File Wizard 

File manager program, a replacement for the Norton Commander. This is a Hungarian freeware product, and you are encouraged to test it, and to notify the author about the discovered problems so that the author could improve the code. 


  • coloring according to the file types
  • drag and drop 
  • handles compressed files 
  • file search 
  • uses description files (pl. !files, descript.ion)
  • CD-player
  • built in editor, file viewer, user menu,
  • associations by extension 
  • more than 30 SVGA text modes
  • screen savers
Current Version:   1.10 

Copyright Type:   freeware

Home Site: 

Source Code Availability:   no 

Download files: 

  fw110.exe  (self extracting) 

Software/Hardware Requirements: 
IBM compatible machine with 386SX or better CPU, hard disk, VGA or SVGA display, mouse. Memory: min. 350 KB free memory and 1024 KB XMS or EMS memory.

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User Comments: 

    This program can make use of the smartdrv.exe program, if it is loaded into the memory, and the version number is 4.0 or more. In this case copying is done faster and with less head motion.
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