In May 1977, Donald Knuth of Stanford University started work on a text processing system which is now known as TeX and Metafont. TeX is a typesetting system intended for the creation of beautiful books - and especially for books that contain mathematical formulae. TeX  formats  the interspersed text and commands contained in the named files and outputs  a  typesetter independent
file  (called DVI, which is short for DeVice Independent). The LaTeX system developed by Leslie Lampart adds a level of abstraction to the plain TeX commands and lets the user to compose most documents easier. TeX versions for many different computers and operating systems can be found (and download) on the so called CTAN  (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) FTP servers. The nearest mirror site for the CTAN archive is at  ftp://ftp.iif.hu/mirrors/ctan/  

Current Version:   Latex 2E 

Copyright Type:   freeware (GPL)

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Source Code Availability:   yes 

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Software/Hardware Requirements: 
IBM compatible machine, MS-DOS, hard disk

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    There are several TeX versions for MS-DOS. One of them is the 4alltex distribution. The documentation found on the first floppy will explain which floppies should be installed in order to meet your requirements. A stripped down but still usable version needs only the first floppy!!!
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