Tutor    Watson's Melody Memory - Music trainer for Win32    Melvin v4.0 - Artificial intelligence simulator         MEM - Simple memory game with source    Memler v2.1 - Win32 util for learning foreing languages    Concentration - The Memory Games v2.0 for Win32    Memotest - Memory testing program    Tutorial on Software-Based Memory Testing       FAQ on MENSA     Set of GIF Pictures of Messier Astronomical Objects     Meter Challenge - Troubleshooting with Voltmeters and Ohmmeters    MetroMon v1.01 - Metronome and instrument tuner for Windows    Metronome v1.6 - Metronome for Win95/NT
metronom.exe    Metronom v2.5 for Win32    (ASP) Metronome Program for Win95/NT      Meteorology Wizard v2.0 - Weather tool for Windows    MindExplorer SW v3.2 DEMO - Audio-Visual Stimulation Software
		for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    MegaCalc v0.07 - Calculation with large numbers    Omega v2.0 - Magic square solver for Win95     MoonIcon32 v2.0 - Win95/98/NT Moon Phase Icon     MIDI music database for Beatles Forever program (look the file
midihack.exe    MIDIHack - Real-time MIDI data display and analysis program      Midtab - Midi Tracks to Tabbed Text File Converter    Mickiano v2.0 - Children's piano program     Military Julian Data Calendar v2.1    Mini Calculator v1.45 for Win95-XP    MiniCalc for Win95/NT - Simple Calculator     Minim - Boolean Expression Minimization Utility for Win95    FAQ on Natural Migraine Treatment       Rubik Cube program for MS-DOS by Mike Reid     MIRACL CALC - Multi digit calculator    Mirror of Beauty v1.4 - Makeup Designer for Win32     Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants     Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians by Martin Luther      Making Love Work v3.01 - Relationship enhancement tool for Win
mm32v362.exe    Music Masterworks v3.62 - Music editor for Win32    Mastermind for Windows v1.4 - Classical Mastermind Game    FAQ on Railroad Models    FAQ on Rocket Models    ModulesH Robot Design and Animation Program     Men of Invention and Industry by Samuel Smiles    Molecular Structure of the Substance v2.1 for Win3.x    Molecular Structure of the Substance v2.2 for Win95/98/NT    MoleCalc v1.0.2 for Win95/98/2000/NT - Chemistry Calculator     Moles v1.5 - Mole Concept Tutorial for Windows     Moles v2.0 - Mole Concept Tutorial for Win95     Molvekt v4.4 - Molar weight calculator     MTWIN - Molecular weight and percent composition calculator
		for Win95/98/NT       Molecular Weight Calculator v1.11 for Windows    MOLW v2.72 - Molecular weight calculator for Windows      (ASP) Money Math v4.0 for Windows - Financial calculator
montepi2.exe    MontePi v0.2 - Win95/NT Program to learn Monte Carlo methods      TMoon v2.0 - Phases of the moon calculator     Moon Calculator v5.2 - DOS program providing information about
		position, age, phase etc. of the Moon    MoonPhaser v1.0 - Shows picture of Moon in current phase    MOONPO v2.2 - Moon position calculator for Windows    Words of Neil Armstrong when touching Moon surface    MoonTool for Windows - Moon Phases Calculation Program    Moontool - Tool to calculate phases of the Moon and other
		Moon related items      Morse1 - Morse code tutorial     Morse v1.3 - Morse Encoder/Decoder    Morsee v1.1 - Morse Code Encryption/Decryption Program     Morsil v2.0 - Text message to Morse code converter    FAQ on Motorcycles    Motion Planning - Robot obstacles avoidance demo for Win95    FAQ on Aliens in Movies    FAQ on Movies    FAQ on Movie Technology     Movie Trivia FAQ     Mr.Machinist v2.00b - Machinist assistant     Mr.Machinist for Win95 (beta) - Machinist assistant    Morse Translator v1.0 - Text to morse code translator      Morse Code Made Easy v6.33 for Windows - Morse code tutorial      Magic Score Classic v3.5 - Tool to record musical scores
		for several instruments simultaneously    Loudspeaker box size calculator         My Spelling Words v99.3.1 - Util to learn spelling words     (ASP) A Musical Tutorial v2.0 - 32bit for Win95/98/NT    Math Basics v5.0 - 15 basic math programs     Mechanical Tool Box - Mechanical Engineer programs     (ASP) A Musical Tutorial v1.3 for DOS     Megalomania for Win95/NT - Control engineering design tool    Math and Science v3.1 for Windows - Math and physics teacher    MathTable Generator v1.22 - Math testing tables generator
mtrainer.exe    Maths Trainer v1.2 - Win32 util to examine math skill of kids     Matrix v1.0 - DOS based matrix calculator     Matrix Calculator v2.0 for Win32      Mark Twain E-Reader - Incl. 5 books plus a reader software     (ASP) A Musical Tutorial v1.6 for Win3.1    Multi Converter - DEC/HEX, temperature, length etc. converter
mupad142.exe    MuPAD Pro v1.4.2 - The Open Computer Algebra System for
		Win95/98/NT    Music related jokes    Music101 v2.00 - Util for learning to read music
musicalc.exe    MusiCalc v1.0 - Multi-purpose musician's calculator for Win32    Music Vision Memory Game Program for Win95/98/NT    MUSICV v1.4 - Music Vision Memory Game for DOS     Must-See Movies Guide      Murphy's Laws     Murphy's Laws for Windows     Murphy's laws and other observations     Musicianship Basics Demo v2.7.1 - Musical theory tutor for Win    List of #1 from Billboard Pop charts for the past 76 years!    MVSP v3.1 - A MultiVariate Statistical Package for Data
