Slovak Antivirus Center - directory COMM    Terminator 2 v2.04e - part 1    Terminator 2 v2.04e - part 2    Terminator 2 v2.04e - part 3    Terminator 2 v2.04e - part 4    Terminator 2 v2.04e - 286 executables    10-Strike Log Analyzer v1.2 - Log files (NCSA format) analyzer
32besx.exe      (ASP) 32bit E-mail Broadcaster v9.68 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000
32bisx.exe      (ASP) 32bit Internet Fax v9.68 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000
32bssx.exe      (ASP) 32bit Service Monitor v9.68 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000
32bwsx.exe      (ASP) 32bit Web Browser v9.68 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000
32fax.exe       (ASP) 32bit Fax for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000 v9.68 - Fax software
32ftpsx.exe     (ASP) 32bit FTP v9.68 - FTP client for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000    (ASP) PrimaSoft Dialer (16-bit) v1.40    AutoFTP Premium v2.6 - Advanced FTP client for Win9x/Me/NT/2K    (ASP) PrimaSoft Dialer (32-bit) v1.40    WFTPD v3.10 - 32-bit Winsock FTP Server      Terminate v5 - Communication software package     Internet Explorer v4.0 resolution setting utility         Advanced Attachments Processor v1.40 - Attachments Parser     AATools for Win98/NT/2000/XP v5.56 - Multithreaded Network
		Diagnostic Tool
acc.exe         Advanced Call Center v5.1.1 - Answering machine software for
absolute.exe    Absolute Telnet v2.00 - Telnet, SSH1 and SSH2 Client for Win32      AceComm v2.0 - Windows Communication Program    Apache Controller for Win32 - GUI Controller for
		the Apache Web Server running under Win95/98       Advanced ICQ Password Recovery v1.01 for Win32    AcqURL v7.1 - Powerful Bookmark Manager    Advanced Call Recorder v1.12 - Telephone conversation recording
		tool for Win98/Me/NT/2000    Active Marks v1.21 - Free Bookmark Utility for Win9x/NT/2K       AutoDial v1.50 - Win95 Dialer      AdBuster v0.11 - Unwanted advertising banners remover     Adbin v1.1 - Unsolicited adverts remover     Email Address Extractor v1.2 for DOS     AddSoft v1.0 - Automatic Shareware Submission Software     ADF v1.50 - Serial port FOSSIL driver    AdFree v2.1.1 - Banner eliminator    Amazing Dialer v1.70 - Internet dialer for Win9x/NT/2000    AdKiller v1.0 - Annoying Banner Remover for Windows         Advanced Direct Remailer v2.18 - Remailer with SMTP server,
		mailing list support etc.     Advanced Dialer v2.2 for Win95/NT    AutoDialer v1.4 - Telephone dialer for Win95    Advanced Mailbox Scanner v2.0    AdWiper v1.01 - Remove ads as you surf the web         Advanced Email Extractor v2.76 - Program to extract email
		addresses from web sites      Advanced Email Extractor Pro v2.71 - Program to extract email
		addresses from web sites         Advanced Email Locator v1.61 - E-mail address list processor         Advanced Email Parser v1.23 - Email messages processor         Advanced Email Verifier for Win95/98/NT v4.20 - Check validity
		of e-mail address         Alexf's Dialer - Dialer for Win32    Address Finder v9.07 - MapQuest Service Client       Anonymous FTP Search v1.1 - Tool for finding anonymous FTP
aftp.exe        AbsoluteFTP v2.2.7 - FTP client for Win32         Advanced Folders Watch v1.0 - MS Outlook add-in to inform user
		about new messages    Agent v1.17 - Stand-alone automated FTP file upload/download
		application    HotMind Internet Portal v1.0 - Search Services Integrator       Advanced IE Password Recovery v1.20 for Win32    AI Net Grab v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Image series downloader    AIM Adjuster v1.5beta - Ads remover from AOL Instant Messanger     AOL Messanger Uninstaller       Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery 2.31 for ICQ,
		AOL IM, Odigo, Trillian etc.        A Keyhole Watcher v1.1 - Util to monitor network servers for
		Win95/NT         Advanced Log Analyzer v0.92b - Web activity analysis tool for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Advanced Link Catalog v1.06 - Bookmark catalogizer for Win32    ALLACS v1.1 - Util that puts access to all your dialup Internet
		accounts into one place     All Picturez v1.2 - Newsgroup picture browser
admun451.exe    Ad Muncher v4.51 - Eat up banners and other browser annoyances       Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery v1.6.5 for Win32 - Login
		and password restorer for Eudora, The Bat! and other clients      Internet EZ Search v3.0 - Internet search engines manager    AutoMailer v1.1 for Windows - E-mail attachments automatic
		sender         Advanced Maillist Manager v1.0         Advanced Mailbox Processor v2.0 - Mailing list creation tool         Advanced Mass Sender v4.3 - Tool for mass mailing         Advanced Maillist Verify v4.25 - Mailing lists and address
		books verifying to determine which e-mail address is dead    About My Cache v1.21 for Windows - Cache viewer for Netscape
		and MSIE    Analog v2.11 - WWW logfile analyser for DOS    Analog v2.11 - WWW logfile analyser for Win95     ANASIL v2.2 - Software Network Analyzer for Win32         Active Network Monitor v1.21 - A tool for monitoring of
		computers in the network       AnnounceIt! rel.2 - Shareware submission helper         Alchemy Network Tools - Netwok Analysis and Diagnostic Utils    AntiFirewall v1.1 - Firewall restrictions overcoming tool
antiporn.exe    AntiPorn - Adult sites filtering tool    AntiSPAM - Util to delete all messages from POP 3 server
		received from specified addresses    ANTS Mail List Assistant v1.0.9    AnySpeed v1.4 for Win95/NT - Util to define the date transfer
		speed in a network
anzl113.exe     Anzio Lite v11.3 - Windows Telnet Client Terminal emulation
		for WINSOCK environment
anzz32r.exe     Anzio Lite v12.5 - Telnet Client for Win32       Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery v1.20 for Win32       Advanced Outlook Password Recovery v1.32    AOL Time v6.0 - Total Connect Time for use with AOL* for
		Win95/98/Me         AON - Util that shows pop up window with caller ID info when
		call is received    APicviewer v5.0 - Automatically search Usenet Newsgroups and
		download/display pictures, videos and sounds      APM - Affiliate/viral marketing management software    Active Ports v1.4 - Util to monitor communication ports of
		the local computer      APROXY v1.01 - Anonymous Proxy Server for Win32    Active Phone Server - Advanced phone book / answering machine
		for Win95/98
archn170.exe    Arachne v1.70 - WWW browser for DOS      ARF v3.22 - Util which queries web databases and downloads
		pages to the disk drive     ArjunaSeven v1.50 - E-mail notificator for Win95/98/NT         Autoroute SMTP v1.1 - Automatic SMTP servers switching tool
as6001.exe      AllegroSurf v6.0.0.1 - Web accelerator, content filter and
		proxy server for Windows by makers of FTPVoyager/Serv-U tools         Aid Submission Genius v1.4 - Software submission tool for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000    AskModem v2.0 - DOS command line modem comms        AS Keywords Generator - Tool for creating keywords metatag
		by contents yours html page       (ASP) Active Server Watcher v1.0 - Internet Resources Activity
		Checker       Absolute Telnet v1.79 - 32-bit Terminal Emulator for Windows      Atisz URL Book v1.1.1 - Internet addresses manager for
		Win95/98/NT/2000 (in Hungarian)    AutoMail v1.5 - Send files from Windows Explorer with one click    Vypress Auvis v1.51 - One-way message network client      Available Domains Standard Ed. v2.01 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 -
		Finds domain names for your website      Available Domains Professional Ed. v3.51 for Win9x-2000 -
		Finds domain names for your website        Answwwer v2.1 - Internet Visual Search Robot for Win32         AWS Toolbar v1.1 - Searching engines additional toolbar for
		web browsers    AWSPS v4.61 - Security port scanner        Abacre Web Site Uploader v1.0 - Tool for automatic web site
		updating    AYMail v1.7 - Application for sending e-mail to many recipients     AYSpy v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Program that puts smart queries
		on Internet users and domains
banzap40.exe    Banner Zapper v4.0 - Unwanted banners remover for IE users     Czech Help File for The Bat! Mail Client
bayesit.rar     BayesIt 04fm - Anti-Spam Plugin Module for TheBat! v2.0
bz15.exe        Browse And Zip for Win95/NT v1.x - ZIP plugin for Netscape/IE     Binary Boy v1.10 - Usenet Binaries Downloader      (ASP) BBS Access v2.29 by MicroFox Company      BananaCom v4.0 - Simple Communication Program     BeFaster v3.4 for Win95/98/NT/2000/Me - Internet speed up util      AriTech Benalu v1.10 - HTTP Experiment Program    BGFAX v1.70 - FAX program for DOS, OS/2 and WIN32       BGS v3.1 - Automatic picture downloader    BIZ Info Finder v2.0 - Intelligent Web business info finder     Becky! Internet Mail v1.26 - Win32 Internet E-mail Client    Bookmark Magic v2.32 - Internet bookmark conversion utility    Eric's Bookmark Integrator v2.0 - Converter of MSIE and
		Netscape bookmarks by drag&drop     Blat v2.2.2 - WinNT util to send SMTP mail from command line    BlackWidow v4.40 - Off-line browser and site mapping tool       BWMeter v2.0.1 - Bandwidth meter and traffic monitor    Bookmark Converter v3.1 - Netscape / MSIE bookmark converter
