X terminal emulation program for DOS. The shareware version is limited (only 8 windows can be opened simultaneously). It requires a suitable packet driver for the network card which cannot be shared with other applications. This means that Xappel will not work together the FTP's PCTCP kernel, it should be removed from the memory before starting Xappeal. Being a bit obsolete, Xappel will not work on new hardware. The supported video cards are: VGA, TVGA 8900C, S3, 8514, AGX, MAch8 and Mach32 - according to the situation of September 1996.

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Copyright Type:   shareware, limited version

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Software/Hardware Requirements: 
min. 386 CPU, 8 MB RAM, network card with packet driver

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    According to my experiences Xappeal was slow and a bit instable (on a TVGA 8900B card).  Additionally, the commercial (unlimited) version is rather expensive. I think, that any of the Linux version installable on DOS (see Xdenu,  Mini-Linux, DOS Linux or Monkey Linux).  would be a much better solution.
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