		Analysis     Molecular Weight Calculator v6.28 for Win32        MthX equation - ActiveX equation editor control for Win95/NT    MxdLog v2.0 - Radio Amateur Logging Software for Windows      MyCalc Win95 - Calculator You Draw Yourself     Gear/Speed Calculator for Win32    My Recipes v2.0 - Recipes manager    MyStars! 32-bit v2.7 - Planetarium for Windows    MyStars! v2.62 - Planetarium for Windows     NAVTOOLS METEO v1.0 - Util for retrieving weather charts and
		satellite images from internet     NAVTOOLS LITE v1.51 - Navigation system for merchang shipping
		and yachts       FAQ on NAFTA    NAFTA Document (in TXT form)    Name Generator v1.71     Name Generator v1.0       Great Vegetarian Recipes from Chuck Narad    Glossary of NASA Terminology     North American Species of Cactus      NATO Handbook    NetIonic v1.0 - Introductory to ionic equations for Windows    NetIonic v1.5 - Introductory to ionic equations for Win95/NT    NetLyrix v1.0 - Windows viewer for the music lyrics files    FAQ on Neural Nets    Didactical package on neural networks    Newspeak v2.1 - Politically Correct Translator :-)      Newt v2.5 for Windows - Newtonian telescope CAD program    Ray's Numbers Game v3.0 for Win32 - Math tutor for kids      Interface to NGC2000 catalog v1.01 - Plugin for StarCalc 5.0+      NutriGenie Optimal Nutrition for Windows v7.5     A Handbook of Natural Language Processing (NLP/AI)    Name Generator v2.11     Enemies of Books by W.Blades       NOBEL Prize Listing    NONLIN v2.5 - Nonlinear Regression Analysis Program        The Prophecies of Nostradamus v1.0 - Tutorial for DOS/Win    FAQ on Prophecies of Nostradamus    NoteFace - A music tutorial     Notes v1.0 - Musical game for notes teaching       Nuclear v2.0 - Nuclear Chemistry/Physics Tutorial for Windows     Worldwide effects of Nuclear War    Numeyoga v4.5 - Numerology application for Win32      Numero v1.0 - Numeric Crossword Game for Win32     Numero v2.0 - Numerology application for Win32    Ray's Numbers Game v2.0 - Math tutor for kids    NuMorse v1.90 - Morse Code Trainer for Windows     NumX v1.05 - Programmable ActiveX Calculator Control     NURSERY - Nursery rhyme songs words tutorial    NuTest v1.73 - Amateur Radio Study Aid for Windows      NoteWorthy Composer v1.70 - Music Composition and Notation
		Processor fo Windows    New Microsoft Keyboard Design :-)      NoteWorthy Player v1.70 - Freeware MIDI files player      Now You're Cooking v5.37 (32-bit) - Kitchen Companion for Win32        New Zealand Immigration Calculator v3.0 :-)     Origin and Nature of Emotions by G.W.Crile      ODEcalc v3.40 for Win3.x/9x - An Ordinary Differential
		Equation Calculator      ORBITEL v9846 - 2-line orbital elements processor     OHMSLAW - Ohms Law Calculator    Ohm's Law Calculator for Windows    OmniChess v1.1 - Chess program for Windows    OPACTBPF - Active Opamp Band Pass Filter Design    OPACTHPF - Active Opamp High Pass Filter Design    OPACTLPF - Active Opamp Low Pass Filter Design    OPASTBLE - Opamp Astable Multivibrator Design     OPCCINV - Opamp Capacitor Coupled Inverting Amplifier Design    OPCCNINV - Opamp Capacitor Coupled Non-Inverting Amplifier
		Design      OPCCVF - Opamp Capacitor Coupled Voltage Follower Amplifier
		Design     OPDCINV - Opamp Direct Coupled Inverting DC Amplifier Design    OPDCNINV - Opamp Direct Coupled Non-Inverting DC Amplifier
		Design    OPHSFTOS - Opamp Phase Shift Oscillator Design      Jslsoft Optics Lab - Optic experiment simulation    OPMONSBL - Opamp Monostable Multivibrator Design     OPNOTCH - Opamp Notch Filter Design    OPSMTRIG - Opamp Schnitt Trigger Design     Optic - Ray tracing program for modeling optical systems    OptiGraph v1.0 - Optical Graph Recognition and Manipulation
		Util for Win32
optimik.exe     Optimik v2.33A - Cutting optimizer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP    OPWENBRG - Opamp Weinbridge Oscillator Design    OPZNRREG - Opamp Zener Voltage Regulator
orbitx20.exe    Orbit Xplorer v2.0 - Orbit elements physics tutorial    Organic Chemistry Examiner    Organic Chemistry Examiner     Dictionary of Organic Chemistry in HLP format     ORGUE v1.1 - Electronic piano for PC speaker    Molecular Origami for Windows v2.7 - Molecular structure
		teaching program
oscillom.exe    OscilloMeter v3.03 - Real-time Oscilloscope and Spectrum
		Analyzer     (ASP) On This Day v2.21 - Historical Database     Origin of Species by Charles Darwin     If You're Over 65 and Feeling Depressed ...    Own Calculator v1.0 - Windows calculator with unit converter       FAQ on Ozone Depletion      FAQ on Packet Radio    PACWIN v2.3 - Pacman game for Win32
palete28.exe    Palette v2.8 - Tool for computer music composing    How To Make a Parabolic Disk Out of Plywood    Pascal's triangle solver    PASRCFLT - Passive RC Filters Design      Pascal Triangel Constructor for Win32     Physics by Pictures v6.2     PCAAD v2.1 - Antenna Design Utility      Powercad v1.5 - CAD software to draw schematics of hydraulic
		and electrical circuits    PCB Designer v1.03 for Windows - Printed circuit board designer    (ASP) PCDesk v6.4 - Calendar/planner/scheduler for DOS      PCGraph v3.0 - Math graph drawing tool      PC Heart Check v3.0 - Cardiac Monitoring Program     Pagan and Christian Creeds by Edward Carpenter       PcKey v1.01 - DOS based typing tutor    Process Control Simulator / PIC Controller Design Tool v1.051    PCSAT v4.1 - Satellite TV calculator    (ASP) PC-TRACK v3.1 - 3D Satellite Tracker    Precision CW v2.1 - Morse coder/encoder    Some files relevant to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor         Pryans Euro Calculator v1.1 - Currency conversin tool       Jhksoft Electricity Lab v3.0 - Electricity experiments
