Laboratory of Electron Spectoscopy
Laboratory of Multilayer Kinetics and Structure Analysis Laboratoty of X-ray Spectroscopy Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics
ESA-31 Electrostatic Electron spectrometer
Type:      hemispherical analyzer
Energy range:     20 eV - 10 keV
Energy resolution:     max. 3 x 10-5
Ultrahigh vacuum:     5 x 10-10 mbar

  • four X-ray source (from 1467 eV
    up to 8048 eV)
  • electron gun (up to 10 keV),
  • Ar+ ion gun for sputtering

Contact: dvarga at atomki.hu

Laboratory of Multilayer Kinetics and Structure Analysis
Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometer (SNMS)
It can be used as a SIMS instrument as well.
Sputter gases:     Ar, Ne, Kr, Xe
Typical sputtering speed: ~0,1 nm/s
Ion energy: 100 eV - 2 keV
Mass spectrometer: Balzers QMG 422
Masurable mass range: 0 - 340 amu
Detection limit: 1 ppm
Depth resolution: 1-2 nm
Sample holder: beakable up to 600 ºC,
coolable down to  -180 ºC,
moveable in X-Y directions

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Contact: vad at atomki.hu

Magnetron sputtering

Contact: langer at tigris.klte.hu


Contact: csik at atomki.hu

Laboratoty of X-ray Spectroscopy

Dual function XRD/XRF Analyzer

1. X-ray diffractometer
Type: horizontal Bragg-Brentano arrangement, graphite monochromator
Angular range (2θ):     0.5º - 120º
Smallest step (2θ):     0.005º

2. X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
Type:  energy dispersive
Detector: 30 mm2 Si(Li)
X-ray source: X-ray tube, secondary target
Analytical range:
    - elements: Z > 11
    - concentration: ~ 1 ppm - 100%

Contact: kvm at atomki.hu

Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics

 R 160 type general purpose cryostat

  1. Liquid Helium volume: 40 l
  2. Built-in superconducting magnet of max. 9 T, vertical direction
  3. Built-in measurement chamber with controllable temperature in the range of 2-300 K, controlled by low pressure He gas flow above 4,2 K or by pumping liquid below 4,2 K.
  4. The measurement chamber is accessible from top side (top loading), diameter of the sample chamber is 30 mm 

 3He/4He dilution refrigerator
  1. lowest temperature 6 mK

  2. the vertically aligned sample chamber is located inside a superconducting magnet of  max. 1,8 T
  3. The sample chamber is equipped with optical windows making possible the introduction of light or particle beams  for experimenting 

Data Acquisition system for solid-state experiments
  1. NI PXI based data acquisition system
  2. lock-in analyzer
  3. signal processing electronic modules
  4. measurement probes to measure magnetic and current transport properties 
Contact: ms at atomki.hu