bmm311.exe      Bookmark Mate v3.11 - Bookmark organizer for Win95/98/NT/2000    Bookmark Wizard v1.6.0 - Convert favorites to HTML    Banner Plus - Util to setup banner/link exchange      Binary News Reader v1.44 for Win9x/NT    Bookmarks Plus v1.0 - Bookmark Manager     Bote v1.5 - Chat application for Windows
bpftp245.exe    Bullet Proof FTP v2.45 - FTP client for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    Bill's Simplified Promotions v1.2 for Win95/98 - Web
		software promotion tool      Bill Reid's Shortcut v1.0 - MSIE URL Shortcut Creator       Bounce Spam Mail v1.8 - Anti SPAM Utility    Buleleng v1.30a - POP3 Mailbox Cleaner for Win95/98/NT       (ASP) Buzof v1.7 - Annoying windows remover for Win9x/NT/2000      Broadband Wizard v3.02 for Win95/98/Me/2000 - Internet
		connection optimizer
bwebcon.exe     Bersoft WebConnection v1.07 - Web based e-mail and virtual
		disk services manager
bwolf200.exe    BookMarx v2.00 - Netscape Bookmark File Links Verifier       Banner Zapper v2.10 - Unwanted windows remover for Win32       Blue Zone FTP - Windows 32-bit GUI FTP client    CARRIER - Modem Carrier Detector    CamCollect v2.2 - Web cameras viewer for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      Cam Commander v1.05 - Win32 tool for taking pictures from
		web camera and uploading them to web site    Camouflage v1.2.1 - Tool to hide attachment in e-mail messages      CamSurveillance v1.0 - Tool for monitoring IP network cameras     Career Info Finder v2.0 - Intelligent Web job info finder      Columbine Bookmark Merge v3.3 - Bookmark manipulator for
		various web browsers    Complete Cleanup v4.69 - IE/Netscape cookies, cache, temp
		files and history cleaner    Communicator Clear v1.3 - Netscape Communicator's history,
		cache and cookie files deletor    CCLINK v1.6a - Communication ports monitor      CCTerm v1.20 - Terminal program for Win95/98    CommCenter v1.0 - Telephone dialer    Ccy Cookies Remover v2.0.3 for Win32    Ccy OTimer v2.2.1 - Online Timer    Cerberus FTP Server v1.7.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     CFOS/OS2 v3.82 - DSL & ISDN driver for internet access and
		modem software for OS/2     CFOS/Win9x/Me v5.24 - DSL & ISDN driver for internet access
		and modem software for Win9x/Me     CFOS/NT/2000/XP v5.24 - DSL & ISDN Driver for internet access
		and modem software for WinNT/2000/XP     CFOS/DOS v3.82 - DSL & ISDN driver for internet access and
		modem software for DOS     CFOS/Win v3.82 - ISDN driver for internet access and modem
		software for Win3.x     Joe's CGI Editor    CGI Executor for Win95/NT v1.02    CGI Mailer for Win95/NT v3.03 - CGI program which will
		receive input from web form and send mail      CGI Zip Explorer for Win95/NT - CGI application to view
		the contents of zip archives via WEB browser     CHANAME v1.0 - Computer name changer      The Check Connected OCX - Visual Basic 5 OCX to check if you
		are connected to the internet     CheckMail32 v2.20 - POP3 mailbox checker    CHECKWEB v1.1 - HTML Links Analyser    CiDial v2.0 - Automatic DUN connection dialer    Caller ID Page v1.00 - Caller ID Monitor      CIP 5.00 SR7 - Browser accelerator for Win9x/NT/2000
class104.exe    Classify98 v1.04 - Submission of classified ads to
		classified ad sites on the internet     Clean v2.6.01 - Cookies, temp and Internet files cleaner for
		Win32    Cleannet - BAT file to delete temporary files of Netscape    ClearCache v1.1 - Command line tool to delete temporary
		internet files and cookies       CheckMail v2.0.0 - POP3 email checking tool for Win32
cm576f.exe      Connection Meter v5.7.6 - Program for calculation Internet
		connection costs (developed for Czech and Slovak users)     Custom Menu v5.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - MSIE Enhancer     Custom Menu v5.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Netscape Enhancer    Convert & Open v1.0 - URL links correction tool    ComCap v2.6 - Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility for
		Win9x/Me/NT/2000     COMMO v7.7 - Communication Program     COMMPAR - Commucate through the parallel ports    CommView v4.1 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Network activity monitor    CommView v4.2 for WiFi Networks - Network Analyzer    COMPASS v2.83 - Bookmarking system for Netscape/MSIE/Opera     ComRing v1.13 - Packet Driver for Serial Port    Comspeed v2.11 for Windows - Shows performance of modem    ComSpy3x reports activities on your modem (16-bit version)    ComSpy95 reports activities on your modem (32-bit version)     ComView v2.3 - Serial Communications Test Utility     Conex v7.5 - Terminal program      Connection hangup - Util for hang-up process control    Convert v1.1 - German program for Conversion of Netscape
		Bookmarks to MS Favourites    Conversion Track v1.2 - Tool for analysis of web server log     Cookie Control - Cookies hider for Internet Explorer    Cookie Crusher v2.6 - Internet Cookie Manager for Win9x     Cookie Muncher - Util that allows cookies to be saved to disk    Copernic Agent Basic v6.11 for Win95/98/NT - Query multiple
		search engines simultaneously       On-line Time Calculator         Contacts Verifier v1.0 for Outlook 2000/XP       Connect Pro v1.08 - Win95 application that can dial a group
		of POPs and finding the first available connection     Cookie Pal v1.7a - Internet cookie manager for Win95/98/NT4
cpurl221.exe    CopyURL v2.2.1 for Win95/98/NT - Util that copies info from
		Internet shortcut files to clipboard
crt.exe         CRT v4.1.8 - Telnet/rlogin client for Win95-XP     Client/Server Communication Library for C++ v1.2    CT Cookie Spy v3.0 - Win32 util for investigation of cookies
ctelw350.exe    CapiTel - An ISDN CAPI 2.0 based 32-bit Answering Machine
		and Caller-ID for Win95/98/NT     Customize IE v1.0 - IE Toolbar Editor    (ASP) CTS Serial Port Utils v5.0     Curl v7.11 - Command line tool for transfering data specified
		with URL syntax
custo20t.exe    Custo v2.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Util for retrieving info
		about the structure of a web site
ctftppro.exe    CuteFTP Pro v1.0 for Win9x/NT - FTP application
cute2016.exe    CuteFTP v2.0 for Win3.1+ - FTP application
cute5032.exe    CuteFTP v5.0 for Win9x-XP - FTP application       Cutip - Cuts your IP address to the clipboard    CacheView v2.3.8 - Netscape Navigator Cache Viewer      CWEB v1.0 - MSIE toolbar buttons skinner     CacheX for Internet Explorer v4.50 - Offline access to cached
		pages for Win9x/NT     CacheX for Netscape v4.01 - Offline access to cached pages for
		Win9x/NT     CacheX for Opera v1.50 - OFfline access to cached pages for
		Win9x/NT     CyberKit v2.5 - Network Util for Win95/98/NT     CyberCom v1.60 - DOS comm. program
cybrcn11.exe    CyberClean v1.01 - Web browsers temp files cleaner     Cyclone - Communication program for DOS       Cover Your Tracks v3.6 - Netscape cache, cookies & history
		cleaner    D-URL v2.1 - URL manager for Win9x/Me/XP
d4me3001.exe    DNS4Me v3.0.0.1 - Dynamic DNS service by RhinoSoft        Download Accelerator v3.5 for Win9x/NT
dap72.exe       Download Accelerator Plus v7.2 for Win95-XP      Dawn v5.2 - Various mailer client address book converter
		(supported are e.g. Netscape, Mozilla, Outlook, Pegasus etc.)    Dbx2mail v1.0 - Tool for extracting e-mail addresses from
		Outlook	Express folder or dbx file    Temporary internet files remover for MSIE 4/5    Deleting Cookies v1.0 - Cookies Eliminator    Roadkil's Detector v1.11 - Detects unauthorised network access
		on specified ports    Roadkil's DHCP Find v1.11 - Finds the DHCP Servers on network     DialerP v3.7 - Internet dialer for Win32    DialPad v2.2 - Phone dialer for Win 3.1    DIALER PRO v1.5 - Phone dialer for Win3/Win95     Dial Engine Pro v3.0 - Enhanced Dial-up Util for Win32         DIG v1.0 - Looks up DNS information about an IP or Host name      DigiTerm v1.5 for Windows'95 - Terminal Program      dIRC v1.4 - IRC client for Win32    DL-Calc v1.1 - Download time calculator for Win32     Download Mage v1.85c - Download Manager for Win32    Download Minder v1.03 for MSIE - Download monitor    Download Minder v1.03 for Netscape - Download monitor    Download Time Calculator v1.1      DownLoad Tracker v3.1 for MSDOS       DialMan v1.20 - Win95/NT Internet Connection Monitor       Domain Name Analyzer v2.0 - Generate and check the availability
		of domain names     DunSpeed v2.0 - TCP/IP connection setting adjuster for Win32       DNTools v2.0 - Collection of tools used with Win95/98
		Dial-up Networking    Domain Check v1.2 - Domain name availability checker    Domain Inspect v1.0 - Domain name checker    DosFax v1.04 - FAX software for DOS      Download - An Internet Web Page Downloading Program     Download Druid v2.1 - Mass downloading add-on for Internet
		Explorer    DSL Web Hosting v2.00 - Dynamic DNS Client     DSL Speed v2.03 - Tool for optimization of DSL connection speed    DSZ - Z-modem Software    DUAX Pro - Dial Up Alarm Extension for Win9x
dumeter3.exe    DU Meter v3.05 - Internet Connection Efficiency Meter     DUN Know v1.01 - Tiny DUN connection visualisation tool    DUN Manager v3.0 - Win95/98/NT Application to Enhance Dial Up
		Networking and Remote Access Services    Dial-up Networking Connection Sharer - DUN profile replicator     Duration v1.12 - File transmittion time calculator
dwnaccel.exe    Download Accelerator Plus v3.9.0.8 beta - Download acceleration
		software     DynSite for Windows v1.11 - Automatic IP updater on one or many
