Mini Linux 

This is a simplified, small version of Linux (4 floppies alltogether), which can be installed in a DOS (FAT) partition. It can be started from DOS and can connect to remote machines as either a textual or graphic (X11) terminal. It can be also used as a personal workstation with Linux applications (like the MuPad symbolic math package etc.). 

Current Version:   1.0 

Copyright Type:   freeware (GPL)

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Source Code Availability:  yes

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Software/Hardware Requirements: 
Intel 386 or better CPU and min. 8 Mbytes RAM (4 Mbytes are sufficient for text mode)

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User Comments: 

    Mini Linux is based on the Slackware Linux 2.0 distribution released in 1994, so one can extend it with packages from that distribution. It will only work on old hardware (having special museal value ;-)) For newer machines you may choose a more recent distribution like Monkey or DosLinux. 
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