		simulator for Win32     Probert Encyclopedia in HTML format      PEPI v3.0 - Statistical Programs for Epidemiologists    Periodic Table 2000 v2.2.1 for Win9x      Periodic Table of Elements v2.1     Perimon v3.4 - Infertile days calculator
period.exe      Periodic Table - Interactive periodic table for Win32    Periodic Table v1.1 for Windows
peritab!.zip    Mendeleev's Periodic Table (in Russian)    BK Periodic Library for Windows v1.8 - Periodic Table    Table of Elements: Calculate Molar Masses    Periodic Table v1.0 for Win32    Petris v2.0 - Tiny Tetris game for DOS    FAQ on Petroleum Resources        FAQ on Pets         FAQ on PEZ          Proverb Finder v1.1 - English proverb collection      Pink Floyd reference book    Power-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields & Cancer FAQ      FAQ on Pink Floyd        PH v1.0 - Util that finds pH and pOH       Philosophical Terms in WinHelp format    Phonetic/Spelling Alphabets for Various Languages     How to use phone line as SW antenna    PHRASES (rel.2) - Collection of phrases, quotes and proverbs         Personal Harmonograph Simulator v1.8      Phylab v1.0 - Physics simulation lab    Physics Collisions v1.8.1 - Oblique collisions, gas laws etc.    Physicist for Windows v5.0 - Hypertext physics tutorial    Physics Simulator v1.0 for Win9x - Particles dynamics simulator          Description of PI number computation
pi100000.rar    Number "pi" to 100.000 places     Aldo's Pianito v2.0 - LEarn to play the piano for Win95/98/NT      PI number calculator with ASM source code    PicPuzzle v3.0 - Traditional 15-piece sliding puzzle game    PIDSIM v2.2 - PID Controller Simulator        PILY (Phenomenon I Love You) v1.0 - "I Love You" in various
		languages (written and spoken)     FAQ on Pinball      PiW - Compute Pi to a million digits      (ASP) PLANES - Paper Airplane Print Program v4.2s    Planet Guide v1.51 - Planetary info guide for Win9x/NT     FAQ on Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
plot2dat.exe    Plot2Date v1.4 - Convert scanned plots in tabular data    pmaCalc v2.3 - Scientific/programmers Calculator and Euro
		Convertor    PmCalc v3.2 - Win95/NT Calculator
po16.exe        Planet Orbits v1.6.1 for Win98-XP - Software for calculation
		of the planets and Moon position    Desk Pocket Reference v2.0 - Windows Desktop Hypertext
		Reference System    Poison for the Heart v2.7 - The Ultimate Philosophy    Polar v4.4 for Win32 - Electrochemical Simulation and Data
		Analysis        Polynomial Solver for DOS    Polyomino - 30 puzzles based on polyominoes
poly32.exe      Poly v1.08 for Win32 - Math tool    Polygonn v2.1 - Windows utility for triangle/polygons solving    Polyhedron - Application for dynamic geometry    Polyhedral Modeler Program v1.05 for Win95/98/NT    FAQ on Polymers    POLYNOME v2.2 - Polynomial decomposition with Horner's Scheme     POLYROOT - Program on finding the real roots of polynomials      Challenge Pool v5.0 - Pool table (billiard) game simulator    Popup Dictionary (Crammer) for Win9x/NT/2000 - Util for helping
		to memorize words in foreign languages     Power Supply Challenge - Troubleshooting DC Power Supply
		Circuits    Perfect Pitch v1.5 for Win9x/NT - Util that help to remember
		the pitches of the notes    Piano Professor for Win v3.0      Practice v1.0 - Tutorial Program for DOS    A typing practice program for keyboarders (DOS)     The Power of Concentration by Dumont    Chemical Predictor v2.0    All the Metric Multiplier Prefixes of the SI    FAQ on Pregnancy     Price/Cost Indexes from 1875 to 1989 (est. to 2010)    TCS Prime Checker v1.2 - Program to check if number is a prime    Prime Factorization v1.0 for DOS/Win    Prime Ladder v1.05 for DOS/Win - Prime numbers finder     List of the First 100.000 Prime Numbers     Prime v1.3 - Prime Number Generator for Linus, DOS, OS2 & MAC    Prime Number Generator for Win32    PRIMES v1.3 - Compute prime factors of a positive 32bit integer      FAQ on Prince     U.S. Project Trinity Report    Practice Master v1.1.0 - Guitar Teacher    ProCalc v2.0 - Calculator with total/subtotal/grandtotal
		function for Win95     ProcSim - PID Controller Simulator     ProKal v7.8a - Win9x/NT Scientific/Financial Calculator      ProKon v10.0k - Win9x/NT Unit Conversion Utility    Pro-Magic - A Magician's Guide E-Book    FAQ on Prostatitis     The Foundations of Personality by Abraham Myerson
pse10.rar       Periodensystem der Elemente v1.0 Shareware (in German)      Tiny Croatian Periodic Table Program for Windows    Emotions and Health - Are you worrying yourself sick?          Periodic Table v2.1 for Win9x/NT/2000       PRONTU v2.15 for Win95/98/NT - Small gadget to help tune your
		pronunciation    Patchit v2.94 - Scientific Data Acquisition Program    Periodic Table 2000 v2.2.1 for Windows    Periodic Table Program v1.01 - Chemistry tutor    Pulp Fiction Fact List    Puzzle for Windows v1.6 - Win16 version of logic game    Puzzle for Windows v1.6 - Win32 version of logic game     FAQ on Puzzles
pvis20.exe      Planet's Visibility v2.0 - Tool to show planet's visibility