		dynamic DNS services         Email Address Finder for Win32 v1.7    EasySearch for Win95/98/NT - Internet searching engines shell    EasyJump v1.4 - Auto-Complete function for IE4     EasyMTU v3.0 - Win95/98/NT TCP/IP settings optimizer    EasyTerm v4.1 - Terminal Emulator for Win95/NT    E-Clean v2.0 - Get rid of unsightly chars in forwarded email    ECOfax v2.10 - DOS fax program for users of speech
		synthesisers and Braille displays       Email Extractor v1.00 - Tool for extraction of e-mail addresses
		from any file        EF MAilbox Manager v1.71 for Win95-XP    (ASP) Easy LAN Chat v1.0 for Win95/98 - Chat utility      Email Watcher v1.1 - E-mail notification util for Win32     Email Effects v1.6 - Win95/98/NT program to send pics and
		tables with plain text via E-mail      EMailing List Pro v3.0 - Program for creating and managing
		list of contacts and sending E-mail message to all addresses      Email Security v2.4 - Private SMTP server for Windows       EMX v1.0 - Extracts E-mail addresses from text files
		and web pages    Enigma v3.6 - Fast free Internet browser for Win9x    EyeOnSite v1.5.0 - Win9x/NT/2000 tool for checking if
		selected servers live       ePrompter v1.02 - E-mail Notification Utility for Win32    E-mail Remover v2.4 - 32-bit wizard for unwanted mails deleting     E-Res-Q v1.3 - E-mail Rescue Tool     Essential Tools v3.1 for Win32    eSTOP! v3.30 - Tool to be able to cutoff established network
		connection between two computers      ETRN v1.0 - Util that send ETRN instruction to a mail server to
		dequeuing any mail waiting
eudor612.exe    Eudora v6.1.2 - E-mail client for Win32    Eudora Mail Summarizer v9.11
europ400.exe    EuroPromote v4.0beta - Allow users to add their own submission
		scripts to the database of sites that are avail. for submission
evrox.exe       Evrox v2.0 - Internet connection speed-up tool     Eweb Cache v1.80 - Web cache browsing tool for Win32
ewolf100.exe    E-mail Wolf v1.00 - E-mail address searching utility     ExAlert v1.0 for Windows Messenger - New message notifier
express.exe     Express Professional ver.107 - Czech internet connection
		tarification tool for Win32         Alchemy Eye v6.x - Server (TCP/IP,ICMP,Oracle) Monitoring Util      Alchemy Eye v6.x PRO - Server (TCP/IP,ICMP,Oracle) Monitoring
		Util       Alchemy Eye v2.7 - Server (TCP/IP,ICMP,Oracle) Monitoring Util
		(version dedicated for Slovak market)     eZcom v3.0 - Windows communication program      EZDialler v1.01 - DUN Connections Selector    EasyFetcher v1.5 for Win95/NT - File retrieving utility
		from Internet    EzMath v1.1 - Mathematical language plugin for Internet
		Explorer and Netscape Navigator
f_x86t32.exe    WS_FTP Pro v8.02 - FTP software for Win95-XP      Free Altavista Free v1.41 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Altavista Free
		Access Banner Killer    (ASP) FancyFax v1.1 - Fancy fax cover sheets printing util     FAQ-Base v2.0 - View and/or download computer and Internet-
		related FAQ's      FastAV v1.0 for Win9x/NT/2000/Me - IE add-on to search internet
		and translate English texts to other languages      FastIP v1.0 - Current IP address finder for Win32
fmfax.exe       (ASP) Fax Mail for Win3.1/9x/NT v9.68
fmnfax.exe      (ASP) Fax Mail Network for Win3.1/9x/NT v9.68
faxasx.exe      (ASP) FaxAmatic v9.68 - Complete faxing tool for Win32    FAXHAVEN v6.0 for DOS - FAX utility     FaxIt v1.0 - Faxes ASCII and WP5.1 files    FaxMill v2.0 - Fax/document management system    Fax Machine as Scanner v2.00 by authors of FaxMail for Win        Fast Browser Pro - Web Browser for Win98/Me/2000/XP    Form Browser v1.7 - Tool for filling out online forms        Forever Connected v2.3 - Intelligent interface for MS Internet
		Dial Up Networking
fd343.exe       Flexiblesoft Dialer v3.43 - Dial-up Centrum for Win9x/Me/NT/2K     Felix v2.5 - Communication program (in German)
fgf165.exe      FlashGet v1.65 - Fast download manager for Win9x/Me/NT/2000    FileHound v1.2a - File downloading add-on for web browsers
ffxp30.exe      FlashFXP v3.0 - FTP/FXP Client for Win32    FlashCapture v1.5 - MSI add-on to manipulate with Flash files     FlexWizard v1.2 - Site management via e-mail    Full Screen for Netscape v1.61 - Button for full screen mode
fm50en.exe      FoxMail v5.0 - English version of Chinese E-mail client      Net Monitor v2.60 - Free Internet Connection Monitoring Tool    DOS phone dialer & logger v2.13    Windows phone dialer & logger v3.52    FoxNet v1.0c - Fox Pro CGI Connector     FreeFSP - FSP Client for Windows    FreeProxy v1.0 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Free proxy for LAN    Friends v0.94a - Address book and phone dialer by P.Warezak     FramePad v1.0 - Network protocol analyzer for Win98-XP         File Send Automatically v1.0 - Add0in for MS Outlook     FServ v3.03 - Win95/98/NT Finger Service      FlashSendMail v1.21 - Sender of E-mails to list of addresses    FTP List Converter v3.8 - Converts lists of FTP sites to
		WS-FTP format    FTP2MAIL - Util for sending files from web pages via E-mail     Ftp4w v2.70 - Windows FTP Client in DLL form    A batch file for Win95/98 to transfer files via FTP    FTP Cafe v1.30 - Web site updater     FTP Commander v5.40 - Win9x FTP client      FTP Dup v0.01 - Control of transfer files between two FTP
		servers directly     FTP Find It! v1.1 - File finder at selected FTP server    FTP Navigator v4.31 - FTP client for Win95/98/NT
fv11200.exe     FTP Voyager v11.2.0.0 - FTP client program for Win32    Roadkil's FTP Probe v1.46 - Searches of FTP Servers and lists
		their contents in HTML format        FTP Explorer v1.00.010 for Windows 95/NT - FTP application    Comm Port File Transfer Util v1.0 for Win32       FtpVC v2.1 - FTP Version Control Software      Freeway FTP v2.0 for Win95 - FTP client/server
fwolf301.exe    FtpWolf v3.01 - FTP file searching utility for Win95    (ASP) FAXFILE v3.1 - DOS FAX-Modem Program    G6 FTP Server 2.0 beta 7 - Advanced FTP server for Win9x/NT    Gary-Zmodem v1.20 - Download Limit Buster     GBMailer for Win95/NT v1.12 - Mail application    GeoNav - Win95 Geocities Web Server Browser         G-Lock Email Processor v1.75 for Win32    GetIP v1.00 for Win95/98/NT - Copies IP address of your PC
		to the clipboard    GetIt v1.03 - HTTP & FTP Download Agent for Win9x/NT/2000     Getmail v1.15a - WinNT util to get POP 3 Mail via command line
getr52b4.exe    GetRight v5.2 beta-4 for Win95-XP - Download manager
getrt510.exe    GetRight v5.1 for Win95-XP - Powerful download manager    GetRight v5.1 - Slovak localization by Julius Kubasak    GetRight - Slovak spoken WAV files        GoogImager v2.0 - Images finder using Google search engine
gkn2_6.exe      Gotta Know Now v2.6 - Tool for notify selected web pages
		changes        Gilimanux v1.50 - The port scanner software        Ghost Mail v5.1 - Mailing utility    GoBeez v1.1 - New Web Sites Discoverer for Win32
gozilla.exe     Go!Zilla Free v4.11 - Download manager for Win32     GPAGE v1.8 - "Local Home Page" generator with favorite web
		links    GrabPix v1.2 - Picture Downloader and browser     GetRight Download Status Screen Saver v1.20    GRX Utils - Program to generate .grx compatible files    GRX File Maker for GetRight    GRX Maker - Util to make import files for GetRight program     GRX Port v1.0 - GRX files (scripts for GetRight) generator     GSZ - Z-modem Software         GUL - Freeware bookmark organizer for MSIE, Netcape & Opera    Guramail v1.01 - MDaemon server remote configuration via e-mail       GVoice v1.00 - Voice/Data Discriminator and Digital
		Answering Machine under DOS    HangUp - Util that hang up the first active DUN connection
		it finds     HTML Converter v1.00 beta 5 for Win9x/NT - Util for converting
		internet cache and HTML pages for off-line browsing    HyperCopy v2.1g for WinNT/95 - Command-line Download Util    HyperCopy GUI Modules v1.0a for Win95/NT - GUI for HyperCopy        HiDownload v5.5 - HTTP, FTP and MMS protocol download manager      HiDialer 2000 v2.5 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Util for connection
		with different ISPs    WinHexCom v3.11 - 32-bit Windows Protocol Analyzer with ASCII
		and HEX display feature     HostHunter for Win95 v1.03 - Internet Search Program    HostInfo v1.01 - Host info gathering util for Win32
hlv400.exe      HTML Link Validator v4.00 - Checks selected HTML files and
		looks for broken links         Hide My Favorites v2.1 - IE Favorites Hiding Tool for Win32
hotpop30.exe    Hotmail Popper v3.0 - Tool for downloading messages from
		Hotmail server through POP3     HQ FAX v7.0 - FAX program for DOS    TerHost v5.1 Custom ANSI Menu's for Terminate         High Speed Verifier v1.2 - E-mail validity verifier     HSWeb v2.0 - Free Web Server for Win95/98/NT    HTGET v1.02 - Get document from a HTTP server    HTML Conveter v1.3 - Convert Internet caches for later offline
		reading     HTML Importer v1.22 - Add-on for Net Vampire program     HTTP Port - TCP/IP through HTTP tunneling client      HTTP Proxy-Spy - HTTP Proxy Server Switching Util for Win9x/NT
httrk330.exe    HTTrack III - Web Site Mirror Utility (Offline Browser)    RunPager HU v1.01 - Hang Up Stuck Modem      Hynm v1.0 - New E-mail message checker for Win95/98/NT        Internet Access Manager v1.2 - SCheduler of internet connection       Internet Access Scheduler v1.1 for Win9x/ME - Remote Tool
		to Control Access to Internet      Invisible Chat v1.21 - Chatting Application for Win32      Internet Connection Keeper v1.0 for Win32         ICM v1.1.0 - Internet Connection Monitor       Incoming Call Monitor v1.1 for Win32
