Welcome to the Section of Electron Spectroscopy

Laboratory of  Electron Spectroscopy

  • Surface research by electron spectroscopic methods for chemical state resolved analysis of surface and interface layers of solids
  • Development of electron spectroscopic methods and instruments.

Laboratory of Multilayer Kinetics and Structure Analysis

Surface research by Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry
  • depth profiling for scientific and industrial applications
  • impurity and contamination analysis in quality control
  • analysis of buried interfaces
  • environmental analysis

Laboratory of X-ray Spectroscopy 

- Investigation of physical properties of nanopowders produced by high-energy ball-milling
- Application of X-ray related techniques to study the structure and composition of materials:
  •  X-ray diffraction: characterization of granular and layered nanostructures
  •  X-ray fluorescence analysis: nondestructive elemental analysis

Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics 

  • experimental study of electromagnetic properties of high temperature superconductors
  • study of the physics of 'vortex matter' (vortices in superconductors in mixed state)
  • study of magnetic properties of nanocrystalline alloys