		during the year    PWR_CALC - Power Calculator    PWRSUPCV - Power Conversation Calculator    Power Words v2.3 - 4.700 witty and wise quotes    Classic Pythagorean Puzzles v1.7 for Win32     Quick Calculator 16-bit v1.1 - Windows Calculator        Quick Calculator 32-bit v2.0 - Windows Calculator     Quick Chord Finder for Win9x    Quadratic Equation Solver v1.0       Quick Conversion v4.2 - Metric/standard units convertor for
		Win32          FAQ on Queen Mail Service     Qmath v2.1 - Desktop Calculator for Win95/98/NT    Quadratic Equation Evaluator v3.00 by PK1Soft    Quadratic Formula Tutorial    Information on Finger Quake Service    The N-Queens problem solver v1.0    Quick Pick v1.0 - Quick Pick Lotto Selector     Quine v2.0 - A scratchpad for truth-functional logic    Radiocarbon Dating: Its Limitations and Usefulness    FAQ on Radio Monitoring    The Radio Spectrum     Rainbow v3.4.0 for Win9x - Power Spectral Density Calculation
		Tool    RandIntG v1.05 for Win95/NT - Random numbers generator     Random Generator for Windows      Randomizer v1.0.0 - Logic Game for Windows      Kick the Repist Where it Hurts v2.0 - Defend tutorial for Win32      Ray's Letters and Numbers Preschool Tutor v1.0 for Windows
rspl32.exe      Ray's Spelling and Word Games v3.2 for Windows    Raytrace - 2D Optical Systems Analyzer        Robot Contests and Competitions FAQ       RCC v2.1 - Resistor Color Code     RCF/RPM calculator v1.0 for preparative centrifugation    FAQ on RC-Flying    RCHESS v1.0.4 - Little chess program for DOS by ROSE    RCRLTIME - RC and L/R Time Calculator     A Book of Remarkable Criminals by H.B.Irving      Radiodesk v1.1 - Database, tips and tricks for HAM Radio    REACTANC - Reactance Calculator      ASL Recipe Gourmet v1.0 - Recipe database program    Relatran v2.2 - Teach exercises on mechanisms         FAQ on REM     The Republic by Plato    Resistor v2.03 - Resistor value identifier for Win32      Resist v1.1 - Tool for decoding/encoding the colorcodes
		on resistors for Win9x    Explanation of resistor color codes    RESONATE - Resonance Calculator    Retwall - Program for design and analysis of flood walls    Rezistor v2.0 - Russian Rezistor Color Code Decoder     RFGloss v1.02a - Glossary of terms used in low power radio      RFPROP v1.03 - RF Propagation Windows Program     Organic Syntheses - Methods for the preparation of organic
riddler.exe     The Riddler v1.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - The program that asks
		questions (for test preparing)     Sunrise Sunset Calculator v1.5 for Win32    RITTY v2.33 - FSK modem/terminal for radioteletype signal
		processing    Rival Chess v1.5f for DOS    Rival Chess v1.8.16 for Windows       Roman Numeral Converter for Windows v1.1      Random Number Generator v1.30 for Windows    Robin Hood Booklist
rob4-010.exe    Robot4 v0.10 - Robot Arm Movement Calculator for Windows     FAQ on Robocop Movie    FAQ on Robotics    Rock Family Tree    Origins of music group's names    ROLLDICE - Counting game for children    FAQ on Rolling Stones       Roman Numerials v1.0 - Arabic/roman numerials converter
		for Win95    Roman/Arabic Numerals Converter for DOS      RomNum - Generator/Analyzer of Roman numbers
roarr382.exe    Room Arranger v3.82 - Software for room and garden layout
		design       FAQ on Roses     FAQ on Roxette     RPN Calculator v2.45 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Set of 3 RPN Multiple precision calculators      RPN Engineering Calculator v6.0.0 for Win9x/NT/2000/XP    RR Trains 2000 v2.5 - Create an inventory of model railroad
		collection      RSC v3.10 - Resident Scientific Calculator     Resistor Selector v2.3 for Win9x/NT - Resistor values finder    RSTRSLCT - Standard Resistor Selector       Random Test Generator v1.5       The perplexing life of Erno Rubik by John Tierney      Rubik Cube simulator with source code    A Solution to the Rubik Cube       FAQ on Rugby     FAQ on Running      GORUR's Easy Doc's on using the LOG-EQF Log-Book Program     GORUR's Easy Doc's - Useful Freq List     GORUR's Easy Doc's - ARRL World QSL Bureau Listing v4.0      GORUR's Easy Doc's - So What Now v2.0 (New Amateurs Guide)     RVal v1.10 for Win3.x/95 - Resistor Values Finder       Random Word Generator v4.1 for Win32     Watson's Simple Paint v1.02 - Painting program for small kids    SAALRA v1.00 - DOS SpectrAA Linear Regression Analysis v1.00        Said v1.0 - Random sentences generator for Win32    SoftAlchemy - P-Table and chemistry facts program for Win95    FAQ on Samantha Fox      Plugin "Interface to SAO Star Catalog" v1.23 for StarCalc v5.0+
sapiens.exe     SAPIENS - Czech food analyzer/planner for reduction diet
		keeping      FAQ on Satellite-TV    SatBatch v1.30 - Automatically decode and bunch of bitmap
		and wave files (add-on to SatSignal program)      Satellite Catalogue - Huge satellite listing     Satellite.txt to satellite.csv converter    TV satellite positions/frequencies for Europe in CSV format    TV satellite positions/frequencies for Europe in TXT format      FAQ on European Satellite TV     TV satellite positions/frequencies for Europe in HTML format    Satlocate v1.04 - Tool for location of geostationary satellites     Satellites of Saturn v2.0    SatScape v1.85 - Satellite tracking helper for Win32    SatSignal v3.3.4 - Weather Satellite Decoder for Windows      StarCalc v5.6 - Astronomy Planetarium for Win95/NT      S.T.A.D. Calculator - Speed, time, acceleration and distance
		calculator    Scientific Calculator with doskey-like input    Science Fair for Win v4.0 - Real-world applications of physics
