What's here for my kids?
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While searching for and selecting software at the FTP sites I have found a few well written and interesting programs which may be equally useful for the entertainment and the education of your children. Besides fully functional programs I selected few demo programs as well, since these high quality working demos are enjoyable even in their limited form. These programs can be copied freely (in their unaltered form), so you can bring them home.

Zeek the Geek - Part 1. -- a nice game for the youngest (Win)

Body Insight -- the human body in pictures. An interactive demo (Win)

Sail Simulator -- sail around the Barbados islands (DOS, working demo)

Tasc Chess Tutor -- chess tutorial in four languages (DOS, working demo)

Yamp -- music player program (s3m, mod, mid, wav, xm, it) (Win95)

Impulse Tracker -- music authoring (track editor) program (DOS)