FPK Pascal 

FPK Pascal is a freeware, 32 bit Pascal compiler. It is more or less compatible with the Borland Pascal 7.0 version, and  there is some level of compatibility with Delphi. Concerning the Borland Pascal one may expect incompatibility in the assembly parts and other machine dependent routines.  At this moment there is is no IDE and Turbo Vision for this Pascal version. The 32 bit mode means, that it requires DPMI support.

Current Version:   0.99.5 

Copyright Type:   freeware (GPL)

Home Site: 

Source Code Availability:   yes

Download files: 

Please, use this Guide page for the selection of proper archive files. Alternatively, you may want to browse the FPK directory directly.

Software/Hardware Requirements: 
min. 386 CPU, MS-DOS, DPMI support, 8 MB free space on disk

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User Comments: 

  • FPK Pascal is also available for Linux 
  • You may also need the DOS version of the following GNU utilities (especially for the recompilation of the FPK Pascal compiler) : make, cp, rm, Pascal Yacc és Lex.
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