		and math for kids    SchematiCAD v1.04 - Electronic schematic drawing program     Super Calculator v1.20 - A scientific calculator for Windows    Scientific Advertising by Claude C.Hopkins - Tutorial     A collection of 500 useful receipts on a variety of subjects    Scientific Jokes v1.3    StarClock v2.0 - Stellar evolution simulator    Simple Convert - Number converter    Scope v3.2 - Experiment with light refraction and reflection
		for Win9x/Me    Sine Wave Practice - Oscilloscope tutorial    School Crazy Educational Software v3.0      SCRL v5.0 - Semiconductor Cross Reference Library       FAQ on Scuba        Smart Evaluator v2.0 - Mathematical expressions evaluator    FAQ on Seaquest      SeaTTY v1.39 - Weather reports receiver for Win32    SECTION v1.0 - Cross sectional properties calculator    Sections - Program that determines the cross sectional
		properties of most common shapes
selingua.exe    Selingua Language Tutor v3.0 - Various Language Vocabulary
		Training Program    The Sentences v1.00 for Win32 - Database of various sentences
		in several languages    Seterra Geography Tutor v2.61
seti_308.exe    SETI at Home v3.08 - SETI project data analysis client for Win
setimon.exe     SETI Monitor v3.37 - Monitor the activity of SETI at Home
		client    List of Alternate History Stories    List of SF Awards    List of SF Books    FAQ on SF Movies    SF reference-in-music list    List of Transformation Stories    FAQ on Written SF         SFC - Satellite frequencies converter     The San Francisco Calamity by Charles Morris    SF books/novels/short stories into film list    Shakespeare's Plots - Shakespeare guide    FAQ on Shamanism    Shoop Number Generator - Random number generator    FAQ on Shortwave Radio    Shuffle v1.1 - Shuffle Game for DOS    shuffle v1.1 - Shuffle Game for Windows        Engi_SI Unit Conversion Program v1.7 for Windows    SICon v7.7 - Windows Unit Conversion Utility     Sicyon - Mathematical expressions calculator with built-it
		units converter and various constants database for Win32     Prime number generator    Signal Calculator v2.1 - Calculator for telecommunication
		engineers     SIGVIEW - Real-time signal processing program for Win95/98/NT    SimChemistry for Windows v.0 - Molecular behavior simulator    SimLogic - Digital Logic Schemes Simulator for Win32    Visual Simnet v1.34 - Petri Nets Simulator for DOS    Simulation of occultation stars by the Moon    SIMPSONE v1.3 - Compute definite integral with Simpson's Rule    FAQ on Simpsons      SIMetrix Intro - SPICE based analog simulator and schematic
		editor for Windows      Simple Inference Engine v1.0 - Fuzzy rule-based inference
		implementation for Win32     FAQ on Singles       Singing Tutor v4.0 - Vocal Trainer for Win95
skymap32.exe    (ASP) SKYMAP v3.2 - Windows 95/NT Planetarium        Sky Quiz - Quiz for Amateur Astronomers    Sky Screen Saver v2.1 for Win32 - Planetarium as a screen saver    Sky Screen Saver v1.1 for Windows - Planetarium    (ASP) SKYTIMES v1.1 - Astro Event List     SLAE Solver for finding solutions of linear algebraic systems     SLIDING v2.0 - Solves rectangular sliding-piece puzzles    Slot Cars 2000 v2.8 - Create inventory of slot car collection    FAQ on Slovak Republic    Constitution of the Slovak Republic    SolveEqD v1.1 - Solve 2nd/3d degree equations v1.0       SymbMath v3.4a - Symbolic Calculator with Learning       Super Morse v4.10 - Morse Tutorial    Small Business Reports v1.0 - Compilation of business tips in
		HLP format    Smart Reversi v2.8 for Win95/98/NT/2000/Me - Strategy Game    SmokeFree Stats v1.5x - Util for stopping smoking    x86 Microprocessor Simulator for Win3.1    x86 Microprocessor Simulator for Win95/NT    SobrCalc v1.0 - Sobriety date calculator    Sociology Terms in WinHelp format    Soil Protects v2.1 - Getechnical program for soil data analysis     Solar Data Plotting Utility v3.02 for Windows       Solar System v1.0a - Newton's laws simulator      SOLSYS v1.10 - DOS based interactive solar system simulator    SOLVE v1.1 - Solve a system of equations (incl. C source)     Quadratic/Cubic Equation Solver    Songs1 v1.1 - Pre-school educational learing tool    STSORBIT PLUS v9748 - Satellite Tracker - part 1    STSORBIT PLUS v9748 - Satellite Tracker - part 2       FAQ on Space    SplineCalc v4.3.2 - Scientific calculator for Win32     SuperCal v5.7 - Windows Scientific/Financial Calculator    Spec for Windows - Proffesional Spectrum Analyser     Spelling Test Practice v1.1 - Tool to create, record and save
		a spelling list    Spell Test 99 v1.0 - Learn and practice spelling skill     Sphere - N-dimensional sphere calculator    Spica v1.3 - Free astronomical software for Win32      FAQ on Spices    FAQ on Steven Spielberg      SPELLING GAMES v5.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 for children     Simple FFT and Quick FFT v1.1    Square Roots Calculation Algorithm    Square Roots by Hand Calculation       SQW v2 - Simple square wave generator with a simple PC alone     Spring-Pro for DOS v1.6 - Spring design calculator
spwin28.exe     Spring-Pro for Windows v2.8 - Spring design calculator       Speaker Simulator for Windows - Loudspeaker enclosure designer    SPview v1.0 for Win95/NT - Integrated S-parameter toolset for
		RF and microwave electronic engineering     Elizabethan Cryptography - Who wrote Shakespeare?