icq2003b.exe    ICQ Pro v2003b - Instant messaging application for Win32
icq4lite.exe    ICQ v4.1 Lite - Instant messaging application for Win32    ICQ Away Message Generator v1.0     ICQ/IP v1.1 - ICQ add-on for conversion of dynamic IP address
		to static one     Register UIN directly for registered ICQ user       ICQ Color Picker v0.9 - ICQ Look Changer     ICQ Password Revealer v2.1    ICQr Information v1.5 - ICQ .DAT files reader    Show IP v1.0 - Shows all IP addresses owned by your PC      iCU ver.2 - Program that reports who is on the LAN    Ivani DomPark v1.40 - Free domain reservation and parking util
ie4power.exe    MSIE v4.0 Power Toys by Microsoft    MSIE About: Customizer v1.01 - MSIE "About:" pages customizer     IEBoard v1.0 - Web monitor for Win95/98/NT     Ieclean - German program for removing IE-Cache/Cookies and
		history    IE Logos v1.0 - Internet Explorer Logo Changer    Toolbar Painter v1.0 - Internet Explorer/Outlook Express
		Toolbar Colorer    Internet Explorer Personalizer v1.02     IEscape v1.0 - Netscape Navigator bookmarks to IE favorites
		converter     Internet Explorer Security v2.0 - Util for disabling selected
		IE functions to prevent it's unwanted using by children etc.    Internet Explorer Security Pro v6.1 - Security utility for IE      Internet Explorer Setting Swapper v3.00 for Win95/98/NT      Instant Favorites v1.0 - Improved Favorites Functions for MSIE4       iGoak v1.60 - E-mail sender    Internet Gate for Win32 v1.46 - Multiple proxy gate & firewall       Internet Junkbuster Proxy v2.0.2 - Proxy server
in50.exe        Internet Neighborhood v5.0 - Util for Win32 that connect FTP
		server like disk drive      hexilesoft inBookmarks v1.00 - Bookmark manager for Win32
incrmail.exe    Incredible Mail - E-mail client for Win32    Internet Utilities for Win95/98/NT rel.1.03    Internet in a Macro v2.55 for Commo v7.0      InetCleaner v1.1 - Util for cleaning of tracks of web browser
		activity    Internet Plus Pro v1.10 - URL filter for internet browsers    InfoSeek v1.45 - Tool for Win95-XP for searching web pages/local
		files for customized information    Instant Update v1.1 for Win95 - Checks web for new versions
		of your software    INTERCOM v2.0 - Serial port and modem configuration utility
intpack.exe     International Language Pack for The Bat! mailer    Internet Cyclone v1.80 - Internet accelerator for Win 95-XP    Intranet Radio - Program to transfer sound signal over LAN    Internet Connection Viewer - Modem log file analyzer       IP Viewer v1.0.9 for Win32     IPalt v1.0.0.7 - IP address calculator     IPCheck - Internet-servers and -services monitor for outages      IP Finder v1.01 - Win95 IP address identifier    IPi Phone v0.5 - IP Telephone Software for Win32       IPLocator v1.42 - IP location detector     ipPulse v1.60 - Remote status monitor for Win95-XP    IPSORT v1.1 - IP address list sorter    IPView v2.0.1 - Util that shows your IP address in tray bar     IPWatcher98 v1.8 - A win95/98 util for displaying your IP    IPX-Chat v1.0 - Multi-user chat client for IPX networks    IPX Installation Check v1.0 - Freeware tool    IPX Copy - Copy files from 1 PC to another via LAN (IPX iface)    (ASP) CTS IRQ Info v3.02 - IRQ system snooper    IrqShow v1.5 - IRQ displayer      ISDN Monitor for Win95 v1.3 - Time consuming using RAS through
		ISDN memorizer    Image Stripper v2.0 - Tool for automatic download images
		from any website        Internet Sweeper v1.4.6 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP - Erase info
		about visited Internet sites
isped310.exe    iSpeed v3.1 - TCP/IP parameters tuner    (ASP) ISPTimer v2.52 - Util to monitor dial-up connection time     20 Best Internet Search Engines Manager    Internet Usage Monitor v7.7 for Win9x/NT/2000
iwolf104.exe    Image Wolf v1.04 - Picture & Movie Files Internet Searcher     IXBASER v1.03 - Internet xbase server    JB-Dialer v1.0 - Dialer for Win32    JCOM v1.74d - Terminal emulator for DOS     JOC Downloader v1.2 - Retrieve Internet files from http or
		ftp sites
jocec272.exe    Joc Email Checker v2.72 - Checks POP3 accounts against
		unwanted mails    JOC MP3 Finder v2.30 for Win32    JOC News Finder v2.00 - Usenet articles search tool    JOC Press Release v2.00 - Press Release Distribution System    JOC Shopping Finder v1.00 - Tool to search shopping items
		on the web    JOC Web Finder v3.00 - Web Search Tool for Win95/98/NT
jocwp230.exe    Joc Web Promote v2.30 - Program for announcing your web page
		in search engines for Win95/98/NT
jocws370.exe    Joc Web Spider v3.70 - Web Browsing Accelerator
jtf16.exe       Just The Fax v2.x for Win16
jtf32.exe       Just The Fax v2.x for Win32     JustEdit v1.0 - Web page editor for MSIE/Netscape     JustMail v1.0 - Mailing utility        K9 v1.28 - Free email filtering program       KDA v2.0 - ISP activity simulator to prevent disconnecting
		of the computer from Internet      GateKeeper v3.2 - Web page(s) access restriction util    Keep Me Posted - IP poster that runs as an NT service     KevTerm v2.01 for Win32 - Terminal Application      KillAd v0.11 - Util to get rid of ads
kmleon82.exe    K-Meleon v0.82 - Small and fast browser based on Mozilla engine    KoalaTerm v3.2 - Win32 application for VT/ANSI terminal
		emulation    KookieJar v5.97 - Signature Generator and Randomizer for E-mail
		and News Clients    KyLister - Webtool for mailing list management     LanInfo v0.2 - Program for reception of the messages on
		a network     LanTalk v1.3 - Local area network chat for Win95/98        Link Exchange Code Generator     LeechGet - Slovak localization file
leechget.exe    LeechGet 2004 v1.1 - Download manager for Win32
leechplg.exe    LeechGet 2004 - Plugin modules for Mozilla/Netscape/Opera      LeechFTP v1.3 - Freeware multi-threaded FTP client for Windows
limewire.exe    LimeWire Basic v2.7 - P2P Software for Win32      KYOSOFT LINK CHECKER PRO v3.2.x - Internet links checker    LinkCheck - Verify and update links in HTML file and bookmarks    Link Chaser v1.0 - Program that copies URL's from HTML files
		and make MSIE shortcuts     LinkFox 99 - Web Accelerator for Win95/98/NT    LinkSurvey v1.4 - Tool to check link popularity    Link Sweeper v1.2 - Bookmarks/favorites tester/cleaner      Linkman v6.8 - URL manager and webpage monitor for Win32      Linksextant v1.03 - Bookmarking application for Win9x/Me/NT/2K    Link Trade Verifier v1.0 - URL links verifying tool for Win32        Loggling for Win32 - Viewer for HTTP server log files     Active LogView v2.08 - Log analysis program for webmasters
loudpc.exe      LoudPC v3.0 - Win32 tool for remote access to PC from another
		PC, PDA or GSM phone    LogRight v1.0b - Log Analyser for GetRight    LS-LR Viewer v0.91 - Fast FTP lister
lvp16.exe       LANView v1.6 - LAN Administration Tool for Win32       LxCic v1.3 - Modem card enabler for HP Palmtops
lydia6.exe      LYDIA ver.6 - Personal E-mail Agent for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP    Lynx for Win95/98/NT v2.8.3 - Text mode internet browser     Mail Direct v2.1.2 - Win98/Me/NT/2000 util for direct sending
		of e-mail messages       Magic Mail Monitor - Mailing util for Win32        Mini mailing program for Win32 by Nagy Tamas    MailCat v1.02 - POP3 Mail Checker     MailOdy - Local POP3/SMTP Mail Server (Proxy) for home use      Advanced Emailer v1.4 - Mailing list manager for Win32    Mihov Mail Sender - E-mail sender to multiple recipients    IT House Mail Server for Win95/NT     Mail Snop v1.3.1.1 - Mail Checker/Filter for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     MAILSrc - Program to place long message to e-mail header for
		sending hidden messages      Mailto v1.6 - Mailing utility    (ASP) MAIL_MAN v1.0 - Phone/Email messaging system for Win      Internet Maniac v1.2a - Internet utils package     MantaDB v02.02 - Bookmark database     Antispam/MAX v1.0 - SPAM filter for Eudora mailer
mb30.exe        (ASP) Modem Booster v3.0 - Modem settings tuner for Win32     Massive Boardcast Fax v2.0 - Fax sending program for Win32
masdow27.exe    Mass Downloader v2.7 - Download manager for Win9x/NT/2000/XP         AD MailBox Manager v2.4 - Mailbox browser for Win32     Mikeys Cyber Tool Belt v1.00 - Collection of Internet/Network
		Tools     Modem Doctor for Win9x/NT/2000 v2.0 - Modem/serial port
		diagnostic tool      My Domain Search v1.0 - Util that add sarch capabilities to
		server      Mail Express 2002 v3.1 - Util for sending mails to users with
		no SMTP server    MemO-Net v1.31 - Internet addresses and other notes keeper     Move'Em Out v1.5 - Automatically uploads files to the server       Mail Express Pro v4.0 - Util for sending mails to users with
		no SMTP server    MERAK Mail Server v3.30 for Win9x/NT/2000    M&M Error Director v1.2 - Website log file analyzer and error
		notificator    METZ Dialer v3.12 for Windows
mf16.exe        Mighty FAX v2.x for Win16
mf32.exe        Mighty FAX v3.x for Win95-XP
mfnt.exe        Mighty FAX v3.x for WinXP/NT/2000    mIRC FAQ 52     Mail Flag v1.6 - Util to provide enhanced new-mail notification
		with MS Mail, Exchange and Outlook     m&g FTP Client for WINSOCK v1.1       MOST HOST v7.5a - Host Mode Macro for COMMO      Mark's Hardware v6.0 - Device drivers on the internet finder       MHT Quick Saver v2.4 - Tool for fast saving of web pages        mICQ - Multi ICQ and AIM maker v7.1 - Open multiple ICQ windows        M.I.E.T. v1.22 - Set of Internet tools    Mihov Link Checker v0.3 - Verification util of links on a list,
