DOS Applications
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Besides the applications listed below, we would like to recommend our Index Page to the DOS section of the world famous Simtel software collection. Our index page simplifies the task of selection and downloading of programs to a single mouse click. Follow this link to give a try!

Similarly, an another Index Page was created too in order to facilitate the easy access to the software collection of the Slovak Antivirus Center (SAC archive). Follow this link to give a try!

Notation: -commercial, -shareware, - GNU GPL (licensed, but costless)

System, file managers, viewers

Caldera Open Dos 7.01 -- MS DOS replacement (successor of DR DOS and Novell DOS)
File Wizard -- a free Norton Commander clone
Volkov Commander -- modest size NC clone (the best choice for service floppies)
Dos Navigator -- very sophisticated NC clone (better than the original!)
View -- show/convert different word processor formats (including WinWord 6)
QuickView -- picture viewer
LFNsort -- Directory Sort, works with long filenames created by Win95

Network terminal connection

NCSA Telnet -- TCP/IP based telnet/ftp connection and remote printing
Mini Linux,
DOS Linux,
Monkey Linux,
Xdenu -- small Linux systems (in a DOS partition) also acting as X terminals
Xappeal -- X terminal emulator under DOS

Text editors

Pedit -- text editor
Joe -- text editor, similar to WordStar
Vim -- an improved vi editor (standard in Unix) clone
TeX -- document formatting and typesetting program

Program languages

Awk -- simple but effective interpreting style language (dream of lazy programmers!)
Perl -- Practical Extraction and Report generating Language (widely used)
FPK-Pascal -- Pascal compiler, more or less compatible with Turbo Pascal 7.0
djgpp -- a GNU C/C++ compiler adopted for DOS
f2c -- FORTRAN 77 to C compiler (works together with GNU C compiler)
Euphoria -- a very simple language (comes with many example programs)


Gnuplot -- interactive diagram creating software
GLE -- interactive diagram creator program
PrintGL -- shows and prints HP-GL files
GhostScript GPL -- PostScript interpreter and converter program
Acroread -- viewer for the Adobe Acrobat PDF files


ASMdemo shareware -- hardware system information
Hwinfo shareware -- hardware system information
DrHard hardware -- hardware system information

File archiving and compressing utilities

Note, that only gzip+tar and LHA are free for official use (at work).
Please, read carefully the license agreement of each product!

gzip GPL -- GNU compressor (dislike other compressor, this works only with one file)
tar GPL -- the adaptation of the standard UNIX archiving utility
lha -- freeware file compressor/decompressor
arj shareware -- file compressor/decompressor
pkzip shareware --the most widely used file compressor
rar shareware -- a russian file compression/decompression program
ain -- yet another compressor/decompressor
hdcopy -- floppy formatting and archiving program