ssinger.exe     Sight-Singer Trainer for Win32       Simple Stats v3.2 - Statistics Package    Stardate Calculator v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Star Trek
		date calculator     StarStrider v2.7 - A 3D planetarium program    StarStrider Screen Saver v1.0 - Add-on for StarStrider program    FAQ on StarTrek    FAQ on Star Wars    FAQ on Static EM Fields & Cancer    FAQ on Status Quo    Statutor v1.25 - Statistics Tutorial     Structural Toolbox - Structural Engineer Utils       Steam Properties v1.51 - Educational program for Windows      Stella 2000 Astronomy - Win32 virtual astronomical observatory    Tutorial on Stepping Motor Control and other dox     Star Trek Jokes     Stoic v1.4 - Stoichiometry Tutorial for Windows     Stoic v2.5 - Stoichiometry Tutorial for Win95/NT    FAQ on Stop-Smoking      FAQ on Storms     St.Patrick's Day - Customs database for Win95      FAQ on Fender Stratocaster Guitar    A Beginners Guide to Starting a High-Income Business on the
		Internet    How to receive Shuttle audio/video     Star Trek on The Web v1.0 - Start Trek Resource Database    Solar Eclipse Viewer v1.0 - Eclipse calculator for Win32     The Sunrise Calculation System v2.2    Sunrise Calculator    Superficies v4.0 for Win9x/Me/2000 - Tool to draw surfaces
		given by formulas    FAQ on Supermodels     Shortwave Radio Related Abbreviations and Terms    Shortwave Broadcast Bands     Swap v1.00 - Puzzle game for Windows       FAQ on Switzerland      Shortwave Log v1.20 - Database of SW logs/ QSL's for radio
		amateurs     Swot v1.02 - Util to help you to learn languages       Symname v1.0 - Quiz Generator for Windows       Symname v2.1 - Quiz Generator for Win95/NT    Mathomatic v9.2 - Symbolic math program       Guitar Tablature Sheets v1.1 for Windows      Tables Tutor    FAQ on Table Tennis    TABLES v1.02 - Math functions table generator    Tack v3.84 - Scientific Data Analysis Program    Speaking of JEws v3.0 - DOS tutorial program about Jews    TAL (Texture AutoLookup) for Windows - Win32 program to
		determine the soil texture class    Tamagotchi (Virtual Pet) for Windows     Recipes Tried and Tru by Ladie's Aid Society - Recipe Book    TASM - Torsional Analysis of steel members     The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura        Traffic Computer v1.0 - Arcade game for Windows    PCC and MATCHC - Utils for capacitors/transformers
		parameter calculation    Tradesman Calc's v1.03 - Mechanical Engineering Calculator        A Vacuum Tube Cross Reference Program    TDL v2.3 - Neural network synthesis helper    TablEdit v2.40 - Tablature Editor for Windows for creating,
		editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music         FAQ on Tea      Technical Class Question Pool Answers for FCC Amateur Radio
		Exams    FAQ on Technical Books    TechSup v1.0 - Expert System Engine    Telescope Calc v1.1e - Astro Telescope Calculator     FAQ on Telephone (in German)    Telepath v1.0 - "Computer Telepathy" demo program for Windows      FAQ on Slovak/Czech Telecom (in Slovak)        Farenheit/Celsius Temperature Converter    Celsius/Fahrenheit Temperature Converter     TempLAB v1.0.0 - Temperature Conversion Tool for Win32     The Art of Lawn Tennis by Tilden      FAQ on Tennis     The Evolution of Modern Medicine by William Osler    FAQ on Terminator/T2 Movies    1996 State Dept. Terrorism Report     TestPRO v2.0 - Test Generation Program for Instructors    Color Tetris for Win16 v1.4    Color Tetris for Win32 v1.4      TEFview v2.40 - Free program to view, listen to and print
		TablEdit tablature files (.TEF format)    Thanksgiving Cornucopia - Customs database for Win95    Hanoi v1.0 - Simple Game for Kids     FAQ on Theatre      Theophilos program v3.0 with King James version of the English
		Bible, Matthew Henry's Commentary and Easton's Bible Dictionary    Thermodynamics on-line help in Windows HLP format    Introduction to Thevenin and Norton Equivalent Networks     (ASP) The Humor Mill v1.18 - Joke teller     The History of the Telephone by Herbert N. Casson    Theissens Polygen - Average rainfall calculator for Win32       FAQ on Tibet      Tic-Tac-Toe Game for Win32      Tik! Tak! Tor! - Logic game    (ASP) TimeEzy v1.0 - Intelligent Global Clock for Win95/NT    The Time Machine v1.0 - Freeware Electronic Book in .HLP format     Titrate v1.0 - Titration Simulation Program for Windows     Taketest/Maketest v1.0 - Student Tester for Windows    Taketest/Maketest v2.51 - Student Tester for Win95/NT    The Love Calculator for MS-DOS v1.0      The Love Calculator for Windows    The Love Calculator for Win95/NT         Satellite Orbital Elements       Satellite Orbital Elements - Lite version     The Life of Christopher Columbus by Edward Everett Hale
tm13.exe        Tune Master v1.33 - Music instruments tuning tool    Temperature Converter v1.1     Text about smoking and how to break it :-)     FAQ on Tolkien     Tom's Plotter v1.1 for Windows - Math Graph Plotter      The NCH Tone Generator for Windows     Torganal v4.20 - Simulation of the process of identifying
		an organic unknown compound    Tutorial on Open-Collector and Totem-Pole Outputs    Tour_USA - Info on each state of the USA      Snake Venom Poisoning and Toad Toxins        FAQ on Toys    Tracer v1.1 for Win95 - Util to extraction of plotted data