		local page or page on the net     MINICOM v3.0 - Tiny communication program    MiniHTTP v1.0.2 - Tiny Web Server for Win9x/NT/2000     MINITEL - A Very Small Communications Package
mirc591s.exe    mIRC v5.91 - 16-bit IRC client for Windows 3.1x
mirc616.exe     mIRC v6.16 - 32-bit IRC client for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP         Meta Image Search v1.0 - Image finder for Win32       Modem Log Analyser v2.0 for Windows Dial-up      Modem Logfile Analysis Program v2.0 for Windows     Mark's Libraries v6.1 - Libraries on the internet finder     ModemSta Lite v1.0 - A minimal modem status indicator for
		Win3/Win95 - Freeware     MLOG v2.10 - LAN event logging utility         Mailing List Service v1.0 - Outlook 2000/XP Add-on    MultiCom v3.0 - Tool to connect 2 PCs via phone line         Mailing List Wizard v1.30 - Mailing list processor/convertor      Mark's Magazines v2.0 - Magazine sites on the internet finder        Modem Monitor - Tool to recieve info on a condition of the
		modem located by other machine in a network     Mark's Newspapers v6.1 - Newspaper sites on the internet finder    MODEM v2.13 - A Modem-Control Utility for using in BAT files     (ASP) Modem Tester for Windows (16-bit)     (ASP) Modem Tester for Windows (32-bit)    Modem CID v1.1 - Monitor your incoming telephone calls
		using modem (for Win95/98/NT)    Modem Doctor for DOS v7.0    ModemGPH v4.1 - Modem Activity Graphical Monitor    ModemLog Analyzer v0.2    Modem Master v1.00 - Modem diagnostic/info software package    Modem Spy - Phone conversation recorder and caller ID detector
modemtst.exe    ModemTest v1.3 - Tool for checking functionality of modem    Modem Doctor for Windows v1.0    Various modem related utils    Modem Speed-meter v1.0    Modem Monitor v1.02    ModemSta v1.9i - Animated modem's icon replica    ModemSta v2.5 - Animated modem's icon replica     ModTime v1.1 - File download time estimation util    Monet LAN Analyzer - Tool for LAN traffic control    Monet LAN Analyzer Lite - Tool for LAN traffic control
moony303.exe    Moony v3.03 - ISDN call monitor for Windows     Morning Paper v1.73 - What's new on your favourite sites
morph19.exe     Morpheus v1.9 - P2P software for Win32
mozupd14.exe    Mozilla Update v1.4 - Tool for Mozilla online update
mzw32171.exe    Mozilla v1.71 final - Web browser for Win32      MOZ v8.06 - Netscape cache files renamer     MP3 Finder v2.30 - Program for finding MP3 files on the LAN    MP3 Finder v3.0 - Program for finding MP3 files on the internet    Iwan's MP3 Finder v1.1 for Win9x/NT       MultiPing v1.1 - Ping util for Win9x/NT      My Popup Killer v1.21 - Tool to display list of all opened
		windows of web browser and closes unwanted ones        Mocha W32 PPP v3.03 - PalmPilot/WinCE devices to Win9x systems
		connection util through serial cable or the Hot-Sync adapter    MultiProxy v1.2 - Personal proxy server    MR.Internet v3.5 for Win95/98 - Internet tools launcher     MRAD v1.13 - Remote Shell and Telnet Daemon for Win3.x/95    Mr.Cool v1.72 - Util for file download via mail server     Helexis Mail Redirect v1.3 - Email routing utility          Mail Sweep v3.22 - Mailbox browser and organizer of messages
		prior to download them from server    Mail Send v6.20 - Command-line internet mailer for Win95/98/NT    Mail Search v1.1 - Scans for loose e-mail address     Mail Storage Guard for MS Exchange/SMTP v1.2.2 - AntiSPAM
		handling add-on for MS Exchange/SMTP Server    MSIE Cache Explorer v1.31 - Off-line access to cached web pages    Messenger Journaling v1.0 - Ms Outlook add0in to write message
		history for MSN Messenger     Duplicate Email Remover v2.4 - MS Outlook Add-in      Marks' Software v.60 - Freeware/shareware software finder     Redirect for Outlook v1.1 - Add-in for MS Outlook 2000/XP     Send Personally v1.2 - Add-in for MS Outlook 2000/XP     Subscription Manager v1.1 - Add-in for MS Outlook 2000/XP         Multi Site Search v3.01 - Multiple web-site searching tool       Mstat v1.0 - Modem Statistics Program     MTerm v1.1 - Simple comm.program
mtusp410.exe    MTU-Speed v4.10 - Internet throughput optimiser for Win95/NT        MultiUpdate v1.2 - Tool for automatic web page updating     MultiNet! v1.5 - Win95 net services commander        Mailbox Verifier v1.2 - Mail notificator for Win32        MailWatch v1.08 - POP2/POP3 Mailbox Checker for Win95/NT      (ASP) Mocha W32 TN3270 v3.4 - Telnet application for Win95/NT      (ASP) Mocha W32 TN5250 v5.2 - Telnet application for Win95/NT     (ASP) Mocha W32 Telnet v4.01 - Telnet application for Win95/NT
mwolf105.exe    MP3 Wolf v1.05 - MP3 Files Internet Searcher   MyEraseR v3.0.1.2 - SPAM Filtering Utility by Nick Asenov   MyMappeR v1.2.1.3 - Map and control any TCP Connection    MyComm v2.32 - Data comm.program
mygate.exe      MyGate v2.52 - Gateway for reading newsgroups spreaded through
		NNTP servers in TheBat! e-mail client
mygetr10.exe    My GetRight v1.0 - Free Download Manager for Win32 from the
		author of GetRight     My IP Address identificator for Win95    MyLinks v1.0 - Web page of favourite links creator    A set of additional macros for TheBat! e-mail client     Mozilla Tracker v1.01 - Log analysis tool which tracks which
		browsers and OS users of web page has    Net-Tamer DOS PPP dial up access program      Nagger v1.1 - Get rid of annoying pop-up windows on Internet
napsterm.exe    Napsterminator - Tool to control users from using Napster     Network Assistant v3.2 - Versatile Network Commucation Util
		for Win32 incl. Real-time Chat and Instant Messaging    Nausicaa v2.1 - Graphical web browser for Win32       NewsBinarium v1.2.2 - News robot for download files from binary
		newsgroups       NewsBin v2.29 - News Robot
nb432.exe       NewsBin Pro v4.32 - News Robot for Win32      Navigator Bookmark Customizer v3.0 - Netscape Bookmark
		Manipulator       Net Captor v7.5.2 - Browser that allows you to view multiple
		web sites in a tabbed window    NetConnect v1.5 for Win3.x/95 - Keeps a record of all
		connections or attempted connections to your ISP    NDS List v1.1 for Windows - LAN manager
neotr212.exe    NeoTrace v2.12 - Graphical Traceroute Program for Win9x/NT         NetFlush - Cookie and history purger for Netscape    Net Browser v2.0b - LAN browser for Win32     NetConfig - Allow to set Internet settings      Netcps - Util to measure performance on a TCP/IP network     NetInfo v5.2 - Diagnostic tools for IP connected network       NETIO - Network Benchmark v1.4 for OS/2 and WinNT    NetLab v1.x - Win95 Net Utils (Ping,Finger,Traceroute etc.)
netmn193.exe    NetMan v1.93 - Win32 Off-line browser and mass downloader      Alchemy Network Monitor - Server monitoring tool    Alchemy Network Monitor PRO - Server monitoring tool    LeechSoftware's NetMonitor v0.90 - TCP/IP connections monitor
		for Win95/98/NT      NetNak v8.1.0 - Win95/98/NT util that shows data rate through
		modem    Net Optimizer v3.0 - Internet connection performance tweaker
		for Win2000      NetProxy v2.0 for Win95/NT - Multi-protocol proxy server
		and firewall
netplg02.rar    NetPlug Spam Beta 2 - Anti-Spam Plugin for TheBat! v2.x e-mail
		client    Nautilus Net Ranger v3.04 for Windows - Set of Internet
		diagnostic tools    Netscape ad-free v1.1 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Remove the ad
		from Netscape Messanger    NetScrub v1.51 - Netscape Communicator history file wiper     NetSend v1.00 - NT GUI util to send messages via MS LAN manager
		to lists of recipients    NetSendGUI for WinNT - Frontend for the Net Send utility    NetTraker v1.01 - Win32 util for checking network connection      NetUse v1.00 - Internet Connection Monitor    NetUse v1.0 - Shows traffic intensity in Windows LANs       Check4New v1.2 - URL tracker    News Parrot - Tool to quick access newsgroups     NewsPro v2.1 - Newsreader for Win32    Piafi Newsgroup Read Robot for Win32    Newtitle.inf v1.1 for Win95/NT - It lets to edit IE title bar    Newurl.inf v1.1 for Win95/NT - It adds New Internet shortcut
		to the new-menu       NoFrills Timer v1.2 - Internet Connection Time Tracker
nftp130w.exe    NFTP v1.30 for Win95/98/NT - FTP application         News Grabber v3.0 for Win95/NT - USENET attachments collector
nm12.exe        Net Medic v1.2 - Net Problems Solver    NetMaster99 v1.10 - Util to configure and personalize Internet
		related settings in Win95/98    Nexus Mainframe Termal v4.365 - Winsock Telnet 3270, 5250 and
		VT 220 terminal and printer emulator for Win32        Newsgroup Explorer for Win32    NoImages - Browser with/without images for IE4/IE5     NooPads v1.1 - Opera browser add baners covering tool     'NetPal v1.2c - Internet Dialer for Win9x/NT    Esker ActiveX Plug-in - Adds ActiveX control support to Win32
		Netscape Navigator     NPCOMM v1.04 - Software for sharing COM ports on the LAN
		for Win95
npfg11.exe      Opera Plug-in for FlashGet Download Manager    ActiveX Plugin for Netscape (and IE) browsers     NewsPlex v1.2 - News-server multiplexer    NewsPro v3.79 - Newsreader with strong multiple news server
		support    Naviscope v8.7 - Multipurpose browser enhancement utility     Netscape Cache Explorer v1.32 - Off-line access to cached web
		pages    Netscape Cache Extractor v1.2      NetSpeeder v3 - Internet Connection Accelerator    NSPATCH v1.20 - Netscape patch to avoid cache cleanup    Netscape Provider Maintenance v1.22      NetScanTools v5.10 - TCP/IP Network Utils    Moby's Netsuite v0.97 - Web/Mail server with CGI support
