Sorts the file names in a directory, a replacement for the Directory Sort program from the Norton Utilities package. LFNsort is a utility program for the MS DOS 7.0 (Windows 95) system. As the name implies: it can correctly work with the long filenames.

Current Version:  1.5 

Copyright Type:   freeware

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Source Code Availability:   no

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Software/Hardware Requirements: 
MS DOS 7.0 (Win 95)

Other Links: 
CHIP Magazin, CD28. /sac/utilmisc/lfnsrt15.zip

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User Comments: 

    The LFNsort  program differs from the Norton's Directory Sort in one sense: the user should explicitly specify the name of the directory to be sorted. Of course, the name  of the actual directory can be replaced by the usual single dot notation. For example:

    lfnsort en . 

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