		stored in bitmap files    Track v2.2 - Logical game for Win32    Virtual Trainset Program     TRAKSAT v4.08 - Track and display satellites    TRANMONO - Transistor Monostable Multivibrator Design       TRANS - A history of transportation    FAQ on Human Organ Transplantations    Transistor Function Explanation      FAQ on Travel    FAQ on Travelite    TrayCalc v1.10 - A small pop-up calculator for Win95/NT    Treasure Island v1.0 - Freeware Electronic Book in .HLP format        Typing Reflex v2.10 - 10 fingers touch-typing learning tool      TRIG v5.1 - Trigonometry program     Right Triangle Trig Calculator v1.0      Trig Fundamentals Program v1.1    TRNASTBL - Transistor Astable Multivibrator Design    TRNPHSFT - Transistor Phase Shift Oscillator Design    TRNSELCT - Popular Transistor Data    TRNZNREG - Transistor Zener Voltage Regulator Design       Unit Conversion database for MS Access 97    UA90SV TrueTTY v2.33 for Win9x/NT - Program to decode and
		transmit RTTY (radioteletype) via soundcard    Telescope Simulator - 24 v3.2 for Windows    Number base converter by Timo Salmi      Transistor Substitution Database v2.01    Matrix calculator by Timo Salmi     The Story of Evolution by McCabe - The History of Universe and
		Mankind    Multiplication Facts v1.0 for Windows - Times tables practice      The Threlkeld Children's Book Library vol.1 - An interactive
		collection of 12 PictureBookettes    Tapping Test - Test for diagnostics of overfatigue    TTL-Simulator v1.1 for Win32 - TTL Digital Circuits Analyzer    A Short Tutorial on TTL Chip Types     Sinking of the Titanic et al. by Logan Marshall     This-to_That v1.0 - Physical unites conversion util     The True Story of Christopher Columbus by Elbridge S.Brooks    Tek Unit Converter v3.11      Tune'm - Simple guitar tuner for Win32    Tune!It v2.10 - Musical Instruments Tuner      List of Czech and Slovak TV Transmitters     FAQ on TV/Video Standards (PAL,NTSC) - in German      TVRO Assistant v1.4 - Dish antennas designer      TableWiz v2.0 - Multiplication tables learning utility
twtee.exe       TW Tee v1.3 - German Tea Timer    Typemate v5.20 - Touch Typing Course    Type N'Morse v0.1 - Morse coder for Win32       Time Zone - World Clock          FAQ on U2    U.S.Intelligence Flights over the Soviet Union - The U-2
		Incident (1960)     Ultimate Calculator v3.2     UCALC v4.0 (Win95) - Multifunctional calculator application        Check List for Buying A Used Car v1.0    Unit Conversions 2000 v2.4 - Convert units of measure
udagent.exe     UD Agent Client v1.1 for Win98/Me/NT/2000 - Client for United
		Devices Cancer Research Project        Illustrated UFO Encyclopedia v1.0    The UFO Guide by Nick Humphries    UFO History - Guide    FAQ on UFOs and Aliens     UFO's Tutorial       Universal Heart Rate Calculator for DOS v1.0      FAQ on Moving from the US to the UK :-)    Ultra Tic Tac Toe - Tiny Tic Tac Toe Game for Win32    Universal Mechanism Junior v1.1 for Win95 - Plane mechanisms
ums12.exe       UMS v1.2 - Universal Math Solver for Win32       Unios v1.8 - Convert existing and custom units for Win95/NT    The Constitution of the United States    Ultimate U.S. Geography v1.10     If You Want To Learn U.S. Geography v5.0 for Windows     US Presidents' Inaugural Speeches
utmcalc.exe     UTM Calculator v1.81 - Tool for conversion between geographic
		coordinates (lat/lon) and UTM coordinates      UTMCON - Util for UTM coordinates to latitude and longitude
		and vice versa    UNITSTAR v1.11 - Unit converter for Windows     VEC2TLE v9648 - Computes AMSAT Keplerian or Space Command/NASA
		Two-Line Orbital Elements      Vacuum Newsletter - Vacuum Technology Basics       Valentine Hunt v2.0 - Customs database for Win95    VALGETAL for DOS/Windows - Challenge and educational game     List of Vampyre Songs    FAQ on Vangelis    Vangelis filmography/videography    Vatican II Decree on Ecumenism and other documents from
		2nd Vatican Council    Visual Basic for Kids - VB Tutorial    An Introduction to Visual Basic Programming (in HTML format)    Virtual Calc v2.0 Beta B - Calculator for Win95    Vector v1.1 - Trigonometry/Vectors Tutorial for Windows    Vector v2.5 - Trigonometry/Vectors Tutorial for Win32     Various texts on vegetarianism    Vegetarian Cookbook in WinHLP format    FAQ on Vegetarianism    World Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants, Shops,...     The vegan diet during pregnancy and lactation     Vegetarian nutrition for teenagers     Venom Crystals v1.4 - A compilation of powerful philosophic
		writings     FAQ on Nintendo GameBoy      (ASP) Virtual Hymnal v2.01 - A Christian Hymnal Maker for Win32    FAQ on SelectaVision Video Disc    FAQ on Video Games     FAQ on Vietnam War    The Tonkin Gulf Incident and other dox on Vietnam War    Vinny Graphics (32-bit) v2.00 - Win9x graphing and data
		analysis program    Visual Model Builder for Windows v1.7 - Models creator    The Vitamins - A Quick Reference Guide    ViziMag v2.0 - Tool for modelling 2D magnetic structures    List of Czech and Slovak FM Transmitters          ViewMol 3D v3.78 - Molecules renderer for Win32     (ASP) Versamap v2.07 - Map drawing program for Windows    Differential Equations FAQ (in Russian)    Function of Complex Variable FAQ (in Russian)       Engi_VOC v1.2 - Personal Vocabulary Teaching Program for Win    (ASP) Vocabulary Power v4.10 - Word Puzzles Generator    VOCATUDE v2.0 for Win9x/Me/XP - Study foreign language