		for Win95/98/NT
ntcrt346.exe    CRT v3.46 - Winsock terminal simulator for Win32       NeoTrace Express v3.0 for Win32 - Traceroute Utility     Net Vampire v4.0 - Automatic FTP and HTTP file downloader       NewsWolf v1.41 - Find and test free news servers         Networld Scanner v1.2 - Net mapper      News Scanner - Util to parse newsgroups and download
		attachments and E-mail addresses       News Xpress v2.0 - USENET newsreader for Win9x/NT     Oxygen E-mail Collector for Newsgroups v1.0    O4FE - Opera 4 File Explorer v0.04 - Opera Browser Add-on    O6CPM v3.11 - Opera 6 Customizer & Profile Maker    Octopus v3.1 - Free multi-thread FTP and HTTP downloader    Odyssey Comm.Software v2.00 - part 1    Odyssey Comm.Software v2.00 - part 2    Outlook Express Backup v1.4    OffLine Explorer Pro v1.9.504 for Win9x/NT/2000    The Off By One Browser v3.4 - Tiny Web Browser with OpenSSL
		support    OFfLine Explorer v1.9.503 for Win9x/NT/2000    OFE v1.05 - Opera File and Cache Explorer    OK Uncooker v1.02 - Binary files uncooker for Netscape
		Navigator    Outlook 2002 Attachments Unlocker :-)     OneLink v2.4.7 - High Speed File Transfer Program    Online v2.00 - Dial-up Automation Tool for Win32
op512_cz.rar    Czech language module for Opera v5.12 for Windows
opera6cz.rar    Czech language module for Opera v6.05 for Windows
opera7cz.rar    Czech language module for Opera 7.0 for Windows    Slovak language module for Opera 7.54 for Windows    Slovak language module for Opera v6.05 for Windows
op2gr140.exe    GetRight Opera/Netscape/Mozilla Plugin v1.4     Opera Proxy Changer v1.12 for Win95/98    OPTICOM v1.01 - Comm Port Optimization    OpWiC v1.06 - Opera Windows Controller     OSK v1.55 - Read Request Remover from Outlook Messages    Outlook Attachments v2.0 - Outlook 2002 attachments settings
		changing tool      Internet Intercom by Objective Voice - Demo of voice commu-
		nication util through Internet/Intranet for Win9x/NT
ow362e16.exe    Opera v3.62 for Win3.1 - WWW browser
ow754ej.exe     Opera v7.54 for Win95-XP - WWW browser (Java Version)
ow754e.exe      Opera v7.54 for Win95-XP - WWW browser (Non Java Vers.)       Odyssey for Windows v2.00    OpWiTray v1.3 - Tray Control for OpWiC Utility (Opera Windows
		Controller)    Page Updater II v1.0.0 - Web page automatic updater     Panda Future Connection v1.4 - Remote Computer Access Tool    PARCP v3.90 - Fast File Copier via Parallel Ports    Phone Bill Calculator v2.00 for Win95
pbsetup.exe     Private Bookmarks v2.1 - Keep links hidden from prying eyes    (ASP) PCFDial v1.05 - TSR phone dialer    PonyChat v1.01 - Intranet chat application    PCS Network Tools v4.1.002 - Collection of network diagnostic
pcteleph.exe    PC-Telephone v5.4 - Combination of ISDN and Internet/Intranet
		telephone for Win32     PD Zmodem v1.24 - DOS Zmodem program    Pegasus Command Mailer - GUI for the command-line feature
		of Pegasus Mail for Win32         Power Email Harvester v1.3 - Bulk email software     PolyFAX v1.0.4 - Faxing client for Win32      PowerFTP v1.0 - FTP client program for Win95/98/NT
pgw32421.exe    Pegasus Mail for Windows v4.21c - Mail client for Win32    Phone Filter v1.0 - Win9x/NT caller ID telephony application
		with blocking facilities    Phone Plus v6.0 - Telephone Dialer     Phone v1.02 - Telemate/Telix Connection Time Counter    Phone Book / Auto Dial v1.02 - Phone Dialer     Phone Alert v4.0 - Voice message sender to a telephone from
		computer for Win32    PicoPhone v1.6 - Fre telephone client    PicPirate v1.0 - Cyustom Browser Based on Internet Explorer 5    PicPluck v1.3 - Website pictures downloader
pinger.exe      Konst Pinger v1.0 - Graphic Ping Tester for Win32       Pino3 - Free Chat Server for Win9x/NT/2000
pipe251.exe     PIPE (Personal Internet PHone Equipment) v2.51 - IP Telephony
		Tool    pjWebCam v1.0 - Enables a windows video capture device to be
		accessed accross an intranet or internet       Perfect Key Words for Win9x/NT - E-mail selector        Pagelink v1.5 - Favorites menu replacement    PC-Pine v4.61 - E-mail client for Win9x/Me/NT/2000      PIMEX Mail Express v3.1 - Bulk e-mail program    PingPlotter v2.03 - Ping/Trace Route Util for Windows
pocoml26.exe    PocoMail v2.6 - Alternative E-mail client for Win32
pop11.exe       Pop v1.1 - Message Manager for Win32 (Winpopup compatible)    Pop Capturer v1.1 - Winpopup messages manager for Win32     Popcorn v1.70 - POP3/SMTP E-mail Client for Win32    Popcorn v1.47 - Prelast free version of POP3/SMTP E-mail Client
popds130.exe    PopUp Destroyer v1.30 - Tool for closing annoying popup windows    PopKill v2.0 - Pop-up ads killer for Win32     (ASP) CTS Portfix v1.1 - DOS TSR to prevent comm port
		lockups on some PC's    PortsLock v1.4 - Firewall application for controlling remote
		access rights     Portmon for Win9x/NT v3.02 - GUI/device driver for ports
		monitoring     (ASP) Ports v1.1 - Serial port checker    PortWatch v1.3 - Server port watching util to know when
		somebody is connecting it
postie.exe      Command-line MAiler for Win23      Potato v2.20 - DOS remailer application to integrate
		with Windows       Pre&Post Internet v2.05 - Phone redirector before calling
		internet provider    Proxy+ v2.20 - Firewall, proxy and mail server for Win9x/NT    PPPshar Pro v1.9 - Proxy server for Win95       PingPong v1.03 - Ping utility for Win32    PDrive! v1.20 - Freeware Protocol Driver (UART,Fossil)     Patrick-Project DNS Utility v2.6 - A DNS LookUp Utility    PureRadio v2.1 - Internet radio stations player
pro12.exe       Teleport Pro v1.29.x - Professional WEB mirroring software    ProtoAnalyzer - TCP/IP protocol analyzer    ProtocolTester v1.0 - TCP/IP protocol and async-serial tester     The Proxomitron ver. Naoko-3 (b) - Universal Web Filter     IE Proxy Toggle v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Shows IE Proxy address    WE Group Proxy Checker v3.21 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000      Password Recovery Toolbox v1.0 for MSIE and Outlook password
		recovery    Pryme v1.23 - Capture pictures from Webcam and upload them to
		Web site using FTP     Picture Sucker Pro - News Download Program       Download Time Calculator    Personal Search v2.01 - WEB Search Engine Control Center     Smartphone v1.70 - Telephone Reference and Database    Personal Start v1.00 - Customizable home page for your browser    PosiTrax v2.01 - Utility for quick search engines access      PSU (Progammers Site Updater) v0.03 - Web site updater    Port Scanner v1.1 - Scanner of IP Addresses     Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks for IE v5.01     Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks PRO for IE v1.03    PuTTY v0.55 - Freeware Win32 Telnet/SSH Client    Privacy Cop v1.12 - Tool for removing the traces of your
		Internet activity     PhoneWatch v1.0 - Internet usage monitor
pwolf202.exe    PhoneWolf v2.02 - Agent that accesses White pages style dirs
		found on the Internet       Proactive Windows Security Explorer 1.0 for WinNT/2000/XP -
		Tool to identify security holes in local networks       QUICK3270 v3.06 - A 3270 Terminal Emulator        Quick Clear v1.4 - Temporary Internet Files Cleaner for Win32    QuickURL v3.1 - Automates FTP/HTTP/GOPHER/EMAIL/TELNET
		Document Transfer     QUERYCOM UART Detection Utility v2.01     QCOM v3.30 - DOS Communication Program
qd22.exe        Quick Dialer v2.2 for Win95/98/NT    QuiadSucker/News v2.5 - Multithreaded Usenet News Downloader    (ASP) QuickStar Fax Pro v1.08 for DOS     QFMODEM v1.0 - Modem Detector      CSP Quick Login - Win95 Login Automator    Domain Quester Pro v2.10 - Search domains for keywords    QuikFinger v0.2 - Win32 finger utility    Remote Access v2.62 - Y2K upgrade of known BBS software       EZ Radio Client/Server v1.0 - Tool for live internet radio
		broadcasting    Remote Administrator v2.2 for Win9x-XP - Enables to work
		on the remote computer    Slovak Language file for Remote Administrator     RankSpy v1.21 - Util for indirect assessment of site indexation
		in search engines
rapigatr.exe    Rapigator v3.1 - Peer to peer file sharing application for
		Win32      Rascal v2.4 - Dial-up session management enhancer for Win9x/NT    Rascal Pro v1.9 - Dial-up session management enhancer
		for Win9x/NT    RasLog v2.0 - Util to log the RAS connection duration    Remote Access Service Monitor v1.6 for Win95    Rasputin v1.6 - Util for simulating network activity to be not
		disconnected from ISP for Win95/NT     The Real Audio Tuner for Windows         Remote Control PRO v1.5 - Network management tool for Win32     Real Chat v1.8.0 - Chat client software for Win9x/NT    RasDial Pro v1.3 for Win9x/NT - Commandline remote access
		dialer    RealSpeed v2.11 - Internet Connection Speed-up Util for Win32     Reechas v1.60a - The host service detector    RemoteShut v1.0 - Program to shutdown a remote computer     Resolve v1.0 - Util that returns host name of any IP address
		and vice-versa     Winsock REXEC/95 - Win95/98 version of the Unix Remote Exec
		Daemon (rexecd)
regetdx.exe     ReGet Deluxe v4.1 - Download Manager for Win32
regetpl.exe     Opera Plugin for ReGet Download Manager
regetpro.exe    ReGet Pro v3.3 - Download Manager for Win32
rgbprx10.exe    RGBdoki Colorblindness correction proxy server v1.02
rgl18.exe       ReGet v1.80 - Download Manager for Win32
rgp17.exe       ReGetPro v1.70 - Download Manager for Win32      Redial v1.01 - Redial utility    HTML Rename! for Win95/NT v1.21 - URL Link Fixer    IE Restrictions v1.1 - Tool for removing IE restrictions setten
		by sleaze web sites    RingRes v1.2 - The Memory Resident Telephone Ring       RIP v1.3.3.20 - Modem Disconnector for Win95/98/NT       REL Link Checker Lite v1.0 - Web links checker for Win32    RankMeter v1.66 - Util to locate web-sites positions in search
		engines    R.A.V.E SMS Sender v1.0 - Win9x/Me/NT/2000 SMS Sender for
		Czech and Slovek users    ZmeY RRASS Port Enumerator v1.0 - Util to view and hangup
		ports on NT RRAS server    RS-232 Bus Protocol Analyser      Remote Task Manager v3.7.6 for Windows NT/2000/XP
rviewer3.exe    Radmin Viewer 3.0 beta - Client part of Remote Administration
		Software by Famatech     Socks2HTTP v0.88a - Agent converting SOCKS v.5 requests into
		HTTP requests and tunneling them through HTTP proxy    (ASP) SAB Bookmarks Converter v1.20 - IE/NS Bookmarks Converter    (ASP) SAB Web Copier v1.20 - Web downloader      Stat'n'Perf v1.10 - Internet connection bandwidth monitor    SmartBlock v1.50 - Web sites and application access filter
		for parents
sbn32_91.exe    SBNews / News Robot: Binary Newsgroup Auto-Downloader for Win32     SBWcc v2.4 - Website downloader for Win32       CyberSense Search Center v3.0 - Internet Search Engines Shell      Secure COM v1.00 for Win95/NT - Fast personal communication
		utility      SAPS - SpartaCom Asynchronous Port Sharing for Win95    Roadkil's Scan Port v1.21 - Scans a specified machine and lists
		the open ports    Stay Connected v4.01 - Util that prevents your ISP from
		disconnecting your dial-up session    Script Viewer v1.4.5 - Application that shows parsed script
		files without the need for a Web server       (ASP) Super Dial v3.30 - Telephone Autodialer for DOS    SDFTP v1.5.0 - FTP Application for Win95/NT      Seeker v1.2 - HTML links grabber for Win32       Stealth Email Redirector v3.0 - Util for sending copies of
		outgoing mails    Serial Server v1.0 - Serial port server for Win95-XP to use
		with Total Commander
sermon.exe      Serial Monitor v2.26 - Communication ports monitor/logger    Serial Port / USB File Transfer Plugin v1.0 for Total Commander    ServerOk v1.7b - Program for setting Switch On/Off Dial-Up
		Server in Win95/98    HTTP Server MultiMeter v1.3 - HTTP Server test tool for
		Win9x/NT/2000    ServTerm v1.0 - Winsock tool to assist in debugging
		client/server communications
su5200.exe      Serv-U v5.2.0.0 - FTP Server for Windows     SETTIME - Time Setting COMMO Macro       SpamFilter for separation/filtering non-spam from spam
		e-mails prior to downloading them         Super File Base v1.10 - Download manager for Win32       (ASP) Serial File Copy v3.5 - Serial comm program     Simple Find v2.0 - Internet Meta Search Tool for Win32    (ASP) SOFTLINK v1.0 - Communication program      SIGNALS v1.00 - UART utils    SHAREISDN v1.24 - Share ISDN Server for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000     Shikari - MS IE4 Searchbar replacement    Shoutcast Server v1.5 - Broadcast streaming audio across
		the Internet
shrit300.exe    Sharit v3.00 - Automates submission of shareware/freeware
		software to popular download sites      Simple Internet Fax v1.0 for Windows    Auto Site Passwords - Users admin tool for Apache web server    Site Publisher v2.5 - Remote Web Site Manager for Win32     Sitez v1.1 - URL bookmarks organizer     Skupa v1.0 - IE temporary files cleaner
skype10.exe     Skype v1.0.0.18 - IM software with support of IP telephony         Save Mailinglist v1.0 - Tool to export contacts from Outlook
		2000/XP to mailing list      Stay On Pro v3.28 - ISP Connection Keeper for Win32
spamdel.exe     Spamdel 1300 - Anti-Spam solution for MS Outlook, The Bat! and
		other mail clients    Show-URL v3.00 - Bookmark printing utility for Win32    SIMFAX.MAC - COMMO macro for ASCII texts files faxing    Bill Reid's Site Ripper v2.0beta - WWW site ripping utility    Skimpy v0.4 - Phone costs calculator    Solway's Internet Search v1.7 - Internet Searcher for Windows       Serial Manager v2.11 - Serial Port Util
smapr104.exe    Site Mapper v1.04 - Web site mapper and link validator    SmartSMS v3.8 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Send graphics and ring
		tones to your Nokia phone      SMS GateKeeper v1.61 - Czech tool for sending SMS over web
		gates     SMS GateKeeper EDitor v1.02 - Gate editor for SMS GateKeeper
		utility     SMS_E v2.0 - International SMS sender for Win9x/NT/2000    Small Search v1.0 - Internet Search Tool for Win32      SMTP Server Traffic Test for Win9x/NT     SMTPsnd v1.0 - Command line program to send a mail to an SMTP
		gateway     SpeedyNet v4 - WEB Browsing speed up util for Win95    SOCKServ v1.13 - SOCKS Server for Win32     SockVer v1.1 - Windows Socket version identifier        Spam Killer - Anti-SPAM utility    Spam Bait Creator - Anti-SPAM utility    SPAM Buster v1.9.1 - Anti SPAM utility
spambut.exe     SPAM Butcher v1.7m - Anti SPAM utility    SPAM Cleaner for POP3 v3.0.2    Spam Motel v1.2.1 - E-mail address handling utility     Spam Manager - SPAM mails filtering tool
spamoff1.exe    Spam OFF v1.5 - Anti SPAM Solution by AstonSoft     SPAM Punisher v2.0 - Antispam tool    SPComm v1.3d - Comm Program for Windows    SP Dialer v1.31 - Internet connection dialer for Win9x/NT/2K    Speak Freely v7.2 - Free Internet Telephone Tool for Win32     NetSpeeder v1.72 - Internet connection settings tweeker        SavePicNoAsk v1.1 - MSIE Add-on to automatically save all seen
		pictures    Sponsor Stop v1.0 - Pop-up Sponsor Windows Killer        Stored Procedure Proxy Generator v1.1 for Microsoft .NET
		Framework    SpySites v1.0 - Database of Spy/Sleaze Sites    SpySites Plus v2.0 - Extended Database of Spy/Sleaze Sites
srchw203.exe    SearchWolf v2.03 - Internet Search Engines Manager    German Internet file searching engines manager    SrServer v1.0 - Serial port server for Windows 3.1 with Win32
		for using with Total Commander    Server Checker v1.0.3 - Program to check the availability
		of servers        Site Search Database Creator v1.0      Site Search Database Links v1.5     SSHDOS v0.93 - Free SSH and SCP client for DOS     The Surfing Spy for Win95 - Hiden Internet Surfing Session
		Monitor    Site Searcher v1.0 - File searcher at specific site    StarGate v1.1 - Utility for transfer of files between PC and
		MAC/PC via serial link     WebStation - Personal web service and server for Win95/98/NT       Socket Test Bench v1.2 - Utility to test Winsock-based
		communications     Stomper NT Client Beta 2    Stomper/32 v4.14 - Network modem server for Win32      Stomper v3.41 - Network modem server for DOS/Windows/Netware    Stay Live 2000 v2.9 - Internet Dial-up Connection Utility    Set Browser v1.3 - Win95/98/NT util for setting default
		Internet Browser      Sticky Browser - IE based browser that sticks to the top of
		any active windows in your system     Stealth Ping v3.1 - ISP Connectivity Solution for Win95/NT
streamer.exe    Streamer v1.37 - P2P Internet Radio Software    STUNNEL v3.20 - SSL support for The Bat! email client    Submitus v1.5 - Search engines submitter for Win32    Free Submissions 2000 v2.0 - Free Website submitter to search
		engines for Win32    SubmitIt 2000 v3.2 - Util for automatic submission of
		shareware programs to WWW sites     Subnet Calculator v2.52 for Win32      SURF v1.4 - Win32 freeware internet text web browser      Surfin's Spider v2.4 - Web searching engines manager      StarValley Online Timer - Internet Session Timer fo Win32
swolf602.exe    Submit Wolf PRO v6.02 - Shareware submission tool        Smart Whois for Win95/98/NT/2000 v4.0 - Network info utility    (ASP) CTS SwapIRQ v1.1 - Redirect IRQ's for DOS         Solemnly Web Server - Small personal web server for Win95/98/NT     SynZM v1.00 - High Performance Z-modem    Terminate 4 Structures    Terminate 4 - German translation of dox    T-Log v4.01 - Log utility to Terminate v4     Terminate video mode changer    Terminate Commander v2.0 Color Setting Util    Terminate Commander v2.11 - Terminate DOS Shell       Terminate CD Player     Terminate FAQ v2.3 by B.B.    Terminate File Lister    Terminate RingUp v2.00       Terminate - Utility for background reception of FAXes
tbcs_211.exe    Czech/Slovak Localization for The Bat! v2.11.02 E-mail Client
tbrec.rar       The Bat! Message Recovery v1.0.22 - Tool for recovery corrupted
		mail databases
tbreg.rar       The Bat! Configuration Saver     TweakDUN v2.22 for Win9x/NT - MaxMTU and other DUN related
		settings tweaker     Bill Reid's Tray Dialer v1.0 - Win9x/NT dialing tool    TELIKn v3.40 Beta - Impulse Counter for Telix/Telemate    Telix v3.51     TelNeat v2.13 - Russian Telnet Application     Telstar v1.8.x - Telnet client for Win95/98/NT    Complete TERMAIL Setup for Terminat    Info on Terminate from Intershop    TerPGP v4.0 - PGP interface to Terminate     Terrapin FTP Browser v2.1 - Off-line FTP browsing utility      Test IP v1.0 - Util for resolving DNS names to IP addresses    Telix for Windows v1.15d - part 1    Telix for Windows v1.15d - part 2
the_bat.exe     The Bat! v1.62r - Advanced E-mail client for Win9x/Me and
the_bat2.exe    The Bat! v2.12 - Advanced E-mail client for Win9x-XP
thebat3h.msi    The Bat! v3.0 Home Edition - E-mail client for Win9x-XP
thebat3p.msi    The Bat! v3.0 Pro Edition - E-mail client for Win95-XP
thebatch.rar    TheBatch! - Loader for The Bat! E-mail client