		vocabulary    Vocatude Standard Edition v1.0 - Foreign languages trainer     Vocitrainer v1.6.2 - Program to learn vocabulary and foreign
		languages    Voicings - Virtual guitar for working with chords    Volts and Amps and Coulombs and Watts ...    Tutorial on Voltage Dividers and the Potentiometer    FAQ on Kurt Vonnegut      VOWELS - Word game for children    Variable Precision Calculator v2.4 (integer, floating and
		scientific)    VSTAT v2.01 - Data analysis software for Win32      Virtual Hair Styler v1.2 - Win95/NT hair styling tool          FAQ on VW Company
vwc20.exe       Victoria Woman Calendar v2.0 for Win2000/Me/XP
vwc20_98.exe    Victoria Woman Calendar v2.0 for Win98    List of Slovak TV and FM Transmitters (in HTML format)    Walt Disney's Last Will & Testament    FAQ on Warner-Bros Animation      (ASP) Water and Steam Properties v2.0     WATTS v2.1 - Stereo Wattage Calculator    Waves v1.0 - 2D Waves Simulator    Waxman v1.6w - Timy chess program    WinBase - Compression columns and anchor bolts analyzer    Calculator for Windows v2.00 beta      WinCurveFit v1.16 - Least squares curve fitting program    WinChess v2.53f - Chess for Windows     World Clock v2.31 - World Clock for Windows      World Clock v1.0.8 for Windows         WORDSEARCH v7.0 - Wordsearch puzzle generator     WordWeb v1.61 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Thesaurus/dictionary     Weather Tracker - Interface to Internet weather server
		for Win95/98/NT    Weather Tracking Program v1.0    FAQ on Wedding Planning     Wedding Song List     FAQ on Wedding    Weight Wizard v1.0 - BMI calculator    Welds - Minimum weld size calculator       Info on meteo satellites info receiving    WinFrame - 3 member rigid frames analyzer    WinGraph Legendary - Professional Program to Draw Mathematical
		and Physical Functions    WinGlobe v1.2 - Geographic Tutorial     WHATAN1 - Animal guessing game for children      The Declaration of Independance of the USA    Whistle v1.9c - Play a tune on your PC via speaker     Mike Simpson's Tin Whistle Guide in HTML form    Why Do You Smoke? - Short test    FAQ on Wild Birds    Wildfire v2.0 - Disease spread simulator     WinAnts v1.0d - An artificial life program    WinAstronomica v1.5 - Sky map generator     Win Barometer - Weather network client for Win9x/NT     Chenard for Windows v1.039 - Chess program        FAQ on Wine     WinEval - Math expressions evaluator for Win32    WinGuess - Guess a number game for Win32    Color Linez v1.21 - Small logic game for Win95/98/NT    WinOrbit v3.5 - Satellite Tracker for Windows      WinRLC for Win95/NT - Tool for electronic calculations    WITZE v4.20 - Program that displays joke of the day (in German)      WIZZARD v1.0 - 24bit colour book for kids    The Wizard of Oz v1.0 - Freeware electronic book in HLP format    FAQ on Wizard of Oz     Coil Wizards - Coil parameters calculator     Wordlearn v2.3 for Win95/NT - Foreign language vocabulary
		learning helper    WorldClock v4.0 - World clock for Windows    WorldWatch v3.1 - Check the time worldwide      WMAKE5 v1.0 - 5-in-row game for Windows    Chemistry Calculator for Windows v3.3     Woman v2.3 - All it is unwise to know about women    FAQ on Woody Allen    FAQ on Woodworking     WORLD - Geography tutorial     1995 CIA World Factbook in TXT format     1997 CIA World Factbook in TXT format     1998 CIA World Factbook in HTML format    Interactive Interface to CIA World Factbook    IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) World Records    (ASP) On This Day for Windows v2.24 - Historical Database    WinPlate - Loads and deflections of circular plate analyzer    WorldClock - World Time Zone, PC Time Sync and Alarm    World Time v6.4 - Globe Clock    Windows Sun Clock - Shows which part of the world has sun on it       Weather Tracker v1.1.2 for Win95/98/NT - Find out the weather
		around the world!    Weather Tracker for Windows    WinThread - Program that provides thread form data for common
		machine bolts
ww39.exe        Weather Watcher v3.9 - Retrieve local weather information from
		the Internet     Who Was Who: 5000 B.C. to Date by Irwin L.Gordon    WXtrack v2.2.8 - Satellite and ground picture prediction     FAQ on X-Files TV Series    Another FAQ on X-Files         XCorder - Freeware voice activate recorder for radio amateurs    XCALC v2.05 - Windows Calculator    XCALC 32-bit v2.11 - Win32 Calculator        "Merry Christmas ans Happy New Year" in various languages      Christmas Morning Gifts - Customs database for Win95    (ASP) A Christmas Carol v1.0 - Freeware electronic book in
		Windows 95/98/NT help format        XO v1.1 - Simple board game for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000      (ASP) Christmas Songbox v2.00 - A Christmas Carol Songbook
		Maker for Win32    Simple Info About Bipolar Junction Transistors and How
		to Use Them!         FAQ on XTC     Yagimax v2.21 - Yagi antenna design program       Yalta Conference and other World War II related documents       Your Home Business - Free E-book about home Internet business    YPanic2K v1.0.0 - Gives a little information about Y2K
		problems in a humorous way    2 Zane Grey westerns and reader software       Ztime v1.0 - 24-hour UTC Clock      ZoneView v2.11a - 24-city time zone display tool for Win32

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