throttle.exe    Throttle v5.6.24.2003 - Modem settings optimizer    Tickle v3.3 - Lets you keep your ISP connection alive    TimedFTP v1.0 - FTP client with timing option    Timer v1.27 - Internet Online Connection Timer    TinyDialer - Dial-up utility for Win32     Tiny SSL Server v1.8     Tiny Web Server v1.9      (Tags!) Lock Pro v1.10 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP - Web site
		protector with HTML encryption and SPAM blocking    Telix v3.51 Add-on
tm114f.exe      Traffic Meter v1.1.4 - Czech program for tarrification
		of cable internet connection     Telemate v4.21 - part 1     Telemate v4.21 - part 2     Telemate v4.21 - part 3     Telemate v4.21 - part 4    Telemate Enhanced Host v4G      Telemate fow Windows v1.10
tn98_v55.exe    Eric's Telnet98 v5.5 - PC Telnet for Win9x/NT    TnLogin v1.0 - Program to authenticate Telnet access to LAN
		Server    TnServer - WinNT service that allows remote users to log on
		to a NT server via telnet and be presented with NT console       TCPNetView v1.0.7 - Network neighbour with IP addresses viewer     TCP Viewer - TCP/IP data viewer for Win9x/NT/2000     TracePlus32 Web Detective - 32bit Winsock Data Analysis Program      TeleReplica v4.37 - Communication program       Roadkil's Trace Route v1.0 - Checks network connectivity
		between the computer and a specified other point    Bill Reid's Tray Dialer - Win95/NT Autodialer    WebRifle v2.0.5 - Real-time web surfing accelerator for IE4/5
trillian.exe    Trillian v0.74I - Universal chat client with AIM, ICQ and MSN
		Messanger Support
trkit!    TrackIt! v2.0 - Track Learner for Telix       Telnet Scripting Tool v1.0 - Util to automate telnet sessions    TeraTerm Pro v2.3 for Win95/NT - Free Terminal Emulator    TeraTerm v1.4 for Win3.1 - Free Terminal Emulator      TCP to Serial - Util that waits for a TCP connection
		on a specified port    Turbo Start v5.0 - Internet Search Utility    Telix Quick Modem Setup v3.51     TXZM Z-Modem Protocol Driver - Freeware      UART v1.5 - Test your COM port configuration        URLBar v1.00 - Browser Launcher      Folder FTP v1.0 - FTP client with mirroring capability    Automatic features script for mIRC    Universal Serial Data Monitor v3.0 for Windows     Updator - Open Source Utility for Checking for Software Updates
		using PAD Files    Uploader! v2.9 - FTP application    URL2HTM v1.0 - URL to HTML Converter by FMJ    URL2HTM v2.04 - Makes HTML file of your IE favorites         URL master - Internet shortcuts creator/editor    URL Address Book v6.08 - Bookmark organizer for Win32    Xteq URL Bandit v1.2 for Win95/98/NT - URL Catcher     Personal URL Address Book v1.0    URL Capture v1.4 - Save and open lists of Internet addresses    URLchopper v1.0 - Add-on to Internet Explorer v5.0+ to go
		quickly up one level of the current URL    URL Collector - Extract URL's from HTML files     URLegal - Win32 util that checks for broken HTTP links      URL Manager - URL, Login Id and Password Info Database    URL Mountains v1.2 - Internet Bookmarks Manager
urlorg24.exe    URL Organizer v2.4.x for Win9x - IE/Netscape URL Manager    OURLs Out! v2.3 - Tool to convert MS Internet Explorer
		Shortcuts into single HTML document       URL Shortcut Generator v1.0    URLs Out! v1.4 - MSIE shortcuts into a single HTML converter    URL Search v2.4.8 - URL addresses extractor    URL Sorter - Generates sorted web links        URL Scanner v1.5 - Scan those favorite URL's without going
		there      Universal Serial Data Monitor v3.0 for Windows    User Creator - Secure method of creating users to NT domain    USRSTATS v4.19 - US Robotics Modems Diagnostics Tool       V-SMSMail - Program to send SMS messages (in Hungarian)      V4Chat for Win'95 v1.84a - Chat client     Vamp v1.60 - The Advanced Mail Processor
vampirex.rar    Vampire X 160-02-04 - Anti-Spam Plugin for TheBat! v2.x e-mail
		client        VentaFax - Fax/voice system for Win9x/Me/NT/2000     VFWH Monitor - Network traffic monitoring tool    Vcomm v3.00 - Windows telecom program      VProxy v1.2.2 - Tiny WinNT Proxy Server
vtuner.exe      vTuner 4.0 - Internet radio/TV station player      WinAnti SPAM v1.18 - SPAM Filter    HeadStrong Web Clicker v2.56 - Artificial banner and clicks
		generator    WinBiff v4.4a - Win32 E-mail notification software     WBIFF! v1.4 - E-mail notificator for Windows
wbstwtch.exe    WebSite-Watcher v3.50f - Web site update/changes monitoring
wcam123.exe     Webcam 1-2-3 v1.7 - Win32 util for creation of living video to
		web page        Web Downloader for Intranets v2.2 - Offline browser    WEBCACHE v5.00 - Off-line Web Browsing Utility      Biromsoft Webcam v1.11 - Webcam viewer for Win32    liveView v2.0 - Webcam viewer for Win32    WebCam v2.50 - Web camera images viewer for Win32    WebCollector v1.0 - Util for searching/downloading images and
		movies on the web pages for Win95/98/NT    WEBCACHE 32 v6.80 - Off-line Web Browsing Utility    WebDog v0.95 for Win95/98/NT - Spider like web analyzer     Web Fetch v1.27 - Web browsing utility for Win3.x/95      WebGet - Util to download WWW image    WebNik v4.0 - Internet browsing utility      Web Publisher - Automatic FTP client for webmasters    WebCam Sam v2.40 - WebCam Browser/Scren Saver    WebSnatcher v2.4 - WWW Download Manager for Win32    WebSearch v1.21 by Hurricane    Web Stress v6.10 - Simulates any number of Web users    Web Tarantula v3.6 - Web browser for Win32    WebTime v2.0 - Web usage timer    WebTrail32 - Parents Internet Monitor    CLR Web Site Uploader v1.01 - Web uploader using FTP protocol
webzip60.exe    WebZIP v6.0.x - Util for download and saving of web site
		contents          WebFolder v1.0 - Program for keeping of the Internet shortcuts      WebFerret v3.5001 - Internet metasearcher for Win9x/NT/2000    W3Filer32 - Internet file transfer client using FTP and HTTP
		protocols    WFTPD v2.41 - Winsock FTP Server for Win32    WFTPD PRO v3.00 - Winsock FTP server for Win32     GNU Wget v1.0.1 - The non-interactive download utility    Whistone v1.5 - MS IE features extending tool    Whole Site v1.51 - Web-site updating util     WhoSock v1.91 - Look up Internet host information for Win95/NT     WIN2YOU v1.0 - Remote Control for Win95/NT    Win95 Help File for TERMINATE      (ASP) WINFTP.DLL - Win3.x FTP API    (ASP) WINFTP32.DLL - Win95/NT FTP API
wgate50.exe     Wingate v5.0.10 - Win32 util for sharing Internet connection
		on a network     WinFM Internet Radio Player v1.10 for Win9x
wingate6.exe    WinGate v6.0.1 - Proxy server for Windows     Winip v3.0 - Util that allows to access computer via a static
		host name     WinPing - Ping util for Win32    WinPing v1.0 - Ping util for Win9x/NT
wnscp368.exe    WinSCP v3.68 - Freeware SCP (Secure CoPy) client for Win95-XP
		using SSH      WinTel - 16bit Telnet and FTP Client    WinTel32 - 32bit Telnet and FTP Client
winwap3p.exe    WinWAP v3.1.6 PRO - WAP sites browser for Win32      (ASP) FAX Modem Wizard v9.55 - Modem Tester for DOS       Web Link Validator v2.3 - Availability of URL address checker    WebMirror v1.40 for Win95/NT - Off-line browsing tool       Windows Network Booster v1.2 - High-speed Internet Connection
		Optimizer for Win9x/Me    WinFossil v1.12 - 32-bit Fossil driver for Win'95    WPDECO32 SDK v1.0 - Protocol Decoder in DLL module    Hurricane Web Promo v2.13 - Tool to register Web page with
		search engines    Web Recorder v2.0 beta for Win95/98/NT/2000 - Web mirroring
wrzwf202.exe    WarezWolf v2.02 - Internet file searching utility for Win95    WS_FTP LE for Win95/98/NT v5.08 - Winsock FTP client    WS Archie Client v1.1 for Win16    WS Archie Client for Win32     (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for C/C++     (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for Delphi    (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for dBase    (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for Visual Fox Pro    (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for PB    (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for VB    (ASP) Windows Standard Serial Comm Lib for Xbase++     Eric's WSOCK32 v7.00 for Win95/NT     Winsock Swapper v1.7    WATZNEW v1.9.5 - Tool to monitor favourite sites for changes
		and mailboxes for incoming mail    Weblinks Organiser v1.0 for Win32
winx353.exe     WinMX v3.53 - File-sharing program for Win32     WinMUD v1.12 - MUD client for Win9x/NT         WhereverUgo v1.0 - Software for access to the computer from
		the another one via e-mail
wwolf203.exe    WebWolf v2.03 - WWW file searching utility for Win95    X-COM v1.10 - Peer2Peer Secure Instant Messenger and Chat
		Client/Server for Win95-XP     X00 driver v2.02    Extra Dialer v1.06 - Phone Dialer for Win32    XenoBar v1.15b - Add-on Toolbar for MSIE 5.5+    XLink Remote PC Control Program v1.04       Xnews - A free news reader for Win9x/NT    XSLaunch v2.0.1 - Tiny Explorer Add-on
xwolf303.exe    X-Wolf v3.03 - Free Adult Picture Sites Scanner
yak114.exe      Yak! v1.14 for Win32 - A serverless text-based chat application    YTalk32 v7.1 for Win32 - LAN chat program       ZeRAT v0.82f - Tiny SMTP/POP3 console e-mail client        ZeST v2.0 - Z-Modem Program      ZIP v2.21 - Serial port transfer utility    ZMODEM transmission LOG file analyzer      ZOC v4.15 for OS/2 - 32-bit Communication Application
zow500.exe      ZOC v5.00 for Win9x/NT - 32-bit Communication Application
zp3100.exe      Zaep v3.1.0.0 - Anti-SPAM Solution for Win32

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